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One day I'll write a great story. In the meantime, I'll read them


Hi (and Bye) · 10:38pm Oct 15th, 2021

AKA, a long and confusing ramble about where I've been all this time and where I am now :b

So....I hadn't logged in to this site in....months, I think? I mean, even my profile pic still has the Christmas hat and it's already October again.
Thing is, I think I'm going to... *not* be here anymore. Not that anyone cares but...I just think I'd bring this to closure.
is that how you say it?

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So · 3:40am Aug 19th, 2019

I might have written something...
I mean, I’m in the process of writing it
So maybe I’ll post my first completed story here
Expect some shipping

Yeah, that’s all. See ya

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Hi? · 4:17pm Jan 15th, 2016

Well, I've had this account for a while, but I never introduced myself.
I'm fourteen, I like ponies (duh) and singing, I also enjoy writing,and, as my profile says, I do it when I get inspiration.
My mother tongue is not English, I'm from Mexico, so I speak Spanish most of the time, so forgive me if I have some spelling or grammar mistakes :twilightblush: I am still learning
Well...if you want to know something, just ask!
And, have a nice day!

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