Dazzling Bladers

by Joshua the Dragonslayer

First published

Adagio, Aria, and Sonata take on the world with their Beyblades

A year after Tom and Sunset's wedding a new era has risen in the world, Beyblade. Aaron and Gabby's master plan has begun. Will they take over the world or will the Dazzlings stop them before that happens? But one thing is in everyone's mind, Let It Rip!

A Rise Of A New Era! Dazzling Bladers!

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It had been a year since Sunset and Tom had gotten married. Since then Sunset and the Dazzlings moved out of Celestia's house and moved into Tom's house. The Dazzlings were currently off for their summer break, they were going to 6th grade. Nothing incredible had happened since summer started but what the Dazzlings didn't know was that their summer was going to become the best summer they'll ever have.

The Dazzlings were currently on the couch like they had been for the past few days. Adagio was skipping over shows to find something that might be interesting. She was about to skip another channel but something caught her eye.

"Aria, Sonata, come look at this." Adagio said

Aria and Sonata come from downstairs to see what Adagio called them for. What they saw also caught their eyes. Tom and Aaron were giving a speech of something that was sparking interest to the world.

"It seems as thought a new era has risen. It's popularity has caught the interest of many people. There for, we would like to tell and show you all what this new era is." Aaron said

"This new era is Beyblade! All over the world Beyblades are being made. They are called Gamma beys. Each one of them holding different capabilities and powers. Bladers and Beys must have a strong bond in order for a beys full potential to come out. There is a store near by that is selling beys, if you would like a Beyblade go ahead and get one. That is all, thank you." Tom said

With that Tom and Aaron got off the stage. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata all look at the TV with sparkles in their eyes. The TV showed where the Beyblade store was and what Beyblades look like. To the Dazzlings Beyblade looked like the coolest thing they had ever seen. Once the little speech was over the Dazzlings heard their mother walk down the stairs. Once the Dazzlings saw Sunset they ran over to her.

"Momma." The Dazzlings yelled

"Yes girls? Do you need something?" Sunset asked

"We just saw Tom's speech about Beyblade. Can we get some from that store?" Adagio asked

"You sure you want Beyblades? Isn't that like a boy thing?" Sunset asked

"Tom said that anyone could do it. And we want to try it." Aria said

"Please momma." Sonata said giving the deadly puppy eyes to Sunset

"Ok, ok. We'll get all of three of you some Beyblades. Come on, we don't want to get there and then their all out of Beyblades." Sunset said grabbing the car keys

Sunset and the Dazzlings get into the car and head off to the Beyblade store.

Once Sunset and the Dazzlings get to the store it was empty. Now that was something that confused the Dazzlings. Did people just not like Beyblade or was this the wrong store? The Dazzlings and Sunset get out of the car and walk into the store. The store was full of Beyblades everywhere you look you could see Beyblades.

Beys from every shape and color where in this store. A guy walks up to Sunset and the Dazzlings. He was the owner by his tag on his shirt.

"Hello. Are you girls looking for a Beyblade?" The owner asked

"Yes we are. We're just looking around for right now." Sunset said

"Well, when you three find some beys that you would like just come to me. If you have any questions just come to me." The owner said

"Now you heard the man, you girls go ahead and look around for a Beyblade you might like. If you have any questions just go up to the man and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you." Sunset said

"Ok momma." The Dazzlings said

The Dazzlings walked around the store. Each Beyblade had a little piece of paper under it that had all of the Beys information about it. The beys name, and it's type.

Aria and Adagio were actually taking it seriously and were looking around for a Beyblade. Sonata however was distracted by all of the pretty colors. Well Sonata was taking it kinda serious but none of the Beyblades were really catching her interest.

"Mom, I think I found a Beyblade I want." Adagio said

"So have I." Aria said

"Well what did you girls get?" Sunset asked

Aria and Adagio give their Beyblades to Sunset. Aria's beyblade was black, on the tag it said the bey was an attack type. The beys name was called Prime Apocalypse. It looked like the perfect Beyblade for Aria to have. Adagio on the other hand had a red Beyblade. It's name was Union Achilles and it was a balance type. It came with some sort of blue sword thing. Yeah, Sunset was going to ask the owner what that was for.

"These beys look like their make a perfect decision for you. Now all we have to do is wait for Sonata. Sonata have you found a Beyblade yet?" Sunset asked

"Yeah I found one." Sonata said handing her bey to Sunset

Sonata just like Adagio got a red Beyblade. Her Beyblade was called Turbo Spryzen it was a balance type like Adagio's.

"Well, I guess now all we have to do is pay for them." Sunset said

"I hope you three found everything alright. Do you three have any questions about your beys?" The owner asked

"Yeah, are there any things we should know about this beys?" Sunset asked

"Well yes actually. Turbo Spryzen has something called a turbo awakening, it has turbo blades that come out if launched strong enough. The turbo awakening is so strong that it stops Spryzen from bursting. Also it can change from right spinning to left spinning. Prime Apocalypse has a burst prevention system where it can go 360 degrees without bursting. The only way it can burst is if you hit that sword strong enough. As for Union Achilles that blue thing is a extra boost in power. With the sword the attack power of Achilles rises but without the sword Achilles is more defensive. Also since Achilles and Spryzen are balance types they can change modes from attack, defense, and stamina." The owner said

"Wow, okay. Girls I hope you remember that cause I know I won't. Well thank you so much." Sunset said handing him the money

"No, thank you. I hope you girls enjoy your beys." The owner said

The Dazzlings walk out of the store with their new beys and launchers. Their summer was going to finally get fun with their new beys. Fun adventures were in store for the Dazzlings. Awesome battles were yet to come their way

Preview for Next Episode: The Dazzlings get word from Frizzle to come over. When they come head over they were in for a surprise. Frizzle has a Gamma bey of her own.

Next time on Dazzling Bladers: Magical?! Wizard Fafnir!

Three! Two! One! LET IT RIP!!

Magical! Wizard Fafnir!

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The Dazzlings were currently on their way to their friends house, Frizzle. She had called saying that she had just gotten a bey from her parents and wanted to test it out. So the Dazzlings happily accepted the request, so now their on their way to Frizzle's house. Once arriving to Frizzle's house, Sunset made sure to give the Dazzlings a talking to.

"Remember girls to be on their best behavior. And if you lose to Frizzle be a good sport, alright?" Sunset asked.

"Yes momma." The Dazzlings said.

"Good, now go have fun. I'll come to pick you up later."

With that the Dazzlings ran off to meet Frizzle in the backyard. Once they made it to Frizzle's backyard they saw Frizzle in the middle of the backyard with a stadium.

"So you made it? I'm glad, I almost thought you ran away in fear." Frizzle said.

"We never run away, and we aren't scared of you! Now, can we see your bey already?" Aria asked.

"Fine, fine." Frizzle takes something out of her pocket. A yellow bey with a huge amount of rubber of the sides of it. "This is my bey; Wizard Fafnir. It's a counterclockwise spinning stamina type. It can drain all of your beys stamina and use it for it's own. Now then, who wants to battle me first?"

"I call battling her first!" Sonata said.

"Go ahead, Sonata." Adagio said. Adagio looks towards Aria and whispers in her ear. "Be sure to watch this match very closely, we might figure out a thing or two."

Aria rolls her eyes, "You don't have to tell me that, I already know that."

Frizzle and Sonata take out their launchers and start to get ready. Adagio stands in the middle of the two of them.

"Now get ready, and set!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!" With that both beys had been launched in the stadium. Turbo Spryzen zoomed around the stadium at breakneck speeds while Wizard Fafnir... was barely spinning in the middle of the stadium?

"What's going on? Frizzle did you make an oopsies launching your bey?" Sonata asked.

"We'll see who makes the oopsies after this match, Sonata. Now why don't you come and attack my bey."

"Fine by me, go Spryzen!"

Spryzen started to land a consecutive barrage of attacks. But instead of actually doing something to Fafnir it was actually speeding it up. That was when Adagio remembered something Frizzle at said.

'It can drain all of your beys stamina and use it for it's own.'

'So she launched slow on purpose... and Sonata fell for her little magic trick.'

The roles were now swapped, Fafnir was the one spinning at great speeds while Spryzen was nearly out of stamina, never mind make that out of stamina.

"It's over with a survivor finish, Frizzle wins the match." Adagio said, turning her head towards Frizzle.

"W-what happened? How did you all of a sudden get all of that stamina?" Sonata asked in shock.

"I did say my bey can steal the stamina of others. You should have payed more attention. Now who's next?"

"Aria your bey is an attack type. Fafnir is a stamina type, stamina types are weak to attack types."

"Now we're talking! I'll be your next challenger, get ready to lose." Aria said taking out her bey.

"How about we actually make this a challenge. Adagio, Aria, I'll take the both of you on at once. After all if we only one match at a time it'll end just like Sonata's match."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Sonata said.

"I beat you with ease, Sonata. With your two sisters facing me at once I might actually have to try. Now come on let's go, both of you at once."

"Sure!" Adagio said. Adagio changes her bey into stamina mode without the sword.

"Fine by me!" Aria said.

"Now let's begin!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Achilles rushes in and takes center stage, while Apocalypse charges towards Fafnir which was slowly spinning towards Achilles.

"Go Apocalypse, hit it out of the stadium."

"Go Fafnir, Wizard Spin."

Apocalypse and Achilles hits Fafnir with a pincer attack. All three go sent flying, while Fafnir gained some stamina and takes the middle.

"If we keep our distance she can't steal our stamina. Let's just stay far away from Fafnir and-"

Aria had other ideas and went to attack Fafnir. Fafnir was quickly picking up on stamina.

"Or don't follow my instructions and make this harder for us. What... that's it! Achilles crash into Apocalypse at full power."

Achilles hits Apocalypse which was in a head on collision with Fafnir. All three get sent flying into the air, Apocalypse and Fafnir get sent flying out of the stadium while Achilles hits the edge of the stadium and remains in the stadium.

"With a ring out finish, Aria and Adagio are the winners." Sonata said, pointing her hand towards Aria and Adagio.

"That was an amazing idea, Adagio. I didn't expect that at all." Frizzle said, shaking Adagio and Aria's hand.

"It was nothing really, it was an awesome match."

"Yeah, but next time you guys won't be so lucky. I'll beat you next time, now who are you guys going to challenge next?" Frizzle asked.

"What do you mean?" The Dazzlings asked.

"All of our friends have beys as well. I would recommend going to Derek and Dean's house. Their beys are super strong, but they mostly do tag battles."

"Tag battle? What's that?" Sonata asked.

"It's when two people team up and battle with another two others. We should probably think of a plan to beat them. What can you tell us about Derek and Dean's beys?"

"Derek's bey is a right spinning attack type. Dean's bey is a dual spinning balance type. But Dean mostly goes in left spin mode."

"I think me and Sonata would be perfect for the job, we're both balance types and Spryzen is also a dual spinning bey. It'll be perfect for the job."

"Why can't I go? I have the strongest attack between the three of us. Please, Adagio I'm begging. You did most of the work in our two vs one with Frizzle."

"I'll think about it... but for right now the line up is me and Sonata."

"Now we should probably train for our match with Derek and Dean. Frizzle want to help us train for are upcoming match with them?"

"I'll be happy too, but just to let you know, Derek and Dean have a strong bond. I would recommend having two of you with a strong relationship."

"Strong relationship... we got a lot to think about and only little time. We gotta start training as soon as possible. Let's go girls!" Adagio said, throwing her hands in the air.

"Yeah!" The other girls yelled.

For the rest of the day, Frizzle, and the Dazzlings battled with one another. Training for the tag team battle with Dean and Derek. All having fun with one another being with together.

Preview: The Dazzlings head over to Dean's and Derek's house. There they get into a tag team battle with them. Will they win or will they lose? Find out, Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Tag Battle! Brothers And Sisters!

Tag Battle! Brothers And Sisters!

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After learning from Frizzle that all of their friends had beys of their own the Dazzlings started their journey to battle each and every one of them. Their first stop, Derek and Dean. That's where they were right now, at Derek and Dean's house.

"We heard from Frizzle that you guys would be coming. So you actually came to challenge us, we're so happy." Derek said.

"I'm sure Frizzle told you that we only do tag battles. So... which two of you are going up with us? Adagio and Aria? Maybe Sonata and Aria? Or maybe Adagio and Sonata?" Dean said.

"We already know our lineup, but first we want to know your guys beys." Adagio said.

"Fine by us. My bey is Ace Dragon, it's a right spinning attack type."

"And my bey is Venom Devolos it's a right spinning balance type. But I can change it around to make it Erase Devolos a left spinning balance type. I can change it around to whatever I decide to."

"I see... alright we're going with me and Aria." Adagio said.

"Why me? I thought you said Sonata and you were going up?" Aria asked.

"I asked Adagio to let you go up instead of me. You have tenacity that's what makes you, you. Now you go out there with Adagio and beat them!" Sonata said, putting her hand out for a fist bump.

"Yeah, we'll beat them with no problem!" Aria said, colliding fist with Sonata's.

"Come on, more battling less talking."

"Yeah, let's go!"

"Now that everyone is ready. Get ready, and set!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip."

With that all four beys land in the stadium at intense speeds. Achilles took the center while Apocalypse rushed around the stadium. Dragon started to attack Achilles with a barrage of attacks, while Devolos was in left spin and started to head towards Apocalypse. They were both going in for a head on collision.

"Dragon hit Achilles with a dragon launch."

"Devolos hit Apocalypse with a Shining launch."

Both Dragon and Devolos hit Apocalypse and Achilles with their special attacks.

"Achilles counterattack with a Unison launch."

Now both Dragon and Achilles started to attack one another. While on Aria's end Apocalypse was getting pushed back by Devolos.

"Apocalypse hit it with Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse hits Devolos with it's special attack. Due to that Devolos gets sent flying and it burst! Well Aria thought it burst but she was wrong.

"Alright! One down one to go!" Aria said.

"That's what you think. Devolos can't be beat so easily. Now Devolos use Dual Phantom."

Devolos tip breaks off into two. The clone starts to hit Apocalypse, while Devolos goes to double team Achilles.

"What? How is that even possible? How can a bey possibly be able to do that?"

"So it's tip can break off? That's pretty cool trick you have there, but that won't stop me and Aria. Achilles use Unison Defense to block their useless attacks."

Two shields come out of Achilles, Dragon and Devolos try to hit Achilles, but all of their attacks are pointless. Achilles just kept on parrying each and every single attack from the both of them.

"Apocalypse hit the clone and make it crash into Dragon!"

Apocalypse hits the clone launching towards Dragon. The clone makes contact with Dragon, and with that Ace Dragon burst into pieces, making the match two vs one. Achilles and Apocalypse vs Devolos.

"Ace Dragon has burst making the match a two vs one. Now how will Dean be able to take down both Achilles and Apocalypse?" Sonata said.

"Devolos once again use Shining launch!"

Aria and Adagio look at one another, they shake their head in agreement.

"Prime Apocalypse and Union Achilles combo attack. Sister Strike!"

Apocalypse and Achilles collide with one another making sparks fly into the air. They then charge into each other and crash into Devolos. All three beys get sent flying out of the stadium, midway in the air Apocalypse and Achilles hit one another causing Achilles to burst. But Achilles wasn't the only one to burst, Devolos also burst. Both Achilles and Devolos both burst midair while Apocalypse lands on the ground right after them.

"It was a close call to make but Apocalypse hit the ground a second after Devolos and Achilles burst in midair. So there for, Adagio and Aria are the winners of the match." Sonata said, pointing her hand towards Adagio and Aria.

"So close, we almost had it. Good battle you guys, we gave it our all." Derek said.

"Yeah, I didn't expect you to use my own bey for your own weapon. Where did you guys learn that new move all of a sudden?" Dean asked. "You know what was that move called? Sister Strike was what you called it?"

Aria and Adagio look at each other and start to laugh. "We made it up right now."

Derek, Dean, and Sonata look at them in surprise. They couldn't believe what Aria and Adagio had just told them.

"So you two just took a chance with that move? That move could have backfired on you guys but you still took the chance?" Sonata asked.


"If you guys like to take a chance, you guys should go face off with Joy. She loves to take chances and risk in bey battles. Her bey is a right spinning balance type, but her bey is... well... different." Derek said, but he sounded very confused.

"Different? How is her bey different from all the others?" Adagio asked.

"Her bey moves differently. One second her bey is somewhere the next it's somewhere else. Her bey has some very erratic movements. You won't be able to think of a plan to beat her beforehand."

"Well, we're think of a plan no matter what! You guys want to help us in thinking of a way to beat her? Either if we have to take a chance or not."

"Sure, why not. We're be glad to help you guys in beating Joy." Dean said.

"Let's do this girls... and guys!" Adagio said.

"Yeah!" Everyone else yelled.

And with that for the rest of the day, the Dazzlings and the two brothers trained all day. Thinking of a way to beat Joy and her from what Derek said, "different" bey. All having fun with one another and enjoying one another's company. The Dazzlings next stop on their journey was none other than Joy!

Preview: The Dazzlings next stop is Joy. There the Dazzlings will have to take a chance with luck with battling Joy's bey.

Next Time on the Dazzling Bladers: Take A Chance! Judgement Joker!

Take A Chance! Judgement Joker!

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The Dazzlings second stop was Joy and if you could guess they were already there. The Dazzlings were with Joy as she took out her bey.

"My bey is Judgement Joker. It's a right spinning balance type. It has two massive blades made up of rubber, that's what make it so strong. So... who's going to challenge me first?"

'With those rubber blades, it's attacks could be off the charts. We're going to have to be wary of those blades. I should go in defense mode when I face off with that bey.'

"I'll like to challenge you, Joy! My bey sword against your rubber blades." Adagio said, showing off her prized bey.

"Fine by me! But don't be surprised if I beat you. Now, we're going to go to a first to two points."

"Fine with me. Aria you can be the referee for this match."

"Alright! Now this will be a first to two points. A survivor finish and a ring out finish is one point. A burst finish is worth two points. The first to get two points is a winner. Now, first battle!" Aria said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium and rush towards each other.

"Now hit Achilles with, Fate's Judgement!"

"Block his attack with Unison Defense!"

Judgement Joker collide into Achilles. But Joker pushes past Achilles defense and makes contact with Achilles. Both Achilles and Joker get sent flying into the air. Joker and Achilles were both about to hit the ground but before they hit the ground Achilles burst into pieces in midair.

"Judgement Joker with a burst finish. With a final score of 2-0, Joy is the winner of this match."

"Not only did Joker get past Achilles defense but in just one hit, Adagio was defeated?" Sonata said, clearly confused from the whole ordeal.

Adagio picked up her bey, and looked at Joy. "That was a great battle, Joy. Your bey is incredible, but I won't lose the next time we battle."

'Her bey is even stronger than I thought it was. Those rubber blades carry some strong power in them. What's their weakness?'

"Same here! So... Aria why don't you face off with me next? I heard that your bey has some crazy strong attack power, just like mine. What do you say, Aria or... are you scared?" Joy asked.

"Your on Joy. And I'm not afraid of you, I'll avenge Adagio from her big lost and beat you!" Aria said, taking out her bey.

"I'll be the referee for this match. First to two points, a survivor finish and ring out finish is one point and a burst finish is two points. First battle." Sonata said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium and start to head toward each other at speeds even gods would be envious of.

"Now just like last time, Fate's Judgement!"

"Counter that pathetic attack with Omega Blast!"

Just like how Adagio and Joy's match, both Aria and Joy's beys got sent flying into the air. Apocalypse and Joker both hit the ground, but sadly one of them hit the ground a second before the other bey did.

"It was a close one but Apocalypse hit the ground a second before Joker did. So... Judgement Joker with a ring out finish. Joy will now receive one point. The score is now 1-0. Will Aria be able to make a comeback or will Joy sadly finish the match 2-0 just like their match will Adagio? Find out but for now it's time for the second battle. Second battle!" Sonata said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip."

Both Apocalypse and Joker rush around the stadium once again, heading straight towards each other.

"Now, finish this match with Fate's Judgement!"

"Not if I end this match first! Omega Blast!"

Both beys hit each other and got sent flying into the air. But both of them survive the blast and hit the edge of the stadium, and land back in the stadium. Joker survived the hit and started rushing right towards Apocalypse, but on Apocalypse end, due to the blow Apocalypse was barely spinning.

"Now! Let's end this match once and for all!"

Time seemed to slow down, Joker was just about to hit Apocalypse, but something unexpected to happen, something that would surprise all of them.

"Apocalypse! Use Prime Reboot!" Aria yelled.

Apocalypse suddenly goes from barely spinning to going back to speeding around the stadium at full speed.

"What? H-How did you do that?" Joy asked, in surprise.

Joker misses Apocalypse, still heading forward Joker crashes into the stadium walls. Once on impact with the stadium walls Joker burst into pieces.

"Prime Apocalypse with a burst finish. With a finally score of 2-1, Aria is the winner of the match!"

"How were you able to do that? How did you all of a sudden get all of your stamina back and dodge my attack?" Joy asked.

"That's my little secret. But other than that, that was a good match. You almost had me there." Aria said, shaking Joy's hand.

"Yeah, it was the best battle I ever had." Joy said.

"Adagio what happened? Why did Joker burst once it hit against the walls of the stadium?" Sonata asked.

"Joker was charging full blast towards Apocalypse. Joker also has massive rubber blades on it. With all that rubber and at the speed it was going, the power reverted back to itself and caused itself to burst. If Aria hadn't dodged it like it did, then Aria would have most likely lost the match." Adagio said.

"I see. You know, I heard that you guys were challenging all of our friends. You should go to Valex's house. He has an incredibly strong bey! His beys attack might be even stronger than mine! It's a right spinning attack type. Also his brother is in down so you might get to face him as well."

"I see... girls are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Adagio asked, looking back at Aria and Sonata with a smile.

"Get Joy to help us train to battle Valex!" Aria and Sonata said.

"You know it! Now let's get going!"

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled.

With that the Dazzlings and Joy trained to battle Valex. They were going to battle Valex and beat him just like how they did to all of the others!

Preview: The Dazzlings head over to Valex's house. There they face off with Valex and his brother Venus. Venus challenges Adagio to a one on one match. It'll be Adagio's greatest challenge ever! Next Time on Dazzling Bladers; Taking On A Crush!

Taking On A Crush!

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The Dazzlings next stop was the infamous Valex and his brother Venus! Adagio kept on looking at Venus, he looked over towards Adagio and waved his hand, Adagio slowly waved her hand back at him.

"Get in the game Adagio. We aren't here to see your boyfriend, we're here to battle against these guys." Aria said, pushing Adagio out of her day dream.

"Someone is upset that they haven't gotten to see Bael in quite some time." Adagio fired back.

"Why you little-"

"So which one of you guys will face off with us first? My bey is Sword Valtryek a right spinning attack type while my brother bey Cosmic Valtryek is a right spinning stamina type. This'll be a tag battle, we heard from Derek and Dean that you guys are pretty good at Tag Battles, let's see how you can hold up against us."

"Ok girls I think Sonata should go up since... well... she hasn't really had any real action since Frizzle's and for our other line up...? Why are you two looking at me like that?"

"Your going up silly." Sonata said, pushing Adagio towards the stadium.

"Yeah, go battle against your boyfriend." Aria said, pushing Adagio as well.

Adagio blushes, "He's not my boyfriend! And stop pushing me!"

"So, it's Sonata and Adagio, that's a good team. But we're come out victorious in the end!" Venus said.

Unbeknownst to Valex or Venus, Adagio equipped Achilles with it's Sword.

'Sword Valtryek against Achilles with his all mighty sword. This should help boost our attack power, giving us just the edge on the two of them'

"Bladers get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land on the stadium. Achilles and Cosmic Valtryek fight in out in the middle while Sword Valtryek and Spryzen keep each other in check rushing around the stadium. Sonata looks at Achilles in surprise.

'So that's what it looks like with his sword activated. But yet why did she take the safe route and take charge to the center?'

Valex looks at his brother and his brother understands. Cosmic Valtryek gets out of the head on collision with Achilles, making Achilles take the middle and Cosmic Valtryek heading towards Spryzen.

"Now Valtryek! Use Rush launch on Achilles!" Valex said.

Valtryek starts hitting Achilles with a barrage of strikes. While Cosmic Valtryek starts pushing Spryzen back.

"This the end of you Sonata!" Venus said.

"Spryzen get out of there!" Sonata shouted.

All of a sudden, Spryzen's tip gained traction from the stadium and hit Cosmic Valtryek, sending it flying across the stadium.

"What was that? Some kind of new special move you kept in your pocket!?" Venus asked.

"Of course! I'm a girl of secrets." Sonata boasted.

'She has no idea what she just did' Aria and Adagio both thought.

'I have no clue what I just did but it was amazing! I need to think of a name for it. Adagio and Aria can have some flashy special move so, so can I.' Sonata thought.

Sword Valtryek changes it's course from Achilles to Spryzen.

"Valtryek hit it with your Wing Whip!"

"Spryzen use Counter Break!"

'Now that is what I call a catchy name!'

Valtryek and Spryzen both get sent flying. Valtryek burst while Spryzen hit the edge of the stadium making all of it's stamina go bye, bye.

"Don't let Spryzen escape! Now Comical Star!"

"Once again use Counter Break, Spryzen!"

Cosmic Valtryek and Spryzen crash into one another. But since Spryzen was out of juice it burst due to the attack.

"Both Sword Valtryek and Turbo Spryzen are out. It's just Adagio and Venus who's beys still remain in the stadium." Aria announced.

"Sorry, Adagio. This is my win."

"I-I'm not losing to you! Go Achilles hit Valtryek with a Unison launch."

Spryzen attack from earlier must of done something, now then time to hit Valtryek with a little attack of our own. Achilles hits Valtryek causing it to crash into the wall but it bounced back claiming the middle for his own.

'We can't let it beat us, Achilles has a Sword and a Shield and I plan to win with both.'

"Well quit going on the defense and attack with my sword."

'That voice who was that? A sword... that's it!'

"Achilles ramp into Valtryek with Unison Sword!"

"We won't back down, Valtryek hit it with Comical Star!"

Both beys collide into each other. Due to the collision an explosion happens making both smoke appear. Nobody can see what happened but they heard a bey burst. When the smoke clears, they see Cosmic Valtryek in pieces while Union Achilles finally runs out of power and comes to a stop. Once it stopped however it too burst into pieces.

"Since Cosmic Valtryek was the first one to burst, Adagio and Sonata are the winners of this tag battle!" Aria said. "You guys were awesome, how did you guys learn those special moves all of a sudden?"

"I knew it all along, I was just keeping it a secret for the right time, and that time happened to be today." Sonata said.

'You know we don't believe you for a second right?'

'I hope they both fell for that. I can't have them knowing I just made it up, they would just make fun of me especially Aria.'

"My move just came to me. It was like a voice told me to attack and quit defending all of the time." Adagio said. "And it's a good thing it did, because if it didn't that could have cost us the match."

"That was a great match you two, it's a shame we lost." Valex said.

"Glory is reserved to those who want it the most, so we wanted it more than you guys." Sonata said.

"I'm not sure that's how it works but sure. Let's just say that's what happened. So, who are you guys going to challenge next? Bael? Athena? Leon?"

"What about Phoebe? I heard that she's be rising up the ranks."

"Ranks? What are those?" Sonata asked.

"There's a legend going around saying that people with a A tier rank will be permitted into upcoming tournaments later this year."

"What's our rank?" The Dazzlings asked.

Venus quickly does some research and... "Your in the same tier as me and Valex, B tier. But don't worry tournaments won't start happening for a while so you got plenty of time."

"Does anyone have an A tier rank yet?" Adagio asked.

Venus once again does some research and... "Leon and a girl named Gabby are the only one's eligible to participate in any tournament thus far."

