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  • 10 weeks
    Update time

    Alright, this was a long time coming.

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  • 116 weeks
    I'm a Father!

    So many of you have been wondering where the next chapters are for my stories and I apologise. I was building and preparing for a moment that happened last night. My wife gave birth to my first child, My son.

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  • 121 weeks
    Hunter Turned Monster Suggestions and Questions.

    So here is a small up date for all you still waiting of little ol me. First off, thank you for sticking by and being the awesome folk you all are. It means a lot. Second, reasons as to why the wait. Well it's multiple things. First is that any day now I'm gonna be a dad, and the stress that entails. But another reason is the reason why I made this blog; I have too many ideas of how to continue.

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  • 142 weeks

    New/updated chapters.

    ETA 36 hours.....

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  • 148 weeks
    Story adoption.

    Hey all. So, on a few of my stories, many of you love them, but due to Life being a ass, and my lack of commitment, I have been unable to update them. I apologize to all those who loved these works under me but rest assured I will still be writing, and I will try to update those that I still have and continue to put out more as time goes on.

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Update time · 2:20am Nov 15th, 2021

Alright, this was a long time coming.

I have canceled many of my stories. Only Celestial Wings, Hunter turned Monster and my newest one, Reincarnated Shadows will be continued. If any of you wishes to adopt the stories, feel free and I will delete it. I am currently working on the new chapters for Celestial Wings as well as Hunter turned Monsters, I've just been in a rut. As soon as I am in a better headspace I will feel better about continuing the stories that made most of you come to me in the first place. Stay safe everyone.

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