Sonic EGX (Book 1)

by Will of Radiance

First published

When their two worlds are threatened, the Heroes of Mobius and the Guardians of Equestria must defend their worlds from being assimilated.

When a mysterious black figure causes the heroes of Mobius to be transported to Equestria, it's up to Sonic, Shadow, and Silver to find a way home. Along the way, they meet the Guardians of Harmony themselves: 'The Mane 7'. Together they must defend Equestria from the evil forces that seek to control it, whether it be from Equestria, or Mobius. But little do they know, that their two worlds may be more connected than they think.

Episode 1 - It Begins (Part1)

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Location: Mobius; Outside of Emerald Town

“BAMM!!!” The sound of clashing strikes echoed throughout the hills. “BLAMM!!!” The force from the clashes were so intense it sent ripples through the grass. “GRRRYAAA!!!! 'BAAMMM!!!'” Two male voices cried out as they clashed once more.

The two were mobian hedgehogs, one had blue fur and green eyes, wearing red and white sneakers with a gold buckle on the side. He was Sonic the Hedgehog. The other had black and red fur and red eyes, an arrow-shaped patch of fur on his chest, as well as white and red hover shoes. He was Shadow the Hedgehog. The two were sparring, testing each others physical and fighting abilities.

“Pant Pant Here I come Shadow!!” Sonic cried, proceeding to charge at Shadow at full speed.

“Hmph! Don't get cocky.” Shadow countered, readying himself for Sonic's incoming assault. Sonic threw a fast series of punches at Shadow. Shadow breathlessly dodged them all in rapid secession, then he jumped away from a finishing flip kick from Sonic. Sonic advanced rapidly at Shadow once again and wound up a punch aimed at Shadow's head.

“Eat this!!” Sonic yelled as he threw his attack at Shadow. However, Shadow stood his ground and caught Sonic's punch. Sonic flinched in surprise.

“Gotcha” Shadow smirked.

“GAHH!!” Sonic cried out as Shadow drove his fist into Sonic's stomach, knocking all the air out of him. Sonic slumped forward clutching his stomach. Then Shadow spun around and delivered a powerful reverse roundhouse kick to Sonic's face.

“DAHH!!” Sonic yelled as he flew back from Shadow's strike. He tumbled backwards as he hit the ground, but he managed to roll back onto his feet. “Pant Pant Dang” Sonic spat, his body aching from the blows he exchanged with Shadow.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Shadow said disappointingly, walking towards Sonic. Sonic looked up at Shadow, still panting his lungs out,

“I’m trying my hardest!” Sonic insisted.

“Well you’re not trying hard enough!” Shadow countered harshly. He stopped a few feet in front of Sonic, who was still catching his breath.

“If you keep fighting at this pace, Eggman will defeat you.” Shadow said firmly. Sonic would have talked back some more at this point, but for some reason, he felt like he should let Shadow portray his point. “You want to protect this world, then show me you can” Shadow pointed at Sonic, demanding that he continues fighting. Sonic wiped the blood off his mouth, and smirked.


“I’m far from done Shadow.” He said, standing up. He pointed at Shadow with determination.

“I will protect this world, and I will defeat Eggman again!” Sonic stated with fiery passion. Shadow smiled a little, impressed by Sonic’s determination. Sonic assumed his fighting stance.

“Come at me Shadow! Hit me with all you’ve got!”

“Hmph. Maybe he’s actually grown a bit after all these months.” Shadow thought, impressed by Sonic’s bravado.

“In that case….” Shadow assumed his fighting stance, and then his body bursted with a red aura that surrounded him. This was his Chaos drive mode.
“…I won’t hold back!” Shadow finished.

Sonic smiled, eager to keep on fighting. “Hee..Hee…. Alright Shadow! LET’S DANCE!!” Sonic yelled, then charged at Shadow at full speed.

“Hmph!” Shadow smirked as he prepared for Sonic’s attack. He let out a Chaos Spear at Sonic. Sonic leaned to his left, the chaos spear just barely grazing his head.

“GRRYAAAAA!!!” He yelled as he jumped toward Shadow and threw a powerful spin kick to Shadows head.

Shadow anticipated Sonic’s attack and flipped back from his attack. But Sonic followed up with another spin kick. Shadow didn’t have time to evade, so he had no choice but to block.


The impact made a powerful shockwave which made the grass around them sway violently.

Shadow pushed Sonic away. Sonic flipped away from Shadow, and then charged at Shadow once again. However this time Sonic rapidly swerved left and right so it was harder for Shadow to follow him. Shadow anticipated Sonic to attack again so he prepared to counter his attack.

“Try this!” Shadow attacked Sonic with a reverse roundhouse kick. However instead of attacking again, Sonic jumped over Shadow’s attack, and flew past Shadow. He rolled back on his feet, and attacked Shadow again. “How ‘bout this!!” He shouted as he threw a punch towards Shadow’s head.

Suddenly, Shadow spun around at a blinding speed and caught Sonic’s punch just Sonic reached him. Sonic gasped in surprised.

How could he have seen that coming?” Sonic thought.

“Hmph! Nice try.” Shadow mocked him, he pushed Sonic’s arm away and kicked him back.

“OOF!!” Sonic exclaimed as he slid back. He shook his head in frustration. “Grrr! I’m not done yet!” He charged once more.

“Hmph! Try this!” Shadow let out a Chaos Spear directly at Sonic. Sonic anticipated Shadow’s attack and skidded to a stop, then he leaped fifty feet into the air, narrowly avoiding the Chaos Spear.

Sonic looked down at Shadow as he flew through the air, trying to determine what to do next. Then he got an idea “Heh lets see what he thinks of this!” Sonic thought. He focused, and began charging his energy into his fist. Then, two seconds later, a sphere of blue wind began encircling his fist. He pulled his fist back.

“Eat this! SONIC BLAST!!” He threw his fist toward Shadow. BOOM!! The compressed energy in his fist shot towards Shadow with a loud gunshot-like sound.Shadow smirked as Sonic’s new attack came rocketing towards him.

“Impressive.” Shadow thought, actually somewhat impressed by Sonic’s progression. He leapt away from the bullet shaped energy projectile’s path.


The attack caused an explosion of blue spiraling energy that lasted for a second, and left a five foot wide crater in it’s wake.

Sonic began diving toward Shadow, at the same time firing his Sonic wind attack at Shadow. Shadow dodged rapidly avoid Sonic’s attacks, at the same time firing off Chaos Spears at Sonic. Sonic swerved left and right, attempting to avoid Shadow’s chaos spears as he descended. “Gah!” Sonic yelled as one grazed him on his arm, sparks flying off his arm. He shrugged off the pain and kept diving towards Shadow.

Shadow stopped firing chaos spears. “Hmph, how ‘bout this!” Shadow leapt toward Sonic, Red colored chaos energy trailing behind him.

“GRRRYAAAA!!!!” the two mobians shouted as they rocketed toward each other, their fists surging with chaos energy.


The two mobians clashed attacks, releasing a large red and blue shockwave. Then the two hedgehogs broke away from each other and ripped into an intense melee clash, shouting loudly as they rapidly exchanged blows. After five seconds of exchanging punches and kicks, they kicked each other back.

They both slid backwards on the grass. Sonic’s arms and legs ached intensely and were covered with numerous bruises. But Sonic’s fighting spirit kept urging him to fight. Shadow smirked at Sonic’s improvement.

“Heh, is that all?” Shadow remarked sarcastically.

“Ha!” Sonic laughed at Shadows comment. “You kiddin’ me? I’m just getting’ started!” Sonic said with pride, performing a flashy spin kick.

“Hmph!” Shadow wiped his nose, still impressed with Sonic.

“Hmph! Then what are you waiting for?” Shadow taunted while smirking. Then Sonic and Shadow continued fighting into the night.

(BGM end)

As the moon began to rise, Shadow decided to call it a day.

“Oh man! I’m beat!” Sonic groaned as he tossed himself onto the grass behind him. He was exhausted, his entire body ached, was covered in bruises, and his arms and legs felt like jelly, considering he had been exchanging blows with Shadow.

Shadow, on the other hand, remained completely unscathed, as if fighting this hard was like a casual walk in the park. He walked over to Sonic who was still lying on the grass.

“Need a lift?” Shadow extended a hand to the Blue hedgehog. Sonic looked up at him, and saw that Shadow was kind of smiling at him, like a brother.

Is he smiling? That’s new.” Sonic smiled back and took his hand.

“Heh Thanks a lot” Sonic thanked him.

“Don’t mention it”

“Uh no, I really appreciat-"

Ever” Shadow glared at him briefly.

Sonic immediately fell silent “Ooookay.”

“Well that’s enough for today, let’s head back to Emerald Town.” Shadow said. Sonic walked up next to him.

“Hey Shadow, thanks for doing this. You know, training me and stuff.” Sonic said to him. Shadow didn’t show it, but he was really thankful towards Sonic for accepting him as his friend, despite all the things he has done.

“Well, what can I say? You and your friends have done so much for me. So I thought I should return the favor” Shadow explained. Sonic smiled at Shadow’s statement.

“Heh no problem, were always here for ya Shady” Sonic patted him on the back. Shadow’s eye twitched at that name.

“I swear, If you call me that one more time, I will break you.” Shadow said through clenched teeth.

“Alright geez calm down” Sonic said nervously, holding his hands up.

“Whatever, let’s just get back to town.” Shadow began walking toward the small town in the distance.

“Oh yeah, let’s go, I’m starving.” Sonic rubbed his growling stomach.

Just you wait Shadow, will defeat Eggman when he returns!” Sonic thought proudly.

Sonic followed Shadow back to town, exhausted but filled with a new sense of purpose, he felt like he really was ready for what was to come.

(or was he?)

Three hours and Nine Chili dogs later

Sonic sat underneath a tree which lay on a small hill outside of Emerald Town, looking up at the stars, marveling in the beautiful light they shined down on his world.

“It’s been nine months already,” Sonic thought to himself. “I’ve been almost everywhere, I’ve seen so many places, met so many people-“ He let his head rest against the tree trunk behind him, and continued pondering his thoughts and dreams. “But are there other worlds out there? I mean –Chris’s world was just a glimpse of what was out there, but what about worlds that….were like Mobius.”

He continued to wander in his thoughts into the night. He soon found that he was drifting to sleep. The more questions he asked, the more sleepy he became. He decided to let himself fall into sleep. Soon enough he was fast asleep snoring under the tree. As he slept he felt like he was ready for anything. However as he began to sleep, he began to hear small voices in his head, like whispers. He couldn’t tell if they were real or if they were just a dream.

Location: Canterlot City

In the world of Equestria, Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle has failed to return to her dimension in time due to a malfunction with her dimensional teleportation device. Since then she has been staying with Rarity. While she still had her friends here in the human version of equestria, she still had trouble adjusting to both this world, and her human form. Ever since then, she has been waiting for the portal in front of Canterlot high to open so she can return to her world.

“Whew what a day” Twilight said as she stretched while she walked from Canterlot High.

“You look pretty tired Twilight” Said Spike, Twilight’s talking dog companion and assistant.

“Yeah, I had three exams today.” Twilight sighed, exhausted from the amount of schoolwork she had to do today.

“I see your studies have done a number on you Twilight” Said Rarity who walked up next to her. Twilight chuckled a little at her remark.

“Well, you know me.” Twilight smiled. Rarity smiled back.

“So how did your day go Rarity?” Twilight asked. Rarity thought for a second.

“I guess everything went fine…” Rarity said. “…other than I was almost strangled by that green haired brute Scrouge.” Twilight gasped in horror.

“You mean that new transfer student who goes around beating students up as he pleases?” Twililight asked fearfully. Rarity nodded.

“Thank goodness I was saved by the bell.” Rarity added.

Twilight sighed in relief.

“What a relief, I nearly got into trouble with him last week.” Twilight said, remembering the panic she felt when Scrouge glared at her.

Sigh Seriously something needs to be done about him.” Twilight continued.

“I mean, why hasn’t princes- uh I mean Principal Celestia done anything about it?”

“My theory is that he tells whoever he beats up not to tell on him, otherwise he will really give to them.” Rarity speculated.

Twilight sighed in disbelief. “ If only somebody would stand up to him, maybe he’ll become less violent.”

“I wish we could just talk to him, but I doubt he would listen.” Rarity added. Twilight sighed again.

“But on the bright side darling, you won’t have to worry about him in a while, because you’re going back to your world soon” Rarity smiled.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that’s right, the portal back to Equestria is opening in a month” Twilight remembered.

“Yes, you must really miss your home back in your dimension” Rarity said. Twilight chuckled a little “Yeah….I do” She remarked reminising about her home and her friends.

Rarity glanced at her watch and noticed it was getting late. “Why don’t we get home Twilight, It’s getting dark” She said.

Later that night, Twilight was in the backyard sitting on the grass, writing in her magic journal to Princess Celestia back in Equestria.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope you, Princess Luna, and my friends are doing fine without me. I hope things are going well. As for me, I’m still trying to adjust to this world. But I’ve also made several new friends here, who have helped me fit into this world. By the way, Sunset Shimmer is doing fine, and she sends her regards as well. I miss you all so much, but, I should be returning in about a month or so. So until then, I look forward to seeing you all again.

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

She closed her magical book, knowing that the letter is on the way to Princess Celestia. Twilight then looked up at the stars.

Wow…this world holds just as many wonders as my world does” Twilight thought, awed by the shining stars in the night sky. She tried counting them, but there were simply too many to be counted. She laid back on the grass, and continued looking at the night sky.

I wonder…is this the only world in this universe, or are there thousands upon thousands more like this one?” Twilight said to herself. She continued to look up at the stars for nearly an hour, and she was still entranced by the star’s beautiful light. She could feel herself drifting to sleep as she continued to look up at the stars.

“Heh, It’s like..I could…look at them….forever” Twilight said, as she slowly drifted to sleep. She smiled as she went through all the memories that she had here in this world, and knew that she would make the best of the last few weeks here, then she fell asleep on the soft grass outside.

However as she fell asleep, Twilight began to hear very faint whispers in her head. She couldn’t tell if they were real or not.

Sonic and Twilight tossed and turned in their sleep as the whispers continued, and got louder and louder. As they continued to sleep, the whispers slowly formed into words.

The universe is changing….Darkness will rise from the ashes… an ancient foe….bent on extinguishing all like….and plunge everything into eternal darkness.

Two heroes will rise…to combat the threat…both of different realms…one of will…one of light.

It all begins…when three brothers….are summoned to a realm unfamiliar….to defend the Magic of friendship.

For it is these two children…who will become…the protectors of the universe…who will combat the crazed entity….in a fierce battle… to the death….will decide the fate of the universe….For if they fail…..he..will cast his judgement….upon all life.

Then everything went silent. Both of them saw nothing in the darkness that engulfed them. However, they sensed a presence behind them. They both turned around, to see…...each other?

“.............Who are you?” They both asked in unison. Before they could say anything else, they both disappeared from each other’s sight. The last thing they heard was a word.


Next Day Morning

Sonic opened his eyes to see the sun rising up on the horizon. His mind began racing, wondering what that mysterious dream was last night.

“Man, that was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had.” He said while standing up. He tried to think if the dream was connected to any foe he’s fought in the past. “Who was that girl?” He asked himself, he searched his memories for any trace of a lavender skinned girl with purple hair, but he came up with nothing. “And what was that screech….and that figure…and that……word.”

Cyclone” Sonic spoke the word outloud. Ever since he woke up that word was burned into his head.
“What does it mean?” Sonic continued pondering, the wind brushing against his face. Finally Sonic sighed, and decided to think about it later. He turned to his left and he immediately saw Shadow standing in front of him.

“AH!!!” Sonic yelled as he jumped twenty feet into the air and got stuck in the tree.

“It’s me you faker.” Shadow said nonchalantly. He looked up and saw Sonic’s legs sticking out from the branches.

“Dhch! Don’t scare me like that Shadow, it’s not cool!” Sonic complained, trying to push himself out of the tree.

“Stop complaining and get out of there!” Shadow countered as Sonic fell out of the tree and landed on his back with a thud.

“OWWww!” Sonic yelled as he hit the ground.

Shadow grabbed him by the quills and stood him up.

“Whoa hey hey hey,ow! Not the quills.” Sonic said as he landed on his feet.

“Focus, let's start training” Shadow started walking toward the hills. Sonic groaned with disappointment.

“Already!? Come on we already trained for most of yesterday, can’t we rest a bit?” Sonic retorted.

“There’s no telling how powerful Eggman will be when he returns, so you must become as strong as you can.” Shadow explained. “Besides, I think you’ll like what we're about to do today.”

Sonic raised an eyebrow at his last statement. “Like what?”

Shadow looked back at him and smirked. “We’re gonna run”

Sonic immediately smiled at the word. “Hah! Then why didn’t you say so!?” He said jumping with excitement.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Shadow turned towards the hills. “Better keep up.” Then he sped across the hills, leaving Sonic in the dust.

“Heh you think you can outrun me? Don’t make me laugh!” Sonic boasted, then he chased after Shadow into the distance.

Location: Canterlot City

Twilight sat at her desk tapping her pencil on the surface. She had been wondering about the dream she had last night. The teacher was talking about various important moments in history. While the class was listening intently, or writing down notes, Twilight was thinking about her mysterious dream.

I’ve never had any dream like that before. What did those words mean? And…what was that screech, and that figure? I’ve never seen it before.” Twilight thought intently. “And…..who was that boy?” She tried searching her mind for a sky yellow skinned boy with blue hair, but she couldn’t find anything. “Could it be a new threat? Does it mean…there are other worlds out there? But…what about-“

Hey Twilight, you alright?” Her thoughts were interrupted by her friend Sunset Shimmer, who noticed that she looked worried about something.

“Wha-Oh! Sunset, um…what did you say?” Twilight didn’t quite hear what she said.

“I just asked if you were alright, you looked concerned about something.” Sunset replied. “did something happen yesterday?”

Twilight reminisced for a second about the dream, and the first thing that came to her mind was the mentioning of the Magic of Friendship.

“I had a mysterious dream last night” Twilight began explaining. “It said that ‘Darkness will rise from the ashes’”

Sunset raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “Do you think it’s a new threat? Does it involve the elements of Harmony?” Sunset asked, concern building in her voice.

“I do remember it mentioning the ‘Magic of Friendship’” Twilight confirmed. “But it also mentioned ‘Three brothers’”

“Hmm…..” Sunset thought while scratching her chin. “Did it mention anything else?”

Twilight tried to remember what the rest of the dream was, but most of it had already left her mind.
“Sorry, a lot of it is still fuzzy” Twilight said.

“Hmm…..why don’t you think about it later, we have a history quiz today.” Sunset said.

“Oh right!” Twilight said, snapping back to class.

“Aw Yeah!!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she bicycle kicked the ball toward the goal. The goalie didn’t even have time to react as the ball zipped into the net behind him.

“Aww dang it!” the goalie sulked.

Coach Armor blew his whistle loudly. “Game Point! Game goes to Rainbow Dash’s team.”

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow boasted, pumping her fist in the air. The other members of her team cheered as well.

“Oh yeah! That was fun!”

“You got that right!”

Rainbow took notice of her team’s enthusiasm and smirked. “Heh, not bad you guys. You keep going at this rate and you’ll be on the same level as me.” Rainbow said, juggling the soccer ball.

“Hey, give the other team some credit, they put up a good fight too.” One of her teammates mentioned. Rainbow glanced over at the other team, who were sulking after their defeat.

“Eh, I guess so. But what’s most important is that we all won! Am I right!?” Rainbow changed the subject quickly.

“Yeah!” The rest of her team replied enthusiastically. Then they heard Coach Armor blow his whistle again.

“Alright everybody, that’s all for today.” He called out. Everybody began to collect their stuff and rest a little bit. Rainbow Dash was packing her stuff when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“How many wins ya think that is?” Said a female voice with a southern accent. Rainbow looked behind her and she saw her friend Applejack.

“Heh, it’s twenty two this month.” Rainbow smirked, throwing her bag over her shoulder. “What can I say, I am the best player in the school after all.” Applejack chuckled at her friend’s boasting.

“Well, ya better be careful. Because ya never know when someone will come and take that title from right under yer nose.” Applejack wryly told her. Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

“Pffft! Like that’s ever gonna happen. What makes you say that?” Rainbow replied.

“I’m just sayin’. You should just keep yer game up if you want to keep yer title.” Applejack shrugged her shoulders.
Rainbow Dash eventually understood where she was coming from.

“Heh, don’t worry. Anybody who wants the title has to go through me!” Rainbow boasted.
“You can count on it.” Applejack smiled at her friend.

The school bell rang, and all the students began flooding out of Canterlot High doors. Outside the front doors, Twilight Sparkle was at the statue, looking at the mirror from where she came from her world into this one. A feeling of dread began to build up in her stomach.

“One more month.” Twilight thought outloud. She touched the smooth cool surface of the mirror. She half expected her hand to pass through it, but she only felt the cold glass surface of the mirror. She sighed in disappointment, letting her arm down.

I’ve been away from home for so long.” Twilight thought. She looked at her human hand. Even after spending half a month in her human form, it still felt weird and unfamiliar to her. The feeling of dread still lingered in her stomach.
But, what if something bad happens, and I end up staying for another month….or….” She clutched her skirt in fear and dread of what she thought next.
……I’m stuck here forever” Her heartbeat began rise as she grew more scared.
But even if I do leave, they will probably feel like I abandoned them. Like I didn’t care for them at all.” She clutched her skirt more tightly, she began panting nervously, and tears began to well up in her eyes. However, just before she was about to break down, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong Twilight?” A familiar voice said behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw Fluttershy with a worried look on her face. The feeling of dread and sadness slightly went away.
“You’re getting homesick aren’t you?” She asked. Twilight whipped the tears from her eyes.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Twilight admitted. “But, don’t worry, I’ll be fine by tomorrow.” She smiled at her friend. Fluttershy smiled back.

“Don’t worry Twilight, I’m sure you’ll make it home safely.” She assured Twilight. Twilight smiled at Fluttershy trying to comfort her, but the thought of abandoning her friends came back to her.

“Fluttershy….” She asked her. “Hmm?” Fluttershy replied. Twilight hesitated before speaking again.

“….when I leave, and I don’t see you and the others for a great deal of time, will you think I abandoned you?” Twilight finished. Fluttershy gasped in surprise.

“What makes you think that Twilight?” Fluttershy asked worryingly. Twilight sighed.

“I guess being here for longer than usual, that I’m actually starting to consider this place my home.” Twilight explained.
“It’s just the thought of leaving you, who have done so much for me, is just wrong.” Fluttershy nodded in understanding.

“Hey guys!” They heard an enthusiastic voice behind them. They turned and saw it was Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash stopped in her tracks when she saw Twilight’s expression.

“Uhh…what’s up?” Rainbow asked, realizing that she may have stepped in at the wrong time.

“Yeh’ what’s goin’ on?” Applejack said behind her.

“Oh, Twilight’s worried that we will feel abandoned when she leaves.” Fluttershy explained. Rainbow gave a surprised look on her face.

“Pfft-wha-? What are you talking about?” Rainbow said. “After all you’ve done for us, we would never feel that way.”

“Really?” Twilight asked.

POP!! “You bet!!!” Pinkie Pie popped out behind Rainbow Dash with a burst of confetti.

“WAH!!!” Rainbow exclaimed at Pinkie's sudden entrance.

“You are the absolutely, positively, the best thing that’s ever happened to us, like EVER!” Pinkie shouted happily. Twilight gave her a heartfelt smile. Then Sunset and Rarity showed up, having heard their conversation.

"That’s right Twilight Darling.

”You never abandoned us, so we will never abandon you.” Sunset finally added.

“Yeah!!” Spike popped his head out of Twilight’s backpack.

Tears welled up in Twilight’s eyes again. She was so happy that she still had her friends (or at least copies) here with her. She wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Thank you, all of you.” Twilight said, trying to hold back more tears. “…so much.”

“Daw, quit yer cryin’ and com’er!” Applejack said. “Yeah!” Pinkie said. The girls then shared in a heartwarming group hug.

“Were always here for you.” Sunset said to her.

Close by, Flash Sentry just exited Canterlot High's doors to see Twilight and her friends hugging. He smiled at how they were getting along so well.

“Heh, look at em', so upbeat.” He remarked.
“Even Sunset's come around.”

He was about to walk over and talk to them, however he was suddenly overcome with a sudden sense of guilt. He stopped in his tracks and held his head confusedly. He didn't understand why he suddenly felt this way. Then he remembered the time when he made Twilight cry when he was under the influence of the Dazzlings. And he never even apologized.

“Is…..that the reason?” Flash pondered.
“Or… it something else?” He shook his head in frustration when he couldn't come to a definite conclusion. He looked at them again seeing them talk cheerfully to one another. He decided to not talk to them right and head home. As he walked past them, he took one last glance at Twilight. He half expected her to look back, but she continued to talk to her friends without noticing him.
He sighed and continued on his way.

No matter what you think of me Twi, I'll….try to be there for you.”

Episode 1 - It Begins (Part 2)

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Location: Mobius – Green Hill Zone


“YEEEAAAHOOOO!!!!!” Sonic shouted with excitement and glee as he sprinted through another one the naturally formed loops of the Green Hill zone, then vaulted over a 20 meter wide chasm. He landed into a safety roll, then dashed off at break neck speed to catch up with Shadow.

“Alright where are you Shadow?” Sonic said, the wind blowing in his face. His eyes darted left and right for any sign of his dark counterpart. He ran out of the forest into a meadow, then his eyes widened when he saw Shadow standing right out in the middle of the meadow.

“There you are!” Sonic shouted.