"Girls, we have a new mission! Challenge Phoebe and become A tier ranked bladers to enter upcoming tournaments in the future. What do you guys say?"

"Yeah!" Sonata and Aria yelled.

With that the Dazzlings trained with Valex and Venus for the rest of the day. With a new goal in their mind they were going to challenge Phoebe and they were going to become A tier bladers!

Preview: Going to Phoebe to challenge her next the Dazzlings learn another secret about Phoebe. Next Time on Dazzling Bladers; Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!

Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!

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Once the Dazzlings got word about Phoebe, they decided to head over to Phoebe's house. They were currently outside of Phoebe's house... or so they thought. The house was well... a mansion!

"Is this the right place? I didn't expect it too be so big." Sonata said.

"I didn't know Phoebe was rich." Aria said.

"There's no time to be surprised about the mansion, we gotta find Phoebe and challenge her. Let's get going you guys." Adagio said, starting to head to the backyard.

"I'm glad you guys could come." Phoebe said, as she sat down waiting for the Dazzlings to arrive.

"Phoebe why didn't you tell us that you were rich? This place is probably ten times as big as our place." Sonata said. "Well, are we going to battle or what?"

"Indeed we are, this is my bey Harmony Pegasus. It's a clockwise spinning stamina type, so who's going to face off with me first?"

"I'll go first. Apocalypse has been itching to battle for a while." Aria said, taking out her bey.

"Fine by me. Let's get going."

"Alright bladers. Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both Pegasus and Apocalypse land on the stadium. Pegasus claims the center while Apocalypse starts heading towards Pegasus. Apocalypse hits Pegasus, making the first contact.

"Keep attacking Pegasus, Apocalypse! Hit it with Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse hits Pegasus with it's special attack. Once it hits Pegasus, yellow wings come out of Pegasus.

'What are those? Are they suppose to be some attack blades?'

'Are they like my Turbo blades, making Pegasus unburstable?'

"Finish this match, Apocalypse!"

Apocalypse crashes into the yellow wings, making Pegasus gets sent flying.

"Now Pegasus! Reverse Heal!"

Pegasus gets sent flying into the air but instead of bursting like Aria thought it was. The yellow wings go back into Pegasus. Pegasus lands gracefully back onto the stadium and heads back to the center stage.

"Why didn't it burst? It was suppose to burst with that attack!"

"My Pegasus has never burst before. So you can't beat it so easily."

"Well if I can't burst you then I'll get a ring out or a survivor finish."

Just then Apocalypse comes to a stop, making Aria's chances of winning over.

"It's Harmony Pegasus with a survivor finish. Phoebe is the winner of this match." Adagio said.

'So those wings only come out when Pegasus comes close to bursting, so when a bey hits those wings it reverts back to it's original state. To beat Pegasus with a burst you have to make the wings come out and then you have to hit Pegasus anywhere but the wings.'

"So who's next?" Phoebe asked.

"I want to go! I want to go! I'll beat you!" Sonata said.

"Bladers, get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Spryzen and Pegasus crash onto the stadium floor. Pegasus and Spryzen both head toward the center, getting into a head on collision with one another for the center of the stadium.

"Pegasus send Spryzen out of the stadium with your Feather Storm!"

A storm appears out of nowhere and picks up Spryzen. Spryzen gets thrown into the air and gets sent flying out of the stadium. Making Phoebe the winner of the match and making Sonata the loser.

"Harmony Pegasus with a ring out finish. Phoebe is the winner of the match." Adagio said.

'That was a crazy attack she just unleashed on Sonata. Both Aria and Sonata have failed trying to beat Pegasus, Phoebe really is powerful. Maybe if there was a way I could make Achilles fly and land on top of Pegasus I might just be able to beat Pegasus.'

"I guess they say you save the best for last. Adagio I've heard great things about you, you better not disappoint me."

"I won't disappoint you, I'll beat you! Just you watch, I'm going to win this match."

Adagio equips Union Achilles with it's sword. 'I'm going to attack Pegasus with all I got, then when he uses that move I'll try to take control of the storm.'

"Bladers, get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Achilles and Pegasus lands onto the stadium. Pegasus claims the center while Achilles is right on it's tail.

"Achilles hit it with a Unison launch."

Achilles starts landing a barrage of attacks on Pegasus. After awhile the yellow wings come out of Pegasus.

'That's what I've been waiting for. Now I have to get Phoebe to use that Feather Storm move. Then I should be able to take Pegasus down.'

"Achilles go forth and charge into Pegasus! Finish this match and prove your the best!"

"Not so fast! Stop them with your Feather Storm, sending them flying out of the ring!"

Just like with Sonata's match with Phoebe, Achilles get sent flying up in the air due to the storm. But Adagio wasn't planning on losing to Phoebe.

"Achilles ride the storm! Slash thought the storm with your Unison Sword!"

As Achilles was slashing thought the storm, Achilles starts to shine with a dim gold. Then Achilles finally crashes thought the storm and hits Pegasus on top. Both beys get sent flying out of the stadium. Achilles and Pegasus both land on ground, but one of them hit the ground before the other one did.

"Union Achilles with a ring out finish. Adagio is the winner of the match." Sonata said. "Adagio that was amazing! That plan of yours was full proof!"

"I agree. That was a good idea, you caught me off guard. I didn't expect you to be able to break thought by storm. Your an incredible blader Adagio."

"Thanks but I still have a long way to go. Plus I'm no better than my sisters. I just watch my sisters battles and I think of a strategy to beat them."

"Well still that was a great match. By the way I would recommend heading to Athena's place. I've heard her bey has some crazy defense, she has yet to be defeated from anyone. She just turned into an A tier blader yesterday. So now she's allowed to compete in upcoming tournaments."

"Athena is a A tier blader? Who... she must be a strong blader then. Girls you already know what I'm going to say but I'm going to say it anyways. Our next mission is to train with Phoebe so that we can take on Athena!"


'Phoebe said that Athena's bey has some crazy strong defense. So that must mean her bey is a defense type. If I face off with her I'll go with Achilles in stamina mode without the sword.'

For the rest of the day the Dazzlings trained with Phoebe at her mansion. Their next stop; to Athena's. Adagio was the most excited, she was going to prove once and for all who was the best once and for all.

Preview: The Dazzlings head over to Athena's house. Once arriving Athena challenges the Dazzlings to a battle Royale. Will Adagio and Athena prove who's the best? Your going to have to find out.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Magnificent! Bushin Ashindra!

Magnificent! Bushin Ashindra!

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The Dazzlings arrive at Athena's house. Adagio was keen on battling and beating Athena today. Once arriving to her backyard Athena was already outside waiting for them.

"So you've came, I'm glad you could make it." Athena said, she looks at the Dazzlings and make eye contact with Adagio. "Adagio, I'm even more excited to see you here. Ready to get beaten today and finally see why I'm the better one out of the both of us."

"Uh, I think you mean why I'm better than you. I'm beating you today with Achilles!" Adagio said, taking out her bey.

"Not if I beat you with my Bushin Ashindra first!" Athena said, taking out her own bey.

'Bushin Ashindra... it's a clockwise spinning defense type. Phoebe said she was an A tier blader... in rank wise she's better than me. But that won't stop me from beating her. I'll prove that I'm better than her once and for all.'

"I challenge all three of you to battle me at once. This will be a Battle Royale, if any of you three can beat me you guys win. But if I win then that'll just prove that you guys haven't gotten any stronger."

"You want us to battle you all at once? Won't that be unfair to you?" Sonata asking, tilting her head in confusion. "And we are strong! We've beat everyone up to now."

"Well, I am an A tier blader, unlike the three of you. This will not only help me to become even stronger but this'll show you three what an A rank blader is like at true power. Now come on, try to see if you can beat me."

"Fine by us, now let's get going. You two ready?" Adagio asked.

"Yeah!" Aria and Sonata said.

"Now get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land on the stadium. Ashindra takes the center stage while Apocalypse and Spryzen go in to attack it, while Achilles sped around the stadium at the speed of light.

"Apocalypse/Spryzen attack!" Aria and Sonata said.

"Stop their attacks with Bushin Guard!"

Apocalypse and Spryzen try to attack Ashindra, but Ashindra keeps on parrying each and every one of their attacks.

"Apocalypse hit it with your Omega Blast!"

"Spryzen take it out with a Counter Break!"

"Take down the both of them with your Tower Counter!"

All three beys get sent flying, Spryzen and Ashindra survive the blow but Apocalypse gets sent flying out of the stadium. Making it a two vs one instead of a three vs one.

"Adagio, Sonata, you better not lose this. I have my hopes on you. I may be out of this battle but you guys have to stop her. Prove to her that we can beat anyone and everyone! Just because she's an A tier blader doesn't mean she's impossible to defeat." Aria said.

"Your on it, Aria. Achilles hit Ashindra with your Unison launch!"

Achilles starts to hit Ashindra with his special attack. Spryzen was coming towards Ashindra and Achilles with a very high speed.

"Ashindra, neglect Achilles attacks with your Hurricane Defense!"

Achilles hits Ashindra's free spinning frame, making Achilles change course and makes him head towards Spryzen.

'If we both hit each other we're sure to lose. But if Spryzen can hit Achilles hard enough Achilles could be sent flying into the air. Then I can do what I did with Phoebe and Pegasus and land on top of Ashindra.'

"Sonata, make Spryzen hit Achilles with everything it has! Just leave the rest to me and Achilles."

"If you say so Adagio... Spryzen use Counter Break on Achilles with all you got."

Spryzen hits Achilles and makes Achilles goes flying up in the air. 'This is my only chance to beat Athena!'

"Achilles land on Ashindra and use your Union Sword! Prove to Athena that we're the best!"

"Don't let him do that, Ashindra! Stop it in it's tracks with Tower Counter! Prove to Adagio that we're the best!"

Achilles and Ashindra collide with one another. Both beys got sent flying out of the stadium. The Dazzlings and Athena all look in shock at what just happened. Achilles and Ashindra both hit the ground at the same time.

"Both Achilles and Ashindra got sent flying out of bounds. But since Spryzen is the only one still in the stadium, we win!" Aria yelled. "We won you guys! We actually beat an A tier blader!"

"Yeah, that's what we call our sisterly bond with on another! Take that Athena, I won and you lost. That makes me better than you!" Adagio said.

"In case you forgot Sonata's bey was the only one still in the stadium. Both of our beys both flew out of the stadium and hit the ground at the exact same time. So no one has proven which is better just yet. This battle between us is still on, Adagio. But don't be surprised, next time we'll face off with each other one on one and I'll beat you."

"Sorry to break up this catfight between you two but Athena, do you have any idea on who we should face off with next? We only have Bael and Leon left to challenge." Aria asked.

"Go with Bael, your should battle him before you go and face Leon. Leon is by far the strongest blader out of everyone, people are saying he might become the next World Champion."

"Alright... so first Bael and then Leon. And then our little journey to become stronger will be over!"

"Adagio, what about Gabby? Aren't we going to battle Gabby as well." Sonata asked.

"No one cares about her she's just an evil bully. Now come on we're going to battle Bael and then Leon. Athena you want to help us train for Bael?" Adagio asked.

"Sure, after all my bey is the same type as Bael's bey. Your going to need all the help you can get! Let's get going!"

'So Bael's bey is a defense type just like Athena's. I'll have to use stamina mode to beat him.' Adagio thought.

'We're going to Bael's house?! Why did it have to be him?' Aria thought.

And like that the Dazzlings trained with Athena to beat Bael. Their journey for power was almost over, but what they didn't know was that they were in for a surprise soon.

Preview: After getting word from Athena, the Dazzling head to Bael's house. There Aria will battle against her "crush" Bael. Will Aria get past her "crush" or will she lose her head?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Impenetrable Defense! Dusk Balkesh!

Impenetrable Defense! Dusk Balkesh!

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The Dazzlings were currently at Bael house. It took awhile to get Aria to finally come into his house, but they were able to get Aria to come in. Bael was already in the back getting ready for the Dazzlings to arrive. Aria blushes and looks away when she see's Bael.

"I'm glad you guys were able to arrive. Now come on! I want this to be a Battle Royale! Everyone against everyone, no one is a friend with one another." Bael said.

"That sounds like so much fun! I'm in!" Sonata said, jumping up and down, taking out her bey.

"I'm fine with that. But no one better cheat and team up with one another. Right, Aria?" Adagio asked, looking towards Aria.

"I-I don't know what your talking about." Aria said, looking away from everyone.

"Sure, whatever you say. Now come on, I want to see Bael's bey in action. Actually, Bael what is your bey actually?" Adagio asked.

"My bey is Dusk Balkesh, it's a left spinning defense type." Bael said, showing off his bey to the Dazzling.

"That's a cool looking bey. Now it's time to see what it's bey is like when battling. Now come on let's get going."

"Now get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land into the stadium. Dusk Balkesh and Union Achilles charge towards each other to take the middle, while Apocalypse and Spryzen run around the outer edge of the stadium. Balkesh and Achilles clash with one another in the middle of the stadium to take the center.

"Spryzen get in there with Counter Break." Sonata said.

"I won't let you do that, stop it with Omega Blast." Aria said.

Apocalypse and Spryzen head towards Balkesh and Achilles. Balkesh was about to be hit until...

"Balkesh counter all of their attacks with, Dusk Wing!"

The two green wings off of Balkesh's sides light up, all of the Dazzlings beys crash into Balkesh, making them all go flying. Spryzen and Achilles get sent flying out of the ring, hitting the ground. Balkesh and Apocalypse were the only one that remained in the stadium.

'So that was some sort of counterattack. Aria's boyfriend sure is strong.'

"Come on Aria, you got this! You can totally take down Bael if you put your mind to it!" Sonata said.

"Yeah Aria! You got it!" Adagio said. "Be sure to beat your boyfriend, okay?"

"Shut up! I got this, I don't need your guys help!"

'I gotta beat Bael, but can I really beat him? I can't let this feelings get the better of me. I have to beat him and make Adagio and Sonata proud of me. But his bey is a defense type, and mine is an attack type, I have the disadvantage. What would Adagio do in this scenario?'

"Come on Aria, what's the matter? You can't just not stay away from me, your gonna have to attack me and my bey at one point." Bael said.

"Apocalypse, hit Balkesh with a barrage of attacks!"

Apocalypse starts hitting Balkesh with a bunch of hits. 'Does this bey even have a weakness? My bey can't fly in the air like Adagio's can but I have to find a way to beat it somehow.'

"Go for the middle Balkesh, that's where it's weak at. Let's win this thing just you and me, Aria!"

'What was that voice? That wasn't Adagio, Bael or Sonata's voice. Whatever, I can't think about that right now. I need to hit Balkesh where that voice told me to hit it, in the middle.'

"Apocalypse use Prime Reboot and crash into the wall as hard as you can!"

'Why is my sister making her bey crash into the stadium walls? Is this part of her plan to beat Bael?' Adagio thought.

'Is this what love does to someone? Make them have their beys crash into the stadium?' Sonata thought.

Apocalypse crashes into the stadium wall, due to the recoil Apocalypse changes course from the wall and starts heading right towards Balkesh at crazy speeds.

"What are doing Aria? You know your suppose to hit my bey not the stadium. Now come on hit me or are you scared?"

"Just you wait Bael, I'm going to be the winner of this match! Now, Apocalypse hit Balkesh with your Omega Blast!"

"Parry that attack of hers with your Dusk Circle!"

A circle appears from Balkesh, the two beys then crash into each other. An explosion occurs making Apocalypse and Balkesh to go flying up in the air. Both beys hit the stadium wall, making both of their beys stamina nearly disappear.

"Keep spinning, Balkesh! Show them your stamina!"

"Come on Apocalypse, you gotta keep spinning just a little bit more!"

Balkesh and Apocalypse started to slowly come to a stop. Before they ran out of stamina, the two beys made contact with one another one last time. Then they both come to a stop but... one bey stopped spinning just a second before the other bey did. Meaning someone won while the other one lost.

"Who won?" Aria and Bael asked looking towards Adagio.

'So this was her plan all along, she used the impact from the wall to use it as power for herself. That's what gave her just the edge she needed to beat Bael and his bey.'

"It was the closest match I've ever seen, but Balkesh stopped spinning just half a second before Apocalypse did. So the winner of this Battle Royale is Aria and her bey Prime Apocalypse!"

"I was so close! Guess, you win Aria, but you won't be so lucky the next time we battle."

"T-thanks, Bael. It was a good match you nearly beat me."

"She sure is getting close to Bael don't you think, Adagio?" Sonata whispered in Adagio's ear, so Aria couldn't hear her.

"Let Aria be Aria, Sonata, plus that was an amazing match they had with one another. Now come on let's leave those two alone for awhile. You and me in the mean time can think of a strategy to battle and beat Leon and that bey of his."

'Just one more person and our journey to gain will come to an end. Leon, get ready because we're going to come at you with all we got. Just because your next in line to become to World Champion doesn't mean anything to us. Your the last thing that stands in our way.'

With that Adagio and Sonata walked away from Aria and Bael and went to go think of a way to beat Leon. The last person that stood in their way to finish their journey.

Preview: Word finally gets out that the first Beyblade tournament is finally getting underway. Some bladers are already getting announced that they are entering the tournament. The Dazzlings must now fight against the clock to become A tier bladers before the tournament begins.

Next Time on the Dazzling Bladers: The First Tournament!

The First Tournament!

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The Dazzlings were about ready to head out to go to Leon's house. They were about to walk out of the door until their mother stopped them in their tracks.

"Girls, before you leave to head to Leon's, I have something you might want to see." Sunset said.

"What is it mom? What do you want to show us? We're kinda in a hurry here." Adagio asked.

"Yeah. We kinda have to head out to battle Leon. So that we can, you know, battle him and beat him." Aria said.

"Just watch this and then you three can head out to Leon's. It'll only take a few minutes to watch this." Sunset turns on the TV and it shows the Dazzlings dad, Tom and the dimension traveler, Aaron. They were on stage with a bunch of other people surrounding them, trying to ask them questions.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special announcement today. The preparations for the first ever Beyblade tournament have officially been all decided. Rumor got out that only A tier bladers could only participate in tournaments, and to that I say the rumors were correct! Now then, the tournament will begin in a week from now. The tournament arena is starting to be built and should be done before the tournament begins. Some bladers spots in the tournament have already been decided, with that I give the mic to Aaron."

"Thank you, Tom. Now then the bladers that have already gotten their spots verified into the tournament are..." Aaron started.

Pictures of Leon, Gabby, Athena, Bael, Phoebe, and Derek with their beys next to their picture pop up on the TV screen.

"These 6 bladers have already token their spots in the tournament. There are still some spots left over, but hurry up because before you know it those spots could disappear. Now then we'll like to give out some information for the tournament. I'll let Tom tell you all about it."

"Thank you, Aaron. Now first thing first, there will be a new stadium made specifically for this tournament. We call this stadium the Hyper Stadium!"

'A new stadium? I wonder what it'll look like. Bladers will have to get a customized to the stadium.'

"Second thing, only 12 bladers will be able to participate in this tournament!"

"How will that even work out?" The Dazzlings asked.

"If your wondering how that'll work then let me tell you! 6 bladers will be in one group, all bladers will battle one another one time. The 2 bladers on each side with the most amount of points will move on to the Semi-Finals. There, the 4 bladers will battle it out to become the Champion! Now with that, we only have 6 spots left before the tournament begins. You better hurry up and take your spot people, with that, we'll see you all from a week from now."

With that Tom and Aaron walked off the stage while Sunset turned off the TV. She turns around to see the Dazzlings in pure shock.

"I told you, it'll be something you might want to watch. Now you heard your dad, you three better hurry up and become A tier bladers or else you won't be able to participate. And I don't think you won't like that would you?"

"Nope! We need to hurry up and become A tier bladers and fast. We only have a week left to be able to enter." Aria said.

"Do you think we'll be able to become A tier bladers in that amount of time? I mean there's three of us and six spots left, and plus some of our friends might not be able to get a spot either." Sonata said.

"You actually made a decent point, Sonata. There's me, you, and Aria. Valex and his brother, Dean, Frizzle, and Joy. Two of the 8 of us won't be able to participate in the tournament, unless one of the 6 bladers that are already entering the tournament gets into an accident and then they'll have to drop out."

"So we go after Gabby because of what she did to us and make her have to drop out of the tournament, good idea."

Aria looks up to see her mom looking down at her, she didn't look to happy to hear what Aria had just said.

"You want to repeat that, Aria?" Sunset asked, looking at Aria right in the eyes.

"I-it was just a joke, mom. I wasn't going to actually do anything to Gabby, I promise." Aria said, sweat starting to form due to Sunset's mother stare.

'Even though she totally deserves it. I'll just have to get my revenge in the tournament, but first I have to make it into the tournament.'

"Come on girls we better hurry and up and head to Leon's house. This might be our last chance at turning into a, A tier blader. We'll see you later mom, come on girls there's no time to waste."

'We have a whole week until the tournament begins. Why is Dagi saying we have no time to waste? We could probably take a day or two day off and nothing would happen.' Sonata thought.

'What makes her think she's the boss of us. Just because she's the oldest doesn't mean she's the boss.' Aria thought.

"See you in a while girls, make it before your curfew time." Sunset called out. 'Those girls will make it into the tournament, I just know it.'

The Dazzlings started to make their way to Leon's house. If they beat Leon they would most likely be able to participate in the tournament. While they were walking to Leon's they all had the same thing in their minds.

'We're going to become A tier bladers, join the first ever tournament, and then win it!'

Preview: The Dazzling head over to Leon's house with two goals in their minds. Beat Leon and become A tier bladers to be able to participate in the tournament. During the Dazzlings are battling Leon, they get interfered by something or should they saw someone!

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Insane Attack! Zone Luinor!

Insane Attack! Zone Luinor!

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The Dazzlings finally made it to Leon's house. There they stood in front of the last obstacle that stood in their path. All they had to do was beat Leon right here and now, the Dazzlings walk into Leon's backyard to see him waiting for them. The sky was dark when they arrived, a storm was coming and the Dazzlings knew it. They had to finish this match and fast unless they wanted to be soaked.

'This storm better not come. I don't want my hair to get wet.' Adagio thought.

"Glad you three could make it. I've been looking forward to this match, once Frizzle called saying you three were on a blading journey. I'm happy that you guys chose me to be your last opponent. Now then less talking, you came to battle me so let's get to battling." Leon said, starting to take out his bey from his pocket. "This is my bey, Zone Luinor! It's a counterclockwise spinning attack type. Think you have what it takes to beat it?"

"Of course we can! We've beat everyone so we can beat you as well!" Sonata said. "Just because your an A tier blader doesn't make you invincible to beat!"

"Yeah what she said. We can beat you and that bey of yours!" Aria said. "Then we'll join that tournament with you!"

'It's an attack type with a counterclockwise spin direction. Those two big metal blades look like they can deal a significant amount of damage. We're going to have to be wary of that metal blades.' Adagio changes her bey in defense mode while equipping the sword.

"Let's get going then! If you think your so strong you three take me on all at once!"

"Alright!" The Dazzling said.

"We need a minute to come up with a plan. Come on girls." Adagio said. Adagio takes the girls away from Leon so he couldn't hear what there plan was.

"So what's your plan, Dagi?" Aria asked.

"I'll take the center to make this a stamina showdown. Aria I want you to ware down Luinor's stamina, with all that metal it'll most likely not have a lot of stamina. And Sonata I want you to be on guard, if you see Aria in need of help go help her, if Luinor comes towards me I want you to keep him away. You girls got the plan?"

"That's a good plan, me and Apocalypse will make sure Luinor doesn't get away from us."

"I'll be sure to help you two whenever you guys need it."

"Alright, let's go out there and beat him." With that the Dazzling came back to meet up with Leon.

"Took you long enough. Now let's get going shall we."

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys landed onto the stadium and all went around the stadium. Achilles took the center, while Spryzen ran around the stadium looking for it's time to strike! Meanwhile Luinor and Apocalypse were about to get into a head on collision.

"Apocalypse! Let's end this in one hit! Omega Blast!!"

"Luinor! Show them a real attack with your Zone Slam!"

Luinor and Apocalypse collide with one another. But in just one attack Apocalypse was sent flying out the ring, hitting the ground below.

"What!?" The Dazzling yelled.

"One down, two to go. Don't tell me that's all you guys got?"

'Those metal blades are even strong that I had imagined. I thought Aria could hold her ground and land a good hit or two, not be token out in just one hit.'

While Adagio was in deep thought, Luinor was coming straight towards her. But thankfully Sonata was there to stop it.

"Spryzen! Stop him in their tracks with Counter Break!"

Spryzen hits Luinor sending it flying into the air, but it didn't ring it out. Spryzen charges right back towards it to attack it again but Luinor has other plans.

"Charge towards Achilles and take it out of the park."

"Not on my watch! Block their attack with Unison Defense!"

Two shields come out of Achilles layer. Luinor hits the shield and get knocked back. Luinor tries going in for another attack and another but it keeps getting repelled back from where it came. Slowly but surely Luinor was staring to run out of stamina.

"Sonata, now's your chance! Attack it and send it flying out of the stadium!" Aria yelled out.

"Right! Spryzen hit Luinor with your Counter Break at full force!"

Spryzen hits Luinor and Luinor get sent flying into the air. It starts to come flying down... right on top of Achilles.

"Luinor hit Achilles up top with your Zone Slam!"

Luinor crashes on top of Achilles making Achilles lean down and hit the stadium floor causing it to burst into pieces! Adagio looks in shock but then it turns into anger as she looks towards Sonata. Sonata looks away from Adagio in fear, not wanting to be yelled at.

"You better make that little mistake up by beating him." Adagio said, she then walks up to Sonata and whispers in her ear. "Unless you want to get a visit from the tickle monster tonight."

"I-I'll win! I-I promise I will, and I really am sorry for what I did. I-I was just doing what Aria told me to do." Sonata stuttered, in fear. Adagio could be scary when she wanted to. The threat wasn't what scared her, in fact it was more of a reward to her. What scared her was the way Adagio looked at her, staring down at Sonata's with that creepy smile on her face.

'How am I going to win this? If he could beat Adagio and Aria in just one hit how can I beat him? My Turbo Awakening isn't activated so my bey can still burst. I guess it's over... we lost and it's all my fault.'

"You aren't giving up are you? That's not the Sonata I know. Now let's get out there and beat Luinor together!"

'That voice! Who was that? That wasn't Adagio and Aria, nor was it Leon. But whoever said that was right, I can't give up! I made a promise and I plan on keeping it!'

"Luinor! Let's finish this! Attack Spryzen with all you got, Zone Slam!"

"Spryzen! Let's end this, together! Use Counter Break and let's end this!"

"GOOOOOO!" Both bladers yelled.

Spryzen and Luinor charge right towards the middle at the speed of light. Sonata and Leon weren't going to lose no matter what! But right before the two beys hit each other a bey landed right on top of Luinor and Spryzen causing an explosion to occur. All three beys could be sent flying into the air. Spryzen bursts in mid air while Leon catches his bey in his hand, while the other blader also catches their bey in their hand. The Dazzlings and Leon look up to see none other than Gabby.

'Gabby? What is that bully doing here?' Adagio thinks back to when she first found out Gabby had caused Sonata to get a blackeye and cause the Dazzlings to get into trouble.

'She got in the way of our battle.' The Dazzlings thought, as they all looked at Gabby.

"Leon! I heard that your suppose to be the strongest blader, well I challenge you! Let's prove right here and now to see who's the best beyblader ever!"

"Gabby? What are you doing here? You got into our battle if you didn't notice." Leon said, he was clearly upset that his battle was interrupted.

"Now, Gabby, let's not be so demanding."

