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Young(ish), free and most definitely single. (Thank you for your time and effort, but no thank you.) Live south UK and work evening shifts, something which plays havoc with my writing.


Chapter 45 - The Sun Melts Ice · 5:03pm Jul 2nd, 2016

Next chapter has been sent off to my pre-reader and editor now.

So soon... I hope.

(Been around too long to make definite statements about how long something will take.)

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Chapter 44: A Storm on the Horizon · 5:14pm May 16th, 2016

The next chapter has now been handed over to my pre-reader and editor for their tender caresses.

As I might have mentioned to them, my inner critic needs to be taken outside and have matters explained to it - with a baseball bat.

Every time I read through the chapter I kept wanting to change things. It got a little demoralizing to be honest.

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Still Alive · 12:33pm Apr 26th, 2016

You'll be glad to know I'm still alive. (I'm glad as well, but I freely admit my opinion -is- biased on that subject.)

Okay, I'm into my second week off work, two weeks off work where I HAD planned to finish the current chapter.

But there has been a slight snag in that plan:

Mother is down visiting me for those two weeks.

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Yay, over 100,000 views · 2:01pm Feb 13th, 2016

Title says it all really.

Thank you all.

Next chapter is in progress btw.

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Chapter 42- Acts of Necessity. Officially off to editor and pre-reader now · 6:07pm Feb 1st, 2016

The chapter has now been sent to my Pre-reader and my Editor for their tender caresses.

As my objectivity is shot (I so want to publish this chapter and move on) I have told them to be critical.

Okay, this chapter took waaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

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Back · 12:34pm Jan 2nd, 2016

Back off holiday now. Time to get stuck back into that chapter :pinkiehappy:

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Delay, I'm afriad · 8:27pm Dec 8th, 2015

The next chapter is going to be delayed until after Christmas I’m afraid.

I am off on holiday in a little over a week and I don’t want to be rushing the chapter by trying to get it out before then.

While it is mostly written, it is just the end part I need to do to my satisfaction. As it is kinda important, I want to make sure I get it right.

So my apologies for the delay.

Unedited spoiler / teaser:

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Re-writes Done · 5:18pm Mar 30th, 2015

Yay... All the chapters I wanted to re-write have now been done. Hiatus tag is now off and I get down to writing new chapters exclusively.

I apologize for the length of time this took. I envisioned doing 'just a little polishing' here and there to chapters, not ending up doing complete re-writes of them!

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Okay, let's try that again. · 5:50pm Feb 23rd, 2015

Okay I was having a bad week last week, (my car is now officially beyond economic repair) so I did this to cheer myself up. Then had some trouble getting the photo to upload properly. Last week wasn't my best week ever.

Anyway, I finally got round to accessorizing my Rainbow Dash. The same Rainbow Dash that my sister gave me as a present... a present that I opened Christmas morning in front of my whole family. Thank you Sis... I love you too.

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Delays, delays. · 6:18pm Sep 12th, 2014


Big mistake at work today, so they need people in over the weekend to try and fix it. Don't they know I'm trying to re-do chapters here?

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