“What took you so long faker?” Shadow snarked at him. Shadow then sped off in another direction in a black and red streak.

“Why you.” Sonic growled as he skidded to a stop and then burst off in Shadow's direction.

Shadow rapidly parkoured over various rocks and boulders, and continued to speed off towards a loop in the distance. He looked behind him to see if Sonic was following him. He didn't see any sign of his blue counterpart.
“Hmph. He probably fell asleep under a tree or something. Lazy bastard.” Shadow snarked.

“Ahem.” Shadow heard a voice next to him.

Shadow gasped in surprise, he looked to his left to see Sonic, running backwards next to him, arms crossed. Shadow smirked, impressed that he's been able to keep up for this long.

“Heh, not bad, I was starting to think you were out of shape, somehow”

“Pfft HA!” Sonic boasted, taken aback when Shadow said 'out of shape' “You kiddin' me? This just feels like a walk in the park.”

“Hmph, don't get to cocky, kid!” Then Shadow spun around and swept Sonic off his feet with a sweep kick.

“Wha-Whoa! Hey!” Sonic shouted as he was swept off his feet and tumbled across the ground. Shadow then sped ahead of Sonic who continued to tumble behind him.
Sonic flipped back onto his feet still running, pissed that Shadow was toying with him again.

“Dammit! Shadow, you'll regret that!” He swung his arms behind him, causing his speed to instantly triple, causing a blue wind cone to surround him. This allowed him to rapidly catch up with Shadow, soon enough he was on Shadow's tail. “Ya think that would slow me down huh?” Sonic boasted.

The two were closing in on a loop. Shadow looked behind him and saw Sonic catching up. He smirked before instantly speeding ahead and ran through the loop in mere seconds. Sonic readied himself to dash through the loop.

“Alright, here we go!!” He swung his arms behind him again, this time quadrupling his speed, creating a sonic boom behind him. He was about to run through the loop, when suddenly a bright flash of light appeared in front of him.
“Dah! What the heck!?” He covered his face from the blinding light. When the light dissipated he saw a familiar white figure in front of him.

(BGM end)

“Wha! Watch out!” Sonic panicked, trying to stop, but his immense momentum carried him forward.

“Wha? DaCH!!” The figure shouted as Sonic crashed into him. They both rolled forward in a ball, their momentum was great enough to go through the entire loop without losing speed. They exited the loop still rolling for a few meters before finally coming to a stop. The two hedgehogs groaned with pain after their little stunt.

“Owwwwwww.” Sonic groaned, his back and sides ached from crashing into that interloper.
“Why don't ya watch where you're goin'!” Sonic protested to the unknown person, getting back on his feet.

“Oww. Sorry, I didn't think I would appear right in front of you.” The person replied. Sonic looked up and saw it was someone he knew all too well. It was Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic's friend/rival from the future.

“Silver!?” Said a surprised Sonic.

“Sonic!?” Silver said back. “Man I never thought you'd be the first person I'd run into.”

“And I never thought I'd run into you.” Sonic went over and offered a hand to him, which Silver gladly took.

“Good to see ya buddy.” Sonic gave him a pat on the shoulder. Silver was honestly surprised that Sonic was so happy to see him.

“Heh, uh, yeah..good to see ya too.” Silver rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“So, why'd you come back from the future all of a sudden?” Sonic asked. Silver's smile instantly faded.

“The future's falling apart again.” He said with worry. Sonic's smile also faded.

“What?! What are you talking about?” Sonic asked, worry building in his voice.

“I can't really explain it. I mean first I think things are all well and fine, and then suddenly things start going wrong.” Silver explained. Sonic thought for a second.

“Well, can you tell me some of the things that happened?” Sonic asked.

“Well first thing is that people started to disappear into the void, next thing is the world itself started to fall apart, like it was fading away from time and space.” Silver explained. Sonic nodded in affirmation.

“Wait a minute, if everybody in the future disappeared, then why didn't you?” Sonic asked.

“I'm still confused about that too. The reason I'm here in the first place is because of this portal that mysteriously appeared.

“Portal?” Sonic raised an eyebrow at his explanation.

“Yeah, and there was this mysterious voice in my head telling me to go into it.”

Sonic scratched his head for a minute, trying to make sense of everything that Silver told him.
“Well, we better go tell Shadow, before anything else happens.” Sonic decided.

“Yeah, he should know what to do! Say, speaking of which, where is he?” Silver said, wondering how Shadow was doing at this time.

“I was actually following him until you showed up. Show off didn't even bother to come back.” Sonic snarked.

“And what makes you say that?”

“GAH!!!” The two hedgehogs jumped when they heard Shadow behind them.

“Sh-Shadow!? How long have you been standing there?!” Sonic protested.

“Long enough.” Shadow countered. He turned to Silver.
“I didn't think I would be seeing you again.” Shadow said to him.

“What up Shadow?” Silver said enthusiastically, offering a fist bump. Shadow smiled and returned the fist bump.
“I take it you've heard everything I said?” Silver asked. Shadow nodded in confirmation.

“This really proves problematic. This is just like back with Solaris threatening to destroy all of time and space.” Shadow explained.

“But it can't Solaris again, can it?” Sonic speculated.

“Probably not, but we should expect someone like him to be behind all this. It takes someone with near godlike powers to do something like this.” Shadow explained.

“Why don't we talk about this at my place, it's getting late now.” Sonic said, point back to the crimson sun setting on the horizon.

“Yeah, not to mention I'm starving.” Silver added.

“Alright, fair enough.” Shadow replied. The three hedgehogs began to head back to emerald town. As they walked Sonic gave Silver a friendly nudge.

“Hey, it's good to have you back man.” Sonic smiled at him. Silver blushed in embarrassment.

“Heh, It's great to have friends like you two back in the past.” Silver replied warmly. Shadow looked back at the two hedgehogs as they began chatting. He smiled a little bit.

A year ago they were bitter enemies. Now look at them . They're like brothers.” Shadow thought, heart-warmed by the friendship they've formed. He will never express these feelings to them, but the feeling warmed his heart nonetheless.

But meanwhile, in the shadow of a nearby tree. An evil presence was watching them, through a pair of red bloodshot eyes. He looked at the trio with a seething hate. Just the sight of them did not even amount to one-one millionth of the hate he had for all life in general.
The amorphous shadow being then detached it self from the shadow of the tree he was hiding in, stretching the shadow of the tree as he exited. He then proceeded to follow the hedgehogs back to emerald town, keeping his distance so that he wouldn't be noticed.

“Hate……..that's only feeling I have for you three……..and the entire universe will suffer for the trouble you caused me.” The being seethed.

Meanwhile Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic's sidekick and eternal companion, was in his lab working on a schematic for a new and improved version of the X-Tornado. He speculated that this new version would remove several flaws that the previous versions had, as well as having completely new features and capabilities added to it.
“I'm certain this new X-Tornado will be my magnum opus.” Tails said to himself.
“I'm pretty sure this new model will surprise Eggman's mustache off.” Tail snickered at his own statement.
He finished drawing the last few dimensions of the left wing thruster before sitting back in his chair.
“Whew! That's the left thruster done.” He wiped some sweat off his forehead. He looked back at the main schematic for the new model. “Sigh….Fifty Eight more parts to go.” Tails sighed when he realized he still has a ton of drafting left to do.He looked at the shelf above his desk. He saw a framed picture of him, Sonic, and Knuckles, all in front of the master emerald. He continued looking at the various pictures from his past adventures with his friends. He saw his human friend Chris, Amy, Cream, even Silver, as well as several other friends. His heart was warmed at the sight of all of his past memories. However his smile faded and his heart sunk when he looked at the potted flower at the end of the shelf. His mind flashed back to that of a certain plant girl who he had feelings for. He wanted to say her name, but…..for some reason…..he couldn't.
“Three years huh?” Tails said to himself. He sighed, trying to push the sad memory out of his head.
“It's just a memory, nothing more.” He decided to get back to work on his schematics.

Location: Eggman’s base.


Somewhere else on Mobius lay a facility, with robots patrolling the electric fence that surrounded the perimeter of a mechanical fortress. The center of the facility lay a tower, with an insignia resembling the face of one of Sonic’s enemies, Eggman.

Eggman slumped in his chair with a face filled with sheer boredom. It’s been over a year ever since he saw his arch nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog, or any of his friends. While he had a plan in the works, it unfortunately was in development hell.

Siiiiiiiiigh Is this what life has come down to? Sitting and waiting for my defeat?” Eggman brooded over the memories of the numerous times he’s lost to Sonic and his friends. It’s happened so many times that he’s come to expect it.

Two robots entered the room, one was a tall and slim yellow humanoid, while the other was a short, stout, purple humanoid. They were known as Decoe and Bocoe.

“Umm….Doctor….” Decoe said hesitantly.

“Just spit it out you two, tell me what’s delayed this time.” Eggman said nonchalantly, expecting the worse news.

“Uhh...well um…..phase 2 of the plan is only 18% complete from 15% last week.” Bocoe said looking at the tablet displaying the results. Eggman let out a frustrated sigh.
“And….?” Eggman groaned.

“Well...the drone maintenance system has been riddled with unfixed bugs.” Boeco added. This didn’t help eggman’s mood at all.

“Grrrr!!” Eggman got up with a frustrated grunt and began pacing the room. Decoe and Bocoe looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“What do we tell him Decoe?” Boeco whispered.

“I don’t know! He’s so depressed right now anything could set him off.” Decoe whispered back nervously.

“Well...maybe say something that will cheer him up!” Boeco suggested.

“Like what? There haven’t been any new developments at all. We haven’t even located the chaos emeralds.” Bocoe said checking his tablet.

The two took a few seconds to rack their memory circuits for an idea. Eventually, a light bulb lit up inside their heads. (Literally)

“Hey Doctor….” Decoe lifted a finger. Eggman stopped and looked at them. Decoe hesitated, but Bocoe continued speaking.

“-do you happen to remember that strange artifact that you just wrote off as ‘garbage’ that you found a few days ago?” This managed to get Eggman’s interest.

“What about it?” Eggman questioned them.

“Don’t you think you should look at it some more instead of just putting it in the maximum-security chamber?” Decoe asked Eggman, obviously confused as to why Eggman show so much disinterest in the artifact he found.

“What difference does it make!?” Eggman shouted at them, causing the two robots to fall silent.
“It’s all gonna end the same anyways. Even if I managed to get a hold of the chaos emeralds, Sonic and his band of misfits always find a way to ruin my plans.” Eggman sulked. He continued pacing the room back and forth. Decoe and Bocoe were even more confused than before. It wasn’t like Eggman to lose hope. If there was one thing that Eggman had, it was persistence. He never gave up despite his failures and humiliations.

“So…..are you saying you’re giving up doctor?” Decoe asked him. Eggman held his head in frustration, trying to calm down.

“I honestly don’t know. I’m starting to wonder if any of my conquests to conquer the world had any chance of succeeding in the first place.” Eggman said, letting the humiliation of his countless failed plans sink in. He slumped back in his chair and started stroking his mustache.
“It’ll take a miracle…..something out of this WORLD to lift my spirits again.” Eggman sulked.


Suddenly, the emergency alarm went off, turning the entire room red.

“Grrr what is it now?” Eggman man still maintained a nonchalant tone despite the blaring alarm.“Has another critical malfunction occurred in the maintenance chamber?”

Decoe and Bocoe looked at their tablets.

“ doctor. It’s that artifact you found.” Bocoe responded. This managed to peak Eggman’s interest.

“What’s going on with it?” Eggman asked. Then the automated emergency system spoke.


This made Eggman sit up in his chair.

“I’m going to see this for myself.” He stated. He made his way to the maximum security chamber. He made it to the chamber’s entrance, which opened up to a massive enclosed room, save for a small glowing shard in the middle.
Eggman took a step out into the empty space. However just before his foot fell down, a hexagonal platform caught his foot. He continued walked as more hexagonal platforms created a path for him, the one’s behind him disappearing.
He made it to the middle of the chamber which held a glowing red shard, that was emanating an ominous black aura from it. It was suspended in mid air by two modules on it’s top and bottom.
Eggman waved his hand, which brought up a holographic information screen. Indeed he saw that the energy levels were definitely rising. The shard’s aura was getting bigger and bigger by the second.

“Doctor! What should we do?” Decoe spoke to him through a COM link.

“We have no idea what that thing does! It could destroy the entire base!” Boeco worryingly added

Eggman looked at the shard, with it’s pulsating black aura growing slowly. A grin grew upon Eggman’s face. For he saw something in this artifact that he failed to see before. He let out a sinister chuckle.

“It looks like things are about to get a little……. interesting.” He said. Decoe and Bocoe looked at each other in confusion.
Eggman continued looking at the glowing shard, eager to see what this artifact had in store for him.


Back at Sonic's house, the three hedgehogs were discussing their course of action against this new threat. Sonic had whipped up some microwavable Chilidogs for himself and Silver. Silver, who had not eaten ever since this whole thing started, gladly wolfed down the chilidogs.

“Sheesh, you must've been really hungry.” Sonic remarked. Silver wiped some chili sauce off his mouth.

“You bet, but man is that spicy! How can you eat that all the time?” Silver asked.

“I can handle the spiciness and you can't” Sonic smirked.

“I sure can!” Silver protested, eying Sonic's chilidogs. There was a brief moment of silence.
“You gonna eat that?” Sonic responded by taking a huge bite out of his Chilidog.
“Aw…...” Silver said disappointingly.

(BGM end)

“Stay focused you two, this isn't a heartwarming reunion here.” Shadow lectured the two.
“We need to figure out who's behind this whole thing.”

“Alright alright Shadow sheesh.” Sonic complained nonchalantly.

“Don't give me that faker! You're acting like this is just childs play! “ Shadow lectured him.

“I save the world all the time, so this is nothing new.” Sonic shrugged.

“Right, I forgot how cocky you can be.” Silver remarked.

“That's enough! Let's get back on track!” Shadow stated.
“Let's start with what we know.” Sonic and Silver finally decided to listen.

“We know that something that's going to happen in the present is going to destroy the future.” Shadow went over everything they know about this incident.
“We currently don't know what’s causing this, so our first priority is to find out who or what is behind this.” Shadow explained further.

“How about we ask Eggman. He's bound to have answers.” Sonic speculated.

“Bad idea.” Shadow replied quickly.

“What!? Why not?!” Sonic protested.

“We don't want to provoke him into doing something dastardly or stupid.” Shadow explained.
“We know how well that went last time it happened.”

“Uh heh heh, right.” Sonic chuckled.

“Now back on track.” Shadow continued. He looked to Silver.
“Kid, you have any ideas?” Silver was a little irritated when he called him 'kid'.

“Who're you calling kid?” Silver remarked.

“The fact that you nearly killed Sonic over a lie that Mephiles told you.” Shadow stated.

Silver fell silent, remembering his less than stellar actions nearly a year ago.
“Right….don't remind me.” Silver reminisced.
“Anyways, we don't really have many leads. I was actually thinking of paying old man Eggman a visit to ask him a few questions.” Silver gave his take on the situation.

“But like I said, it's a bad idea.” Shadow said again.

“You're probably right. But Eggman is the only person who could possibly know anything about this.” Silver replied.

“That is a good point.” Shadow remarked. “But he's been silent for a long time now. He could be planning something big as we speak.”

“Well what are our other options?” Sonic asked. The three thought for a few seconds.
“You think it's the Black Arms?” Sonic asked.

“The who?” Silver questioned.

“It's a long story. But I think I put them well out of commission.” Shadow explained. They thought for a few more seconds.

"SighWelp I'm out of ideas." Sonic slumped back on the couch.
"Silver, you're the one who saw everything that happened, can you tell us anything else?" Sonic asked further.

Silver scratched his chin as he thought, trying to remember any other details he left out. He then gasped as he remembered something.
"Oh yeah! I remember hearing a voice in my head as I went through the portal!" Silver remembered. Sonic and Shadow continued paying attention. "It was only one word, but it ringed in my head."

"What was the word?" Shadow asked.

"..........Cyclone" Sonic's ear immediately perked up when Silver said that word.

"Are you serious?!" Sonic leaned forward towards Silver.

"Uh yeah. You mean you've heard it to?" Silver replied.

"Not just that. I also had a dream before that. It was saying things to me." Sonic explained to them.

"And you neglected to bring this up earlier?" Shadow prodded him.

"I didn't have a chance to. Oh! Also I saw a was a girl, she had purple hair." Sonic explained further. Shadow and Silver were perplexed at his explanation.

"Do you know who this girl is?" Silver asked. Sonic shook his head in response.

"So this dream rattles off a bunch of words and shows you a person you don't even know? Just what the hell is going here?" Shadow said with annoyance in his voice at how complicated this has become.

"Well excuse me, I just told you what I saw!" Sonic retorted.

"Guy's come on! We need to figure out what's going on before this threat kicks down our front door!" Silver said.

The second Silver finished his sentence, the sound of an explosion outside rocked the house, throwing the three off balance.


“Whoa!! What was that!?” Sonic yelled, his heart racing from the sudden explosion.

“Don't know, lets find out.” Shadow said calmly, readying himself for what's about to come. “Sonic, bring the Chaos emeralds.”

“Right!” Sonic dashed to a cabinet in the corner of his living room, and brought out the seven glowing gemstones.

“Seriously!? You've been hiding them here?!” Silver questioned, confused as to why Eggman hasn't snatched them yet.

“Yeah, I know right? I'm surprised Eggman hasn't snatched them yet.” Sonic smirked.
"Catch!" He tossed one of the Chaos emeralds to Silver.

“Whoa!” He almost dropped the emerald as he caught it.

“I'll take two, you take the rest.” Shadow said. Sonic tossed two of the emeralds to him. They put the emeralds away (In god knows where, since they've been able to pull it right out of their buts at times) They all heard the sound of another explosion outside.

“Let's go!” Sonic said to the others.

“Right!” Shadow and Silver both replied. They all ran outside, where the townspeople were panicking from the chaos that suddenly turned up out of nowhere. Several trees were uprooted, houses were on fire, and dust covered the entire town

“HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP!!” A mobian civilian cried out running to them. Silver ran up to him.

“What's going on?” Silver asked.

“Th-There are these black creatures coming from town square! They're destroying everything!” The civilian replied frantically. The three hedgehogs looked at each other.

“Well it's definitely not Eggman.” Sonic added.

“Let's head there immediately.” Shadow pointed to town square which lay in the middle of the town. The other two nodded.

“You get to safety, we'll take care of this.” Silver told the civilian. The civilian nodded and ran off to find someplace safe

The three started to head towards town square. They all saw smoke coming from the center of town. Shadow looked around to see glowing claw marks among the destruction. He also felt an ominous and malevolent presence, slowly getting stronger as they headed toward town square.

“Hey Shadow. Doesn't this feel familiar?” Silver asked, who was getting similar vibes as Shadow.

“You feel it too?” Sonic asked, who also had the same feeling.

“Yeah. You're right.” Shadow replied.
“This feels too familiar.” However he was cut short when he sensed something about to pounce on them.

“Watch out!” Shadow shouted, as a group of four legged creatures jumped out in front of them. They were lizard like monsters with black skin with glowing red veins. They had spikes going along their back's and their tails had serrated spikes at the tips. Their teeth and claws were all glowing white, and their head seemingly had no eyes, or at least no visible ones. The creatures leered at the three hedgehogs, ready to attack them. The three hedgehogs got ready to fight.

“I'm guessing these guys are what crashed our party?” Sonic asked, ready to .

“I would believe so.” Shadow replied, clenching his fist, causing lightning to crackle off his arm.

“You think you can still handle this buddy?” Sonic asked Silver.

“Pfft! You serious? If I can go up against the likes of you two, then these will be a piece of cake.” Silver replied confidently, he activated his psychic powers, causing him to glow cyan.

Sonic smirked with confidence. He cracked his knuckles, ready to slug the first one that moves in the face.
“Heh, that's all I needed to hear.”

Then one of the creatures leapt into the air, ready to pounce on them. However almost immediately, Sonic leapt towards the creature at a blinding speed, slammed into it's torso, spun it around rapidly and slammed back down into the ground, all in a matter of two seconds.
“Heh, not done yet!” Then he slammed down into the downed creature with a spin attack, killing the creature instantly. The creature imploded into several red whisps that dissipated into thin air. Sonic got back up, ready to face the next one.
“Who's next?” Sonic snarked. Shadow and Silver rocketed past Sonic to face the other creatures.

Silver avoided a strike from one of the creatures, then threw several pieces of debris at it with his psychokinesis, knocking it off balance. Then he jumped up, avoiding another one of the creature's laser breath. Then he raised his palm, and then slammed it into the ground, letting out a shockwave which stunned the two monsters.
“Take this!” Silver shouted as he grabbed them both with his psychokinesis, and slammed them into each other and then threw them into the others.

Shadow flash stepped away from one's attack, reappeared above it then smashed it into the ground with an axe kick. Then he flash stepped again to right in front of one's face and sent it reeling back on two legs with a flip kick. Then he saw he was about to be flanked by three of the creatures from behind.
He remained calm, then in a split second, he flash stepped and smashed one to the ground, the flashed back to the one reeling back and struck it again, then he struck the second one in the head, dislocating it's jaw, then struck the one reeling back again, then he blasted the third creature in half with a chaos spear, then finally he pierced through the final creature's chest, grabbing the energy core inside it.
“Dead on!” Shadow shouted as he ripped the energy core out of the creature's chest, flipped back onto the ground and then crushed the core in his hand as the creatures' corpses imploded into red whisps.

Sonic rapidly rushed around the creatures, barraging them with blows from all sides. He ducked under an attack from one of the creatures, then struck another one to the side, then defeated five of them at once with a rapid series of punches.
Then he noticed two of them about to fire at him with their laser breath. He then dashed to the side, narrowly avoiding them. Then he jumped up and spin dashed into the ground between them, knocking them into the air.
“Hey Silver!” Sonic called out.

“Huh?” Silver turned to him.

“Play ball!” Sonic then kicked the two creatures towards Silver. Silver anticipated Sonic's move, then he lifted a giant piece of debris into the air and then crushed the two creatures underneath it.

The three hedgehogs continued to fight the creatures relentlessly, however no matter how many they defeated, more came to replace the ones they defeated. The three stood back to back, panting heavily as the battle continued on.

Pant Pant How many are there?” Sonic asked.

“They just keep on comin’” Shadow, realized that no matter how many they defeated, more just took their place.

“They must be coming from a source, we destroy that and they should go away.” He theorized.

“Okay, but one question, where is this source?” Silver asked.

“Don’t know, but were gonna have to fight through them to find it.” Shadow replied, expecting a hard fight ahead of them. Sonic was about to lunge at the monsters again, but he stopped when he saw something digging through the ground behind the hoard of monsters.

“What the..?” Sonic said in confusion. Then suddenly, a red-figure burst out of the ground underneath one of the monsters, launching it upwards with an upward punch. Sonic and the others looked up and saw it was Knuckles.
“Knuckles!” Sonic shouted, relieved to see him.

“Ha, don’t think I’d let you have all the fun!” Knuckles smiled back before finishing the creature off with a downward strike, slamming the monster into the ground. Then he grabbed the two on both his sides by their heads, slammed them into each other and then went into a spin attack holding both of the creatures by their heads, slamming them into the other monsters behind him while yelling crazily. "DoorARARARARARA!!!!"

“Whoa...are all of your friends like this?” Silver asked Sonic, surprised at Knuckles ferocity.

“Heh, nah, you should see Amy.” Sonic replied. Knuckles landed in front of the three.
“What shakin’ Knux?” Sonic offered him a fist bump.

“It was getting a little boring up there at angel island, so I stopped for a visit.” Knuckles smiled, returning the fist bump.

“Shadow.” He greeted Shadow. Shadow nodded in response. Knuckles eyes turned to Silver.

“Who’s this guy?” Knuckles asked.

“I-” Silver was about to say something, but he was cut off by Sonic.

“He’s an old friend.” Sonic interrupted.

“I can speak for myself thank you.” Silver said sarcastically.

“We can leave the introductions for later, you three go and destroy the source” Knuckles told the three.

“You think you can handle it?” Shadow asked. Knuckles turned around to see another hoard of monsters approaching. Knuckles casually counted them. He stopped at nine.

“Pffft! It’s a walk in the park.” Knuckles bragged.

“Good, we’re counting on you.” Sonic replied. Knuckles grinned with confidence and he ran off to fend off the remaining monsters.

“Let’s go. We need to finish this as soon as possible.” Shadow said.

“Right!” Sonic cracked his knuckles. Silver nodded in agreement. The three sped off towards town square.

At the town square, a large black and red fleshy growth was spawning the black and red monsters that were destroying the town. At the same time, it has captured several of the town’s residents, and assimilating them into it’s black fleshy mass. They all moaned in pain, as red veins began gouging into them. At the center of it was a beating heart like core, which was oozing the black substance all over the place.

A tall figure stood in front of the core, eyeing the core’s progress. He wore a black cloak which obscured his face, however it looked like he was wearing black and red armor underneath. Then he noticed the core’s pulsating ceased. The color of the mobian citizens had completely drained out, turning them almost monochrome.

“Hmph, this batch is finished.” He said in a dark, spiteful voice. He waved his hand, which commanded the black ooze to release the captives. The mobians were released from the black growth, falling to the ground like used husks.

The mysterious figure eyed the black mass, deciding if has gathered enough energy yet. Then he swung his arm to the left, summoning a floating red eye. He turned to the eye, and knelt on the ground, as if he were addressing a superior.