Leon and the Dazzlings turn back to see Aaron walking into the backyard. Things just kept getting weirder by the second. Just then thunder could be heard and then it started to ran.

Adagio looks up, 'I hate the rain so much.'

Preview: After Gabby barges into the Dazzlings fight with Leon, Gabby challenges Leon to see once and for who is the better blader. There the Dazzlings see just how strong Gabby and Leon really are.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers; Almighty Dragon! Royal Genesis!

Almighty Dragon! Royal Genesis!

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The Dazzlings, Leon, Gabby, and Aaron all took cover from the storm. Adagio was currently trying to fix her hair while Leon and Gabby kept staring at each other. Sonata and Aria had went into Leon's house and asked his mom if they could call Sunset to tell them they were ok.

'It just had to rain didn't it.' Adagio looks in the window, to her hair just the way she liked it. 'There we go, perfect!' Just then her hair goes back in a big puff of craziness. 'Dang it.'

"Once this storm is over we'll have our battle. Get ready to be defeated, because I will beat you." Gabby said.

"I wonder what's bigger, your ego or that mouth of yours. Fine, I'll take you on. But don't cry once I'm the one that beats you." Leon said.

'We might be somewhat friends with each other, but we're not friends in the ring.' Leon though as he looked at Gabby.

Just then Sonata and Aria come back outside, looking for Adagio.

"Adagio! We called mom, she knows we're ok." Sonata said, running towards Adagio. Adagio wasn't paying much attention because she was still trying to fix her hair.

"Yeah, yeah. That's amazing Sonata, now if you mind I'm having a crisis right now." Adagio said.

"You love your hair way too much, you know that?" Aria asked Adagio. Adagio shrugs her shoulders at Aria's remark.

"And you love those dresses to much, huh?" Adagio looks in the mirror to see her hair completely fixed, she then turns back to Aria with a smirk.

Aria blushes, and looks away with her arm crossed. Just then the storm dies down, Leon and Gabby get up and walk toward the stadium, Aaron and the Dazzlings start to follow them to the stadium but Sonata stops Adagio.

"Do you need something Sonata? I kinda want to see this battle and watch Gabby get beat by Leon."

Sonata starts fiddling with her fingers, she had a small blush on her face. She then asks in Adagio in a small voice. "Uh... what happens now? I didn't win but didn't lose either... so?"

Adagio understands what Sonata is talking about. "We'll talk about this later, but you gave that battle your all, I'm proud of you. If Gabby didn't get in the way you might have won, now come on let's go watch this match."


Leon and Gabby look at each other across from the stadium, sparks in their eyes. Aaron was in the middle of the stadium, the Dazzlings guessed he was going to be the referee for the battle.

"Listen, this will be a first to 2 points. A survivor finish and a ring out finish are 1 points, a burst finish is worth 2 points. Bladers get ready!"

Leon gets into place while Gabby shows off her bey to the Dazzlings and Leon.

"This is my bey, Royal Genesis. It's a clockwise spinning defense type, that means I have the advantage with against your Luinor."

"Looks like a bey worth crushing, hope your ready to lose."

"Listen closely I have a prediction." Gabby said, with a smirk on her face

Leon looks at Gabby in confusion. "Is that so?"

"Your precious Zone Luinor will not be able to leave even a scratch on Royal Genesis.

Leon starts laughing at Gabby's remark. "That's hysterical, let's see that happen when I beat you."

"Now bladers, get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Luinor and Genesis land onto the stadium. Both pass each other, barely missing hitting. Genesis takes the center while Luinor rushes around the stadium looking for a chance to strike. Luinor then hits Genesis and... the attack does nothing?

"What the heck?" Leon was confused as to what happened.

"Luinor's attack did nothing to Genesis, what's going on?" Sonata asked, looking at her sister to see if they had an answer.

"So that's what Gabby meant by Luinor not being able to land a scratch on Genesis."

Luinor keeps trying to hit Genesis with a flurry of hard blows. But ever attack keeps on doing nothing to Genesis, Genesis hadn't even moved an inch.

"I see, so this is what your bey is all about. Your trying to win this thing by waring down Luinor's stamina."

Gabby just looks at Leon not even giving a response. Luinor shoots up the stadium slope and then comes down for a huge attack, but just like the other attack it does nothing and Luinor gets thrown back.

"Luinor attacks just keep getting repelled. How will Leon be able to handle beat her?" Aria said, looking at the battle at amazement.

Luinor keeps on trying to hit Genesis, but they all fall to Genesis perfect defense.

"How entertaining. You really are an amusing one, Gabby!"

Luinor gets thrown back once again by Genesis. Luinor's tip gains traction from the outer rim of the stadium, causing in to gain a huge amount of speed and power.

"Let's end this! Lunior!"

To the Dazzlings, it felt as thought they could feel Luinor right there in the backyard. But that was impossible... right?

"Zone Slam!"

Luinor bounces off of the wall and heads right towards Genesis. Gabby just looks at Luinor unamused at it.

"Luinor is charging in for an attack!" Aria said.

"This might just be it for Gabby and Genesis." Sonata said.

'No. Gabby has something planned. She took all those hits on purpose and she plans on doing the same thing with this attack.'

Luinor rams into Genesis, Genesis starts to move away from the center.

"Now break through their defense!" Leon yelled.

Gabby eyes glow for just a second, no one saw it expect for Aaron and Adagio.

'What was that? Is that some sort of power up like in the animes? Or was that... something else... more sinister.'

"Take on my bey if you think you can! Royal Scream!"

The Dazzlings look in shock as they see both Luinor and Genesis get sent flying into the air. Both beys hit the ground with a *ding.* Gabby and Leon both look at their beys on the ground. Then they along with the Dazzling look at Aaron to see what he had to say.

"It's a simultaneous ring out finish, Draw! No points are rewarded." Aaron declared.

"Unbelievable! Both beys were sent out of the stadium with just one blow." Aria said.

"I know, right? This match is crazy." Sonata said, looking at Aria with a worried expression.

Gabby picks up her bey. "I guess my prediction was a little off. You may have broken through Genesis defense this round, but it won't happen again."

"I gotta hand it to you, you're worthy of battling me after all, how exciting." Leon starts to laugh.

The Dazzlings all look at Leon and Gabby, this battle was going to be tough. Gabby and Leon look at each other, both with the same spark in their eyes as before. Neither of them looked as though they wanted to lose to the other, but in the end only one would come out victorious. The only question was; which one was going to win?

Preview: The second battle goes underway between Leon and Gabby. During their battle Gabby's bey does something that surprises everyone!

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The Tyrant! Superior-Flux!

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"Well who could have imagined an outcome like that. The first battle ended in a simultaneous ring out finish. So their at a draw... for the time being." Aria said.

"That match was crazy! Luinor's attacks were out of this world while Genesis defense was crazy powerful." Sonata said.

'I wonder if Genesis defense is stronger than Bael's and Athena's beys defenses.' Adagio thought.

Gabby smiles while looking at Leon, she was obviously happy with how the battle ended.

"Just as Gabby predicted, Luinor was unable to lay a scratch on Genesis." Adagio said.

"Gabby, you've be able to amuse me this far. Can you keep it up?" Leon asks, looking at Gabby.

"You seem composed but how look will it last?" Gabby asks.

"Say what?" Leon was starting to get mad at Gabby.

"I see everything so clearly! In this next battle your composure will wither away into oblivion."

The Dazzlings look at Gabby in shock, she sounded so sure of herself.

'She can't really she everything so clearly right? Cause that sounds like cheating.' Sonata thought.

"Oh really will it now?" Leon asked.

"That's right! And once I've utterly crushed your spirit you will fear me and my bey."

"Now that's just rich, someone like me afraid of you?" Leon chuckles.

"It's time for the 2nd battle!" Aaron said.

Gabby and Leon get into place. The Dazzlings watch in anticipation for the next battle.

"Now, Leon. Come on, show me if you have what it takes to handle my bey at full power."

Just then Gabby had a small flashback.

"I made this just for you. With the new era involving beyblades your going to need it to stay hidden. Your bey will be Royal Genesis, your bey is a right spinning with the strongest defense. I also made it so your bey is unburstable, this is my greatest master piece ever created!" Aaron said.

"Great! Now all I need to do is learn how to harness Genesis power. Can you teach me how to do that, Aaron?"

"I thought you never asked. Let's get your training underway."

For the next couple of weeks Gabby came over to Aaron's and the two of them trained for hours. Gabby was a fast learner, a good thing for Aaron. Aaron then made Gabby go challenge kids to battles, she quickly raised to the top of the charts in about a week. She was by far Aaron's strongest student he ever had.

"There's nothing in this world I can't do. Give me another challenge and this time make it something worth my time." Gabby said.

Gabby then looks up when see Leon she takes a close look a him from the toe up. She remembered what Aaron had told her.

"Analysis every detail about your opponent. Watch their stance, their eyes, and breathe. Pay attention to everything, your strategy will begin from there."

"That's obvious you don't need to tell me that."

"Yes, I do. You need to watch closer, now go."

'Strategy, technique, analysis, and sheer blading prowess. I'm superior to you in all aspects and I'll make that perfectly clear.'

Gabby's eye glows for a second, "My prediction is that Zone Luinor will burst!"

"Then I'll make a prediction of my own. My Zone Luinor will never burst not even in your wildest dreams. The only bey bursting will be yours!"

"Now bladers, get ready and set. Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that both bey launch with incredible launches. Genesis takes center stage once again while Luinor rushes around the stadium.

'It's just like their first battle.' Adagio thought.

"Let's go! Luinor!"

Luinor starts attacking Genesis from every angle not letting it get a moment to rest.

"Genesis defense won't let Luinor's attacks approach it at all." Aria said.

"Push it even harder!"

Luinor pushes Genesis making it move just an inch, Gabby looks a little surprised but quickly goes back to her normal face.

Luinor starts hitting Genesis over and over again causing it to get pushed back.

"Amazing! Luinor is moving Genesis!" Sonata said.

"Luinor doesn't care about anything as trivial as Genesis defense, he's pushing Genesis out of the center." Adagio said.

Luinor then hits Genesis making the two of them lock on to each other Luinor keeps pushing Genesis making the two go on the move while quickly accelerating!

"He's going for a ring out finish!" Sonata pointed out.

"Push it out!" Adagio yelled.

"Luinor! Keep pushing Genesis with all you got!"

Luinor picks up speed as he pushes Genesis onto the outer part of the stadium. It really was an all out brawl. Luinor keeps pushing Genesis, making Genesis crash against the walls of the stadium! Gabby growls in anger from Leon.

"I take it back, he's not going for a ring out finish."

"He's going for a burst finish!"

"Is he trying to beat Genesis defense with raw power!?"

"Now Luinor! Break down that wall!"

With that Luinor's tip gains traction from the outer rim of the stadium. Making Luinor accelerate even more than it was before.


With that Genesis starts glowing a whitish color, then an explosion occurs.


Luinor and Genesis both get sent flying from Genesis, making them go flying into the air, Luinor burst while Gabby grabs her bey before it hits the ground. Leon looks at his bey in shock, along with the Dazzlings. Meanwhile, Gabby smiles in her victory.

"Royal Genesis with a burst finish! Gabby is the winner with a final score of 2-0! Aaron announced.

Leon picks up his bey, and then looks at Gabby. He wasn't happy but he wasn't mad.

"This isn't over yet! We will battle in the tournament coming up! And I will beat you, just you watch!"

"Need some pepper with that salt? Fine by me but if our battle is the same as this one then I won't be so impressed. Well, I'm out of here. See you later, Leon our match was... a good one." Gabby then looks at the Dazzlings. "I won't see you losers in any tournament any time soon. I heard you guys were on some training adventure to get stronger. But I don't see you three signed up yet, that was expected."

"Hey! We still have time! We have a week before the tournament and there's six spots left, plenty for the three of us."

"Wrong again. There's only three spots left. Dean, Valex, and Frizzle all got their spots into the tournament just a few minutes ago. Now, quit wasting my precious time." Gabby then bumps in Adagio and Sonata's shoulders.

"Three spots left... which of our friends haven't entered the tournament yet?" Aria asked.

"You, me, Sonata, Venus, and Joy." Adagio said.

"Guess your boyfriend won't make it into the tournament." Sonata said.

"Well he should have been faster, cause those three spots are ours!"

"You didn't tell me to shut up, guess he really is your boyfriend."

"Your getting punished when we get home later tonight."

Adagio hears a 'eep' come from Sonata. But that was the least of her worries.

'Only three spots left, we better hurry up and become A tier bladers before it's too late.'

Preview: The Dazzlings blading journey has finally come to an end. Upset that they when unable to beat Leon they come back home to see Sunset and Tom have gotten them a "gift." That may or may not be an essential aspect for them in their future.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: A Trainer! Artic Ace!

The Trainer! Artic Ace!

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The Dazzlings had just arrived back from Leon's house. They were still upset about not being able to beat Leon but at the same time they did get to see an amazing match against Leon and Gabby. Although, Adagio wasn't so thrilled about the results of the match.

'Why did she have to win the match? Couldn't lady luck give Leon the victory? But... she won fair and square can't lose my composure since she won. I'll just have to beat her in the tournament myself.'

"Hey girls I just thought of something." Sonata said.

"What is it Nata?" Aria asked. "You wondering how long your punishment Adagio is going to give you going to be?"

"No. Since people were saying Leon was the closest one to being the champion and now since Gabby beat him... does that mean she's even closer to becoming champion?"

Adagio and Aria both look at each other. Sonata could be an airhead at times but she could be smart when she wanted to be.

"I guess it does make Gabby the next in line to become the next champion. We better up our game up if we want to stand a chance to beat her." Adagio said.

Just then the Dazzlings walk into their home to see Sunset and Tom waiting for them, but there was a visitor with them. He was a kid, older than the Dazzling, maybe a middle or high schooler.

"Hi mom, dad." The Dazzlings said.

"Welcome back girls, hope you had a good time at Leon's." Tom said.

"Yeah! Did you guys beat him?" Sunset asked.

"Actually thanks for reminding me, Nata come here." Adagio starts dragging Sonata upstairs to their bedroom.

Sunset and Tom both look at Aria, "What happened?" They both asked.

"Sonata made Leon's bey going flying into the air, landing on Adagio's bey causing Achilles to burst to Luinor. Now for punishment, Adagio is tickling her or something." Aria said.

"Oh great... well while we wait for them I think we should introduce you to someone me and Tom think we benefit your blading skills. Meet, Artic Ace, he's a genius when it comes to Beyblade. He'll be your three new personal trainer, he'll help you anyway possible. He's a 8th grader but don't worry he's very nice."

Aria looks at the Trainer, Tom and Sunset talked about. He was taller than Aria, he had white skin with teal eyes, and purple hair. He had grey jeans, and blue sneaker, he also had on a white jacket with a purple shirt with a snowflake on it and a purple scarf around his neck.

"Names, Artic Ace nice to meet you." Artic said, holding out his hand for Aria to shake it.

"It's nice to meet you to, Artic. Sorry about my siblings, their... interesting to say the least."

Just then Adagio and Sonata came out of the room. Adagio happily walked down the stairs while Sonata was slowly walking down the stairs while also trying to regain her breath. Aria just looks at the both of them.

'What the heck happened this time?'

"Adagio, Sonata, we want you to meet your trainer me and your mom got you. His name is Artic Ace, he will be helping you from this point forward."

"Nice to meet you Artic, I hope my sister wasn't boring you to death." Adagio said.

"Oh no, we just started talking before you two came out."

Sonata then walks up to Artic, "It's... nice to... meet you... Artic." Sonata was definitely out of breath, Aria was going to find out what happened.

"What did you do to her?" Aria whispered in Adagio's ear.

"You want to find out and say hello to the tickle monster too?" Adagio threatened, poking Aria's side.

"Don't you dare." Aria said, giving Adagio a death stare.

"Or what?" Adagio smirked at Aria.

"That's it! I challenge you to a bey battle!"

"Fine by me, but if you lose... then you get your turn."

"Did I just hear a battle?" Aria and Adagio turn to see Artic and Sonata looking at them. "I want to see you two battle, I want to get all the information I can about your beys. So a battle will be extraordinarily helpful."

"Let's go!" Aria and Adagio yell.

The battle had already started. Achilles took the center while Apocalypse rushed around the stadium looking for it's just to pounce onto Achilles. Artic had asked for a first to 2 points, the score was currently 1-1. Adagio took the first battle with a survivor finish, while Aria took the second battle with a ring out finish. So this was the last battle, the tie breaker.

"Apocalypse! Hit it with your Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse rushes towards Achilles, right before it hits Achilles however...

"Achilles! Counterattack with Unison Sword!"

Both beys get sent flying into the air and both land on the ground. Adagio and Aria look at Sonata to see who won.

"Achilles takes the match with a ring out finish. The score is 2-1 making Adagio the winner!"

"What a great battle I got a lot of information about your guys beys. And I must say, some strong beys you have indeed. Aria those attacks were amazing but try to be a bit quicker. Adagio that counterattack was very well planned but instead of defending try to attack once in a while."

"Got it!" Aria and Adagio said. Adagio looks at Aria with a smirk.

"Oh Aria~." Adagio sang. Aria looked at Adagio.

"Oh no your not!" Aria said, while running away from Adagio.

"I just want to give you a hug, what's so wrong about giving hugs?" Adagio asked, while chasing Aria.

Artic watches the Dazzlings ran around the backyard playing and laughing with one another. Artic smiles at the scene of the sisterly bond they had with one another.

'I'm going to have a fun time training these three.'

Preview: After the Dazzlings find out who will and won't be competing in the first ever tournament, they decide to go through some vigorous training with Artic helping them. Meanwhile, Derek runs into Gabby and challenges her to a battle! But things take a turn for the worst during their showdown.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Utter Destruction! Gabby's Power!

Utter Destruction! Gabby's Power!

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The Dazzlings were currently at home training with Artic for the tournament. There was only a few days left before the big day. While they were training the news turned on, it was Aaron and Tom with another announcement.

"Attention everyone! We finally got all of the bladers for the tournament!" Tom announced.

"The last three bladers were decided?" Adagio asked.

"I guess they were, we better cross our fingers and hope we got it." Aria said.

"I hope we all got in." Sonata said.

"The last three bladers that made their spots in the tournament are..."

Pictures of Adagio, Aria, and Joy with their beys are shown to be entered in the tournament and also the last three bladers that make it into the tournament.

"Adagio, Aria, and Joy, have token their spots in the tournament. We've got all the 12 bladers in the tournament, in a few days the tournament will commence. Bladers get to training and we'll see you at the tournament."

Adagio and Aria were happy that they were in the tournament but at the same time they were sad that Sonata didn't make it.

"Hey, uh... Sonata look, these people don't know what their talking about. You should have definitely of been in the tournament." Adagio said.

"Don't worry... I'm glad you two made it. I'll just wait for the next tournament." Sonata said.

Aria and Adagio look at Sonata, she was putting on a fake smile, and they knew it.

'Poor Sonata.' They both thought.

In another part of town...

Gabby was currently downtown battling some other bladers. She had just finished a battle with five bladers at once.

'Weak. I need more of a challenge. Not even Leon could give me a challenge.'

"Gabby! I've been looking for you for a while."

Gabby turns around and see's Derek, running behind her.

'He's one of the bladers in the tournament. Maybe he might give me the challenge I've been looking forward to.'

"What do you want, Derek? Gabby asked, tiling her head in confusion.

"I've come to challenge you! We're both bladers in the tournament and I heard you've already beat Leon. I want to prove myself, and beat you in a battle. So battle me!" Derek said, taking out his bey.

"Fine by me. Don't be surprised if you lose."

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both bey land on the stadium, Genesis takes the center while Dragon rushes around the stadium.

"Attack it with your Dragon launch!"

Dragon rushes in the strike Genesis but once it makes contact with Genesis, Dragon burst. Derek looks in shock as his bey burst.

"Looks like that's all you got. I was kinda hoping for more of a challenge." Gabby started to walk away from Derek.

"One more battle! That was a warm up battle! I'm just getting started!"

Gabby turns around and smiles. 'Now things are starting to get interesting.'

Derek and Gabby started battling each other. They were currently on the 12th battle and every battle ended with a burst finish. Gabby was on a whole different level than Derek.

"Alright... now it's time to get serious." Derek said, holding up his launcher.

'That's what you've said for the last 11 battles. And you've yet to beat me, this match ain't even worth my time. But... you are worth destroying.' Gabby's eye glows for a second.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!!"

Both beys land on stadium, Genesis takes the center while Dragon rushes around the stadium.

"Dragon! Hit it with Dragon launch!"

Dragon hits Genesis making it go out of the center.

'So he finally took me out of the center. Guess he got stronger during these last few battles. Now, he really is worth destroying!'

"Go, Genesis! Attack him from behind!"

Genesis rushes from behind Dragon and slams into it making it hit the stadium walls. Not letting it escape, Genesis starts pushing Dragon into the wall.

"Dragon get out of there!"

"GENESIS! Eliminate them, it's over now Royal Press!"

Genesis pushes Dragon into the wall, and then that's when it happened. Dragon was destroyed into tiny little pieces. Derek falls to the his knees in shock that his bey was destroyed.

"Dragon... it can't be."

"Even for a no one you were still at least some use to me in the end." Gabby walks away from Derek.

Derek picks up his beys, "DRAGON!"

Gabby hears Derek cry out in pain, she smiles at his unfortune. 'Guess my satisfaction has been fulfilled, so thanks Derek. You being weak really helped.'

Back with that Dazzlings...

The Dazzlings were training with the Dazzlings. Sonata was helping Aria and Adagio practicing while Artic was looking at the other competitors beys data. That's when his eye's caught something.

"Hey girls, you might want to see this." Artic puts the video on the TV.

"Attention everyone! We have just got word that Derek has dropped out of the tournament. Since, Derek has dropped put of tournament someone else will take his place. And the next in line that was suppose to be in the tournament was Sonata and Venus. After much consideration we have decided to allow Sonata take Derek's spot in the tournament."

The Dazzlings all look at the TV screen. They couldn't believe it, they were all making it to the tournament. Adagio and Aria turn to look at Sonata, she was... crying?

"S-sonata! What's wrong? Aren't you happy that you made it?" Adagio asked.

"I-I am." Sonata said, wiping the tears away. "These are happy tears, now I can join the tournament with you two."

"There's no time to wait then. It's time for you three to get to training. We can't let the others get ahead of you. You three are going to go out there and do your best! You girls are no longer sisters in battle your rivals! Now I want you to do your best and have fun. Whether you win or lose it doesn't matter as long as you have fun! Keep that mindset up, and your sure to do your best." Artic said.

"Yes sir!" The Dazzlings said. Just like that the Dazzlings started to train for the tournament.

All of the Dazzlings had made accomplished their dreams and made it into the tournament. Now it was time to train for the tournament, from this point on they weren't sister they were rivals with one another. All of them had the same thing on their minds.

'We're going to win the tournament and become Champion!'

Preview: The first ever Beyblade tournament begins. Sonata faces off with Gabby, Athena battles Dean, Frizzle takes on her crush, Valex, meanwhile Adagio gets to battle Leon again.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Revolutionary! The Tournament Begins!

Revolutionary! The Tournament Begins!

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The day of the tournament had finally arrived, the Dazzlings had just made it to the tournament grounds. A huge stadium in the middle of a secluded area for the registered bladers and those who came to watch the battles ensue. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata were in front of the doors with Sunset and Tom, they were waiting for some friends.

'So this is it... the tournament venue. I can't wait to battle! I wonder who my first opponent will be?' Sonata wondered.

"Can we just go in already? We're going to miss registration and the opening ceremony if we keep waiting." Adagio said, growing impatient waiting.

"Relax, Dagi. The gang all wanted to come and cheer you on, you should be happy that they came all this way to watch you." Sunset said while looking around for her friends.

Sonata and Aria were talking with one another about how the tournament was going to turn out. While they were talking Sonata felt a tap on her shoulder she turns around to be faced with Pinkie Pie, Sonata gasps.

"Pinkie! You made it! I've missed you so much!" Sonata said, hugging Pinkie.

"I'm not the only one that came along silly." Pinkie Pie said.

The Dazzling turn to see the whole gang, Rainbow, AJ, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Twilight who had also brought Spike in her bag. Sunset, Tom, and the Dazzlings greet them.

"We've all came to cheer you on darlings." Rarity said, looking down at the Dazzlings.

"Thanks, Rarity!" The Dazzlings said.

"Don't you guys lose now! Give it your all and do your best! Now come on girls, let's get out there and show the world your three are the best!" Rainbow said.


The Dazzlings walk into the tournament grounds and head to the registration field, while everyone else heads to the viewing area.

"We'll see you girls in a bit! Remember to give it your all and have fun!" Sunset yelled.

"We will mom!"

The Dazzlings had already registered for the tournament and we're in their little training rooms. Every blader had one of their own little room. Each Dazzling we're waiting for the tournament to begin, Adagio was wiping her bey with a cloth while Aria was training with her bey. All the while, Sonata was looking at her bey trying to hear Spryzen's voice again. Just then an announcement was heard throughout all their rooms.

"Attention bladers! It's time for the opening ceremony to commence! Get to your places, because the main event is about to begin."

The Dazzlings walked out of their rooms and headed to the main arena. They all thought the same thing, 'We're going to win this thing!'

Meanwhile in the stands of the viewing area, Sunset and the gang were waiting for the tournament to start. Just then the whole arena got dark, and then a bit of light flashed in the middle of the arena, it was Tom.

"Attention everyone! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, the day of the tournament has finally arrived. This arrival has been long awaited but now it's time for the show to begin!"

The crowd burst into cheers, with Sunset cheering the loudest.

"And now to introduce the bladers participating in big event!"

The whole arena lights up with all 12 bladers in the middle of the arena.

"First we have the fan favorite, Leon and his bey Zone Luinor! With a burning ambition, it's Gabby with her bey Royal Genesis. His bey has some incredible defense, it's Bael and his bey Dusk Balkesh. She battles every battle on the edge of a cliff, it's Joy with her bey Judgement Joker. Known as the princess of blading, it's Phoebe and her bey Harmony Pegasus. The prodigy of blading, Athena and her bey Bushin Ashindra. Battling for his brother it's Dean and his bey Venom Devolos. Also battling for his family member it's Valex and his bey Sword Valtryek. She's a girl of tricks, it's Frizzle and her bey Wizard Fafnir. A born leader, it's Adagio and her bey Union Achilles. She can darken even the brightest of lights, it's Aria and her bey Prime Apocalypse. And finally the dark horse of the tournament, it's Sonata and her bey Turbo Spryzen."

The crowd roars in anticipation of the tournament to begin. Meanwhile Sonata tilts her head in confusion. She looks over at her sister's for help.

"What does dark horse mean? I'm a person and I'm not dark, that's Aria specialty." Sonata said.

"Be quiet Sonata." Aria said.

"Now then it's time to see who everyone's first round opponent match is and to see what group their in."

Everyone looks up to the screen, group A consisted of Sonata, Gabby, Dean, Valex, Athena, and Frizzle. Group B consisted of Leon, Phoebe, Bael, Joy, Aria, and Adagio. The matchups were Sonata vs Gabby, Athena vs Dean, Frizzle vs Valex, Adagio vs Leon, Bael vs Joy, and Phoebe vs Aria.

"Let's get this historical event underway! Can we have Sonata and Gabby to the stadium."

All the other bladers walk off the stage and to the viewing area, while Gabby and Sonata took to the stadium.

'Sonata... one of the Dazzlings that I have to take down.' Gabby grins.

'Gabby's bey is a defense type, I'll go with clockwise spinning stamina mode. Not only that but now I have to get the gist of this new stadium. It has an upper deck, if I could climb onto it I might be able to land a smash attack.'

