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Sonic EGX (Book 1) - Will of Radiance

When their two worlds are threatened, the Heroes of Mobius and the Guardians of Equestria must defend their worlds from being assimilated.

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Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 5)

Silver was still catching his breath outside with the other students. He realized that he himself wasn't exactly in the best shape either. In fact he came in second to last in front of Sonic. However aside from that, he was wondering what Sonic was doing.

"Oi you!" He heard someone next to him. He looked to see that it was Applejack speaking to him. "Are you friends with that Blue whipper-snapper?" She asked. While Silver didn't know the Applejack's name, he decided to make conversation with her anyways.

"Uh....yeah. Were brother's in fact." Silver replied, as he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

"Brothers?" Applejack tried comparing Silver to Sonic, and she didn't really see anything in common between the two, other than their absurd hairstyles.
"No offense but, I fail to see the resemblance." She commented.

"I...guess she has a point" Silver admitted that he was very different from Sonic in many ways, but he needed to keep up the facade if they were to blend in.

"Oh uh well.....let's say.....I take after our mother.....and he takes after our father." Silver made up a quick explanation for their difference.

"Oh." Applejack nodded in understanding. She then thought that maybe she shouldn't judge, as she had a ton of family members who were very different from her.
"It's just that.....well....he seems like a handful. Like someone else I know" Applejack further elaborated, her last comment alluding to Rainbow Dash. "But you.....you seem alright ta me."

Silver chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head at her compliment.
"Oh please! You're too kind!" Silver replied.

Applejack then saw Rainbow Dash exit out of the building. She remembered her saying that she was going to talk to Sonic.
"Looks like Dash is done talkin' to yer brother." Applejack pointed over at Rainbow Dash. Silver looked over and remembered that Sonic had angrily stomped off after coming in last.

"Oh right!" Silver ran over to go talk to Rainbow Dash. He wanted to know what Dash said to him. If she said anything to put him down he would be mad.
"Hey!" Silver called over to Rainbow Dash.
Dash looked over to see Silver running up to her, wondering what he wanted with her.

"Hey, you're Blue boy's friend right?" Dash asked pointed her thumb back towards the door.

"Eh yeah. I just wanted to ask. What were you talking to Sonic about?" Silver asked her. Dash raised an eyebrow, confused at his question.

"Uhhh....what? You think I went to rub my victory in his face?" Dash replied, slightly making fun of herself. While she admitted that she loved to relish in her victories, she wouldn't go so far to personally rub her victory in one person's face.

"Uhhhh....I don't know? Just wondering"Silver was silent for a minute, unable to think of anything to say.
Dash sighed as she was getting impatient.

"Look, I just told him to cool off and we'll race again the day after tomorrow okay." Dash smiled, hoping that her explanation would suffice. Silver gave out a sigh of relief, glad that Dash didn't say anything bad to him.

"Yeah well uh.....thanks. Just wondering." Silver thanked her.

"Don't mention it" She replied back. Then she walked past Silver to go talk to Applejack. Silver then went inside the school to go find Sonic. Dash looked back briefly at Silver, wondering why he was worried about Sonic so much. But she pushed the thought out of her mind as she continued to walk over to Applejack, who was with the other students.

The other students were done cooling off. Applejack straightened out her shirt and skirt, adjusted her hat, and tapped her boots to make sure they were on tight.
"Whew, I'm beat." Applejack wiped some sweat off her forehead, noting at how out of breath she was after the run.

"...and I'm still 110% today!" Applejack heard Dash boast. She saw Dash to her right, with her confident smirk on his face.

"Heh...as usual." Applejack continued the sentence for her. Dash chuckled at the faux praise Applejack gave her.
"I take it everything's fine with him right?" Applejack asked her about her talk with Sonic. Dash groaned in annoyance as she was irritated that everyone was asking her about it.

"Yeah yeah yeah....it's fine. Don't worry about it." Dash waved the question off. Applejack couldn't help but be a little irritated at Dash's response. But before she could prod her about it, they both heard Coach Armor blow their whistle.

"Okay everyone, that's it for today. We'll gather again the day after tomorrow." Coach Armor called out the end of class. The rest of the students went to retrieve their backpacks from behind the bleachers. Applejack and Rainbow Dash both figured they should do the same.

Meanwhile inside the school. Sonic was still wallowing in his defeat. While Dash giving him a second chance made him feel better, his pride made him harbor some resentment towards her. He leaned against the lockers, hanging his head. On top of his loss, the feeling of being without his powers began to sink in.

Silver entered the building, where he saw Sonic leaning against the lockers. He knew that Sonic was prideful about his speed, but he never saw what would happen when he lost.

"Hey...you okay man?" Silver asked, closing the door behind him. Sonic looked over at him, somewhat relieved to see someone familiar.

"Sigh I'm fine." Sonic said, his tone becoming more like his usual cocky self. He wanted to maintain his prideful image to Silver as his self proclaimed big brother.
Of course Silver could sense that his loss hit him hard, despite him trying to hide it.

"Well.....I'm glad you're alright. Besides we got a mission to do, so how about we try looking for Shadow?" Silver proposed. "Class is over now, so we should be more free to look for the chaos emeralds."

"Speaking of which, do you still have the one we have." Sonic asked, he wanted to make sure that they still had the emerald with them.

"Huh? Oh!" Silver searched through his pockets for the Cyan Chaos emerald. At first he panicked slightly when he didn't find it in his pants pockets. But then he felt it in the pocket of his sweat shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief.
"It's still in here, thankfully." Silver said to Sonic. Sonic breathed a sigh of relief as well. With that Sonic started walking down the hallway.

"Let's go little bro. Let's go find Shadow." Sonic called to Silver as he started walking. Silver paused for a moment when Sonic called him 'little bro'. A smile formed on his face. It was rather heartwarming to him to be regarded as a brother. He then proceeded to follow Sonic down the hallway.


Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle were walking down the halls of CHS, discussing how to uncover the mystery of the mysterious emerald in their possession. They had already notified the other's to meet in their band room where they usually practice music.
Twilight had managed to calm her nerves after her encounter with the sinister figure in the library. While she was still terribly worried, she didn't let it bother her. She knew she had her friends to back her up.
Sunset on the other hand, while she was just as concerned about the situation, she was also equally concerned about Twilight's well being. While she didn't have any exact proof, she couldn't help but be suspicious of Shadow, considering he matched the description that Twilight gave her. But that didn't matter now, all that mattered was the Twilight was safe and that they were going to show the emerald to everyone.

"Okay, so as usual, we don't speak about this to anyone else." Twilight explained to Sunset, knowing full well what could happen if people knew about the emerald.

"Right. We should also have a plan in case our cover is blown." Sunset added. "No offense to Pinkie and Dash, but I feel like they might accidentally blow our cover." Sunset knew Pinkie and Dash's capacity to run their mouths, so she felt that they needed to be prepared for that. Twilight giggled a little at Sunset comment.

"Oh, don't worry about them, I trust they'll know how to handle themselves." Twilight replied, still believing in their trust. "But you're right, we should come up with a contingency plan in case things go wrong."

They both walked towards their band room when they saw a familiar face.
"Twilight! Sunset!" Rarity ran up to them.

"Rarity! So glad you're here!" Twilight greeted her.

"As am I darling!" Rarity stroked her hair in a flamboyant fashion. Twilight and Sunset giggled slightly at her entrance. "Now can I see the emerald!? Can I see it again please!?" Rarity began pestering them, jumping up and down eagerly almost like Pinkie Pie.

"Now hold on Rarity, let's wait until everyone shows up first okay?" Sunset told her.

"Aww." Rarity pouted.

"Speaking of which, do you know where the other's are?" Twilight asked her.

"Actually, I do remember Pinkie following me, but...." Rarity looked behind her to see if she was anywhere but she didn't see her anywhere in the halls.

"HEY GUYS!" Pinkie suddenly popped out from a locker behind them, causing the three to jump in surprise.

"Pinkie!? H-How you get in there?" Sunset asked, utterly confused at how she got into the locker behind them, Twilight and Rarity also sharing her confusion.

Pinkie thought for two seconds before replying. "Oh idunno. I just appear where ever the author of this fanfic tells me to!"(Que Pinkie winking at us) Twilight, Rarity, and Sunset just looked at Pinkie with utter confusion, as they tried to comprehend her logic.

"Um.......You know what never mind!" Twilight decided to not question her logic and move onto the most important matter at hand. "At least Pinkie's here with us. All that's left is Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy."

"Hey guys!" The four girls turned to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack running down the hallway to join them. Rainbow Dash skidded to halt as she reached them.

"Well speak of the devil!" Rarity commented on their convenient timing.

"Ha! I win!" Rainbow Dash boasted, skidding to a halt as she reached while triumphantly pumping her fist into the air. Applejack on the other hand took a few more seconds to reach them. She staggered to a halt as she reached them, catching her breath.

"Pant Why does...pant everythin'....pant...have to be a race with you?" Applejack complained to Dash in between breaths.

"Heh, don't blame me....you're the one said that I had to maintain my title right?" Dash countered smugly. While Applejack was irritated at her smug statement, she let it go, noting that it was just how Dash was. The two turned their attention to Twilight.

"Sorry about the urgent notice everyone, but this is important and we need to discuss this." Twilight explained to them, her voice conveying the urgency of the situation at hand.

"Yeah, but let's make it clear to all of us, that we are not to talk about this to anyone else other then ourselves. Are we clear?" Sunset Shimmer said sternly, looking at Dash with prying eyes. Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie all nodded their heads in agreement, but Dash sensed that Sunset was accusing her of something.

"What? What're you looking at me for?" Dash said defensively. Sunset knew fully that Dash knew what she was alluding to, but she chose not to be confrontational as there was a more important matter at hand.

"All Sunset is saying is that if this gets out, there will be serious consequences. That's why we need to be careful when talking about this." Twilight further explained to them.

"Hmph....fine by me. Besides, nothing exciting has happened ever since our thing with the Dazzlings, so this is our problem and our's alone am I right!" Dash pridefully stated, excited to learn what this was all about.