“Master, the assimilation core is nearly filled. All that’s left is to activate ” The figure spoke to the eye. Then the eye responded in a dark guttural language.
“Master, I assure you nothing will stand in our way toward universal assimilation. It will be done.” He replied. The eye continued to talk to him some more before finally dissipating into nothing. The figure stood back up and walked back in front of the core.
“It’s only a matter of time……..” He said, eyeing the bulging heart at the center of the black growth with an evil visage. However, he was interrupted when he sensed a presence behind him.

“SONIC BLAST!” He turned to see a blue bullet of energy streaking towards him. He narrowly jumped away from the projectile, causing it to hit the ground beneath him. He landed back on his feet, growling with anger at the sudden intervention.
Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were standing outside the center of town square, facing the dark mysterious figure. The dark figure stood up, eyeing the three hedgehogs, waiting for them to make a move, however, his attention remained on Sonic in the middle. He glared at him with malevolent contempt. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver looked at the dark figure, waiting for him to speak, or make a move.

“Who is that?” Silver asked, getting a bad feeling in his gut from this mysterious figure.

“Shadow?” He turned to Shadow, thinking that he would know something about this person.

Shadow shook his head. “Never seen this guy.”

Silver’s eyes widened in shock. “What do you think of it Sonic?” Silver said turning to Sonic. Sonic and the Dark figure exchanged a long stare with each other. For some reason, Sonic felt something familiar about this person, even though he couldn’t remember if he had seen this person at all. Yet the feeling that he had seen this person before was unsettling to him.

“Hmph! I have no idea who this guy is. But one thing's for certain, he messed with the wrong hedgehog’s home.” Sonic said confidently, cracking his knuckles. He began slowly walking towards the figure. Shadow and Silver walked behind him. The hooded figure remained stationary as the three hedgehogs walked towards him. He threw his cloak back showing his black armor underneath.

“So you are the three who the master was talking about.” The figure said to the three hedgehogs.

“Who’s this ‘master’ you’re talking about?” Shadow questioned him.

“And more importantly, what are you doing to everybody here!?” Silver questioned him angrily. The figure uncrossed his armored arms and began advancing towards them.

“Hmph! You inferior creatures are in no position to ask questions.” He talked down to them in a condescending tone.

“Your world is to be assimilated. There is nothing you can do to stop it.” The person talked down to them. The three remained vigilant, and were not intimidated by the person’s words.

“Ha! That’s not very nice. You waltz into our house, throw a party, and you don’t even tell us why? That’s low man!” Sonic himself remained cocky and defiant towards the dark figure.

The dark figure growled silently in annoyance of Sonic’s taunting. However, he still maintained a calm yet sinister tone with the three hedgehogs.

“You fools have no idea what you’re going against.” The figure explained to them. The three hedgehogs quickly exchanged glances at each other, confused as to what he was saying.The figure began slowly advancing towards the three hedgehogs. The three stood their ground.
“If you continue to stand in my way, the consequences for your world will be dire. So I believe it would be wise if you get on your knees immediately and beg for forgiveness.” The figure pointed at them, commanding them to kneel. Sonic couldn’t help but feel aggravated that this person who he knows nothing about, is telling them what to do.

“And if we don’t?” Shadow replied callously. The figure let out a sinister chuckle at Shadows reply. Then he bent his knees slightly, as if he was preparing to leap towards them.

“In that case….”

Suddenly the figure sped towards the three at blinding speed. Sonic read the figure’s move and rushed towards the figure. Sonic and Dark figure clashed with their hands locked, try to push each other back.

Pant Pant Who are you!?” Sonic asked through clenched teeth. The feeling that Sonic knew this person grew even stronger. Sonic tried to push him back, but soon realized that the figure was noticeably stronger than him, causing him to lean back as the figure’s armor dug into Sonic’s hands painfully.

The figure leaned in closer to Sonic, and spoke into his ear. “......your worst nightmare.”

Suddenly Sonic saw visions of people dying, robots gunning people down, and buildings on fire, all in red. Sonic’s eyes dilated, he began hyperventilating, and his limbs began trembling. His strength began to wane, and the dark figure began to overpower him.

“Sonic what’re you doing!?” Shadow yelled to him, confused as to why sonic wasn’t doing anything.

“Get out of there!” Silver also yelled. Sonic couldn’t regain his focus for the horrific visions were still playing in his head. Convinced that Sonic wasn’t going to do anything, Shadow threw a chaos spear at the figure. The figure quickly broke away from Sonic to dodge the incoming chaos spear, but the energy bolt grazed him on the shoulder.

“Silver!” Shadow called to Silver to make his move. Silver then lifted a large piece of sheet metal from the debris using his psychokinesis and then threw it around the masked figure and bent it to restrain him.

“Grrrr!! You little-!” The figure angrily struggled to break free of his restrains

Sonic staggered backwards from the shock of the hallucinations he just witnessed. Silver helped him back on his feet.

“You alright?” Silver asked.

Pant Yeah. I have no idea what happened though” Sonic replied, still recovering from the shock that he just went through.

“Well buck up, things are about to get worse.” Shadow steeled himself.

The figure burst out of his restrains with ease, causing shrapnel to scatter everywhere. The black figure grunted angrily. He assumed a fighting stance, intending to charge at them.
“If you insolent lower creatures are going to stand in my way, then my only option is to send you all to hell!” The figure shouted maliciously.

Sonic had already recovered, and instantly took a fighting stance.
“I don’t know what your deal is buddy…..” Sonic readied himself to charge. “....but whatever it is, I DON’T LIKE IT!!!” Sonic charged the figure rapidly. The dark figure did the same. The two rushed towards each other at blinding speed. They finally clashed, their forearms pushing against another.They briefly exchanged a fierce glance at each other before pushing away from each other. Sonic charged at the figure again, winding up a punch to his opponent's face. The figure read Sonic’s move and quickly dodged to the left, then he threw a backhanded strike to Sonic, who ducked under the blow. They exchanged rapid kicks and punches for straight five seconds.

Sonic leaned to the side avoiding a punch from the figure, however in bullet time, he noticed something about this figure. He couldn’t help but feel perplexed. He used his speed to break away from the figure, and then sped around the figure and attacked from behind.
However the figure was able to read Sonic’s move and then caught Sonic’s punch without looking at him. Sonic flinched in shock at the figure’s level of skill. The figure threw a side kick at Sonic, but Sonic side stepped the attack, and shoulder checked the figure using his speed.

“Grrraah!!” The figure exclaimed as he stumbled backwards, Sonic then flashed stepped multiple times, hitting the figure from all sides.

“Heh! Who’s the inferior one now!?” Sonic taunted him as he continued rushing around him barraging him from all sides.

“Why you little!!!” The figure said angrily. Sonic was about to strike him again, but the figure flash stepped away from Sonic’s attack.

“What the-!?” Sonic exclaimed. The figure appeared behind Sonic and attacked. However, Sonic noticed the figure’s move and threw a punch of his own. However, Sonic’s punch went right through the figure.

“What!?” Sonic exclaimed, realizing he had attacked an after-image. He sensed the figure behind him, and he leaned to the side, avoid the figure’s side kick. However he again sensed something familiar about the figure, just looking at the figure’s fighting style. However Sonic’s curiosity caused him to lower his guard, and the figure was able to deliver a powerful punch to Sonic’s gut.
“Gah!!” Sonic exclaimed as his breath was knocked out of him. Then the figure knocked him back with a reverse roundhouse kick.
“Waaaah!!!” Sonic shouted as he flew back and smashed into a nearby wall. Sonic struggled to get back on his feet after the last blow he took. He also was still perplexed by the fact that something about this figure was familiar.

“Silver! Let’s take him!” Shadow began rapidly advancing toward the dark figure.

“Right!” Silver shot into the air using his levitation. Shadow charged at the figure preparing to strike. The person turned to see Shadow rapidly closing in on him.

“It is pointless to resist!” The figure suddenly vanished from Shadow’s sight. Shadow gasped in shock, when he sensed the figure right behind him.

“Shadow! Behind you!!” Silver shouted to Shadow. However before Shadow could turn to face him, he was already met with a fist to his face.

“GRRRAAH!!!” Shadow felt the figure’s fist dig into his face. He staggered backwards. The black warrior then attempted to follow up with a powerful spin kick. But Shadow ducked under it, avoided another kick from the warrior, then retaliated with series of spin kicks. None of them connected, and the dark figure smashed Shadow into the ground with an elbow strike.

“Hmph, is this all that the ‘ultimate life form’ has to offer?” The figure said mockingly.

“Hey!” A voice from above shouted. The figure looked up and saw Silver levitating in the air with several large pieces of debris floating around him.
“Take this!!” Silver swung his hands toward the figure, causing the pieces of debris to rocket downwards towards the figure.

However, the warrior wasn’t phased. He avoided the projectiles and then started leaping on the incoming pieces of debris to close in on Silver. Silver looked at the figure in shock of his incredible fighting ability.

“Oh man. Who is this guy!?” Silver said. The figure rapidly closed the distance by jumping in on the incoming debris. Silver avoided a kick from the warrior, then circled around him and threw a psycho kinetically charged punch to the figure’s head. But the figure avoided Silver’s attack just by tilting his head to the side. He then proceeded to grab Silver’s arm and throw him down to the ground.
“Whoa!!” Silver tumbled towards the ground. He managed to stop himself from hitting the ground with levitation. But then the figure appeared next to him and smashed him into the ground with an Axe kick.

Sonic charged at the figure, further enraged that the figure was beating on his friends.
“You son of a-!!!” Sonic ripped into his spin dash attack. The figure put his hands out, and stopped Sonic’s spin attack. Sparks flew off the warrior’s gauntlets as he pushed against Sonic’s attack.

“Weak, very weak!” The figured mocked him, then his hands because gathering dark energy into his hands. After a few seconds, his hands erupted in a burst of energy, canceling Sonic’s attack. Sonic stumbled back, shocked that the figure was able to cancel out his spin dash.

“Crap! Is there any way to even hurt this guy!?” Sonic struggled to regain his balance. Then the black figure vanished from his sight again. Sonic didn’t even have time to react as the hooded warrior drove his foot into Sonic’s back.

“GAAH!!!” Sonic cried out, his spine roaring with pain. The figure wasn’t done yet. He continued to barrage Sonic with attacks. He didn’t leave Sonic any time to put his guard up. The figure began laughing with sadistic glee as he continued to wail on Sonic.

“He he he..Ha Ha HA! HA HAHAHAHA!!!” His laughter grew maniacal as he punched Sonic up into the air.

“NOW DIE!!!” the figure leapt into the air, and then drove Sonic into the ground with a dive stomp.

Sonic felt all of his body explode into pain as the figure crushed him underneath his foot.He struggled to breath as the figure continued to drive his heel into Sonic’s chest. The figure went back to his stoic yet sinister demeanor.

“Who…….who the hell are you!?” Sonic grunted defiantly at the figure, struggling to speak in between breaths. In response, figure drove Sonic deeper into the ground with a burst of black energy from his foot.

“Who am I?” The figure boasted.
“I’m everything you’ll never be!”

Sonic couldn’t muster up any more words to spit back in the warrior’s face. The figure continued crushing Sonic underneath his foot.

“You feel it don’t you?” The figure continued. Sonic managed to open one of his eyes and look at him.
“You feel our similarities?”

Sonic opened his eyes in shock at the notion that his hunch was right. His fighting style was almost identical to his own. The way he maneuvered, the way he attacked, was shockingly similar to his own. But…..How?
“What….grh! What are you saying!?” Sonic struggled to get his words out of his gut. The figure only stared at him through his metallic mask.

“Such a shame, that my predecessors turned out to be so pathetically weak!” The figure condescendingly mocked him.

The figure was cut off, as he was blasted away by a blue energy blast from his left. Sonic went blank at the shock that he was almost about to die. He looked to his left, what he saw lifted his spirits. It was Tails, wearing some sort of advanced arm cannon on his right arm.

“Sonic!!” Tail yelled to him, he flew over to his side.

“Tails! Get away this guy is dangerous!” Sonic told his friend.

“Not a chance! You’re my best friend! I’m not going anywhere if this guy is gonna hurt you!” Tails boasted proudly. Sonic was both surprised and inspired by Tails’s bravado, and couldn’t help but smile. The dark figure recovered from the blow Tails dealt to him, even more enraged than before.

“Another pest to take care of eh?” The figure talked down to Tails.
“You’ll regret interfering with me boy!” The figure then rushed towards Tails.

Tails read his move and, using his arm cannon, shot a grenade at the figure. The grenade exploded into an electrical wave that paralyzed the figure in his tracks. Tails took advantage of this, and rushed towards the figure. His arm cannon transformed into a large gauntlet, which glowed with blue energy.
“Take this!!” Tails shouted as he drove his charged up gauntlet into the warrior’s chest, causing the figure to slide back a considerable distance. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver watched him. Even Shadow was impressed at Tail’s fighting ability.

Tails knew he pushed him back, but he also knew judging from the impact, that he didn’t do much damage to his armor.
pant You’re right Sonic, this guy isn’t normal.” Tails remarked.

The figure recovered from Tails blow, he was both irritated and surprised at Tail’s fighting ability.
“You’ll regret doing that boy!” The figure rushed towards Tails once again.

Tails took the initiative and transformed his gauntlet back into an arm gun. He then launched a salvo of laser blasts from his cannon
The warrior dodged the laser blasts while rapidly closing in on Tails. Tails kept firing trying to get a good shot on the warrior, but the figure proved to be too fast to hit.
“Who is this guy?” Tails said
“He’s moving almost like you Sonic!” The figure managed to close the distance between them and knocked Tail’s arm cannon away, throwing Tails off balance.

“Insolent boy! Begone!” The figure threw an energy charged strike at Tails.

However, before the attack hit Tails, it was stopped by Silver, who managed to recover just in time to save Tails.

“You alright?” Silver asked, trying his hardest to keep his psychic shield up. Tails nodded in reassurance. However the figure readied another charged attack. Silver looked back and he knew that his attack would break his shield.

“H’ooo man.” Silver said, bracing himself for the attack.

However, before figure could attack, a spiked fist came out of the ground below him and punched him in the jaw.

“DRRRAHHH!!” The figure cried out as he flew into the air.

“Take this!!” The red fighter then sent the figure flying into the ground with another attack.

“Knuckles!” Sonic said, another wave relief flew over them all. Knuckles landed back on the ground.

“Hey thanks man!” Silver said lowering his shield.

“Heh, no was your name again?” Knuckles asked.

“’s Silv-” Silver was interrupted when their opponent suddenly appeared in front of Knuckles and grabbed him by the neck.

“GAH! cough AKC!” Knuckles struggled to break free of the warrior’s grip.

“I’ve had enough interruptions for one day.” The figure frustratedly said, tightening his grip on Knuckles.
“Just for that...I’ll dispatch you first!” The figure readied a burst of energy in his hand.

“Hey!!” Sonic cried out. The figure looked to his left, and was met with a kinetically charged punch to his face. The figure flew backwards and slammed into the pulsating black mass behind him. Knuckles got back up, rubbing his sore neck.

cough Thanks.” Knuckles thanked him.

“No prob. But were far from do- Gah!” Sonic fell to his knees, his left side throbbing with pain.

“You alright?” Tails rushed to his side and helped him stand.

“I’m fine.” Sonic reassured him, his hand on his side, still throbbing with pain. “Just a nick.” The five friends faced the giant black mass, ready to face the dark warrior once again.

The warrior emerged from the dust. However his hood was off now, and it revealed his head. He was wearing an armored mask adorned with various red markings. However his most glaring feature was his black swept-back hair, highly reminiscent of Sonic’s blue quills. The entire group looked at the figure with cautious anticipation.

“What the hell?” Knuckles remarked curiously.

“Sonic, who is this guy?” Tails asked him. Sonic tried search his mind for an answer, but he came up empty. But he pushed the thought aside, this guy is threatening his home and friends, and that is something he won’t stand for.

“Doesn’t matter, this guy’s going down, no matter what!” Sonic shouted. The five stood together, ready to face their adversary.

The figure brushed himself off, his movements were filled with suppressed rage. He obviously was getting frustrated at their resistance.

“This universe is filled with foolish naivety.” The figure spoke, his rage and power building.

“Fools like yourselves, who claim to fight for justice, for peace. Your ideals are nothing when it come to what the universe really needs.” The figure ranted. He slowly walked towards the group, who were ready to react to any move he had.

“You gonna keep ranting? Or are we gonna finish this?” Sonic taunted him. With that said, the warrior assumed his fighting stance, and let out a battle cry, causing his black and red aura to explode. The group got ready to fight. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver all activated their respective battle auras, Tails and Knuckles got ready to fight as well.

The figure and the heroes of Mobius stood still for a good few seconds. However just as they were about to charge at each other. The black mass behind the dark warrior suddenly erupted.

“What the hell!?” Sonic exclaimed.

“What happened!?” Silver asked.

Tails looked quickly at the holographic screen on his arm cannon.
“Oh man! The energy levels are going crazy in that thing!” He said reading the numbers on the screen.

“But why!?” Shadow asked.

The warrior stared at the pulsating black mass.

“What…..what have you done!!?” The figure angrily questioned them, enraged that his work has been sabotaged. The mass started to glow brighter and brighter, and began to pulsate at a much faster and unstable rate.

“We have no idea what that thing is gonna do. We should run!” Tails examined.

“But what about the town!” Silver asked frantically.

“No time! We need to go! NOW!!” Shadow said. However before the group could move, the black mass imploded and then collapsed into a small singularity, pulling everything nearby in.

Everybody was knocked off their feet. Large pieces of debris flew into the miniature black hole. The group struggled to hold on to whatever was firmly placed into the ground.

“Waaaa! What’s going on! Whoa!!!” Silver lost his grip, and he flew backwards towards the singularity, only to be caught by Knuckles.

“Get a hold of yourself, er, whoever you are!”
“THE NAMES SILVER!! MEMORIZE IT ALREADY!!” Silver angrily shouted at him.

Sonic struggled to hang on to something while the gravitational force pulled at his feet.
“Damn! Tails! How to do we stop this thing!?” Sonic asked amidst the chaos that was going on. Tails was holding on with his grappling hook from his arm cannon.

“I don’t know! I don’t even know what that thing is!!” Tails said, unable to think during the chaos around him. Sonic was at a loss for words, he had to do something or something horrible would definitely happen. But suddenly while he was struggling to hold on, he felt a hand grip his ankle.

“What the-?” He looked back and saw the black figure dangling from his leg.

“Don’t think you’ve escaped me!!” His hands held tightly onto Sonic’s ankle.

“Why you! Screw off!!” Sonic proceeded to kick him directly on the head. But the warrior still held on nonetheless. He continued kicking the warrior in the head, but the warrior’s grip didn’t falter one bit.

“You pest!!” The figure snapped, and applied a surge of dark energy directly to Sonic’s leg.

“GAAAAHHH!!” Sonic cried out in pain as the figure fried his leg.

“Sonic!” Shadow shouted to him. Sonic looked up and saw Shadow with a chaos spear in his hand.

“DUCK!!” Shadow launched the chaos spear directly towards Sonic. Without thinking, Sonic instinctively jolted his head down.

“What the-!?” The warrior was cut off when Shadow’s chaos spear flew straight over Sonic’s head and hit him squarely between the eyes.

“GYAA!” The figure lost his grip on Sonic, and flew straight into the glowing singularity behind him. Sonic looked back up at Shadow, and gave him a quick smirk. Shadow returned the gesture with a smirk as well.

But their troubles were not over.

“Whoa!!” Sonic exclaimed as the pillar he was holding onto began to give away. This caused the chaos emeralds to fall out of his pack.
“NO!!!” Sonic reached back to try and catch one. But this caused him to lose his grip on the pillar.
“WHAAAAA!!!” Sonic cried out as he flew backwards into the singularity behind him.

“SONIC!!!!” Tails cried out, despairing that his friend is gone. However he lost his grip, and he too flew into the singularity.

“AHHHHH!!!” Tails cried out.

“TAILS NO!!” Knuckles yelled.

“Watch out!!” Silver yelled, a large piece of debris hit them, causing them to fly towards the singularity.

“Watch it!” Shadow managed to grab Knuckles arm as he flew past him.

“Hang on!!” Shadow’s arms strained against the gravitational force of the singularity.

“I don’t think there’s gonna be anything to hold on to!” Silver cried out. However the chaos emerald Silver was holding fell out of his bag.

“Oh crap!” Silver managed to barely catch it with his psychokinesis. However the sudden jolt of movement from him managed to cause Shadow to lose his grip.

“Wha-DAMMIT!!!” Shadow cried out as he, Knuckles, and Silver all fell into the black hole. The black mass proceeded to glow brighter and brighter, and pulsate much faster. Then finally, it exploded into a giant white dome of light, which shined as far as the trees outside of town.

Despite the giant explosion, the town was left mostly unharmed, however, it’s inhabitants were gone, and the black fleshy growth in the center has vanished. As for Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Knuckles, they were sent off to a place unknown.

To Be Continued

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 1)

View Online

Location: Canterlot City

The sound of the last bell rang throughout Canterlot High School. Students filed out of the class rooms, eager to get back home from their busy day. Among them Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and Rarity walked together, sharing any interesting moments from their day.

“I forgot half of my art supplies for my art class today, so I had to improvise in order to complete my daily drawing.” Rarity elaborated.

“So, what did you use instead?” Sunset asked.

“Oh, I had to use my little sister’s old crayons.” Rarity pouted. Twilight and Sunset still held interest.

“Well, how did it turn out?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, I bet it was still worth an A+!” Spike said from within Twilight’s backpack. Rarity was silent for a moment. Then she finally sighed in defeat.

“It was only worth a C.” She slumped forward in disappointment. Twilight and Sunset looked at each other, wanting to say something.

“Well… least it’s a passing grade.” Sunset continued, trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah, that has to count for something.” Twilight added, putting her hand on Rarity’s shoulder

“I suppose so, but there goes my chance at a perfect grade.” Rarity continued to sulk. They exited through the school’s front entrance to the outside.

Twilight looked briefly at the mirror in front of the school entrance. She felt a little bit of anxiety enter her heart, for anything could happen in the month that she had left. However she pushed the thought out of her head. She still was with her friends after all. Her feeling of dread eventually left her stomach as she walked back home with her friends.

The sun began to set, casting a scarlet hue among the clouds and the tops of the trees. The three continued to chat as they took a shortcut through a part of Everfree forest. Twilight looked up at the sky and saw that the stars had begun to come out already. She awed at how they all sparkled in the twilight sky, just like her name.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Sunset joined in on her stargazing. Twilight sighed, wondering how to answer her question.

“These stars look so familiar….” Twilight began. “but…..they feel so different.” She finished. Sunset picked up on her still lingering homesickness.

“You still not getting used to this?” Sunset asked.

Twilight looked at her human hand and tried opening and closing it a few times. She felt her fingers hesitate and lightly twitch at different intervals. No matter how she looked at it, she still saw her hand as a pony hoof.
“Sigh…..I don’t know……” Twilight played with the hem of her skirt nervously, struggling to come up with an answer. “Did you have trouble adjusting to this world Sunset?” She turned to Sunset.

Sunset thought for a few seconds. She chuckled a little when she remembered the first time she came across this world. She remembered struggling to get used to her human muscles, and stumbling all over the place, as well as learning things about the human world..

“Heh, I felt exactly the same as you did….” Sunset answered.

“Really?” Twilight replied. Sunset nodded back

“Yeah, lost and out of place…….I 100% know the feeling .” Sunset put a reassuring hand on Twilight’s shoulder. Twilight smiled, endeared that her friend was able to relate to her so much.

“But, no matter what Twilight…” Rarity put her hand on her other shoulder. “...we’ll be there 100% of the way darling.”

Twilight sighed, overwhelmed by the kindness her friends have shown her.

“Oh….thank you guys.” Twilight wrapped her arms around her friends in a group hug, with them returning the embrace.

“Hey don’t forget about me!” Spike popped out of Twilight’s bag, and hopped on Twilight’s head. Twilight giggled a little at Spike’s comment.

“Heh, don’t worry Spike, we won’t forget you.” Twilight held him in her hands. Spike smiled, and replied by licking her face.
The group shared a friendly laugh at Twilight and Spike’s exchange. Twilight placed Spike back in her bag.
“Okay, let’s get going girls, it’s getting dark already.” Twilight said cheerfully, filled with hope the future. Her friends nodded in agreement, and they proceeded to continue walking back home. Twilight took one last look at the stars before walking off with her friends.

However as they walked through everfree forest, Twilight’s magic sense kicked in, alerting her to something in the sky above her.
“Huh?” Twilight stopped in her tracks and looked up into the sky through a hole in the treeline. She saw a bright yellow flying object slowly streaking across the sky.

“Twilight? What is it no-?” Rarity was interrupted when she and Sunset also saw the flying yellow object. It’s yellow glow slowly began to engulf the trees around them, and cast a bright yellow light through the treeline.

“What is that?” Sunset asked, all of them curious and cautious of the mysterious phenomenon happening before their eyes. As the object got closer, Twilight’s magic sense cringed, for the energy, it was emitting was not Equestrian Magic, but some sort of otherworldly energy. Twilight’s eyes remained fixed on the flying object, however she gasped in horror when she realized that the object was heading straight for them.

“Girls run!” Twilight yelled to her friends.

“What?” Sunset asked, confused as to what is going on.

“No time just run!!” Twilight repeated, she turned in the other direction and began running. The object streaked towards the three girls at a blinding speed until finally, it impacted the ground behind them, creating a large shockwave shaking the ground beneath them.
Rarity gasped when she saw the object strike the ground behind them and saw the shockwave was about to impact them.

“Watch out!” Rarity yelled to her friends. The three girls were swept off their feet and blasted backwards into the air.

