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Sonic EGX (Book 1) - Will of Radiance

When their two worlds are threatened, the Heroes of Mobius and the Guardians of Equestria must defend their worlds from being assimilated.

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Episode 1 - It Begins (Part1)

Author's Note:

Hey all, I'm new here and this is something that I've been coming up with for a long time now, and I think it's about time I share it with you guys. Any constructive criticism is welcome!

Location: Mobius; Outside of Emerald Town

“BAMM!!!” The sound of clashing strikes echoed throughout the hills. “BLAMM!!!” The force from the clashes were so intense it sent ripples through the grass. “GRRRYAAA!!!! 'BAAMMM!!!'” Two male voices cried out as they clashed once more.

The two were mobian hedgehogs, one had blue fur and green eyes, wearing red and white sneakers with a gold buckle on the side. He was Sonic the Hedgehog. The other had black and red fur and red eyes, an arrow-shaped patch of fur on his chest, as well as white and red hover shoes. He was Shadow the Hedgehog. The two were sparring, testing each others physical and fighting abilities.

“Pant Pant Here I come Shadow!!” Sonic cried, proceeding to charge at Shadow at full speed.

“Hmph! Don't get cocky.” Shadow countered, readying himself for Sonic's incoming assault. Sonic threw a fast series of punches at Shadow. Shadow breathlessly dodged them all in rapid secession, then he jumped away from a finishing flip kick from Sonic. Sonic advanced rapidly at Shadow once again and wound up a punch aimed at Shadow's head.

“Eat this!!” Sonic yelled as he threw his attack at Shadow. However, Shadow stood his ground and caught Sonic's punch. Sonic flinched in surprise.

“Gotcha” Shadow smirked.

“GAHH!!” Sonic cried out as Shadow drove his fist into Sonic's stomach, knocking all the air out of him. Sonic slumped forward clutching his stomach. Then Shadow spun around and delivered a powerful reverse roundhouse kick to Sonic's face.

“DAHH!!” Sonic yelled as he flew back from Shadow's strike. He tumbled backwards as he hit the ground, but he managed to roll back onto his feet. “Pant Pant Dang” Sonic spat, his body aching from the blows he exchanged with Shadow.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Shadow said disappointingly, walking towards Sonic. Sonic looked up at Shadow, still panting his lungs out,

“I’m trying my hardest!” Sonic insisted.

“Well you’re not trying hard enough!” Shadow countered harshly. He stopped a few feet in front of Sonic, who was still catching his breath.

“If you keep fighting at this pace, Eggman will defeat you.” Shadow said firmly. Sonic would have talked back some more at this point, but for some reason, he felt like he should let Shadow portray his point. “You want to protect this world, then show me you can” Shadow pointed at Sonic, demanding that he continues fighting. Sonic wiped the blood off his mouth, and smirked.


“I’m far from done Shadow.” He said, standing up. He pointed at Shadow with determination.

“I will protect this world, and I will defeat Eggman again!” Sonic stated with fiery passion. Shadow smiled a little, impressed by Sonic’s determination. Sonic assumed his fighting stance.

“Come at me Shadow! Hit me with all you’ve got!”

“Hmph. Maybe he’s actually grown a bit after all these months.” Shadow thought, impressed by Sonic’s bravado.

“In that case….” Shadow assumed his fighting stance, and then his body bursted with a red aura that surrounded him. This was his Chaos drive mode.
“…I won’t hold back!” Shadow finished.

Sonic smiled, eager to keep on fighting. “Hee..Hee…. Alright Shadow! LET’S DANCE!!” Sonic yelled, then charged at Shadow at full speed.

“Hmph!” Shadow smirked as he prepared for Sonic’s attack. He let out a Chaos Spear at Sonic. Sonic leaned to his left, the chaos spear just barely grazing his head.

“GRRYAAAAA!!!” He yelled as he jumped toward Shadow and threw a powerful spin kick to Shadows head.

Shadow anticipated Sonic’s attack and flipped back from his attack. But Sonic followed up with another spin kick. Shadow didn’t have time to evade, so he had no choice but to block.


The impact made a powerful shockwave which made the grass around them sway violently.

Shadow pushed Sonic away. Sonic flipped away from Shadow, and then charged at Shadow once again. However this time Sonic rapidly swerved left and right so it was harder for Shadow to follow him. Shadow anticipated Sonic to attack again so he prepared to counter his attack.

