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I like to cut things.... it's my hobby!!!


Ravings of a mad man · 1:08am Sep 13th, 2014

sanity is what we hold dear, insanity is what we fear
for nun to know the buity glow of insanity.
Insanity is what I hold dear, sanity is what I fear
for it brings pan and misery to all.
Insanity should not be feared for it brings happenss to all it holds
and opens the doors for the realm of shadows.
come one come all the pan will go in the glow... of insanity


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must not kill must not kill · 9:30pm Aug 20th, 2014

i hate my uncle he is makeing it realy hared not to kill him he is allso makeing it hared to kill him isint that right shut up red this semes rather short dont you think im not the one for talking about my life who cears enyway

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