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Notifications. · 7:30am Jul 16th, 2014

Every single time someone favorite's my story or comments(which i'm fine with) it sends me a notification that I check everyday, yet there has to be this one...

"Blah Blah Blah is watching you" O_o uuuuuuh, turning that off. (Also I know how to turn notifications off)

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First blog post :) · 12:27am Mar 8th, 2014

Ok so this is my first blog post, so this is what i will use to update everyone who decides to watch :) ((like every other person)).

Anyway i'm working hard on the two stories, one still pending and To the world of Equestria. Still wondering which will be more popular. So i will be keeping up with them when i can, both are difficult and take a lot time to do. If you're waiting for the next chapter be patient because i don't have a huge amount of time on my hands.

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