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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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The Perfect Bey! Eclipse Genesis!

Somewhere else...

While Sunset told the Dazzlings about their past, Gabby was currently at Aaron house.

"I'm sorry, I failed you. I was unable to take the victory nor was I able to beat Adagio." Gabby apologized as she bowed to Aaron.

"You actually helped me more than you think. Thanks to you I know now that the Dazzlings are capable of much more that's meets the eye. When Adagio unlocked her new profound power she unintentional activated Sunset's and her friends magical powers. Thanks to my genius device I sucked the magic out of all of them except for Adagio's." Aaron said, as he held the device in his hands.

"Might I ask... why didn't you take Adagio's magic along with Sunset's and her friends?"

"Adagio's magical powers had just been unleashed for the first time. She's still got a long ways to go before her powers hit maximum levels. It would be pointless to take such weak magic powers, I'll wait to take her powers until they gets stronger. But she's not the only one, if she could unlock a power like this then so could her two others sisters. Now, this is where you come in. You must make Adagio and Aria's magic powers rise to newfound levels."

"What about Sonata? She's part of the Dazzlings as well, shouldn't we be worried about her as well?"

"You've already beaten that poor excuse for a Dazzling twice and not to mention you broke her bey. Sonata is irrelevant, out of everyone she should be the least of your worries. Now, come on. We shall begin making the most perfect bey! A bey suitable for your worth in battle! A bey that can and will never loss! If I combine the bey with the magic I have stolen it'll be unstoppable! Beating you will be impossible, nothing will stop us in taking over the world!" Gabby and Aaron both let out an evil laugh, this new bey was going to be the strongest bey the world have ever seen.

It had been a few hours after Gabby and Aaron started making the so called "strongest bey" in the world. After awhile it was finished, it was a lot like Royal Genesis but it looked much stronger.

"This bey will be known as Eclipse Genesis. Thanks to the Eclipse Armor, bursting this bey is now impossible. Thanks to the magic I stole this bey is even stronger than it was without the magic. Now, to find a test subject to test out the new bey. Gabby, do you have anyone in find that you would like to take on?"

Gabby though for a second and then she looked out the window. Running at full speed was none other than Aria. An evil grin appeared on Gabby's face as she turned her head to Aaron.

"I will take on Aria one of the Dazzlings. With this new bey I will surely take down Apocalypse! And with how Aria's been acting... maybe we can get her to join our side. Think about it, two unburstable beys together. Me and Aria would make the greatest team ever!"

"Good idea! Go find Aria and challenge her to a battle! Show her the power of Eclipse Genesis!"

Gabby nodded her head and ran out of the house to go catch up with Aria. It take long until Gabby was able to catch up, Aria had token a break by a stadium. She was sitting down looking at her bey, she looked up when she felt Gabby's presence.

"Aria... member of the Dazzlings. Why are you out at a time like this?"

"That is none of your business now leave or else. And don't you dare call me a member of the Dazzlings, that's in the past! Nothing but history." Aria said.

"I've come here to challenge you to a battle!" Gabby showed Aria her new bey, Aria's eyes widened. "With Eclipse Genesis, I shall take down you along with your sisters! Now let's throw down, Aria! Or should I say, member of the Dazzlings!"

"Your on! I'll make you shut up for good this time!"

Gabby and Aria got ready and looked at each other.

'So someone must have told them about their past selves... I could use that as my advantage!'

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys took to the stadium, Eclipse Genesis swooped in to take the center while Apocalypse started to pummel it with some ferocious strikes. What surprised Aria was that Eclipse Genesis was taking all of the attacks on purpose. No matter how hard Apocalypse hit Genesis, Genesis stayed strong.

"Apocalypse! Hit it with Omega Blast!"

Both beys go flying, Apocalypse and Genesis hit the wall making both of their centers go red. Gabby and Aria both see that and smile with delight. They then look at each other with their evil grins.

"Activate Prime Reboot to speed up!"

"Not on my watch! Catch up to them with your Hybrid Force!"

