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This story is a sequel to A Dazzling New Life

A year after Tom and Sunset's wedding a new era has risen in the world, Beyblade. Aaron and Gabby's master plan has begun. Will they take over the world or will the Dazzlings stop them before that happens? But one thing is in everyone's mind, Let It Rip!

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I'm not actually a fan, but it's pretty good.

So amazing! Looking forward to seeing more!

So this story runs on the Burst system Beyblades... not a bad choice, all things considered, but if I were you, I'd have a nod to the Burst system rereleases at some stage, the ones that are made to look like Original series and Metal Fight/Metal Fusion Beys.

You should have picked this Gamma Bey for Sonata. Lord Spryzen, which what it would have been called if it appeared in Beyblade Burst Rise.
A Balance Type with Dual Rotation, and a performance tip that can switch height and modes. Tall and short attack or balance modes.

Yes, I know Lord Spryzen. I just have someone planned with Sonata and Turbo Spryzen. Continue to read and find out.

Looks like I finally get to the sequel.

1. Im so happy to see that you are ok! I thought you left and something might have happened

And 2. Nice to see this update again

But mostly happy that you are ok and nothing bad happened to you

I was wondering when this would update.

How do they already know how to use special moves?

Just like how some main characters learn how to use special moves without the audience knowing how they learned them. But I won't be doing that any of the other moves in the future.

Yep! School's starting up in a month and I kinda want to get as far as I can in this book before school starts again!

I don’t think I ever remember that happening in beyblade, but it has been awhile.

Did Achilles just talk?

Will we see the old characters or do they not exist?

Amazing chapter!

And that cute moment with adagio with venus was so cute and adorable

Looking forward to seeing the next chapter seeing aria going against her “crush”

"Pegasus send Spryzen out of the stadium with your Feather Storm!"

A storm appears out of nowhere and picks up Spryzen. Spryzen gets thrown into the air and gets sent flying out of the stadium. Making Phoebe the winner of the match and making Sonata the loser.

Is that something you came up with?

'That's what I've been waiting for. Now I have to get Phoebe to use that Feather Storm move. Then I should be able to talk Pegasus down.'

Do you mean take?

They’re talking about the same gabby that they had a fight with, right?

No, it's just... Don't you think your going a little fast?

You have a point... but I kinda have to make it up since I was gone for about 3 months

Cuteness Overload.
Little Dazzlings so cute.

I'm sure everyone understand your absence.

I'm sure they do, but I'm having fun making this story!

Nope, that a move from Pegasus. And yes that was suppose to be take not talk

Amazing chapter! They are almost to a-tier!

And guessing now “his” appearance is drawing closer :pinkiesmile:

"Just watch this and then you three can head out to Leon's. It'll only take a few minutes to watch this." Sunset turns on the TV and it shows the Dazzlings dad, Tom and the dimension traveler, Aaron. They were on stage with a bunch of other people surrounding them, trying to ask them questions.

I forgot they existed.

"So we go after Gabby because of what she did to us and make her have to drop out of the tournament, good idea."

What did she do to them?

'We have a whole week until the tournament begins. Why is Dagi saying we have no time to waste? We could probably take a day or two day off and nothing would happen.' Sonata thought.

'What makes her think she's the boss of us. Just because she's the oldest doesn't mean she's the boss.' Aria thought.

Oh boy. This may be bad.

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