“AHHHH!!” The three girls screamed in fear as they were thrown backward. Twilight braced herself for when she impacted the ground. However, the impact never came.

“Twilight!” Sunset and Rarity called to her. Twilight opened her eyes and saw that she, along with Sunset and Rarity were floating in the air, surrounded by a yellow sphere of ethereal energy.

“Girls…..wh-what happened!?” Twilight asked.

“I…..have no idea-OH!” Rarity blushed when she noticed the front of her skirt was lifted up, and immediately pushed it down.

“What is this energy?” Sunset asked, looking around her.

“It….must have stopped our fall-AH!” Twilight speculated but was interrupted when the energy around them dissipated and they dropped to the ground. They landed on the ground, unhurt but still frightened.

Pant pant Are you all okay?” Twilight asked her friends, getting up and patting the dust off her clothes.

“I’m fine, how about you Rarity?” Sunset turned to Rarity.

“Oow. I guess so.” Rarity said, rubbing her bottom, which ached from landing on the ground. Sunset helped Rarity up on her feet.

“Y-you alright Sunset darling?” Rarity asked Sunset, still shaken by what just happened.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry alright” Sunset replied, giving Rarity a confident yet reassuring smile. Rarity smiled back at Sunset.

“Hey what’s going on!?” Spike popped out of Twilight’s backpack.

“That’s exactly it Spike, we have no idea.” Twilight replied. She then noticed the yellow glowing object behind her, casting a golden glow against the trees around it. Twilight and Spike turned to see a small crater at the impact site.

“What is that Twilight?” Spike asked, partially retreating into Twilight’s backpack. Sunset and Rarity also took notice, walking up beside Twilight. While Twilight’s magic sense was still hemorrhaging from the energy that the object emitted, her curiosity still egged her on to investigate.

Twilight began walking towards the impact site. However she was stopped by Sunset, who grabbed her shoulder.

“Twilight! We don’t know what that thing is. What if it’s something dangerous.” Sunset warned her. While Twilight was heartfelt by her friend’s concern, something inside her still urged her to investigate.

“Thanks Sunset, but we can’t just leave this alone. Also, think about what would happen if this world found this thing” Twilight explained, alluding to the fact that both herself and Sunset were both not actual humans, but Ponies from another dimension. Sunset took a moment to process what Twilight said.

“You do have a point, but still, we should approach this cautiously.” Sunset replied. Twilight nodded in agreement with her.

“What do you think Rarity?” Twilight asked her.

“Um…..” Rarity twiddled her thumbs nervously. She didn’t want to leave her friends, however, she was also afraid of whatever just stranded on their planet. However she eventually worked up the courage, and decided to join them.

“Alright, let’s go.” Rarity nodded to her friends.

“Right!” Twilight said confidently.

The three girls walked towards the crash site, where the object was still glowing like a star. Not only that, but the closer Twilight got, the more her magical senses cringed. Twilight and her friends walked up to the rim of the crater. As they looked down at the glowing meteorite, they all shielded their eyes from the object’s intense light.

“Ah! What is that Twilight?!” Sunset’s eyes hurt from looking at the object. Twilight struggled to come up with an answer, for her magic senses were now screaming that she was so close. She could feel the object’s energy overwhelm her own magic energy, so much that it made her body shudder a little

Suddenly, the object’s glow started to slowly dissipate. After a few seconds the light died down enough that they were able to look at it. The girls were finally able to lay their eyes on the mysterious object.

“Oh my…..” Rarity was at a loss for words. “Is that a……?” Rarity could make out the shape of the object. Twilight leaned in closer to get a better look despite her magic sense still aching.

“I think it looks like-AHH!!” The ground beneath her gave way and she slid down the edge of the crater.

“Twilight!” Sunset and Rarity yelled as they both reached their hands out as Twilight slide down the edge of the crater.

“Ah! Whooa! Ooof!!” Twilight tumbled down the side of the crater until she eventually hit the bottom.

“Oww…” Twilight’s right side and arm hurt from the fall. Her backpack fell off her shoulders during her fall,where a disoriented and confused Spike popped out of the backpack.

“Whooooa.” Spike stumbled out of Twilight’s backpack, dizzed from rolling around in the pack during the fall. Spike shook his head to get out of his stupor.

“Twilight! You alright!?” Rarity called from the rim of the crater. Twilight sat herself up, her side and holding her hurt arm close to her body.

Pant I’m alright!” Twilight called up to them.

“Twilight!” Sunset slid down the side of the crater to go and help her.

“That was nasty fall, you sure you’re alright?” Sunset worriedly asked, helping her friend/mentor up.

Pant I’m fine, Thanks Sunset.” Twilight smiled at her, dusting herself off. They both looked back at the glowing object. Twilight and Sunset’s magic senses were still trembling from the sheer energy that the thing was giving off. They both slowly made their way towards the object. Once they were close enough, they were finally able to get a glimpse of what it looked like up close.

“It’s an…...emerald?” Twilight said, her mind searching for any possible explanation to what it was, but she came up with nothing.

“What’s an emerald doing in outer space?” Sunset promptly asked, also wondering what in the world this object was.

“Wait! It…. it’s an Emerald!? I want to see!” Rarity called from the edge of the crater, her caution completely dissipated when she heard two say ‘emerald’.

“Just stay there Rarity! We’ll be right up!” Sunset called back to her.

Twilight knelt down to look at it, it’s searing energy wearing off enough for her to get close. She slowly reached her hand to grab it. But the instant her fingers touched the surface of the emerald, she was hit with a sharp stinging pain as the emerald let out a small burst of energy.

“AH!!” Twilight jerked her hand back in response.

“You alright?” Sunset asked.

“It must be our conflicting energies.” Twilight theorized. “Our magic isn’t compatible with this thing?” Sunset thought for a moment on how to handle the emerald.

“Well in that case…” Sunset took off her black biker coat. She hesitated for a second, wondering if her idea would work, before grasping the emerald with her coat. The light the emerald gave off immediately went out, causing the forest to go dark once again. Sunset sighed, relieved that her idea of grabbing the emerald with her coat worked.

“Sunset, is it-?” Twilight asked, worried that the emerald might have hurt her.

“I’m fine Twilight.” Sunset confirmed to her. “Let’s get out of this crater first.”

Twilight nodded in agreement, and they proceeded to climb back up the side of the crater. Twilight had some trouble climbing back up, but Sunset was there to help her. The two girls eventually got up the side of the crater, where Rarity immediately pestered them for a look at the emerald.

“Can I see it!? Can I see it!? Please?!” Rarity hopped around them excitedly to see the emerald.

“Just a moment Rarity.” Sunset told her. Sunset carefully unfolded her jacket which contained the emerald inside. Once again, the emerald’s glow lit up the forest around them in it’s brilliant yellow light.

“My…….word…….i-it’s gorgeous” Rarity was at a loss for words. She was completely taken aback by the emeralds gorgeous glow. Twilight and Sunset were also mesmerized by the emerald’s beauty. However Twilight remembered that it just crashed landed on their world a few minutes ago.

“What should we do with it Twilight?” Sunset asked her. The three girls stared at each other, unsure of what to say, or what course of action they should take.

“Let’s get home girls…” Twilight covered the emerald back up, taking it in her hands. “....we speak of this to nobody else.”

“But what about Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy?” Rarity asked, wondering why she didn’t mention the others.

“We’ll inform the others tomorrow in secret, to be sure nobody else besides us knows about this.” Twilight explained.

“Wait, do you think this has to do with that dream of yours?” Sunset asked. Twilight gasped as she just remembered her dream that she had about two days ago. She tried to think of some connection between her dream and this emerald. But she was interrupted when she heard police sirens approaching.

“We’ll discuss this later, we need get home quick!” Twilight replied. The others nodded in agreement, and they both scrambled to get away from the scene before the police arrived. While Twilight knew that the emerald that she carried was certainly of another world, she had no idea that this was just the beginning of a conflict that would span the entire universe.

Next Day Morning

“Oh maaaan….!” Sonic groaned as he lay on the ground. He felt like his entire body had been mangled and twisted all out of shape, and then improperly twisted back into it’s original form. On top of that he felt heavier and bigger than usual.
“Oh god, what happened last night?” Sonic tried to recall what happened before he passed out. He rubbed his heavy eyes, but as his hands pressed against his eyelids, he noted that his hands felt smaller and they didn’t feel like they had gloves on.

However before he could question that, he finally remembered what happened before he passed out.
“Silver, Shadow! Where are you!?” Sonic called out, still rubbing his eyes. He sensed the presence of another person lying next to him.

"Ugh…..Sonic….is that you?” He heard Silver call out to him. Sonic finally managed to open his eyes a little, and he managed to get a hazy view of the environment around him. From what he could make out, they were in the middle of a forest, however he could hear the faint sound of cars in the distance, which meant that there was civilization nearby.

Sigh...yeah I’m here Silver.” Sonic confirmed to him. He rubbed his eyes again, and he was able to fully open them, and see the area around him clearly.
“How about you..? You doin’ alri-” Sonic turned around to face Silver, but he double-taked when he saw that Silver did not look like his usual self.

He didn’t look like a hedgehog, but more like a human. He had pale turquoise skin with two black markings on his face. He still had his white hair and yellow eyes, however he was wearing a dark grey jacket with his circular marking on it, with fur lining the collar, as well as beige pants and his usual boots.

“What the-!? Silver! What happened to you?!” Sonic said to him, caught off guard by Silver’s new appearance. Silver opened eyes, and double taked as well when he looked at Sonic.

“Wha-What happened to you Sonic!?” Silver replied.

“Wh-What are you talking ab-” Sonic lifted his hands up and saw that his hands had no gloves, and were Yellow in color.

“What the hell!! I-I-what’s going on!?” Sonic stood up, but then immediately stumbled backwards and fell on his butt.

“Ow!” He got on his hands and knees, and then saw his reflection in a puddle of water. His hedgehog like form was replaced with a blue humanoid form. He had Yellow colored skin, and jet blue spiky shoulder length hair which was reminiscent of his blue quills. He also was wearing a white T-Shirt, with a black sleeveless vest, and a pair of jeans with rips in them.

“WHAT THE HE-!” Sonic was almost about to freak out, however steadied himself and took deep breaths to calm himself down.

“Sonic! Where are we? Why are we humans!?” Silver too was also exasperated at their current situation. Sonic tried to come up with an answer. But so much had happened in the last few hours that he felt overwhelmed just thinking about it.

“I have no idea Silver.” Sonic replied, looking at his human hand, poking it in various places to test if it’s senses were working. While it wasn’t too dissimilar from his original hands, they still felt like a new pair of gloves to him. He tried standing up, but again he found it difficult to balance.

“Wha-Whoa! WhoA!! OW!” Sonic fell back down on his human behind. Silver, amused by Sonic’s pratfall, suppressed a small chuckle.

You alright?” Silver asked.

“Ugh! Yeah….but damnit this body feels weird. Being five foot ten isn’t easy.” Sonic rubbed his bottom. Silver tried standing up as well, but then immediately fell back down like Sonic.

“Ow!… the way where's Shadow and your other friends?” Silver asked. Sonic looked around to see if there were any signs of familiar faces, but to no avail.

“Don’t know, but I don’t think Shadow would be far off, we should go look for him.” Sonic pondered, managing to stand up on his feet, still struggling to balance. He briefly listened to the vehicles in the distance to get a bead on which direction they should head.

“Sounds like there’s a town over there.” Sonic pointed to their left.
“Lets see if we can ask around to see where we are.” Sonic helped Silver up on his feet. He too had difficulty balancing in his new form but was able to right himself.

The two made their way through the trees and bushes towards the sound of civilization nearby. While they journeyed, Sonic thought about the fight they had with that mysterious black warrior. What the warrior had to say certainly troubled him, but what troubled him even more was the fact that the warrior fought just like him.

Who the hell was that guy?” Sonic held his head in confusion and weariness.
What was he doing to the towns people? Who was he working for? I pretty sure I’ve never seen him before, but why did he feel so familiar…….he was another me!” He stopped in his tracks as more and more questions began to cloud his mind. However before he was about to give in to anguish, he felt a hand grip his shoulder, snapping him back to reality.

“Sonic, you alright?” Silver asked him. Sonic realized he was making Silver worry. He smiled, glad that he had someone watching his back.

“I’m fine, just…...a bit overwhelmed right now.” Sonic replied. “Let’s just try and get to that town alright.” The two began moving forward again. While they walked, Silver decided to hang back a little to take in his surrounding. Since he had lived in an apocalyptic wasteland for most of his life, he couldn’t help but be mesmerised by an place so full of life.

“Wow, this place is beautiful.” Silver said, gazing at the lush greenery around him.

“Heh, you’re not wrong.” Sonic noted. They made their way through some bushes, and on the other side they managed to see some buildings through the trees.

“Hey! I see some buildings over there!” Sonic pointed to the buildings in the distance.
“Let’s get over there quick!”

“Right!” Silver agreed with him. The two quickened their pace.

But Silver suddenly stopped when he heard something rustling in the bushes behind him.

“Huh? What was that?” Silver said nervously.

“What was what?” Sonic asked.

“I thought I heard something” Silver slowly moved towards the source of the rustling. Sonic decided to stay close behind him just in case.

“Uhh...hey Shadow is that you!?” Silver called into the bushes. The rustling continued for a few seconds, until it suddenly stopped and a menacing growl came from the bushes. This caused Silver to back away in fear.

“Um...Silver I think we should-” Sonic tried to tell him that they should continue on, but he was interrupted when a large creature leaped out of the bushes and over their heads.

“WHAA! What the-!!” The two ducked under the large creature.

“Sonic! What was that!?” Silver said confusedly. Sonic looked behind them.

“Uh…...Silver…” Sonic said in fear of what he just saw. Silver turned around, and he had the exact same face as Sonic.

The creature was a wolf-like creature with glowing green eyes. However, in place of fur, it instead was covered in a wood like epidermis, which made it all the more menacing to them. The creature slowly advanced on them

“Sonic….W-What do we do!?” Silver said, taking cover behind Sonic.

“Heh..I know what we gonna do…” Sonic cracked his knuckles, ready to fight.
“...were gonna beat the crap out of it!” Sonic assumed his fighting stance. The creature only proceeded to snarl at him more.

“Alright! Let’s do thi-WHAA-OOOF!!” Sonic tried charging towards the creature but ended up falling flat on his face. Silver suppressed another chuckle.

“Oww!” What the-?” Sonic said, confused as to why he didn’t speed towards the creature. However at that moment he realised something.

“Don’t tell me! Are our powers-” Sonic came to the realization that his powers were gone. Silver, having heard Sonic’s revelation, Silver tried lifting a boulder using his psychokinesis, but no matter how hard he focused, the rock wouldn’t budge.

“Oh no…’re right!” Silver also realized that his powers were gone. But their despair was cut short when the wolf-like creature, charged towards them.

“Oh geez move it!” The two scrambled to evade the creature’s attack. The creature turned to face them once again, preparing to pounce on them.

“There’s no way we're beating that thing without our powers, RUN!!” The two proceed to run towards the buildings in the distance with the creature trailing behind them. While Sonic ran, he expected that the harder he pushed his legs, the faster he went. But no matter how hard he pushed his legs, he remained at the same speed.

Pant Pant Dammit!! This is so awkward, running at this speed!!” Sonic commented, scrambling through the bushes, whacking branches out of the way.

“We need to find Shadow quick!” Silver added, thinking that perhaps he wasn’t as unlucky as them, and still retained his powers. He looked back to see the creature hot on their tail.

“This way!” Sonic bolted to his left, catching Silver off guard.

“Ach! Hey wait!!” Silver slipped as he tried switching directions. The two came to another small clearing. Then Sonic noticed some climbable trees.

“Climb the trees, quick” Sonic told Silver.

“Are you sure-” Silver was cut off when he heard the sound of the creature coming their way. The two of them climbed a tree to try and hide from the creature. Once they were a suitable distance off the ground, they looked around for any sign of the creature.

“I think he’s gone.” Sonic told him, his eyes darting around for any sign of the creature.

“Are you sure?” Silver replied. The two waited for a few seconds for any sounds. But all they heard was the trees and the birds in the background.

Sigh, I think so…” Sonic said, relieved that they had escaped their adversary. “Let’s go and look for Sha- WAH!”

Sonic was interrupted we he felt himself being pulled down by the leg. They both looked down to see the creature from before pulling at his leg, snarling viciously at them. .

“Are you kidding me!?” Sonic exclaimed. He lost his grip on the branch he was hanging from and tumbled over the creature and landed behind it on the ground.

“Ooff!!” Sonic didn’t have time to lick his wounds, for the creature was already up in his face.

“Grr...screw off!” In an act of desperation, Sonic kicked the creature in the face, causing it to reel back.

“Sonic, run!” Silver shouted. However he didn’t notice that the branch he was hanging onto was breaking. Sonic, still on the ground, backed up from the approaching creature, but then found his back against a tree.

“Grr….this isn’t good!” Sonic didn’t have many options. He looked around for a way to escape, but the creature would get him before he could escape. Then the creature pounced on him. Sonic braced himself for the incoming attack.

But just before the creature got to him, from out of nowhere a foot drove itself into it’s face, throwing it to the side.
Sonic stood befuddled at what happened just now. But then he noticed a tall black figure standing in front of him, facing the creature.
“Who’re-?” Sonic cut off when he saw the creature lunge towards the person. However the figure’s arm suddenly jotted out and grabbed the creature by the head, then proceeded to slam it into the ground, with enough force to damage the ground beneath it.

“Buzz off!!” The figure then sent the creature flying into a tree trunk with a devastating kick. The creature whimpered in fear, and went into the bushes with it’s tail between it’s legs.

Sonic and Silver looked at the mysterious newcomer, wondering who it could be. After looking for a few seconds, Sonic realized who the person was.

“Sh-Shadow? Is that you?” Sonic asked cautiously. The figure slowly stepped out of the shadows to reveal a tall orange-skinned boy with swept back black hair with red highlights. He wore an open grey jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He also wore black pants with his Shadow's trademark hover shoes.

“Hmph! Who else would it be faker?” Shadow replied in his usual aloof and somewhat cold demeanor.

“Where were you?” Silver asked, still hanging from a tree branch.

“I was somewhere else. I only managed to find you because of all the ruckus you guys made.” Shadow explained.

“Well it’s not our fault, we couldn’t fight it off because our powers are gone.” Sonic picked himself up, and dusted himself off.

“Well, you’re right. It appears our powers are not compatible with these bodies.” Shadow commented, tensing his muscles a little, still trying to get a feel for his new body.

“So….what are we gonna do without the-WHAA! OW!!” Silver’s branch snapped and he felt to the ground with a thud. Shadow walked over to him.

“Best course of action would be to find civilization” Shadow helped Silver back on his feet.

“Sigh Thanks.” Silver thanked Shadow for helping him up.

“Yeah, we had the same idea.” Sonic agreed with him. But then Silver remembered something important.

“Wait! What about the chaos emeralds!?” Silver blurted out worryingly.

“Huh-? Oh right! ” Sonic searched the pockets on his clothes which were conveniently on him when he came here. To his shock he didn't find any.
"Shoot! I don't have any of them! What about you guys?" Sonic asked Silver and Shadow.

Shadow and Silver also searched the pockets on their clothes for the chaos emeralds.
Shadow came up with nothing.

"This isn't looking good" Shadow said disappointedly.

"Oh! Hey guys! Look!" Silver brought his hand out of his pocket with the Cyan Chaos emerald.

The three breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well I guess one is better than nothing." Sonic remarked.

"Yeah, but the other six must be scattered in this world." Shadow speculated.

“Then we need to find them fast, before they fall into the wrong hands!” Silver said diligently.

“I agree, wouldn’t want somebody activating chaos control by accident, and making things even worse.” Sonic added his two cents. Shadow gave the two a small smile, in response to their agreement.

“In any case, let’s head for those buildings over there.” Shadow pointed towards a few buildings in between the trees.
"Silver you hang onto that emerald." Shadow entrusted the emerald to Silver.

"Uh...Right!" Silver put the emerald into the pocket of his jacket.

“Right!” Sonic and Silver quickly agreed with Shadow. The three proceeded to make their way through the forest, moving through the bushes and in between the trees. While they made their way forward, Sonic decided to consult Shadow about the recent events that happened.

“Say Shadow. What do you thinking happened to the mysterious guy that we fought back on our world?” Sonic asked.

“Hmmm….” Shadow took a few minutes to think.

“What if he got transported here too?” Silver said nervously, uneager to face that warrior again, still feeling a little pain from the places he hit him.

“If he were here, then he would probably be already causing trouble.” Shadow replied.

“Why do you say that?” Sonic asked.

“Remember, he was the first to fly into that portal, and wormholes have weird effects on time, so it’s possible that he’s been here for months, maybe even years.” Shadow explained. They continued to make their way towards the buildings. They were now close enough that they could somewhat make out what it is.

“The town is just ahead, lets go.” Shadow told the other two. They finally got out of the forest, and looked at the civilization before them. They were in front of what looked like a school, for it had a track and a field. One thing they also noticed is that the civilians all were humanoids with colored skin, just like them.

“Huh...looks peaceful enough. I mean nobody looks to be in danger.” Silver noted.
“Come to think of it, this place is actually kinda pretty.”

“Looks can be deceiving kid, so don’t let your guard down.” Shadow replied less optimistically. Shadow proceeded to go ahead.

“Geez what a downer..” Silver muttered under his breath.

“Come on lets go!” Sonic called to Silver. They crossed the street, and walked over to the side of the building.

“It….looks like a school.” Silver pointed out.

“How do you know that?” Sonic asked. Silver pointed to the track and field to their right. They both looked over to see if anyone was there. They saw nobody on the field at the moment.

“Hm...nobody’s there.” Silver commented.

“Well it does look like it’s pretty early in the morning.” Shadow replied. Silver then noticed that it was rather cold.

“Brrr! It’s cold, can we go inside?” Silver asked, shivering a little from the cold.

“Alright, but don’t cause any trouble alright?” Shadow told him. Silver nodded in response. They find a maintenance door which lead inside. They walked down a rather dimly lit corridor.

“Geez it’s dark….I can’t see.” Sonic complained.

“There’s another door up ahead.” Shadow pointed to a door at the end of the corridor, with light on the other side of it. They go through the door and exit the hallway. They find themselves in a hallway lined with green lockers. It was adorned with green patterns on the walls. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver look around for any sign of a person.

“ one's here.” Sonic shrugged his shoulders. But Shadow thought otherwise.

“I wouldn’t be too sure.” He replied.


The sound of a school bell rang, surprising the three.

“GAH! What the-!?” The two were caught off guard by the sudden loud noise. Then dozens of students began flooding out of the classrooms.

“Whoa! Big crowd!” Sonic exclaimed as the crowd of students pushed against him. “Hey, watch where you’re goin’!” A student jeered at him.

“Eh-excuse me. Sorry. Ow!” Silver had a hard time staying with Sonic and Shadow as the crowd pushed and elbowed him from all sides.

“Grr! Stay together!” Shadow called to them amidst the crowd.

A few minutes later, the three managed to get out of the crowd, and were catching their breath in a corner. The crowd had calmed down enough so that it was possible to walk through the hall unhindered.

Pant Okay pant...we are definitely in a school.” Sonic said in between breaths, tired from all the pushing he had to do.

“Oww. Did not expect that coming.” Silver’s side ached from someone elbowing him hard in the side.

“Get a grip you two..” Shadow chastised them both. The two managed to get their energy back shortly.

“Okay, what’s our next move?” Sonic asked Shadow.

“Our first priority is finding the rest of the chaos emeralds.” Shadow looked around for any signs of suspicious characters. “We should search this place. There’s a chance that one of the students here got their hands on a chaos emeralds.”

“Can’t you just sense where they are, Shadow?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah, you do have more experience in chaos energy than both of us after all.” Silver added. Shadow took note of their observations, and checked if any of his senses were acting up. But he felt nothing of the sort. He deduced that his chaos energy senses were still disabled.

“ powers must still be adapting to this body.” Shadow told them.
“We’ll need to be more vigilant in our search.”

“Aww..” Sonic and Silver let out a sigh of disappointment now that their search was going to be longer than they thought. But they both sucked it up, and were willing to move forward.

“Alright let’s go.” Sonic said. Shadow and Silver nodded in agreement.

The three of them went off to search the school, still confused as to where they were. While they had no idea of what was to come, they couldn’t just stand back while the safety of not just their world, but also this world was at stake.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie had just got out of their last class, and were strolling along to their last class.

“Yeesh….that class just wouldn’t end!” Rainbow Dash complained, stretching her back from sitting for over two hours. She seriously didn’t like history class.

“Really Dashie? Things just passed by in a flash for me!” Pinkie said in her typical cheerful/ditzy voice. For Pinkie, her wild imagination caused time for her to move faster than normally.

“Hmm...I wonder why.” Applejack said sarcastically, alluding to how Pinkie was always off in her own world. Sometimes they wonder how Pinkie is able to keep and smile even when things were feelings down. They continued chatting about their day while they walked to their class.

However they immediately stopped talking when they noticed a Green haired boy, wearing shades, wearing a dark leather coat about to pass them. They all looked at him nervously. However as they passed by him, he immediately stopped and glared at them. They all gasped in fear as his gaze pierced their soul. He just stood there silently for a few seconds. The three girls were to scared to say anything to him. But then a few seconds later, he stopped glaring at them and continued on his way.

“Piss off you bunch a…..” He bitterly said under his breath as he walked down the corridor. The other students looked at him as he walked by them. The three girls took a moment to catch their breath.

