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And Then She Was Lazy · 7:26pm Jan 18th, 2013

I wanted to post another Dislestia story before the new episode but...


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And Then She Was Finished · 9:55am Apr 12th, 2012

So I finished... And stuff. FINALLY, OK not really, mostly because the story took on a life of its own after sometime. The original ending was that Rarity moves to Canterlot and Sweetie Belle gives up and moves with her, and Show Tail never builds up the courage to tell her than he liked her... Sadfaces all around. But then I wanted a happy ending and I had NO IDEA HOW TO END IT. At least the sad ish ending was an ending. Oh well. Maybe I'll go back and rewrite the ending for you all.

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And then she was pestered. · 12:41am Jan 31st, 2012

... I've been pestered by a certain pegasus.... and other people to get back into writing. So it seems I have to, else he'll attack me or something... That was a very uneventful attempt to quit, thwarted my my good friend. Evil man. I suppose you all are happy that I'm such a sap for my friends.

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And Then She Quit · 12:17am Jan 30th, 2012

I'm quitting writing... Since well, I'm not very good at it. People have been supportive in my desire to quit, so quit I will. I'll find something else to do, maybe. But yeah, as of now, and most likely permanently, I will no longer be writing. At all.

Bye everypony! I'll leave the story up though. Hah.

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And Then She Had Problems · 1:55am Jan 26th, 2012

Turns out being three quarters asleep and angry makes you write angry things even you WTF at after some sleep. I'm still mostly asleep... And I have to recover fully from school/lack of sleep. I have a much better ending that was completed derailed by a sleep I had when exhausted. Sorry guys... After some proper sleep and diet... I'll get back to work. It's as if all the will to write is just gone out of me... Maybe on thee weekend, I can write the correct ending, the one I had intended.

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And then she was panicking. · 2:26pm Jan 6th, 2012

Grah! I am so sorry! I've been so distracted by the holidays and the upcoming BroNY Con! I will update as soon as possible! By Next week, I promise. Also, epic writers block... I'm doomed.

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And then she was lazy · 7:09pm Dec 4th, 2011

So I'm procrastinating HARD on my update. Debating what to put in and what to leave. Also debating a clop fic to see what I can do... Back to work I suppose. Expect the update today or tomorrow! Or some day this week...

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And then she blogged. · 5:11pm Dec 2nd, 2011

What is this thing for anyway? Huh... Oh well. Hi!

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