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My Story Ideas V2 · 1:48am Jul 7th, 2014

I love to think. I spend a lot of my time thinking. Naturally that means I have come up with a lot of ideas, but, has Legion shows, I am rather poor at implementing this ideas. So while I try to find the motivation to continue working of Legion, I decided I would make this blog post to give these ideas some kind of life. Anyone is free to use these ideas however they please. The only thing I ask is that you inform me, so I may follow the story.

These are stories that I would still like to write someday. Unfortunately with Legion has my main focus, and it being a very large project, it may be years before I ever start them.

Ark Ship 397
Basic concept: in the near future gest has humanity is on the verge of interstellar travel we are attacked by a hostile alien force. In order to survive humanity constructs several hundred Ark Ships each one carrying about 500,000 people, and launches them randomly into space. Seven of these ships survive to form the Federation along with three lesser races. Five hundred years later after a long war humanity is triumphant against the enemy, recapturing Earth. Now attention once more retunes to discovering the fates of the missing Ark Ships.

The main Character searches for Ark Ships with his personal ship. He follows the trail of Ark Ship 397, until it leads him to Equs. There he finds the destroyed remains of Ark Ship 397, and the signals he sent out hoping for a response, awakens the ships former gardens. Various types of mechanical automatons once tasked with protecting the Ark Ship come back online all across Equestiria. There default programing, to destroy all non-human’s.

I also have the idea of writing perhaps the more tradition version. Following the Ark Ship itself where it is not destroyed.

Biologist in equestria
I have read several Hies where the human is an engineer of some sort and uses those skills in Equestia. It makes sense the character is usual modeled after the author and that’s what the author douse, but I’m into biology. Then in Changeling Roun the ponies find a dead Changeling and for the first time, get to examine one. This led me to think that maybe they would want to get some help from there more technology advanced friends the humans. So I began coming up with the human that would be called on for this task.

Right now the concept is far from complete. I haven’t even come up with any sort of end point, and the origin story is trying to swallow up anything to do with changelings. Still this is a story I think I could have fun with.

Set in the Gentalmenverse gest for convenience.

Summon Moon
Luna is suddenly summoned to an unknown word by a young human. She is forced to be his partner thru his senior year of summoner school. At first she reluctantly cooperates to get it over with has painlessly has possible, but has she comes to enjoy her time surrounded by people ho are not the least bit afraid of her and genially appreciative of her skills long discounted by her ponies, will she even want to go back.

Of a my story ideas this is the most focused on Luna and goes directly to HumanXLuna, unlike my other stories which get there in a roundabout way.

This is a real mindbender so I will only give the introduction.

A portal suddenly opens in Equestira, and hundreds of large bipedal entities poor out and begin killing all they come across. After sevral days of unending bloody combat Equestian forces final seced in eliminating all invading forces, but the gate shows no sign of closing. An expedition force travels trough to gate to discover a small metal facility suspended high above a black acrid world by no visible means. Here a discover a couple dozens of entities simaler to those that attacked them. These ones barely react to there presence only rarely even glancing in there direction. They continue behaving randomly either closly scutinizing one of the many odd devises spread around the place, aimlessly wandering the halls or endlessly staring at the same point in space. Seemingly malnourished and in poor hygiene, the ever kind Equestrians gently to take them back to be cared for, but they may of gest invited the greatest danger they ever knew into there home.

These are the stories I haven’t fully abandoned yet.

Sunflower Parody
So, I read Sunflower, good story, however I very much disliked the setting. I mean this thing actually made me not want to go to Equestria. So naturally that made me think about if the Tide had not been stooped and all of humanity had to be moved to Euqis fallowing what the story says. If you need more explanation then that your guna have to read Sunflower.

The story takes place in a military base built in a five by five mile piece of land where the humans have absolute authority, in the frozen north of Equestira. The purpose of this facility is to safe guard the genetic legacy of every species of Earth. Our human character in this one is a geneticist working at the facility and interestingly a former member of the Earth First faction.

The focus of the story would be the romance between the human and Luna. Luna comes to the facility to perform an inspection has was part of the original agreement. The current outline also involves changelings attacking the place because they can absorbed the DNA and become stronger, or whatever.

Predator Coalition
In the show and many stories almost all animals are shown to have a very human level of intelligence. Never have I seen a story that explores the predatory side of such a world. Gest a general concept. I personally favor a political setting between herbivores led by the ponies meeting with a new alliance of predators, Gryphon, Changelings, and humans. I chose these races A) Gryphon's and Changelings are the only predatory race we've seen in the show B) Humans round out the force and C) I believe these three would work well together in a military setting.

Totally abandoned

The Main Guys
Really calling this a proper story is giving it to much credit. My very first pony fiction story (and the only one to not feature humans), it was little more than me putting my OC into the show. Because my OC would get into a relationship with Rainbow dash, I decided I would make an OC for each of the main six, didn’t even get them all.
Abandoned for being lame and simple.

The 4th Wall
Now this is a concept I am very proud of (and the reason I’m doing this list). Ok our universe is the core. Every thought thought by a person in the core radiates out has its own universe. If anything thought ever returned to the core it could destroy the whole system. So to prevent this we have the 4th Wall which surrounds the core. There are also various immortal guardians ho keep the various thoughts in line.

Twilight attempts to pass back into the Equestira Girls universe, but her trip is interrupted leaving her stranded between time and space. She ends up, like everyone else that this happens to, in one of the gates manned by a Guardian. This Guardian is tasked with protecting and guiding Twilight has she goes through a series of *episodes* to pay for her trip back home.

The whole concept is supposed to be silly. Twilight has to do a bunch of completely random stuff she doesn’t understand in the slightest. The guardian must keep all traces of the fandom away from Twilight or else risk “ruining” the original. And Pinky Pie will show up at some point.

Abandoned because if this is going to be done it had better be done right, with has many crossovers has physically possible, and I’m simply not qualified to do that.

Welcome to Carsures citadel 148392. You will be contained on this planet until you either expire or pay of your fine. There are jobs available to you within the citadel where you will be protected by the wardens. If you so chose you may leave at any time and explore the surface. Beware of other violent inmates out there though. And should you happen to find any artifacts or remains of the long extinct Equine race that use to inhabit this would, you may be rewarded extensively.

Sort of a Borderlands parody, not really much there, beyond my ability to do well.

So, any questions, comments or concerns. I especially love questions. More may be added to this list has I remember/come up with them.

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