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FAIR WARNING · 1:54am Aug 26th, 2019

If I see a spoiler posted in your feed, you get a un-follow, and a ban from mine and my stories.

DO NOT POST SPOILERS! you are ruining things for the rest of us. Think of others, don't be so damn selfish.

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Wooooo chapter 55 and life catch up · 5:38pm Jun 7th, 2019

Chapter 55 done, and into the editor now. :yay:

I am sorry for the long delay folks. For many that don't know I had a ...well no way to put it lightly, a heart attack. It took a lot out of me and writing was just not on my mind for a bit.

1)Yes I am taking care of myself
2)Yes I am following ALL of my doctors orders
3)I have stints now in two of my arteries, woo I am robocop!

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EFNW Iron Author 2019 entry... Ranger: Faster · 1:20am May 20th, 2019

Ok all,

Here it is, but please note you should be up to chapter 38 before you read this! SPOILER WARNING!


Everfree Northwest 2019 · 8:28pm Mar 22nd, 2019

Ok, so as most that know me, know I live 2 blocks away from NWEF (the hotel), makes it easy for me to go.

But I need a little help this year in the form of a room. I am looking for someone willing to "share" a room with me for the con. I will NOT be sleeping there, I just need a place to stash my stuff, and retreat to if I am feeling a little "peopled out". Again I will drive home and sleep in my own bed/shower in my own bathroom.

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New chapter pushed up to Editor! Also OMG 400 thumbs up now! · 10:19pm Mar 7th, 2019

4900 some odd words, it's coming! Also..... WOOOO 400 thumbs up, it is a honor to have you all read and like my story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tease under the Spoiler: pets and guns and princesses, OH MY!

A reminder that the next 4-5 chapters will be the Tribute/Summer Sun celebration arc. Lots of music, lots of SoL, not so much action based....but no worries fearless readers, clues to finding the bad guys is coming!

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Many words · 5:06pm Sep 13th, 2018

Sat down this morning to start Chapter 52 of Ranger, and woops! 1300 words in, and I am not even at the half chapter break.

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EFNW · 7:44pm May 18th, 2018

I am here, love to meet fellow writers and/or readers. Just look for the big bear of a guy with a black Stetson and a long gotee. Feel free to say hi.

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Update on Ranger · 3:16pm Apr 21st, 2018

Sorry I have not been up to my usual two updates a month folks. This past month has had a lot of stress and drama in my real life, so it has sucked the drive to write out of me.

However on the up side I am 1500 words in to the new chapter, and the creative tap is flowing once more.

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Cover art for Ranger (request) · 4:52pm Apr 2nd, 2018

I am looking for someone who does human, and pony art, color or black and white.


- will be one human (Shane) with AJ at his left side, and Cortland at his right
- thinking a real simple background, apple trees or perhaps a ranger badge


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Support for a young pony · 8:06pm Mar 12th, 2018


I don't usually do this but, If you have a moment, post it up in your twitter, or facebook or..just someplace. Lets give Bill, our beloved voice of Bright Mac, some help, helping a little girl being bullied.