"Yep yep yep yep yep!! Let's have another adventure!" Pinkie energetically added. Dash snickered a little at how Pinkie shared her excitement.

"Well what're we waitin' for? Spill the beans already." Applejack pitched in her interest at the topic at hand.

"Yes! I want to see that gorgeous glow again!" Rarity finally said, jumping with excitement. Twilight and Sunset smiled at each other as they saw that from the group's responses that they were all on board with this, which was more than enough confirmation for them.

"Alright then! In that case let's go in!" Twilight opened the door to their band room.

"Woah! Hold up a sec!" Applejack said, looking around the hallways. The group stopped to hear what she had to say.

"What is it AJ?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah! What's the hold up?" Dash said, tapping her foot impatiently. Applejack looked back at the group and counted how many of them were present, including herself. She counted six, when there should be seven girls.

"Were one person short....." Applejack finally said.

".....wait......where's Fluttershy?" Twilight said, concern growing in her voice.


Sonic and Silver were walking to the entrance of the school down the halls of CHS. Sonic was still miffed about his loss to Rainbow Dash, which caused him to be less energetic as he used to be, as the loss dealt a severe blow to his confidence.

Silver on the other hand, found himself day dreaming about Rarity and how beautiful she was. Her curled purple hair, her pure white skin, and her sapphire blue eyes, it made him swoon so much that there were literal hearts in his eyes.
"Oh Rarity....so kind, and so lovely....with an adult charm... Silver swooned internally. However his daydreaming was cut short when he felt a fiery and furious female presence looking down on him during his daydreaming.

"Wha!" Silver popped out of his daydream. He assumed that the presence he felt during his daydreaming was Blaze furious with him for falling for another girl. He immediately felt ashamed of this. He slapped his head a few times to keep himself grounded in reality.
"Dang it! Dang it! I'm sorry Blaze!" Silver said internally, not wanting to know how Blaze would feel if she could read his thoughts right now.

"Hey...what's up with you?" Sonic asked, noticing Silver hitting his head a few times.

"Eh..." Silver studdered, worried that Sonic knew what he was daydreaming about. "Uh....nothing..nothing, just, clearing my head, that's all."

"Yeah well, let's go meet Shadow. He's probably waiting for us at the entrance of the school." Sonic pointed down the hallway.

"Right." Silver agreed. They both continued walking through CHS's hallways. However as they walked,for some reason, they both couldn't get the question of 'why are they here?' out of their heads.

"Hey Sonic. I know we asked this before but, I can't help but ask why are we here in the first place." Silver asked Sonic, the question permeating his mind. Sonic wasn't really in the mood to think that hard about it, but he figured that he should answer anyways.

"Sigh Well I don't know....Shadow said that wormhole work in weird ways or something like that?" Sonic speculated, going back to what Shadow had said. The two stopped walking to talk some more. "I mean, we could've just been thrown into this world by pure chance. Idunno?" Sonic shrugged his shoulders as he didn't really have much to say on the matter.

"Yeah but....." Silver tapped his foot as he tried to think of a way to articulate his thoughts. "....what if we were sent here for a reason. I mean like.....we were sent to this specific world for a reason." Silver speculated that maybe they weren't sent here by mere chance. Sonic on the other hand wasn't that interested in Silver's hypothesis.

"Sigh Look Silver. It doesn't matter what world were in. All we gotta do is lay low, find the chaos emeralds, and stay out of tro-"


Sonic was interrupted when they both heard someone slam a locker followed by a scared yelp from around the corner nearby.

"The heck was that?" Silver said, a feeling of caution growing in his body.

"Let's go check it out." Sonic said walking over to the where he heard the sound. Silver followed close behind him.

"How 'bout ya say that again!?" They heard a bitter and angry voice interrogate someone. "You got somethin' to say about me huh!?"

Sonic and Silver peek and around the corner. The both gasped at what they saw. They saw a green haired boy with yellow skin, wearing a black biker jacket, white T shirt and ripped black jeans. He was looking down at someone with his fist against the locker where he supposedly punched it. And the person that he was looking down on was, to their horror, Fluttershy, who was cowering under this person's leering eyes with her back against the lockers.

"I-I-I I'm s-sorry. I j-j..just w-wanted-d t-to-" Fluttershy voice and body shuddered with her knees and feet apart as she tried to say something, but to no avail as she was too scared to get it out.

"Don't give your damn excuses!" The boy snapped at her angrily, causing her to let out a scared squeal. "I bet you think you're better than me, don't you, you little coward!?" Fluttershy now looked like she was on the verge of crying as tears began forming in her eyes. She would try and run away, but he had trapped her against the lockers.

Silver looked around and noticed that the other students were just ignoring what was going on, which made no sense to him.
"Why isn't anyone doing anything!?" Silver whispered to Sonic, frustrated that people were ignoring this.

"Grr it's because they are too afraid to get involved." Sonic replied, his anger rising by the second at what was going on.

"P-.......Please.........I didn't...." Fluttershy begged him to listen, her fear permeating through her voice as she sunk down lower to the ground.

"Don't give me that damn crybaby act!" The boy continued berating her. Unable to handle the combination of terror and blows to her self esteem, she began crying.
As Sonic saw her cry, his instincts to do something about this kicked in, and he started moving towards Fluttershy and the bully without saying anything.

"Sonic wait!" Silver grabbed Sonic's shoulder stopping him. "We can't rush into this blindly!"

"Grr Do what ever you want." Sonic shrugged off Silver's hand. "I'm putting this guy in his place!" He continued walking towards the bully.

"Tch! Sonic!" Silver tried to reason with him. Sonic didn't listen as he cracked his knuckles ready for the inevitable confrontation ahead. He just couldn't

"Ha! Look at you! I bet you have no backbone whatsoever! You know what you look like right now? A weakling! That's what." The bully continued to berate Fluttershy, who still was crying in fear. All of Fluttershy's insecurities were in full force right now as she cried. She just wanted him to stop and go away at this point. But there was nothing she could do.

"Hmph! Well if you're gonna be that way, then maybe I should get a little-"

"Hey!" Scrooge was interrupted by a voice to his right. He looked over to see a person he hadn't seen before in school. "Why don't you back off!" Sonic said forcefully, trying to intimidate him.
Fluttershy looked over, and a wave of relief flew over her body when she saw that it was Sonic.
Unfortunately Scrooge wasn't intimidated by his words.

"Pfft! And who the hell are you? Buzz off you scrub!" Scrooge insulted him. Sonic ignored his insults and then walked closer, preparing to get a little physical.

"I said..." Sonic then forcefully pushed Scrooge back, causing him to stagger a little. "...back off!" Sonic's voice was even more forceful and to the point this time.
While he was caught off guard by Sonic's move, Scrooge chuckled a little as he knew that he was going to give Sonic one hell of a pounding.

"Heh heh heh. You.....should not have done that." Scrooge said maliciously, making his hostility very apparent. Sonic held his ground, not showing any signs of intimidation whatsoever.

"I don't know who you are....but you don't have the right to berate people like that! You got that!?" Sonic said forcefully, holding his ground.
Fluttershy, while relieved to see Sonic, was still too scared to move as she didn't know what was going to happen.
The tension in the air rose to the point where other students were noticing. It appeared that a fight was inevitable.

"Hmph! You got some balls I'll give ya that." Scrooge crassly complimented Sonic. "But I don't give a rat's ass about what you say! So why don't you get off your high horse and screw off!! You blue rat!"

The second Scrooge said 'blue rat', something snapped inside Sonic that caused him to briefly lose control of himself. Then, in an instant, Sonic delivered a devastating punch to Scrooge's gut.

"AGH!!" Scrooge reeled back, clutching his stomach, which felt like a bowling ball had been dropped on it. This made all the other students gasp in surprise.
Silver's body tensed up as he knew what was about to go down as gonna get messy.
After punching him, Sonic looked at his fist, noting at how he made Scrooge reel back in pain. While he was surprised at his strength, at the same time he was dreading what was about to come next.

"You.......ARE DEAD!!!!!" Scrooge suddenly lunged at Sonic and grabbed him by the neck, catching Sonic off guard. Then he proceeds to slam him into the lockers towards Fluttershy.

"AH!" Fluttershy screamed in fear as she ducked under Sonic body as he slammed into the lockers behind her. She frantically scrambled from underneath to get away from their fighting.
Scrooge held Sonic against the lockers, with his grip getting tighter and tighter. Sonic tried pulling Scrooge's hand off his neck, but Scrooge's grip was strong, which prevented him from getting Scrooge off him. Sonic knew that there was no turning back now. It was time to fight!

"Alright! Bring it!" Sonic managed to kick Scrooge off him with a front kick, causing him to stagger backwards. Then Sonic threw a series of wild punches at Scrooge's face. The first two managed to hit him, but then Scrooge dodged the next two by leaning his body boxer style. Then he caught the next punch thrown by Sonic, pulled him towards him and then kneed him in the stomach.

"GAH!!" Sonic's felt Scrooge's knee dig into his stomach. Scrooge then threw Sonic back against the lockers, then walked towards him winding up a devastating punch. Sonic managed to recover from the last strike he gave him and saw Scrooge about to throw his haymaker.
"Oh geez!!" Sonic cried out as Scrooge's fist blasted by his head and into the locker behind him, making a large dent in the metal.
"Hey! You need to cool off!!" Sonic grabbed Scrooge's head and head butted him, causing him to stagger backwards again. While he was staggered Sonic ran up and then kicked him into the lockers on the other side of the hall. Then Sonic ran towards him, readying a hay maker of his own.
"Alright take this!" Sonic then threw his strike at Scrooge. But Scrooge read Sonic's move and moved his head to the left, causing's Sonic's attack to miss. Then he grabbed Sonic by the shoulders and then threw him to the side.
"Whoa!" Sonic yelled as he tumbled to the ground, landing on his back.

