• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Breaking Through! Zone Hammer!

Group B's first match was about to begin. Aria was in her room training for her battle against Joy. Apocalypse was racing around the stadium with a dark aura around them.

'I've beat her before and I can beat her again! I'm stronger than ever in fact.... I'll annihilate her and that terrible bey of hers!!'

"The first battle of Group B is about to begin! I hope your all excited for this battle, this one's going to be a good one! Can we get Aria and Joy to the stadium please?"

Aria picked up her bey and walked out of her waiting room when she heard Tom's voice. If Aria won this battle she would be one step closer to making it to the Semi-Finals.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Starting us off in Group B is the girl that always takes a chance, Joy and her bey Judgement Joker going up against the girl surrounded in darkness, Aria and her bey Prime Apocalypse!"

Aria and Joy arrive to the stadium. Joy happily smiled at Aria while Aria just looked at Joy.

"We finally get our rematch! Hope your ready Aria, because I'm going to win this one!" Joy said.

Aria stayed silent and attached her bey to her launcher. 'I'm going to beat you in the 1st battle.'

"One strike and this battle will be over!" Aria said.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Both beys land on the stadium, Joker races around the stadium, while Apocalypse... was crashing into the walls? Did Aria make a mis-launch? Aria smiles when she sees her bey crashing into the wall.

Apocalypse kept crashing into the walls of the stadium. Apocalypse was starting to lose speed from hitting the walls. Just then for the first time the center of Apocalypse turns red. Aria lets out an evil grin and her eyes turn a bright purplish black. Apocalypse then sped up on it's own thanks to Prime Reboot. Apocalypse races off from the upper deck and towards Joker.

"Here's our chance Joker! Use Fate's Judgement!"

"Now! Omega Blast!!"

The two beys collide causing a massive whirlwind to stirrup. Joker gets sent flying up in the air due to the whirlwind and burst into pieces. Joy gasp seeing her precious bey burst before her eyes.

"Prime Apocalypse with a burst finish!! With a final score of 2-0, Aria is the winner!"

"Aria has just gotten her 3 point making her one step closing in making it to the Finals!"

Adagio stands up from the stands and heads off to face off with Phoebe. Before she can leave however Sonata stops her.

"Adagio! Good luck out there! I just know you can beat Phoebe! If Aria could do it then so can you! Don't forget about our promise, we're going to battle in the Finals with each other!" Sonata said.

"Don't worry, Sonata." Adagio said. "I'll be sure to win against Phoebe no matter what!"

Adagio and Phoebe arrive at the stadium. Phoebe and Adagio both smile at each other and show off their beys to each other.

"Hope your ready Adagio, because I plan on winning. My losing streak has got to end somewhere and sadly for you it's going to end here."

"Sorry Phoebe. But your losing streak is going to continue. I'm going to win and then take a step closing to making it to the Finals. I promised someone I would battle them in the Finals and I plan on making it happen."

"We'll see about that!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both Pegasus and Achilles take to the stadium. Achilles was in Stamina mode without the Unison Sword equipped to it. Pegasus and Achilles collide in the center and start their head to head collision with one another. Both then let go from their collision and climb onto the upper deck and speed up.

"Now Pegasus! Harmonic Thunder!"

"Get it there with Unison Breaker!"

Both beys slam into each other and both go flying. Both beys land on the ground at almost the exact same time. Both bladers look at the ref and waits for the call.

"Harmony Pegasus with a ring out finish! One point is rewarded to Phoebe making the score 1-0."

The crowd cheers while both Phoebe and Adagio pick up their beys. Adagio changes Achilles into Attack mode and she equipped the Unison Sword increasing it's speed and power.

"This battle will be our last!"

"I could say the same! Me and Achilles are going to burst Pegasus!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys take to the stadium with powerful launches. Pegasus quickly and swiftly takes the center while Achilles pounces at it with a volley of agile attacks. Achilles kept pummeling Pegasus with a bunch of strikes that the yellow wings appeared. Adagio smiles and Achilles rises to the upper deck.

"Now take Pegasus out with Unison Sword!"

"Reverse Heal!"

Achilles hits Pegasus sending it flying. Pegasus's wings revert back in but when it hits the walls to the upper deck, the wings immediately come back out again! Phoebe gasp in surprise while Adagio smiles, Adagio had came up with a loophole to beat the wings! Achilles was now on Pegasus's tail about to strike it down, but Phoebe wasn't going to let that happen.

"Knock it out of here with Feather Storm!"

Pegasus creates a storm and the storm carries Achilles lifting it off the ground. Achilles goes flying and hits the wall of the stadium, it then bounces off the wall and into the air right above Pegasus!

"Now Achilles! Ride the storm with Unison Breaker!"

Achilles slashes through the storm and crashes onto of Pegasus. Pegasus and Achilles then both go sent flying! Pegasus burst in midair while Achilles hits the ground.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-1, Adagio wins!"

