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Updates and Another Script · 8:57pm Nov 30th, 2013

FimFiction advanced makes a few enhancements to the website. Namely options that are normally only available for editing blocg posts and stories like Center Align, Indent, Outdent can now be used for all comments. There is also an option to insert a signature using your username at the end.

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Extra Emoticons V3.6: Better and with more stuff · 8:29pm Nov 23rd, 2013

My emoticons script has been updated and some of the many changes is the addition of a search feature. The content is installed separately and instructions on how to make custom content packs can be found here. This script has also been tested to work perfectly fine along side FimFiction Emote Extender a great script by

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MOAR Emoticons · 10:54am Nov 3rd, 2013

The previous script wasn't working for me and all I really wanted was tons of emoticons.
So I did the only logical thing I could...

I made my own.

A new layout and more emoticons added!

They are now separated into their own groups.

Besides the default set their is now the Additional set ...

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So it begins... · 6:16pm Oct 20th, 2013

Alright my first post, and for that won't we have a simple poem.

Approaching swiftly is that fateful night.

That night on which young colts and fillies partake;
in their mischievous errands.
To acquaint themselves with their much beloved candies.

By each doorstep rests, our orange knights.
Their crooked smiles, and their yellow light; the promise of a safe night.
To those that pass unaware, they silently wish.

To all of thee, a ghoulish nightmare night.

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