“Holy….crap! That was tense!” Rainbow Dash’s heart was pounding in her chest. While she hadn’t had to deal with Scrooge personally, she still made it clear to avoid him most of the time.

“You tell me. I thought he was gonna strangle us to death er somethin’.” Applejack wiped some sweat off her forehead. Pinkie on the other hand, didn’t seem phased at all.

“I don’t know about you, but I think he looks funny when he’s mad!” Pinkie said cheerfully. Dash and Applejack gave each other an annoyed look in response to Pinkie’s comment. They brush it off and they continued on their way towards their next class.

“Seriously what is it with that guy? I haven’t seen anybody like that at CHS before.” Applejack noted, the person’s gaze still burned into her head.

“What was his name again?” Rainbow Dash tried remembering his name, but came up empty.

“Umm..was it...Sebastian? Shawn? Shane? Seymour?...” Pinkie began listing off names beginning with S. Then the name finally came into Dash’s head.

“Scrooge! Scrooge was his name!” Dash stated as the name finally came into her head..
“I swear….that guy has issues.”

“I don’t know about that. Maybe he’s just misunderstood.” Applejack tried being sympathetic to Scrooge.

“But that guy has been suspended four times already! I’m surprised principal Celestia hasn’t expelled him!” Rainbow Dash stated fiercely, getting angrier the more she thought about it.
“..And that’s not even mentioning those he beats up!”

“We know Dash! But getting angry about it won’t solve anything.” Applejack tried calming Dash down. While she understood where she was coming from, she didn’t want her to get too heated over this. Rainbow Dash took a deep breath, and managed to calm herself down, though thinking about Scrooge still irritated her.

Sigh I know….sorry.” Dash apologized to the others for her behavior. While she was still aggravated, she understood where her friend was coming from. Applejack smiled at her, and patted her on the back.

“Anyhoo, you guys remember Twilight tellin’ us to meet after school or somethin’?” Applejack asked. She remembered getting a text from Twilight for all of them to meet after school.

“Oh yeah! Twilight said she, Rarity, and Sunset found something last night.” Rainbow Dash remembered. She had gotten the text as well.

“Let’s talk about this more after class alright?” Applejack replied, noting that it was almost time for their next class. The three girls nodded in agreement and they hurried to their next class.

Meanwhile, in another part of the school, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were wandering around the school hallways, trying to get a feel for the place, as well as looking for any suspicious activity. They were already getting weird and suspicious looks from the other students.

“What are we gonna do without our powers? If we face something on par with Eggman in this world, we’ll get creamed for sure!” Silver said nervously, his mind going back to their run in with that wolf like creature.

“Perhaps, but if we move carefully and avoid any trouble, we should be fine.” Shadow said calmly, assessing their situation and devising a plan in his head.

“Ugh! How long are we gonna be here anyways?” Sonic asked, not looking forward to spending time here.

“As long as we need to find the chaos emeralds, and find a way home.” Shadow responded quickly. Silver felt a little relief that he was with Shadow who knew .

“Heh, nothing phases you, huh, Shadow?” Silver complimented him. Shadow gave him a brief glance, and gave him a small smile.

“Just focus on what's ahead, and we’ll be fine.” Shadow replied confidently. As they walked down the hallway, a question popped into Sonic’s mind.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand.” Sonic said. They stopped to hear Sonic’s question.

“Out of all the places to get transported to, why this place?” Sonic explained his confusion to them. Both Shadow and Silver were stumped by that question. While Shadow had the most experience with Time and Space manipulation, he still couldn’t come up with a clear answer. But they didn’t have time for questions right now.

“That’s a question for another time. For now, don’t cause any trouble.” Shadow anticipated that both Sonic and Silver had a high probability of causing trouble around here. Sonic became a little irritated that Shadow was alluding to him.

“You saying that I’m a troublemaker?” Sonic protested.

“To degree, yes.” Shadow answered nonchalantly.
“I’m just saying if we get caught, our chances of getting home are zero.”

“Yeah, it’s just as Shadow said, we stay out of trouble, we won’t get caug-”

“Excuse me, are you three new here?” Silver was interrupted by a woman’s voice from behind them. The three turned around to see a tall woman with yellow eyes, white skin, and long pale multicolored hair.

The three stood silent for a few seconds, not knowing what to say. Silver in particular was panicking on the inside, considering that he was the one who spoke too soon.

“Uh, well we- eh…..” Silver studdered as he tried to come up with an answer. But fortunately, Shadow stepped in to answer for him.

“Yes, we are. Were just a bit lost, that’s all.” Shadow thought quickly and gave his answer. Silver sighed, relieved that Shadow saved him in the nick of time. The woman gave them a sincere smile.

“Well, then let be the first to welcome you three to Canterlot High School.” She said sincerely.

So that's what this place is called” Shadow thought to himself.

“My name is Principal Celestia.” She introduced herself. The three were a bit surprised that she was being so sincere to them. It was rather refreshing that they were not met with hostility for once.

“Uh...heh heh….thanks.” Silver replied, rubbing the back of his head nervously, still a little shaken.

“I see that you haven’t been properly checked in. If I could take a few minutes of your time, I could sign you all in.” Celestia explained to them. Shadow stepped in again to speak for them.

“Of course.” Shadow said calmly.

“Alright then if you all could please follow me to my office.” Celestia showed them the way to her office. The three agreed to her request, and they proceeded to follow her down the corridor. Sonic walked next to Shadow and whispered into his ear.

“Nice save..” Sonic whispered to him.

“Just stay calm and no sudden movements.” Shadow responded.

The three followed Principal Celestia back to their office. As the entered the office, a line of pictures on the wall caught Sonic’s attention. They all had a picture of an orange skinned girl with red and yellow hair. She was in a different dress in each picture, but she looked more arrogant and hostile as the pictures went down.

Heh, her hair kinda looks like bacon.” Sonic snickered a little at his thought.

“Alright, take a seat you three.” Celestia told them. The three took a seat in front of Celestia’s desk, while Celestia sat at her desk and brought out a folder from one of the drawers.

“I’m just going ask you a few questions regarding your background and education. It will only take a few minutes, so you’ll be able to get to your classes in time.” Celestia explained. Sonic felt completely unenthusiastic about attending school of all things. Shadow had no strong feelings about school whatsoever. Silver on the other hand was rather interested in how this would turn out.

“So may I start with knowing your last names please.” Celestia asked them politely. The three looked at each other, unsure of how to answer at first. But then Shadow stepped in again.

“Our last name is Genesis,” Shadow answered. Sonic and Silver gave him an odd look, confused as to why he would pick that name of all things.

“Um, your last names are all Genesis?” Celestia raised an eyebrow. Silver stepped in to add onto Shadow’s charade.

“Uh you see, were all brothers.” Silver clarified.

“I see.” Celestia’s suspicion died down a bit now that she understood why they all had the same name. However, she still found something odd about their last name.

What an odd last name.” She thought.

“Alright, may you please tell me your hometown or where you went to school last?” Celestia asked them again. Shadow stepped in for them once again.

“Were from a small town on the coast called ‘Emerald Town’. It’s a very obscure place, it’s not even on the map.” Shadow explained to her.

“Okay then....” Celestia took some time to write what he said down. She proceeds to ask them some more questions. Most of them related to their background, medication, and some other miscellaneous things. About twenty minutes passed during that time.

“Alright, that should be everything I need to know.” Celestia put everything she wrote down into a folder and put it in her desk. She then brought out another folder and passed out a paper to each of them.

“Those are your schedules for your classes here at CHS” Celestia explained to them. The three each took a look at each of their schedules.

Sonic’s schedule is that he had history in the morning, algebra at 10:00, after lunch he had biology, and P.E at 3:00.

Shadow had Algebra 2 in the morning, Physics at 10:00, History after lunch, and Geography afterwards.

Silver had history in the morning like Sonic, Algebra at 10:00, Art after lunch, and P.E at 3:00

Celestia put the folder back in her drawer.

“That should be everything. Just make sure you get to your classes on time, study hard, and maybe make some friends.” Celestia said optimistically. The three got up from their seats and prepared to leave.

“Thanks a lot Ms. Celestia.” Silver said politely. The three got up and exited Celestia’s office. However, just as Shadow was about to leave, he turned to thank her.

“Thank you.” He said before exiting the room.

After they left, Celestia sat back in her chair.

“It’s been forever since I felt those senses go off.” Celestia rubbed her face wearly. Something about the three perplexed her. Although she hasn’t used her magic in centuries, her magic senses sensed an extremely familiar energy from them that she hadn’t felt for nearly a millennium.

“I felt it the second I approached those three. Don’t tell me… it…..” Celestia’s eyes dilated when she realized that it might be something she swore to never speak about. But then she considered that her senses might be overreacting again.

“....No! no, it’s not possible! I must be overthinking things.” She pushed the thought out of her head. She had a ton of paperwork to do, and she was not looking forward to it.

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver walked down the hallway, looking at their schedules. Sonic was not enthusiastic about attending school at all. In fact it made him loath being in this school even more.

“Awwww geeezzz! Do I seriously have to attend school?” Sonic complained, really not liking the situation he was in.

“Deal with it faker, it’s not like we're enjoying this either.” Shadow countered back.

“I don’t know….I’m actually kind of interesting in this.” Silver said.

“Pssh!.....I’m the fastest thing alive Silver. I don’t do school.” Sonic retorted arrogantly.

“Alright that’s enough! For now we just play along and don’t get into trouble okay?” Shadow firmly told them.

“Okay okay fine.” Sonic said irritably.

“We’ll meet at Lunch, got it?” Shadow told them. The two nodded in agreement. Then they all went off to go their separate classes. Sonic walked alongside Silver with a irritated look on his face. Silver looked at Sonic, wondering why he was being so bitter about this.

“Why are you so upset about this?” Silver asked him. Sonic took a few seconds to calm down.

Sigh I’m sorry. Just not having my powers and everything just really ticks me off.” Sonic explained.
“Plus this new form is just weird.” He was still adjusting to his new body. Silver understood where he was coming from. He too was still adjusting to his new body, and not having his powers made him nervous. However he remembered Shadow’s words.

“I know what you mean, but we can’t just charge in head first like we used to do. We gotta do this carefully, otherwise our chances of getting home are gone.” Silver explained, a hint of optimism in his voice. Sonic looked at Silver, surprised by his optimism. For some reason, he felt a brotherly connection to him now. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

“Thanks bro!” Sonic put his arm around him and offered him a fist bump.

“B-bro?” Silver was taken aback by Sonic’s sudden sincerity. He never thought Sonic would call him bro of all thing.

Bro? As in….brother….?” Silver thought. While he didn’t know what to think, he was endeared by Sonic’s brotherly affection, and gave Sonic a heartfelt smile.

“Heh! Yeah!” Silver happily returned the fist bump. Part of him couldn’t believe that a time, they were bitter enemies. Now here they are, Sonic treating him like a little brother. They continued walking to their next class.

Meanwhile, while Shadow was walking to his next class. He overheard Sonic and Silver’s conversation. Mixed feelings began going through his head. His mind went back to his memories of Maria and all the wonderful times they had together. The memories caused a small smile to form on his face. But then a gunshot sounded in his head, shattering those memories, causing him to stop and hold his head in anguish.

“Ghh! Ah!” Shadow literally felt the pain as the memories flooded back in. However he couldn’t allow himself to give into despair. He took deep breaths as he brought himself back to his original composure. After he finally calmed himself down, he continued onward to his next class. But the memories kept wanting to crawl back into his head.

It’s just a memory…’s just a memory…..”

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 2)

View Online

Twilight sat at her desk, reading her book. She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened last night, the night that mysterious object fell from the sky and nearly killed them. She currently had it with her in her bag, because she felt it was too risky to leave it at home. She put Spike in charge of watching it when she wasn’t watching it. She wish she could go back to equestria, where all of her texts on mysterious objects from other worlds are. She could research it over there, but the portal still isn’t opened yet.

Oh….I can’t take my mind off of that emerald.” Twilight thought as she slumped forward on her desk. She was completely stumped. She had nothing in her brain about an emerald from space that reacts caustically to equestrian magic. While she doubted that the school’s library had anything, she figured she could check it out anyways.

“Hey Twilight, everything alright? You’ve been stressing out over that thing a lot recently.” Sunset Shimmer worried about Twilight stressing out so much. Twilight sighed, not knowing how what to think of this whole situation.

“Sorry, what happened last night really scared me.” Twilight explained her feelings to Sunset.
“I’m just scared that this is something I don’t know how to react to.” Sunset understood how she felt, she had a lot of experience using friendship magic, so finding something that she didn’t understand about it would make her nervous.

“Don’t worry Twilight, we just need some time to- uh...figure things out! That’s all.” Sunset said to her. Twilight looked at her friend, grateful that she was being considerate of her.

“Thanks Sunset, but this still concerns me a lot. I….just can’t help it.” Twilight replied, still thinking about what happened last night. Sunset sighed, she had been thinking about it too, and it worried her as well. However she knew that they needed to keep a level head, otherwise they will start making bad decisions and worsen the situation. Sunset looked at the clock and noticed it was time for class to begin.

“Um, why don’t you think about it later, class is beginning.” Sunset told Twilight who hadn’t noticed. Twilight sighed disappointedly.

Sigh Okay, we’ll inform the others about it after school okay?” Twilight told her.

“Right” Sunset quickly agreed. Some of the last of the class’s students entered the classroom. However one particular student caught Sunset attention with his black and red spiked hair.

Shadow entered his algebra 2 classroom. He immediately noticed people’s eyes dart to him. He scanned the classroom for any prying eyes. He became suspicious of a certain yellow and red haired girl in the class when their eyes met momentarily. Only for her to immediately look away. Shadow thought nothing of it and looked for a place to sit.

“Oh I forgot! Um class!” The teacher rose from his seat when he noticed Shadow in the classroom.
“Everyone, I forgot to mention that we have a new student here!” Shadow grunted a little under his breath. He didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, but the teacher was doing just the opposite. All the student’s eyes were now on him.
“Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class now.” The teacher smiled. Some of the students were whispering about him to each other. They waited for him to speak. Shadow figured that he should just introduce himself and take a seat.

“My name is Shadow. Nice to meet you.” Shadow said as politely as possible, though his deep voice certainly didn’t help. The other students continued to look at him and whisper to each other about him.

“Well, we're happy to have you here at Canterlot high! Why don’t you take a seat and we’ll get started.” The teacher pointed at a seat next to Sunset Shimmer. Shadow said nothing as he walked over to his seat.

“What’s with that look on his face?” One of the students whispered to another, alluding to his perpetual frown.

“He looks like a delinquent.” Another student whispered.

Shadow ignored their whispering and took his seat next to Sunset. Once Shadow took his seat, Sunset thought that while she was very suspicious of him, she thought she should at least try and be friendly with him.

“Um...Hi there.” Sunset said, trying to get his attention. Shadow glanced over at her.

“I’m Sunset Shimmer. It’s um...nice to meet you.” Sunset said cheerfully. Shadow’s expression didn’t change. He thought that he didn’t have any business with someone he doesn’t know at the moment. He proceeded to look away from her.

Sunset felt a little uneasy at his cold demeanor. She thought that maybe he wasn’t much of a talker. She sighed, a little sad that he was the cold type. But just as she turned away from him, she heard him speak.

“Nice to meet you too.” Shadow finally said with a hint of sincerity in his voice. Sunset was a little surprised by his response. She smiled a little at his reply.

“Alright class. Since we have gone over a lot of the material in this class, I was thinking that today’s opening problem should be something much more difficult than before.” The teacher started speaking. Nearly the entire class groaned with disappointment at the assignment.

“Now class! Don’t think for a second that math is useless.” The teacher started furiously writing on the chalkboard. The problem to be solved spanned nearly the entire board. It consisted of several different segments, sometimes each enclosed in several brackets. Finally the teacher finished writing the problem. Immediately the entire class was baffled at the complexity of the problem.

“Is this a little overboard” One student whispered.

“Our teacher is completely bonkers.” Another said.

While Twilight was no stranger to advanced equations, the way the professor wrote it made it extremely hard to follow.
“This is a little extreme even for me.” Twilight said to herself, still attempting to figure out the problem in her head, but to no avail.

“Now I’m sure at least a few of you have been paying attention, so I’m sure a few of you can answer this problem.” The teacher confidently spoke. The class remained silent. The teacher sighed disappointedly.
Sigh Alright, perhaps to incentivise you, whoever answers this equation correctly will get extra credit. “ The teacher attempted to give the class a little more motivation.

While it didn’t seem to do much, it did manage to get a few students to noticeably start thinking about it. Sunset herself was already thinking about it and in fact had almost come up with the answer in her head. She was about to raise her hand to answer to question, but another voice beat her to it.

“I’ll do it.” Shadow said quickly. The entire class gasped as he spoke. Sunset and Twilight were particularly surprised. The teacher on the other hand was very pleased.

“Ah yes! Perfect! Can you please come up and give us the answer?” The teacher asked Shadow. Shadow got up from his seat, walked over to the chalkboard, and picked up the chalk. Some of the students continued to whisper to each other, commenting on his appearance, or demeanor.

“The guy looks like a delinquent, he probably just wanted to show off or something” Some of the other students whispered to each other.

“Heh, really? The guy with the absurd hairstyle is gonna do this problem?” A few female students giggled a little.

As Shadow read the problem, he remembered his time with his creator, Dr. Gerald Robotnick. He remembered the doctor teaching him advanced calculus and physics whenever he wasn’t with Maria. It came easily to Shadow, especially in his young age. However, Shadow began to block the memories out, for he didn’t want the following memories to come flooding back. Sunset and Twilight watched Shadow with curious eyes. Sunset in particular was curious as to what Shadow would actually do.

After analysing the problem for a good few seconds, Shadow started writing on the board. He wrote quickly, but not as furiously as the teacher. He wrote his answer on the board and set the chalk down.
The class was rather surprised that he was able to answer it. Shadow stood back to let the teacher read his answer.

“Will that suffice?” Shadow said aloofly. The teacher looked at his answer for a little while. He then double taked at how accurate his answer was.

“I-um… correct…” The teacher studdered. The entire class was taken aback. Some were impressed with his knowledge, others were skeptical.

“Whoa, the guy’s real smart for a delinquent.” One student said to another.

“Pfft...what a show off.” Another student arrogantly said under his breath.
Sunset and Twilight were rather taken aback that he was able to answer the question correctly.

“I wonder where he learned advanced algebra from.” Sunset speculated, her interest in Shadow began to rise. Twilight was both impressed and a little concerned. While she certainly didn’t doubt Shadow’s answer, his mysterious and somewhat cold aura made it somewhat uncanny.

“He certainly is a strange person.” Twilight kept her guard up. She knew anything could happen in this world, so she decided that she should tread carefully around things she doesn’t fully understand.

“What makes you say that Twilight?” Sunset asked her.

“Oh! uh...I don’t really know. It’s just he seems….so…..well….” Twilight struggled to finish her sentence, then she noticed Shadow sit down next to them, his cold aura evermore imposing.

“...uh...cold….” Twilight finally finished her sentence as Shadow’s cold aura washed over her.
Sunset looked back over at Shadow. His cold demeanor certainly didn’t go over her head.

“Well, I do agree he doesn’t exactly strike me as the friendly type.” Sunset replied quietly as to not let Shadow hear her. But despite her attempts to hide her voice, Shadow could still hear her.

Hmph….It appears I made quite a stir with that. People are already starting to doubt me.” Shadow thought, knowing that he didn’t expect to make any allies anytime soon. He expected people’s opinions of him to lower now.

“But I don’t know. He could be a nice person underneath all that.” He heard Twilight say a few seconds later. He was rather caught off guard by this.

“Yeah I guess so. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover after all.” Sunset replied

After listening in to their conversation, Shadow began to ponder the possibility of them being potential allies.
They certainly aren’t hostile or confrontational. And there is something about them that’s different from the others. They may make reliable allies.” However he remembered the weight of their situation.
“But are they capable of handling a conflict of this scale? I have no idea what the inhabitants of this world are capable of.”After pondering for a little bit more he decided to play it safe.
“Probably best not to involve anybody in this.” Shadow thought. However, he then remembered the two people he was stranded with.
“I better tell those two to not make any relationships here.” Shadow said to himself.

“Hmm? You say something?” Sunset looked over at him with curious eyes. Shadow was unaware that she was listening to him.

“Huh?....oh uh….nothing…..” Shadow replied, trying to divert her attention from him.

“Hmm?” Sunset still was slightly suspicious of him. While she wanted to ask him more questions, the teacher began speaking, interrupting her thoughts.

“Alright class, with that out of the way let us start the lesson.” The teacher said. Sunset and Twilight got out their pencil’s and notebooks. Shadow did his best to try and look like he’s paying attention, even if it wasn’t a subject he was interested in.

Meanwhile in another Classroom.

“Now class, if you look in page 152 of your textbook, you’ll find….”

Sonic was having the most boring time of his life. He was slumped forward over his desk, barely awake. The history teacher was rattling off terms and things that he didn’t even known, let alone interested. He let out a noticeable yawn as the disinterest further pushed him to go to sleep. Silver on the other hand was really into what the teacher was saying. He was writing down everything the teacher put on the board.
Sonic was just about to fall asleep when Silver tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey Sonic, don’t fall asleep man. Aren’t you the least bit interested in this?” Silver whispered to him. Sonic grumbled tiredly as he looked over at Silver, slightly annoyed.

“Silver, were not here to actually go to school, we're supposed to find a way back home.” Sonic complained. Silver was befuddled by his statement.

“Well at least we can try to blend in!” Silver whispered back while simultaneously writing down notes. Sonic let out another yawn and proceeded to stretch some more.

“Yeah…..well you do that, I’m just gonna him.” Sonic gestured to the student next to him, who was fast asleep on his desk. Sonic then proceed to plump his head on his desk, after which he immediately fell asleep.

Silver rolled his eyes in annoyance of Sonic’s laziness, letting out a sigh. “I just don’t get you sometimes.” Silver said out loud.

“You don’t get what Silver?” The teacher suddenly spoke to him.

“Oh!” Silver jumped in his seat, he looked around and saw the other students looking at him awkwardly (the one’s that were awake anyways.

“Uhhh….um….it’s’am..” Silver apologized politely. The teacher then looked at Sonic who was asleep on his desk.

“Mr. Sonic, can you give us the answer to question number 13 please.” The teacher spoke to him. Sonic remained asleep, much to the annoyance of the teacher and the amusement of the classroom.

“Mr. Sonic!” She said in a raised voice.

The Silver’s anxiety rose the longer Sonic didn’t respond. He tried to nudge him gently to wake him up.
“Sonic….!” Silver said between clenched teeth. He repeatedly nudged him frantically, trying to wake him up.
“Sonic!!” Silver said slightly louder.

“Hmm!!” Sonic swatted Silver’s hand away in tired annoyance. Silver having enough of Sonic’s defiance, grabbed him by his blue hair and slammed him on his desk.

“DAHH!! Silver! What the hell is wro-!”

“Mr. Sonic!!” The teacher said loudly. Sonic fell silent, and looked around, the entire class was looking at him. He remained silent as he didn’t know what to say.

“Can you tell us the answer to question 13?” The teacher told him, with a stern look on her face. Sonic’s heart sank as he realized that he didn’t know any of the material.

“Uhhhhh…..” However he eventually gave in.
Sigh…..I’m sorry I don’t know.” Sonic admitted regretfully. The teacher sighed disappointedly.

Sigh Well at least your honest about it. Just try and stay awake, otherwise it’s detention for you.” The teacher said firmly. Sonic gave a sigh of relief, that could have gone a whole lot worse. But his relief was short lived when he realized that he still had to sit through this boring class.

“Hey Silver…..” Sonic said drowsily, his eyelids getting heavy once again.
“How much longer do we have to sit here?”

“You serious? It’s only been thirty minutes and there’s still two hours left of this class.” Silver replied. Sonic just sat there with a blank expression on his face before he plopped his head on his desk from the frustration of being in this situation.

2 Hours Later


The hallways of Canterlot High sprung to life with students pouring out of their classrooms, each chatting with one another. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer stepped out of their Alegbra 2 class. They were now talking about their next move regarding the mysterious emerald they found.

“You wonder why it hurts us when we touch it Twilight?” Sunset asked, remembering the emerald’s volatile reaction to their touch. Twilight herself was juggling a bunch of ideas in her head as well.

“I don’t know much about that either. I’ll probably run some tests on it to see if I can get an idea of how it works.” Twilight told Sunset. She gave out a concerned sigh.

“I’m just concerned if we run into any trouble because of this.” Sunset began to catch on to how stressed Twilight seemed to be.

“You really seem to be on edge as of late. ” Sunset asked her. Twilight noticed Sunset’s concern for her.
“I mean, you’ve been like this even before this. You sure you're alright?” Sunset continued. Twilight sighed in defeat and decided to explain her feeling to Sunset.

“I’m sorry, guess I’m still a little homesick. I shouldn’t worry you.” Twilight explained. Sunset gave her a sympathetic smile.

“Don’t worry Twilight, no matter what happens, we’ll get you home safely.” Sunset said with a sincere and determined smile. Twilight gave her a heartfelt smile back.

“Thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you guys.” Twilight told her.

Sunset gave her a reassuring smile, however she noticed Shadow exit the classroom. Shadow scanned to the hallway for a while, deciding what his next move should be. He recalled that he had lunch after class. So he proceeded to head for the mess hall.

“Hey look, it’s the new guy.” Sunset pointed at him. Twilight looked at him and got a strange feeling. Ever since he arrived in class, her magic senses have been going off, similar to how they went off when she was near the emerald.