"Ha! Come on! Is that all you've got!?" Scrooge taunted Sonic, a smirk forming on his face as he seemed to be enjoying his fight. Then he marched over and then attempted to kick Sonic in the face. Sonic rolled to the side, avoiding Scrooge stomping on his face, managing to get back on his feet.

"Pant Pant I'm just getting started!" Sonic taunted back, he too was starting to enjoy the fight. It was about time that he saw some action.

"GRRRRRYAAAA!!!" The two wound up their fists as they advanced on each other and threw their strikes, which resulted in both their fists clashing in a devastating punch parry, creating a small shockwave. Their fight managed to draw a small crowd of on lookers as they observed the fight from a safe distance.

Fluttershy still sat on the ground as she watch the fight in horror. While she was relieved that she was saved by Sonic, she knew that this fight would not end well for both Sonic and Scrooge. If she didn't do something, one of them will be seriously hurt. With Scrooge preoccupied with his fight , she decided to slip away from the fight, and go find Principal Celestia.

Silver clutched his hair as he watched Sonic fight Scrooge, realizing that everything was going wrong.
"Oh god! What do I do!? What do I do!? What do I do!?" Silver frantically paced, trying to figure out what to do. Then he finally got an idea.
"I know, I'll get Shadow!" Silver than ran off from the fight, as he went off to find Shadow.

Sonic and Scrooge pushed against each other with their finger's locked with each other. While Sonic was strong, Scrooge appeared to be stronger in terms of physical strength, as he started to push Sonic back little by little.
Knowing that he was about to be overpowered, he managed to break free of Scrooge's grip, and the punched Scrooge in the nose, which stunned him briefly.
Then Sonic attempted to tackle Scrooge to the ground, charging into his stomach. However Scrooge managed to keep his footing, and then proceeded to elbow Sonic in the back two times, causing Sonic to let go of his stomach. Scrooge then grabbed Sonic's hair and brought him up to eye level and then gave him a head butt to the face.

Sonic stumbled backwards, his face and nose aching with pain from Scrooge's most recent attack. He managed to regain his footing, but he didn't have time to react as Scrooge threw a round house kick at him. Sonic managed to put up his guard and block the attack, but the force was so great that it tore through his guard and hit him in the face anyways.

"WAH!!" Sonic fell to the side from Scrooge's attack. Scrooge advanced on him while he was down, ready to step on Sonic's leg, or worse. However Sonic acted quickly and kicked Scrooge in the shin, preventing him from attacking while he was down. He then quickly got back up on his feet and threw a side kick at Scrooge's stomach.

"Oof!" Scrooge stumbled back. Sonic then charged at Scrooge full force, with his fist clenched. Scrooge saw Sonic advance and blindly threw a random punch. Sonic dodged to the side, Scrooge's fist grazing his face as it flew by then drove his fist into Scrooge's stomach.

"GAH!!!" Sonic's attack had enough force to lift Scrooge off his feet and throw him back. Scrooge flew back a few feet before landing on his back, sliding across the school floor a little.
Sonic rubbed his fist, which was a little sore from punching Scrooge so hard. He was getting tired at this point due to no having his usual athleticism.

"Pant Pant Pant Are we done here?" Sonic said to Scrooge who was still clutching his stomach on the ground. He looked around at the small crowd who was watching them with eyes fill with worry and anticipation.
"This isn't going to go anywhere good?" Sonic knew that this wouldn't end well.

Scrooge was furious at this point. He hadn't met someone who actually fought back against him. But that only gave him more incentive to get even more violent.
"Ha! That's rich! Coming from the guy who started this fight!" Scrooge spat back at him, his voice full of spite. He slowly got up, the pain in his stomach subsiding.

"You expect me to do nothing while you were picking on her? Give me a break!" Sonic retorted. He started advancing, ready to knock Scrooge out if he continued fighting. Scrooge stood up, panting heavily as he prepared to slug Sonic face as soon as he got close.

"And you should learn to mind your own damn business!" Scrooge continued to berate Sonic.
Sonic could tell that Scrooge did not intend to stop fighting. So he clenched his fist tightly as he prepared to cut this fight short. Sonic remained silent as he approached Scrooge slowly.

"If that's how you're gonna be, then you can bet your ass it's my business!" Sonic retorted, not backing down. Sonic then prepared to end this fight quickly by knocking Scrooge out.

"I'm sorry...." Sonic pulled his fist back. ".....but you wouldn't listen!" Sonic then let his fist fly toward Scrooge's head. The small crowd that gathered gasped as Sonic's fist impacted Scrooge.
However Sonic gasped in surprise as he saw that Scrooge had caught his fist just as he landed the blow.
Scrooge tightly gripped Sonic's fist as his anger rose by the second. He hadn't encountered anybody who had actually stood up against him, but that only made him want to get even more violent.

"Listen?.......Ha! Don't give me that shit!" Scrooge said, his voice full of spite and anger as he slowly rose while gripping Sonic's fist.Sonic, knowing that he was in a bad spot, tried to pull away. But Scrooge's grip was strong which prevented him from letting go.
"Just who do you think you are? Tellin' me what to do." Scrooge continued to rise, his grip on Sonic getting tighter and tighter. Sonic continued to try pulling away, but Scrooge just kept holding onto him.
"I don't care what anybody says. I DECIDE WHAT I DO, NOBODY ELSE!!" Scrooge yelled at Sonic in the face. "And if you got a problem with that.....!" Scrooge suddenly grabbed Sonic by his collar. "....THEN YOU CAN GO TO HELL!!!"

"WhooOOOAAAA!!!" Sonic exclaimed as Scrooge suddenly lifted him off the ground over his head and then slammed him into the ground behind him.
"GAHHHH!!!" Sonic's back surged with pain as he impacted the ground below. The crowd also was shocked at Scrooge's pile driver.
Sonic struggled to get his bearings as he tried to get back up. The blow had left him dazed, with his vision fading in and out. However, he managed to see Scrooge about to stomp on his face through his blurred vision.

"Oh geez! Sonic managed to roll to the side, barely avoiding Scrooge's foot, but Scrooge didn't let up as he continuously tried to stomp on Sonic. Sonic could feel the ground shake a little from Scrooge's feet pounding on the ground. He kept rolling to the side until he bumped into the lockers. Sonic re positioned himself to see Scrooge above him, about to kick him in the face.

"No where to run now punk!!" Scrooge then attempted to drive his foot into Sonic's head. But Sonic again managed to avoid his foot, as it slammed into the lockers once more. Then Sonic scrambled to his feet and then lunged into Scrooge's stomach catching him off guard.

"Ack! Why you!!" Scrooge fell backwards as Sonic tackled him to the ground. Sonic then keeled over him, with Scrooge clawing at his shirt and face.

"Fine! If you're gonna be that way!...." Sonic decided to not hold back anymore, and proceeded to start punching Scrooge in the face. He managed to get in one punch before Scrooge put his guard up. Scrooge then managed to grab Sonic's collar and then threw him to the side.
"Ack! Hey!" Sonic tumbled to the side as Scrooge threw him off of his stomach. He tried to get back up but before he could, Scrooge had already thrust his knee onto his chest, preventing him from getting up.
"Oh crap!" Sonic knew he was in a bad situation.

"Heh Heh! That's right! You scared now rat!?" Scrooge taunted him as he prepared to wail on Sonic. Sonic attempted to put his guard up, but before he could do so, Scrooge pinned his arm's down with his other leg and hand. Scrooge then proceeded to repeatedly slug Sonic in the face.

"ACK! GAH!! DAAH!!!" Sonic exclaimed in pain as Scrooge went to town on his face. Sonic struggled to maintain consciousness, as his vision and senses blinked on and off.
Finally Scrooge stopped hitting his face, but not before kicking him in the side, causing him to slide on the floor towards the lockers.

"Owwwww." Sonic groaned in pain as he struggled to get up. His face ached, his nose was bleeding, and multiple area's of his body were aching. He hadn't experienced being almost defeated in a long time. But his pride wouldn't let him back down.

"Pant Pant You done already!? Come on! I was just starting to get interested. Don't tell me you're gonna chicken out and run away. Are ya?" Scrooge continued to taunt him, also feeling tired as he hadn't had to exert himself in a while.
With that Sonic slowly stood up, blood dripping from his nose, his stomach and body aching, and a little dizzy. He wasn't about to lose this guy.

"Pant pant Pant I can do this all day." Sonic put his fists up, ready to continue fighting


Shadow was waiting outside the front of the school waiting for Sonic and Silver. However he was increasingly getting irritated as he expected them to be here 10 minutes ago.

"Grrr! Those two are late. What are they doing?" Shadow said, his irritation growing. He would give them both a talking to once they got here.

"Shadow! Shadow!! Shadow!!!" Shadow heard Silver's voice from inside the School. He looked to left see Silver burst out of the school doors with an increasingly worried look on his face.
"Shadow! We got a problem! A huge problem!!" Silver ran up to him.

"Calm down. What's going on?" Shadow maintain his calm demeanor.

"S-Sonic...he's fighting with someone!" Silver explained quickly.

"What!!?" Shadow's calm tone instantly broke. "What the hell is he doing!?" Shadow asked for more details.

"T-t-there was this guy, he was picking on another student, so Sonic butted in and he started fighting him." Silver explained further.

"Oh, for tHE LOVE OF-!!" Shadow was seriously pissed with Sonic, especially after explicitly telling him to not cause any trouble. However he decided to waste no time getting angry and take action.
"Come on! Let's clean up this mess!" Shadow told Silver to follow him. They both went inside to go and find Sonic.
"Damn that faker! When I find him, he's going to get it! Shadow was burning on the inside with rage.


Principal Celestia had just walked out of a meeting with one of the school faculty and was on her way back to her office to finish some more paperwork (as usual). She sighed, tired from today's work. She had been doing paperwork all day, aside from attending three boring meetings. She wanted to do something different with her life aside from the boring grind.

"Sigh I swear I don't get enough sleep these days." Celestia said to herself, holding her head tiredly.

"Principal Celestia!!" She heard a young female student's voice. She turned behind her to see Fluttershy running towards her. Celestia wondered what she had to say.