“Try this!” Shadow attacked Sonic with a reverse roundhouse kick. However instead of attacking again, Sonic jumped over Shadow’s attack, and flew past Shadow. He rolled back on his feet, and attacked Shadow again. “How ‘bout this!!” He shouted as he threw a punch towards Shadow’s head.

Suddenly, Shadow spun around at a blinding speed and caught Sonic’s punch just Sonic reached him. Sonic gasped in surprised.

How could he have seen that coming?” Sonic thought.

“Hmph! Nice try.” Shadow mocked him, he pushed Sonic’s arm away and kicked him back.

“OOF!!” Sonic exclaimed as he slid back. He shook his head in frustration. “Grrr! I’m not done yet!” He charged once more.

“Hmph! Try this!” Shadow let out a Chaos Spear directly at Sonic. Sonic anticipated Shadow’s attack and skidded to a stop, then he leaped fifty feet into the air, narrowly avoiding the Chaos Spear.

Sonic looked down at Shadow as he flew through the air, trying to determine what to do next. Then he got an idea “Heh lets see what he thinks of this!” Sonic thought. He focused, and began charging his energy into his fist. Then, two seconds later, a sphere of blue wind began encircling his fist. He pulled his fist back.

“Eat this! SONIC BLAST!!” He threw his fist toward Shadow. BOOM!! The compressed energy in his fist shot towards Shadow with a loud gunshot-like sound.Shadow smirked as Sonic’s new attack came rocketing towards him.

“Impressive.” Shadow thought, actually somewhat impressed by Sonic’s progression. He leapt away from the bullet shaped energy projectile’s path.


The attack caused an explosion of blue spiraling energy that lasted for a second, and left a five foot wide crater in it’s wake.

Sonic began diving toward Shadow, at the same time firing his Sonic wind attack at Shadow. Shadow dodged rapidly avoid Sonic’s attacks, at the same time firing off Chaos Spears at Sonic. Sonic swerved left and right, attempting to avoid Shadow’s chaos spears as he descended. “Gah!” Sonic yelled as one grazed him on his arm, sparks flying off his arm. He shrugged off the pain and kept diving towards Shadow.

Shadow stopped firing chaos spears. “Hmph, how ‘bout this!” Shadow leapt toward Sonic, Red colored chaos energy trailing behind him.

“GRRRYAAAA!!!!” the two mobians shouted as they rocketed toward each other, their fists surging with chaos energy.


The two mobians clashed attacks, releasing a large red and blue shockwave. Then the two hedgehogs broke away from each other and ripped into an intense melee clash, shouting loudly as they rapidly exchanged blows. After five seconds of exchanging punches and kicks, they kicked each other back.

They both slid backwards on the grass. Sonic’s arms and legs ached intensely and were covered with numerous bruises. But Sonic’s fighting spirit kept urging him to fight. Shadow smirked at Sonic’s improvement.

“Heh, is that all?” Shadow remarked sarcastically.

“Ha!” Sonic laughed at Shadows comment. “You kiddin’ me? I’m just getting’ started!” Sonic said with pride, performing a flashy spin kick.

“Hmph!” Shadow wiped his nose, still impressed with Sonic.

“Hmph! Then what are you waiting for?” Shadow taunted while smirking. Then Sonic and Shadow continued fighting into the night.

(BGM end)

As the moon began to rise, Shadow decided to call it a day.

“Oh man! I’m beat!” Sonic groaned as he tossed himself onto the grass behind him. He was exhausted, his entire body ached, was covered in bruises, and his arms and legs felt like jelly, considering he had been exchanging blows with Shadow.

Shadow, on the other hand, remained completely unscathed, as if fighting this hard was like a casual walk in the park. He walked over to Sonic who was still lying on the grass.

“Need a lift?” Shadow extended a hand to the Blue hedgehog. Sonic looked up at him, and saw that Shadow was kind of smiling at him, like a brother.

Is he smiling? That’s new.” Sonic smiled back and took his hand.

“Heh Thanks a lot” Sonic thanked him.

“Don’t mention it”

“Uh no, I really appreciat-"

Ever” Shadow glared at him briefly.

Sonic immediately fell silent “Ooookay.”