“Did you feel it Sunset?” Twilight asked if her magic senses felt the same thing. Sunset recalled her magic senses going off a little, but they weren't as acute as Twilight’s.

“Yeah…” Sunset’s curiosity rose along with Twilight’s.

“I’m gonna go talk to him.” Sunset began to follow him.

“Wha-!? Hold up!” Twilight stopped her.

“You sure about this? We don’t want to reveal our secret to him.” Twilight explained worryingly. Sunset gave her another reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him anything. I got this!” Sunset confidently flipped her hair and went off to go talk to Shadow.

Twilight sighed hoping Sunset is able to handle herself.

Sigh…...maybe this stress is getting to me, maybe everything will be fine.” Twilight told herself. Spike popped out of her backpack.

“Yeah….as long as anything doesn’t happen to the mirror, we should be fine.” Spike reassured her. Twilight smiled at Spike’s cheerful reassurance.

“Right! Now how about we head over to the library. We’ve got some studying to do!” Twilight said. “You said it!” Spike agreed, and they both headed to the library, to try and find anything on the mysterious object.

Sonic stretched as he and Silver stepped out of class. He felt so relieved to get out of that desk he was confined to for two hours.

“Ahhh! Finally! I thought my head was going to explode!” Sonic said full of relief.

“Seriously could you be anymore stereotypical?” Silver rolled his eyes at Sonic’s lack of patience. The two headed towards the mess hall where they were to meet up with Shadow to discuss their next course of action, pushing their way through students. As they made their way to the mess hall, Sonic became curious about Silver’s time in the future.

“So Silver..” Sonic began talking to him.

“Yeah?” Silver replied.

“So….uh…..what was it like in the future? Ya know….before all this?” Sonic asked him. Silver was slightly surprised that Sonic expressed interest in the future.

“Well...things are certainly better. We are starting to rebuild what’s left, and it looks like people have hope for the future.” Silver explained, with hope in his eyes. Sonic felt happy that Silver’s home was doing good.

“Heh, that’s great man.” Sonic complimented him. Silver smiled, heart warmed by Sonic’s compliment.

“Um….did Blaze ever come back?” Sonic asked.

The smile faded from Silver’s face, as the memory of Blaze sacrificing herself to seal Iblis came back. He sighed, trying to hold back his strong emotions.

“No…...she’s still gone…..” Silver stopped in his tracks, his emotions rising, as the memory of blaze played in his head. Sonic stopped walking, noticing Silver’s sadness. Then Sonic began feeling sadness in his heart. He also considered Blaze a friend, and it saddened him to know that she wasn’t revived after Solaris’s defeat. But he knew Silver hurt the most from this loss. He went over and placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. Silver looked up at Sonic.

“I miss her too. But I’m sure she’s proud of how far you’ve come.” Sonic told him confidently.

“Sonic I…..” Silver was so heartfelt by Sonic’s compassion that he didn’t know what to say. But he then took Sonic’s words to heart. He gave Sonic a determined smile.

“Thanks!” Silver said proudly to him, happy that Sonic was at his side.

“Heh! That’s the Silver I know!” Sonic patted him on the arm. Silver chuckled cheerfully at Sonic. But then they both heard growling, and it was coming from their stomachs.

“Yeeesh, I’m hungry..” Silver rubbed his stomach.

“You tell me, I don’t think we’ve eaten since we got here. Come on let’s go!” Sonic ran ahead of Silver towards the mess hall.

“Heh Yeah!” Silver smiled and ran off after him. However as he ran through the hallway, he accidentally bumps past a green haired boy.

“Oof! Uh Sorry!” Silver apologized. The boy didn’t say anything at first, but then he turned and glared at Silver, which made him incredibly uneasy. Silver backed away slowly, afraid of what he was going to do. The boy growled under his breath for a few seconds, before he turned and continued on his way. Silver let a sigh of relief, he thought the person was going to slug him.

“Who was that guy?” Silver asked, still a little nervous.

“Hey Silver! Come on ya slowpoke!” Sonic called from down the hall. With that, Silver turned and ran down the hall to join up with Sonic.

Meanwhile, in another part of the school, Shadow was walking towards the mess hall, making his way through the crowds of students. As he walked, he decided to see if his powers came back. He quickly tensed his muscles, expecting his arm to crackle with electrical energy. But nothing happened. He sighed and continued on his way.

I hope those two haven’t caused any trouble yet.” Shadow said to himself, reminding himself of Sonic’s capacity to cause trouble.

Sunset peeked around the corner as she tailed Shadow. She sees him walking down the hallway, thinking he is oblivious to her presence. With that she came out from behind the corner and proceeded to walk down the hallway, walking at a slightly swift pace to catch up with him. As she approached, her magic senses began fluctuating.

“There’s obviously something up with this guy. Never seen him before, so I should probably try and be on good terms with him first. “ Sunset thought to herself. She cleared her throat and prepared to speak to him.

“Um, hi there!” Sunset called out from across the hallway. Shadow paused and looked to see the yellow and red haired girl from earlier wave to him. He stayed on guard, wondering what this girl wants with him.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you’re new here.” Sunset walked up to him, remaining friendly and sincere. Shadow still kept his guard up, but decided to respond to diffuse any unnecessary tension.

“Yes…...what of it?” Shadow replied.

“Well, I just thought that you maybe would want some help knowing the place.” Sunset said sincerely.

“I don’t need any help. Mind your own business” Shadow wasn’t ready to put his trust in a stranger just yet. He turned and started walking again. Sunset was befuddled at Shadow’s skepticism, and she wasn’t going to have any of it.

“Wh....? Now hold on a second!” Sunset called out to him. She ran up in front of him and stood firmly in his path. Shadow stopped walking, as Sunset was standing in his way grumbling under his breath in annoyance.

“You don’t have to be so cynical.” Sunset said to him sternly, not willing to back down. Shadow didn’t back down either.

“Who said I was being cynical? I just said I didn’t want any help.” Shadow replied calmly.

“Well- still, I don’t see as a reason to push people away like that.” Sunset argued back. Shadow began to get slightly annoyed with her.

Sigh….look, I already established that I’m new here. And I’m not ready to put my trust in a stranger just yet.” Shadow’s tone got slightly more fierce.
“Now if you’ll excuse me.” He walked around Sunset and continued on his way.

But Sunset wasn’t about to give up yet.
“Let me ask you….” Sunset questioned him. Shadow decided to stop momentarily to hear her out.
“Do you even know where you’re going?” Sunset asked decisively.

Shadow doubletaked. Then he realized that he didn’t even know where the cafeteria was. He grunted under his breath in slight embarrassment. Sunset smirked at his little blunder.
Shadow slowly turned around to speak to her.

“Okay ...maybe I don’t know this place as much as I thought.” Shadow begrudgingly admitted to her. He honestly had no idea where he was going. Sunset giggled a little at how he got flustered.

“Well, that’s all you had to say if you didn’t know where to go.” Sunset dropped her stern tone for a more friendly one.
“So how ‘bout it? I give you a tour of the school, and you won’t get lost again. Plain and simple!” Sunset said cheerfully, hoping that her optimism would win him over.

Shadow took a moment to weigh his options.
I still don’t trust her, for all I know she could be trying to pry into our secret.” Shadow thought to himself, still looking at Sunset, who still had a sincere smile on her face.
But then again…...I don’t know that much about this world, so maybe I could get some valuable information about this place. But I’ve got to stay on guard.” After thinking for a few more seconds, he finally had his answer.

Sigh Alright you win. Show me around this place.” Shadow answered her.

“Great!” Sunset cheered, happy that Shadow came around.
“Just follow me then. I’ll give you the grand tour!” She gestured for him to follow her as she walked down the hall. Shadow reluctantly began following her.

"Be quick. I’m not here to be a social butterfly.” Shadow commented cynically.

“Don’t worry! We’ll be done and at the mess hall in no time.” Sunset said, still miffed at how cynical he was being.
What is his deal anyways? I get that he’s anti-social, but he takes the cake for that stereotype!” Sunset thought to herself.

She’s a nice girl I’ll admit.”

Sonic and Silver opened the doors to the mess hall, where they saw dozens of students sitting at tables eating their lunch, chatting amongst each other, and doing various other things like doing their homework.

Sonic and Silver smelled the food that was being prepared, and it only made their stomachs growl harder.

“Oh man, It’s about time I got my hands on a Chili dog. I’m starving.” Sonic said after smelling the food in the air.

“I wonder what kind of food they have here?” Silver said curiously. However, he noticed some of the other students turn their eyes to them.

“Uh I think we better move, people are looking at us.” Silver said to Sonic, trying to push him along.

“Yeah but what about Shadow? He was supposed to meet us here.” Sonic stated, remembering that they would meet Shadow later at the cafeteria.

“We’ll just have to wait for him, come on!” Silver pushed Sonic towards the line of students over by the buffet.

They both grabbed a tray and waited in line. The line was considerably long so they couldn’t exactly see what was up on the menu. Sonic quickly grew impatient.

“Ugh! I never signed up for this!” Sonic complained.

While Silver was irritated with Sonic’s complaining, he couldn’t help but agree with him, for he was starving. However his attention was diverted when he heard a female voice pass by. He turned to look out of curiosity. He saw a girl with white skin, Curled Purple hair, and diamond blue eyes. She wore a white dress shirt, a purple skirt with a three diamond pattern on it, and purple boots.

She was walking by the line with a tray of food with another girl. For some reason Silver couldn’t take his eyes off her. He thought she was beautiful. When she smiled, she was even more angelic. Her beauty caused him to not pay attention to his surroundings.

“Silver?” He heard a voice say to him, but he didn’t respond to it.
“Silver!!” The same voice yelled at him. He suddenly snapped back to reality. He stood with a blank look on his face as he saw that the line had moved, and Sonic was further up.
“You’re holding up the line.” Sonic said casually. Silver looked back to see the line of students looking slightly irritated or raising an eyebrow at him. He suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed. He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Heh Heh...uh sorry.” Silver apologized nervously before moving up the line.

After ten minutes, they finally managed to get to the food. There was a moderate variety of food, like mac n cheese, chips, cereal, etc. What you would usually find at a school cafeteria. However Sonic didn’t care about most of that because he was busy looking for the Chili dogs. He was not pleased

“Grrrrr…. come on where are you?” Sonic said eagerly, his stomach growling more as he looked.

Silver on the other hand had grabbed a sizable portion of mac n cheese, along with some chips and a drink. He noticed that Sonic had not grabbed anything yet.

“What’s up, aren’t you hungry Sonic?” Silver asked, grabbing a cupcake. Sonic continued to look frantically for any chilidogs.

“Aw come on!” Sonic complained as he couldn’t see any sign of a chilidog, or a regular hot dog for that matter. However he saw the cafeteria lady on the other side of the buffet. He figured that maybe he could ask her.

“Uh excuse me?” Sonic called to her. The cafeteria looked over in his direction as she was refilling one of the trays in the buffet.

“You don’t happen to have chilidogs do ya?” Sonic asked her. The lady gave him a confused look.

“What?” She answered.

“I said do you have any chilidogs?” Sonic repeated, getting slightly annoyed. The lunch lady just continued to give him a confused look.
“..........................Never heard of em’” She finally replied. Sonic’s mind went blank for a second, his brain trying to process what she just said.

WHAAAT!!??” Sonic blurted out loudly.

“Wah!- Sonic what the-?” Silver was startled by Sonic’s outburst.

“You’re kidding me right!? Please don’t tell me you just said that!” Sonic was up in the lunch lady’s face, unable to take in what she just said.

“Oi kid what’s your deal!?” The lunch lady demanded that he backed off.

“You don’t understand! I can’t possibly live without-”

Silver panicked as he looked to see the other students giving him and Sonic suspicious and weird looks. Silver bolted forward and grabbed Sonic by the hair.

“OW Hey! Silver! What are you-!?” Silver pulled him back. The lunch lady had an incredibly irritated look on her face.

“What’s his problem?” She asked as she scowled at the two of them.

“Uhhhhh..he’s just having a rough day alright” Silver chuckled nervously as Sonic fought against the grip on his hair.

“Is he now?” The lunch lady raised a suspicious eyebrow.
“Well he better behave or otherwise he’s out of the messhall. Got it?”

“Heh heh yes ma’am.” Silver laughed nervously and proceeded to drag Sonic by the hair down the line.

“Grr hey Silver knock it off will ya!” Sonic got Silver to let go of his hair.

“Geez you didn’t need to be so rough!” Sonic complained. Silver rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Did you forget that we are in unknown territory? Last thing we need is to attract unwanted attention. “ Silver said, grabbing a hot dog.

Sonic eyed Silver’s hot dog, and he immediately envisioned steaming hot and delicious Chili slathered all over it. His mouth began salivating and stomach began growling.

“B-But my Chili Dog…” Sonic whimpered, distressed at the fact that he probably won’t be seeing another chili dog for some time. Silver rolled his eyes and put a hot dog on his tray.

“Oh quit being such a baby.” Silver replied, and went off to go find a table. Sonic sighed frustratedly and followed suit.
Nearby a certain Rainbow haired girl was eyeing the two. She raised an eyebrow, wondering exactly who those two were.

“Who the heck are those two?” Rainbow Dash muttered to herself. However another thought entered her head.
“.....and where the heck is Sunset?”

“.....And right here is the library. CHS has quite the collection of books, so I’m sure you won’t get bored.” Sunset introduced the library to Shadow. Shadow took a brief look at CHS’s library, it had two levels, both with tall bookshelves, at the top was a glass dome which allowed light to pass through. He took a few moments to survey the library’s layout.

Sunset still maintained an air of cautiousness around Shadow. She was keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior from him. “He seems to be acting normal. Though that doesn’t explain my magic senses going off.” Sunset thought to herself.

“Hmph, looks nice I guess.” Shadow commented. He then turned to head to the next place. Sunset ran up in front of him. She thought for a moment about what she should say to him next. She wanted to know more about him, but didn’t want to probe too much to make him uncomfortable.

“So are you from nearby or did you just move into town?” Sunset asked him. Shadow didn’t want to answer her question, but he didn’t want to make her any more suspicious so he decided to make up a story.

“I’m from out of town.” Shadow said half truthfully, hoping that it was enough to stop her asking questions.

“Really? Where are you from?” Sunset asked further, turning to face him, walking backwards as they went through the hall. Shadow grunted under his breath. He decided to make up another backstory.

“Well, I’m from a small town on the coast. The town isn’t even on the map so you wouldn’t know it.” Shadow explained. Sunset smiled at him, happy that he at least gave an answer.

“So what’s it like back home?” Sunset further asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it” Shadow decided that he had lied enough. Sunset assumed that he had a troubled past.

“Oh…...okay…..sorry” Sunset apologized, worried that she may have triggered some unhappy memories. Speaking of unhappy memories, her mind flashed back to the time when she was a much more cruel and manipulative person. She stopped walking for a moment as the memories came back, rubbing her arms nervously. Shadow noticed her change in behavior.

“Is something wrong?” Shadow asked her. Sunset heard him, but didn’t respond at first. Her heart cringed as she remembered how badly she treated everyone back then. But she got back control and shook off the bad feelings.

“Sorry, just had some bad memories.” Sunset replied. She walked ahead of him. Shadow wondered what she was thinking about. “Bad memories huh?” Shadow thought, relating to her on a certain level. However he remembered what he was supposed to do and continued following her.

The two came up on the mess hall. Sunset knew that this was the last place to show him.

“And last but not least we have the mess hall. It opens at 11:30 am and closes at 1:30 pm. And since it is the end of our tour, we have about….” Sunset checked her phone to look at the time. “an hour and a half left for lunch.” Sunset finished explaining.
Shadow could hear the students behind the door. He knew it was crowded. Of course it wouldn’t impede him from finding Sonic and Silver since he could spot them from a mile away.

“And I assume that’s it right?” Shadow asked Sunset.

“Yep, that's pretty much the whole school.” Sunset nodded at him. Shadow went over what he learned in his mind. While he hadn’t completely memorized it, he still had a good idea of the schools layout, and he had Sunset to thank for that.

“I learned alot about this place. Thanks.” Shadow thanked her, trying to sound as polite as he can be. Sunset giggled cheerfully at his compliment.
“You’re welcome!” Sunset replied sincerely, happy that she helped out someone. Shadow was taken aback by her sincerity.

What’s with this girl? I came here expecting everyone to be on my case. But she was willing to help me, a total stranger, on a whim.” Shadow thought.

“Well anyways. I should get going.” Shadow told her.

“Right! Also if you have any other questions feel free to ask me!” Sunset replied, closing her eyes excitedly. Shadow was certainly endeared by her sincerity, he remembered that he had a mission to do.

“Hmph. I guess so. See you around.” Shadow said discreetly.

“Yep! No probl- Huh!?” Sunset opened her eyes to see that he had completely vanished. She looked around, but she didn’t see him anywhere.

“.......Weird guy.” Sunset said to herself, pondering on how he managed to slip away undetected, and who he was exactly

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 3)

View Online

Meanwhile in the mess hall Sonic and Silver had managed to find a seat and were busy eating their lunch. Silver was still interested in what else this world has to offer. He was actually tempted to take out his homework and start working on it. Sonic on the other hand wasn’t as enthusiastic. He didn’t remember anything from the class. The only thing that was on his mind was getting home, and Chili Dogs.

“Grrr….where’s Shadow? He was supposed to meet us here.” Sonic tapped his fingers impatiently.

“Maybe he’s talking to someone.” Silver implied, after swallowing a bite of his hotdog.

“Wha-? After he told us to not talk to anyone? That’s a lot of bull!” Sonic complained.

“What’s alot of bull faker?” Sonic heard an imposing voice next him. He and Silver looked to their left. They both jumped in their seats when they saw Shadow with a tray of food, towering over them.

“Shadow! When did you get here?” Silver nearly choked on his juice when he saw him. Sonic rolled his eyes in annoyance

“Just now. You two didn’t cause any trouble did you?” Shadow asked them. Silver immediately remembered Sonic’s freakout at the food line.

“Uhhhh...yeah! We didn’t cause any trouble.” Silver tried to hide the nervousness in his voice . Sonic nodded, going along with it.

God, they’re terrible liars.” Shadow knew they were lying, but he didn’t prod them on it.

“Anyways, I know we’ve only been here for a short time, but have any of you got any leads on the chaos emeralds?” Shadow asked them.

The two took some time to think if they noticed anything. The only thing Sonic recalled was sleeping in class and Silver was too busy soaking in all the new material he was learning.

“Sorry I got nothing….” Sonic shrugged his shoulders.

“Me neither.” Silver added.

“Hmph. Figures” Shadow put on a disdained face, disappointed with their results. Granted, he didn’t find that much either. But he remembered his interaction with that yellow-red haired girl from earlier.

“However, I did manage to figure out the layout of this school.” Shadow told them.
“Hopefully we can navigate our way around this place better.”

“Right? So where do you suppose we look next?” Silver proposed, munching on some chips.

Shadow took a moment to think, while Silver and Sonic continued to chow down.
As Shadow was thinking, Sonic noticed that Shadow hasn’t even touched his food.

“Er…...Hey Shadow, you gonna eat?” Sonic asked as he took a bite out of his hotdog (Which didn’t have any chili on it :( )

“Hmm?” Shadow looked up at him, slightly annoyed that he interrupted his train of thought.

“Wait a sec, I thought you didn’t even need to eat Shadow.” Silver pointed out.

“I don’t…..” Shadow quickly replied, then proceeded to take a bite out of his Sandwich.
“Tastes good though” He added after he swallowed.

While they continued to eat they continued to discuss their next course of action.

“Say guys, I was thinking that while we look for the chaos emeralds, we should learn more about this world at the same time.” Silver proposed. Shadow and Sonic continued listening while they ate.
“The more we learn about this world, the easier it will be to blend in!”

“Now that you mention it, that is a good idea.” Shadow commented on Silver proposition. Silver chuckled a little at Shadow’s compliment.
“I remember seeing a library here, I think it would be good if we take a look there next.”
But then Shadow remembered another thing he needed to tell them.
“Oh right! I should mention to you guys. We shouldn’t involve anybody here in the world. In other words, we shouldn’t get to friendly with them.” Shadow explained. Silver doubletaked, befuddled at how cynical Shadow was being.

“What? Why not?” Silver protested.

“We let them get too close we might not just endanger our mission, but we would also might bring unnecessary harm to them as well. This isn’t their fight.” Shadow explained further.

“I guess he does have a point.” Sonic added as he finished off his chips.
“I mean, no offense to this world’s inhabitants but they don’t seem like the fighting type.” Sonic noted.

“In any case, I’ll take a look at the library to see what I can find.” Shadow said to them.

“There’s also still the issue of our powers.” Sonic commented, still miffed that he can’t ran as fast as he used to.

“Yeah, if we face something or someone along the lines of Eggman, I don’t think we’ll be able to do much without our powers.” Silver added onto Sonic’s point.

“My answer to that is wait, and hope that our powers come back eventually” Shadow responded. Sonic groaned impatiently, frustrated that his powers weren’t coming back any time soon.

“...and when do you suppose that will be?” Sonic said impatiently.

“...I’m not sure, but if we continue to look for the chaos emeralds, we probably might find a way to get them back.” Shadow further explained.

Sonic sighed again. He wasn’t looking forward to looking for the emeralds without his powers. But he knew that the safety of this world and his was practically in their hands, so he decided to suck it up.
Sigh Fine.”

“Good, in any case let’s finish eating and get to work.” Shadow told them.

“Right!” the two responded. They then proceeded to continue eating their lunch.

Meanwhile, the same Rainbow haired girl from before was eyeing them. After seeing Silver and Sonic’s shenanigans, she couldn’t help but be a little curious.

“Hmmm…..I know I haven’t seen those three before. They must be new here.” Rainbow Dash speculated. She then noticed Applejack come over with a tray of food.

“Hey Dash!” Applejack greeted her.

“Oh! Hey AJ.” Dash greeted back. Applejack sat down across from her.

“Say? Just who were you lookin at?” Applejack noticed that she was eyeing the three over at the other table.

“Huh? Oh! it was nothing. Just haven’t see them here before.” Dash explained to her.
“I saw two of them cause a bit of a commotion at the food line.” She alluded to their shenanigans from earlier.

“Seriously? What for?” Applejack asked her. Rainbow tried to remember exactly what it was about.

“I think it was about them not having ‘Chili dogs’. Whatever those are.” Rainbow explained.

Applejack was confused when Dash brought up Chilidogs.”
“Uhhhh….Chilidogs?” Applejack asked.

“Yep, that’s what I heard.” Dash confirmed. There was a brief moment of silence as they both tried to comprehend what a ‘Chilidog’ is.

“...........who puts Chili on a hotdog?” They both said in unison, in the same confused and bewildered tone.

Meanwhile in the CHS library, Twilight Sparkle was browsing through the history section of the library, thinking that maybe there would be something in the books that would say something about the mysterious emerald in her pack.
Speaking of the emerald, she decided to check with Spike if it was still there.
“Hey Spike! How’s that emerald doing?” Twilight looked down at her backpack, and she saw Spikes head pop out from within the backpack.

“It’s still just sitting in there! Glowing like the sun.” Spike told her, slightly dazed from how bright the emerald was shining in the backpack. Twilight had asked him to keep an eye on it while she wasn’t looking.

“You sure you’re okay in there Spike?” Twilight noticed that he was a bit dazed.

“Oh no! It’s alright. I’m just following the Princess of Harmony’s orders!” Spike said enthusiastically, putting his paw to his head in salute. Twilight giggled at Spike’s loyal bravado.

“Hee Hee! Thanks so much Spike!” Twilight thanked him. She then went back to looking through a history book. She had been browsing for almost an hour. She was so into finding out what this thing is, that she forgot about lunch.

Sigh No good!” Twilight sighed frustratedly as she closed the book in her hands and then added it to the pile of other books that had nothing about the emerald in them to her side. Twilight held her head in defeat. She had searched through all of the history section and she didn’t find anything.

“You doing alright Twilight?” Spike sensed that she was distressed.

Sigh Not really, I skimmed through every book in the history section and I’ve found nothing.” Twilight wallowed in disappointment.

Spike hopped out of her backpack and onto the table.
“Well….It’s not like this place even bats an eye to the magical stuff that happened before. So why would they even record anything like this in the history books?” Spike argued.

Twilight was rather surprised Spike came up with that explanation.
“That’s…..actually a really good point Spike!” Twilight said, impressed with Spike’s speculation. Then something clicked inside Twilight’s brain.

“Wait! I remember reading something related to that!” Twilight looked through the pile of history books next to her, and brought out a single book. On the cover it read: “The Void Era”

“‘The Void Era’” Twilight spoke it’s name aloud.

“‘The Void Era?’ What’s that?” Spike asked, his curiosity increasing.

“This book says that it’s a section of this world’s history where no information about it exists.” Twilight explained, reading through the text.
“There are no records, documents, or anything pertaining to this period of time.” Twilight explained further.

Spike put on a look of confusion.
“Well, that doesn’t make sense, if there are no documents or records of it, than why is it recorded here?” Spike asked further.

“I don’t know….but it’s written here so someone has to know something about!” Twilight said full of determination.

Twilight took a deep breath as she tried to come up with an answer to that question. Then she sighed and laid the book out in front of her.
“I…..have no idea Spike” Twilight said in defeat.
“......and honestly…...that scares me.” Twilight held her arm nervously. She sighed again in exhaustion, resting her eyes a little, tired from all the reading she was doing.
But then she opened her eyes widely when she heard a growl come from her stomach. Both Twilight and Spike looked down at her stomach.

“Heh heh. Listen to that.” Twilight blushed in embarrassment.

