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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


Pony POV Series 3 Years Old Today · 1:00am Sep 19th, 2014

If you ever get a chance, please check out a certain fanfiction series...

The series in question?

Pony POV originally created by Alex Warlorn.

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Pony POV Series 3 Year Anniversary This Thursday · 2:52am Sep 14th, 2014

On Sept 18th. The Pony POV Series, the fanfiction of My LIttle Pony Friendship is Magic, turns three years old.

Season 0 Discorded Ponies

Season 1 Reharmonization

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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Of Season 4 Of Friendship Is Magic · 1:59am Aug 17th, 2014

Since people have been asking, since I gave my thoughts on season 3, I'll give my thoughts on season 4.

1&2. "Princess Twilight Sparkle"

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Pony POV Series Season 7 Wedding Arc Is Now Complete · 8:07am Aug 6th, 2014

It took over eight months of posting, and even more of that of writing and editing, and 60 chapters, but Pony POV Series Season 7 "Not The Wedding You Remember" Is Finally Complete.

Highlights of the end result of this season include but are not limited to:
-Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle now have their cutie marks.

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New Recursive fanfiction · 8:09am Jul 15th, 2014

The newest addition of Kendell2's vast collection of recursives of the Pony POV Series. This one set in the dark world timeline, but AFTER the world is saved and Discord is defeated and life can finally go on . . . Then the Crystal Empire makes it's appearance. http://kendell2.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Dark-World-Drabbles-Return-of-the-Empire1-467872073

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Pony POV Series Audio Adaption Episode 8 "Devastating Loneliness" Has Been Posted · 5:03pm Apr 6th, 2014

And here it is! After so long! The adaption with OVER FIFTY ORIGINAL CUSTOM DRAWN PIECES OF ART FOR SCENES. And ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK WRITTEN EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS EPISODE! And VOICE ACTORS FOR THE CHARACTERS! The adaption of Twilight's quest to save Trixie's soul is here!

Be sure to view and comment on the site as well.

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Pony POV Series: Audio Adaption, Recursive Fanart, and Recursive fanfic 2012 List · 9:58pm Jun 27th, 2012

Hello hello! Alex Warlorn here! I know it's been a long long time since I've added a new part to the series, and that's no good. But after having answered all my comments, replies, and Activity messages, and having updated all the chapters, I thought I'd take a moment to create this journal entry! What have here is every fanfiction, and every fanart done for the Pony POV Series to date! If I missed you, let me know, if do something new, let me know, and I'll add you! I've divided them up

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