• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Magnificent! Bushin Ashindra!

The Dazzlings arrive at Athena's house. Adagio was keen on battling and beating Athena today. Once arriving to her backyard Athena was already outside waiting for them.

"So you've came, I'm glad you could make it." Athena said, she looks at the Dazzlings and make eye contact with Adagio. "Adagio, I'm even more excited to see you here. Ready to get beaten today and finally see why I'm the better one out of the both of us."

"Uh, I think you mean why I'm better than you. I'm beating you today with Achilles!" Adagio said, taking out her bey.

"Not if I beat you with my Bushin Ashindra first!" Athena said, taking out her own bey.

'Bushin Ashindra... it's a clockwise spinning defense type. Phoebe said she was an A tier blader... in rank wise she's better than me. But that won't stop me from beating her. I'll prove that I'm better than her once and for all.'

"I challenge all three of you to battle me at once. This will be a Battle Royale, if any of you three can beat me you guys win. But if I win then that'll just prove that you guys haven't gotten any stronger."

"You want us to battle you all at once? Won't that be unfair to you?" Sonata asking, tilting her head in confusion. "And we are strong! We've beat everyone up to now."

"Well, I am an A tier blader, unlike the three of you. This will not only help me to become even stronger but this'll show you three what an A rank blader is like at true power. Now come on, try to see if you can beat me."

"Fine by us, now let's get going. You two ready?" Adagio asked.

"Yeah!" Aria and Sonata said.

"Now get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land on the stadium. Ashindra takes the center stage while Apocalypse and Spryzen go in to attack it, while Achilles sped around the stadium at the speed of light.

"Apocalypse/Spryzen attack!" Aria and Sonata said.

"Stop their attacks with Bushin Guard!"

Apocalypse and Spryzen try to attack Ashindra, but Ashindra keeps on parrying each and every one of their attacks.

"Apocalypse hit it with your Omega Blast!"

"Spryzen take it out with a Counter Break!"

"Take down the both of them with your Tower Counter!"

All three beys get sent flying, Spryzen and Ashindra survive the blow but Apocalypse gets sent flying out of the stadium. Making it a two vs one instead of a three vs one.

"Adagio, Sonata, you better not lose this. I have my hopes on you. I may be out of this battle but you guys have to stop her. Prove to her that we can beat anyone and everyone! Just because she's an A tier blader doesn't mean she's impossible to defeat." Aria said.

"Your on it, Aria. Achilles hit Ashindra with your Unison launch!"

Achilles starts to hit Ashindra with his special attack. Spryzen was coming towards Ashindra and Achilles with a very high speed.

"Ashindra, neglect Achilles attacks with your Hurricane Defense!"

Achilles hits Ashindra's free spinning frame, making Achilles change course and makes him head towards Spryzen.

'If we both hit each other we're sure to lose. But if Spryzen can hit Achilles hard enough Achilles could be sent flying into the air. Then I can do what I did with Phoebe and Pegasus and land on top of Ashindra.'

"Sonata, make Spryzen hit Achilles with everything it has! Just leave the rest to me and Achilles."

"If you say so Adagio... Spryzen use Counter Break on Achilles with all you got."

Spryzen hits Achilles and makes Achilles goes flying up in the air. 'This is my only chance to beat Athena!'

"Achilles land on Ashindra and use your Union Sword! Prove to Athena that we're the best!"

"Don't let him do that, Ashindra! Stop it in it's tracks with Tower Counter! Prove to Adagio that we're the best!"

Achilles and Ashindra collide with one another. Both beys got sent flying out of the stadium. The Dazzlings and Athena all look in shock at what just happened. Achilles and Ashindra both hit the ground at the same time.

"Both Achilles and Ashindra got sent flying out of bounds. But since Spryzen is the only one still in the stadium, we win!" Aria yelled. "We won you guys! We actually beat an A tier blader!"

"Yeah, that's what we call our sisterly bond with on another! Take that Athena, I won and you lost. That makes me better than you!" Adagio said.

"In case you forgot Sonata's bey was the only one still in the stadium. Both of our beys both flew out of the stadium and hit the ground at the exact same time. So no one has proven which is better just yet. This battle between us is still on, Adagio. But don't be surprised, next time we'll face off with each other one on one and I'll beat you."

"Sorry to break up this catfight between you two but Athena, do you have any idea on who we should face off with next? We only have Bael and Leon left to challenge." Aria asked.

"Go with Bael, your should battle him before you go and face Leon. Leon is by far the strongest blader out of everyone, people are saying he might become the next World Champion."

"Alright... so first Bael and then Leon. And then our little journey to become stronger will be over!"

"Adagio, what about Gabby? Aren't we going to battle Gabby as well." Sonata asked.

"No one cares about her she's just an evil bully. Now come on we're going to battle Bael and then Leon. Athena you want to help us train for Bael?" Adagio asked.

"Sure, after all my bey is the same type as Bael's bey. Your going to need all the help you can get! Let's get going!"

'So Bael's bey is a defense type just like Athena's. I'll have to use stamina mode to beat him.' Adagio thought.

'We're going to Bael's house?! Why did it have to be him?' Aria thought.

And like that the Dazzlings trained with Athena to beat Bael. Their journey for power was almost over, but what they didn't know was that they were in for a surprise soon.

Preview: After getting word from Athena, the Dazzling head to Bael's house. There Aria will battle against her "crush" Bael. Will Aria get past her "crush" or will she lose her head?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Impenetrable Defense! Dusk Balkesh!

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