"All I need is one hit and this battle will be history." Gabby said.

"Wow, Gabby has just predicted a one shot battle. Will it come true?"

Up in the stands Adagio and Aria watch her sister start to get mad at Gabby insult.

"This is all part of her plan. Make Sonata mind unclear so she'll mess up." Adagio said.

"Should we warn her?" Aria asked.

"In this tournament no one is a friend, we're all rivals with one another battling to win the same thing. Sonata has to win this battle without our help."

Aria just looks at Adagio and then back at Sonata. 'Don't fall for her trick, win this thing Nata.'

"Up into the Finals will every be a first to 2 points. Ring out finishes and survivor finishes are worth one point while a burst finish is worth 2 points. Bladers get ready and set! Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" The referee said.

Both beys launch into the stadium. Genesis takes the center while Spryzen rushes up to the upper deck. Once getting onto the upper deck, Spryzen starts crashing into the walls.

"Oh my it seems as though Sonata has made a miss launch."

"Spryzen! Fire up the flames use Counter break!"

Spryzen gets off the upper deck and heads to attack Genesis. But instead of hitting Genesis, Spryzen goes off course and crashes into another wall.

"Spryzen missed his attack causing him to collide into the walls of the stadium!"

Adagio and Aria could only watch as Spryzen went rogue.

"Come on Sonata, what are you doing?" Adagio whispered to herself, but unbeknownst Aria heard her.

Spryzen was now barely spinning and heading towards Genesis. Gabby grins once Spryzen was about to hit hey bey.

"Now Genesis!" Gabby yells, Genesis and Spryzen then make contact with each other. "Royal Scream!"

Spryzen gets sent flying into the air from the attack. Spryzen then burst into pieces, Sonata's eyes widen.

"Royal Genesis with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Gabby is the winner!" The referee announced.

Sonata falls to her knees while picking up the pieces of Spryzen laying on the floor. The crowd cheers as Gabby just looks at Sonata. Adagio and Aria could feel themselves ignite with anger.

"Sonata tried her best, that's all that matter I guess." Sunset said. "I was really hoping to see her win."

Adagio looks at her mother and back at Aria. "I'm going to my room to go train. You should to if you know what's best." With that Adagio was off to her room. Aria watches as Adagio leaves to her room she then turns her head back down towards Sonata.

'Sonata with that battle you've sparked something within everyone. You'll win the next one I just know it.'

"With that match out of the way it's time for the second match. Will Athena and Dean please come to the stadium!"

Aria was currently heading back to her room, but on her way she ran into her sister. Sonata was sitting down on a bench with her head down looking at Spryzen. Aria walked over to comfort her little sister.

"Hey, uh... Nata." Aria welcomed.

"Hi Aria."

Sonata's response was short she didn't even look up to see Aria, she continued to look down at her bey.

"Look Nata, that was a good battle. Even though you lost doesn't mean your not strong. Next time, I'm sure your win your match."

"I'm not sad that I lost. I'm sad because I fell for her trap, but not only that I let down you, Adagio, mom, dad, all of their friends and especially Spryzen."

"I'm... sorry Sonata." Aria got up and walked down the hall to her room. 'I couldn't even help Sonata what kind of sister am I?' Aria continues to walk down the hall she turns the corner to see Artic walking. "Artic? What are you doing here?"

"I'm came to talk to Sonata, do you know where she is?" Artic asked.

Aria smiles. "Turn this corner, down that hall on a bench will be Sonata. Good luck, she's kinda hit rock bottom for right now."

"I'll do my best. Hope you do good in your match Aria! See you later!"

Aria smiles and waves to Artic. 'I didn't know Artic had those feelings especially to Sonata.'

*BANG* Ashindra and Devolos collided with each other with a flurry of strikes. The blows were so hard you could feel the attacks from the stands. Dean and Athena's match had already began, it was the second match. The first match had ended in a simultaneous ring out finish.

"Now Ashindra! Tower Counter!" Athena yelled.

Ashindra hits Devolos sending it flying, Devolos lands onto the upper deck.

"Now! Use Dual Phantom, Devolos!"

Devolos clone breaks off, the clone heads down and starts to attack Ashindra, meanwhile Devolos comes in for a final blow.

"Devolos! Use Shining Crux!"

"Meet their attack with Bushin Guard!"

Both the clone and Devolos collide with Ashindra. Both Ashindra and Devolos shoot into the air, Ashindra then burst into the air. Athena gasps as she sees her bey burst.

"Venom Devolos with a burst finish! With a final scoring of 2-0 Dean is the winner!"

"Alright!" Dean yelled.

Athena picks up her bey. "Not bad Dean, but I'll be sure to win next time."

"Let's get the last match of group A underway. Can we get Frizzle and Valex to the stadium!"

Adagio was in her room training for her upcoming battle with Leon. She has a flashback to when her and her sister's battled Leon in a 3 vs 1. 'He was able to pierce through Achilles defense. My attacks won't be able to exceed his attacks. But he does have lower stamina than me, if I go with stamina mode without Achilles sword I might be capable of surpassing Leon.'

"Achilles let's do our best."

"Will Adagio and Leon please make it to stadium!"

Adagio looks up at the speaker. "Already? What happened with Valex and Frizzle's battle I wonder?"

The match with Frizzle and Valex wasn't all that crazy. But what made people scratch their heads was how Frizzle lost. You see Frizzle had the match to herself, until something happened.

"Fafnir! Wizard Spin!" Frizzle said.

Fafnir and Frizzle were heavily in the lead against Valex, whittling away at Valtryek's stamina. Valex knew if this kept going on he would lose, but he knew something no one else knew. He could see ever so often Frizzle take a glance in his direction. After he put two and two together he figured out what was happening.

"Hey Frizzle! If I win this match I get to take you out on a date. Okay?" Valex said.


Valex smiled using this to his advantage. "Now Valtryek! Wing Whip!"

Valtryek collides with Fafnir bursting it into pieces. Frizzle gasps seeing her bey burst.

"Sword Valtryek with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0 Valex is the winner!"

And now back to present time, Adagio and Leon were in the arena looking at each other.

"Come on Adagio you got this!" Sunset yelled. "Avenge Sonata!"

Adagio turns around and nods her head to her mother.

"The first match of group A is about to begin. We have the ruthless Adagio going up against the dragon tamer Leon!"

"Bladers get ready and set! Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Luinor and Achilles land onto the stadium both rushing towards the stadium.

"Attack Achilles!"

Luinor and Achilles collide into the center. But... *burst*

The whole crowd is silent, Adagio's eyes widen.

The referee looks in surprise but then he regains his composure. "Z-zone Luinor with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0 Leon wins!"

Adagio picks up her bey. 'W-what just happened?'

"You don't thing I was giving it my all when you 3 came over did you?" Leon asked.

Aria was in her room and saw the whole thing she could believe what she had just witnessed. Leon walks off stage while Adagio continues to look down towards the ground.

'This tournament is causing all kinds of problems. First Gabby and Leon are acting weird, Sonata and Adagio are upset, and I can't do anything to make things better. And I have a feeling things are just going to get worse down the line.' What Aria didn't know was that Apocalypse was shining a dark black.

The tournament had just begun, and things are already rocky. Will things get better or will things come crashing down for the Dazzlings?

Preview: The last two battles of the first round are getting underway. Bael takes on Joy in a head to head clash, and then in the final match of the day is Aria and Phoebe. During their one on one battle with one another something sinister starts manifesting within Aria.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Aria! Time To Shine!

Aria! Time To Shine!

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The second match of Group B was currently underway. Joy and Bael were in a head to head collision with each other, Joker and Balkesh disperse from each other. Joy had a plan to beat Bael though and her plan was just beginning.

"Now Joker! Use Fate's Judgement!" Joy yells.

"Not on my watch! Balkesh use Dusk Wing!" Bael yells.

Both beys clash but the bey that gets sent flying is Joker. Joker gets sent flying and hits the floor.

"That's Dusk Balkesh with a ring out finish, that's one point rewarded to Bael! The score is now 1-0." The referee announces.

Adagio looks at the battle with a bit of surprise. 'Balkesh's defense really is out of this world. It was able to withstand Joker's special attack. Joy needs to come up with something to beat Bael.'

"Second Battle! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yells.

Joker and Balkesh land onto the stadium, Joker begins with his erratic movements while Balkesh... starts crashing into the walls.

'What's going on Bael? You don't normally mis-launch like that.' Aria thought.

Balkesh continues to crash into the wall, Bael keeps watching as if he's waiting for something to happen. Just then Balkesh turns into a perfect circle. Bael smiles, 'Perfect!' Balkesh collides with Joker and takes the center. Joker gets sent flying onto the upper deck of the stadium.

"Now Balkesh! Dusk Circle!"

Joker launches from out of the upper deck and goes above Balkesh. Bael, Aria, Adagio, and Sonata all look in surprise at what Joy was planning.

"Now Joker! Joker Flush!"

Joker and Balkesh clash with one another. Both beys get sent flying, Balkesh goes flying out of the ring while Joker goes flying towards the wall.

'If Joker hits the wall it'll burst due to all that rubber it has. Guess Bael wins, you put up a nice effort Joy.' Adagio thought.

Just then Balkesh bursts in mid-air while Joker hits the walls of the stadium and bursts as well. Everyone looks in silence at what they just saw.

"Judgement Joker with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-1, Joy is the winner of the match!"

The crowd cheers for Joy's and Bael's match, Bael simply nods knowing that Joy beat him fair and square; while Joy is blissful for her victory against just then Aria stands up from her seat. 'Well guess it's my turn at last Save the best for last as they say, now let's go Apocalypse.' Aria smiles and walks over to the main stage.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! It's time for the last match of the 1st round. Our last Bladers rising to the stage is Phoebe and Aria!"

Aria and Phoebe walk onto the stage, the crowd cheers for the two ladies. Aria and Phoebe stare at each other from across the room.

"Phoebe! It's been a while, hasn't it? So tell me, do you think you have what it takes to defeat me and Apocalypse?" Aria asked as she showed off her bey.

"That's funny, I was going to ask the same exact thing. Hope you've improved somewhat after our last encounter." Phoebe fires back.

"You won't be saying that after I beat you."

Meanwhile Adagio and Sonata look down at Aria. Sunset had her hands tight together, she wanted Aria to win this battle.

"Adagio do you think Aria has what it takes to defeat someone like Phoebe?" Sonata asked.

"Aria's bey has the type advantage in this situation. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't keep her guard up. This is going to be a fierce battle even for Aria." Adagio said.

Sunset looks down at Aria. 'Come on Aria win this thing for your sisters.'

Aria and Phoebe attach their beys to their launchers and wait for the ref to announce the match.

"First battle! Get ready and set!" The referee announces.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone in the room yells.

Apocalypse and Pegasus land onto the stadium, Pegasus quickly claims the center stage while Apocalypse rushes in for an attack.

"Now Apocalypse! Use Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse hits Pegasus and Pegasus goes flying onto the upper deck. Apocalypse not wanting it to escape rushes after it, but Pegasus flees from it's foe.

"Don't run away! Come at me with all you got Phoebe!"

"I won't be running away for long! Now Pegasus, counterattack with Feather Storm!"

Pegasus's storm lifts Apocalypse and carries it into the sky.

"Now throw it out of the park Pegasus!"

"Apocalypse gets thrown across the stadium, will this be a ring out finish!?" Tom announced.

Sunset, Adagio, and Sonata look in horror as Apocalypse made it way closer to the wall of the stadium. Before Apocalypse hits the wall it turns a dark black, Aria felt a little pain in her chest but it didn't matter.

"Survive it Apocalypse!"

Apocalypse hits the wall and lands back into the stadium, it's stamina was starting to run low but it was still in the running. Adagio, Sonata, and Sunset let out a deep breath they didn't know they were holding.

"It's all over Aria, finish this off Pegasus!"

Pegasus comes in for a final attack, Aria realizes that Apocalypse won't have enough time to dodge... but she had one last trick up her sleeve.

"Now Apocalypse! Prime Reboot!"

Apocalypse speeds up and collides with Pegasus, however with Pegasus having more momentum it's able to get the better of Apocalypse and sends it flying out of the stadium. Apocalypse hits the floor with a *clang.*

"Harmony Pegasus with a ring out finish, that's one point awarded to Phoebe. The score is now 1 to nothing."

The crowd cheers as Aria picks up her bey. Aria looks up towards the stands to see Adagio, Sonata, and her mom look at her with a perturbed look. It made Aria feel sick knowing her family was worried for her, just then Apocalypse starts to shine blinding Aria.

Aria wakes up to see that she's face to face with none other than Apocalypse itself.

"A-Apocalypse is that really you?"

"Yes I am Apocalypse your bey. I see your in quite the predicament, so tell me Aria do you want to win this battle?"

"Of course! You don't even have to ask that!"

"Well if you want to win... then let me take assertive in the 2nd match."

"I'm not so sure... I'm having trouble with winning already." Aria looks down at the ground.

"Do you want to win or lose?"

Aria looks up at Apocalypse and nods her head with a fierce expression. What Aria didn't know was that she was making a terrible decision. Inside of Aria was her heart which was starting to turn black.

Aria opens up her eyes, her eyes flash a dark purple, Phoebe sees it and backs away in fear.

"Heed my warning Phoebe, you will fall to me and Apocalypse!"

The crowd cheers at Aria's statement, Sonata looks down at Aria. 'She sure is serious about winning this thing.'

"Bladers get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Apocalypse and Pegasus take to the stadium, Apocalypse immediately strikes it down sending it crashing into the upper deck walls. The hit was so severe that Pegasus's yellow wings came out.

"With just one hit and Pegasus is close to bursting?!" Sonata questioned.

"Come on Aria, beat Phoebe!" Sunset yells.

"Where did all that sudden power and speed come from all of a sudden?" Adagio asked.

Apocalypse charges in to finish Pegasus but Phoebe used the attack for its advantage.

"Now! Reverse Heal!"

The yellow wings revert back into Pegasus, Apocalypse gets sent the opposite direction.

"Take them out!"

The battle goes the same for a while, Apocalypse gets close to bursting Pegasus but Pegasus was always able to recover with Reverse Heal. Apocalypse takes to the upper deck while Pegasus stayed on the lower deck waiting for Apocalypse to pounce on them. Aria's heart turned even more black than before, it was getting dangerously close to being fully enveloped into darkness.

"This is what happens when you face off with the Princess of Beyblade!"

Aria's heart is more than half consumed with the dark. Aria then looks at Phoebe directly in the eyes, Aria's eyes then shine with a dark purplish black.

"Apocalypse is the strongest bey ever!! Now use Prime Reboot and Omega Blast!!"

Apocalypse speeds up and heads towards Pegasus at full power a bit of black was shining behind Apocalypse. Phoebe looks at Aria, Aria had a evil grin on her face. Phoebe gasps seeing Aria so out of control.

'I must stop her before things get to vicious.' Phoebe thought.

"I won't let you! Harmonic Thunder!"

Apocalypse rushes down from the upper deck and collides with Pegasus in the center, Pegasus then starts to push Apocalypse back making it head to the stadium walls. Just then Apocalypse's center turned bright red, something that had never happened up until this point.

At last Aria's heart was nothing more than pitch black... she was consumed by none other than her trusted partner, or so she thought; Apocalypse.

"I'm going to win this match because I'm Apocalypse!!!"

A dark black light emits from the stadium and then a huge explosion occurs. Everyone turns their heads away from the all they could hear was the sound of a bey bursting. When the explosion and light fades away they see Apocalypse still in the stadium spinning as fast as ever and Pegasus on the floor in pieces.

Phoebe falls to her knees, 'I failed to save you Aria... I'm sorry.' A small single tear escapes Phoebe's eye.

'So fragile, I would of liked more of a challenge.'

Aria simply grabs her bey and looks down at Phoebe, she then starts to laugh. " Didn't I tell you to heed our warning. Your no 'Princess of Beyblade' your just a girl with a feeble mind!"

The referee had yet to announce Aria the winner due to him being in complete shock and fear. Aria looks at him in disgust and hatred.

"Do you need glasses? Call the match! Everyone just saw me completely annihilate Phoebe and her pathetic excuse of a bey Pegasus. Now call it!" Aria's eye shines a dark black scaring the referee even more.

"T-That's a b-burst finish with a f-final scoring of 2-1, A-Aria is the w-winner!"

"Good job Aria!!" Sunset yells.

Aria doesn't even acknowledge her mom's words and walks off the stage, Sonata and Sunset were happy for Aria but Adagio saw something else.

'Something more sinister was unleashed during their duel. It's as if Apocalypse awakened midway in their battle. Something... off is going on. And how am I the only one who saw a exponential change in Aria's behavior? But then again mom's probably excited seeing Aria win after me and Sonata totally tanked our battles and Sonata is well... Sonata. Unless I'm the one just seeing things... regardless I'm going to keep my eye on you Aria.'

The 1st round of the tournament has ended but things already seem to be out of hands. What else will happen during the tournament? Will things change for the better or for the worst? Find out on Dazzling Bladers.

Preview: The 2nd round of the tournament begins, Gabby takes on Athena while Valex and Dean throw down. But the climax happens when Frizzle and Sonata battle commences. Both wanting to get a point, their giving this battle all they got. During the battle Sonata bonds with Spryzen.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Fafnir vs Spryzen!

Fafnir vs Spryzen!

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It was the next day and the Dazzlings had just arrived on the tournament grounds. They were currently in the middle of the stadium waiting for their 2nd round opponent to be announced. Aria had calmed down after yesterday's match with Phoebe. Sonata was jumping with joy to get to battle again, Aria was just minding her own business, and Adagio was just glaring at Gabby with loathing in her eyes.

'She'll get revenge for all that she's done one day.' Adagio thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I'm your announcer Tom, it's time we launch right into the 2nd round match-ups for the tournament. So without further ado here are the 2nd round match-ups!"

The Bladers faces scramble around for a few seconds and then stop. The 2nd round match-ups were Athena vs Gabby, Dean vs Valex, and Sonata vs Frizzle for Group A. For Group B the matches consisted of Adagio vs Joy, Phoebe vs Leon, and Bael vs Aria.

"Let's jump straight into the action! Can Athena and Gabby please arrive to the stadium."

Athena and Gabby arrive to the stadium, the Dazzlings look down at the battle.

"Alright I'm betting 10 dollars Athena's got this in the bag!" Sonata offered.

"Your even more clueless than I thought, but I accept your bet. I bet Gabby will beat Athena in the 1st battle!" Aria said.

"Why don't you have trust in our friend? Athena has a chance at beating Gabby remember nobody is flawless. Gabby can and will be defeated one day."

"Oh please Sonata, Gabby defeated Leon one of the most vigorous bladers here. He's by far superior to Athena, Genesis will have little to no trouble against a bey as inferior to Ashindra."

Sunset watches as her daughters fight over who going to win. She looks over to Adagio to see her not engaging with her other sisters.

"You not going to take a bet on who's going to win, Adagio?" Sunset asked.

"It's easy to pinpoint who's going to secure the victory for this not so climatic battle. Gabby's got this in the bag no doubt."

Sunset just looks at Adagio in surprise, Aria and Sonata stopped bickering and stared at Adagio in shock.

Down in the ring Gabby was having a fight with herself in her mind. She was thinking about Aria's match the other day.

'How was she able to tap into that power. That's was just like my Superior-Flux but her's was more darker. But I can't get sidetracked from her, I have better things to deal with.'

"Bladers get ready and set!" The referee announced.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yells.

Genesis and Athena both land on the ground.

"Now go Ashindra!" Athena yelled.

'Now Genesis, unlock your power with Superior-Flux.'

Genesis lights up and speeds towards Ashindra. Genesis charges straight towards Ashindra and plows through it like it was nothing. Ashindra goes flying in the air and burst in record timing, Athena gasps in shock.

"Royal Genesis with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Gabby is the winner of the match!"

Aria turns her head and smiles at Sonata. "Poor Sonata, for your little mistake I'll be nice to you... pay me 5 dollars."

"Save your pity for someone who wants it Aria." Sonata said blushing in embarrassment.

"Well... I hope you all enjoyed that match but it's time to move on to the 2nd match. Can Valex and Dean please make their way to the stadium grounds."

Dean and Valex's battle had already commence. It was a tied score of 1 all, it was anyone's game at this point.

"Devolos! Use Dual Phantom!" Dean yelled.

"Stop them before they can take initiative, Valtryek! Take them down with a Rush Launch!" Valex yelled.

Devolos is able to split into two before Valtryek can get to them. The clone hits Valtryek sending it going in the opposite direction.

"Now Devolos! Use Clone Cannon!"

"Take out that nettlesome clone with Wing Whip!"

The clone collides with Valtryek with a huge blow. The blow was so hard that Valtryek large a chunk of it's stamina. Valtryek was now wobbling with hardly any stamina left.

"Finish this Devolos! Use Shining Launch!"

Devolos hits Valtryek almost instantly Valtryek burst from the strike.

"Venom Devolos with a burst finish! With a final score of 3-1, Dean is the winner!"

"That was a nail-biter battle. But now it's time for the last battle in Group A, Frizzle and Sonata you know what to do."

Sonata stands up and heads to the stadium.

"Sonata wait!"

Sonata turns around to see Aria and Adagio looking at her.

"Yeah what's up?" Sonata tilts her head in confusion. "I kinda got a match to get to."

"Do your best sister." Aria said.

"I want to face you in the Finals so you better not lose to anyone else but me." Adagio said.

Small tears enter Sonata's eyes. "Yeah... I'll win just you watch."

Frizzle and Sonata meet at the stadium, Frizzle smiles while Sonata gets her bey in her launcher. Sonata had a plan that Frizzle would never expect.

"Bladers get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium floor. Fafnir rushes around the stadium at an impressive speed, while Spryzen... slowly spins around the stadium.

"How could Sonata mis-launch during such an important battle?" Aria questioned.

"Your wrong. Look at Sonata, she's up to something."

Aria looks down to see Sonata smiling, she was up to something... but what?

"Nice trick, but I'm the magician here! Take it out Fafnir!" Frizzle yells.

Fafnir hits Spryzen but instead of sending Spryzen flying, Spryzen actually gains some momentum from the attack. Fafnir continues to strike Spryzen but blow after blow Spryzen just kept getting faster.

"She took a page right out of Fafnir, now Fafnir is being the one to have it's stamina token away."

"If that's the best plan you got, you better start thinking harder. Now Fafnir!"

Fafnir rushes onto the upper deck and gains some speed.

"Now finish things with Wizard Blow!"

Fafnir comes flying down the upper deck and rushes towards Spryzen. Although before it makes contact Spryzen's trajectory changes as it goes in for a counterattack.

"Fight back with Turbo Upper Launch!"

Both Fafnir and Spryzen collide with one another but sadly Fafnir had more strength and sent Spryzen out of the ring. Spryzen hits the ground, Sonata looks at her bey in shock.

"Wizard Fafnir with a ring out finish! Frizzle gets 1 point, the score is now 1-0. Frizzle has now token the lead against Sonata."

"Your trick was a good one and that new move of yours was something else. But... only one can win this match and that person is going to be me!"

Sonata just looks at Frizzle and then grabs her bey. 'My plan failed but not only that but it backfired on me. Now what am I going to do.' Sonata then looks at her bey.

"Spryzen, what are we going to do now?"

Just then Sonata was engulfed in a bright light when the light vanishes she notices that she's face to face with Spryzen.


"Hello Sonata. It's nice to meet you after all this time."

"Yeah... Hey Spryzen... do you have any idea on what we should do against Frizzle?"

"Do what we always do in battle. Give it our all and have fun, that's our style of Blading! In Beyblade there's a ton of factors you got to think about but the main factor is the bond of blader and bey. With a strong bond we can do anything Sonata, now let's show everyone the strongest bond ever!"

"Yeah! Just you and me Spryzen!"

Sonata wakes up back to face Frizzle with a smile. Frizzle smiles back at Sonata and puts her bey in her launcher.

"Get ready Sonata! Cause I'm coming at you with full power!"

Yellow aura surrounded Frizzle as she stared at Sonata. But Sonata wasn't scared at all, in fact she smiled even more.

"Sorry Frizzle. But I'm going to make the greatest comeback of a lifetime!"

Red aura surrounded Sonata as she stared right back at Frizzle. Both bladers were serious about this battle and neither planned to lose.

"Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium however it's the complete opposite from the last battle. Fafnir was spinning so slow it looked as though it could stop at any moment but Spryzen.

"Alright! The Turbo Blades finally awakened!"

"So that's Spryzen in it's Turbo Awakening form, glad I could be the first to take it on at full power. Now come on Sonata, let's go!"

"You got it! Spryzen hit with a Counter Break!"

Spryzen smacks into Fafnir causing Fafnir to drain it's spin. Spryzen continues to hit Fafnir with all it's got but Fafnir just absorbed all of his attacks. Adagio and Aria look at Sonata in confusion.

"What is Sonata doing? Sonata should have dodged Fafnir at the beginning and then tie up the score. Better yet why is Sonata is right spin attack mode? She should have gone with a left spinning attack mode to burst Fafnir in one strike. But then again why am I surprised this is Sonata we're talking about."

"Adagio you better shut that loud mouth of yours. Just watch, I feel as though Sonata's got a plan. She's doing this on purpose because she wants a fierce on the edge of your seat match with Frizzle."

"It's pointless Aria, look at Spryzen it's losing steam. Sonata needs to start using her brain during her battles. She finally unlocks the Turbo Awakening for the first time and yet that still won't be enough to safe her behind in this match."

"Do you even care or better yet love Sonata? How would you feel if she said that about you!?" Aria's eye flashed purple for a second.

"Unlike her I use my brain! I'll make it to the Finals but it'll be a miracle if she makes it."

Spryzen was running low on gas while Fafnir was charging up for an attack. However Spryzen's tip gained traction on the stadium floor and sped up. Frizzle gasps as she sees Spryzen gain so much speed and power.

"Where did all of that energy come from? Never the more! Fafnir climb onto the upper deck and gain your own epic power!"

"We won't back down! Spryzen you climb onto the upper deck just like them!"

Both Spryzen and Fafnir climb onto the upper deck and charge toward one another. Both bladers let out a battle cry their bey avatar's were behind them roaring in sync with them.

"Now Fafnir! Wizard Blow!"

"Let's go Spryzen! Turbo Spryzen Whip!"

Both beys jump from the upper deck and collide in the center of the stadium. Sparks flew as the two beys collided with one another. Sonata and Frizzle were yelling their lungs out, people in the watching area gasped, or blocked their eyes as they saw the battle. During their head to head collision Fafnir's rubber and Spryzen's Turbo blade made contact resulting in a huge explosion.

The explosion was so intense it caused a whirlwind to begin. The sound of windows shattering could be heard but Fafnir and Spryzen were still in a standstill with each other. It looked like Fafnir was getting the edge until Sonata let out everything she had left.

"Spryzen! I believe in you!!"

With that Spryzen was capable of slicing through Fafnir causing it to burst into little fragments. The crowd was silent but then it turned into a loud cheer.

"That's a burst finish for Turbo Spryzen! With a final score of 2-1, Sonata is the winner!"

Adagio and Aria hug each other and start bouncing up and down yelling 'She won!' Sunset couldn't be more proud of Sonata. This was a changing point for the Dazzlings better yet everyone in the tournament, and it was all thanks to Sonata's victory.

"In all my life I have never seen such an action packed battle like this one folks! Let's give this two a round of a applause for their intense battle!"

The crowd clap their hands for Sonata and Frizzle. Sonata and Frizzle were on the ground in sweat after the battle. They finally found the power within to stand up and shake each other's hands.

"That was a great battle Sonata. I hope we can have a rematch again one day."

