• Published 21st Oct 2021
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The Cresent Moon Grin - Sunnysunny77

After thousands of year's in the night sky, a certain unknown being is finally revealed to all of ponyville.

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Twas Brillig

It was the same song the purple unicorn had heard in her dream, she gulped and felt the fear coursing throughout her veins.

"Twas Brillig, and the slithy toves."
"Did gire and gimble in the wabe;"
"All mimsy were the borogoves."
"And the mome raths outgrabe."

Twilights mind ached with a feeling she had never felt before. She knew for certain that this being was real, but.. where was he, was the question she needed answered. Twilight closed the book, and practically jumped off of her bed. Slikes green eyes fluttered open, and with a yawn, he said; "Oh, hey Twilight! What are you- WOAH!" His small body fell off of his bed as Twilight zoomed past him.

She stopped in her tracks, "Sorry, Spike!" She said, before taking off again.

"What.. what are you doing?" Spike tiredly called out.

"No time to explain!" She yelled back, before running into the depths of Ponyville. She needed to gather her friends and do something about this potential threat. As her tail flailed behind her fear-stricken hind legs, the stars giggled with an unusual laughter.

"Heheh.. and the mome raths outgrabe~"


"Twi, whats goin' on?" Applejack asked, her green eyes filled with worry for her sudden anxious friend. Twilight pulled out the book from before and set it on the table. Twilight had gathered her friends, to tell them of this worrying event.

"I told you all of a dream I had, a dream I had that frankly scared me to death. But, I'm worried that I may have found evidence that may prove that my dream may unfortunately be real!" Twilight said, she flioped open the book with her magic.

But, as she flipped to the page she sought to tell them about, no text met her eyes. Only a blank sheet of paper. "Wha.. what?!" Twilight gasped, her friends crowded around her.

"What the.. it was just here! When did it become blank?!" Twilight anxiously heaved. Her mind could only confirm one thing, she was right about the mysterious Cheshire Cat.

"Oh, me.." Rarity said, looking as if she were going to faint. And yep ,she was, she promptly almost fell onto the ground. But was caught by Rainbow.

Rainbow sighed, "Twilight, is this a prank or something? Cause it isn't very clever."

Applejacks eyes furrowed, "Rainbow, Twilight would never lie to us! We defeated Nightmare Moon, we defeated that crazy chrysalis pony, we should be able to trust her now."

"Well.. yeah! I know that, but this seems impossible! How can there be a threat and ALL OF THE SUDDEN its not there?!" Rainbow argued back.

"We've met ponies with all sorts of crazy abilities, Rainbow. Ya can't argue now." Applejack said. Rainbow opened her mouth to speak, but was dragged down softly by Fluttershy.

"Rainbow, please, we should trust her. She's our friend." Fluttershy softly said, looking up at her with pleading cyan eyes. Rainbow seemed to panic with her wings flapping rapidly every few seconds, she sighed and landed to the ground.

"Fine, sorry." Rainbow said like a stubborn child, "But just know if this turns out to be some stupid prank, I called it!"

Twilight turned to face her friends, "The page stated that there was once a mysterious mystical cat who looked over Ponyville each night. He possessed abilities such as Discord already does. And it is said that he sings the same song everytime he shows up, the song he sang in my dream."

"But the thing is, I dont even know if he's bad or not! He protects Ponyville as said in the book, but why was he so threatening in my dream?!" Twilight rambled, practically about to heave herself to death. Applejack put her hoof around Twilight.

"Dont panic, Twi. If this cat tries anything, we'll buck em back to wherever he came from!" Applejack tried to motivate her friend.

"Yeah, and then we can throw a party! *GASP*, or maybe we can-" Pinkie proceeded to ramble on and on about the things they could do if they defeated him. Applejack rolled her eyes lightly, and moved a little closer to Twilight.

"Point is, we can do it, Twi. We'll buck that cat like the wind, besides, nopony can win against the elements of Harmony. Ah reckon he'll go runnin' before we turn him into stone like we did Discord." Applejack smiled, Twilight softly smiled back up at her.

"Or this will all just turn out to be some prank. Or maybe I'llbe the one to send him flying!" Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Dash.." Applejack growled.

"Whatever." Rainbow said.

The six friends spent the rest of the night inside the treehouse, theorizing on when and where this cat would show up, and whether he'd be a threat or not. But, they were unaware that yellow eyes watched them from the sky.

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I oddly enough enjoy this. That cat always freaked me out as a kid and the song is so creepy.

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