• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Take A Chance! Judgement Joker!

The Dazzlings second stop was Joy and if you could guess they were already there. The Dazzlings were with Joy as she took out her bey.

"My bey is Judgement Joker. It's a right spinning balance type. It has two massive blades made up of rubber, that's what make it so strong. So... who's going to challenge me first?"

'With those rubber blades, it's attacks could be off the charts. We're going to have to be wary of those blades. I should go in defense mode when I face off with that bey.'

"I'll like to challenge you, Joy! My bey sword against your rubber blades." Adagio said, showing off her prized bey.

"Fine by me! But don't be surprised if I beat you. Now, we're going to go to a first to two points."

"Fine with me. Aria you can be the referee for this match."

"Alright! Now this will be a first to two points. A survivor finish and a ring out finish is one point. A burst finish is worth two points. The first to get two points is a winner. Now, first battle!" Aria said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium and rush towards each other.

"Now hit Achilles with, Fate's Judgement!"

"Block his attack with Unison Defense!"

Judgement Joker collide into Achilles. But Joker pushes past Achilles defense and makes contact with Achilles. Both Achilles and Joker get sent flying into the air. Joker and Achilles were both about to hit the ground but before they hit the ground Achilles burst into pieces in midair.

"Judgement Joker with a burst finish. With a final score of 2-0, Joy is the winner of this match."

"Not only did Joker get past Achilles defense but in just one hit, Adagio was defeated?" Sonata said, clearly confused from the whole ordeal.

Adagio picked up her bey, and looked at Joy. "That was a great battle, Joy. Your bey is incredible, but I won't lose the next time we battle."

'Her bey is even stronger than I thought it was. Those rubber blades carry some strong power in them. What's their weakness?'

"Same here! So... Aria why don't you face off with me next? I heard that your bey has some crazy strong attack power, just like mine. What do you say, Aria or... are you scared?" Joy asked.

"Your on Joy. And I'm not afraid of you, I'll avenge Adagio from her big lost and beat you!" Aria said, taking out her bey.

"I'll be the referee for this match. First to two points, a survivor finish and ring out finish is one point and a burst finish is two points. First battle." Sonata said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

Both beys land on the stadium and start to head toward each other at speeds even gods would be envious of.

"Now just like last time, Fate's Judgement!"

"Counter that pathetic attack with Omega Blast!"

Just like how Adagio and Joy's match, both Aria and Joy's beys got sent flying into the air. Apocalypse and Joker both hit the ground, but sadly one of them hit the ground a second before the other bey did.

"It was a close one but Apocalypse hit the ground a second before Joker did. So... Judgement Joker with a ring out finish. Joy will now receive one point. The score is now 1-0. Will Aria be able to make a comeback or will Joy sadly finish the match 2-0 just like their match will Adagio? Find out but for now it's time for the second battle. Second battle!" Sonata said.

"Get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip."

Both Apocalypse and Joker rush around the stadium once again, heading straight towards each other.

"Now, finish this match with Fate's Judgement!"

"Not if I end this match first! Omega Blast!"

Both beys hit each other and got sent flying into the air. But both of them survive the blast and hit the edge of the stadium, and land back in the stadium. Joker survived the hit and started rushing right towards Apocalypse, but on Apocalypse end, due to the blow Apocalypse was barely spinning.

"Now! Let's end this match once and for all!"

Time seemed to slow down, Joker was just about to hit Apocalypse, but something unexpected to happen, something that would surprise all of them.

"Apocalypse! Use Prime Reboot!" Aria yelled.

Apocalypse suddenly goes from barely spinning to going back to speeding around the stadium at full speed.

"What? H-How did you do that?" Joy asked, in surprise.

Joker misses Apocalypse, still heading forward Joker crashes into the stadium walls. Once on impact with the stadium walls Joker burst into pieces.

"Prime Apocalypse with a burst finish. With a finally score of 2-1, Aria is the winner of the match!"

"How were you able to do that? How did you all of a sudden get all of your stamina back and dodge my attack?" Joy asked.

"That's my little secret. But other than that, that was a good match. You almost had me there." Aria said, shaking Joy's hand.

"Yeah, it was the best battle I ever had." Joy said.

"Adagio what happened? Why did Joker burst once it hit against the walls of the stadium?" Sonata asked.

"Joker was charging full blast towards Apocalypse. Joker also has massive rubber blades on it. With all that rubber and at the speed it was going, the power reverted back to itself and caused itself to burst. If Aria hadn't dodged it like it did, then Aria would have most likely lost the match." Adagio said.

"I see. You know, I heard that you guys were challenging all of our friends. You should go to Valex's house. He has an incredibly strong bey! His beys attack might be even stronger than mine! It's a right spinning attack type. Also his brother is in down so you might get to face him as well."

"I see... girls are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Adagio asked, looking back at Aria and Sonata with a smile.

"Get Joy to help us train to battle Valex!" Aria and Sonata said.

"You know it! Now let's get going!"

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled.

With that the Dazzlings and Joy trained to battle Valex. They were going to battle Valex and beat him just like how they did to all of the others!

Preview: The Dazzlings head over to Valex's house. There they face off with Valex and his brother Venus. Venus challenges Adagio to a one on one match. It'll be Adagio's greatest challenge ever! Next Time on Dazzling Bladers; Taking On A Crush!