"The same goes to you Frizzle. You gave me the best battle I ever had and I'll be more than happy to have another battle."

Up in the stands two sisters began to talk again.

"So your little opinion about Sonata was off, huh?"

"I'll admit I was wrong. Sonata has more potential than I thought she did. She may has what it takes to win the whole thing, but then again I want to win as well."

Adagio then looks down at Sonata, 'Her bond with Spryzen is a strong one that's for sure. But that won't be enough to take down me and Achilles!'

'Sonata that was a great battle. But me and Apocalypse won't lose so easily if we have to face off.'

'Your sisters are nothing more than failures but your the biggest one of them all Sonata.' Gabby thought as her bey lit up.

Preview: The 2nd round matches for Group B begins. Adagio has a rematch with Joy and she intends on winning. Then childhood friends Phoebe and Leon fight it out and finally Aria and Bael throw down with one another. But like her battle with Phoebe, Aria loses control once again but this time it seems far more chaotic than before.

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Battle Of Loved Ones!

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Sonata happily walked back over to her family. She was still thinking about her battle with Frizzle earlier. Sonata sat down in between Adagio and Aria, almost instantly they asked Sonata questions.

"Nata! How were you able to do that?" Adagio asked.

"Better question is where did that new move come from?" Aria asked.

"For your information Adagio, I was able to do that with the help of Spryzen. As for your question Aria, Turbo Upper Launch was help from Artic, thanks Artic!"

Artic nods his head with a smile. He then turns his head to Adagio.

"Your match is coming up Adagio. Better get going." Artic said.

"Don't have to tell me twice. Get ready cause I'm going to get a point as well."

"Good luck Adagio!" Aria and Sonata said.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! It's time we jump right into Group B's matches! First up we've got the blader with a sword and shield on her arsenal, Adagio and her bey Union Achilles. Then we got the risk taker, Joy and her bey Judgement Joker. Both are down a point so whoever win's will get their first point."

"Adagio! No feeling's but I plan on winning this one!" Joy said.

"You may of won the last one but I'll win this one! After all I got a flawless plan, get ready for a 20 second burst!" Adagio shows off her bey, Achilles was equipped with Union Sword and was in Stamina mode.

"We'll see about that won't we?"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee announced.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys take to the stadium, Achilles and Joker charge towards the center. Before the two beys collide Adagio has a flashback to something Artic had once told her.

"Adagio your bey has the potential to dig deep and attack a bey from below."

"Really? Like an upper attack?"

"Yup! That's why you should practice with Achilles to deliver an astonishing upper attack."


'It's time.' Adagio thought.

"Now Achilles! Unison Upper!"

Achilles hit Joker from below sending it flying into the air. Not letting it escape Achilles ran up the slope of the stadium and jumped in the air.

"End this! Unison Sword!"

"Send it back with Fate's Judgement!"

Achilles and Joker collide and both go flying. Joker then burst in midair and Achilles land back in the stadium.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Adagio is the winner!"

The crowd cheers for Adagio winning, Joy picks up her bey and waves to Adagio.

"Guess we're tied now Adagio. We're going to need a tie breaker one day."

"That battle will go the exact same as this one."

Adagio and Joy stare at each other with a fire in their eyes.

"Let's get the 2nd battle of Group B, can we get Phoebe and Leon up to the stage!"

Sonata and Aria stare at one another.

"Adagio sure is strong."

"She can be annoying as well."

Phoebe and Leon arrive at the stage, Leon was smiling while Phoebe was a bit nervous.

'My bey's a stamina type while his is an attack type. I'll have to dodge all of his attacks in order to have a chance at winning.' Phoebe thought.

"Phoebe get ready! Cause I'm coming at you with all I got!" Leon said.

"Not unless I can take you down first!" Phoebe said.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Pegasus and Luinor take to the stadium. Luinor goes in for a flurry of blows towards the center but Pegasus isn't there like normal. Phoebe had launched Pegasus on the upper deck away from Luinor.

"Not taking the center? So your deciding to flee from me and make Luinor run out of steam. Hate to say it but that won't work! Now Luinor!"

Luinor rides up the slope of the stadium and heads up the upper deck. There it charges right towards Pegasus in a rush. Phoebe looks in surprise as Luinor was starting to catch up to Phoebe.

"Now Luinor! Zone Slam!"

"Take it out with Feather Storm!"

Luinor and Pegasus collide in a flurry! Both beys go flying and hit the walls. Both start to lose their spin and slowly but surly Luinor loses it's spin before Pegasus!

"Harmony Pegasus with a survivor finish! The score is now 1-0, Phoebe is in the lead!"

Sonata starts shaking Aria. "Phoebe actually took a point from Leon! She's incredible!"

"I'll admit getting a point from Leon is something. But she still needs to get one more point in order to win. And stop shaking me, I ain't a baby rattle!"

"Be quiet! The second battle has already began."

Sonata stops shaking Aria and watches the battle below. Aria just gives Adagio a side eye glare.

Phoebe tried using her plan from the first battle but Leon had gotten to her. Luinor lands an explosive blow on Pegasus sending it flying! But Pegasus recovers and hits the stadium wall and it goes back to taking the center. Luinor repeated his attacks over and over again, causing Phoebe to get worried.

'If this keeps happening I'll lose. I need to this with my own attack.'

"Pegasus! Counterattack with Harmonic Thunder!"

Pegasus hits Luinor sending it flying into the stadium wall. Luinor hits the wall but instead of slowly down it uses the impact of the wall for momentum and accelerates towards Pegasus!

"Kick into overdrive and use Zone Straight once again!"

"Stop it in it's path with Feather Storm! Now divert that pathetic attack!"

Luinor zooms towards Pegasus, Pegasus tries to cease the attack but Luinor advanced through the storm. Luinor and Pegasus collide but the dragon gets the better of the Pegasus and burst it. Phoebe gasp seeing her bey burst while Leon smiles and picks up his bey.

"Zone Luinor with a burst finish! With a final scoring of 2-1, Leon is the winner!"

Aria stands up and heads towards the stadium. 'I'm going up against Bael... I can't get distracted with these dumb emotions.' Apocalypse then shines a dark black and Aria's eye flashes a dark purple. 'I'm going to annihilate him and Balkesh.'


Apocalypse and Balkesh had crashed onto the stadium floors, and were rushing around the stadium. Balkesh took the center while Apocalypse came in with a flurry of strikes.

"Strike it down! Pound it into dust Apocalypse!"

"Block it with Dusk Wing!"

Balkesh blocks away all of Apocalypse's attacks but Aria is determined to break through Bael's pesty defense. Apocalypse rides up the upper deck and goes in for an above attack!

"Now strike it down with Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse hits Balkesh sending it flying across the stadium. It hits the wall and recovers. Balkesh goes in and hits a nasty blow to Apocalypse sending it flying as well.

Aria looks up to see Apocalypse free-falling towards the outer rim of the stadium. It looked as though it was going to be a ring out finish for Bael but Aria had other plans in mind.

Aria's eye turn a darkish purple again and Apocalypse shines dark black. Apocalypse had token over once again.

"Survive the hit and then demolish them!!"

Apocalypse survives the hit and charges back in to attack Balkesh. Apocalypse strikes Balkesh and Balkesh turns into a perfect circle.

"Now Dusk Circle!"

Blow after blow Apocalypse kept on throwing attacks on Balkesh. However, Balkesh wouldn't budge no matter how hard it struck. Aria was getting madder by the second, so Apocalypse took domination.

"I'm going to destroy you!! Balkesh will shatter in so many pieces your days of blading will be over once I'm done!! Now Apocalypse end him and his weak bey!!" Just then Aria lost her balance a bit while holding her head in pain. Apocalypse taking control was too much for Aria.

Bael looks at Aria in surprise. "Aria! Are you okay? What's the matter?"

"Aria is gone! I am... APOCALYPSE!! NOW USE PRIME REBOOT!"

'I got to stop her!'

"Balkesh! Slam them down with Dusk Crash!"

Balkesh and Apocalypse collide with all they got. Neither were letting up for a second. Aria then smiled and looked at Bael.

"Darkness always wins in the end! Now Apocalypse! Use Omega Blast!!"

The blast was so strong that Balkesh got sent flying in the air.

"Goodbye Balkesh!" Aria let out a demonic laugh.

Balkesh burst in the air, causing a explosion to happen. Bael gasp seeing his bey on the ground in three pieces. Air looks down in surprise as she though Balkesh was going to be destroyed.

"You were suppose to be nothing when I was done with you. But here you are, not shattered like I had hoped for." Aria's faced then turned in a scowl.

Aria then lets out a very demonic yell scaring everyone in the room. She then looked at the referee to let him know that he better call the match before she did something else.

"T-that's Prime Apocalypse with a burst finish! W-with a final score of 2-0, Aria is the winner!"

The crowd was silent but then slowly they started to cheer for Aria's win. Gabby glared down at Aria knowing what was going on. Sonata had wrapped around Adagio's arm in fear, Adagio gently rubbed Sonata to calm her down.

Adagio looked at Aria with worry, 'What's has gotten into you Aria? And when will this behavior end?'

Aria was walking down the hall to get back to the viewing ground. All of a sudden she felt sick and ran into her waiting room. Once she got and started holding onto her head in pain. It felt as though her head was going to burst, she screamed out in pain. When she looked in the mirror in her room, Apocalypse was peaking through.

"What are you doing to me?"

Apocalypse just looked at Aria not answering her question.

"I said what are you doing to me?!"

"Making us the strongest team in the entire world. And in order to become the best there's got to be some pain here and there. But if you can't handle the power I wield then maybe your not cut out to be the World's Number 1."

Aria just looked at Apocalypse, "Fine... but in our next battle I'll take full initiative and you will not interfere. Understand?"

Apocalypse just looks at Aria, "Don't be surprised if we lose then."

Aria came back to her sense and looked around her waiting room. She looked down at her bey. "I need to control this power." Her bey and eye lit up and a fierce sinister aura surrounded her and engulfed the whole room. Things were just getting worse with Aria and Apocalypse. But how bad would things get before it was all over? Find out!

Preview: The 3rd round of the tournament is underway. In Group A, Athena and Sonata kick the day off. Then Valex and Gabby face off and finally Dean and Frizzle charge head to head. In Group B, Leon takes on Joy in a battle of rubber or metal blades. Defense or stamina? The question will be answered in Bael's and Phoebe's match. Then what could be the best battle in the whole tournament: Aria vs Adagio! Who's the stronger Dazzling? Find out!

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Sibling Rivalry! Aria vs Adagio!

Sibling Rivalry! Aria vs Adagio!

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Adagio was currently in her room contemplating about the previous events going around during the tournament.

'Aria's been acting odd lately, I hate to say it but she's become obsessive over victory.' Adagio tightly holds Achilles in her hand. 'When I face off with her I will win!' Adagio stands up and heads to the stage in order to hear her 3rd round opponent.

When Adagio got there she saw Sonata and Aria. She also saw Gabby give her a glare so she gave one back. That's when Tom's voice spoke up.

"We're diving right into the 3rd round of the tournament. Currently here are how all of our bladers are doing so far."

The screen shows Gabby, Dean Leon, and Aria with 2-0 each. Sonata, Valex, Adagio and Joy with 1-1 each. And Frizzle, Athena, Bael, and Phoebe all with 0-2 each.

"Everyone still has a chance at moving on to the semi-finals. Now without further ado, the 3rd round match-ups!"

The match-ups were for Group A, Athena vs Sonata, Gabby vs Valex, and Frizzle vs Dean. The match-ups for Group B however were Leon vs Joy, Bael vs Phoebe, and... Adagio vs Aria!

All the Dazzling look at the screen in shock. Then Adagio and Aria look at each other both emitting a strong aura around them. Sonata let's out a small whimper, she was scared to see how this was going to play out. She looks back towards Athena and Athena looks back.

"Fate has already been decided Sonata... you will fall to me." Athena said.

"Sorry Athena but I made a promise to Dagi that I would battle her in the Finals." Aura then submerges Sonata. "And I intend on keeping that promise!"

Athena simply smiles and walks off. Sonata watches as she leaves and then her attention is focused back to the screen. These were going to be some intense showdown's. Sonata then realizes, her match was the first one of the day.

"Ready and Set!" The referee said.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Ashindra and Spryzen take to the stadium. Sonata had sadly not unlocked the Turbo Awakening mode but she didn't mind. She had put Spryzen in Stamina mode in order to have the type advantage against Ashindra.

"Spryzen! Use Counter Break and knock Ashindra out of there!" Sonata yelled.

Spryzen speeds up and hits Ashindra knocking it into the air. Ashindra lands on the upper deck while Spryzen held down the fort in the middle.

"Ashindra! Get them outta there with Tower Counter!" Athena yelled.

Ashindra races down the upper deck and collides with Spryzen. Spryzen tanks Ashindra's hit like it was nothing. Sonata then looks up at Athena.

'Show time.' Sonata though.

Spryzen starts to speed up and gets out of the center and races towards Ashindra.

"Now Spryzen! Hit it with a Turbo Upper Launch!"

"On guard Ashindra! Bushin Guard!"

Spryzen and Ashindra slam into one another. Ashindra then goes flying towards the stadium wall. It crashes into it and burst, meanwhile Spryzen losing all of it's steam with that one attack completely stopped.

"That's Turbo Spryzen with a burst finish! With a score of 2-0, Sonata is the winner!"

Sonata picks up her bey and smiles. While Athena picks up her bey and looks at Sonata confused.

"What just happened? How did I lose that?"

"I stored all of Spryzen power in one strike. If I messed up you most likely would of won. But in the end it seemed to work out in my favor."

Athena just laughs. "Your an interesting one Sonata. Congrats Sonata, but the next time we battle you won't be so lucky." With that Athena left the stage.

Sonata just smiled. She was finally on an impressive 2 win streak! Sonata couldn't wait to face off with her next round opponent.

"Today's been full of nonstop action. In the second round of Group A, Gabby and Valex threw hands or should I say beys. But in the end it was Valtryek that got thrown out with just one hit due to Genesis crazy raw power. Gabby is now just one step away from entering the Semi-Finals."

Gabby just looks down at Valex with anger. "I would of liked more of a challenge, but then again your a weakling." Gabby then walks off while she left a frustrated Valex picking up his beys pieces.

"Then ending things off in Group A, Dean and Frizzle went head to head. But things didn't end so well for Frizzle when Dean unleashed Erase Devolos. Not expecting the now counterclockwise bey, her and Fafnir were given a taste of a burst finish. Dean now follows in Gabby's step and is one step away from entering the Semi-Finals."

Frizzle looks at Dean with determination. "If I had known you had that trick I would have won. I promise the next time we battle I will beat you!"

Dean looks back at her. "Say's the girl who doesn't even have a point to her name." And like that he walks off.

Sonata saw what had happened from the viewing area. "That's not like Dean at all. This tournament is affecting everyone's friendships with each other. Right, Aria? Adagio?" Sonata looks up to see Aria and Adagio just staring down at the stadium. "Uh... Aria? Adagio?"

"Leave them Nata. Their probably just thinking about their match later on." Sunset said.


Bael's and Phoebe's match was underway. Balkesh and Pegasus were colliding in the center with a flurry. The score was tied 1 all and neither wanted to lose. Finally, both beys were starting to lose their stamina and both bladers let out a battle cry. It was going to be a close one but both beys start at nearly the whole time.

"Dusk Balkesh! With a survivor finish! With a final score of 2-1, Bael is the winner!"

Bael picks up his bey in happiness, while Phoebe sadly picks up her bey from the stadium.

"With that match out of the way let's get Joy and Leon out here!"

Leon and Joy walk out to the stage. The crowd cheers as they both walk up to the stadium. Leon gets in place while Joy did something to her bey.

'She adjusted her bey. I wonder how that will influence her beys movements.'

"Ready and Set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both Luinor and Joker take to the stadium. Luinor charges up and heads towards Joker while Joy... just smiles waiting for the attack to strike.

"Now Luinor! Drive them out with Zone Slam!"

"Not so fast! Deflect the attack with Joker Wheel!"

Luinor hits Joker but due to Joker's frame the attack was parried. Joy smiles while Leon is a bit surprised.

"I changed my bey into defense mode! I'm winning this thing Leon just you watch!"

"Oh yeah? You can't parry every attack! Now Luinor use an onslaught of attacks!"

Every direction Luinor sent an attack to Joker. No matter what Joker couldn't escape the hold Luinor had it in. Joker was starting to lose steam and fast, it was no longer deflecting Luinor attacks and the attacks were actually doing some damage. Finally, Luinor got the better of Joker and sent it flying into the air bursting it.

"Zone Luinor! With a final score of 2-0, Leon is the winner!"

The crowd cheers for Leon as he picks up his bey and leaves. Joy sadly picks up her bey and leaves the stadium as well.

"With that battle under the bridge, that leaves Leon with Dean and Gabby in making it one step closer on heading to the Semi-Finals. But now it's time for the match of the day. Two sisters put up against each other. Adagio and Aria!"

Adagio and Aria arrived to the stadium. Neither said a word to each other and attach their beys to their launchers. Both were serious about winning and neither wanted to lose.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Achilles was in attack mode without the Union Sword attached. Achilles and Apocalypse rushed around the stadium and collide with one another. Achilles being lighter was sent flying from Apocalypse hit and was sent towards the upper deck. There Achilles sped up and jumped off the upper deck making it go right above Apocalypse.

"Hit it with a Unison Breaker!"

Achilles comes flying down and hits Apocalypse in a weak spot sending Apocalypse flying out of the stadium.

"Union Achilles with a ring out finish! That 1 point awarded to Adagio making the score 1-0."

"Adagio has token the first point of the match! Will Aria make a comeback or will Adagio wrap things up in the 2nd battle? Find out!"

"Second battle! Bladers, get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Achilles had been swapped into defense mode without the Union Sword attached. Adagio had done that so Achilles could defend against Apocalypse attacks. Achilles rushed towards the center to take a distinct early advantage but before it could Apocalypse was rushing towards it like a wild bull. The two beys collide and... Achilles was hurled out of the stadium resulting in it hitting the floor!

"Prime Apocalypse with a ring out finish! That's 1 point awarded to Aria! The score is now 1-1."

"Guess you've improved after our last battle we had Aria." Adagio finally saying something.

"I could say the same thing to you, Adagio." Aria said. "Not I hate to do this to you but I'm going to win this thing."

"Your not going to win if you don't use that craziness you've used against Phoebe and Bael. Why haven't I seen some of that action yet? Am I just not worth seeing that side of you? Or are you so sure your going to win that your not using it so I can have a chance against you?"

Aria looks at Adagio in shock. She then looks down to see Apocalypse shining dark black again. Aria's eye widen in shock.

'No! I said I wasn't going to have Apocalypse take over this battle. I gotta win this thing on my own.'

Apocalypse light fades away as Aria looks at Adagio again. "Oh, I'll win alright. Just you watch."

Adagio smiles, "I'll like to see you try."

"Get ready and set!

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Achilles and Apocalypse land on the stadium. Achilles was in attack mode with the Union Sword attached, Adagio was truly going all out. Achilles and Apocalypse rush around the stadium and then they meet in the center with a monstrous clash!

"Tear them apart with Unison Sword!"

"Take them down with Omega Blast!"

The blast was so strong both beys were sent flying across the stadium. Achilles and Apocalypse right back with a volley of strikes. Blow after blow both beys were giving it their all. It looked like Adagio was getting the advantage until Aria spiced things up.

"Activate Prime Reboot!!"

Apocalypse not only sped up but it gained some massive power as well. Apocalypse starts whooping on Achilles, Achilles couldn't even have a chance at fighting back. Aria smiled and then looked up at Adagio but when she saw Adagio's face she saw... a smile. Adagio had a plan she was just waiting for the perfect time. Apocalypse kept up on it's rampage, and Aria finally had enough.

"Apocalypse! End this battle with Omega Blast!!"

Apocalypse charged up and headed towards Achilles. Right before it hit Achilles, Adagio's plan swings into action.

"Now Achilles! Strike it down with a Unison Counter!"

Aria gasp seeing that she had just fallen into Adagio's hands. Just then an explosion transpires and both beys go flying out of the stadium and hit the floor below. Everyone goes quiet waiting for the referee's call.

"That's a ring out finish for... Union Achilles! With a final score of 2-1, Adagio wins!!"

After the referee called the match Aria's head was filled with pain. Aria knew what was about to transpire so she ran off to her room away from everyone. Aria rushes to her waiting room and locks the door. She falls down on the ground holding her head in pain. Aria is then meet with Apocalypse again.

"You said you didn't need me this battle. But ultimately that lead you to your doom! If I had token control we would have won!"

"I can win without you having to take control. For now on we'll win every last battle we have. I promise!"

"Oh will we alright. Cause I'm taking control of you from here on out." Apocalypse rushes towards Aria with a flurry.


Before Aria could finish Apocalypse had token control of her. The now possessed Aria woke up and her eye flickered a dark purplish black color.

"This will be the perfect vessel for me. For now on Aria is gone for I am... APOCALYPSE!!

Preview: The 4th round of the tournament has commenced! Sonata has been faced off with Dean and his mysterious bey. Once the battle begins Sonata is already in some turbulence with Devolos clone. Sonata and Spryzen's bond will be put to the test in order to push through and beat Dean!

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Devastating Power! Beat The Clone!

Devastating Power! Beat The Clone!

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The Dazzlings had just made it to the venue of the tournament. Once arriving they went to the main stage to hear their 4th round opponents. Sonata was in her head thinking about everything that had been happening. Ever since this tournament began things have just been all over the place.

'Aria's been acting weird since last night. She seems more hostile, maybe it's because she lost to Adagio yesterday ruining her perfect 2-0 lead.' Sonata thought.

The Dazzlings arrive to the stage and look at everyone else. They could feel the tension in the air, of course it made since. The round robin was nearly over with. Just then Tom's voice was heard throughout the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! We are back for another day of action-packed battles! Let's see how are bladers are during thus far in the tournament."

The screen shows Leon, Gabby, and Dean with an impressive 3-0. Aria, Adagio, and Sonata with a good 2-1. Valex, Joy, and Bael with a decent 1-2. And finally Frizzle, Athena, and Phoebe with sadly a 0-3.

"Now everyone still has a chance at moving on to the Finals. Although these last few battles will be some of the most fiery and decisive battles yet! Now let's see who's battling who in the 4th round shall we?!"

The screen scrambles around for a while and then it stops. In Group A it was Athena vs Valex, Gabby vs Frizzle, and Sonata vs Dean. Then in Group B, it consisted of Aria vs Joy, Adagio vs Phoebe, and Bael vs Leon.

"Alright then! You know the drill, let's get these matches underway!"

Valex and Athena had arrived to the stadium. Valex smiled while Athena had a worried expression.

'If I don't win here, my chances at moving on to the Semi-Finals will be extinct.'

"It must be a shame Athena. At a sad 0-3 standing, if you can't beat me then your done for. Better yet if you can't beat me what's the chances of you beating Adagio?" Valex asked.

"Adagio has nothing to do with this. Just because I ain't doing good now doesn't mean I can't make a comeback." Athena said.

"Your time here at this tournament is already over."

Athena attaches Ashindra to her launcher and looks at Valex in anger. She was getting frustrated with Valex's word and she was going to make him suffer for it.

Sonata was in her waiting room talking with Artic thinking of a plan to beat Dean. Going against Dean was going to be the hardest battle ever. He was up 3-0 unlike her who was up 2-1. His bey was a balance type like her, but his bey had a clone. The clone was going to be the hardest part about Devolos.

"Sonata, I can't stress enough about how serious this battle is for your future." Artic said.

"F-for realsies?" Sonata asked.

"Yes for realsies. If you lose against Dean he'll move on to the Semi-Finals with 4 wins and 0 loses. However if you win against Dean you and him will be tied at 3-1 each. Then in the 5th round you would have to beat Valex."

"So all I got to do is win. But how do you beat a bey with a clone? That's pretty much a 2 on 1. I can't beat someone like Dean and Devolos."

"There might actually be a way to beat Dean. If you can trounce Devolos before it can activate it's clone. Think you can do that Sonata?"

Before Sonata can answer Artic and Sonata hear a bang come from the TV. They turn around to see Valtryek racing around the stadium while Ashindra was in pieces.

"Sword Valtryek with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Valex is the winner." The referee said determining the match.

Sonata looks at the screen to see Valex and Athena both walk off the stage. Sonata could clearly see a small tear fall from Athena's eye. Sonata frowns seeing Athena so upset about losing. Beyblade wasn't about winning or losing but having fun.

"Come on Sonata. You should practice your launch power."

"Yeah right..."

"The second round of Group A has already began. Frizzle started things off with a slow launch while Gabby unleashed a powerful launch."

Fafnir had token the center while Genesis rushed right towards it. Genesis and Fafnir then clashed right into a head on collision. Fafnir started to speed up while Genesis kept on colliding with it. Genesis then disengages with Fafnir and starts to strike Fafnir with a flurry of blows. However the volley of attacks had no affect on Fafnir, in fact Fafnir just kept speeding up.

After a while Fafnir was spinning at such a fast speed the ground started to shake. On the other hand, Genesis was wobbling almost about to fall over due to a loss of stamina.

"It's all over for you Gabby! Now, Fafnir! Use Wizard Blow!" Frizzle said.

Fafnir speeds up even more and charges towards Genesis. Frizzle was smiling as if she had already won the battle. Before Fafnir slams into Genesis, Gabby's eye lights up.

"Genesis! Use Hybrid Force!" Gabby yelled.

Genesis tip starts spinning and it makes Royal Genesis accelerate increasing it's spin as it sped towards Fafnir. Genesis and Fafnir collide with one another and then Genesis gets the better of Fafnir and burst through Fafnir as if it was nothing. Frizzle gasps seeing her bey burst right in front of her.

"That's Royal Genesis with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Gabby is the winner!! Gabby has now secured her spot in the Semi-Finals!"

The crowd cheers for Gabby while she simply leaves the room. Frizzle picks up her bey sadly and leaves the room. Sonata then stand up from her seat in her waiting room and starts to head out.

'I'm going to prove to everyone just what Beyblade is all about through this battle with Dean.' Spryzen then lights up in Sonata's hand.

Sonata and Dean arrive at the stadium. Dean and Sonata both smile towards each other.

"I've been waiting for this battle for a long time. Let's give this people a show Sonata!" Dean said.


"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Devolos and Spryzen rush around the stadium. Both were in clockwise spinning mode. Spryzen was in Attack mode, she was focused on agility and power.

"Get it there with a Counter Break!"

"Charge in with a Shining Launch!"

The two beys make first contact and both go flying from the strike. They both perfectly land on the upper deck and speed up. Devolos and Spryzen fly off the upper deck and collide with one another in the center.

"Neither Venom Devolos or Turbo Spryzen are backing down! Venom Devolos is now starting to get pushed back!"

Spryzen gets the better of Devolos sending it flying out of the center. Devolos hits the stadium wall and splits into two!

"Now Devolos! Use Dual Phantom!"

Devolos clone charges in and starts pummeling Spryzen with a barrage of strikes. Spryzen just takes the hits, Sonata looks doesn't mind the clone and looks at Devolos on the upper deck. Sonata had a plan she just needed Dean to send Devolos her way first. Out of nowhere the clone ceases it's attack on Spryzen and heads towards Devolos. The clone meets Devolos right at the rim of the upper deck.

"Now Devolos! Use Clone Cannon!!"

Devolos hits the clone ricocheting it towards Spryzen! The clone projects towards Spryzen like a rocket and the clone and Spryzen make contact. The clone was going so fast that once it hit Spryzen, Spryzen was sent flying out of the stadium. It hits the floor below making the first battle over.

"Venom Devolos with a ring out finish! The score is now 1-0 and Dean is in the lead!"

