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I (facebook page!) normally do requested artwork for others, mainly drawing their OCs. I am told that I have good stories that I am told I should right down here on FimFiction, so thats why Im here!


Many people know my father, Sombra, for all that he did to the Crystal Empire when he was king. But what others don't know what he was like before he ruled, or how he reached the rank in the first place. It's a lot different than people might think.
However, they all know that he was defeated by Princess Luna and Celestia - or so they think.

Teen rating just in case.
Cover photo created by JacobDobson on Deviantart.
P.S. I have a weird tendency to capitalize the first letters of some words.
P.P.S. Also written as if it was told orally.

Chapters (2)
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So far it sounds good, keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by The Hat Mann deleted Jul 20th, 2014

4723478 :rainbowlaugh: I'm dying! also I don't know much about doctor who. my sis watches it so that's how I know it

4723485 When people ask "Hats! Why do you like Fez's so much?!" I simply point them towards to this video. Its basically Matt Smith's version of The Doctor in a Nutshell. :rainbowlaugh:


Aww yeah we got doctor Who all up in here with the Fez ~ :rainbowwild: I haven't seen that episode yet but I'm getting there ~

You made it pretty clear when they said "alicorn" and "wears". Maybe if you took out the prior and replaced the former with "uses", it might be less so.

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