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I am the Doctor, the Rebel of FiMFiction, and I'm here for the food. We should love and tolerate everyone, not just the people we agree with. If you have a problem with that, that's too bad.


When Diamond Tiara hopes to get a special present from a secret source, she hopes to get something really fun!

Instead she gets a box full of dirt.

However, Diamond learns that sometimes beautiful things can come from really ugly places.

The cover art is a photo taken by Barry Seidman, a very skilled photographer.

Chapters (1)

My Father's Day Special, the school foals are required to bring their fathers to school and talk about their jobs and their family life.

Of course, all is not well in Ponyville, so naturally Cheerilee learns more than she would normally care to know. In fact, Cheerilee will soon want a good dose of brain bleach.

Cover art credit is a screenshot of the show uploaded on the MLP wikia.

Chapters (2)

One day, Sweetie Belle comes from bed with a strange condition: Something akin to a mask on her face, and deep, masculine voice, a fairly eloquent speech pattern, and an almost sociopathic disposition...and her mother doesn't know why.

Cover image uploaded by themagicwizard on FunnyJunk

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Twilight knows the Apples. Three siblings and a grandmother. Live on a farm. Oh, and apples!

Except none of this is true. Twilight Sparkle is about to discover to her horror what the Apples actually are, and they certainly are far more than they seem to be...

And this revelation may just come with a high price.

Chapters (1)

Lord Blackadder is the representitive of Dunny-on-Pone, the dumpiest burgh in Equestria. In spite of his efforts to jump-start the Dunny-on-Pone economy and remedy them of their numerous plagues, Prince Blueblood taxes him out of his mind and makes rules regulating the income and market of the civilians of Dunny-on-Pone, making Blackadder desparate to appeal to Prince Blueblood, but there yet another problem: Prince Blueblood is an absolute arsehead. Any attempt to appeal to Blueblood makes things worse, to the point in which Prince Blueblood converts the city into an unpopulated rotten Burroughs. So Blackadder attempts to marry off Blueblood to a smarter mare who will listen to him, but when Blueblood accepts a crooked deal in regards for his choice of "bride", Blackadder has enough of it and decides there is only one solution left: Overthrow Blueblood. Violently. Cunning Plans ensue.

Based off of the Blackadder series by the BBC.

May contain a very politically incorrect sense of humor, as with the original series. If you are pregnant, on medication, or easily offended, Blackadder of Equestria is not recommended for you. Symptoms of being far too weak to be exposed to Blackadder of Equestria include feeling offended, hurt in butt, grossed out, and in general having your jimmies rustled.

May get M-rated with later entries, though it will likely have a T-rated start.

Chapters (4)

Six Ponies, one dragon, and one thing in common: Panda cheese, or rather, the lack of it. For every time they decline when offered a delicious cheese, they get punished. They learn the hard way that you never say "no" to this Panda.

Chapters (2)

His Greatest-est of Exaltedness has been sent to Equestria after Death! Shall he reform?

Long story short, no.

But he will be as epically disappointed as possible.

At least, that is, until he discovers methods to make a new criminal empire...

My current April Fool's Special.

Chapters (1)

Blueblood is pathetic in every single sense of the word: 15 years since the Grand Galloping Gala in which he met Rarity and her friends, and he has nothing to show for it. He is 36 and still single, addicted to snack foods and obscure media (though he insists that he's 32). He has a crush on the now-adult-and-attractive Diamond Tiara, but they are getting nowhere fast. But one day, after a serious binge of over-indulging, he discovers that he has super-powers, and also learns on the way that he's not all bad, as he discovers on his misadventures. He gets constipated, hunts for tacos, gets addicted to anime, and shares it all with his unwilling guy friends in his men's club as he goes on a soul-searching trip of maturity and self-discovery.

Based on classic YTPs, both versions of Arthur, and Oscar Wilde plays.

Coverart by Discordant Princess

Chapters (3)

November 4, 1954:

Godzilla has been killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. His spirit is now in the Underworld, but urged on by a mysterious "Destroyer of Worlds", he learns that a realm of Light derived from the virtues of humans lies just about the surface, he is about to make a gambit with the Lady of the Dead, Izanami. Hoping to get revenge on the humans, he wins the bet, and so he is granted access to this fabled Land of Light, looking for a new body to possess, and he has found just the target...

Written in the same vein as the earliest Showa Entries, this is a highly character-driven tragedy.

Cover Art by Mr. Nuke

Chapters (5)

A Collection of many twisted Hearth's Warming tales:

The Hearth's Warming season is a season of many sacred holidays of many cultures, even Dalek Extermination Day. So naturally, something so sacred is just asking to be (unintentionally) peed on.

From Black Friday Shopping disasters to tree troubles to hanging up the lights to discovering too much of the inner foal to cart troubles to finding good holiday cards to explosions to Daleks, everything that can possibly go wrong for Hearth's Warming happens.

Chapters (4)
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