"Oh Fluttershy. What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost." Celestia asked her, noting her extremely worried expression. Fluttershy caught her breath for a few seconds, clutching her chest as her lungs felt empty.

"T-Th-There's a fight going on!" Fluttershy told her, her voice stuttering as she spoke.

"What!? Who's fighting!?" Celestia asked, worry growing in her voice.

"It's Scrooge and- an- and this new student. H-His name is Sonic!" Fluttershy explained quickly. Celestia gasped at those two names.

"Oh my goodness! Again!?" Celestia has had to deal with Scrooge getting into fights before, and this was the third time this month. "And Sonic....he just came into CHS today." Celestia now questioned Sonic's integrity as a student.
"Fluttershy, take me to them quick!" Celestia told Fluttershy.

"Right!" Fluttershy told her. Celestia then followed Fluttershy as they hurried over to where the fight was taking place.

"Scrooge. Just what have you gotten into this time?! And Sonic you better have a good excuse for this!" Celestia thought, as she had enough on her plate to deal with already.

"TAKE THIS!!!" Scrooge's fist struck Sonic in the face once again, causing Sonic to stagger a little. But Sonic recovered and wound up a punch of his own.
"GRRRYAAAA!!" Sonic let out a battle cry as he let his fist fly and struck Scrooge square in the jaw. Their fighting had grown more intense. They were throwing and punching each other all over the hallway, causing the crowd watching them to stay back even further.
Sonic had taken several strikes to his face and body now, causing it to ache considerably. But the adrenaline kept him from breaking down and allowed him to keep fighting. On top of that, deep down, he was actually kind of enjoying himself.
Scrooge was in a similar condition to Sonic, breathing heavily and his body was aching. He wanted to cave in Sonic's head for daring to stand in his way, but at the same time

HYAAAAA!!!" Sonic and Scrooge clashed fist's once again, the force of their punches canceling each other out. They then both clashed fists with their other arms, causing them to push against each other for a few seconds before finally butting heads and pushing each other back.

Pant Pant Pant How long is this gonna go on?" Sonic said to himself. He had been fighting Scrooge for about fifteen minutes now, and he still showed no sign of backing down. Fortunately for him, he still had adrenaline going through his system, and he intended to make the most of it.

"Pant I've have just about had it with you!" Scrooge charged toward's Sonic, his fist ready to fly. Sonic widened his stance, ready to counter attack. Scrooge let his fist fly at Sonic's head. Sonic read his move and dodged to the side, and then proceeded to throw a blow of his own. But Scrooge also read Sonic's attack and dodged it as well. He then grabbed Sonic's arm as it flew past him and pulled Sonic towards him.

"WHA!!" Sonic exclaimed as he was jerked forward. Scrooge then proceeded to put him in a headlock. "Ack! Hey what are you-?"

"What do you think of this?!" Scrooge then proceeded to give Sonic an atomic noogie!

"GAH!!!! WHAT THE- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!?" Sonic exclaimed as Scrooge wedged his fist into the top of his skull. To Sonic, this wasn't one of the playful noogies that he gave Tails on occasion, he was literally trying to noogie him to death.

"HAHAHAHA!! How do ya like that!?" Scrooge said as he continued to furiously rub his fist on Sonic's head.

"GRRRR!!! Knock it off!!!" Sonic proceeded to elbow Scrooge in the belly, not having anymore of this.

"DAH!! Why you!!!" Scrooge threw Sonic down to the ground in response.

"GAH!! Ow..." Sonic groaned as he hit the floor below, his head stinging. He swore that Scrooge managed to take some hair off his head from that. But before he could do anything else, Scrooge thrust his foot on his throat.

"ACK!!! *cough* Hey!!" Sonic couldn't breath as Scrooge stepped on his throat.

"HA! Come on! Sure that can't be all you've got!?" Scrooge taunted him some more, which only served to annoy Sonic even more.

"Why......you!! Get...OFF!!" Sonic, fed up with this elongated fight, grabbed Scrooge's foot and managed to pry it off his throat.

"Huh!?...What the-?" Scrooge lost his balance for a second.

"How do you like this!!" Sonic then sunk his teeth into Scrooge's leg.

"GAAH!!! Hey what are you doing!!?" Scrooge tried to shake Sonic off his leg, but Sonic held on tight with his teeth. Sonic growled as he continued biting into Scrooges leg even as his body flapped on the ground. He didn't care if he looked ridiculous, if Scrooge had the audacity to humiliate him with that atomic noogie, he was going to do the same.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was leading Celestia to where the fight was taking place.
"Oh please please please don't be hurt!" She worried if Sonic or Scrooge were already hurt during their fight. She wouldn't forgive herself if they got hurt because of her. Fluttershy and Celestia rounded a corner and they immediately saw the fight. The two gasped as they looked at the damaged lockers and the small crowd that was watching them. Right now Sonic and Scrooge were rolling on the ground as they fought.

"OH MY GOODNESS!! THIS STOPS NOW!!" Celestia cried out as she ran towards the fight to stop them. The small crowd of students cleared out of the way as she made her way towards them. Sonic and Scrooge did not stop fighting even at the sound of her voice.
"Both of you! Stop this instance!!" Celestia tried to pry the two apart, but they still didn't pay attention to her.

"Grrr! Come here! You wanna piece a me!!?" Scrooge snarled at Sonic as he clawed at his face.

"Ha!! I have plenty for ya so bring it!!" Sonic spat back at Scrooge while he comically pounded on Scrooge's head. Celestia continued to try and pry them apart, and the fact that they were not listening to her was starting to annoy her.

"Alright! THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Celestia, using a small fraction of her former power, used it to pry the two apart with considerable force.

"Woah!" The two of them said as they were pulled away from each other. They were both surprised at Celestia's surprising strength.

"NOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!?" Celestia yelled at them both as she held them back, as they still tried to take potshots at each other.

"GRRR!!! He started it!" Scrooge snapped at Sonic, pointing at him.

"HE CALLED ME RAT!!" Sonic snapped back. The two continued to try and fight each other while trying to break free of Celestia's surprisingly strong grip. Of course this only served to anger Celestia even more, and she wasn't having any more of it.

"I said...THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Celestia shouted even louder, causing the two of them to stop their fighting and fall silent. The crowd also fell silent.

Sonic and Scrooge were both too scared to say anything back to Celestia. They exchanged a brief look with each other, expecting the other to say something.

"I don't care what the reason is. Fighting is not tolerated in my school! UNDERSTAND!!?" Celestia was seriously angry with the two of them, especially considering they have smashed several lockers during their fight.

Sonic had now realized that he had seriously screwed up.
"Damn! I knew I should've taken Shadow's advice!" Sonic thought to himself. He didn't expect Celestia to be so scary when she was mad.

"Grrr..Screw off Celestia! I don't have time for this" Scrooge thought to himself. He seriously didn't want to be punished by her again.

"And as far as I'm concerned, you both are responsible for this mess you've made!" Celestia gestured at the smashed lockers. Sonic looked at the smashed lockers, and looking at the damage, he and Scrooge were in for some serious trouble.
"..and that only means one thing! YOU BOTH ARE HEADED TO DETENTION!" Celestia finally announced their punishment.


During the events of Sonic and Scrouge's fight, Twilight, Sunset, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack, were searching around the school for Fluttershy. They were worried if something had happened to her. Twilight and Spike quickly searched the library. Twilight checked each aisle in the library while Spike checked the smaller areas of the library.
"Spike did you find her!?" Twilight called down from the upper floor of the library.
Spike accidentally bumped his head on a monitor at the sound of her voice as he was checking behind the computers.
"Ow! Uh...no nothing here!" Spike reported.

Meanwhile, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were out in the field searching for her. Applejack was looking near the bleachers while Dash was making rounds out in the field looking for her. Applejack didn't find Fluttershy near the bleachers, so she decided to check in with Dash and see if she found anything.

"Hey Dash! Ya find er'? Or are ya just showin' off again!?" Applejack yelled out to Dash from atop the bleachers, figuring that Dash was just making laps around the track just for fun. Dash skidded to a halt at AJ's call.

"What's the big idea!? I was not!" Dash retorted. "Besides I see no trace of Fluttershy over here." Dash called back to AJ. Applejack sighed disappointingly. This only put more worry in AJ's stomach as she wondered where Fluttershy was. Dash on the other hand grew even more impatient.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer was searching the other classrooms for Fluttershy. She repeatedly opened every classroom door that wasn't locked and scanned each classroom in search of her. She figured that if Fluttershy was scared, she would hide in the most obscure place possible. Unfortunately no matter how many classroom's she checked, Sunset couldn't find her.

"Sigh Damn! Fluttershy, where are you!" Sunset swore under her breath as she ran through the hallways, her yellow and red hair flowing behind her. She now was convinced that something had happened to Fluttershy. Her magic senses told her that she was still in the school, but it didn't give an exact location. "Could've it have been that person who attacked Twilight in the library!?" Sunset thought to her horror.

Ten minutes later, the four girls met back at the band room, where Rarity and Pinkie were waiting.

"I didn't find her in the library. What about you girls?" Twilight reported her findings, and asked if the others had found her.

"We didn't find her out in the field." Applejack reported. "Considering that Dash actually checked thoroughly "

"I heard that!" Dash retorted, hearing AJ's snide comment.

"I couldn't find her in any of the classrooms! This is bad!" Sunset reported as she arrived, skidding to a halt. "Hey Twilight, you can still sense her right?" Sunset wanted to confirm with Twilight, since she also
had magic senses like her.

"I do, but I can't pin point where she is." Twilight replied, even when she tried to focus her magic senses, she couldn't find where she was, which seriously worried her.

"Oh dear...what if something happened to her?" Rarity was shaking with worry, she couldn't even sense where Fluttershy was. Pinkie on the other hand, still had her same carefree smile on her face.

"Maybe she went to find the Dragonballs!" Pinkie blurted out. The group gave Pinkie an extremely confused look.

"The what?" Sunset said, just as confused as the others.
But then, Twilight felt a familiar magic with her magic sense nearby, and it felt like Fluttershy's!

