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Long Time Waiting · 5:24am Oct 26th, 2020

I know you guys have been waiting a long time for the new story. over a year of me just trying to balance my home life as a father and writing the story. I have one last story in the S.A.A.B. series before I think I will be closing it forever. It has been a long ride but Other priorities have arisen and I have to step up. My daughter is going to be 3 in February. I still can't believe I am a father but I will try and post the last story for you guys before a year passes. Dismissed.

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I'M GETTING MARRIED! · 3:55am Sep 9th, 2019

Update for all you guys who have been missing me. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. so I am getting married bois. Also small update on the new installment of the story. I am working on it but I have 5 kids I am taking care of along with my job and all kinds of other factors in my life. I am working on it as we speak. So thank you all for your patience.

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Rocky Days · 9:32am Apr 21st, 2019

Sorry I have been so silent with you guys. I have been working on Fractured Darkness but with me being a father and all I'm not able to work on it everyday like I used to. Not to mention my life is going through some crazy changes. When I do finish up the story I will be posting it in quarters. Anyway I hope you all can be happy for me with me being a father and trying to be the best I can for everyone around me. DISMISSED!

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Sooooooo. · 2:46am Jul 2nd, 2018

So about a week ago I moved from my home state to my new home to be with my girlfriend our daughter and it has been a hellish start but I am getting the hang of it slowly but surely. Also sorry if any of my fans are from Chicago but fuck your city it made my trip fucking hell. mostly because my car flat out died in your city and now I have to spend fuck loads to get it repaired but my initial assessment still stands. Wish me luck everyone.

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Something ACTUALLY Important · 11:01am Jan 22nd, 2018

Alright for those of you that don't know... I am going to be a father. And I would never ask you guys to donate to me but I am in a bit of trouble. If you guys are willing to help then I thank you with all of my heart if not it does not matter I never wanted my real life to be posted on here but I do need help.

If you want to help click here

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Streaming · 4:37pm Jun 11th, 2017

I am Streaming come watch me be bad at games. Click Her For Anger

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So I Started A Thing · 9:59am Jun 11th, 2017

First off I have got my new computer. It cost me a pretty penny and now I can actually game. Sadly I forgot to move all of my writing (Which is held in a folder on my old comp) to my new comp... which means I don't have any of my writing. Onto a more important note. I decided to start streaming games for fun with my buddies. If you guys want to hear me be an idiot and get very VERY VERY angry then you can join my stream and watch me fail and rage.

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Master Chief · 6:11pm Apr 6th, 2017

You all can call me Master Chief for my 117 followers.

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Working my butt off · 5:59am Mar 7th, 2017

I will be spending almost all of tomorrow (which i should be using to sleep since I work that night.) To complete chapter 15 which I am gonna state now is gonna be a little feely or at least the most solid attempt I can make with our little psycho. So look forward to chapter 15 tomorrow. In other news... yea nothing really going on except that... So yea you can leave now.

No seriously get out.

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Ummm... what? · 10:50pm Jan 5th, 2017

How did I get 100 followers?

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