• Published 27th Jul 2020
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The Heart of Chaos: Discord's Origins - The Ravenclaw Queen

Everypony knows of the reign of chaos a thousand years previously, when Discord ruled all the land with no mercy, but not one of them has ever questioned how he came to be . . .

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Chapter 1: Creation of Chaos

The universe requires balance. It is a simple fact that has been proven to be true for many different life forms since the beginning of time. Survival of both predator and prey, existence of both darkness and light. While one may triumph temporarily, the other always returns.

And so it was in this particular land of magical creatures, where death and fear ruled over everything. Ponies of all types who had previously led quiet, isolated lives now lived in terror of the powerful ram Grogar, father of monsters; but, as is the way of the universe, things would change again. The ponies began to flock together based on similar abilities, and the three newly created groups - Earth ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi - worked together against the tyrant, until finally one unicorn was given the opportunity by the help of her peers to banish Grogar from their world. Such harmony had never been seen in this land before, and peace was restored while ponies enjoyed even better lives side by side.

And of course, the universe couldn’t allow things to remain like this for the rest of time. An offshoot of this new magic of harmony shot skywards and towards the edge of their world. The magic exploded in a terrific shower of multicolored lights that nobody saw as it made contact with outer space, leaving nothing behind but a rolling, chaotic mass of . . . something.

* * *

Within that dark mass, at its very center, there lay an egg, yet its surface seemed to be composed of several different types of eggs, with the sections of contrasting layers unevenly stitched together, giving the egg a rough and asymmetrical shell.

The egg suddenly began to shake; it started gentle but grew more intense and violent by the second, until it seemed just short of exploding -

A sudden flash of light, accompanied by a single crack! filled the entire realm, then disappeared as abruptly as it had arrived.

The egg was revealed again but it now laid in splintered pieces, and among the mess was a creature, huddled in a heap with its tail wrapped around itself. The creature suddenly lifted its head, blinking slowly, then stood up. He was tall, much taller than any pony had ever been, and indeed he was the farthest thing from a pony. His body was primarily that of a snake’s, but his horned head was furry and equine, while his middle bore dark eagle feathers, two mispaired wings, and four clashing limbs.

The creature took in his surroundings, but all there was to see was smokey darkness, and the few feet of ground he could make out around him was bare. A thick silence lay over everything.

Well this is boring, the creature thought. What even is this place? He wondered if the rest of where he was was just as dull as this part.

Then suddenly light appeared from an unknown source, flooding the entire landscape. The creature stared out; there was no singular solid ground, but rather what must’ve been hundreds of floating land masses of all different sizes suspended stationarily in the air, black silhouettes set against a gray sky. They were also all devoid of any features at all.

So empty . . . I must be the only thing anywhere around here, the creature mused. He spun around slowly, taking in the dull scenery, and sighed. If only “around here” wasn’t so boring!

Without warning, the lighting changed with a flash. It now seemed to be a mix of bright pink and orange, blending and clashing and glowing differently in separate parts of the sky. The creature gasped, amazed, as he admired the change, then glanced down. The ground of the small land mass where he was standing was now patterned in blue checkers, instead of its previous dusty black, and the one closest to him was checkered in pink.

The creature lifted his head. It looked like a completely different world, one full of possibilities. And now, drinking in the scene around him, he had the strangest feeling that he was connected to this, this colorful sky and floating islands.

Just looking around him the creature could picture all sorts of fun, novel things for this newly vibrant world, so many ideas crashing into his mind that they were being lost among each other and the creature wasn’t able to keep track of them all. But he didn’t have to; something in this world was doing just that.

Pink fluffy clouds began to drift lazy across the glowing sky, showering the lands in what appeared to be just dark rain, but upon closer inspection proven to be chocolate milk. The various land masses expanded and began to float up and down in place as plants began to suddenly spring up on them. Some of the lands remained checkered in an array of colors while others sprouted tall blades of grass colored in shades of lime green and teal, each blade growing two tiny waving arms and a small head, with which they chattered in high pitched tones to one another. Animals such as bunnies with tall giraffe legs and lions sporting unicorn horns appeared, and red licorice bridges formed between separate land masses so the stampedes of bunnies and ballet buffaloes could travel across them. The creature leapt aside with a laugh as one of these groups of bunnies rushed right by him; but instead of landing back down on the ground, he discovered that he was floating and, with a little concentration, was able to move where he wished while still in the air. How exhilarating! The creature whooped and rose higher over the lands, watching as trees of all types claimed their places on the islands. Some bore creatures such as fire breathing monkeys and flying rubber chickens, while others uprooted themselves and ran along on their roots, and leaves of every color imaginable could be seen somewhere. A pink and purple polka dotted three-headed snake slithered past a winged possum and an opera-singing jackalope. On one of the bigger islands, a great waterfall of jam had appeared. Various schools of fish swam alongside narwhals through the sky, which was no longer just pink and orange but a ceaselessly swirling kaleidoscope of colors.

Thousands of strange and wacky animals, plants, and objects filled the entire landscape, as far as the eye could see, with a cacophony of clashing sounds and songs that were music to the creature’s ears. He roared with laughter, his arms thrown wide to embrace this new, wonderful world that he knew had come from him. It was his paradise. He was surrounded by the most ridiculous, senseless things in existence, just as ridiculous and senseless as the creature himself. It was the best feeling in the world! It was crazy! It was wild! It was fun! It was chaos! It was . . .


The moment the word fell into his head the creature knew that it was for him; it was him. And it was the last thing he needed to finally be complete.