Sonata picks up her bey and looks back at Dean. How did he ever come up with a move like that?

"How did you ever learn a move like that?"

"During our little Tag Battle with you and Adagio. When your bey hit my clone and sent it flying over to Dragon. Not only causing Dragon to burst but for us to lose the battle as well. Thanks to you, I was able to come up with Clone Cannon."

Sonata looks at Dean in shock. 'It was all thanks to me that he was able to come up with that move?' Sonata then looks down at Spryzen with fear and worry in her eyes. 'What are we going to do Spryzen?' Sonata is then put into a void with just her and Spryzen.

"Spryzen. I don't know what to do. That clone is way more of a problem that I thought. I don't think I can overcome something so difficult to beat."

"Whether we will or lose, you wanted to show everyone your way of Blading, right?" Spryzen ask.

"Well yeah. But winning would also be a bonus! I want to show Adagio and Aria that I'm not their clumsy sister who makes mistakes all the time. I want to keep my promise and battle Adagio in the Finals! And most importantly I want you and me to be the best team in the world!"

Spryzen then nods it's head. "Very well. In order to beat Devolos you must you the clone as your advantage. Whenever Devolos splits into two he goes into the air for a few seconds. Before it lands back onto the stadium floor we should strike it down! Then if it survives our attack and tries to unleash Clone Cannon we send it back it's way!"

"That sounds like an amazing idea! Thanks Spryzen! I'll be sure to show everyone my style of Blading!"

Sonata wakes up and finds herself in front of Dean. She smiles and changes her bey from clockwise spinning to counterclockwise spinning, she keeps Spryzen in Attack mode. She sees Dean also adjust her bey.

"The second battle is about to begin and Dean has amazingly taken the first point! His strength is the real deal!"

"I'm taking you down this battle! Your experience my bond with Spryzen to the fullest extent!"

"I'll be the judge of that! Now let's get going!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both Spryzen and Devolos land on the stadium with tremendous force. Both were in left spinning mode and both were going straight to the center. Not only that but Turbo Spryzen had unlocked it's Turbo Awakening.

"Send it flying!"

"Turbo Upper Launch!"

The two beys collide and both start sending a barrage of attacks and strikes towards each other. Spryzen and Devolos then separate from each other and Devolos goes on the upper deck while Spryzen stays on the lower deck waiting for Devolos to pounce. Sonata then looks at Dean and he's looking at the wall of the stadium.

"Now Devolos! Use Dual Phantom!"

Time seems to slow down for Sonata. She had to strike now and she had to strike hard! Spryzen starts to speed up and heads right towards Devolos!

"Spryzen! Strike it down before it lands! Use Counter Break!"

Spryzen hits Devolos before it lands sending it flying. The clone comes off and Devolos survives the hit by hitting the stadium walls. Devolos then speeds up on the upper deck and goes to it's clone.

"Devolos! Use Clone Cannon and it this!"

The clone is then projected towards Spryzen. But unlike before Sonata was ready for it.

"Spryzen! Send that clone the other way with Turbo Spryzen Whip!"

Spryzen hits the clone sending it back to Devolos. This time however the clone had more power than before and hits Devolos. Devolos gets hit by the clone and starts to wobble, the clone gets knocked out the center making it out of comission. Sonata uses this as her advantage and Spryzen rushes towards Devolos!

"Now Spryzen! Use Turbo Spryzen Whip one more time and end this!"

"Devolos use Shining Launch with everything you have!"

Devolos and Spryzen collide with each other. Spryzen having more momentum hits Devolos and Devolos gets sent reeling back from Spryzen's attack. Devolos then burst in the air causing an explosion to occur. When the smoke clears it shows Devolos in pieces and Spryzen happily spinning around the stadium.

"That's a burst finish for Turbo Spryzen! With a final score of 2-1, Sonata is the winner!"

"This is my style of Blading!" Sonata yells.

The crowd cheers for Sonata while Gabby looks down at Sonata. 'When we battle again... I'll annihilate you!!"

Preview: Group B's, 4th round matches are starting up. Aria and Joy have their rematch they've been waiting for. Adagio takes on the Princess of Blading, Phoebe and then as the match with Bael and Leon is underway it looks as though Bael has the advantage. That is until Leon does something that surprises everyone.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Breaking Through! Zone Hammer!

Breaking Through! Zone Hammer!

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Group B's first match was about to begin. Aria was in her room training for her battle against Joy. Apocalypse was racing around the stadium with a dark aura around them.

'I've beat her before and I can beat her again! I'm stronger than ever in fact.... I'll annihilate her and that terrible bey of hers!!'

"The first battle of Group B is about to begin! I hope your all excited for this battle, this one's going to be a good one! Can we get Aria and Joy to the stadium please?"

Aria picked up her bey and walked out of her waiting room when she heard Tom's voice. If Aria won this battle she would be one step closer to making it to the Semi-Finals.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Starting us off in Group B is the girl that always takes a chance, Joy and her bey Judgement Joker going up against the girl surrounded in darkness, Aria and her bey Prime Apocalypse!"

Aria and Joy arrive to the stadium. Joy happily smiled at Aria while Aria just looked at Joy.

"We finally get our rematch! Hope your ready Aria, because I'm going to win this one!" Joy said.

Aria stayed silent and attached her bey to her launcher. 'I'm going to beat you in the 1st battle.'

"One strike and this battle will be over!" Aria said.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys land on the stadium, Joker races around the stadium, while Apocalypse... was crashing into the walls? Did Aria make a mis-launch? Aria smiles when she sees her bey crashing into the wall.

Apocalypse kept crashing into the walls of the stadium. Apocalypse was starting to lose speed from hitting the walls. Just then for the first time the center of Apocalypse turns red. Aria lets out an evil grin and her eyes turn a bright purplish black. Apocalypse then sped up on it's own thanks to Prime Reboot. Apocalypse races off from the upper deck and towards Joker.

"Here's our chance Joker! Use Fate's Judgement!"

"Now! Omega Blast!!"

The two beys collide causing a massive whirlwind to stirrup. Joker gets sent flying up in the air due to the whirlwind and burst into pieces. Joy gasp seeing her precious bey burst before her eyes.

"Prime Apocalypse with a burst finish!! With a final score of 2-0, Aria is the winner!"

"Aria has just gotten her 3 point making her one step closing in making it to the Finals!"

Adagio stands up from the stands and heads off to face off with Phoebe. Before she can leave however Sonata stops her.

"Adagio! Good luck out there! I just know you can beat Phoebe! If Aria could do it then so can you! Don't forget about our promise, we're going to battle in the Finals with each other!" Sonata said.

"Don't worry, Sonata." Adagio said. "I'll be sure to win against Phoebe no matter what!"

Adagio and Phoebe arrive at the stadium. Phoebe and Adagio both smile at each other and show off their beys to each other.

"Hope your ready Adagio, because I plan on winning. My losing streak has got to end somewhere and sadly for you it's going to end here."

"Sorry Phoebe. But your losing streak is going to continue. I'm going to win and then take a step closing to making it to the Finals. I promised someone I would battle them in the Finals and I plan on making it happen."

"We'll see about that!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both Pegasus and Achilles take to the stadium. Achilles was in Stamina mode without the Unison Sword equipped to it. Pegasus and Achilles collide in the center and start their head to head collision with one another. Both then let go from their collision and climb onto the upper deck and speed up.

"Now Pegasus! Harmonic Thunder!"

"Get it there with Unison Breaker!"

Both beys slam into each other and both go flying. Both beys land on the ground at almost the exact same time. Both bladers look at the ref and waits for the call.

"Harmony Pegasus with a ring out finish! One point is rewarded to Phoebe making the score 1-0."

The crowd cheers while both Phoebe and Adagio pick up their beys. Adagio changes Achilles into Attack mode and she equipped the Unison Sword increasing it's speed and power.

"This battle will be our last!"

"I could say the same! Me and Achilles are going to burst Pegasus!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys take to the stadium with powerful launches. Pegasus quickly and swiftly takes the center while Achilles pounces at it with a volley of agile attacks. Achilles kept pummeling Pegasus with a bunch of strikes that the yellow wings appeared. Adagio smiles and Achilles rises to the upper deck.

"Now take Pegasus out with Unison Sword!"

"Reverse Heal!"

Achilles hits Pegasus sending it flying. Pegasus's wings revert back in but when it hits the walls to the upper deck, the wings immediately come back out again! Phoebe gasp in surprise while Adagio smiles, Adagio had came up with a loophole to beat the wings! Achilles was now on Pegasus's tail about to strike it down, but Phoebe wasn't going to let that happen.

"Knock it out of here with Feather Storm!"

Pegasus creates a storm and the storm carries Achilles lifting it off the ground. Achilles goes flying and hits the wall of the stadium, it then bounces off the wall and into the air right above Pegasus!

"Now Achilles! Ride the storm with Unison Breaker!"

Achilles slashes through the storm and crashes onto of Pegasus. Pegasus and Achilles then both go sent flying! Pegasus burst in midair while Achilles hits the ground.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-1, Adagio wins!"

"Adagio wins her match making her a step closer in making it to the Semi-Finals!"

Adagio and Phoebe shake hands and leave the stadium. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata were all just one point away from moving on to the Semi-Finals. With Gabby being the only one to move on in Group A, there was only 1 more spot in Group A left, while Group B still had 2 free spots. Things seemed to finally be changing for the better and it looked like all the Dazzlings could be moving on to the Semi-Finals. However not all good things last for long.

Bael's and Leon's first battle was currently underway. Balkesh was currently taking all of Luinor's attacks like they were nothing. Balkesh's defense was so tough that not even the fast heavy attacker Luinor couldn't even deal damage to it.

"Luinor's assault on Balkesh isn't stopping, but no matter how hard he pushes Luinor's just ain't doing any good. Luinor is now starting to slow down is this the end of Luinor?"

Luinor used every ounce of energy it had left and attacked Balkesh but no matter, Balkesh just didn't budge. Luinor then ran out of energy and grinned to a halt.

"Dusk Balkesh with a survivor finish! With a score of 1-0, Bael is in the lead!"

The crowd cheers for Bael as he and Leon pick up their beys. Leon looks at Luinor and then he smiles. He had a plan and Bael had no clue what was about to hit him. Bael just smiles and attaches his bey to his launcher.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Balkesh and Luinor take to the stadium, Balkesh takes center stage while Luinor instantly striking it down. Luinor deals some fierce blows to Balkesh that it actually starts doing some damage. Leon smiles while Bael starts to feel the pressure. Leon ramped up his launch power to make his attack power even stronger.

"End this match with Zone Slam!" Leon yelled.

"Not on my watch! Balkesh unleash Dusk Circle!" Bael yelled.

Luinor hits Balkesh creating Balkesh to turn into a perfect circle. Luinor's rampage begins all over again from the 1st battle and Luinor starts delivering a barrage of attacks on Balkesh. However Balkesh just blocks all of them as if they were nothing.

"Send it flying, Luinor!"

Luinor hits Balkesh making it go out of the center and onto the upper deck. Leon smiles but then he sees Bael smiling. Bael was up to something but Leon didn't know what. Balkesh then speeds up on the upper deck and charges down towards Leon. Leon's eyes widen, that's what Bael was planning. A counterattack!

"Balkesh! End this match and Luinor with Dusk Crash!"

Balkesh slams into Luinor causing it to go flying. Luinor hits the wall of the stadium, but instead of slowing down... something else happened. Luinor bounces off the wall and full on charges towards Balkesh. Bael gasp in shock as Luinor lit up.

"Tear it into pieces, Luinor! Zone Hammer!"

Luinor comes in and deals the final blow to Balkesh. A huge explosion happens causing everyone to cover their eyes. Balkesh gets thrown up in the air and burst. The blow was so hard it made Bael lose his balance and fall to the ground.

"Zone Luinor with a burst finish! Final scoring of 2-1, Leon is your winner!"

The crowd cheers for Leon as he picks up his bey with a smile. Bael gets back up and grabs his bey. He was ashamed of losing but he tried his best. Up in the stands the Dazzlings were confused as to the events that just occured.

"Hey Artic. You mind telling us what went down in that battle?" Adagio asked.

"Luinor aligned with his metal components causing it to gain a surge in power. Leon let his bey get hit on purpose so that he could unlock what he called Zone Hammer." Artic said.

"Guess Leon is stronger than I thought."

"You know this means trouble for you and Aria, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"And if that victory to his belt, Leon will now be joining Gabby in the Semi-Finals, what an achievement! His strength is limitless and possibly unstoppable! Now only one spot is left for both Group A and B. We're going to have to find out who will take the last spots in the 5th round."

The screen shows everyone's scores so far. Leon and Gabby with a 4-0. Dean, Sonata, Aria, and Adagio with a 3-1. Valex with a 2-2. Bael and Joy with a 1-3 and Frizzle, Athena, and Phoebe with a 0-4.

"The 5th round is going to be the decided match for which remaining Bladers will move on to the Semi-Finals! To keep you all on suspense we're going to announce the last match-ups right now!"

With that the screen shakes around for awhile until it comes to a halt. The matches were, for Group A, Frizzle vs Athena, Valex vs Sonata, and Dean vs Gabby, while for Group B it was, Phoebe vs Joy, Adagio vs Bael, and Aria vs Leon.

"And it's settled the last matches of the tournament will commence tomorrow! Be there or be squared."

"Valex? He's formidable but I can take him and show that I'm way stronger!"

"I'll break through Balkesh's defense as if it's nothing."

Aria saw her match against Leon and smiled. 'I'll annihilate this so called Champion! I'll destroy Luinor!!!

Preview: The 5th and final round of the round robin is finally here! Group A starts us off with, and everyone is bursting with energy. Dean finally gets his chance at revenge for his brother Derek, by going up against Gabby. Blinded by rage and revenge Dean gives it his all.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: A Brother's Revenge! Dean's Counterattack!

A Brother's Revenge! Dean's Counterattack!

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The day had started off like any other for the Dazzlings until they got to the venue of the tournament. That when the action started, the Dazzlings made their way to the viewing stands and watched the first match starts things off.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope your just as excited as me for this match to begin! Starting things off today is the girl full of tricks, Frizzle and her bey Wizard Fafnir. Her opponent is a girl known as a prodigy it's Athena and her bey Bushin Ashindra. Both bladers have a 0-4 score, so whoever wins this will get their first point while the other will sadly get a 0-5." Tom said.

Both bladers get to the stadium and look at each other. Both knew just how important this battle was going to be for them. Neither said anything and both got ready for their battle.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys take to the stadium and Fafnir and Ashindra both head to center. Both bladers let out a battle cry as their beys collide in the center.

Sonata was in her room talking with Artic once again. Sonata's match against Valex wasn't going to be a walk in the park. If Sonata wanted to go to the Finals she was going to have to beat Valex. Artic however knew Sonata could beat him just as long as she had a plan.

"Sonata. I want you to put Spryzen in defense mode. Valtryek has more raw power than Spryzen, and putting Spryzen in stamina mode would put you at the type disadvantage. So putting Spryzen in defense mode would be your best decision." Artic said.

"But I haven't mastered defense mode. I think it would be better if I went with attack or stamina, you know, modes I have mastered. I'm not saying your plan won't work but I just think it would be smart if I went with a mode I felt confident in using." Sonata said, but then she saw Artic giving her a look.

"If you lose to Valex your chances at going to the Semi-Finals we be over. You have to go with Defense mode, so please Sonata just go with Defense mode. If things don't turn out good then you can change back in attack or stamina. But you never know. Maybe your bond with Spryzen could help with mastering defense mode mid-battle."

Sonata looks down at Spryzen and Spryzen shines red. "Alright, I'll do it!"

"It's over with a ring out finish! Fafnir broke through Ashindra's defense and has lead to a 2-1 victory for Frizzle!"

"Guess, I should be heading off now." Sonata stood up and walked out of the room. While she was walking to the stadium she heard Artic's voice.

"Good luck Sonata! I know you can do it!"

"It's time for the second match for Group A. We have Sonata going up against Valex. This match could hold the fate for Sonata if she wins or loses. We're going to have to find out if Sonata's winning streak will keep up or if Valex can stop her in her tracks."

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both Spryzen and Valtryek crash onto the stadium. Sonata had listened to Artic's advice and put Spryzen in defense mode. She would admit that when launching Spryzen it felt weird but it was nothing she couldn't handle. Spryzen takes the center stage while Valtryek rushes around the stadium waiting for the right time to strike.

"Now Valtryek! Start things off with a Rush Launch!" Valex yelled.

Valtryek pulls off a 360 attack on Spryzen while all Spryzen could do was take the attacks. Sonata was worried if Spryzen could handle it or not but Spryzen seemed to be holding it's ground. Valtryek kept pummeling Spryzen with a volley of blows that Spryzen was starting to feel the damage.

"Spryzen is starting to wobble, will Spryzen be able to keep it up? Or will Valtryek's attacks be to hard to handle for Spryzen!?"

"Spryzen! Let's turn this around with Counter Break!"

Spryzen hits Valtryek sending it flying the other way it came. Valtryek climbs the upper deck and speeds up, it then rushes down towards Spryzen.

"Valtryek! Send it out of here with Wing Whip!!"

Valtryek slams into Spryzen and Spryzen goes flying into the air. Spryzen hits the floor outside of the stadium and Sonata gasp in surprise.

"Sword Valtryek with a ring out finish! The score is 1-0, Valex is in the lead."

The crowd cheers as Sonata picks up her bey. She looks down at Spryzen in worry.

'Even though Artic told me to put you in defense mode I should have done what I wanted to do. That's my fault... I'm sorry Spryzen. But for now on it's nothing more than you and me.'

"Valex! Get ready cause I'm coming at you with all I got! Me and Spryzen are going to defeat you and Valtryek with a burst finish! Get ready with the greatest comeback of a lifetime!"

"Let's see if your bey can do as much as your mouth."

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Valtryek and Spryzen take to the stadium and both start off attacking one another. Spryzen in right spin attack mode with the Turbo Awakening was able to land some devastating blows to Valtryek. Valtryek not backing down was unleashing a barrage of strikes on Spryzen. Neither bey was backing down and both were going at each others like two bulls.

"Valtryek! Knock Spryzen out of there with Rush Launch!!"

"Spryzen! Counterattack with Turbo Upper Launch!!"

Valtryek and Spryzen clash and crash with each other. Both colliding and both went flying. Both Valtryek and Spryzen take to the upper deck and speed up. A small golden tint was fading off of Spryzen and Spryzen starting speeding up and was heading towards Valtryek.

"Now end this thing! Turbo Spryzen Whip!!"

"Valtryek! Use Wing Whip!!"

Valtryek and Spryzen collide and both beys go sent flying. Valtryek burst in the air as Spryzen hits the stadium wall and lands back into the stadium. The crowd was silent but then roared to life.

"Turbo Spryzen with a Burst finish! The score is 2-1, Sonata is the winner!!"

"With her victory Sonata might have just won herself a way into the Semi-Finals. However we still have one more match to get to that will decide if Sonata will make it to the Semi-Finals or not."

Dean and Gabby arrived to the stadium. Their both silent but Dean is giving Gabby a death stare.

"You were the reason my brother had to drop out of the tournament! Your destroyed Dragon into tiny pieces and just laughed it off like it was nothing! I'm going to make you pay for what you did to him and his bey!" Dean yelled.

"His bey would of never of been destroyed if he hadn't been so keen on battling. Your brother is too blame for his beys demise, and because of it Sonata took his spot in the tournament. If he wasn't so weak his bey wouldn't be in pieces." Gabby said.

"How would you like it if your bey was destroyed? If Genesis was shattered into so many pieces it could never recover? Bet you would feel like you just lost apart of yourself. I'll shatter your bey and your confidence! You won't be able to blade without a bey so you'll have to forfeit your spot in the Semi-Finals! How would you like all of that Gabby!"

Gabby then looks at Dean and her eye lights up. "You... beat me? Get real! It'll take a zillion years until you might be able to get to a fraction of my strength! The only bey that will be shattered in this battle is yours!!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

Genesis and Devolos take to the stadium and both both head towards the center. However instead of making contact like everyone though, Dean had a different plan in his mind.

"Go! Shining Launch!"

The two beys barely miss making contact. Devolos go past the center while Genesis happily claims the center while no worries. Gabby looks up at Dean, she didn't see any potential in Dean or his bey.

"That's it!"

Devolos climbs up the upper deck and collides with the stadium wall. Devolos goes flying into the air!

"Now Dual Phantom!!"

Devolos and it's clone split apart, and land back in the stadium.

"Devolos waste no time going in with it's clone attack!"

The clone then starts to throw a volley of strikes on Genesis. Gabby looks at Dean and just smiles.

"I was wondering what you had up your sleeve."

'I'll have to start by dealing some heavy damage to Genesis.'

"Attacks like those are useless against my Genesis!!"

The clone then hits Genesis making the middle turn bright red. Genesis is sent out of the center and in a collision course with Devolos.

"And here we go! Genesis has lured Devolos into attacking range."

But the weird thing is that Devolos and Genesis evade each other once again.

"Alright! Dean dodged the attack!" Sonata said.

"Think again." Aria said.

"Genesis didn't go in for the attack on purpose. But why though?" Adagio asked.

Dean smiles, "I know what it's weakness is."

Genesis comes towards Devolos with it's sword out to strike.

"Seize your moment and aim for it! Now Devolos!"

Devolos speeds up and heads towards it's clone.

"Now! Clone Cannon!" The clone goes flying and makes contact with Genesis's sword. "Shatter that sword!" The clone continues to make contact with Genesis while Devolos came in with a final blow! "I'm risking everything for this moment! Clone Impact!"

The sound of something break could be heard from around the room. Everyone looks to see not a bey to be broken but Devolos's clone to be split in half from the attack.

"Pop goes the bey! Devolos clone is out of commission! Royal Genesis remains untouched!"

Devolos still continues to race around the stadium while Genesis started to light up.

Dean growls, "It can't be!"

"That's right." Dean looks up to see Gabby talking. "What your feeble mind believed to be our weakness was actually Royal Genesis's greatest weapon, Genesis!"

Genesis goes into Superior-Flux and uses the slope of the stadium to speed up and head towards Devolos.

"And now the darkness shall engulf the light! Hybrid Force!!"

Genesis speeds up even more and crashes into Devolos. Devolos and Genesis have a head on collision. Just then an explosion happened and the sound of something breaking could be heard.

In the Beyblade Avatar world, Genesis had just cut a hole through Devolos heart. In real life, Devolos had been shattered into tiny fragments that could never be repaired. The Dazzlings gasps as Dean falls to knees in pain of his bey breaking.

"Royal Genesis with a burst finish! That's a score of 2-0! Gabby is the winner of the match!"

The crowd slowly cheers for Gabby. They were still surprised about Gabby breaking Dean's bey in front of thousands of people.

"With Gabby winning the match and Dean losing, Sonata has now officially proven herself as the other person in Group A to take a spot in the Semi-Finals!! Now there is only 1 spot left in Group B, who will take it?"

Even though the crowd was cheering for Sonata moving onto the Semis, Sonata didn't feel happy making it. Seeing Dean sadly leave the stadium with a broken bey made her sad. And it was all Gabby's fault that Dean's bey was broken.

Sonata looked down at Spryzen. 'When we battle Gabby we'll beat her for sure!'

Preview: Group B's, 5th round matches begin. Phoebe and Joy got head to head, Adagio and Bael get to duel it out. Things get real when Aria and Leon showdown in an attack vs attack showdown. With Apocalypse in control the battle is more chaotic than ever. Will Leon be able to beat the Apocalypse possessed Aria or will Apocalypse prove to be too much for even Leon's power?

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Advancing To The Finals!

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The 1st round of Group B had already began. Phoebe and Joy were going head to head with one another. Pegasus had token the center while Joker unleashed a barrage of strikes on it.

"Take it out, Fate's Judgement!" Joy yelled.

"Take it for a skies, Feather Storm!" Phoebe yelled.

Pegasus's storm is able to pick up Joker and Joker goes flying into the air. Joker then burst in the air making Phoebe the winner!

"Harmony Pegasus with a burst finish! With a score of 2-0, Phoebe is the winner!" The referee said.

The crowd cheers while Phoebe jumps up and down. She had finally won her match but sadly her last match in the tournament.

"With that battle out of the way, it's time for the second battle to get underway! Bael's defense going up against Adagio's leadership! Who's going to win? Your going to have to find out!" Tom said.

Bael and Adagio arrive to the stadium. Adagio had changed Achilles into stamina mode with the Union Sword attached to it. She was going in with power and agility to get the better of Balkesh.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys take to the stadium, Balkesh goes for the center while Achilles climbs the upper deck to pick up speed. Achilles then jumps off the upper deck and heads towards Balkesh to make first contact.

"Get in there with a Unison Launch!"

Achilles starts delivering a volley of blows on Balkesh. After a while, Balkesh turns into a perfect circle and starts parrying all of Achilles attacks. Achilles doesn't let up and Achilles continues to strike Balkesh.

'Gotta go for the center. That's where Balkesh's weakness is at. I just need to wait for the right moment.'

"Dusk Circle!" Bael yelled.

Achilles continues to slam into Balkesh but no matter how hard it hit Balkesh it didn't work. Adagio growls while Bael smiles seeing Adagio struggle to take him down.

"Just try to get past my defense! Nothing can break through Balkesh's defense!"

"We'll see about that! Me and Achilles can do anything! Breaking through some pesky defense will be easy! Go forth, Achilles!"

Achilles speeds up and climbs up to the upper deck. Achilles then hits the upper deck wall and jumps off the upper deck. Balkesh was going in to attack Achilles while Achilles was still in the air.

"Take it out of here!"

"Show them a real attack with Unison Sword!"

Balkesh and Achilles collide with a flurry. Achilles sword however is able to slice through Balkesh defense and burst Balkesh. Achilles lands back in the stadium and races around.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Adagio is the winner!!"

The crowd cheers while Adagio and Bael pick up their beys. Adagio smiles, now all she had to do was hope that Aria wouldn't win against Leon making her chances to the Semi-Finals guaranteed.

"Now that Adagio had won her match she must now hope that Aria can't beat Leon. Will the Dragon Tamer take the win or will the Queen of Darkness win? Your going to have to find out!"

Aria and Leon arrive to the stadium. Both bladers look at each other, both wanted to win no matter what. Both were attack types but one was a left spinning while the other was a right spinning bey. This might be the last battle but both bladers were going to make it their best battle!

'The last time I battled Leon was in our 3 on 1 at his house. He knocked Apocalypse out of the ring with one strike, but I've grown as a blader since then. I'm stronger now and now I'll annihilate him with Apocalypse with brute force!'

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys take to the stadium Luinor and Apocalypse rushes around the stadium at light speeds. Luinor and Apocalypse rush towards the center and Luinor sends Apocalypse flying with it's attack. Apocalypse lands on the upper deck and races down, it strikes Luinor, sending Luinor flying. Luinor comes back and Luinor and Apocalypse start sending attacks to one another.

"Apocalypse and Luinor exchange blows with one another. Neither seem to be backing down from their attacks! But whose attacks are stronger?! Will Luinor win or will Apocalypse win?"

"Take it out with Zone Slam!!" Leon yelled.

Luinor hits Apocalypse sending them both flying across the stadium. Luinor aligns making it able to unleash Zone Hammer while the middle of Apocalypse turns red.

"Use Prime Reboot!!"

Apocalypse rushes off the upper deck and charges around waiting for Luinor to strike. Luinor speeds up on the upper deck and jumps off the upper deck heading for an upper attack on Apocalypse!

"End this thing with Zone Hammer, Luinor! Drive out the obstruction!"

"Not on my watch! End this thing with Omega Blast! Annihilate them! Destroy Luinor into tiny pieces!"

