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  • 126 weeks
    Wakanda Forever!!!

    In this time of great hardship for Today we all Morn the lost a great king and inspiring man whom gave us all joyous thrills of adventures and taught us to go above and beyond to do inspiring things in our own time may he find his place among his predecessors among the stars evermore :ajsleepy: :fluttercry:

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  • 133 weeks
    announcement call for D&D!!

    Hello my little brony bro’s me and a friend of mine are planning on running a d&d campaign and where in the middle of finding players whom are familiar/or have experienced the the game currently where looking for 2 to 3 more players to join if anyone is interested to join up reach out to me on discord under the same usersname my tag #2449 so that I could replay to my friend so that he can touch

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  • 172 weeks
    here endth the lesson

    well !!!holy sweet jimmie christmas!!!! man just wow that was one heck of and ending to one great show, hello every brony so I thought I cash in my thoughts on the series ending and ill admit there is one major thing that left me displeased about but ill get into that towards the end since it contains spoilers, wow just wow this as been what I would say one of the great/awesome shows that I am

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  • 183 weeks
    Pre-Bronycon notice

    for those of you do or don't know im off to bronycon in two days so keep your eyes sharp for a guy wearing a bright yellow hoodie that has luna and my oc on it you cant miss me ;)

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  • 189 weeks
    !!!!IM GOING TO BRONYCON!!!!!!

    that's right everbrony I'm heading to the last BIG one for a long while, and I don't know if there ever be anotherone as exciting as this one and hopefully ones like basbscon and everfree northwest will still be around, but as of now that I know this is indeed will be my first and last bronycon ill ever attend, and as hoped I look forward to seeing any of you who will be attending as well see you

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So apparently YouTube has maet a problem · 1:45am Oct 17th, 2018

Alright everybrony dont panic but it seams YouTube has crashed and I thought it might have been just me but apparently its not its everyone so with not much to go on at this time lets all just calm down and let them fix it.

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yeah its not a joke at all YouTube is indeed down. Well time for some much needed Fall Out Four for playstation 4 :twilightsmile:

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