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"Excelsior" ever upwards · 12:09am Nov 13th, 2018

Today not too long ago we lost a great man who was like a father to us all.

Ive never have nor will ever meet a man who was so full of life,compassion, and love.

A man who has build "the" foundation upon witch we see ourselves we someday hope to strife to become one day.

And we have our undieing gratitude to this incredible, mighty, uncanny, and above all Amazing man who as touched all our life's telling his remarkable, astounding, and memorable stories.

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So apparently YouTube has maet a problem · 1:45am Oct 17th, 2018

Alright everybrony dont panic but it seams YouTube has crashed and I thought it might have been just me but apparently its not its everyone so with not much to go on at this time lets all just calm down and let them fix it.

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Im off to the renaissance fair tomorrow ?!?!?? · 1:59am Sep 9th, 2018

As it says in the title a week ago a co worker of mine won four tickets!?!? :pinkiehappy: to the ren fair and she gave three of the four to me:twilightsheepish: and so with my tow other friends at my side we shall set fourth on other crusade of the renaissance wish us luck and far thee well :rainbowdetermined2:.

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brony con 2019 will be the last one · 6:23am Jul 30th, 2018

I have just found out that brony con will have its final convention next year and for the past 6 years I have never attended one though I wish I have and now the worst fear that I thought of will happen, and with that in mind im going to make it my personal goal to get a ticket for next year and this time I wont be left out!!

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Farwell Steven Hawkings · 2:12pm Mar 14th, 2018

its a sad day for the world of science and humanity alike, he was one of the brilliant minds of our time, he gave us a new outlook on our universe and beyond its stars even though he was trapped in a body that was his own prison but now his suffering has ended and has become one with the cosmos.

may his legacy forever be eternal :ajsleepy:.

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Wooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! 70 followers!!! · 7:40pm Jul 11th, 2017

You guys are all the best thank you all for following me this far both old and new.:pinkiehappy:
And to celebrate this occasion keep your eyes open for my first magnum opus coming to this site very soon .:trollestia:

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Kighty just one thing to say Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · 5:54pm Jun 5th, 2017

Kighty has scrwed up the website now because I cannot read Fimfiction on my Iphone4 because of the new patch he put in all im seeing is a half blue screen with my profile on it also I cant logout either so right now I hope he switches back to The way it was:twilightangry2:

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