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I am the king crusader of craziness. If it's not completely INSANE, then it's not worth wasting the time in your life. we all have lives... we just download them to our computers and live there.

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Twilight's been to other worlds before, but there, magic existed. Now she has gone and thrown herself into a completely foreign universe where not only do people not believe in magic, it virtually doesn't exist! Can Twilight succeed in introducing equestrian magic to these humans or will she have to adapt to her new form? And how will Equestria fair without her?

Meanwhile, Twilight's friends begin to wonder if her disappearance was caused for a much darker purpose...

Written by Insanecrusader16

Cover art by the fantastic Adlynh

Chapters (3)

In a newly industrialized country, the Equestrian government decides that its time for a radical change in its military. Created by Princess Twilight Sparkle to be a secret special operations' branch of the Royal Guard. The Strategic Centre for Aid and Law Enforcements' members are determined to protect Equestria from new and unforeseen threats. Its newest recruit; Cirrus Stormcloud, works his way to the top as he discovers things about his home he never knew or even wanted to. Working alongside new friends, Stormcloud must overcome his past to protect this brave new world while discovering its darkest secrets.

Written By InsaneCrusader

Chapters (8)
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