• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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The First Tournament!

The Dazzlings were about ready to head out to go to Leon's house. They were about to walk out of the door until their mother stopped them in their tracks.

"Girls, before you leave to head to Leon's, I have something you might want to see." Sunset said.

"What is it mom? What do you want to show us? We're kinda in a hurry here." Adagio asked.

"Yeah. We kinda have to head out to battle Leon. So that we can, you know, battle him and beat him." Aria said.

"Just watch this and then you three can head out to Leon's. It'll only take a few minutes to watch this." Sunset turns on the TV and it shows the Dazzlings dad, Tom and the dimension traveler, Aaron. They were on stage with a bunch of other people surrounding them, trying to ask them questions.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special announcement today. The preparations for the first ever Beyblade tournament have officially been all decided. Rumor got out that only A tier bladers could only participate in tournaments, and to that I say the rumors were correct! Now then, the tournament will begin in a week from now. The tournament arena is starting to be built and should be done before the tournament begins. Some bladers spots in the tournament have already been decided, with that I give the mic to Aaron."

"Thank you, Tom. Now then the bladers that have already gotten their spots verified into the tournament are..." Aaron started.

Pictures of Leon, Gabby, Athena, Bael, Phoebe, and Derek with their beys next to their picture pop up on the TV screen.

"These 6 bladers have already token their spots in the tournament. There are still some spots left over, but hurry up because before you know it those spots could disappear. Now then we'll like to give out some information for the tournament. I'll let Tom tell you all about it."

"Thank you, Aaron. Now first thing first, there will be a new stadium made specifically for this tournament. We call this stadium the Hyper Stadium!"

'A new stadium? I wonder what it'll look like. Bladers will have to get a customized to the stadium.'

"Second thing, only 12 bladers will be able to participate in this tournament!"

"How will that even work out?" The Dazzlings asked.

"If your wondering how that'll work then let me tell you! 6 bladers will be in one group, all bladers will battle one another one time. The 2 bladers on each side with the most amount of points will move on to the Semi-Finals. There, the 4 bladers will battle it out to become the Champion! Now with that, we only have 6 spots left before the tournament begins. You better hurry up and take your spot people, with that, we'll see you all from a week from now."

With that Tom and Aaron walked off the stage while Sunset turned off the TV. She turns around to see the Dazzlings in pure shock.

"I told you, it'll be something you might want to watch. Now you heard your dad, you three better hurry up and become A tier bladers or else you won't be able to participate. And I don't think you won't like that would you?"

"Nope! We need to hurry up and become A tier bladers and fast. We only have a week left to be able to enter." Aria said.

"Do you think we'll be able to become A tier bladers in that amount of time? I mean there's three of us and six spots left, and plus some of our friends might not be able to get a spot either." Sonata said.

"You actually made a decent point, Sonata. There's me, you, and Aria. Valex and his brother, Dean, Frizzle, and Joy. Two of the 8 of us won't be able to participate in the tournament, unless one of the 6 bladers that are already entering the tournament gets into an accident and then they'll have to drop out."

"So we go after Gabby because of what she did to us and make her have to drop out of the tournament, good idea."

Aria looks up to see her mom looking down at her, she didn't look to happy to hear what Aria had just said.

"You want to repeat that, Aria?" Sunset asked, looking at Aria right in the eyes.

"I-it was just a joke, mom. I wasn't going to actually do anything to Gabby, I promise." Aria said, sweat starting to form due to Sunset's mother stare.

'Even though she totally deserves it. I'll just have to get my revenge in the tournament, but first I have to make it into the tournament.'

"Come on girls we better hurry and up and head to Leon's house. This might be our last chance at turning into a, A tier blader. We'll see you later mom, come on girls there's no time to waste."

'We have a whole week until the tournament begins. Why is Dagi saying we have no time to waste? We could probably take a day or two day off and nothing would happen.' Sonata thought.

'What makes her think she's the boss of us. Just because she's the oldest doesn't mean she's the boss.' Aria thought.

"See you in a while girls, make it before your curfew time." Sunset called out. 'Those girls will make it into the tournament, I just know it.'

The Dazzlings started to make their way to Leon's house. If they beat Leon they would most likely be able to participate in the tournament. While they were walking to Leon's they all had the same thing in their minds.

'We're going to become A tier bladers, join the first ever tournament, and then win it!'

Preview: The Dazzling head over to Leon's house with two goals in their minds. Beat Leon and become A tier bladers to be able to participate in the tournament. During the Dazzlings are battling Leon, they get interfered by something or should they saw someone!

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