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I am Groot. Just kidding, I am actually just Ryan. A plain boy with a plain life who wants to make something of it by joining the army like his friends. But things are never that easy are they? EENOPE!

What if this plain boy with a plain life could make something of it? What if he could make a difference somewhere?

Life has something in store for this boy, and I sure as Tartarus want to know.

I hope you enjoy this story. Yes, it's a self insert. Watcha gonna do 'bout it? All comments are appreciated, whether it be grammatical errors, typological errors, improvements on what has been said, ideas for what should happen next, or just criticism, I will take them all into account.

I may ask questions in the author's notes so keep an eye out for those.

I have one proof reader, a Luna-tic, but I need one more. PM me if you're interested.

Finally, remember that this is a HiE fic, so don't discriminate it for that reason alone.

I do not own My Little Pony, those rights belong to Hasbro, nor do I own any of the things I may reference. However, I do own myself, which I find surprising considering my parents, teachers and colleagues throughout the years. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters are purely on purpose. Do not consume with alcohol. Read label before consumption. If you are concerned about any reactions or side effects because of this product, consult a doctor or your GP. Terms & Conditions apply. See in stores for other offers. Please drink responsibly.

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This is my first attempt at a HiE fic. I know it's overdone but I can guarantee it's not a self insert. This time, anyway. But nevertheless! I digress! You are a human stuck in the oh-so-magical land of Equestria where there are trees and flowers and chirping birds and ponies and mythical beings who can cause a lot of destruction and death. A pleasant place to be.
Written in 2nd person narrative. No proofreader, so don't judge yet. If it becomes successful enough, I may hire one.
Rated teen for language reasons.

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A quiet Monday at Sweet Apple Acres, birds tweeting absent-mindedly, the sun bathing the orchard in it's rays, the residents working the farm. Just another normal day, right?
The Dark King has arisen from his tomb, his soul goal: destroy the Council of Harmony and the three princesses.
Now, only time will be able to tell if The Council and the Apples can stop this madman before he completes his sinister scheme.

Part of the AppleScratch verse group.
If you wish to write your own AppleScratch story, contact MariacheatBrony.

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Luna is hungry. But not hungry for just anything. The object she wants, what she desires most, is the most tantalisingly tasty thing on the planet: a donut from Donut Joe's.

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This story is a sequel to Just another OctaScratch fic

Sequel to Just another OctaScratch fic
I had no help. I have no-one to edit it. I am probably going to screw it up. And, most likely, it will have more grammatical errors than my 7 year old bro's written work. So just roll with it.

Octavia and Vinyl are a couple. Now they need to learn to work it around their lives. Next door, two new neighbours have moved in: Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon. Chaos ensues. Now trying to include more characters into my stories so the quality is bound to improve. Eventually.

Now with Derpy and Doctor.

The tag "Alternate Universe" is refering to part of the adventure.

Also, this story can and will be affected by your comments. Just say what you want to see happen and I will make it so. You will also be immortalised in the author's notes if your suggestion is picked.

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We all have read at least one OctaScratch fic and we think that there can't possibly be any more original ideas. You're right. But what if we combine them with a tonne of clich├ęs and somehow make a fic out of them? That's exactly what is about to happen.

Sequel Great, another OctaScratch fic

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