“Well that’s enough for today, let’s head back to Emerald Town.” Shadow said. Sonic walked up next to him.

“Hey Shadow, thanks for doing this. You know, training me and stuff.” Sonic said to him. Shadow didn’t show it, but he was really thankful towards Sonic for accepting him as his friend, despite all the things he has done.

“Well, what can I say? You and your friends have done so much for me. So I thought I should return the favor” Shadow explained. Sonic smiled at Shadow’s statement.

“Heh no problem, were always here for ya Shady” Sonic patted him on the back. Shadow’s eye twitched at that name.

“I swear, If you call me that one more time, I will break you.” Shadow said through clenched teeth.

“Alright geez calm down” Sonic said nervously, holding his hands up.

“Whatever, let’s just get back to town.” Shadow began walking toward the small town in the distance.

“Oh yeah, let’s go, I’m starving.” Sonic rubbed his growling stomach.

Just you wait Shadow, will defeat Eggman when he returns!” Sonic thought proudly.

Sonic followed Shadow back to town, exhausted but filled with a new sense of purpose, he felt like he really was ready for what was to come.

(or was he?)

Three hours and Nine Chili dogs later

Sonic sat underneath a tree which lay on a small hill outside of Emerald Town, looking up at the stars, marveling in the beautiful light they shined down on his world.

“It’s been nine months already,” Sonic thought to himself. “I’ve been almost everywhere, I’ve seen so many places, met so many people-“ He let his head rest against the tree trunk behind him, and continued pondering his thoughts and dreams. “But are there other worlds out there? I mean –Chris’s world was just a glimpse of what was out there, but what about worlds that….were like Mobius.”

He continued to wander in his thoughts into the night. He soon found that he was drifting to sleep. The more questions he asked, the more sleepy he became. He decided to let himself fall into sleep. Soon enough he was fast asleep snoring under the tree. As he slept he felt like he was ready for anything. However as he began to sleep, he began to hear small voices in his head, like whispers. He couldn’t tell if they were real or if they were just a dream.

Location: Canterlot City

In the world of Equestria, Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle has failed to return to her dimension in time due to a malfunction with her dimensional teleportation device. Since then she has been staying with Rarity. While she still had her friends here in the human version of equestria, she still had trouble adjusting to both this world, and her human form. Ever since then, she has been waiting for the portal in front of Canterlot high to open so she can return to her world.

“Whew what a day” Twilight said as she stretched while she walked from Canterlot High.

“You look pretty tired Twilight” Said Spike, Twilight’s talking dog companion and assistant.

“Yeah, I had three exams today.” Twilight sighed, exhausted from the amount of schoolwork she had to do today.

“I see your studies have done a number on you Twilight” Said Rarity who walked up next to her. Twilight chuckled a little at her remark.

“Well, you know me.” Twilight smiled. Rarity smiled back.

“So how did your day go Rarity?” Twilight asked. Rarity thought for a second.

“I guess everything went fine…” Rarity said. “…other than I was almost strangled by that green haired brute Scrouge.” Twilight gasped in horror.

“You mean that new transfer student who goes around beating students up as he pleases?” Twililight asked fearfully. Rarity nodded.

“Thank goodness I was saved by the bell.” Rarity added.

Twilight sighed in relief.

“What a relief, I nearly got into trouble with him last week.” Twilight said, remembering the panic she felt when Scrouge glared at her.

Sigh Seriously something needs to be done about him.” Twilight continued.

“I mean, why hasn’t princes- uh I mean Principal Celestia done anything about it?”

“My theory is that he tells whoever he beats up not to tell on him, otherwise he will really give to them.” Rarity speculated.

Twilight sighed in disbelief. “ If only somebody would stand up to him, maybe he’ll become less violent.”

“I wish we could just talk to him, but I doubt he would listen.” Rarity added. Twilight sighed again.

“But on the bright side darling, you won’t have to worry about him in a while, because you’re going back to your world soon” Rarity smiled.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that’s right, the portal back to Equestria is opening in a month” Twilight remembered.

“Yes, you must really miss your home back in your dimension” Rarity said. Twilight chuckled a little “Yeah….I do” She remarked reminising about her home and her friends.

Rarity glanced at her watch and noticed it was getting late. “Why don’t we get home Twilight, It’s getting dark” She said.

