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Update time · 2:20am Nov 15th, 2021

Alright, this was a long time coming.

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I'm a Father! · 1:40am Nov 1st, 2019

So many of you have been wondering where the next chapters are for my stories and I apologise. I was building and preparing for a moment that happened last night. My wife gave birth to my first child, My son.

Now, what does that mean for the future? To be perfectly honest, it doesn't mean much for writing. I already wrote whenever I had free time and the muse, so that will maintain, as well as the quality of my work will be maintained or improved.

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Hunter Turned Monster Suggestions and Questions. · 10:53pm Sep 28th, 2019

So here is a small up date for all you still waiting of little ol me. First off, thank you for sticking by and being the awesome folk you all are. It means a lot. Second, reasons as to why the wait. Well it's multiple things. First is that any day now I'm gonna be a dad, and the stress that entails. But another reason is the reason why I made this blog; I have too many ideas of how to continue.

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... · 7:42am May 6th, 2019

New/updated chapters.

ETA 36 hours.....

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Story adoption. · 9:02pm Mar 21st, 2019

Hey all. So, on a few of my stories, many of you love them, but due to Life being a ass, and my lack of commitment, I have been unable to update them. I apologize to all those who loved these works under me but rest assured I will still be writing, and I will try to update those that I still have and continue to put out more as time goes on.

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Back baby! · 8:15am Mar 13th, 2019

Alright people, my internet is back to being functional, My Muse has returned, and I am here with a vengeance. I will be creating a new story to get ideas out of my head but worry not, Hunter Turned Monster will be getting updated chapters AND a new one here soon. Thank you all for putting up with this crazy time.

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Late-night Friends · 12:27pm Jan 26th, 2019

Days turn in to nights
Skys shine with dozens of lights
Dark bright peace
All worries start to cease

A late night chat
Helping one another face the fact
A hot drink in hand
No worries from where they stand

A hot drink graces the lips
Worries of tomorrow start to dip
A blanket wrapped to keep the warmth
Tomorrow is for then and so forth

One worries and fret
The other helps them out of their head
A role reversal, the best yet
Staying up with one another until bed

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Too Young to be Old · 9:31am Jan 20th, 2019

Too Young to be Old

So everybody gotta life
Time always flowing by
Working through all the pain and strife
Just to never say goodbye
Young kids playing in the sand
As their daddy is close at hand
But how did they make a stand
I'm still trying to understand

Young kids are told
To let the old be old
But always in a hurry
They don't even think to scurry
Till its all too late
All made by one mistake
The young debate
No more time for the milkshake

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Apologies and Explanations · 6:55pm Jan 16th, 2019

So by now many of you have been wondering why I haven't updated in a while. Well, it is a collection of things all leading up to one I found out yesterday that may prevent me from writing for a good long while.

The first hurdle was school. Life after highschool isn't sunshine and rainbows so I couldn't find the time in between classes.

The second one is a mix of two, that being the Holliday season and me trying to find a job after dropping out of my higher education.

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Bootcamp · 8:02am Jul 2nd, 2018

Hey everyone. So, sorry updates haven't been happening. I was almost done with the latest chapter, but time flies by. Starting today, I am heading to bootcamp, and won't be back till december. I am sorry to everyone, but do know I am NOT giving up on my stories. This is just something that is physically preventing me form working on it. Well, I hope you all understand. Be safe all!


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