Luinor and Apocalypse collide with one another. Luinor's metal against Apocalypse sword! Neither beys were backing down as both kept colliding with each other. Neither blader wanted to lose so both let out a battle cry.

"Who's going to win?" Sonata asked.

"We're going to find out soon enough." Adagio said.

Winds were picking up and explosions were going off due to this fierce battle! Everyone looked in anticipation on who was going to win the match. Just then the sound of something getting pushed in is heard and then a giant explosion happens. Leon and Aria look in surprise and wait to see what had happened. The explosions dies and Apocalypse burst to the pressure of Luinor! The crowd, and even Aria and Leon look in surprise at what just happened.

"Z-Zone Luinor with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Leon is the winner!"

"With Leon winning the match Adagio has secured the last spot in Group B! It's with a heavy heart that everyone else in the tournament has been eliminated!"

The screen shows Athena, Frizzle, Valex, Dean, Joy, Bael, Phoebe, and Aria faces. Their faces then turn black showing that they were eliminated. The only four faces left standing are Gabby, Adagio, Leon, and Sonata. Aria was one her knees with Apocalypse in pieces. She looked down and she could do the only thing she could do... cry. Tears fell out of Aria's eyes and hit the ground, her chances at making it to the Semi-Finals were over. Even with Apocalypse in control she still couldn't beat Leon.

"Our final four have finally been decided! Gabby! Adagio! Leon! Sonata! It's time for the moment you all have been waiting for! The Semi-Final match-ups! Who will battle who in a face off in the Semi-Finals? Well, let's find out!"

The 4 faces spin around for awhile and then they stop. The faces turns over and surprises everyone!

"The matches have been decided! In the 1st round Adagio and Leon will go head to head! And in the 2nd round Gabby and Sonata will battle it out! I hope your all as excited as me cause these matches are going to be red hot with drama! Who will move on and make it to the Finals? We're all just going to have to find out... tomorrow!"

The Dazzlings walk out of the venue of the tournament. Adagio and Sonata were excited to make it to the Semi-Finals why Aria had her head down in shame.

"Adagio, Sonata. I'm very proud of you two to make it to the Semi-Finals. I think we should all go out and get something to eat then we can get some ice cream! Would you guys like that?" Sunset asked.


"Adagio, don't you dare lose to Leon. Don't forget our promise to both make it to the Finals together!"

"And you better not lose to Gabby, Sonata."

Sunset looks at Adagio and Sonata and smiled. She then looked back at Aria and frowned. She wasn't upset with Aria not making it, she just didn't know how to make Aria feel better. Just then Aria stopped making Sunset stop in the process. Adagio and Sonata bump into their mom and look at her to see her looking at Aria. They both look back and look at Aria, who was looking down at the ground.

"Aria. Is everything alright?"

"Adagio... Sonata... do your best in the Semi-Finals. I may no longer be in the tournament but that doesn't mean I can't cheer you two on! Adagio get revenge on Leon for me, and Sonata take down Gabby for all of us. Then you two can have the best battle in the Finals with one another!"

Adagio, Sonata, and Sunset all smile at Aria. The round robin was over but now the Semi-Finals were about to begin! Things were about to get extreme but just how extreme were things going to get.

Preview: The 1st match of the Semi-Finals starts with Adagio going up against Leon. Leon's power seems to be overwhelming for Adagio but then Adagio has a one on one with Achilles. Adagio and Achilles put their bond to the test with Leon and Luinor!

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The Strongest Sword And Shield!

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The Dazzlings arrived to the tournament arena. Adagio and Sonata walked over to the stadium but when they got there Gabby and Leon were already there.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! It's time for the moment we've been waiting for. It's time for the Semi-Finals to begin. Our final four! Gabby! Leon! Adagio! And Sonata! This four will battle it out to see which ones will move on to the Finals!" Tom said.

"Your going down, Adagio!" Leon said.

"Not if me and Achilles have anything to say about it." Adagio said.

"Gabby! Me and Spryzen have gotten stronger since our last battle! We're going to beat you this time." Sonata said.

Gabby just looks at Sonata and then walks away.

"Let's get our first match underway! Adagio the leader going up against Leon the Dragon Tamer! The Semi-Finals will be a first to 2 points while the Finals are a first to 3 points!"

Sonata follows Gabby and leaves the stadium while Adagio and Leon get ready for battle.

'I can't beat him in a battle of attack, so I'll have to take him on in a battle of stamina.'

Adagio puts Achilles in defense mode without the Unison Sword equipped. She was going at Leon with all she had, Adagio was going to make it to the Finals no matter what.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Achilles and Luinor crash onto the stadium floors. Achilles took the center while Luinor climbed onto the upper deck. Luinor then gains speeds and races off the upper deck to collide with Achilles.

"Now Zone Slam!"

"Defend it with, Unison Defense!"

Luinor then starts pummeling Achilles with a volley of blows. Albeit, Achilles parried every one of Luinor's attacks. Luinor then uses the slope and collides with Achilles sending both beys flying. Luinor and Achilles both land on the upper deck and both were charging up for a head on collision with each other.

"Unison Breaker!"

Achilles and Luinor slam into each other. Achilles falls back to the lower deck and takes the center, while Luinor crashes into the upper deck walls. Luinor aligns and races off the upper deck.

"Now Luinor! Zone Hammer!"

"Parry it with Unison Shield!"

Luinor and Achilles clash with one another, however Luinor gets the better of Achilles and sends it flying out of the ring.

"Zone Luinor with a ring out finish! The score is 1-0, Leon takes the lead!"

The crowd cheers as Adagio and Leon pick up their beys. Adagio looks at Leon, he was oozing with power and it made Adagio worry. She was already done a point, and she couldn't afford to lose another. She was going to have to come up with something and fast.

"Achilles. What are we going to do?"

Achilles brights up and Adagio is brought into a realm with just her and Achilles.

"Achilles... is that you."

"Yes it is. I've always been here." Achilles said.

"Achilles what are we going to do? Leon is so strong and we're already done a point. I'm doing my best but even that might not be enough to take down someone like Leon and Luinor."

"I am Achilles. I have a sword and shield. In order to win against a bey like Luinor you must use my Sword and Shield during this battle. You can't just beat Luinor with my Shield alone. Can you do that?"

"Your Sword and Shield? Yeah! I'll show everyone the greatest Sword and Shield ever!"


Adagio is then brought back, she then adjusts Achilles. Achilles is now in Stamina mode with the Unison Sword equipped to it. Adagio had a plan that was flawless. Leon looks at Adagio and then he smiles.

'I'll take her down and show her who's the better blader!'

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys take to the stadium. Once again Achilles takes the center while Luinor races around the stadium and starts attacking Achilles.

"The same thing is happening from round 1. Will Leon take this battle just like the last one or will Adagio turn things around? It's Luinor's heavy attacks going up against Achilles Sword and Shield! Who will win and who will lose?"

Luinor continues to strike down on Achilles, while Achilles continues to defend it's attacks. Leon and Adagio both smile as they knew the end was near. Luinor uses the slope to speed up and heads towards Achilles.

"Now Zone Slam!"

Luinor and Achilles collide with each other. Both beys go flying onto the upper deck and then the same thing as last time. Achilles and Luinor go in for a head to head collision in the upper deck and collide with a clash! Achilles go flying to the lower deck and takes the center while Luinor hits the upper deck wall and aligns. Leon smiles while Adagio looks in surprise.

"It's all over, Adagio! Now Luinor, Zone Hammer!!"

"Quickly! Unison Shield!"

Luinor comes racing down and collides with Achilles. Luinor breaks through Achilles defense and sends Achilles flying high into the skies. Leon smiles while Adagio looks in shock. She then smiles and Leon notices. What Leon didn't know was that, he just fell for Adagio's plan all along.

"Now Achilles! Unison Sword!"

Achilles comes flying down and falls onto of Luinor! Luinor goes flying into the air and bursts while Achilles races around the stadium. The crowd is silent but then they cheer for Adagio.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! The score is 2-1, Adagio is the winner!"

"After an amazing comeback victory, Adagio has taken out Leon and will be moving onto the Finals! Where she will either battle Sonata or Gabby in the Finals! Now it's time for the 2nd match in the Semi-Finals to begin! Sonata and Gabby please arrive to the stadium!"

Up in the stands Aria, Sunset, and Sonata were celebrating for Adagio's victory.

"So Adagio was actually able to take down Leon for me. Guess she's the better blader between the two of us. But one day I'll take down her and Leon, then I'll be moving onto the Semi-Finals." Aria said.

"I must agree, Adagio is an amazing blader. But all 3 of you are amazing in my eyes. All of you have potential and I know one day all 3 of you will make it far one day." Sunset said.

"Guess it's my turn. I'll take down Gabby and then I will have kept my promise to Adagio!"

"Good luck Sonata!" They both said.

Sonata was making her way to the stadium when she ran into Adagio. Adagio was walking back and heading to watch in the viewing stands.

"I told you I would beat Leon and Luinor. Now it's your turn Sonata. I know you can take down Gabby and Genesis, and then I'll be waiting for you in the Finals with Achilles!"

"I'll take down Genesis and Gabby for sure! Then I'll take you on and beat you and Achilles with Spryzen on my side."

Sonata and Adagio then high-five and then go their ways.

Gabby and Sonata arrive to the stadium, Sonata smiles while Gabby looks at Sonata. Just then Gabby looks up at Sonata and Sonata could tell something wasn't right.

"Sonata during this battle... your precious bey will be destroyed. Turbo Spryzen will meet it's fate!"

Gabby then darkly smiles while aura surrounded her. Genesis then appears behind her, Sonata takes a step back in fear. This was going to be her hardest battle yet. Sonata then looks down at Spryzen and smiles.

"Sorry Gabby, but I made a promise and I intend on keeping it! The only one who's going to win is me and Spryzen! Spryzen ain't going nowhere anytime soon!" Spryzen then appears behind Sonata and aura surrounds Sonata.

This was going to be one fiery hot battle. But the question on everyone's mind was; who was going to win and move onto the Finals with Adagio?

Preview: The 2nd round of the Semi-Finals is about to begin. Gabby and Sonata go head to head to see who will take the last spot in the Finals and battle Adagio. While the battle enters the climax, Gabby unleashes a new mover that'll surprise everyone.

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Enter The Final Battle!

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"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! The 2nd round of the Semi-Finals is about to begin! It's the dark horse Sonata going up against the solitary Gabby! Who will win and move to the Finals were they will battle Adagio? We're just going to have to find out!" Tom yelled.

Gabby and Sonata place their beys on their launches. They both look at each other with a fire burning in their eyes. They both wanted to go to the Finals but only one was going to make it.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys launch with a flurry, Genesis takes the center while Spryzen... was nowhere to be seen. It wasn't on the lower deck and it wasn't on the upper deck, it was as if Spryzen totally vanished. Gabby looks up at Sonata and she was smiling.

"Hey! Where's Spryzen!" Gabby yelled.

Sonata simply looks at Gabby with a smile. "What comes up must come down! Now Spryzen! Hit it with a Spryzen Dive!"

Gabby looks up to see Spryzen up in the air. Sonata had launched Spryzen up in the air to do a surprise attack on Gabby. Not having any time to defend against the attack, Spryzen hits Genesis causing both beys to go flying. Genesis and Spryzen both land on the upper deck and speed up towards each other.

"Take them out with a Turbo Upper Launch!"

"Now Royal Scream!"

Genesis and Spryzen collide in the center and both beys go flying. Both beys get knocked out of the ring and hit the ground.

"Who took it?" Aria asked.

The crowd is silent, Gabby and Sonata both look at the referee. The referee then makes the call.

"Royal Genesis with a ring out finish. That's 1 point rewarded to Gabby, the score is now 1-0!"

The crowd cheers as the two bladers pick up their beys. Gabby picks up Genesis and then looks back at Sonata. Sonata smiles at Spryzen and then looks at Gabby.

"See Gabby! This is the bond between me and Spryzen! We may not of been able to take the 1st battle but the 2nd battle win be ours!"

"I will admit that was a nice trick of yours. However that won't be enough to beat me and Genesis! Now heed my warning Sonata, you and Spryzen will feel Genesis's wrath in this battle, leading to your inevitable destruction!!"

Sonata just looks at Gabby and smiles. She puts Spryzen in Left spinning Stamina mode, she was going to come at Gabby and Genesis with all she had. Sonata looks down at Spryzen and smiles, 'We're going to win, we're coming at her with all we got. And even if this is our last battle, let's make it our best battle yet!' Aura surrounds Sonata and Gabby as they both looked at each other. They both wanted to win but only one can remain!

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Gabby and Sonata launch their beys into the stadium. Spryzen unlocked Turbo Awakening and took off once hitting the stadium. Genesis took the center while Spryzen hit with a volley of strikes. Spryzen was hitting Genesis left and right not letting it get a second to recover. Spryzen had to pressure Genesis right from the beginning if Sonata wanted to win this battle.

"Now hit it with a Counter Break!"

Spryzen hits Genesis sending it flying up to the upper deck. Genesis lands on the upper deck and speeds up.

"Use a combo attack of Hybrid Force and Royal Scream!"

Genesis hits Spryzen and Spryzen goes flying! Adagio and Aria gasp as Spryzen goes flying it looked like it was going to be another ring out finish making this match extinct, but Sonata had other things planned.

"Now Spryzen! Change into Attack mode!!"

"Not on my watch! Take them down before it can land!"

Genesis comes charging in to take down Spryzen as Spryzen came flying down like a rocket. Spryzen comes flying down and it's tip changes from Stamina to Defense then to Attack. Spryzen jumps over Genesis and speeds up due to it being on the upper deck. Spryzen and Genesis then come flying down to the lower deck. Gabby's eyes widen as she sees Spryzen racing around the stadium at a high speed.

A small tint of gold can be seen trailing behind Spryzen, Gabby sees this and looks up at Sonata. Sonata is smiling and looking at Gabby.

"I told you! I'm going to win this thing and move on to the Finals with Adagio. Heed my warning Gabby, you and Genesis are going to suffer a burst finish!!"

Something in Gabby's chest tights up. Gabby lets out a battle cry in the air. Genesis then instantly goes into Superior-Flux and charges towards Spryzen!

"It's time for judgement to come! You and Spryzen will meet the same fate as Dean and Derek's beys!"

"No I won't! The only fate will be your lose! Now Turbo Spryzen Whip!!"

Genesis and Spryzen collide in the center. They're stuck in a head to head collision with each other. Genesis then slowly starts to push Spryzen back.

"I need more.... I NEED MORE!!!"

Genesis pushes Spryzen back onto the upper deck and has made Spryzen start to slam into the stadium walls.

"Hang in there, Spryzen!"


A huge explosion occurs and both beys go flying. A small crack appeared on Spryzen and then it got bigger until... Spryzen was completely destroyed. Everyone, including Adagio and Aria look in horror.

Gabby smiles, "I conquered a Dazzling!!"

Sonata falls to her knees and picks up what's left of Spryzen. She looks up to see Gabby staring down at her.

"My victory... now Sonata. Let's here you cry!"

Small tears start to appear in Sonata's eyes she tried to hold them in but couldn't. The whole room could hear Sonata cry her heart out for her broken bey, everyone felt sympathy for Sonata.

"Royal Genesis with a burst finish! With a final score of 3-0, Gabby is the winner!!"

"It's over! Our final 2 have been decided. The one moving to the Finals to face off against Adagio will be Gabby! These two will battle it out in the Finals and prove once and for all who is the strongest!!"

Gabby shows off Genesis to Adagio, "Adagio your next! Your looking at your new Champion!!"

Adagio stands up and shows off Achilles, "Your going to pay for what you did to Sonata! Me and Achilles will take you and Genesis down! And then I'll be the champion!!"

Gabby simply laughs it off and walks away. Adagio and Aria run down and see how Sonata's doing. She was distraught, the normal Sonata they knew was gone. Just then Artic walked in and put his hand on Sonata's shoulder.

"Spryzen isn't gone. Once Adagio's match with Gabby is over we'll revive Spryzen! Alright?" Artic asked.

Sonata just nodded her head she was still upset with losing Spryzen. She had already tried talking to Spryzen but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't hear Spryzen's voice.

Adagio looks down at Sonata and then at her bey. She had to get revenge and beat Gabby. For her and Sonata's sake!

Preview: It's finally here the Finals! Adagio and Gabby give it their all right from the start! Things seem to be playing into Gabby's hand but then Adagio and Achilles unleash a new power nobody saw coming.

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Finals: Adagio vs Gabby!

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"Spryzen... Spryzen! Where are you?" Sonata called out.

Sonata was in a dark void looking around for Spryzen. She walked around for a while until she noticed Spryzen looking away. Sonata happily ran to Spryzen.

"Spryzen! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! Come on, let's have a battle with someone!"

Spryzen stays quite, it didn't even turn his head to notice Sonata. Soon enough, Spryzen started to fade away.

"Spryzen? Spryzen! Come back! You said we were going to be the strongest team ever! Please come back!!"

Sonata woke up in a cold sweat. When she woke up she noticed she was... in the air. She looked and noticed she was actually being carried by Sunset. Why was she being carried? She had no clue. Sunset turned her head and noticed Sonata had woken up.

"Have a good sleep Sonata? You've been asleep so long I though you were going to sleep through Adagio's match." Sunset said. She places Sonata back on the ground. Sonata looks around and notices she's right in front of the tournament arena, they were currently outside. Sonata also noticed Aria and Adagio was nowhere to been seen.

"Where is everyone?"

"Aria and Adagio went to go train before the match. As for my friends I told them to go inside and wait for me."

"Why are we outside exactly? Shouldn't we go in to see the match?"

"We're waiting for some certain individuals to arrive."

Sonata looked at Sunset confused. Who were the "certain individuals" they were waiting for? Sonata looks around for a while until her eye catches something... whether some people. Sonata smiles and starts to run in their direction.

"Auntie Celestia! Auntie Luna!"

Celestia picks up Sonata and smiles.

"Well hello to you to Sonata. We shall how well you did, making it to the Semi-Finals is amazing. Don't worry about Spryzen being broken because with the help of your family your just make a better Spryzen." Celestia said.

"Yeah! I'll rebirth Spryzen and then I'll be just as strong as Adagio!"

"Indeed, Adagio is a force to be wrecking with. But then again, a sinister darkness has awakened inside of Aria." Luna said.

"Celestia, Luna, it's nice to see you after all this time. I hate to rush you guys, but if we want to make it in time to Adagio's match we better get going."

"Yeah! Come on Auntie, let's go! Follow me!"

"Alright, take your time. We don't you falling now do we?"

Celestia, Luna, Sunset, and Sonata take a seat next to Sunset's friends and Aria. Aria looks up to see Celestia and Luna, she gets up and hugs them.

"It's been a long time Aria. You've grown so much."

"I've not only grown in height but in strength!" Aria said.

"Aria! Be quite, their about to start and I wanna see Dagi beat Gabby!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! After a long time we finally have our last two contestants! In the blue corner we got the girl that has destroyed Devolos and Spryzen, Gabby and her bey Royal Genesis! Facing her in the red corner is the natural born leader, Adagio and her bey Union Achilles! For the finals, the first Blader to 3 points will be the winner and be crowned the Champion!!" Tom yelled.

Gabby and Adagio make it to the stadium and set up their beys. Adagio had put Achilles in Defense mode without the Union Sword equipped. It was going to be a defense vs defense battle for the first round.

"Adagio, you will suffer the same fate your dear sister felt. Say goodbye to Achilles because this will it's last battle ever!!" Gabby said.

"Achilles ain't going nowhere, not as long as I'm here. The only one that's going down is you and Genesis!" Adagio said.

Both bladers look at one another. Each had a fire burning inside of them, both wanted to win. But there could only be one and that was going either one of them.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!" Everyone yelled.

Genesis and Achilles take to the stadium. They both charge towards the center and fight for center stage. Neither wanted to let it go and they came to a stand still. Their head on collision wasn't letting up any time soon until Adagio came up with a plan!

"Hit it with a Unison Breaker!"

Achilles hits Genesis sending it flying up to the upper deck. Achilles following it climbs onto the upper deck to finish the job. Both beys speed up, Genesis rushes off the upper deck and onto the lower deck while Achilles stayed on the upper deck and hit the wall. Hitting the wall caused Achilles to go flying into the air. Achilles started to fall down raining from above Genesis.

"Now Achilles! Unison Dive!"

"Royal Scream!"

Both beys go flying from the attack. Genesis takes the upper deck while Achilles took the center. Achilles was a little wobbly but nonetheless it stood tall at the center.

"Now Achilles, show them your defense with Unison Defense!"

Genesis flew off the upper deck and towards Achilles, Gabby smiles she had a plan that Adagio didn't know about. Genesis then goes into Superior-Flux and speeds up.

"Now end this with Hybrid Force!"

Genesis speeds up making it go even faster. Due to it having the momentum, Genesis is able to break Achilles defense making Achilles go flying out of the stadium. Achilles hit the floor from below.

"Royal Genesis with a ring out finish! The score is now 1-0, Gabby is in the lead!!"

The crowd cheers as Adagio picks up her bey. Sonata and Aria look at Adagio in worry. She was already a point down, all Gabby needed was a burst finish and this battle would be done for.

Adagio picks up her bey and starts to change it. She put Achilles in Stamina mode without the Unison Sword equipped, not yet at least. She looks back at Gabby, she was going to win no matter what. She made a promise and she intended on keeping her promise.

"Gabby has token the first point of this match! Will Gabby finish things right here and now or will Adagio stop her in her tracks. Gabby has yet to lose even 1 point since this whole tournament began! Will she lose a point in the Finals or will she keep it up and not lose a single point this whole tournament? We're going to have to find out!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

Both beys take to the stadium, Genesis takes the center while Achilles goes in for the attack.

"We're coming at you with all we got! Now Achilles, Unison Launch!"

Achilles starts pummeling Genesis with a volley of strikes. No matter how hard Achilles pushed Genesis didn't budge from the center.

"Take it out of the center with Unison Upper!!"

Achilles hits Genesis finally making it go out of the center. Genesis climbs on top of the upper deck while Achilles claims the center. Genesis speeds off from the upper deck and charges in to attack Achilles.

"Royal Scream!"

"Send it back with Unison Shield!!"

Genesis gets the better of Achilles and Achilles goes flying into the air. Achilles tries to land back but Genesis is there keeping it from landing. Achilles was in the air and it couldn't do nothing but take it. Adagio growled, Genesis wasn't making it easy for Achilles. Achilles never had time to recover so Adagio couldn't do nothing but wait for the perfect moment. Genesis then hits Achilles causing it to hit the upper deck wall causing it to go flying high in the air.

"Now's our chance! Genesis!"

Genesis goes into Superior-Flux and the Hybrid driver goes off causing it to gain a burst of speed. The boost was helping Genesis not only get speed but power. As Achilles was slowly descended from the sky, Genesis was charging up for a finishing blow.

"It's over! Say your goodbye to Achilles, Adagio!!"

The free-falling Achilles was about to get hit by the fast charging Genesis. Time seemed to stop for Adagio, she wasn't going to lose not here not ever! Suddenly, Achilles was able to stick the landing and it engaged in a head to head with Genesis. Achilles started to glow a small gold.

"We're going to win! No matter what you throw at us will we be the winner! Achilles is the strongest bey here, in the world! Now, let's go Achilles!! Unison Sword!!"

Achilles sword lights up and makes Genesis go flying out of the stadium. Genesis flies past Gabby's face and hits the floor below. The crowd was silent but then they burst into cheering. Adagio had done it, she knocked out Genesis! Not only that but she took a point from Gabby!

"Union Achilles with a ring out finish! The score is tied at 1-1!!"

"And Adagio ties things up 1 a piece! Gabby has lost her first ever match! Each blader are a burst finish away from winning the whole tournament! Both bladers are burning with passion, who will win this battle? Will lady luck shine on Gabby or Adagio, only time will tell!!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

Both beys take to the stadium. Adagio had changed Achilles into Attack mode with the Unison Sword equipped. Adagio was going at Gabby and Genesis with everything she had! Both beys collide in the center both beys fly away but then soon attack each other again. Both send a volley of attacks neither wanted to lose. The center of Genesis turns bright red, and both beys go separate ways. Both beys climb the upper deck and speed up.

'I gotta take down Genesis and Gabby right here and now! Achilles if you can hear my voice, give me your power!!'

"Genesis! Take them down! Hybrid Force!!"

Genesis speeds up and goes into Superior-Flux, it was charging towards Achilles at a high speed. If the attack made contact with Achilles, Achilles would surly burst! Adagio looked at Genesis speeding towards Achilles, it was now or never.


Before Genesis make contact with Achilles, Achilles suddenly sped up and dodged the attack. Achilles then changes from it's normal red color to a bright gold color! But Achilles wasn't the only one that was changing, so was Adagio! Wings appear from behind Adagio not only that but pony ears and a tail also appear on Adagio! Like a chain reaction, Sunset and her friends power-up just like Adagio just did. Everyone looks in surprise at the new Achilles and Adagio. Gabby looks surprised and then she growls.

'How did someone like her unlock a power like my Superior-Flux?'

"You won't beat me! You will shatter like your sister! Now Genesis! ROYAL ECLIPSE!!!!"

"We will win!! Now Achilles!! UNISON WHIP!!!!"

Both beys collide in the center. A whirlwind and explosion happen at the exact same time, people cover their eyes, someone went flying, all while Achilles and Genesis collided in the stadium. Both beys push with all they got, then Achilles gets the better of Genesis slicing through it like a slice of cake. Genesis burst while Achilles raced around the stadium. Everyone looks in surprise and they cheer their hearts out.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 3-1, Adagio is the winner and your Champion!!"

"It's all over! Genesis has suffered a burst finish making Adagio the winner! Ladies and Gentlemen! Your new Champion has been crowned, Adagio is our Champion!!"

The ceremony goes on, Adagio takes gold, Gabby takes silver, while Leon takes bronze. Adagio takes her medal and shows Achilles off to everyone. Achilles and Adagio had reverted back to their normal states, however Adagio had questions about what had happened. However, Sonata and Aria shared the same question. They were happy for Adagio but they wondered about Adagio's "powered up mode." While the Dazzlings were talking about Adagio's victory Gabby looked from afar.

'This isn't over Dazzlings. I will get my revenge and take you all down!' With that Gabby walked out of the arena and away from the Dazzlings.

A new mystery has just awakened. Will the Dazzlings uncover the mysteries of what happened during Adagio's match? Or will Sunset tell them something that'll only uncover for than they asked for? Find out on Dazzling Bladers!

Preview: The tournament is over but the Dazzlings have questions. After years of not telling them, Sunset must tell the Dazzlings about their dark past. How will the Dazzlings react when they hurt about their dark past? To help Sunset tell the Dazzlings about their past an "old" friend comes back.

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A Dazzling Discovery!

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The Dazzlings, along with everyone else had arrived home after Gabby and Adagio's showdown. Sunset had told everyone to take a seat in the living where they would have a "discuss" about what? That was unknown for the time being but the Dazzlings had an idea on what it was about. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata take a seat, their mom and dad were sitting across from them. They could all tell this wasn't going to be no normal conversation.

"Adagio, Aria, Sonata, I'm sure your probably wondering what happened early with the events of Adagio's and Gabby's match." Sunset said.

"Oh no, it's not not like it's unnatural for someone to suddenly sprouts wings and a tail out of seemingly nowhere." Aria said, the sarcasm was unnoticeable.

"Really? Then if so, can I grow wings and a tail like Dagi!" Sonata said. Adagio and Aria look at their sister, make that almost unnoticeable sarcasm.

