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Updates updates updates!!! · 7:40am Sep 22nd, 2015

That's right, folks! Not one, not two, but THREE new chapters tomorrow! Isn't that exciting!? Guys? Hello? Guys?

Okay then.

Anywhoosers, proofreader allowing, we should be up and running tomorrow. I plan to send them off to her soon.

Big thanks to Luna-tic for her proof reading of all the previous chapters!

TBoe, signing off for now!


At long last · 12:41am Jul 3rd, 2015

Sorry that it's been a while. If you're not already aware, another two chapters of lwpdvicgutt are up.

I will be updating more regularly now.

Thanks for your time.

tBoE signing off for now


Delay · 8:46pm Feb 16th, 2015

There will be a bit of a delay on lwpdvicgutt sadly due to me having contracted a kidney infection from a previously unknown water infection. Hopefully, I will be better by the weekend, but until then, progress will be slow. Sorry all

tBoE signing off for now!


Update · 12:00am Feb 8th, 2015

Sorry for the delay in getting my next chapter in my stories done. I have had a few issues with schoolwork (damn that 3D software) but they are nearly over with. Regular updates will happen again soon.

New chapter of lwpdvicgutt has been sent to my editor.

Remember, I'm still looking for one more editor.

tBoE signing off for now!


Hey guys! Need your help on something. · 10:19pm Jan 22nd, 2015

As you know, my story "Living with ponies? Defeating villains? I could get used to this" is a HiE fic, and like any good HiE fic, it needs a love interest of some sort. I'm leaving it up to you who it is. Nothing held back, either. Even the princesses. Eeyup.

So choose wisely.

tBoE signing off for now!


Just a quick question · 12:42am Jan 9th, 2015

Hello loyal followers! Tis I, tBoE!!!

I just wanted to take a general consensus.
What would you all like to see happen in 'Living with ponies? Defeating villains? I could get used to this' and what would you want to happen in Canterlot in 'The strange life of a human in Equestria'?

I want your opinions on what you want to happen! I want your ideas! And any ideas used will be credited to their respectful owner.

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[no title] · 6:54pm May 3rd, 2014

My latest story is now up, entitled Great, another OctaScratch fic


May as well follow the trend. · 10:12pm Apr 10th, 2014

Question time!!!
1.What is your name?
Ryan Luke Meyler. (Got my middle name due to my dad liking Star Wars.)

2.How old are you?
15 years 2 months 26 days

3.What country do you live in?

4.What do you look like.
Brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that says "I will cut you"

5.Who do you wish you looked like?
Stephen Amell so I can be someone else, so I can be something else.

6.How did you come across MLP?

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