Later that night, Twilight was in the backyard sitting on the grass, writing in her magic journal to Princess Celestia back in Equestria.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope you, Princess Luna, and my friends are doing fine without me. I hope things are going well. As for me, I’m still trying to adjust to this world. But I’ve also made several new friends here, who have helped me fit into this world. By the way, Sunset Shimmer is doing fine, and she sends her regards as well. I miss you all so much, but, I should be returning in about a month or so. So until then, I look forward to seeing you all again.

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

She closed her magical book, knowing that the letter is on the way to Princess Celestia. Twilight then looked up at the stars.

Wow…this world holds just as many wonders as my world does” Twilight thought, awed by the shining stars in the night sky. She tried counting them, but there were simply too many to be counted. She laid back on the grass, and continued looking at the night sky.

I wonder…is this the only world in this universe, or are there thousands upon thousands more like this one?” Twilight said to herself. She continued to look up at the stars for nearly an hour, and she was still entranced by the star’s beautiful light. She could feel herself drifting to sleep as she continued to look up at the stars.

“Heh, It’s like..I could…look at them….forever” Twilight said, as she slowly drifted to sleep. She smiled as she went through all the memories that she had here in this world, and knew that she would make the best of the last few weeks here, then she fell asleep on the soft grass outside.

However as she fell asleep, Twilight began to hear very faint whispers in her head. She couldn’t tell if they were real or not.

Sonic and Twilight tossed and turned in their sleep as the whispers continued, and got louder and louder. As they continued to sleep, the whispers slowly formed into words.

The universe is changing….Darkness will rise from the ashes… an ancient foe….bent on extinguishing all like….and plunge everything into eternal darkness.

Two heroes will rise…to combat the threat…both of different realms…one of will…one of light.

It all begins…when three brothers….are summoned to a realm unfamiliar….to defend the Magic of friendship.

For it is these two children…who will become…the protectors of the universe…who will combat the crazed entity….in a fierce battle… to the death….will decide the fate of the universe….For if they fail…..he..will cast his judgement….upon all life.

Then everything went silent. Both of them saw nothing in the darkness that engulfed them. However, they sensed a presence behind them. They both turned around, to see…...each other?

“.............Who are you?” They both asked in unison. Before they could say anything else, they both disappeared from each other’s sight. The last thing they heard was a word.


Next Day Morning

Sonic opened his eyes to see the sun rising up on the horizon. His mind began racing, wondering what that mysterious dream was last night.

“Man, that was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had.” He said while standing up. He tried to think if the dream was connected to any foe he’s fought in the past. “Who was that girl?” He asked himself, he searched his memories for any trace of a lavender skinned girl with purple hair, but he came up with nothing. “And what was that screech….and that figure…and that……word.”

Cyclone” Sonic spoke the word outloud. Ever since he woke up that word was burned into his head.
“What does it mean?” Sonic continued pondering, the wind brushing against his face. Finally Sonic sighed, and decided to think about it later. He turned to his left and he immediately saw Shadow standing in front of him.

“AH!!!” Sonic yelled as he jumped twenty feet into the air and got stuck in the tree.

“It’s me you faker.” Shadow said nonchalantly. He looked up and saw Sonic’s legs sticking out from the branches.

“Dhch! Don’t scare me like that Shadow, it’s not cool!” Sonic complained, trying to push himself out of the tree.

“Stop complaining and get out of there!” Shadow countered as Sonic fell out of the tree and landed on his back with a thud.

“OWWww!” Sonic yelled as he hit the ground.

Shadow grabbed him by the quills and stood him up.

“Whoa hey hey hey,ow! Not the quills.” Sonic said as he landed on his feet.

“Focus, let's start training” Shadow started walking toward the hills. Sonic groaned with disappointment.

“Already!? Come on we already trained for most of yesterday, can’t we rest a bit?” Sonic retorted.

“There’s no telling how powerful Eggman will be when he returns, so you must become as strong as you can.” Shadow explained. “Besides, I think you’ll like what we're about to do today.”

Sonic raised an eyebrow at his last statement. “Like what?”

Shadow looked back at him and smirked. “We’re gonna run”

Sonic immediately smiled at the word. “Hah! Then why didn’t you say so!?” He said jumping with excitement.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Shadow turned towards the hills. “Better keep up.” Then he sped across the hills, leaving Sonic in the dust.

