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Resistance is Magic - ColtKit Productions

The Borg realize they can't assimilate anything with "magic". So they decide to destroy those races instead. The Voyager finds various Refuge races & bring them back with them to the Alpha Quadrant. But is that really what the magicals want?

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Ch5: Mutiny

Iruka smiled, as the school bell rang, and all the children vanished in puffs of smoke. He could feel his own clones, also, dispell themselves. He, and the other instructors, where also using Shadow Clones. That way they could teach their subjects to different groups of students.

The students' clones would spend the entire school day, each with a different instructors' clone, learning a different subject. No need to Switch between subjects. As There were more then enough clones to learn everything.

Math, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Literature, Household "Spells", combat "Jutsus", the Different Cultures of the united "magical" races, a separate class to go over the races and cultures in the Federation's database, and 1 elective.

While the clones were at school, the real children were out learning a trade, from a real person.

The younger children, that couldn't make many Shadow clones, focused on learning basic things. Reading and writing, colors, how to tell time. After they mastered those, they moved on to their racial magics. For the Shinobi, they learned their clan's various techniques.

The pony building techniques had really come in handy. Allowing for each species to have a thriving Village, in their own Pocket Dimension. Each complete. With everything from houses, shops, bars, parks (both "theme" to "play"), even farms.

Although the center of trade remained the Harmony Tree Dimension, the villages were finally independent. They had, at last, reached a point of stability, in their new governments. Complete with their own bill of rights, and basic laws.

Along with the laws of the "Voyager Council". As the council of species had agreed to name themselves, after the ship they now called home.

However, when all the joint civilizations were to be lumped together, they were to be referred to as either "Magicals" or "Voyagers". Which they then requested of the Terran crew. They weren't particularly fond of calling themselves "Equusians", nor excluding themselves from the Shinobi. While the Terrans didn't like calling Sapient lifeforms "Creatures", as that was actually an insult by some alien lifeforms.

Things were finally stable... it made sense someone would throw a wrench in the gears.


"This is... unexpected," Orochimaru smiled, with Kabuto's mouth. He was thoroughly enjoying how much easier it was, thanks to his new seal.

The leaders of most of the "Realms", as was the new official name for the pocket dimensions attached to Voyager, sat before the god of the sound village, or at the very least his host. It was rather easy to switch between the souls, that inhabited this body.

Thankfully, Kabuto had no issue doing this with some regularity. Though they tried to keep that hidden from the Hokage... unsuccessfully if these creatures presence was any indication.

They had gone to the Sound Clan, in the dead of night, and requested this meeting. All hidden in thick robes, with hoods over their faces. Not removing them until they were in the estate.

Dragon Lord Ember growled, "These humans want to use our hatchlings as canon fodder, against not only the Borg, but all their enemies."

Orochimaru, working Kabuto's body like a puppet, gave a shrug, "We Shinobi see no problem with this." He was seated with them on the pillows, around a low table, eying the strange aliens before him. All the while, casually sipping tea. "We built our homes on the backs of child soldiers."

Prince Rutherford snapped, "Well Yaks have problem! Yaks no stand for such! Children precious to Yaks!!!"

Grubber, the newest leader of the Albino Apes, since the Storm King was left to die on Equus, "We've been pushing the Federation, seeing just how far they are willing to go... we are not pleased with the results."

Capper nodded, trying to use his charms, and hoping that could pass for diplomacy. Frankly he didn't know why he, a con artist, was chosen to be saved... besides the obvious. The tree may not have had a lot of options for his species. Most of them were an ocean away, and probably beyond the trees limits.

Regardless, that didn't stop his fellow felines from voting HIM into office. He was a respected member of the underworld, at least to the cats... but this wasn't the same thing as stealing food and selling it, for cheap, to orphaned kittens. He was just trying to survive in the Tartarus hole he grew up in.

Regardless, he could sweet talk any creature, "We know you have been sowing descent amongst our creatures. And well normally that would be frowned on, the greater problem is you have a point... The Federation isn't what Janeway promised us. They only want to use us.

"Celestia wants us to show Janeway the newest transcripts, in an attempt to disillusion her... but she is a soldier. She has orders. She will be honor bound to follow them... it is regrettable but we can't trust her to act for our best interest."

Orochimaru's grin only grew. Maybe they would have the resources, needed to take the ship, after all. "What do you propose?"


Tobi smiled, showing off the Terrans' new home. "The council agreed to build this, for your crew. It's the least we can do, for basicly stealing your cargo bay."

Janeway awed. There was a small town, built inside one of the pocket dimensions. The buildings looked like something straight off a Federation Planet. Complete with Replicators, a Holosuite tower, and an amazing power plant.

The Ponies had managed to make a perfect human town. They really had learned so much, in such a short time.

The Voyager Council had insisted that the entire Terran crew come to this storage unit, for a "Surprise". The Captain had tried to send people, in groups... but strangely that didn't seem necessary. After all, the ship had more then enough competent crew, through the various Magicals, to operate the ship while the humans enjoyed a party.

The Uchiha ensured the Captain thought that... and slowly, she realized the thoughts weren't her's.

Walking over to Tuvok, as the Vulcan was overseeing the housing assignments... with the magicals having already brought all their belongings, and were carrying them for the Terran crew.

"Tuvok?" Janeway tried to be discreet. "Somethings wrong." Unfortunately, the man standing next to him... was an Uchiha, in a Starfleet uniform... Who's eyes instantly locked on her's.


Once everything was said and done, with all the Terrans in their own homes, Tobi Uchiha put a sleeping Genjutsu, over the small village. Having all the humans rest within their new beds. The rogue fraction of magicals, were trying to handle this as benevolently as possible.

They dare not bring any harm to their host, as these Terrans had shown them nothing but kindness. However, and despite the unfortunateness, they could no longer allow the Federation to dictate the lives of their children.

Once all the magicals were out of the Terran Dimension, Orochimaru painted a complex assortment of seals all over the door. Then The leaders of the Griffins, Dragons, Cat Anthros, Albino Apes, Kirin, and Yaks, stepped forward. They each cut their palms, or foot, and smeered their blood over the appropriate spots the Shinobi pointed out.

Finally, the Dragon Lord allowed Orochimaru the use of her scepter. So that he could channel the power of the dragon god, Bahamut, himself, into the runes.

Orochimaru smiled.

"There, now the doors will only open if you lot, or your descendants, agree to it." Orochimaru smiled, as he handed the scepter back

Ember sighed, clearly having second thoughts, despite already having gone through with everything.

Tobi assured, "Don't worry, your Dragon-ness. They have everything they need, both for entertainment and survival. They'll be fine. Now, we just got to tell the council, that we turned what was supposed to be a gift, into a prison."

Everyone stared at him, but Tobi could only blink.

"What?" Tobi asked.

They chose to ignore him.

Author's Note:

I'm not cutting the Voyager crew out of the fic. I'm doing a Time Skip. The Voyager crew will be released in 10 years, in story. Although in reality it will be the next chapter. I'm also going to say that magical races age slower then humans, think reverse dog years. So 10 years means all the kids are effectively just 1 year older, and some change.

I will also be adding Characters from a few other franchises. As Voyager has picked up a few other magical refugees, over the decade. They will mostly be kept in minor roles, as reoccurring or outright background characters. It's actually their Magic based spells, and artifacts, that interest me.

I already have in mind: Harry Potter, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Ball Z, and YuYu Hakusho. Mostly for their power / spells, technology, and magical artifacts. Are there any other magics you'd like to see? Or a character from those franchises you'd like to be more then the occasional Cameo?

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