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But sometimes it does.


2019 · 5:14am January 1st

Let's go this.

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Save a Secret for the Moon · 8:05am May 5th, 2019

Last year my good pal Floyd and I hosted a podcast for nine episodes called the Big Dumb Podcast, wherein we discussed a variety of fics, doing some light analysis and whatnot. It was a fun little project and something I could imagine getting back to when we both have a bit more time; talking about art, especially that which doesn’t receive a lot of attention like

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I feel so alive · 7:33pm Feb 3rd, 2019

I just got back from a walk. I looked outside and I saw it was snowing, and whenever I see it's snowing I want to go on a walk and so I did. But I could tell it was pretty windy—I could see it, and I'd been able to hear it intermittently throughout the morning as I lay in bed on my phone, made breakfast, sat about like one does on a Sunday morning. So after I suited up in my jacket and boots I messaged Floyd, who I'd been talking

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When I'm Alone, I Can See No Sky · 7:44pm Dec 11th, 2018

In early October—two months ago at this point—I finished and published a fic. I know, right? So unlike me. The story was called "Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?":

TMister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
He’s down and he ain’t gettin’ up.
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