"No it's not normal to grow wings and a tail out of nowhere. Aria was just being herself like always. And it's not like I was the only one, mom and all of her friends grew their own tails and ears as well." Adagio said.

"Adagio is right, and that is why everyone is here. Girls, there's something that all of us have been hiding from you."

The Dazzlings looked around at everyone else, they all looked sad or upset. What could they have been hiding from them?

"Well... go on. Tell us what's going on."

"Yeah, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I probably just activated my new profound powers by unleashing mine and Achilles bond at the fullest."

"Then how would you explain why mom's friends powered up as well? They don't have beys of their own, and plus unlike you they didn't grow wings. They only grew pony like ears and a tail, you were the only one that grew wings."

"We had a previous life where we were evil girls that tried to take over this world. We came from a previous world called Equestria and came to take control this world and then get revenge on Equestria. We however failed and were put into hiding, then one day someone found us and what kind of environment we were in and gave us the chance at having another life. We all agreed and started our new lives, this live isn't our first it's actually our second."

Everyone turned their head at Sonata in surprise, then were astonished by how correct Sonata was. Sunset's jaw was literally hitting the ground while Pinkie Pie was smiling. Sonata looked around and saw that everyone else looked surprise. She tilted her head in confusion.

"What? You all look like you saw a ghost or something. Is there something on my face?" Sonata then put her hands on her face.

"There's nothing on your face but... Sonata... how did you know all of that?" Sunset then began to wonder if Sonata had actually remembered everything about her past life and if so then maybe Adagio and Aria would to. Sunset looked at Tom, he was just as clueless as she was.

"Oh that? I've been taking guessing classes with Pinkie so... was I right?"

"Y-Yeah... Tom remind me to have a serious talk with Pinkie Pie later."

"I don't think that'll do you much good but whatever you say dear." Tom said.

"Wait. Let me get this straight. Me, Aria, and Sonata have a previous live where we were actually bad guys who tried to destroy this world. Our planned failed and then we were saved by someone who gave us a second live? That sounds more like a fairy tale if you ask me. And even if it was true why are we learning about this now? Shouldn't we have learned about this months if not year's before."

"You were to young to understand, it's too complicated for you 3 to understand. In fact, I wasn't planning on telling you about your past lives until Adagio manifested her new powers. But now the cat's out of the bag and I had to tell you."

"Does that mean me and Ari can now grow our own set of wings along with the ears and the tail?"

"If you two can get to that kind of bond with your beys then you most likely can and will. But only time will tell."

"Is there anything else we need to know about our past lives then?"

"You 3 went by a singing group that went by the name of the Dazzlings. Adagio was the leader, while Aria and Sonata were her helpers. You 3 act the same as you were back then, Adagio is the leader, Aria acts tough, and Sonata is... well... Sonata. You 3 wanted nothing more than to have people under your spell, you three almost got away with it too but with the power of friendship you guys were dealt with."

"If we tried to take control of this world then where you all of you at, when we tried to take control?"

Sunset looked at everyone with a broken expression they just nodded their heads. Sunset then looked back at the 3 Dazzlings, who she had been taking care of for so many years. "We... we were the one's that beat you. You were high-school girls who entered the same school as us because you could sense the magic in us. We had to do what we had to... so we stopped you. None of us ever saw you again after we took you down, it was as if you had just vanished."

"Were we really that dangerous that all of you had to take us down? And then the same people that beat us took us in... even after everything we did?"

Before Sunset knew it Adagio and Sonata ran up to her and hugged her for dear life. Sunset could hear the multiple apologizes from the both of them. She looked up to see Aria who had been quiet for most of the conversation. Aria had her face down her hair was covering her eyes and expression, so Sunset couldn't tell how Aria felt.

"Aria, are you okay? I'm sure hearing all of this must be a lot to take in." Sunset then got up and tried to hug Aria but Aria pushed Sunset off of her.

"Don't you dare touch me. You waited for years to tell us this and now you think it's okay to tell us now?! You should have told us beforehand! Your not even our true mother!!"

"Aria! She is our mother, she may not be our birth mother but she took us in when no one else did. To me she's our mother, you should apologize!"

"Apologize? Apologize?! The only one who should be apologizing is our so called mother. And if she not going to apologize then I don't see the need to be here or follow anything she has to say or offer. I'm out of here!!"

"Your not going anywhere, you are in my hands so until your old enough your my responsibility, Aria!" Sunset grabbed Aria's hand and she wasn't letting go. Just then Aria slapped Sunset's hand off of her's.

"I'm not Aria! I am Apocalypse! Now leave me alone or else I'll end you!"

Sunset stepped back in fear, as did everyone else. Once Aria was free, she ran out of the house and far away from everyone.

"Aria! Come back!"

"Security! Go out there and find my daughter this instant!!"

"Let's all go separate ways and try to find Aria! Now come on everyone!" Celestia said.

Everyone went their separate ways and the search for Aria had began. With Aria on the run, everyone had only one thing running though their minds. 'Be safe Aria and come back home.'

Preview: While Aria's on the run, Aaron and Gabby set their minds on making the perfect bey, making them on step forward on their master plan. Seeing Aria on the run Gabby decides to put her new bey to the test against Aria and Apocalypse.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: The Perfect Bey! Eclipse Genesis!

The Perfect Bey! Eclipse Genesis!

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Somewhere else...

While Sunset told the Dazzlings about their past, Gabby was currently at Aaron house.

"I'm sorry, I failed you. I was unable to take the victory nor was I able to beat Adagio." Gabby apologized as she bowed to Aaron.

"You actually helped me more than you think. Thanks to you I know now that the Dazzlings are capable of much more that's meets the eye. When Adagio unlocked her new profound power she unintentional activated Sunset's and her friends magical powers. Thanks to my genius device I sucked the magic out of all of them except for Adagio's." Aaron said, as he held the device in his hands.

"Might I ask... why didn't you take Adagio's magic along with Sunset's and her friends?"

"Adagio's magical powers had just been unleashed for the first time. She's still got a long ways to go before her powers hit maximum levels. It would be pointless to take such weak magic powers, I'll wait to take her powers until they gets stronger. But she's not the only one, if she could unlock a power like this then so could her two others sisters. Now, this is where you come in. You must make Adagio and Aria's magic powers rise to newfound levels."

"What about Sonata? She's part of the Dazzlings as well, shouldn't we be worried about her as well?"

"You've already beaten that poor excuse for a Dazzling twice and not to mention you broke her bey. Sonata is irrelevant, out of everyone she should be the least of your worries. Now, come on. We shall begin making the most perfect bey! A bey suitable for your worth in battle! A bey that can and will never loss! If I combine the bey with the magic I have stolen it'll be unstoppable! Beating you will be impossible, nothing will stop us in taking over the world!" Gabby and Aaron both let out an evil laugh, this new bey was going to be the strongest bey the world have ever seen.

It had been a few hours after Gabby and Aaron started making the so called "strongest bey" in the world. After awhile it was finished, it was a lot like Royal Genesis but it looked much stronger.

"This bey will be known as Eclipse Genesis. Thanks to the Eclipse Armor, bursting this bey is now impossible. Thanks to the magic I stole this bey is even stronger than it was without the magic. Now, to find a test subject to test out the new bey. Gabby, do you have anyone in find that you would like to take on?"

Gabby though for a second and then she looked out the window. Running at full speed was none other than Aria. An evil grin appeared on Gabby's face as she turned her head to Aaron.

"I will take on Aria one of the Dazzlings. With this new bey I will surely take down Apocalypse! And with how Aria's been acting... maybe we can get her to join our side. Think about it, two unburstable beys together. Me and Aria would make the greatest team ever!"

"Good idea! Go find Aria and challenge her to a battle! Show her the power of Eclipse Genesis!"

Gabby nodded her head and ran out of the house to go catch up with Aria. It take long until Gabby was able to catch up, Aria had token a break by a stadium. She was sitting down looking at her bey, she looked up when she felt Gabby's presence.

"Aria... member of the Dazzlings. Why are you out at a time like this?"

"That is none of your business now leave or else. And don't you dare call me a member of the Dazzlings, that's in the past! Nothing but history." Aria said.

"I've come here to challenge you to a battle!" Gabby showed Aria her new bey, Aria's eyes widened. "With Eclipse Genesis, I shall take down you along with your sisters! Now let's throw down, Aria! Or should I say, member of the Dazzlings!"

"Your on! I'll make you shut up for good this time!"

Gabby and Aria got ready and looked at each other.

'So someone must have told them about their past selves... I could use that as my advantage!'

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys took to the stadium, Eclipse Genesis swooped in to take the center while Apocalypse started to pummel it with some ferocious strikes. What surprised Aria was that Eclipse Genesis was taking all of the attacks on purpose. No matter how hard Apocalypse hit Genesis, Genesis stayed strong.

"Apocalypse! Hit it with Omega Blast!"

Both beys go flying, Apocalypse and Genesis hit the wall making both of their centers go red. Gabby and Aria both see that and smile with delight. They then look at each other with their evil grins.

"Activate Prime Reboot to speed up!"

"Not on my watch! Catch up to them with your Hybrid Force!"

Apocalypse and Genesis speed up, Genesis was starting to catch up to Apocalypse but Aria had other plans.

"Dodge it Apocalypse!"

Suddenly a dark light took over Apocalypse and Apocalypse dodged the incoming attack. Gabby's eyes widened from the sudden power up from Apocalypse.

'That looks like my Superior-Flux!'

"Genesis! Unleash Superior-Flux!"

Genesis sped up as well and charged after Apocalypse.

"Now take it out with Eclipse Whip!"

"Finish it! Once again, Omega Blast!"

The two beys collide in the center, however thanks to Genesis new special attack Genesis was able to burst through Apocalypse. Aria's eyes widen as she saw her bey burst before her eyes.

"With a final score of 2-0, it's my victory!"

Aria said nothing as she picked up her bey. Gabby took off the Eclipse Armor from her bey and handed it out to Aria. Aria looked up at Gabby with surprise.

"The Eclipse Armor can also be put onto your Apocalypse, since both of our beys have the burst prevention system attached to them. With this you and Apocalypse with achieve new powers far beyond your belief. I will lend you this as a gift, think it as nothing more than a way to get stronger. Us girls got to stay together, right?"

Aria could tell Gabby was acting way to nice, even for herself. But regardless, Aria took the Eclipse Armor and put it on Apocalypse, when she did it was a perfect fit.

"What about you? Don't you need this for your bey?"

"I have a spare so that one is yours to keep. However, you shall not use the Eclipse Armor until you have full control over Apocalypse."

"Like Adagio? With her new found bond with Achilles?"

"Yes. Now I must get going, I have a lot of training to attend to. Hope to see you in the stadium soon Aria, and tell your sister I won't lose to her the next time we battle!"

With that Gabby was gone, Aria was still confused by Gabby's behavior but she couldn't care less about her at the moment.

Gabby had turned a corner and when she did she was face to face with Aaron, he didn't look happy.

"And why did you give Aria, a member of the Dazzlings the Eclipse Armor?"

"I told her that she could only use it until she fully mastered Apocalypse. That will push her to achieve that, so I'm speeding up the progress of Aria unlocking her powers as well. You should be thanking me for what I've just done."

"This better not backfire on us. Failure is not an option at this point of time, if you make another mess up like you did in your match with Adagio our whole plan will fall to ruins!"

"Don't worry, I have no intend on losing to anyone ever again!" Gabby's eye lit up and Eclipse Genesis shined.

Aria was still thinking about what Sunset had told her earlier, as well as what Gabby told her. Just then she felt another presence, she turned around and saw her Auntie Luna standing behind her.

"If your here to take me back to my so called "mom" then you've come for nothing." Aria then stood up and was about to walk off when Luna stopped her.

"I'm not going to take you back to Sunset, rather I want you to come with me for awhile. At least until you calm down and can learn to forgive Sunset of her previous actions."

"Fine... but just so you know I may be staying longer than you think."

"However long you need, you can stay. But just know that one day you will have to talk to Sunset again."

"That day is in the future... I'll rather be thinking about the present, thank you very much."

Aria started to walk towards Luna's car, that was nearby. Luna watched as Aria got into the car and slammed the door, she could feel Aria's pain.

'I'll need to talk to her about not slamming my doors when I get in the car. But not only that I hope Aria realizes that if she doesn't talk to Sunset soon then things may never change.'

"Oh they will, in the near future they will forgive each other."

Luna turns her head and sees Pinkie Pie appear out of nowhere. Luna just looks at Pinkie and then starts to walk away.

"Quit your nonsense." Luna then turns around and smiles at Pinkie Pie. "If you keep breaking the 4th wall people might have to ban you." With that Luna left a now scared looking Pinkie alone.


Preview: After hearing that Aria was found and is living with Luna, Sonata gets to making her new bey. Sonata will then learn that she will have to start from scratch with her new bey. Her and Spryzen must embark on a journey in recreating their bond. Will Sonata and Spryzen be up to the task or is their bond to broken to be fixed?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Lord Of Flames! Lord Spryzen!

Lord Of Flames! Lord Spryzen!

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Adagio and Sonata were currently sitting down on the couch, their mom was in the other room on the phone talking to someone. Both of them were scared for Aria, they had not been able to find Aria no matter where they looked. It was starting to get dark which was going to make the hunt for Aria even harder. The silence in the room soon changed as Sonata started to cry.

"Dagi... is Aria going to be okay? They'll find Aria and bring her back home right?" Sonata asked Adagio.

Adagio turned her head to face Sonata, the tears were visible in Sonata's eyes. As much as Adagio wanted to say yes to her sister, she couldn't. "I'm not sure Sonata, as far as we know, Aria might not even be in the same town anymore. But I'm sure with Tom's guards and police looking for her, we'll find her and they will we be reunited once again."

Sonata just nodded her head hoping her sister was right. However what Adagio wasn't going to tell her was that even she wasn't sure about her comment. Just then Sunset walked back into the room, she had an unreadable expression on her face which worried Adagio and Sonata. Sonata then ran to Sunset and hugged her.

"D-Did they find Ari yet? Is she safe? Can she come home?"

"That was a call from Luna, she said she found Aria. But Aria didn't want to come home just yet, so she will be staying at Luna's until she feels like she wants to come home again." Sunset said.

Adagio and Sonata felt like a weight had just been lifted off of their body. They felt better knowing that Aria was safe but they also felt sad knowing that Aria wouldn't be coming back any time soon. Adagio and Sonata still remembered the events from a few hours ago, with how Aria acted she might never return. Now that made Sonata and Adagio feel sad, Sonata was already starting to miss her sister. Just then Tom walked into the room, he had heard everything from the other room.

"Well... since Aria won't be with us for awhile, Sonata how about we get started on making your new bey? I'm sure your wanting to get back to blading with your sisters and all of your friends." Tom said.

"Yeah!" Sonata took out the broken pieces of Spryzen and looked at all of them. "Just you watch Spryzen, I'll be sure to make you even stronger than you were. You and me are going to have so many incredible battles after your evolution."

With that Tom and Sonata got to work making a new Spryzen, a one of a kind bey that no one had ever seen before. The bey would be a balance type just like it's past evolution. It would also be able to change from left to right spinning and be able to change from every Beyblade type imaginable. The bey would be heavier than before which would also increase it's attack and defense power. The driver would has a special lock attached in it to make it tighter and harder to burst, almost like the Turbo Awakening.

'Just hang in there a little bit longer Spryzen. Before you know it you and me will be blading again side by side. I promise that you will never feel the pain you did in our last battle against Gabby. The next time we battle her she will be the one to suffer a burst finish!'

Sonata then though back to all the fun adventures she had of battling with Spryzen. From going to everyone's house and battling them, from the tournament, battling strong people such as Frizzle, Leon, Dean, Aria, Adagio and then to her very last match with Gabby where she ended Turbo Spryzen's life.

Snapping out of thoughts, Sonata smiled at what was in front of her eyes. "It's finished! Introducing the new and improved Spryzen, Lord Spryzen! And it's first match will be against none other than, you Adagio!"

Adagio smiled and held out her bey. "Your on Sonata! Me and Achilles will bring out you and Spryzen's full potential! But don't be surprised if you can't win so easily."

Both Sonata and Adagio go to the stadium and get into position. Sonata was determined to win against Adagio, she was going to do it for her new bey Spryzen. She owed it to Spryzen, it was her fault that Spryzen was destroyed by Gabby. If only Sonata had been stronger Spryzen would have never of felt that pain of being destroyed.

Adagio and Sonata then engaged in some battles. However, things weren't going as Sonata had planed it to go. Every battle so far had ended in Adagio's victory. Sonata hated to admit it but Adagio was in another league of her own ever since she won the tournament. She had beaten bladers like Bael, Phoebe, Joy, Aria, Leon, and Gabby.

It was currently the 7th battle and Achilles and Spryzen were in a head to head collision. However Achilles was able to push through Spryzen and Spryzen was sent flying out of the stadium. Sonata was panting like a dog, getting the hang of her new bey was harder than it looked. Sonata picked up Spryzen and looked at Spryzen.

'What are we doing wrong Spryzen? No... this is my fault, I'm still not strong enough for you. If only I was stronger then maybe we could actually win some battles. Maybe I'm not worthy of you as a blader.'

"Where's the Sonata I know and love?"

Sonata looked and saw her bey shining and then she was blinded by the bright light. Sonata opened her eyes to see none other than Spryzen right in front of her looking at her.

"Spryzen... your... your back! I've missed you so much!"

"As have I. But now it seems my absence has changed you. Where's the Sonata that would roar into battle with all of her might and push herself to get better and stronger? Didn't you promise me that you would make me the strongest bey ever and that we would be the greatest team ever? Don't tell me you forgot about our promise to one another." Spryzen said.

"I haven't forgotten about our promise. I'm just not sure on how to keep my promise. I do want to make you the strongest bey and become the greatest team with you I'm just unsure on how to do that. Do you have any ideas on how we can achieve that goal Spryzen?"

"Only you know that answer. The key to finding the answer is by looking deep within yourself and finding that power you once had and unleash it once more. Once you can do that you will be able unlock all kinds of new powers you would have never of expected."

Sonata then smiled and then she opened her eyes to be in front of Adagio. Sonata looked at Adagio and then at Achilles, Achilles had the sword equipped and it was in Stamina mode. Sonata smiled and changed Spryzen to right spinning Attack mode. Sonata then looked at Adagio with a fire in her eye, she was determined to win this match no matter what.

'Adagio as long as I can remember you have always been the leader, you were always the better, stronger, sister between the three of us. Between you and me, you were miles ahead of me while I was always lacking behind you and Aria. I've always wanted to be like you and one day be one the same level as you. Today, I will beat you and then finally I will have gotten to your level!'

"Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys landed in the stadium and raced towards each other were they would collided with a flurry. Neither Sonata or Adagio wanted to lose but eventually one would lose.

"Knock them asides with Unison Breaker!"

Spryzen was sent flying it looked as though it was going to be a ring out finish but Spryzen hit the wall making it able to survive. Spryzen then sped up and charged after Achilles, a small golden light blossomed over Spryzen. Adagio's eyes widened at the sight.

'It's like a weaker version of mine and Achilles Hyper-Flux.'

"Let's go! Achilles!"

Achilles also sped up and charged after Spryzen, Achilles went into Hyper-Flux making it go even faster.

"Take them out with Unison Sword!!"

"We will win this thing no matter what! Now Spryzen! Counter Break!!"

The two beys collided in the center. Both beys were pushing each other with all of their might, neither of them wanted to give up. Adagio and Sonata were getting pushed back from the sheer force of their beys colliding with one another. But because of Sonata brute force to win, Spryzen was able to burst through Achilles securing it's victory. Adagio gasped as pieces of Achilles hit the floor of the stadium.

"That's Lord Spryzen with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Sonata is the winner!"

"Alright! We did it!" Sonata picked up Spryzen and looked at it. "We did it Spryzen! We actually took down Adagio and Achilles, we've token down the Champion!"

"I have to say, you caught me off guard. You and Spryzen are far stronger than you two were before. However, don't get happy after one victory, the next time we battle I'll be sure to take you down! But... you and Spryzen still have a long way to go if you think that was you two at full power."

Sonata looked at Adagio and then down at Spryzen. "Your right, I'll keep getting stronger with Spryzen and then we'll become the strongest in the whole world! Come on Adagio let's go again!"

"Your on Sonata!"

For the rest of the day Adagio and Sonata battled with one another. Each of them having fun and getting stronger after every battle. Sunset watched her daughters from afar and smiled seeing them so happy. However there was still one thing missing... Aria.

Preview: After getting word from their mom, Adagio and Sonata head over to Dean and Derek's house for a battle. There they will not only get to see and battle their new beys but they will also uncover new found potential with their new beys. The four will engage in a Tag Team Battle, will the sisters win like before? Or will the brothers overwhelm the sisters with their new beys?

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Rebirth! Dragon And Devolos!

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Adagio and Sonata had ran as fast as they could to get to Dean's and Derek's house. They wanted to see their new beys and what they were made of. Devolos and Dragon were strong before but with their evolution, their beys were probably even stronger than before. Once they got to their house, they saw Dean and Derek wanting for them outside.

"We've been waiting for you guys, unlike before me and Dean won't lose." Derek said, as he took out his new and improved bey.

"Yeah don't think the results will be the same as before. We're stronger than ever before and our coordination has increased beyond our wildest expectations. Adagio, Sonata, be prepared to lose cause we ain't losing no matter what." Dean said, as he too showed off his new bey.

"This is my new bey, Command Dragon and this is Dean's new bey Master Devolos. Their the same types as they were last time but don't think you stand a chance against them just because you know what type they are. There's something different between our beys and yours, that what makes us stronger than you."

"It doesn't matter what difference there is between you and Dean's new bey. Your not the only one with a new bey!" Sonata said, which then took out her new bey. "This is my new bey, Lord Spryzen! Unlike my past bey, this bey is a masterpiece made by yours truly! Not only are you going up against a bey you have no information on once so ever, but your going up against the Champion as well! Me and Adagio will surly will this thing, right Adagio?"

Adagio was surprised from Sonata's words. Sonata had a new fire in her eye ever since she made her new bey. Adagio then smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah! Lord Spryzen and Union Achilles will take down Command Dragon and Master Devolos! The results won't be what you think it is! No matter what... me and Sonata will take you down and we will win!"

The four blader then walk over to Dean and Derek's backyard to battle. They all got into their positions and looked at each other with a fire burning in their hearts.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

All four beys launched into the stadium, Achilles had it's sword equipped and was in Attack mode while Spryzen was spinning counterclockwise in Stamina mode. Devolos and Dragon were running side by side each other, both of them were heading towards Achilles at an alarming rate.

"Block their attacks with your Unison Shield!"

Devolos and Dragon collide with Achilles but Achilles is able to stand it's ground against their double attack. Sonata sees this as a chance to strike and uses it to her advantage.

"Now Spryzen! Get it there with your Counter Break!"

Spryzen collides with Devolos and Dragon sending them flying, Devolos hits the wall and takes to the center while Dragon hits the wall and uses the momentum to speed up.

"Bounce off the wall with your Winged Recoil!"

Dragon bounces off the wall and takes charge striking down Achilles. Achilles goes flying but sticks the landing, Achilles then heads straight back not wanting to lose to Dragon or Derek.

"Hit it with your Unison Launch!"

"Counter with Dragon Launch!"

While Dragon and Achilles were going head to head in their showdown Spryzen was taking on Devolos. Sonata was surprised, at first Devolos attacked like an attack type and then suddenly it turned into a defense type. No matter how hard Spryzen pushed Devolos just wouldn't budge. Just then Dean smiled and Sonata was confused by his action.

"Counterattack, with Master Upper!"

Devolos sent Spryzen flying but thankful Spryzen survived the attack but it's stamina had vanished in a matter of seconds. Just then Spryzen's tip gained traction and gained a sudden a massive amount of speed. Adagio saw this and decided it was time for her to spring into action as well.

"Now Achilles! Send Dragon flying with Unison Whip!!"

Achilles struck Dragon sending it flying, however Dragon used it's Winged Recoil to survive once again. However, it's was starting to wobble due to it's lose of stamina. Spryzen was coming up fast towards it, if Spryzen collided with it at that speed Dragon would surly burst. However, Derek had no plan on losing to them anytime soon.

"Dragon! Dodge their attack with Ignition Force!"

Just like Spryzen, Dragon suddenly gained a sudden boost in speed and dodged Spryzen's attack. Sonata and Adagio gasped at this, Sonata changed her target from Dragon to Devolos and Spryzen headed towards Devolos. Derek seeing this headed towards Spryzen in an attempt to stop her.

"Alright Spryzen! Send Devolos flying!"

"Not on my watch! Stop them in their tracks Dragon!"

Dragon and Spryzen collide with a flurry, due to the collision both beys were sent flying out of the stadium. Both Spryzen and Dragon hit the floor resulting in only Adagio and Dean remaining.

"Come on Adagio, let's do this thing!" Sonata held out her fist towards Adagio. Adagio smiled back and collided her fist with Sonata's.

"Yeah! Now let's go Achilles!!"

Achilles sped up as it went into it's Hyper-Flux state, along with Adagio transforming with it. The wings, tail, and ears appeared before everyone's eyes.

"Now go! Push through Devolos!!"

Achilles ran straight through Devolos sending it flying which then it burst in the air. Dean and Derek gasped as Devolos burst, their previous talk before had been shattered by Sonata's and Adagio's teamwork. But as much as they would hate to say it Adagio and Sonata's coordination was superior in all aspects.

"Alright! We won! We took down Dragon and Devolos meaning that we're the stronger ones!" Sonata then hugged Adagio, the two were jumping up and down with excitement.

"I'll admit it was an amazing battle, however we won't lose the next time we battle. Don't get all cocky just because your the Champion and your sister has a new powerful bey. Your not the only ones that are getting stronger, everyone else is getting stronger by the day. Not only us but people like, Leon, Gabby, Athena, Phoebe, Bael, and everyone else."

Adagio and Sonata stopped jumping up and down and looked at Dean and Derek. Derek had a point, everyone else would be and was getting stronger but so would Adagio and Sonata. They would improve faster than everyone else and soon they would have everyone eating their dust with how much stronger they would have become.

"I made a promise to Spryzen that I would make it the strongest bey in the world and that we would be the greatest team ever! So until that happens I will keep getting stronger and then I will achieve our goal! I'll surpass all of you, even Adagio!"

"Your going to be training for awhile before that ever happens! I'm the Champion for a reason, and I don't plan on letting go of my Champion belt anytime soon, especially to you Nata."

"I'll take you down one day just you watch, you and Achilles will fall to me and Spryzen! I've beaten you once before and I can surly do it again! Just because your Champion doesn't mean anything to me!"

As the two sisters fought with one another Dean and Derek just watched them fight with one another.

"They do know that we're here right?"

"Just let them be, they're sisters after all, they were likely to get into a fight with one another sooner or later. However I would who would win in a battle. Adagio the leader of the three or Sonata the airhead?"

"I have a feeling we've only seen a bit of the power Lord Spryzen is capable of. With Sonata battling by it's side it'll be only a matter of time before Spryzen's true power is shown. Spryzen still has room for evolution, I just hope I'm not the only one that can see that and that Sonata does as well."

"You don't have to worry about Sonata." Dean turned to his brother confused. "Sonata, Adagio, and Aria, they will all go far I can tell just by looking at them."

Dean looked at Adagio and Sonata still bickering with each other, he smiled. "You bet."

Preview: After staying with Luna for awhile Aria has finally returned back home. However Aria has seemed to of changed since the last time they saw her. Aria challenges Adagio and Sonata to a Battle Royale, there Aria will show Adagio and Sonata just how much she has improved. Also, will Sunset and Aria be about to make amends or is their mother/daughter bond to far gone?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Dark-Flux! Primal Attack!