"Adagio wins her match making her a step closer in making it to the Semi-Finals!"

Adagio and Phoebe shake hands and leave the stadium. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata were all just one point away from moving on to the Semi-Finals. With Gabby being the only one to move on in Group A, there was only 1 more spot in Group A left, while Group B still had 2 free spots. Things seemed to finally be changing for the better and it looked like all the Dazzlings could be moving on to the Semi-Finals. However not all good things last for long.

Bael's and Leon's first battle was currently underway. Balkesh was currently taking all of Luinor's attacks like they were nothing. Balkesh's defense was so tough that not even the fast heavy attacker Luinor couldn't even deal damage to it.

"Luinor's assault on Balkesh isn't stopping, but no matter how hard he pushes Luinor's just ain't doing any good. Luinor is now starting to slow down is this the end of Luinor?"

Luinor used every ounce of energy it had left and attacked Balkesh but no matter, Balkesh just didn't budge. Luinor then ran out of energy and grinned to a halt.

"Dusk Balkesh with a survivor finish! With a score of 1-0, Bael is in the lead!"

The crowd cheers for Bael as he and Leon pick up their beys. Leon looks at Luinor and then he smiles. He had a plan and Bael had no clue what was about to hit him. Bael just smiles and attaches his bey to his launcher.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Balkesh and Luinor take to the stadium, Balkesh takes center stage while Luinor instantly striking it down. Luinor deals some fierce blows to Balkesh that it actually starts doing some damage. Leon smiles while Bael starts to feel the pressure. Leon ramped up his launch power to make his attack power even stronger.

"End this match with Zone Slam!" Leon yelled.

"Not on my watch! Balkesh unleash Dusk Circle!" Bael yelled.

Luinor hits Balkesh creating Balkesh to turn into a perfect circle. Luinor's rampage begins all over again from the 1st battle and Luinor starts delivering a barrage of attacks on Balkesh. However Balkesh just blocks all of them as if they were nothing.

"Send it flying, Luinor!"

Luinor hits Balkesh making it go out of the center and onto the upper deck. Leon smiles but then he sees Bael smiling. Bael was up to something but Leon didn't know what. Balkesh then speeds up on the upper deck and charges down towards Leon. Leon's eyes widen, that's what Bael was planning. A counterattack!

"Balkesh! End this match and Luinor with Dusk Crash!"

Balkesh slams into Luinor causing it to go flying. Luinor hits the wall of the stadium, but instead of slowing down... something else happened. Luinor bounces off the wall and full on charges towards Balkesh. Bael gasp in shock as Luinor lit up.

"Tear it into pieces, Luinor! Zone Hammer!"

Luinor comes in and deals the final blow to Balkesh. A huge explosion happens causing everyone to cover their eyes. Balkesh gets thrown up in the air and burst. The blow was so hard it made Bael lose his balance and fall to the ground.

"Zone Luinor with a burst finish! Final scoring of 2-1, Leon is your winner!"

The crowd cheers for Leon as he picks up his bey with a smile. Bael gets back up and grabs his bey. He was ashamed of losing but he tried his best. Up in the stands the Dazzlings were confused as to the events that just occured.

"Hey Artic. You mind telling us what went down in that battle?" Adagio asked.

"Luinor aligned with his metal components causing it to gain a surge in power. Leon let his bey get hit on purpose so that he could unlock what he called Zone Hammer." Artic said.

"Guess Leon is stronger than I thought."

"You know this means trouble for you and Aria, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"And if that victory to his belt, Leon will now be joining Gabby in the Semi-Finals, what an achievement! His strength is limitless and possibly unstoppable! Now only one spot is left for both Group A and B. We're going to have to find out who will take the last spots in the 5th round."

The screen shows everyone's scores so far. Leon and Gabby with a 4-0. Dean, Sonata, Aria, and Adagio with a 3-1. Valex with a 2-2. Bael and Joy with a 1-3 and Frizzle, Athena, and Phoebe with a 0-4.

"The 5th round is going to be the decided match for which remaining Bladers will move on to the Semi-Finals! To keep you all on suspense we're going to announce the last match-ups right now!"

With that the screen shakes around for awhile until it comes to a halt. The matches were, for Group A, Frizzle vs Athena, Valex vs Sonata, and Dean vs Gabby, while for Group B it was, Phoebe vs Joy, Adagio vs Bael, and Aria vs Leon.

"And it's settled the last matches of the tournament will commence tomorrow! Be there or be squared."

"Valex? He's formidable but I can take him and show that I'm way stronger!"

"I'll break through Balkesh's defense as if it's nothing."

Aria saw her match against Leon and smiled. 'I'll annihilate this so called Champion! I'll destroy Luinor!!!

Preview: The 5th and final round of the round robin is finally here! Group A starts us off with, and everyone is bursting with energy. Dean finally gets his chance at revenge for his brother Derek, by going up against Gabby. Blinded by rage and revenge Dean gives it his all.

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