“Heh you think you can outrun me? Don’t make me laugh!” Sonic boasted, then he chased after Shadow into the distance.

Location: Canterlot City

Twilight sat at her desk tapping her pencil on the surface. She had been wondering about the dream she had last night. The teacher was talking about various important moments in history. While the class was listening intently, or writing down notes, Twilight was thinking about her mysterious dream.

I’ve never had any dream like that before. What did those words mean? And…what was that screech, and that figure? I’ve never seen it before.” Twilight thought intently. “And…..who was that boy?” She tried searching her mind for a sky yellow skinned boy with blue hair, but she couldn’t find anything. “Could it be a new threat? Does it mean…there are other worlds out there? But…what about-“

Hey Twilight, you alright?” Her thoughts were interrupted by her friend Sunset Shimmer, who noticed that she looked worried about something.

“Wha-Oh! Sunset, um…what did you say?” Twilight didn’t quite hear what she said.

“I just asked if you were alright, you looked concerned about something.” Sunset replied. “did something happen yesterday?”

Twilight reminisced for a second about the dream, and the first thing that came to her mind was the mentioning of the Magic of Friendship.

“I had a mysterious dream last night” Twilight began explaining. “It said that ‘Darkness will rise from the ashes’”

Sunset raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “Do you think it’s a new threat? Does it involve the elements of Harmony?” Sunset asked, concern building in her voice.

“I do remember it mentioning the ‘Magic of Friendship’” Twilight confirmed. “But it also mentioned ‘Three brothers’”

“Hmm…..” Sunset thought while scratching her chin. “Did it mention anything else?”

Twilight tried to remember what the rest of the dream was, but most of it had already left her mind.
“Sorry, a lot of it is still fuzzy” Twilight said.

“Hmm…..why don’t you think about it later, we have a history quiz today.” Sunset said.

“Oh right!” Twilight said, snapping back to class.

“Aw Yeah!!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she bicycle kicked the ball toward the goal. The goalie didn’t even have time to react as the ball zipped into the net behind him.

“Aww dang it!” the goalie sulked.

Coach Armor blew his whistle loudly. “Game Point! Game goes to Rainbow Dash’s team.”

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow boasted, pumping her fist in the air. The other members of her team cheered as well.

“Oh yeah! That was fun!”

“You got that right!”

Rainbow took notice of her team’s enthusiasm and smirked. “Heh, not bad you guys. You keep going at this rate and you’ll be on the same level as me.” Rainbow said, juggling the soccer ball.

“Hey, give the other team some credit, they put up a good fight too.” One of her teammates mentioned. Rainbow glanced over at the other team, who were sulking after their defeat.

“Eh, I guess so. But what’s most important is that we all won! Am I right!?” Rainbow changed the subject quickly.

“Yeah!” The rest of her team replied enthusiastically. Then they heard Coach Armor blow his whistle again.

“Alright everybody, that’s all for today.” He called out. Everybody began to collect their stuff and rest a little bit. Rainbow Dash was packing her stuff when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“How many wins ya think that is?” Said a female voice with a southern accent. Rainbow looked behind her and she saw her friend Applejack.

“Heh, it’s twenty two this month.” Rainbow smirked, throwing her bag over her shoulder. “What can I say, I am the best player in the school after all.” Applejack chuckled at her friend’s boasting.

“Well, ya better be careful. Because ya never know when someone will come and take that title from right under yer nose.” Applejack wryly told her. Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

“Pffft! Like that’s ever gonna happen. What makes you say that?” Rainbow replied.

“I’m just sayin’. You should just keep yer game up if you want to keep yer title.” Applejack shrugged her shoulders.
Rainbow Dash eventually understood where she was coming from.

“Heh, don’t worry. Anybody who wants the title has to go through me!” Rainbow boasted.
“You can count on it.” Applejack smiled at her friend.

The school bell rang, and all the students began flooding out of Canterlot High doors. Outside the front doors, Twilight Sparkle was at the statue, looking at the mirror from where she came from her world into this one. A feeling of dread began to build up in her stomach.

“One more month.” Twilight thought outloud. She touched the smooth cool surface of the mirror. She half expected her hand to pass through it, but she only felt the cold glass surface of the mirror. She sighed in disappointment, letting her arm down.