Apocalypse and Genesis speed up, Genesis was starting to catch up to Apocalypse but Aria had other plans.

"Dodge it Apocalypse!"

Suddenly a dark light took over Apocalypse and Apocalypse dodged the incoming attack. Gabby's eyes widened from the sudden power up from Apocalypse.

'That looks like my Superior-Flux!'

"Genesis! Unleash Superior-Flux!"

Genesis sped up as well and charged after Apocalypse.

"Now take it out with Eclipse Whip!"

"Finish it! Once again, Omega Blast!"

The two beys collide in the center, however thanks to Genesis new special attack Genesis was able to burst through Apocalypse. Aria's eyes widen as she saw her bey burst before her eyes.

"With a final score of 2-0, it's my victory!"

Aria said nothing as she picked up her bey. Gabby took off the Eclipse Armor from her bey and handed it out to Aria. Aria looked up at Gabby with surprise.

"The Eclipse Armor can also be put onto your Apocalypse, since both of our beys have the burst prevention system attached to them. With this you and Apocalypse with achieve new powers far beyond your belief. I will lend you this as a gift, think it as nothing more than a way to get stronger. Us girls got to stay together, right?"

Aria could tell Gabby was acting way to nice, even for herself. But regardless, Aria took the Eclipse Armor and put it on Apocalypse, when she did it was a perfect fit.

"What about you? Don't you need this for your bey?"

"I have a spare so that one is yours to keep. However, you shall not use the Eclipse Armor until you have full control over Apocalypse."

"Like Adagio? With her new found bond with Achilles?"

"Yes. Now I must get going, I have a lot of training to attend to. Hope to see you in the stadium soon Aria, and tell your sister I won't lose to her the next time we battle!"

With that Gabby was gone, Aria was still confused by Gabby's behavior but she couldn't care less about her at the moment.

Gabby had turned a corner and when she did she was face to face with Aaron, he didn't look happy.

"And why did you give Aria, a member of the Dazzlings the Eclipse Armor?"

"I told her that she could only use it until she fully mastered Apocalypse. That will push her to achieve that, so I'm speeding up the progress of Aria unlocking her powers as well. You should be thanking me for what I've just done."

"This better not backfire on us. Failure is not an option at this point of time, if you make another mess up like you did in your match with Adagio our whole plan will fall to ruins!"

"Don't worry, I have no intend on losing to anyone ever again!" Gabby's eye lit up and Eclipse Genesis shined.

Aria was still thinking about what Sunset had told her earlier, as well as what Gabby told her. Just then she felt another presence, she turned around and saw her Auntie Luna standing behind her.

"If your here to take me back to my so called "mom" then you've come for nothing." Aria then stood up and was about to walk off when Luna stopped her.

"I'm not going to take you back to Sunset, rather I want you to come with me for awhile. At least until you calm down and can learn to forgive Sunset of her previous actions."

"Fine... but just so you know I may be staying longer than you think."

"However long you need, you can stay. But just know that one day you will have to talk to Sunset again."

"That day is in the future... I'll rather be thinking about the present, thank you very much."

Aria started to walk towards Luna's car, that was nearby. Luna watched as Aria got into the car and slammed the door, she could feel Aria's pain.

'I'll need to talk to her about not slamming my doors when I get in the car. But not only that I hope Aria realizes that if she doesn't talk to Sunset soon then things may never change.'

"Oh they will, in the near future they will forgive each other."

Luna turns her head and sees Pinkie Pie appear out of nowhere. Luna just looks at Pinkie and then starts to walk away.

"Quit your nonsense." Luna then turns around and smiles at Pinkie Pie. "If you keep breaking the 4th wall people might have to ban you." With that Luna left a now scared looking Pinkie alone.


Preview: After hearing that Aria was found and is living with Luna, Sonata gets to making her new bey. Sonata will then learn that she will have to start from scratch with her new bey. Her and Spryzen must embark on a journey in recreating their bond. Will Sonata and Spryzen be up to the task or is their bond to broken to be fixed?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Lord Of Flames! Lord Spryzen!

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