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I (facebook page!) normally do requested artwork for others, mainly drawing their OCs. I am told that I have good stories that I am told I should right down here on FimFiction, so thats why Im here!


Hunger Games Sequel Sneak Peek · 8:03pm Sep 26th, 2014

Hellooooo People of FiM fiction!
So for my hungergames sequel that I have been planning, I have composed several characters in my head and I would like to share a few of them! I won't tell you their names or who they are related to, but If you want to guess their names or throw out a name or even guess their parents, go ahead!

Some OCs are subject to change or have minor alterations.

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Story Idea · 4:36am Sep 13th, 2014

I have recently gotten yet another Idea for a story (lol, I need to stop).

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Birthday Fun · 4:37am Sep 3rd, 2014

So, My Birthday is in 2 weeks!
and guess what... IT'S MY SWEET SIXTEEN!!
I'm excited but also terrified.
I don't want to be an older teenager who has to graduate high school next year~

Though My birthday is on 9/11.
That's right, my birthday is September eleventh.

Not sure why I wanted to post that.
I never expect to get much on my birthday anyways.
UMmmmmm Yes.

School is nice.


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Suikoden Story Idea · 9:21pm Sep 1st, 2014

So, some of you might have heard of the legendary game series that is 'Suikoden' which was origionally created by konami and the 2 installment placed 44th on the greatest rpg games of all time, If you haven't played the game(s) even one of the series, I think you should. They are for the playstation, though the games are harder to find and they can sell on ebay for 100$ or more. they are that valued. The origional is on the PSN.

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Story Update and You-Know-Who's Death · 11:11pm Aug 12th, 2014

Alright, good morning everypony! (though I guess it's afternoon now, haha)
I am now back from my trip and I intend to work on my two fics - trying to bring my HG fic to a close. I've also done math (ohmygosh you guys, it's the end of the world) and I've figured out how old the main 6 would be in their time, and they would be old enough to have at least a kid or two. I've also thought about having a love interest with a main six's kid and somepony's oc . . .

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New Story, Seattle Torch Light Parade, Other good Stuff · 4:26am Jul 22nd, 2014


So I recently posted a new fic, "The Shadow of My Father" and for only being up for about 2 days, it already has about 100 views. If the rate keeps up and I can update it frequently enough, this could be bigger than my other two stories that I have.... Which would be crazy!

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Summer Plans · 5:27pm Jun 11th, 2014

First thing: My finals are tomorrow and Firday, so I'm almost done with school! I stayed up til 2am last night to finish my english portfolio!! I'm very tired.
Second thing: So, I recently got my permit, and I will be taking driver's ed in the summer time, Monday through Wendsday from 6 - 8 pm. Sometimes I will be there at 4, because I will have like a driving simulator I have to do, or a physical drive with an instructor. This means that I'm busy in the summer! But wait, there's more!

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Quick Little Update · 4:50pm May 29th, 2014

So, as the school year is winding down, I'm going to be online for less and less, working on things like my English portfolio, studying for final, finishing up projects, yaddah yaddah. You know, school stuff.
I get out of school on the 13th of June, so until then I will rarely be on Fim Fiction, only checking comments on my phone and being on for about 40 minuets during my free period at school, unless I have more work I have to do.

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Some Story Ideas · 2:54am May 13th, 2014

So, I was sitting down and thinking recently, and I came up with a few story Ideas. I really want to do a human crossover of some kind, but I don't want to take a similar Idea or one that is very commonly used, like a person finding a portal to equestria, or one day they wake up in equestria, or they even come across one or all of the mane six in the human world. There are also instances where they are combined together, having several humans in equestria or Earth taken over by ponies. Or I

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50 questions. · 2:19am Apr 20th, 2014

Here, have 50 questions about myself.
1.) What is your real name?
Trick question, I go by a few names. most people call me Felix.

2.) How old are you?
15 and a half. I'll be 16 in September.

3.) What country are you from?
USA, Though I wish it was Britain.

4.) What do you really look like?
Well, I am Human. But I also have dark brown hair, Brown eyes, medium build.

5.) What do you want to really look like?
I like how I look...but I would like green eyes.

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