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the worst feeling is to be wronged, and then denied the right to be angry.


My Story Ideas V2 · 1:48am Jul 7th, 2014

I love to think. I spend a lot of my time thinking. Naturally that means I have come up with a lot of ideas, but, has Legion shows, I am rather poor at implementing this ideas. So while I try to find the motivation to continue working of Legion, I decided I would make this blog post to give these ideas some kind of life. Anyone is free to use these ideas however they please. The only thing I ask is that you inform me, so I may follow the story.

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So Last night there was a bit of an altercation. · 8:55pm May 25th, 2014

Plane and simply I had a fight with Sir Hat over his newst story The one you can't Have. Recorded below are the exact comments we exchanged.

Frazone: From reading the other comments its seams I'm going against popular opinion in saying this is a awful chapter.

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