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What Story Would You Like To See Next? <Future Alternate Universe MLP Stories> · 2:33am Oct 24th, 2020

I am finishing "Goddess of the Moon" soon.. just have been very busy at work.
I have only a couple chapters left. Working on an outline for the rest of the story now.

Future Universe Stories

I have some ideas for my next story. Let me know what story you would like to see next in the comments!

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After the Snap - Story Idea · 3:42am May 20th, 2019

Admittedly, I haven't watched much of My Little Pony since Season 7 - but have seen some episodes of Season 8.
So my idea may not fit into much of the recent events- but consider things to be somewhere between Season 7 and 8 - if that helps.
I also haven't seen the My Little Pony movie. But I'm assuming that has a lot of one-time celebrities who we will never see again in the series.

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Top 40 Episodes and Bottom 20 Episodes · 2:03am Feb 13th, 2016

A'ight, so this is top third and bottom sixth of MLP episodes. I decided to skew this list more to the top because there are a lot more good episodes than bad ones out there.
Also I'd put the pilot episode, Friendship is Magic, at #41/#42. Fairly solid introduction to the series. So these top 40 are those which are better than the pilot.
So without further ado - and yes, I'm including movies too.

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An Idea for a Story - Children of Discord · 4:12pm Jan 30th, 2016

I had a really interesting idea for a story - one which I'm hoping to get started on soon.

What if Discord was a father?
I'm not talking about Screwball who isn't canon.
What if Discord was actually the father of Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake?

Think about it.
Two earth ponies giving birth to a unicorn and a pegasus with strong inborn abilities and a penchant for mischief.

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Breaking Bad - MLP Crossover · 4:16pm Jun 15th, 2015

I'm probably not going to turn this into a story (especially since I have a ton of spoilers anyway), but here's an outline for what I would consider to be an acceptable BB/MLP crossover.

It takes place in some point in Season 4 and is obviously an alternative universe story on the "Breaking Bad" side.

“Jesse, we need to cook.”

“Yo, Mr. White. Our RV is gone and Gus wants to kills us. Where are we going to cook, bitch.”

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Can anypony help me out with my OC? · 1:44am May 5th, 2015

So I am really gearing up for my latest idea for a story: it's called "Canterlot University".
Note that this is an alternate universe story - forget canon.
Canterlot University is Equestria's most prestigious university - you either need to be super smart, super rich, super athletic or have family who have attended Canterlot University.

The main character is an OC.

A freshman at Canterlot University - very bright but somewhat shy with his own set of insecurities.

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Canterlot University · 1:46am Nov 12th, 2014

Hey all!
I have an idea for a story which I'm really excited to work on. Will probably start it this weekend.
It is called Canterlot University. It is basically about ponies in college. It will have a bunch of OCs and canon characters.

The main character is a unicorn named Tetris. A bright kind of shy stallion with a photographic memory. He begins his freshman year at the school.

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New Chapter of "The Black Apple" · 2:02pm Nov 9th, 2014

I hope you all enjoy it, :)

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Some Thoughts On My Writing · 4:31am Nov 9th, 2014

It's been a while since I've been writing frequently. Perhaps I need a new season for more inspiration.. There are unfortunately some stories which I'll probably not finish.

Sapphire: Mostly because I've immersed myself into a completely different OC. And dunno, writer's block.

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Another hiatus · 1:26am Aug 25th, 2014

Complete writer's block for "The Black Apple" right now.
I may go back to that story soon but for now, I'm stuck..

An idea I have which will seem crazy to my readers not only involves Apple Bloom being good but the hero.
She's still going to have killer skills though..if you know what I mean.

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