I’ve been away from home for so long.” Twilight thought. She looked at her human hand. Even after spending half a month in her human form, it still felt weird and unfamiliar to her. The feeling of dread still lingered in her stomach.
But, what if something bad happens, and I end up staying for another month….or….” She clutched her skirt in fear and dread of what she thought next.
……I’m stuck here forever” Her heartbeat began rise as she grew more scared.
But even if I do leave, they will probably feel like I abandoned them. Like I didn’t care for them at all.” She clutched her skirt more tightly, she began panting nervously, and tears began to well up in her eyes. However, just before she was about to break down, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong Twilight?” A familiar voice said behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw Fluttershy with a worried look on her face. The feeling of dread and sadness slightly went away.
“You’re getting homesick aren’t you?” She asked. Twilight whipped the tears from her eyes.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Twilight admitted. “But, don’t worry, I’ll be fine by tomorrow.” She smiled at her friend. Fluttershy smiled back.

“Don’t worry Twilight, I’m sure you’ll make it home safely.” She assured Twilight. Twilight smiled at Fluttershy trying to comfort her, but the thought of abandoning her friends came back to her.

“Fluttershy….” She asked her. “Hmm?” Fluttershy replied. Twilight hesitated before speaking again.

“….when I leave, and I don’t see you and the others for a great deal of time, will you think I abandoned you?” Twilight finished. Fluttershy gasped in surprise.

“What makes you think that Twilight?” Fluttershy asked worryingly. Twilight sighed.

“I guess being here for longer than usual, that I’m actually starting to consider this place my home.” Twilight explained.
“It’s just the thought of leaving you, who have done so much for me, is just wrong.” Fluttershy nodded in understanding.

“Hey guys!” They heard an enthusiastic voice behind them. They turned and saw it was Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash stopped in her tracks when she saw Twilight’s expression.

“Uhh…what’s up?” Rainbow asked, realizing that she may have stepped in at the wrong time.

“Yeh’ what’s goin’ on?” Applejack said behind her.

“Oh, Twilight’s worried that we will feel abandoned when she leaves.” Fluttershy explained. Rainbow gave a surprised look on her face.

“Pfft-wha-? What are you talking about?” Rainbow said. “After all you’ve done for us, we would never feel that way.”

“Really?” Twilight asked.

POP!! “You bet!!!” Pinkie Pie popped out behind Rainbow Dash with a burst of confetti.

“WAH!!!” Rainbow exclaimed at Pinkie's sudden entrance.

“You are the absolutely, positively, the best thing that’s ever happened to us, like EVER!” Pinkie shouted happily. Twilight gave her a heartfelt smile. Then Sunset and Rarity showed up, having heard their conversation.

"That’s right Twilight Darling.

”You never abandoned us, so we will never abandon you.” Sunset finally added.

“Yeah!!” Spike popped his head out of Twilight’s backpack.

Tears welled up in Twilight’s eyes again. She was so happy that she still had her friends (or at least copies) here with her. She wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Thank you, all of you.” Twilight said, trying to hold back more tears. “…so much.”

“Daw, quit yer cryin’ and com’er!” Applejack said. “Yeah!” Pinkie said. The girls then shared in a heartwarming group hug.

“Were always here for you.” Sunset said to her.

Close by, Flash Sentry just exited Canterlot High's doors to see Twilight and her friends hugging. He smiled at how they were getting along so well.

“Heh, look at em', so upbeat.” He remarked.
“Even Sunset's come around.”

He was about to walk over and talk to them, however he was suddenly overcome with a sudden sense of guilt. He stopped in his tracks and held his head confusedly. He didn't understand why he suddenly felt this way. Then he remembered the time when he made Twilight cry when he was under the influence of the Dazzlings. And he never even apologized.

“Is…..that the reason?” Flash pondered.
“Or…..is it something else?” He shook his head in frustration when he couldn't come to a definite conclusion. He looked at them again seeing them talk cheerfully to one another. He decided to not talk to them right and head home. As he walked past them, he took one last glance at Twilight. He half expected her to look back, but she continued to talk to her friends without noticing him.
He sighed and continued on his way.

No matter what you think of me Twi, I'll….try to be there for you.”

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