“Oh yeah, lunch started over an hour ago! We should hurry before the cafeteria closes!” Spike looked at the clock.

“You’re right Spike! Also we need to tell the other about this emerald!” Twilight quickly got out of her seat and grabbed her pack.
“We can discuss this more with Sunset after school. Hop in Spike!” Twilight turned so that her pack faced Spike.

“Right!” Spike jumped off the table and into Twilight’s pack.

The two proceeded to head off towards the cafeteria.

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

“Huh?” Twilight suddenly stopped when she heard a voice to her right, not to mention her magic senses were going off in the same direction. She looked to her right to see a familiar figure standing in the middle of the aisle, leaning against the book cases, looking at a book in his hand. She recognized him as the new student from her Algebra 2 class, noticing his sweptback spiky black hair.

“Oh! It’s you! Umm ...Shadow right?” Twilight said to the person, trying to seem friendly and sincere.

The person didn’t move or say anything. He just continued looking at his book. This made Twilight a little uneasy. She started approaching him slowly.

“I’m honestly surprised to see you here. I didn’t take you for reading type.” Twilight continued to try and make friendly conversation with him. The figure continued ignoring Twilight, still absorbed in his book.

Twilight noticed that the closer she got to him the more intense her magic senses went off, but there was something about him that she sensed that felt off, almost sinister. Twilight decided that since she wasn’t eliciting a response from him, she figured she should just go to the messhall.

“Well ummmm……..I see you are really invested in that book there so I'll just being going now!” Twilight said politely.

However just as she was about to turn and go, the person snapped the book shut, startling Twilight. There was a brief period of silence. Twilight stood still, somewhat frightened at the figure’s sudden movement. She wanted to say something, but was scared to do so.

“Tell me. What do you think of this world?” The person asked Twilight, in a deep dark voice.

Twilight stood there, puzzled at the question he asked her.

“W…..What do you mean?” Twilight replied, getting uneasy from the person’s ominous aura. The person then turned and started approaching her with his book in his hand.

“You want to know what I think? I believe this world is……..pathetic!” The figure’s suddenly caused the book he was holding to disintegrate in his hand. Twilight gasped in shock at the figure’s actions as she watched the dust fall from his hand onto the ground. “..and quite frankly that goes for this world’s inhabitants as well.” The person added.

Twilight, angered at the person’s cruel words, decided to stand her ground against him.

“I don’t know who you are, but you have no right to say things like that!” Twilight pointed right at him.
“This world is alien and foreign to me, but it’s beautiful nonetheless, and the people of this world have been nothing but kind to me! SO DON’T YOU DARE SAY THIS WORLD IS PATHETIC!!” Twilight raised her voice in anger.

The person didn’t seem phased by Twilight’s monologue. He let out a disappointed sigh as he continued to walk towards her. Twilight, not willing to back down, stood where she was with an angered but slightly scared look on her face.

“You’re just like the rest of them. Foolish and naive.” The figure was now uncomfortably close the Twilight. Twilight now realize that he was noticeable taller than her. However she remained defiant nonetheless.

“A-and…..what makes you say that?” Twilight replied, her fear starting to show through her voice.

The figure stared her down, saying nothing for a few seconds. Twilight’s breathing began to shudder in fear. Then the person put his hand to his left eye closing. Twilight just stood there, too scared to move.

“Why don’t you have a taste……..of PURE DESPAIR!!”

Suddenly, the person dug his finger into his eye-socket and then pulled it down, revealing a purple, bloodshot, sinister eye.

Upon looking into the eye, Twilight’s began hallucinating. She saw visions of this world being invaded by purple creature, as well as a mysterious black ooze spreading throughout the world. She then saw visions of people being slaughtered and killed by this creatures.

“No……...No! MAKE IT STOP!” Twilight began to get light headed and she began losing strength in her legs. She collapsed holding her head in pain all while the terrible hallucinations played in her head. Among these hallucinations she began to hear voices of her friends.

“Twilight! Help us!” She heard Sunset among the visions of death and destruction.

“Someone……...please! HELP ME!!!” Twilight cried out, not knowing if anybody was around to help her.

Nearby Sunset was browsing the science section when she heard Twilight’s call for help. She turned in the direction of Twilight’s cry for help.

“Twilight?” Sunset immediately dropped the book she was reading and ran over to where she heard her. She found Twilight in the middle of an aisle on the ground holding her head, trembling in fear.

“TWILIGHT!!” Sunset immediately rushed over to help her.

“Twilight! What wrong!? Come on speak to me!” Sunset shook her, trying to snap Twilight out of her stupor.

Eventually Twilight’s hallucinations died down and she didn’t feel weak in her body anymore. She opened her eyes, gasping for breath.

“What…...what happened?” Twilight asked, her voice still shuddering in fear. She looked up to see Sunset Shimmer helping her.

“S-Sunset..” Twilight heart filled with relief at the sight of her friend. She looked up and she saw that the person who did this to her had vanished. Even the book that he had turned to dust was gone.

“Twilight what happened?” Sunset asked her, eager to know who would dare do this to Twilight. Twilight managed to sit up and she tried to recall what happen.

“There ...there was a person. He….he was saying cruel things about this world. So I tried to confront him. ” Twilight explained still trembling fearfully.

“....and then what?” Sunset asked further.

“I….I…” Twilight stutter as the next part was much harder to explain, not to mention she didn’t want to think about the terrible hallucinations she saw.

“I’m not sure…..but he did something to me.” Twilight explained the best she could.

While it wasn’t much to go on, it didn’t stop Sunset from wanting to know more.

“This person, what did he look like.” Sunset asked, seeing if it was anyone she would recognize. Twilight took a moment to recall what the person looked like.

“He looked like that new guy from our class. Sh-Shadow was his name.” Twilight recalled, still shaking a little.

“What!?” Sunset was shocked at her answer. “I was just talking to him a few minutes ago!” She drove her fist into the floor in anger.

“Damn! So he was playing us from the start!” Sunset fumed.

“...wait! This guy…...didn’t seem like the guy from class…” Twilight elaborated further, managing to get a hold of herself a little.

“Huh?” Sunset listen in further.

“While I sensed energy in him, it was different from Shadow’s.” Twilight explained.

Sunset calmed down a little knowing that it was a little more complicated now.

“Are you sure?” Sunset confirmed with her. Twilight nodded back. Sunset got looked around to see if there was any sign of anyone other than them. She saw no one within their vicinity.

Sigh Here...come on.” Sunset offered her hand to Twilight, which she took.

Her legs were still shaking a little as Sunset helped her up, but she managed to retain her balance.

“You alright?” Sunset noticed Twilight was still uneasy. Twilight rubbed her eyes to clear her head. She then straightened out her shirt and skirt.

“I’m fine, let’s discuss this with the others.” Twilight said, her voice much more calm now that she collected herself.

Sunset breathed a sigh of relief. She nodded in agreement and they both started going to the cafeteria. Sunset collected her thoughts as she walked beside Twilight.

Twilight says that it wasn’t Shadow who did this. But for all we know he could be hiding something from us. Me and Twilight sensed mysterious energy coming from him after all. Damn! I’ve been too careless. I need to keep a closer eye on him.” Sunset thought to herself, sensing that something was starting to happen in this world.

1 Hour later

Soon after the clock hit 12:30, the students of CHS began flooding out of the cafeteria. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver met outside the cafeteria doors, discussing their plan.

"We each have different classes at this point, so I guess this is where we part ways for now." Shadow explained to Sonic and Silver.

"Where should we meet after we finish?" Sonic asked, still not looking forward to spending another hour or two sitting in a desk.

"I suggest we meet outside the school. Once we get out, we can start broadening our search more." Shadow explained.

"Sonic and I actually have P.E at the same time after this period, so we should be able to touch base with each other." Silver remembered their schedules.

"Right. So are we good to go?" Shadow confirmed with them.

"You bet!" Silver replied enthusiastically.

"Sigh Whatev's" Sonic replied, less enthusiastically. Shadow was slightly annoyed at Sonic's attitude, but he didn't have time to lecture him now. But then his instincts told him that Sonic would cause trouble while he wasn't looking.

"Oh! And one more thing. Don't cause any trouble. Ok." Shadow said to the two of them, although he was specifically talking to Sonic.

"Sure thing!" Silver remained enthusiastic. Sonic only proceeded to shrug his shoulders.

With that the three parted ways to go to their separate classes. He looked at his schedule, and saw that he had biology next. He sighed with discontent as he put his schedule away.

"Out of all the places we got sent to in the universe......why this one." Sonic mumbled to himself.
He was also starting to get annoyed with how Shadow was treating him. While he didn't say anything, he knew Shadow was alluding to him when he told them to not cause any trouble.

"Stupid Shadow. Who the hell does he think he is!? I know how to handle myself, so why is he treating me like a kid?" Sonic continued to bitterly mumble to himself about how Shadow was treating him as he walked through the hallways.
"I swear, first thing I'm gonna do when I get my powers back is challenge him to a one on one!" Sonic punched the air in front of him.
"Uuugh! I seriously don't wanna sit through another hour of absolute bor-OooF!"


As Sonic rounded a corner, someone ran face first into him, causing him to stagger back slightly. While he managed to stay upright, whoever ran into him was knocked backwards off their feet.

"Ow! Geez! That's the second time someone's ran into-[iGasp!" Sonic saw the person who ran into him was a Girl.
She had Pink hair, and cream yellow skin. She wore a white tank top, a green skirt with a pink petticoat, and wore green boots with white highlights.

"Ow...." The girl held her arm, which hurt a little from her fall.

"Oh geez. A-Are you alright?" Sonic knelt down to help her. However as he extended his hand to her, she gasped in fear and hid behind her hair.

"Uhhh....are you okay? I'm sorry if I scared you." Sonic tried to offer his hand to her again, but she continued to hide behind her curly pink hair, letting out a scared squeal. Sonic could tell she was obviously scared of him. So he thought he should introduce himself to her.

"Uh...hey...My name is Sonic. Sonic the He-Uh...Genesis." Sonic introduced himself, trying to sound as friendly as possible. The girl looked at Sonic with her innocent turquoise eyes.

Sonic put on a smile when he saw her eyes. This served to ease the girl's shyness a little as she slowly came out from behind her hair.

"Uhh.....m-m-my name i-is..........Fluttershy" The girl spoke softly. So softly that Sonic could barely make out what she said.

"Uhhh.....I'm...sorry I didn't quite catch that" Sonic put his hand to his human ear as he asked her name again.

".......It's Fluttershy" She spoke even softer.

Sonic still couldn't hear her, but he didn't want to make her even more nervous by asking again, so he tried to guess the name in his head.

"Butterguy?..........that an......interesting name" Sonic blurted out what he thought he heard.

This was followed by a long awkward silence.

Fluttershy's face went from shy, to utterly confused. Sonic sensed that him guessing her name didn't help the situation at all.

"IT'S FLUTTERSHY!" She suddenly said loudly, causing Sonic to stumble backwards in surprise.

"Ah! Okay! Okay! Blutter-uh..Dutter-wait no! AGH!!" Sonic pulled at his hair frustratedly as he tried to pronounce her name correctly. However she heard Fluttershy squeal in fear again. He looked down to see her hiding behind her legs.

Sonic face palmed, frustrated that he scared her again. He knelt down again to speak to her.

"Sorry....about that....uh.....for scaring you..uh....Fluttershy" Sonic himself started to blush slightly in embarrassment. Talking to girls was never his strongest suit. At least he managed to get her name right this time.

Fluttershy peeked from behind her legs, showing her innocent eyes again. Sonic offered his hand to her again. She slowly reached for Sonic's hand.
Upon grabbing Sonic's hand, she immediately sensed the energy emanating from him. From this energy, she got an idea of what kind of person he was. While his energy was filled with unbridled confidence, it also held kindness and loyalty. It somewhat reminded her of Rainbow Dash. But she also sensed that his energy wasn't from equestrian.
But before she could question it, she gasped as she was pulled up onto her feet by Sonic.

"There! You okay Fluttershy?" Sonic asked after helping Fluttershy onto her feet. Fluttershy nodded politely.

"Sigh Great! Sorry about that." Sonic apologized, rubbing the back of his head.

Fluttershy's knew from reading Sonic's energy that he wasn't going to hurt her, so she was less shy towards him now.

"Um.....are you new here?" Fluttershy asked in a more normal tone instead of her soft shy voice.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Just arrived actually." Sonic replied.

"Really? Where from?" Fluttershy got closer to him, her curiosity growing.

"Uhh....." Sonic remembered that he had to try and keep a low profile.
"Out of town." Sonic quickly answered
"Anyways, I need to get to class. Nice to meet you." Sonic tried to quickly diffuse the conversation. He then started to walk down the hallway.

"Um.......excuse me! Does your class happen to be Biology?!" Fluttershy called out to him. Sonic turned to face her, surprised that she knew which class he was going to.
"If your looking for the classroom, then it's this way." She pointed down the hallway opposite of the direction Sonic was going.

".....oh" Sonic realize he was going to wrong way.
"Well that's a coincidence." Sonic walked back over to her. Fluttershy blushed a little as he got close, still somewhat shy towards him.
Then an idea came into Sonic's head.
"I know, how 'bout we go class together?" Sonic smiled, trying to make her feel less shy.

"Uh..Oh! S-Sure!.......Thank you....for helping me" Fluttershy stuttered a little as she smiled back.

"Man...she's so shy. But... that smile Sonic wondered what the reason for her shyness is.

"Heh. Well, thank you for pointing me in the right direction." Sonic gave her a wink and a thumbs up, trying to cheer her up. Fluttershy giggled a little at his compliment.
"Well....what do you say? Shall we go to class together?" Sonic waved her over to his side.

"Uh...yeah!" Fluttershy ran up beside him, still slightly blushing.
Fluttershy's heart was racing. She had never met this person, yet he was being so kind to her. And the energy that she sensed from him was further proof of that.

"He's slightly awkward, but......I can tell he's a good person. Kind and inspiring........I'm glad I met him." Fluttershy thought to herself, her heart fluttering inside her.

As they continued to walk to class, after his interaction with Fluttershy, Sonic began to slightly reevaluate his thoughts on this world.

"You know, maybe this place isn't so bad.

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 4)

View Online

Silver was walking down the hallway looking for his next class. His next class was art, so he looked at his schedule to see what class number it was.

"Lets see, room 15." Sliver read his schedule. He was still genuinely interested in what this world. It wasn't everyday that he visited a world that wasn't a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so he wanted to see as much of it as he could. Soon enough he found the classroom and went inside.

Inside the classroom, he saw student sitting at drafting tables already practicing sketching what was on the front desk. There were fruit bowls, a small sculpture, and various other trinkets that the students were drawing.
Silver decided to make himself scarce and find a seat.
As he passed by the other students, he observed that there were very talented students here, judging from their drawings. It intimidated him slightly.

"Man, looks like I have a long way to go." Silver said to himself, knowing that he had pretty much no art experience whatsoever, aside from the crude drawings that he did as a kid.
However out of the corner of his eye, he saw that pretty purple haired girl that he saw earlier, sketching alongside the other students. His eyes were immediately drawn to her. He didn't know what it was, but something about this girl just made his heart skip a beat.

"Whoa! It's....her again" Silver thought, beginning to blush a little. He was so entranced by her beauty. Then he noticed that there was a seat open next to her.
"Oh man! There's even a seat right next to her! Silver tried his hardest to contain himself.
" I take it? What will she think of me? Wait a sec- Shadow told us to not-" Silver mind began jumping all over the place, as he began sweating nervously, all while debating with himself whether or not to take the seat next to her.

While Rarity was busy doing her rough sketch, she happened to sense a person next to her.
She looked over to see Silver, sweating nervously, while scratching his head. It appear that if he was confused about something.
"Hmm.....haven't seen him before. Rarity thought to herself. However since he appeared to be having trouble with something, Rarity decided to help him out.

"Well, Hello there! Do you happen to be new here darling?" Rarity smiled at him.
"Ah!-uh...." Silver jumped when he heard Rarity speak to him. His faced was now fully blushed red, and his heart was pounding in his chest.
"Oh crap! What do I say? What do I say!?" Silver couldn't think straight, as he never really properly introduced himself to a girl before.

Rarity could see that he was nervous, which made her giggle a little. She decided to calm him down a little.
"Aw... there's no need to be shy darling." Rarity stood up and walked over to him.
Silver tensed up when she walked over to him. His breathing began to get faster, as he could barely contain his nervousness.
"Oh geez! She's getting closer! What's she gonna do? Is she gonna-" Silver suddenly stopped hyperventilating when he felt her put his hands on his shoulders.

"Relax....." Rarity said in her most soothing voice possible.

Immediately, all tension in Silver's body completely dissipated as Rarity lightly pushed his shoulders down. He could finally think straight now that he's calmed down.
"Uh....thanks..heh heh." Silver thanked her. Rarity giggled at his sincerity.

"Not a problem darling!" Rarity winked at him.
"Say, how about you take the seat next to me?" Rarity offered the open desk next to her to him.

"Oh uhhh....really?" Silver replied, trying to not blush again in front of her.

"Of course!" Rarity grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the desk.

"Whoa!" Silver didn't even have time to reply as he was swept into the chair by Rarity.

"There! That wasn't so hard now was it!" Rarity said cheerfully.

Silver began to noticeably blush again. Not only was he entranced by her beauty, he was absolutely endeared by her kindness.
"Wow....she's wonderful...." Silver swooned internally.

"Oh! I forgot my manners. My name is Rarity. I may I ask what is yours my dear." Rarity politely asked, sitting back in her seat.

"Rarity....that's....such a nice name. I'm..uh Silver." Silver politely said back, still blushing nervously. Rarity giggled some more at Silver's childlike sincerity. She could already tell that he was a genuine person.

"HIYA RARITY!!" Suddenly Pinkie Pie popped out from behind Silver with a burst of confetti.

"WAH! Who the-?" Silver jumped again, surprised to see a poofy pink haired girl pop out from behind him.

"Oh! Well if it isn't sure know how to make an entrance as usual." Rarity greet Pinkie with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Oh man what a day I've had Rarity! First I tripped and fell into a vat of chocolate pudding! Then I met a talk dark figure with long arms and no face! Then I-" Pinkie jumped all around Rarity as she shared her made up stories.
Rarity knew that Pinkie was making up these stories, but she didn't prod her on it and continued to listen to them like a mother would to her child. Silver just looked at Pinkie with utter confusion.

"Uhhhhhh......" Silver was unsure of what to say, as he was too bewildered by Pinkie's wacky antics.
Rarity then noticed Silver's look of confusion. Apparently Pinkie was too excited to even notice Silver.

"Pinkie!" Rarity said firmly. This caused Pinkie to pause in a wacky pose.
"Would you please show a little manners and introduce your self to our new acquaintance." Rarity gestured over to Silver.

"Huh?" Pinkie literally flipped over like a piece of paper to face Silver. Silver, still utterly bewildered by her cartoonish antics, tried to force a smile.

"Uh......hi?" Silver gave her a little wave. There was a brief silence.

"OMG! OMG! OMG! I had no idea we had a new student in class today!!" Pinkie suddenly zoomed right in front of Silver.

"Whoa hey! Take it easy!" Silver leaned back in his chair as Pinkie got right up in his face.

"Uh Pinkie-" Rarity tried to calm her down, but Pinkie's couldn't contain her excitement

"Are you a new student!? What's with the marks on your face!? What's with the hair!? Are you from out of town!?" Pinkie began jumping all around Silver barraging him with questions in her excited stupor.

Rarity held her head in slight annoyance.
Sigh oh Pinkie you're always like this. Rarity thought disappointingly.

"Uh....hey listen! It's nice to meet you but.....can't we introduce our selves properly!?" Silver said amidst Pinkie's barrage of questions.
Then Pinkie suddenly stopped upon Silver finishing his sentence, again in a goofy pose. There was a brief period of silence, with the three of them saying nothing.
"Uhhhh....?" Silver was unsure of what to say. But before he could say anything Pinkie suddenly hopped back into her seat, with her fluffy pink hair bouncing slightly.

"My name is Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie suddenly became much more formal in her tone, though she still retained her upbeat demeanor.
"So you're the new student everyone's been talking about! Nice to meet you!" Pinkie smiled at him. Rarity proceeded to giggle at Pinkie's sudden change in tone.

Silver became slightly concerned at the notion that people were already talking about them.
"Uh, wait. People are already talking about us?" Silver asked her worryingly. Rarity wonder why he would be worried about such a thing.

"Oh yeah. Rumors do spread pretty fast here at CHS. But they go away just as fast." Pinkie casually waved off the notion.
Then she suddenly whipped out her lunch box, put it on the table, and then quickly ate whatever was inside it. She then proceeded to fall asleep, with a bubble coming out of her nose. Silver was at complete loss for words.

"Uhh.....she's asleep." Silver said, still trying to comprehend Pinkie's logic.

"Sigh I'm afraid that's Pinkie Pie for you darling. So nonsensical." Rarity gave a laconic description of Pinkie's personality.
"But despite that she's a sweetheart inside!" Rarity added.

"Huh....interesting..." Silver rubbed his human chin. While Pinkie Pie certainly was a unpredictable and goofy person, upon thinking about it some more, he actually found her antics rather funny, as he found himself slightly snickering about it.

"Alright everyone class has begun!" The teacher announced from the front of the classroom. All the students in the class faced towards the front, paying attention to the teacher. The teacher examined the room, and noticed Silver sitting in the middle row of seats.

"Oh that's right. We have a new student today." She gestured over to Silver. Silver tensed up slightly, worried if he was going to have to introduce himself to the class.
"Could one of you share their art supplies with him please?" The teacher added.
Silver breathed a sigh of relief when the teacher said that.

"Oh right? Your a new student here soooo......." Rarity searched her backpack for some spare pencils and erasers. Silver looked over to see her searching her backpack.

"Huh...Oh no it's okay I'll just-" Before Silver could finish his sentence, Rarity already was handing him a set of pencils, an exact-o knife, and an eraser.
"Uhh...I.." Silver blushed yet again in embarrassment.

"Oh, It's quite alright darling." Rarity replied, her eyes gleaming with generosity. Silver was again endeared by her kindness. He smiled back and took the tools she offered him.

"Sigh Thanks." Silver thanked her. Rarity giggled cheerfully in response.

"Oh you! If you need anything else just let me know ok darling," Rarity said back. She then looked back at her sketchpad, brought out her own tools, and started sketching.

Silver turned to his desk. But he couldn't stop thinking about how kind Rarity was too him.
"Wow.....she's wonderful. I barely even know her and she's being so kind to me. Silver daydreamed about Rarity in his head.
"....not only that, she's pretty too!" He was tempted to look over and gaze upon her beauty. However he managed to not stare, and continued daydreaming about her.

"You're so naive."

Silver gasped when he heard a familiar voice in his head speak to him. He immediately stopped his daydreaming, overcome with a slight sense of guilt.

"Sigh I'm sorry. I haven't forgotten about you.......Blaze" Silver thought, the memories of his time with Blaze penetrating his mind. He did his best to hold back the emotions going through him.
He sighed as he let those memories rescind into the back of his head.
"Besides, I have a mission to do. I can't involve anyone in this. Silver remembered Shadow's words. He glanced back over at Rarity, who was continuing to sketch, humming to herself.
Silver blushed a little, still remembering her kindness. However he decided to focus on blending in and finding the chaos emeralds. With that, he decided to pay attention to what the teacher was talking about.

Rarity on the other hand, was thinking about Silver. But It wasn't about his looks or personality, it was about the energy she sensed from him.
Rarity had a magic sense similar to Twilight's. Although not as sensitive, it was still able to pick up on magical energies, and she definitely sensed energy coming from him.
" intriguing. His energy is unlike anyone else's here." Rarity thought to herself, noting how different Silver's energy was to all the other students around her. Everybody else's energy had the same feeling to them, but the way Silver's energy felt to her stuck out like a sore thumb.
From what she sensed, his energy was foreign, and didn't feel like equestrian magic. But it also was warm, innocent, devoid of any malice, which endeared her.
"I should relay this to Twilight after school" Rarity decided to relay this information to Twilight later.

1 Hour later


Once again the halls filled with the sound of footsteps, and chatter of dozens of students.
Sonic stepped out of his biology class, and proceeded to stretch his legs having sat for nearly an hour without moving his legs.

"YeeeaAAAAA!!!! Finally!" Sonic said as he stretched his body. However he double taked when he heard a familiar scared squeal next to him. He looked behind him to see Fluttershy, looking scared.
"Oh....uh..sorry." Sonic apologized, feeling bad about scaring her with his loud exit.

"Oh..I-It okay....I shouldn't have been scared in the first place." Fluttershy apologized back, holding her arm nervously. She still was somewhat shy towards him, given the fact that she just met him.

"I still don't understand why she's gets so scared easily. It's like she could burst into tears any minute" Sonic still wondered why she was so shy. Part of him wanted to make sure she doesn't get scared again. However Sonic then remembered that he had P.E next, and figured that he should be off now. Though he felt bad about leaving Fluttershy, considering how innocent she appeared.

"Welp...I'm off. Nice to meet you I guess." Sonic quickly said goodbye to Fluttershy, and began walking to the school track.

"Oh.... wait!" Fluttershy called to him. Sonic turned to hear what she wanted to say. Fluttershy hesitated before speaking, afraid of how he would react.
"Uh....I-Is it alright if I come with you?" Fluttershy blushed as she finished her sentence, nervous about what he would say.
Sonic put on a look of slight confusion.

"Uh.....sure. Do you have P.E next too?" Sonic asked.

"" Fluttershy said quietly, trying to think of a suitable excuse to try and hide the fact that she just wants to stay with him.
"I-I....I just.....uh....wanted to see a friend I know that's all!" Fluttershy finally responded.

