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One day I'll write a great story. In the meantime, I'll read them


don't mind me i'm just self promoting · 8:14pm February 24th

[So first of all, in case anyone is wondering, I am writing stuff. I really am. But between college and other fandoms and other stuff I got to do, it's kind of a slow process
A slow process that's been taking about 3 years....]

So anyways, aside from writing and reading fanfiction, this year I've been doing some pony-inspired playlists. I like music, I like ponies...it just made sense to me to put them both together.

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So · 3:40am Aug 19th, 2019

I might have written something...
I mean, I’m in the process of writing it
So maybe I’ll post my first completed story here
Expect some shipping

Yeah, that’s all. See ya

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2018 is gone...Happy New Year!! · 9:06am Jan 1st, 2019

So...one of my purposes last year was finishing my fanfic...that didn’t happened
But I am POSITIVE I’m going to finish it by February...I have to.

And after that, I’ll maybe start working in the LOONA AU...I have some ideas here and there

(Also, did you see the teaser that came out?! It’s amazing...and confusing...and I learned more about butterflies in one afternoon than in my whole biology courses)

Anyways...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

((Wonder if anyone reads these xd))

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About the whole loona thing... · 1:43am Apr 23rd, 2018

I made a loooong note on my phone's notes app about how the loonaverse would apply to MLP characters in the case of an alternate universe...
You see...the 12 'characters' in the loonaverse *kind of* have 12 ponies that could be counterparts to them...and in some way, they could share a storyline...

It even has its own theories! :p
(At this moment is when I realized I went too far...)

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Any of you know LOONA? · 1:23am Apr 23rd, 2018

So...I started listening to Loona a few months ago...LOVE THEIR MUSIC!!!
And also...something came to my mind...that happens when you spend an entire afternoon reading music video theories...

What if there was a crossover with ponies?
Would that make sense?
I think it would be really cool
And kind of weird...

Maybe I could write a fanfic about it...not sure...
Would you read it? Would a crossover like this be worth it? Would it make sense?

Anyways, Stan loona


A new story! · 4:12am Mar 11th, 2016

Today I got my inspiration
So...this thing happened and maybe I am taking it in the wrong way, but is this wrong idea what gave me inspiration
A romance fan fiction based on something that happened to me.
Balloon Forms

I think you can guess who involve the story by the title :trollestia:

Ps. For now I'm not interested in that kind of things in my life, but it gave me and idea that needs to get out of my not-so creative side of my brain
Edited for a tiny grammar mistake

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Hi? · 4:17pm Jan 15th, 2016

Well, I've had this account for a while, but I never introduced myself.
I'm fourteen, I like ponies (duh) and singing, I also enjoy writing,and, as my profile says, I do it when I get inspiration.
My mother tongue is not English, I'm from Mexico, so I speak Spanish most of the time, so forgive me if I have some spelling or grammar mistakes :twilightblush: I am still learning
Well...if you want to know something, just ask!
And, have a nice day!

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