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We're back! · 5:56pm Sep 21st, 2014

In the latest Story arc of X in Equestria, Twilight must formulate the perfect team to 'play ball' to Michael Jordan's demands. Who will come out on top?

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Got Featured · 12:39am Aug 6th, 2013

And I'm letting it get to my head!

I want to thank all of you who read my fic and thought it wasn't that bad. Thank you.

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My past writing · 8:02pm Feb 15th, 2013

I recently was going through the recesses of my computer's hard drive and I found the very worst thing I ever wrote, and it was the first thing I ever wrote. It has no literary merit, and the story is kind of bad, it's also erotica, which is bad erotica.

I'm gonna post that fic today.

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On Being Correct · 2:29pm Nov 27th, 2012

If anyone's seen the next episode spoilers, they can obviously tell what happened.

And what happened is what I wrote in Darth Vader and Starkiller. Now folks, don't be calling me a wizard because I told everyone that Trixie would learn from the Dark Side, and I can't wait for the upcoming boatloads of cash that Hasbro should be sending me for this episode idea, because it practically wrote itself.

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Name Changed · 3:59pm Nov 13th, 2012

Changed my name so it reflects who I am on Reddit and on the plounge.

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(Don't forget a funny title here!) · 8:51pm Nov 3rd, 2012

Tragedy has struck JohnDoe. For after Sandy struck, my uni was without power for a week, while excellent times were had, I had no access to my much beloved desktop. Just today did the power return, and as I booted the old bad-boy up, C: failed and I have to do a restore of the whole thing.

This brings me back to an old statement made by me, "Back-ups are for wimps."

I wish to now forever retract that statement and issue a new one, "back-ups are okay to have."

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Success! · 4:09pm Aug 14th, 2012

Roseluck finally has a character tag. Everything is right in the world

Time to go back to regularly scheduled fic updates!

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A FimFiction Injustice · 8:25pm Jul 17th, 2012

I was looking through the story character list and there is *no* Roseluck.

This injustice is crazy! So that's why I'm going to spend my time making bad Roseluck fics. Keep an eye out!

Someone once said Be the Change you want to be, so I will.

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The Most Important Of Newses · 4:07am Jun 12th, 2012

I've been reading all the suggestions and I know what you guys are asking for now.

Believe me, I know.

When you guys ask for people and characters, I can see between the lines to who you really want and how you want it. Exactly!

And this next story, I might add, is going to be sort of a magnum opus, if that's even the word I think it is.

Implying it's even a word, am I right?

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Guize, This Is Serious News · 1:31am Jun 6th, 2012

As you may have all noticed, there's been a distinct lack of updates by me. Yes, this is true. But not entirely my fault. Because, as you see, my muse left me.

It was very sad tale indeed. We met when I wooed her with possible tales of detectives and space things. She was happy, I was writing things. It was a grand old time. but out of the blue she came to me and said, "Johndoe, this is lame, write better things."

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