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From the state of Ohio. I am 23 and a certified S.C.U.B.A Diver. I enjoy writing poetry and have intentions only to give support to writers and hope they will support me


The drive is back! · 11:21pm Jan 6th, 2018

Well... I have to say I am glad to have my drive for writing back. The stress of 2017 was a HUGE killer for me. As you are no doubt aware, this is me announcing that my year long hiatus from writing is over. Screw 2017. I'm not sure what changed, all I know is I got home from work and started writing, next thing I know 40 minutes in and I'm at 1,257 words for my next chapter. Expect an extra long chapter as an apology ( I say its an apology but really it's just me being an idiot and realizing

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Sorry for the time between chapters. · 5:30am Aug 15th, 2017

The start of my 2017 wasn't great... My Great Aunt passed away... Then a month later I had another family member pass away. Then after that another month went by and my Great Uncle passed away... I took that pretty hard. Him and I were close... Two months later my Grandmother passed away. I went down to her house and arrived literally 10 minutes before she died. I couldn't watch. But once my family started urging me to go in, I knew I had no choice because they would throw a fit and be angry

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I Wrote A Thing... Not Pony Related But Shantae Related. · 8:30pm Jan 27th, 2017

You sit back on the deck of your house in beautiful Scuttle Town, feeling the sun’s rays on your skin. Eyes closed, hands behind your head, just taking it easy.

“Bolo! Oh where did that boy go?”

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Wow... Over 100 followers. · 5:08am Dec 25th, 2016

I never expected that to happen. Im glad so many of you enjoy cuddling is the best remedy so much to follow me. Even though I hardly do anything with blogs. Other than to update you guys on when you can expect the next chapter.

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I should have chapter 10 of cuddling is best remedy by the end of November. · 8:28pm Nov 2nd, 2016

Now I am sorry from the long hiatus from writing. But I should have something by the end of November. Cuddling is the best remedy is not dead everyone, I promise. Life has been getting in the way. So now I am ready to dust off my keyboard and give some ideas I have a try.

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Rest And Relaxation Reading. · 10:58pm Apr 3rd, 2016

Thank You Once More For The Magnificent Reading Spears!

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Belly Rubs Reading. · 9:46pm Jan 22nd, 2016

Thanks To Winged T. Spears. This Chapter I Consider My Best Yet!!!

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A New Story... Maybe. · 12:57am Dec 23rd, 2015

So A Good Friend Of Mine Asked Me To Do Something With Sunset Shimmer. Here It Is In All It's Un-Edited Glory!!!

"PIZZA EATING CONTEST GO!" Sunset Gives You A Small Smile.

"I'm Gonna Sit This One Out" She Thinks Crossing Her Arms. Sure Enough Five Minutes Later You Are Laying On The Couch In A Fetal Position.

"Ouch.. I Ate Too Much Of The Pizza... Oh It Hurts, It Hurts Real Bad." Sunset Giggles And Rubs Your Stomach.

"I Knew This Was Going To Happen You Big Goof."

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Cooking With A Dash Of Love Reading. · 8:23pm Sep 1st, 2015

Thanks Once More Winged T. Spears!

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Found Something Interesting In My High School English Folder · 2:53am Jul 5th, 2015

So While Digging In My Old English Folder I Found Something Very Peculiar. An Unfinished Poem I Wrote During Study Hall Because I Was So Bored. It Was A Poem About Rainbow Dash. Please Note It May Suck... Okay It Does. Incredible To See How Much My Writing Has Evolved. I Also Found Several Fics I Did For Practice. All Of Them Nearly Terrible, But One Half Decent, I Wont Post It On FiMfiction, But I May Put It In My Blog Sometime In The Future.

The warm body pressed against my chest,

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