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On the face of it, you might feel bad for Twilight Sparkle; when she's not in class, she's always in her dorm room deep in a pile of books or tapping away at her laptop or phone, and she's always all alone.

But Twilight's happy, and she knows she isn't lonely—because she's in love.

Titled after the 1975's A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, which I would link but it's not very good.
Cover art also based off the aforementioned mediocre album.
For Scampy.

Chapters (1)

sunset shimmer buys a mattress but it's haunted by the ghooOooOoOOOoooOoOoost of some girl named twilight sparkle

This is only mostly Scampy's fault. Including the title.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash and Rarity spend time together amongst the snow, late into the evening. The world breathes in, then out.

Dribble drabble just 'cause I can and no one can stop me? Such power I have...

Chapters (1)

To have tea together is their greatest pleasure, so Rares and Shy sit, sip, and talk.

Inspired by Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics.

Chapters (17)

Lyra is pretty darn sure that she remembers Princess Luna dying in exile on the moon. Bon Bon is pretty darn sure that her marefriend's an idiot.

This story exists because of Badgie, who is a nut.
Published for fourths day 2018.
Critically panned: rated Not Recommended by Titanium Dragon!

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer has been acting sort of strange recently—enough that Twilight Sparkle has started to notice. And even though the rest of the girls don’t really think anything’s wrong, Twilight is determined to find out what’s up.

Blur – “Coping”

Chapters (5)

Rainbow Dash flies yeast.

Pun assistance and revisions by the delicious FloydienSlip.
Cover art by the scrumptious Swan Song.

Chapters (1)

A giant stone hand protrudes from the ground in the centre of Ponyville. Meanwhile, for the ponies that live there, life goes on as it always has.

Inspired by Hot Sugar’s God’s Hand, shortskirtsandexplosions’ =BIG= =DUMB= =OBJECT=, Nichijou, and, of course, living life to the fullest.
Preread by the lovely Nonchalant, and I made FloydienSlip take a look-see at the first chapter a few months ago to confirm that yes, this is weird.

Chapters (3)

You told me that a young designer from out of town would be coming to stay with us for a few days while she discussed business plans with you. I told you that would be fine, that I wouldn't mind.

I lied.

Edited by the wonderful Nonchalant.
Preread by the terrific chryssi and the elusive _00500005_.
Critically acclaimed: rated Highly Recommended by Titanium Dragon and Recommended by PresentPerfect!
Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library and Equestria Daily!

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