"Gasp Girls wait!" Twilight focused on her magic sense. "Fluttershy she's..." Twilight and the others looked down the hallway to Twilight's left, and they saw Fluttershy slowly running up to them.

"Pant Pant H-Hey everybody!" Fluttershy waved to them. She was tired from everything that has happened. She felt like her legs could give out at any second.

"FLUTTERSHY!!" The group were all relieved to see her. They all ran up to her to see if she was alright. Fluttershy tripped as she ran towards them.

"W-whoa ow!" Fluttershy whimpered as she collapsed on the ground exhausted. The other's rushed over to help her.

"Fluttershy! Are you okay!?" Twilight asked, kneeling down to help her. It didn't look like she was hurt, just exhausted.

"What happened? Where were you?" Sunset asked Fluttershy about what happened to her, as she got down next to Twilight

"Yeah? What's the deal. You made us all worry!" Dash followed up, wanting know what happened as much as Sunset did.

"Please, tell us everything darling." Rarity asked as well. Fluttershy wanted to answer all their questions, but she was overwhelmed at the moment.

"Girls! Slow down! Can't you see she's overwhelmed?!" Twilight said to them. She wanted to give Fluttershy a chance to calm down considering how exhausted she looked. The other's kept quiet as they let Fluttershy explain what happened to her.

"Pant I-I....It was Scrooge." Fluttershy finally caught her breath. The others gasped in horror.

"Why that pompus, stuck up, bastard!!" Rainbow Dash angrily pounded one of the lockers near her, furious at Scrooge.

"Oh that brute has another thing comin'!" Applejack cracked her knuckles, wanting to give Scrooge a piece of her mind.

"Tsk! Calm down you two! Violence will only make this worse!" Sunset tried to calm the two down.

"My goodness! Just what did that brute want with sweet darling Fluttershy?" Rarity said, shaking in her boots with fear.

"Ooh! I wonder if he wanted some of those cookies that Fluttershy made!" Pinkie speculated, still retaining her upbeat and cheerful tone.

"Oh please, I doubt that was what he wanted Pinkie." Rarity scoffed at her explanation.

"A....A-Actually....that's...actually close to what happened." Fluttershy replied to Rarity, still somewhat tired.

"Huh!?" The other's were surprised at Fluttershy's comment.

"Tell us more Fluttershy." Twilight said in a calm voice. Fluttershy continued to catch her breath as she prepared to explain.

"I-I...wanted to....try and reach out to him." Fluttershy explained. "So...I-I offered him....some cookies I made earlier." The rest of the mane 7 listened intently to her explanation.
"B-but....I must have said something to make him angry." Tears began forming in her eyes.
"A-all I want was to find out....sniff..why he's so angry....sniff" Fluttershy tried to keep herself from sobbing, but she couldn't hold it back. She eventually started crying, feeling horrible for how she wasn't able to reach out to him.
The rest of the mane 7 were also sad alongside Fluttershy.

"How horrible." Twilight said, frustrated at how Fluttershy's kindness was only met with cruelty.
"Why is he like this....all she was trying to do was help!"Twilight thought, holding her frustrations back. Rarity went over to comfort Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, you poor thing. I'm just glad you managed to get out of there unscathed." Rarity said. Fluttershy managed to stop sobbing.

"Sniff A-Actually....I d-did have some..help" Fluttershy further explained, wiping away some tears.

"Huh? Are you saying you were rescued?" Sunset asked her. The other's listened intently, wondering who it was who rescued her.

"Y-yes...I...I...forgot him name....b-but....he was brave...and he had blue hair...." Flutttershy gave a brief description of Sonic.

"Hmm...Blue hair.....Blue hair....." Rainbow Dash could have sworn she remembered someone with Blue hair from earlier.
"Hey wait! This guy's name didn't happen to be Sonic!? Was it!?" Rainbow Dash blurted out. Fluttershy gasped as she finally remembered his name.

"YES! Sonic! Sonic was his name!" Fluttershy yelled.

"WHA!!?" Rainbow Dash and Applejack exclaimed. The other's were more confused as they didn't know who Sonic was at the moment.
"Y-You're serious?! It was blue boy who saved you!?" Dash couldn't believe that Sonic was the one who saved Fluttershy. She nodded in confirmation, smiling at the teams reactions.

"Yes...b-but...they began fighting....and I was afraid that they would get hurt.....s-so.....I went...to find principal Celestia." Fluttershy explained further. The group continued to listen intently.
"After that.....I went to....go find you....."

The group were relieved and surprised at Fluttershy's story. Dash and AJ were more surprised that it was Sonic who saved her, while the others were relieved that Fluttershy was okay.

"Sigh Well in any case, at least you're safe Fluttershy." Twilight smiled, happy that Fluttershy was safe. The other's also were happy to see Fluttershy unharmed. Twilight helped Fluttershy to her feet. While her legs were still shaky, she managed to keep her balance and stand.

"Sigh Thank you." Fluttershy thanked Twilight.

Now that they had all finally gathered, they all knew what was next.
"Okay everyone, let's get back on track. We all what were here to discuss right?" Twilight cheerfully said to the rest of the Mane 7.

"Yeah!!!" They all cheered.

"......uhh.....what exactly are we talking about?" Rainbow Dash forgot what was it exactly they were supposed to talk about. Now that the others though about it, they too had forgotten what they were supposed to talk about.

"Spike!" Twilight said to Spike from within her backpack.

"Yep?" Spike popped out from inside her backpack.

"Show everyone what we found yesterday!" Twilight told him. With no hesitation, Spike searched through Twilight's backpack. In a few seconds, Spike came out with the glowing yellow emerald in his mouth.
The girls gazed at the emerald's beauty.

"Whoa! What is that!?" Dash shielded her eyes, curious and amazed about what she was looking at.

"Holy Guacamole!" Applejack shared Dash's curiosity. Fluttershy's eyes gleamed in the light of the emerald as she gazed at it in wonderment. Pinkie's curiosity also rose as she looked at the emerald.

"Hey who turned on the lights?" Pinkie commented on the emerald's glow illuminating the halls. Sunset and Rarity had already laid their eyes on the emerald, but it still amazed them, especially Rarity.

"Oh my word! It's still so gorgeous!" Rarity's excitement made her jump with joy. Twilight giggled at their reactions. She couldn't wait to tell them the whole story.

"I'm sure you all have a lot of questions, but they will be all answered in time!" Twilight reassured them. The group were all excited to learn more about this mysterious emerald. With that, they all filed into the band room.


"You sure this was the place?" Shadow said through gritted teeth, trying to hold back his anger. Shadow and Silver were at the place where Sonic and Scrooge fought. Silver had hoped that they would get Sonic in time, but apparently they were too late as all they saw were the remains of their fight.

"Uhhh....." Silver was really nervous as Shadow looked like he could punch someone right now. "I'm sure this was the place." Silver was sure that this was where they were fighting, but all that was left was the smashed lockers.

Shadow let out a frustrated sigh.
"Well if anything, at least it's obvious that he was here." Shadow said, he judged from the damage done to the lockers, he knew that Sonic and some other person was fighting. But there was still no sign of Sonic or any other familiar faces "Next question is, where did he go?" Shadow and Silver looked around for any traces of Sonic.

Nearby Celestia was looking for Sonic's two brothers. She had already place Sonic and Scrooge in detention, and she wanted to inform them of what Sonic has been up to in the past half hour. She looked down one of the hallways and to her relief, she saw Shadow and Silver.
"Oh thank goodness! There you are!" Celestia ran up to them.

"Huh? Oh man!" Silver jumped a little at Celestia's appearance, while Shadow remained calm.

"Great, she's probably here to question us about Sonic" Shadow thought, knowing that Celestia was coming to talk to them about Sonic.

"I'm sorry, but I had to talk to you as soon as possible." Celestia explained.

"So...what's going on?" Shadow remained calm.

"It's your brother. He is in detention for fighting with Scrouge." Celestia broke the news to them.

"Oh no!" Silver exclaimed, afraid that they were going to get in trouble as well. Shadow too was shocked, but he wasn't that surprised. He held back his anger and calmed down.

"Sigh I thought that's what happened." Shadow replied, he knew this would happen eventually.

"Now...you two aren't in any trouble, but I would like to hear what you would have to say for your brother." Celestia wanted to hear what Sonic's brother's had to say in his defense.

"Uhh....I would like to say something..." Silver volunteered to speak in Sonic's defense.

"Hmm?" Shadow raised an eyebrow at what Silver had to say.

"Uh...Sonic wasn't fighting because he wanted to, he was helping somebody who was being bullied! You can't fault him for that right? He he he..." Silver explained. He was afraid of getting in trouble, but he also wanted to help Sonic as well.

"Sigh He has already used that excuse with me, and I'm afraid that's not going to fly." Celestia found Silver's explanation to be unsatisfactory.

"Uhh...but....can't you-"

"Silver that's enough." Shadow interrupted Silver. "Look.....as his older brother, I'll take full responsibility for his actions. I should've kept a closer eye on him."
Celestia continued listening to Shadow, now somewhat sympathetic towards them.
"But....can you, just this once...let him go. I'll be sure to give him a talking to afterwards." Shadow asked Celestia as sincerely as possible, something he never thought he'd do in a long time.

"Hmmmmmm......." Celestia tapped her foot as she thought about Shadow's proposition. While she knew that Sonic was a new student, he still needed to learn the rules around here. Silver tensed up, wondering what Celestia was going to say.
She thought for a good minute or two before answering.

"Sigh Okay then. But if I catch him doing something like this again, the consequences will be more severe, got it?" Celestia finally said. Silver breathed a sigh of relief. Shadow too was relieved yet he still had many harsh words for Sonic.

"Thank you." Shadow politely said to her.

"Right then, follow me." Celestia gestured for them to follow. With that, Shadow and Silver followed her to where Sonic and Scrooge were in detention.


Sonic and Scrooge were sitting in a classroom, going through their detention, while Miss Cheriliee was making sure they didn't get out of control. They were sitting on opposite sides of the class from each other, taking turns giving each other mean looks.

