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When Twilight adopts a troubled unicorn, Moonless Night, after seeing herself in him, she believes that she may be filling the role that Celestia played in her life. What she finds though is that no matter how far you go in life, there will always be new lessons to learn- and new friends to make.
Moonless Night just wants to prove to everypony that he isn't evil in spite of the uncanny tendency of almost everyone to be afraid of him. When he comes to Ponyville though, he finds answers to his dilemma that he didn't expect through his new friends. Patchwork, daugter of Rainbowdash and the fastest (and most uncertain) flyer in the little flyers circuit, Persnickety Pants II, son of Rarity and aspiring adventurer, Rhubarb "Ruby" Pie, daughter of Pinkie Pie, delightful eccentric and connoisseur of edibles, Newton, son of Applejack and definitely not boring thank you very much, and Honeycrip, daughter of Fluttershy who just wants to fly... now if only she had wings . With this hodgepodge of loyal ponies beside him, perhaps he might have a destiny of goodness in store for him afterall.

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