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I am the king crusader of craziness. If it's not completely INSANE, then it's not worth wasting the time in your life. we all have lives... we just download them to our computers and live there.


GUESS WHO'S BACK!? · 8:26am Nov 18th, 2019

Hey! how's it going everyone? I know its been a while since you've heard from your ol' pal "Crusader"...
I just wanted everyone to know that I'm back!

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MAJOR RE-WRITE! · 11:17pm Jan 22nd, 2017

All you guys need to know is that I'm going to be re-constructing "More than Magic" and possibly "Lost in Darkness" completely.

Sorry for the inconvenience, both stories will have the same premise but other than that, I'll be changing alot.

for those interested specifically in "lost in Darkness", do not fear, for I will start first with MtM, since that is the story with the most changes.

stay tuned! I'm not dead!

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(Shorter) And sweet, spikey to the touch · 5:52am Sep 9th, 2016

So, getting back into the groove again. This time coming out with a arguably MUCH more manageable story.
It's a shipfic, most likely 1-3 chapters long, depends on how i want to pace it. but NO MORE THAN THREE!

i see a lot of shipfics that somehow pull off their story in short length, so, in honor of my OTP (hint is in title)

the idea for it is much more forthcoming as it turns out- writing shorter fics is easier on the brain...
go figure...

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3RD CHAPTER PUBLISHED · 8:07am Jul 7th, 2016

you have no idea how hard it is to write at three'o'clock in the morning...:pinkiesick:

i'm going to take a loooooong nap

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feeling better · 2:56am Jun 21st, 2016

after working on my own original story for a while, i feel a lot more confident. the third chapters doing great so far! the process of writting it is slow but steady as it slowly get bigger. if all goes well, Lost in darkness may have a new chapter soon. just please be patient with me...

that is, if people still even listen to me...

Happy Reading!

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Try, Try again- Then Fail again, and then rethink your goals... · 3:18am May 5th, 2016

I'm Not as active as I wanted to be back when i first joined FIMfiction.net. I had little idea what I wanted to write... but I knew i wanted to write. Recently I came to the conclusion that Between the time I joined and now, I have changed. I had lost sight of what i wanted to do here. I struggled to keep up my end of a collab, falling so far out of the loop, i eventually lost interest in it. I'm talking about agents of S.C.A.L.E, of course. I made the mistake of jumping into a partnership

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Wrapping my head around it · 5:53am Aug 5th, 2015

Ok, I'm pretty sure ived pissed somebody off, so I'm gonna go on ahead and fess up. The summer I had a lot of stuff going on and I'm trying to think of some new material for my stories.

Its hard because when I read my works it doesn't feel like I put my A-game in it.

Ward282, I'm greatful to have you, but for right now I need you to just let me get my head back in the fray. I won't go into detail how much work you've put in on SCALE, but believe me- I'm glad to work with you!

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Well this is awkward.... · 7:47pm Mar 6th, 2015

okay, okay....

I sincerely apologize to everybody hoping for some new content.

i have been bogged down with trying to keep up with my school work and have had ZERO time to work on anything.


i will continue projects as soon as school is out for the summer
And for ward282, if you're still willing to continue co-working with me on SCALE, i will set up a group account soon.

This is not a lie, i promise!

Discord: -ahem-

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DIDJA MISS ME? · 6:01am Jan 8th, 2015


And, boy does it feel great. I've been MIA because of the hell hole that I call my life. Its been awhile and I have a few things to cover tonight.

#1- work on SCALE resumes starting the week after next week. (I have finals next week)

#2 I'm gonna put all my effort into SCALE this time around, so expect updates mostly about it alone.

#3 I'm now on Ifunny, kik and Xbox live!
Ifunny: Sgt_Insanecrusader

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No rest for the weary · 1:33am Oct 17th, 2014

Heyo! im just here to update you on stuff...

SCALE is basically on administrative leave until school lets up... so probably till thanksgiving or Christmas break
we'll finish up chapter 8 and then ill put it on hiatus

Current status: near-hiatus

as for more than magic... im going to re-evaluate it over the fall. it needs to be more of my focus since its still has yet to kick off

Current status: in reformation

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