Sonic for one, was angry that he had to spend two hours in detention. But he was even more angry at Scrooge, both for picking on Fluttershy, and having the nerve to call him 'rat'. He wanted to give him a piece of his mind, but Miss Cheriliee would get on his case if he did.

Scrooge was equally angry at Sonic as he was at him. He had never encountered anybody who got in his way. But he wasn't going to have any of it. He wasn't going to let anyone, not even Sonic tell him what do do.

"Grrr. Just wait until I get my hands on you. Ya blue rat." Scrooge said under his breath.

"WHADYOU SAY!!?" Sonic spat at Scrooge from across the classroom. He apparently heard Scrooge call him a blue rat again.


"HEY!!" Miss Cherilee intervened and proceeded to smack them both on the forehead with her ruler. "One more peep out of you two and you will be in for double detention!"

Sonic and Scrooge fell silent, while their forehead's steamed red from where Miss Cherilee struck them with her ruler. They both decided to play it safe a shut up for now. They both waited for a good ten minutes for something to happen.

However, instinctively, they both decided to look at each other. They didn't know why, but they both guessed that they were too bored at the this point.

"...........what're you looking at?" Sonic said to Scrooge. Scrooge hesitated a little before speaking.

"Tch! That's my line punk!" Scrooge retorted. The two fell silent for a few seconds, while still staring each other down. They didn't know why, but they both got the feeling that they would fight again someday.

"Hmph!" Scrooge finally looked away from Sonic, through with looking at his face. Sonic proceeded to do the same. A few more minutes passed by until Sonic heard voices outside the room. The classroom door opened, and Principal Celestia came in.

"Celestia? Their detention isn't over yet." Miss Cherilee commented.

"I know, but at his brother's request, I've decided to let Sonic go early." Celestia explained. Sonic gasped with hope as he heard Celestia speak.

"You sure? What if he does something like this again?" Miss Cherilee asked.

"His brother assured me that he will straighten him out. For now he goes." Celestia further elaborated.

"Sigh Yes!" Sonic said, relieved that he was getting off the hook. He saw Celestia open the door for him, where he saw Shadow and Silver outside.

"Okay Sonic, you can go now." Celestia opened the door for him, where he saw Silver and Shadow waiting for him.

"Yes! Freedom!" Sonic eagerly got out of his seat and headed for the door.

"Wha-!? GRRR!!!" Scrooge let out a frustrated grunt when he saw Sonic head for the door. "Just you wait punk. I won't forget this!!" Scrooge muttered under his breath.

Sonic felt Celestia look at him with prying eyes as he exited the classroom, he could tell that she was still made at him. However he felt relieved when he saw that Shadow and Silver waiting for him outside.

"Sigh Hey guys.." Sonic breathed a sigh of relief. Silver only waved to him while Shadow said nothing, still clearly angry with Sonic. Sonic was about to walk but he felt Celestia grab him by the shoulder.

"Let me make this clear. If I catch you fighting with Scrouge again, it could mean suspension for you. Okay?" Celestia said, still sounding firm but much calmer the last time she spoke to him.

"Sigh Ok..." Sonic said insincerely, just wanting to get out of that room as soon as possible.

"Let's go you two." Shadow began walking down the hall, wanting to give Sonic a good talking two. Sonic and Silver began following Shadow.

"Uh...thanks!" Silver said to Celestia ran to catch up with Sonic and Shadow. Celestia smiled and waved back.

Shadow led Sonic and Silver a considerable distance from where they picked up Sonic. For Sonic it felt good to finally get out of detention and stretch his legs. He didn't know if he could last more than an hour in that room, especially with Scrouge.

"Sigh Well now that that's over, thanks alot for - BAMM! OWW!!!!" Sonic was about to thank Shadow when he was suddenly met with the back of Shadow's fist slamming into his nose. He reeled back clutching his nose which felt like it was hit with a sledgehammer. Silver flinched at Shadow hitting Sonic in the face. He knew Shadow was angry, but not this angry. He wanted to say something, but was too afraid of Shadow's anger.

"Oohhh.....god!! What did you do that for!?" Sonic said, still clutching his nose. Suddenly Shadow's armed moved at blinding speed, grabbed Sonic by the collar and pulled him right up in his face.

"Do you have a death wish faker!? Do you want to get us caught!?" Shadow interrogated Sonic, his rage permeating through his voice. "At this rate, we'll never find the chaos emeralds!"
Sonic knew that Shadow told him to stay out of trouble, but he wasn't going to let Shadow berate him like this.

"Will you cut it out!?" Sonic pushed Shadow off him, causing him to let go of his collar. "I can take care of myself!"

"Pfft! Yeah right! And look at where you ended up!" Shadow countered, getting seriously irritated with Sonic.

"I agree! Sonic, your recklessness not only got you in trouble, it could have gotten us in trouble!" Silver added.

"Hmph! Like you were any help." Shadow now directed his anger at Silver, annoyed that Silver could have done more to stop Sonic from getting into this situation.

"Wha-? Hey! I tried to stop him you know!" Silver objected to Shadow trying to bring him into this drama.

"Well you obviously didn't do enough...Kid!" Shadow crushed Silver's argument. Silver wanted to object more, but Sonic spoke before he could.

"Hey! Leave Silver out of this!" Sonic clearly didn't like how Shadow tried to throw some of the blame on Silver.

"Fine! Let's hear your excuses then!" Shadow turned his attention back to Sonic.

"Is helping someone who's crying an excuse!?" Sonic angrily retorted, angry that Shadow considered his reason's for helping Fluttershy an 'excuse'.

"I don't care who was crying! The fact is that your rash actions have potentially put us in danger!" Shadow put down Sonic's argument.

"Oh yeah!!? Well I felt it was the right thing to do! So I don't give a damn!!!" Sonic angrily argued against Shadow, breathing heavily from yelling so loud. For as long as he remembered, helping someone who was crying was a must in his code of conduct. And he wasn't going to let Shadow crush that notion.

There was a brief period of silence as the three stood in the hallway. Silver didn't know what he should say to follow up, while Sonic and Shadow stood face to face, both their will's in direct conflict with each other.
While Shadow was mad at Sonic for acting rashly, he at least had good intent behind it. But regardless, he couldn't let Sonic do this again in the future.

"Just because you feel it's the right thing to do, doesn't mean it's always the right thing to do." Shadow said in a more calm but still intimidating voice. He walked closer to Sonic, so that he was up in his face.
"Brians and smarts kid......and you're short on both." Shadow harshly criticized Sonic. He then proceeded to walk past him and continued down the hallway. Sonic didn't even bat an eye as Shadow passed him. He stood with a perpetual frown as he tried to contain himself. Deep down he knew that what he did was wrong, but at the same time, he pride kept him from admitting it.

"Uhh...Sonic...." Silver finally worked up the courage to say something. Sonic didn't say anything, continuing to fester. Eventually, Sonic finally let out a frustrated, yet defeated sigh.

"You know......he's........probably right....." Sonic admitted to himself. He knew that he probably should have gone to get help instead. Now, Celestia is probably going to keep a closer eye on them because of him. Because of that, he couldn't help but feel........ashamed. Silver was rather taken aback at Sonic's words. He didn't think that Sonic would agree with Shadow's harsh words.
"But that doesn't mean I have to like it!" Sonic added, his pride causing him be at odds with Shadow. Silver put on a disdained face, realizing that he had spoken too soon.

Sonic decided to move on and follow Shadow, remembering their mission.
"Hey! Let's go little bro!" Sonic waved Silver to follow him.

"Huh? Oh right!" Silver was so busy thinking about everything that transpired in the last hour that he forgot what was going on now. He ran over to walk beside Sonic. He could see Sonic was still incredibly conflicted about his argument with Shadow, but he decided to bother him about it anymore.

Sonic looked at Shadow as he walked ahead of them. While he had a lot of respect for Shadow, at the same time, he felt immense jealousy. He hated how he talked down to him earlier. He also remembered his beef with Rainbow Dash, and how his defeat at P.E. seriously did a number to his pride.

But regardless, they had a mission to do, so Sonic, and his two brothers, Shadow and Silver, walked ahead towards whatever challenge that this world threw at them next.


Nearby, Celestia had observed the three argue with each other from a safe distance. She couldn't make out what they were saying exactly, but she at least confirmed that Shadow took giving Sonic a talking to seriously.

"I wouldn't exactly go so far to punch him in the face.....but...I'm glad he tried to settle things with him." Celestia was glad that Shadow tried to be the adult of the three brothers, so she felt she made the right decision in letting Sonic go early (she hoped). However she then remembered that Scrouge was still in detention. While she knew Scrouge was also involved in the fight, she did feel slightly sorry for him. She walked back to the classroom where Scrouge was in.

She saw Scrouge still sitting in the classroom waiting out his detention. She recalled that this was the third fight he had gotten into in his time at CHS. She let out a defeated sigh, not knowing if what she was going to say next was the right thing to say.

"Scourge...." Celestia entered the classroom. Scrouge glanced at Celestia. ".....sigh you can go now to." Celestia finally said. Miss Cherilee, who was still watching him, doubletaked in confusion.
"Your mother is probably worried sick about you......" Celestia continued, making her empathy towards Scrouge apparent.

Scrouge didn't say anything at first. But he let out an exasperated sigh, then he got up and walked towards the door. Celestia held the door open for him as he walked by. Scrouge stopped as he walked past Celestia, sensing that she wanted to say something.

"Scrouge, I know it's hard ....but......please, try to control yourself." Celestia pleaded with Scrouge. She anticipated that Scrouge probably wouldn't listen like each of the times that she had tried to help him. But she had hoped that her words would at least get him to try and improve his attitude.
Scrouge was silent for a few seconds.

"Sigh Whatever..." Scrooge begrudgingly replied, then he proceeded to walk off.

Celestia sighed, knowing that dealing with Scrooge was a difficult task.

