• Published 21st Oct 2021
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The Cresent Moon Grin - Sunnysunny77

After thousands of year's in the night sky, a certain unknown being is finally revealed to all of ponyville.

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The Cheshire Cat

The stars eerily shone into the sky, crickets chirped between the wooden trees, and Ponyville had a scent stronger than ever. It smelt of... tuna? Suddenly, from on the night sky, the majestic Princess Celestia descended onto the grass with her magnificent light.

She carried Tuna in her mystical grasp, and dropped it lightly before the cresent moon. "You can come out now, dear Cheshire. I have brought you want you love the most. Your beloved tuna." She promised with a graceful smile.

The stars suddenly began to move as the moon began to slowly form into a creepy smile. It smiled wider, and the owner of the smile suddenly appeared as if on command. Well.. it was on command. It was a.. cat?

He descended from the purple sky and onto the grass, his pink paws firmly grabbed the blue tuna. He curled his fluffy tale with pink stripes, and began to make a strong purring sound. "Why, thank you, dear Princess..." He said, his voice was as sharp as blade, yet it was so comforting too.

His pink mouth hungrily bit into the poor flesh of the fish as if he hadn't eaten in many a year. Thats because, well, he hadn't. "You know, I dont even have to eat, but the sensation just brings me pure joy." He grinned, his amber eyes looking up at the feminine God-like mare.

Her pink eyes loomed on his small purple body, his pink stripes zhone even brighter in the moonlight. "So.. i know you obviously haven't came here just to talk, have you potentially found a way back to Wonderland?" He asked, a hint of excitement in his voice.

"No, sadly.." Celestia said.

"Awwhh.. no fun." He whined, but smiled again and chortled with fake joy. "Your little ponies haven't suspected me all these years here, they never stop to think what could potentially be up there." He grinned.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean they aren't ever going to find out I'm afraid. They figured my sister out, that doesn't mean they won't find you out too." Celestia said with a hint of concern in her fragile tone.

"That seems to be the case, but oh well.." He said. "They most likely won't thank me, especially considering I've been the true reason they even won their battles." He sighed with no hint of empathy, just.. pure disappointment. "They have put you on the books before though, maybe they'll figure you out sooner than thought." Celestia suggested.

"No need to worry, I have my own ways. You have yours too. I should be able to hide a little longer in these endless stars." Cheshire smiled.

Celestia sighed, "Alright, just remember.. Ponyville isn't going to be too happy with me or you when they figure out all their successes were because of you and not them. Especially Twilight."

"Heheh.. alright." He stood up, and stretched his hind legs and leaped into the sky. "Hmmhmm.. and the mome raths.. outgrabe.." He hummed, then vanished into the sky. The moon formed back to its original place.

Celestia said nothing, and flew back into where she came.


Twilight ran through the void like darkness of an endless wonderland, she heaved heavily as her tail flailed behind her. She leaped onto a cliff, and what stood behind her was the quiet void. She backed up into a wall that seemingly wasn't there before. Twilight heard a song echo from it,

"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves."
"Did gire and gimble in the wabe;"

It came closer. She shriveled up and cowered.

"All mimsy were the borogoves."
"And the mome raths outgrabe."

The next thing she knows, the darkness dissapears, as she hears a familiar voice call her name. She blinks open her eyes to see Spike standing there with a concerned look on his purple face. "Twilight! Finally, your awake! Are you okay? You were shaking and muttering in your sleep." He said, he held a cup of coffee in his sharp dragon like hands.

"Yes, i.. I'm fine." Twilight said, but she knew she was lying. She stood onto her hooves, and grabbed the coffee with her magic.

*30 minutes later*

Twilight had nothing to do today, so she could go visit her friends today. But all she wanted to do was sit and ponder.. that dream.. that strange song.. did it have a meaning? She got up from her bed, she pondered what would happen if she spoke to her friends of it. She groaned, and walked down the steps.

Opening the door, she set off into the bright village of Ponyville. Everypony was cheerful and walking about, she decided to go speak to Applejack about it first. Then maybe the others after.

♡ 2 hours later ♡

Applejack wiped it off as some strange nightmare and nothing more to comfort her, so that didn't help. Fluttershy said the same thing, but ended up getting scared half way through and flew into her cottage. Rainbow teased her. Pinkie Pie didn't even seem to care, she just kept devouring her desserts. Rarity was too busy with her dresses.

Twilight rolled her violet eyes and carried off back to her house. She couldn't help but feel like as if there was something more to it. Maybe Discord had something to do with this? No, she couldn't blame everything on him. She heavily walked into her house, Spike seemed to be passed out with a tube of pink ice cream next to him.

She smiled and used her magic to carry him to his neat little bed.

She decided to go through ancient Ponytales, just to make sure.

Then, one page stood out to her. The Tale of The Odd Cheshire Cat.

The tale read of an ancient cat being who supposedly protected the village in night and through day. He loomed over Ponyville and all of Equestria each night with careful eyes. He saw everything according to the book. She shuddered.

Then.. she saw it, the song she heard in her dream was on the bottom page.

Author's Note:

first story lets goo, feel free to criticize if you'd want to.