"You're letting him go to?" Miss Cherilee questioned Celestia's decision to let Scrouge go. "Sigh I hope you know what you're doing."

".........I hope so to." Celestia replied.

Over in the Mane 7's band room, the girls were all huddled around the mysterious new emerald that Twilight had placed on the middle of the table. Twilight and Sunset's magic senses were still trembling just from being near it. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both equally curious about this mysterious object. Fluttershy to also shared the groups enthusiasm while Pinkie was literally cartoonishly teleporting all around the emerald, getting a good look at it from all angles. Rarity on the otherhand still could not contain her excitement upon gazing at the emerald.

"Wow! It's....it's beautiful!" Fluttershy said, entranced by the emerald's glow.

"Heh. Yeah. That's what Rarity said when she saw it." Sunset chuckled at Fluttershy's almost identical response compared to Rarity's.

"Whoooaa nelly! This is some find Twilight!" Applejack expressed her amazement at the emerald.

"Heh, you bet!" Rainbow Dash added her two bits. "....can I touch it?" Dash reached her hand out to touch it.

"No!" Sunset slapped Dash's hand away before she could touch it.

"Ow! Hey why not!?" Dash objected, rubbing the spot where Sunset slapped her hand.

"Sorry Dash, but this emerald doesn't seem to be compatible with our magic." Twilight explained. "Because of that, whenever we touch it, it causes a caustic reaction to our magic. But I just don't know why." Twilight rubbed her chin as she continued to ponder a reason for it shocking her.

"I don't have the same magic senses like you two..." Applejack said to Twilight and Sunset. "But I still get the feelin' that somethin's off about this thing." Applejack explained how even she could feel it's immense energy despite not having developed Magic senses like Twilight and Sunset.

"I agree Applejack, why is an object like this emanating so much power?" Fluttershy added, being able to sense the incredible amount of energy from the emerald.

"Sigh I wish we knew the answer to that Fluttershy." Twilight replied, unable to think of a reason off the top of her head. The girls (except pinkie), were silent for a moment, as they tried to think of any reason's for this emerald's power, let alone it's reason for being here in the first place.
As Spike was thinking along with the Mane 7, he looked and saw Fluttershy's geode around her neck glowing faintly.

"Hey! Fluttershy! Your geode is glowing!" Spike pointed his paw at her neck. Fluttershy looked down, and gasped when she saw that her geode was indeed emanating a faint glow from the center.

"You're right Spike!" Fluttershy replied, lifting her geode a little to see it better. The glow wasn't too bright, but it was bright enough to be noticable. The other's took notice and checked their geode's and to their surprise, their geode's were glowing as well.

"Heh would ya look at that!" Applejack exclaimed at her geode's glow.

"My......do you think it has something to do with emerald?" Rarity speculated. Twilight thought for a few seconds, perplexed by their geode's strange reaction. .

"I don't know. How did we not notice earlier?" Twilight said. She knew that the emerald's energy wasn't compatible with their magic, yet it was making their geode's react this way.

"Sigh This thing just continues to raise more question the longer I think about it." Twilight sighed as she slouched in her chair, tired from all the question's the emerald was raising. The girls were once again stumped on what the emerald was, let alone where it came from.

"Oh wait!" Spike popped out of Twilight's backpack, the other's directing their attention to him. "You wouldn't believe how we found it!" Spike brought up how they found the emerald in the first place. This caused an idea to pop up in Twilight's head.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, this emerald fell from space when we found it!" Twilight explained again. This information caused the rest of the group to gasp in shock.

"Yeah, and it nearly killed us." Sunset added, causing the group to gasp again.

"T-th-th..that thing......nearly killed you!?" Fluttershy trembled in fear at the notion, while Dash and AJ's jaw hung in disbelief.

"Yes. But, miraculously we were unhurt in the collision." Twilight recalled how the emerald enveloped her, Spike, Sunset, and Rarity in a sphere of yellow energy that prevented them from getting hurt.

"Oh ho ho man! I've totally gotta check this thing out!" Rainbow Dash couldn't contain her curiosity and went to touch it again.

"For the last time No!" Sunset blocked Dash's hand from touching it again, annoyed at how Dash seemed to blatantly ignore her warnings.

"Oh come on! I was only going to put a finger on it." Dash retorted, annoyed at how bossy Sunset was being to her.

"Just touching it will hurt you dummy!" Sunset countered, getting even more annoyed with Dash.

"Sunset's right darling. The slightest touch hurts us. I'm surprised Pinkie hasn't touched it" Rarity commented, noting at how Pinkie was still popping all over the emerald looking at it.

"Yeah! I swear some of my fur was burnt off in that backpack!" Spike complained, showing some of the fur on his side.

"Heh. Long story short, this thing could be potentially dangerous." Sunset added.

"That begs the question, what do we even do with this thing?" Applejack asked, wondering just how they would use it when it isn't compatible with their magic.

"Me and Twilight have been thinking about that AJ." Sunset replied.

"Right. So listen carefully girls, this is what were going to do about this." Twilight said to the rest of them. This prompted the rest of the main 7 to listen intently.

"So, what we do is-"

"Were going to promise that we won't speak about this to anyone else but us, and hide the emerald over at Twilight's place so that nobody can find it! Meanwhile we will continue investigating where this emerald came from, and in the off chance that people find out about the emerald, Sunset and Twilight will cast a spell to erase their memories! squee!" Pinkie quickly rattled off in less than ten seconds.

The rest of the main 7 all hung their jaws in disbelief and confusion. Twilight and Sunset were especially surprised at how Pinkie was able to rattle off their plan before they even explained it.

"How.......how did you know our plan Pinkie?!" Twilight said, baffled at Pinkie's explanation.

"Just a hunch." Pinkie shrugged off her question with her typical cheerful nonchalant demeanor. The rest of the Mane 7 were still utterly confused.

"Well.....that's Pinkie for ya." Applejack commented, scratching her head, deciding not to question Pinkie's logic.

"Well uh......did everybody get that?" Sunset asked if everyone managed to hear Pinkie's quick explanation. Most of the mane 7 nodded in confirmation.

"Okay then, since were all on the same boat. I think it's about time I got a better look at this thing!" Rainbow Dash once again, reached for the emerald, only to be stopped by Sunset again.

"Tch! Did you not listen what we've said the past two minutes?!" Sunset chastised her. Dash put on a disdained face, being through with Sunset telling her what to do.

"You know what? Screw it! I'm touching it!" Dash threw Sunset's warnings to the wind and moved in to touch it.

"Wh-! Dash! DON'T!!" Sunset yelled at her to stop. But it was too late because Dash had already placed her entire palm on top of the emerald. The second Dash's hand touched the emerald, her pupil's dilated as she felt a sharp, shocking pain travel through her entire body.

"WhoawoawoawoawoawoaWOAWOAWOAWOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Dash yelled as she was enveloped in an aura of yellow energy. The other mane 7 backed away in fear. The energy current shocked Dash for five seconds before it finally launched Dash across the room and crashing into Pinkie's drumset. The other mane 7 winced at Dash's blunder.

"Aw geez! That's gotta hurt!" Applejack noted.

Dash lay on the ground, her body smoking a little from the emerald shocking her, with one of her legs piercing into one of Pinkie's drums. Now Dash new what Sunset was talking about.

"Okay....................lets.....not touch that thing." Dash finally admitted.
Sunset facepalmed at Dash's stupidity. Twilight gave out a sigh, knowing that keeping this emerald a secret was going to be a challenge. She held her head tiredly, still uncertain about the secrets of this emerald.

"You okay Twilight darling?" Rarity noticed Twilight looking tired.

"I'm okay Rarity. Just worried that all." Twilight reassured Rarity. She already knew that Sunset was worried about her, so she didn't want the others to worry. Meanwhile Fluttershy was helping Dash pull the drum on her leg off.

"Oh yeah! There was another thing that we wanted to discuss guys!" Sunset announced.

"Uh yeah that's great, but can you give us a few seconds?" Dash replied as Fluttershy tried pulling at the drum on her leg.

A minute later, Dash had recovered from her blunder with the emerald and the rest of the mane 7 were ready to talk about the next point of concern.

"So long story short, Twilight was attacked by someone in the library." Sunset explained. The rest of the Mane 7 gasped in response.

"Oh goodness!" Rarity exclaimed. "How long ago was this?"

"It happened today." Twilight confirmed, remembering the hallucinations she saw

"Well that's great! First Scrouge shows up and now this guy!" Dash commented angrily, slouching in her chair.

"What did this guy look like?" Applejack asked, wanting to know who he looked like.

"You girls haven't met him, but I believe he looked like a new student from our Algebra 2 class." Twilight explained, recalling the dark figure's similar appearance to Shadow. "I believe his name was....Shadow"

"Yeah. He had Orange Skin, Red and Black spiky hair, and red eyes." Sunset gave a brief description of Shadow's appearance. The other's thought for a few seconds if they have seen anyone like that.

"Well....anyone could look like that." Rainbow Dash commented. "What made this guy special?" Dash asked further. Sunset and Twilight rattled their heads together to think of anything that made Shadow special aside from his appearance.

"Oh wait! He had a peculiar energy coming from him." Twilight finally remembered how she sensed energy coming from Shadow.

"Yeah. It was faint, but certainly didn't feel like equestrian magic." Sunset added. "...and I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind." Sunset cracked her knuckles, her rage growing slightly

"Sunset, we don't know if it was him who attacked me." Twilight put her hand on Sunset's shoulder to calm her down..

"Sigh I know, but, we can't be too sure." Sunset replied, calming down a little, just as unsure of the situation as Twilight was.

"Oh! Speaking of strange characters. There was another new student in me and Pinkie's art class." Rarity mentioned. "It's probably just me, but he had a hairstyle very similar to what you described."

"Did you feel any strange energy coming from him?" Sunset asked her.

"Yes. But If I may, this energy didn't feel hostile in the slightest." Rarity explained as she adjusted her hair slightly. "But I agree, he is someone we should keep an eye on." She added half truthfully as she somewhat wanted to see him more, keeping herself from blushing.

"Okay, so we have these two new guys to keep track of." Twilight reconfirmed. "Did anyone else see anybody suspicious today?" Twilight asked the rest of the group. Rarity and Fluttershy shook their heads, Dash and Applejack shrugged their shoulders, while Pinkie was preoccupied blowing a big bubble gum balloon the size of her face, which proceeded to pop in her face, with the gum stretched across her face.

"Okay then, I say we can call this meeting adjourned?" Twilight asked.

"Yes paleeezz!" Dash said impatiently, quickly standing up from her chair and stretching.

"Yea, I need to get back home anyways. Big Maci'll probably get on ma case." Applejack added. The other girls nodded in agreement to end the meeting. Twilight and Sunset exchanged a glance and nodded.

"Okay then meeting adjourned then." Sunset called the meeting over. With that, the Mane 7 got up from the seats to leave. Twilight put the emerald in the front most pocket of her backpack, using a napkin to grab it without getting hurt. She looked at the time, seeing that it was almost an hour after school ended.
The Mane 7 filed out of the band room, with them chatting to each other about the emerald and the other aspects of their day.

Twilight was the last to leave the room. She already had a lot of questions lined up in her head about what was going on. First this emerald, then that mysterious figure in the library. She sighed tiredly as she walked down the hallway.

"You gonna be okay Twilight?" Spike asked, noticing she was walking a bit slower than usual.

"Oh, I'm okay Spike. Maybe some free time would calm my nerves." Twilight replied, not wanting to worry him. She figured that relaxing a little would ease her mind before tackling this problem. She then thought Rarity would want to do something before they went home. She then ran up to ask Rarity if she wanted to go out tonight.


Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were outside the entrance to Canterlot High, discussing their next move. Sonic and Silver were sitting on the steps while Shadow was sitting down. The three were still not adjusted to their situation, and they haven't gotten a bead on any of the chaos emeralds yet.

"Okay guys what's our next move?" Sonic asked. He still was on edge towards Shadow because of their argument earlier.

"Well, considering that we nearly blew our cover multiple times today, I suggest that we lay low and just act like normal students here." Shadow explained, his arms crossed.
Sonic looked over at the horizon to see that the sun was going down behind the hills.

"Uh, there's also another problem." Sonic raised a finger. Shadow and Silver turned to listen. "We need a place to crash.". The other two looked over the horizon to see the sun setting.

"Well, you have a point." Shadow agreed with him. They would look even more suspicious if they were just sleeping on the streets.

"Well what should we do? Sleep out in the woods?" Sonic pointed towards the place they woke up in this world. Although, he wasn't particularly excited about the idea.

"Heck no! We'll have to deal with all sorts of creatures in there." Silver objected to sleeping in the woods. "On top of that, we would probably start to stink after a few days."

"Yeah....good point." Sonic replied.

" We don't have any money, so it's not like we can afford a house here." Shadow added. "We might not have any other choice." Shadow implied that, sleeping in the woods may be their only option.

"Sigh Is that really what were gonna do?" Sonic complained. "And besides, we have no idea how long were gonna be here, so it's not like were getting a permanent house here." Sonic was not excited about staying here.

"We'll stay here as long as we need to. Understand" Shadow replied, his tone getting more firm.
Meanwhile, Silver was thinking about possible places to stay in their current situation. After a few seconds of thinking, he finally got an idea.

"Hey guys!" Silver said to them. "I might have an idea! Follow me!" Silver then led the two back into the school.

Silver lead them into the library. Sonic and Shadow were confused as to why he brought them back into the school.

"Uh....Silver, why'd you take us to the library of all places?" Sonic asked him, not particularly pleased with being in the school again. Shadow thought the same thing, but didn't say anything as he wanted to see what Silver was on to.

"I took a few minutes to explore the library before P.E. I gotta say it's pretty impressive." Silver complimented the library's vast collection.

"Yes, but how does that relate to us staying here?" Shadow questioned, unsure of where Silver was taking his idea.

"Well, I happened to stumble upon this little place over here." Silver lead them upstairs and through a few aisles of books. They eventually got to a small corner of the library, where there were books stacked almost like a makeshift bed.

"Uh....what's up with this place?" Sonic asked Silver.

"Well, for one, it looks like nobody ever comes here." Silver noted at how the books here were dusty. "And on top of that, it looks like somebody has already used this place to stay." Silver noted the makeshift bed made out of books along with a crumpled sheet that looks like it was used as a blanket.

"Really! Wow!" Sonic was impressed with his little brother's resourcefulness.

"Hmph. Not bad kid." Shadow expressed his approval of Silver's ingenuity. Silver blushed and scratched the back of his head embarrassingly.

"Oh please! I had to find new places to sleep everyday back in my timeline." Silver recounted how he had to find new places to hide from Iblis and his monsters.

"Well, it works for me! I call dibs on the bed!" Sonic quickly threw himself onto the makeshift bed.

"Ow!" Sonic exclaimed as his bottom hit the hard books. "Dang! It's harder than it looks....eh....you want the bed?" Sonic offered the bed to Silver now that he knew it wasn't as comfortable as he thought

"Heh, nah. You keep it." Silver chuckled, he was fine with sleeping on the ground anyways.

"Alright. You two stay here. I'm gonna have a look around." Shadow told them.

"Huh? What for?" Silver asked before Shadow took off.

"The schools almost closing, I can more easily explore this place without any people around." Shadow explained. "Besides, there could be something here that were not aware of."

"You sure you won't get caught." Silver worried.

"Hmph. Don't worry 'little bro'. They won't catch me that easily." Shadow smirked at Silver, reassuring him that he will be okay he then proceeded to go off an explore the outside of the school some more. Silver was caught off guard when Shadow called him 'little bro'. He didn't recall Shadow hearing Sonic call him little bro before, so why would he call him that?

"Hey Silver, you alright?" Sonic asked as he lay on the makeshift bed, noticing Silver spacing out. Silver didn't respond for a few seconds.

"Silver?" Sonic wondered what was on Silver's mind. Silver then shook his head, getting back to reality. He walked over at sat beside the makeshift bed.

"I'm fine." Silver replied. Sonic shrugged his shoulders, knowing that it was nothing to worry about. The two brother's sat silently, wondering what was in store for them the next day. They had managed to get through one day, but they didn't know how long they would be here in total.

"Hey Sonic." Silver said to Sonic. Sonic lifted his head to listen.
"I want to ask......what did you mean when you called me.....'little bro'?" Silver wanted to know why Sonic and Shadow have begun referring to him as their little brother. Sonic laid his head back, thinking about why.

"I dunno.....It just felt natural." Sonic replied off the top of his head.

"Natural?" Silver wasn't satisfied with Sonic's response.

"Well, it's just that, after all we've been through, I feel like I've known you forever." Sonic reminisced about first meeting Silver, and how they both became friends.
Silver then realized that the more he thought about it, the more he felt the same way.

"You're right." Silver admitted to feeling the same way as Sonic. While he wasn't proud of his actions in the past, he was grateful that Sonic still considered him a friend, let alone a brother.

"Of course, if you don't want us to call you that, then you can just say." Sonic wanted to know if Silver had any problems with being called that.

"Oh no. It's fine." Silver replied quickly, glad that Sonic was taking him into consideration. "Besides, I.......kinda always wanted a brother." Silver smiled, the feeling of having a brother warming his heart.
Sonic smiled, glad that Silver was happy. He then sat up in the bed and then put his hand on top of Silver's head.
"Wha-?" Silver said, confused by Sonic's gesture. Sonic smiled back at him, indicating that he was just giving him a brotherly gesture.
Silver eventually realized that Sonic was just playing with him. They both shared a laugh, as they both wondered what kind of adventures they will share in this mysterious world.
Silver then yawned and stretched a little, becoming sleepy.

"Well, why don't we go to sleep, we gotta get up early tomorrow." Silver noted, remembering that they need to blend in.

"Ugh. Man." Sonic groaned disappointingly. "Ah whatever. You sleep well okay?" Sonic laid back on the makeshift bed.

"You too!" Silver replied, making himself comfortable on the ground next to Sonic.

Sonic looked up at the ceiling. While outwardly he was fine, inside he was frustrated. He didn't have his powers, he has no idea where in the universe he was, and he is stuck in school. But, he knew that if they just sat on their laurels, their world and this one would be in danger.
His mind flashed back to when he fought that hooded warrior back home.

"I'm everything you'll never be!!" He remembered the warrior saying, recalling how the warrior fought very similar to him. But before he could question it, he found himself drifting to sleep.

Location: Canterlot City Suburbs

Shadow looked down from atop Canterlot High as the sun set in the distance. He had already gotten a good feel for the layout of the school, so getting lost wouldn't be an issue. But the next goal would be to explore the town outside the school.
He looked down at the students leaving the school, seeing if there was any sign of that yellow and red and haired girl from earlier.
After looking for a few seconds, he found her walking home with a Rainbow haired girl he didn't recognize.

"She's the only one I've made contact with in this world apart from the principal" Shadow thought. "She's probably already suspicious of us. I can't take any chances."

As Sunset walked home with Rainbow Dash, she paused as she felt her magic sense go off.

"Huh?" She turned to see what it was. She didn't see anything behind her. She focused on her magic sense more, and found that the source was coming from above. She looked up on top of CHS and she saw Shadow, looking directly at her.

"What the-!?" Sunset said outloud.

"Sunset? What's up?" Rainbow Dash asked. Sunset turned briefly to speak to her.

"It's- huh?...." She turned back to where she saw Shadow, to see that he was gone. "Nothing. It's nothing." Sunset then continued walking along with Dash.

Shadow emerged from the cover of the shadows. He knew that Sunset was a sharp one, so he will need to be careful around her, especially considering that he didn't have his powers. He knew that despite how peaceful this world looked, it was hiding a secret that they were bound to uncover.


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In what episode of Equestria Girls did the Mane Seven become "the Guardians of Harmony"?

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Thanks! Also, I'm officially done with episode 2. (Hence the 'TO BE CONTINUED' at the end). It will continue in episode 3

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