"Okay then...why didn't you just say so in the first place?" Sonic asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well...I just-"

"Hey Sonic!" Fluttershy jumped when he heard a voice call to Sonic. Sonic looked to his left, to see Silver run up to him, panting heavily from trying to find him.

"Pant Pant There you are! I thought I wouldn't find you in this crowd." Silver said to him, still catching his breath.

"Well what's the hurry?" Sonic asked.

"I just wanted to go to our last class together, you know just to make sure we don't lose each other you know." Silver elaborated. Sonic nodded in understanding. Silver then looked to his left, and saw Fluttershy observing their conversation. She looked away shyly when he looked at her.

"Oh hey there! What's your name?" Silver smiled as he quickly introduced himself to her. Fluttershy then shyly retreated away from him as he spoke, unsure of what to think of him as she's never seen him before.

"Oh! uh!'" Fluttershy studdered as she tried to overcome her shyness to say her name, but to no avail.

"'s Fluttershy." Sonic quickly intervened, not wanting to go through the process of her coming out of her shyness just to say her name. Fluttershy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Nutter......why? That's a weird na-" Silver misheard what Sonic said.

"IT'S FLUTTERSHY!!" Fluttershy suddenly yelled with her face blushing, obviously frustrated that another person has mispronounced her name. Silver and Sonic jumped at Fluttershy's sudden outburst.
However Fluttershy double taked and then covered her mouth shamefully, embarrassed that she raised her voice again.

"Uhhhh....sorry.....Fluttershy?" Silver apologized, making sure to get her name right.

"Huh? Oh no!'s....a...alright....uh...whats...nn..your n-name?" Fluttershy asked him.

"Hm? Oh!'s Silver. Nice to meet you." Silver replied, easing up a little.

"Yeah, she's a shy one." Sonic told him Silver about her shyness.

"Oh really? Then...sorry if I made you nervous." Silver said to Fluttershy, trying to appear friendly. Fluttershy held her arm nervously, ashamed that he was apologizing for her shyness.

"Oh.....i-it's's my fault anyways." Fluttershy said, her voice filling with sadness. She felt terrible that her friends and other people had to put up with her shyness. She wished she could break out of it, but she could never find the courage to do so.
Sonic and Silver looked at her confusedly.

"Uhhh....cough" Sonic tried to think of a way to defuse the tension between them. Then he remembered his next class.
"Say uh...since we're all together, how about we go to P.E together okay?" Sonic tried to defuse her shyness.

"I'm down for that!" Silver said cheerfully.

" O-Oh! uh...s...sur-"

"Hey Fluttershy!" A rainbow haired girl suddenly popped out from behind Fluttershy.

"AHH!!" Fluttershy yelped in fear at Rainbow Dash's sudden arrival. Sonic and Silver also jumped back a little in surprise.
"Eh...oh Rainbow Dash..." Fluttershy smiled, relieved that it was someone she knew.

"The one and only!" Rainbow Dash boasted. She then looked over at Sonic and Silver. She immediately recognized the two of them from the messhall, making her even more suspicious due to the fact that they were with Fluttershy.

"Hey! You two are the guys from the messhall." Dash alluded to their previous antics, putting on a smug smile. Sonic and Silver both tensed up as they gulped nervously.
"Fluttershy. These two giving you any trouble?" Dash asked Fluttershy.

"W-Wha-Uh...n-no. Why d-do you say that?" Fluttershy replied.

"Uhhh......yeah, what do you mean?" Silver asked. Fluttershy also looked at Dash confusedly, wondering what she was alluding to.
Dash could tell that they were playing dumb, and she wasn't having any of it.

"You know, the blue guy here saying something about....what was it?" Dash took a moment to recall what she heard.
"Oh! Chilidogs?" She finally remembered.
Sonic and Silver froze up, unsure of what to say in response. They exchanged quick glances at each other, thinking that the other was going to say something.

"Hey! Say something!" Silver nudged Sonic.

"What!? Why me!?" Sonic retorted through clenched teeth.

"You're the one who made such a ruckus in the first place!" Silver countered, slowly getting irritated.

"Oh yeah!? Well it's not my fault that this place doesn't have-!" Sonic and Silver continued to bicker and argue with each other, all while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy watched. Rainbow Dash's face went from smug, to just plain bewilderment.

"Theeey're.....not from around here...are they?" Rainbow Dash asked Fluttershy. Fluttershy nodded in response, just as confused about those two as Dash was. The two otherworlders continued to argue for about a minute, which already made Rainbow Dash impatient.

"Okay! Okay! Hey! That's enough!" Rainbow Dash interrupted their arguing. They both looked at her confusedly.
"Tell you what, let's just say.....I didn't see anything. In exchange, you both tell me your names." Rainbow Dash bargained with them.
"Starting with you...Blue Boy." She pointed at Sonic.
Sonic and Silver glanced at each other, believing Dash's deal to be fair.

"Okay then." Sonic prepared to introduce himself. He stepped forward, and breathed deeply before he spoke.
"The name's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgeho-Mmfff!!" Just as Sonic was about to finish saying his name, he felt Silver slap his hand over his mouth.

"G-Genesis! His name is Sonic Genesis! Heh Heh...." Silver frantically tried to correct Sonic. Dash raised an eyebrow at them.

"Reeeaally?" Rainbow Dash said, not buying their facade.

"Yeah?" Silver said nervously, still restraining Sonic.

"....Because it really just sounded like he was about to say Sonic the Hedgehog? What do you have to say to that?" Rainbow Dash countered, her smug smile reforming on her face.

Silver and Sonic began sweating nervously. They both frantically tried to come up with an explanation in their heads.
"Dammit I totally screwed up this time!" Sonic commented on the predicament they were in. Rainbow Dash still continued to give them her smug stare, which didn't help them at all. But suddenly, Silver got an idea.

"Uh....yeah! Sonic the Hedgehog!" Silver finally said. Sonic doubletaked at what Silver said. Rainbow Dash raised a confused eyebrow.

"Silver what are you-? Ow!!" Sonic was about to question him, but was interrupted when Silver grabbed his spiky blue hair.

"You see! Heh heh... his hair, makes him look like a hedgehog. People back home called us hedgehogs all the time...heh heh...." Silver explained, still trying to keep a straight face as he was pointing at Sonic's hair.

Rainbow Dash was not amused at their sense of humor. (Fluttershy giggled slightly in the background)
"Ha ha ha Very funny." Dash sarcastically commented.

"Uh...I hate to interrupt, but don't you all have P.E in like 10 minutes." Fluttershy quietly reminded Dash. Dash checked the time on her phone.

"Oh shoot you're right!" Dash exclaimed. She was about to run off with Fluttershy, but she stopped to talk to Sonic and Silver.
"Say, you guy's don't happen to have P.E now do you?" Rainbow Dash asked them.

"Oh! We do as a matter a fact." Silver responded, letting go of Sonic's hair.

"Silver!" Sonic said to Silver through clenched teeth, not wanting to associate with Dash anymore than they needed to.

"Heh! In that case you can tag along if you want. But don't come crying if you can't keep up slowpokes." Rainbow Dash smirked. She and Fluttershy began walk down the hallway.
Sonic miffed at being called 'Slowpoke', decided to give her a piece of his mind.

"Slowpoke? Oh yeah for your information, I'm the fastest thing alive where I'm from!" Sonic boasted, not having any of Dash's mockery.

"Sonic what're you doing!?" Silver said through clenched teeth.

Dash sensing a challenge, stopped and turned to face him.

"Oh really?" Dash said smugly. "That's quite the title you have." She walked over so that she was right in his face. She noticed that he was at least half a head taller than her, which mean she had to look up at him, but that didn't intimidate her in the slightest
"Is that really what they call you?"Dash asked him, wondering where he got all this bravado from.
Sonic was actually somewhat surprised he found somebody as cocky as he was in this world, so he decided to return the favor.

"Hmph! You bet! What do you say to that Skittlehair?" Sonic countered. Dash flinched a little at the name he just called her, but she didn't let it bother her, and remained cocky all the same.

"Yeah well, why don't you prove it at P.E Blue Boy?" Dash challenged him.

"Ha! Bring it on!" Sonic accepted her challenged.

"Then it's settled!" Dash offered a fist bump. Sonic, while surprised at the gesture, returned the fist bump with a smirk on his face, putting a little force into it. Dash, happy and excited for the challenge flipped her hair, and began walking down the hallway.

"Um....I'll see you there!" Fluttershy waved to them. She then ran off to join Rainbow Dash. Sonic looked at Rainbow Dash with an annoyed face. Something about her just ticked him off for some reason. He didn't know what it was, but it irritated him nonetheless.

"Uhhh....Sonic are you alright?" Silver asked him, wondering why he looked so irritated.

"Huh? Oh nothing! Sigh I'm just glad that's over." Sonic replied, glad that the girls didn't figure out their secret.
"Nice save by the way." He added.

"Well, learn to think before you speak ok. You nearly gave away our secret." Silver told him, beginning to walk down the hallway, following Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

"I couldn't help myself alright?" Sonic complained back as he caught up with Silver.

"ah forget it." Silver replied.

Somewhere else in CHS

Shadow was making his way to his Geography class, maneuvering his way through the crowds of students, trying to make himself as discreet as possible. He had already taken in a lot of information about this mysterious new world they were in. Unfortunately because his Chaos energy senses haven't kicked in yet, he had no idea if this world's people had any powers at all. But he remembered that their first priority was finding the Chaos Emeralds. However he was also equally concerned about Sonic and Silver.

"Sigh, those two better not be causing any trouble" Shadow thought, knowing full well that they were a handful to keep track of.
He admittedly, like Sonic, was rather irritated that he didn't have his powers. If he had them, he could sense where the Chaos emeralds were from anywhere in this school. He looked down and his hand again and tensed his arm muscle, trying to conjure electrical power into his hand, but to no avail.
He sighed frustratedly, kind of understanding Sonic's attitude. But he retained his focus on what was most important, the chaos emeralds.
"We currently have three of them, so the other's have to be around here. However that means we'll need to search outside the school as we-" Shadow's train of thought was interrupted, when he accidentally bumped into someone.

"Ow!" Flash Sentry said as stumbled a little after bumping into Shadow, while Shadow barely flinched.
"Uh sorry about that." Flash said to him. Shadow glanced over at him, analyzing what kind of person he was at first glance. To him he seemed fairly average, and not that threatening. There was a period of brief silence between the two. Flash was slightly intimidated by Shadow's cold expression.

"Hmph.....whatever." Shadow quickly diffused any tension between them and carried on his way. Flash looked at Shadow confusedly, wondering who he was.

"Who was that guy? Pretty sure I haven't seen him around before" Flash speculated. However he then noticed that he heard a sort of resonating sound in his mind.
"What the-?" He held his head, wondering what the sound was. He also felt his skin lightly pulsating with an energy that was unknown to him.
"Uhh... what's going on with me!?" Flash said to himself, starting to sweat as he didn't know exactly what his body was doing. But before he could question it, the strange pulsating in his body gradually stopped and the sound in his head ceased. Flash managed to calm himself down, however he was utterly confused about what just happened. He tried to think of an explanation but nothing about what happened made sense to him.
"That was weird...." Flash decided to forget about it, and proceeded to carry on his way.


Sonic and Silver were sitting on the bleachers looking over the field. Sonic was just biding his time as he waited for P.E to arrive. Silver on the other hand was taking in his surroundings. He just couldn't help but be interested in this world, considering the time he was born in. Sonic noticed that Silver was looking around alot.

"Sigh Silver I know you're interested in this world, but....don't you think it's better if we try to act more like the other students here?" Sonic commented. Silver couldn't help but be confused by Sonic's comment.

"Uh, what do you mean, how is being interested in this world not normal?" Silver asked him.

"I'm just saying. Isn't it more normal to act just as disinterested as everyone else? Like this guy for example." Sonic motioned to a depressed looking student sitting above them.
"Hey you! School sucks doesn't it?" Sonic turned and asked the student. The depressed student glanced over at him, pausing for a few seconds before mumbling: "Yeah.....Same here"

"See? What did I tell you?" Sonic said feeling like his theory was confirmed. Silver was just as disinterested in Sonic's hypothesis as Sonic was interested in school.

"Well fine, you act all disinterested while I learn things about this place that may actually help us." Silver retorted.

"Hey, I have nothing against this world or anything....I just want to get home as soon as possible. That's all." Sonic gave a nonchalant shrug. However he saw Rainbow Dash out of the corner of his eye, who was stretching down on the field, while also talking to a blond hair girl wearing a 10 gallon hat.

"So, what's your reason for not being here first again?" Applejack asked as she stretch one of her legs, making sure her hat didn't fall off.

"Hm? Oh...ran into the guys who made a scene at the messhall." Rainbow Dash said as she warmed up by jogging in place. "Turns out the Blue haired guy is pretty sure of himself."

"Really? How so?" Applejack asked, wiping some sweat off her forehead, curious about the two newcomers.

"Well, he called himself 'The fastest thing alive'" Rainbow Dash relayed what she heard him say, trying to hold back a chuckle. Applejack doubletaked at her answer.

"Seriously!? Sure I know you're cocky, but he takes the cake." Applejack replied. Dash smirked at AJ's remark at her being cocky.

"Yeah, he even said he's going to prove it." Dash continued, stretching her back as she spoke.

"Well...who knows? What if he is? Remember what I said a few days back, at how someone might just take your place at the top all of a sudden?" Applejack theorized. Dash was somewhat surprised Applejack even thought of that notion.

"Oh yeah? What make's you think he's the one who's gonna beat me?" Rainbow Dash got in AJ's face.

"I dunno? Just saying." AJ shrugged her shoulders.

Coach Armor blew his whistle loudly, signaling that P.E had begun.
"Alright everyone P.E has started! Let's go!" Coach Armor shouted. All the students who were waiting on the bleachers and on the track headed over to the center of the field. He happened to notice Sonic and Silver, who he didn't recognize from the other students he usually had today. He tried to recall if he was told by Celestia if there were going to be any new students, but nothing came up in his mind.
"I didn't know we had new students today." Armor said to himself. He shrugged the suspicion off before he could question it.
"Ok guys. Apparently we have some new faces here today. Other than that it's the same routine: warmup, strength training, and aerobics." Armor explained to them.
"Should be easy for you two to follow along. Just watch what the others are doing." Armor further explained to Sonic and Silver.

"Right!" Silver said enthusiastically. Sonic just shrugged disinterestedly.
With that, Armor proceeded to walk them through various warm up exercises, which involved stretching and aerobic exercises. Silver had no problem following along with the exercises, while Sonic just did the minimal amount to follow along, still bored out of his mind.
After about ten minutes of warming up, Coach Armor waved them over to do some strength training.
The exercise was bench pressing. Coach Armor had all the students gather in front of the two weight benches.

"Alright everyone, I'm sure you all know how to do bench presses. We'll start at 45 pounds, and for every 10 you manage to do I'll add on another 5 pounds. Don't try and over-exert yourself. Just do as many as you think you can without straining muscles." Coach Armor explained to them. Silver was rather worried about how he would do, while he knew that he was physically capable, he was nowhere near Sonic's level of physical strength. Sonic himself wondered how strong he would be without his powers.

Two by two the students went up and lifted the bar. Rainbow Dash went up and managed to get to 95 lbs before she couldn't do anymore. She went back to sit next to Applejack, letting out a disappointed sigh.
"Sigh Man, could have done more." She grumbled to herself, her arms sore. While she didn't want to admit it, physical strength wasn't her strongest suit.

"Ah don't be so hard on yourself. You can't be the best at everythin'" Applejack smirked as she got up to go and lift. All the students visibly looked up at Applejack as she went over.

"Hey, how many is she gonna do time?" One student whispered to her friend.

"Man AJ is strong! How much time do you think she spends at the gym!?" Another student said. Sonic and Silver noticed the other students whispering about Applejack's strength. Silver scooted over over to Rainbow Dash who sat nearby.

"Hey, is your friend really as strong as they say?" Silver whispered to her.

"Just watch." Dash said without looking at him. Silver and Sonic saw Applejack get on the bench and grip the bar. With that she started lifting at 45 which she got through no problem, and she blazed through most of the single digits. She then moved onto 100 pounds, then 105, then 110, then 115! As the number went up, the group began chanting the numbers as they went up.

"120!..........125!.........130!" Silver began chanting along with the other students. Sonic looked over and smirked, knowing that Silver was having a good time, not to mention he was also surprised at Applejack's strength. Rainbow Dash smiled as her friend showed off her strength.
Soon enough Applejack was on 200, and she was still going! Though she was visibly starting to sweat now.
"Okay, c'mon baby!" Applejack strained as she continued lifting. When she was on 230 pounds, she was starting to grunt as she lifted each time

"Come on AJ get to 300!" Dash cried out. Applejack focused on lifting, she was currently at 275. She paused for a moment to catch her breath.

"Hey, you good?" Coach Armor said, worrying that she might have over exerted herself.

"Pant Pant I'm good. Just put the next weight on." Applejack replied, sweat running down her forehead. Armor said nothing as he put the next set of weights on. Applejack put her all into lifting the last few sets. When she finally finished 300 she sat up and yelled "300!!" As she pumped her fist into the air. All the other students cheered as she got up and went over to sit by Rainbow Dash.

"Heh, show off." Dash snarked as Applejack sat next to her.

"Oh pfft! You're one to talk!" Appljack snarked back. The two then laughed at each other, knowing that they both did their best.

"Phew! Very nice Applejack. Now who's next? Oh it's you two." Coach Armor looked over at Sonic and Silver. All the other students instinctively glanced over at them. Sonic could sense Rainbow Dash eyeing him with her smug smile. Since he accepted her challenge, he guessed that he had to beat her weight limit.

"Alright I guess I'm up." Sonic got up and walked over to the bench.

"Do your best Bro!" Silver cheered him on. Sonic sat on the bench and gripped the bar. He was ready to see if he retained any of his physical strength in his current form.
Upon lifting the 45 pound weight, he found that he lifted it with relative ease, only facing a little resistance. A brief feeling of relief ran through his arms. He then continued to lift some more. He got through 50 through 75 no problem however 80 lbs it where he started to have trouble. He managed to lift 80 and went on to 85. He began visibly sweating and was grunting each time he lifted.

" okay? You gonna call it quit's here?" Coach Armor offered for him to stop. While the offer was tempting, as he was tired and his muscles were burning. But if he called it quits here, then Dash would be able to lift more than he would, and he wasn't going to have that.

"Pant I can....Pant do more" Sonic replied. With that Coach Armor put 90 pounds on the bar. Sonic strained as he lifted the bar 10 times. Then Coach Armor put on 95 pounds.

"Okay okay okay..." Sonic then gave it all the strength he could muster to lift the bar at 95 pounds. Afterwards Sonic managed to lift 95 pounds. He gasped deeply when he finished.

"You done?" Armor said to him.

"Pant Pant Yep.....whew." Sonic said as he sat up and walked over to sit by Silver and Dash. His arms were pulsating and his head was covered with sweat. But he didn't care, he at least was even with Rainbow Dash's weight limit.

"Heh...not bad....for a newbie." Rainbow Dash said in a semi-mocking tone.

"Hee Hee...oh yeah....I'm just getting started!" Sonic said, his confidence growing. He wasn't gonna let Dash one up him that easily. Dash on the other hand wasn't going to let Sonic take her place, so she prepared to beat him in the athletics exercise.

"Alright last one! Silver you're up!" Coach Armor called to Silver.

"Huh!? Oh me?!" Silver wasn't paying attention when Coach Armor called him.

"Yes you. Now come on we don't have all day." Coach Armor replied, getting somewhat impatient.

"Okay okay I'm coming!" Silver quickly got up and walked over. He could immediately feel all the other students eyes follow him as he walked up to the bench. It made him nervous, but he didn't let it show.
He sat on the bench and gripped the 45 pound bar. He took a deep breath and prepared to lift.
" goes!" Silver then lifted with all the strength he could muster. However, Silver found that no matter how hard he tried to lift, the bar wouldn't budge.
"Huh?........" Silver said in confusion. There was no way he couldn't lift 45 pounds! He tried pushing again. This time he just managed to lift the bar off the hooks, but he couldn't straighten his arms. Soon his arms gave in and the bar sank down with a loud clang, leaving Silver panting in exhaustion.

" really can't lift 45 pounds?" Coach Armor said in disbelief. Sonic himself was confused as well. He thought that Silver's life living in a post apocolyptic world would have increased his strength.

"Pant Pant No! No way I can't do this!" Silver then gave one last push as he strained his arms to lift it. However after about 10 seconds of straining himself, he fell limp on the bench, his strength completely drained. Everyone was silent for a minute. Rainbow Dash wanted to make a snide comment about him, but even she felt too bad for him to say anything.

" okay?" Coach Armor said, still bewildered that Silver couldn't lift 45 pounds."

"Pant pant pant I'm done." Silver managed to say through his exhausted stupor. He got up and slowly walked back to sit by Sonic, as his face turned red from utter embarrassment. Luckily the other students didn't saying anything. Silver sat down beside Sonic, the embarrassment churning in his stomach.
Sonic, feeling bad for tried to say something to him.

"Uh, you okay Si-"

"DON'T JUDGE ME OKAY!" Silver immediately got defensive. Sonic fell silent, and decided to not say anything to him for a while.

"Okay, that's all of us let's move on to the next exercise guys." Coach Armor announced. All the students then moved to the center of the field to start aerobics. Coach Armor still felt bad for Silver, and was also still confused as to why he couldn't lift 45 pounds.
"Man, poor guy. Must not eat enough protein." Coach Armor speculated the reason for Silver's lack of strength. He was about to go over and join the other students, but then he accidentally bumped in the weight lifting equipment, knocking one of the weights off. The weight fell to the ground with a loud 'CLANG!!".
"Whoa!" Armor stumbled back in surprise from how unexpectedly loud the sound was. However, he then noticed something about the weights. He got down and looked at how heavy it weighed. It said 95 pounds. Armor then realized that he forgot to switch the weights that Sonic had when Silver came up. A wave of embarrassment swam over him as he realized this.
"Man, sorry kid." Coach Armor said.


Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer were in the middle of their last class for the day: Physics 2. The teach presenting an example of how time and speed can be used to calculate distance using a specific equation.
Unfortunately for Twilight, she couldn't focus on that at all. Her mind was still on that malicious person she encountered in the library that supposedly looked like Shadow. Her heart was racing and she was sweating even though it was only room temperature. She put her hand on her chest and sighed.
"Don't worry Twilight. Everything will be fine. You have friends here who will look out for you. There's a solution to this. There has to be. Twilight told herself, trying to calm down. Granted it didn't help much, but the personal pep talk managed to allow her to keep her composure in class for the most part.

Sunset Shimmer was more calm about this situation. But she was equally concerned about this predicament as much as Twilight was. She was also angry at whoever it was that wanted to threaten Twilight, and all of her instincts pointed to Shadow. Though she had no empirical evidence to prove that theory, she still needed to stay on her guard.
"Ok. Something is definitely going on. That new guy Shadow is up to something. Twilight says that it wasn't him. But I can't draw any conclusions yet. For now I need to focus on protecting Twilight, and finding out what's going on." Sunset organized her priorities in her head, while simultaneously focusing on class. "I can try looking for Shadow later"

Inside, Twilight's backpack, Spike was keeping a close eye on the glowing yellow emerald. He had to keep his distance because even his touch caused it to react. While he watched the emerald intently, he wondered how Twilight was taking all of this. He knew that Twilight could handle herself back in the Alternate Equestria, but here, he felt like she didn't have a full grasp of how things worked.
"Twilight, I hope you know what your doing. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. Spike thought, his concern for Twilight growing. He then let out of long yawn. All this watching of this mysterious emerald made him tired. With that he decided to take a short nap.

While Twilight managed to keep her composure for a little while, it was broken when she suddenly heard the dark figure's voice in her head.
"You and this world are all pathetic!" She heard the figure say in his spiteful voice. Twilight held her head in anguish as it started to hurt from the figure's words.

"No. Your wrong!" Twilight spoke back in her mind. The voice said nothing in response, but the pain in Twilight's head persisted. Twilight could barely open her eyes, as the pain in her head was like a migraine, and it wouldn't stop. On top of that her own thoughts were jumbled, and she couldn't think straight.

"Twilight. Twilight! Twilight!!!" She suddenly brought her head up when she heard a voice call to her. Now that she could see straight, the pain in her head gradually went away. Everyone in class was looking at her, including Sunset, who was looking her with worry in her eyes. Twilight's faced blushed embarrassingly.

"Twilight, are you okay. You don't look so good." The teacher said to her, she had called on her because she look like she was having a migraine.

"Sigh I'm sorry, I....just have a lot on my mind today." Twilight replied. The teacher felt a little sympathy for Twilight.

"Well, if you are not feeling 100%, feel free to catch some air for a minute or two okay?" The teacher said to her. Twilight sighed in relief. She needed some air after what's been going on.

"Thank you. But I'm okay now, I promised" Twilight assured the teacher.
Sunset felt a bit of relief now that Twilight was okay. However just to be sure, she reach over and put a hand on Twilight shoulder.

"Huh?" Twilight looked over at Sunset, wondering what she wanted to say.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Sunset reassured her.

Twilight smiled at Sunset, silently thanking her for looking out of her. The two then turned their focus back to class.

"I need to figure out what going on as soon as possible." Sunset's knew she had to find out what was going on before Twilight went home. She knew that they were going to meet with everyone later, so she was going to relay everything that she knew to everyone so that they can all help Twilight get home safely.


Back out in the sport field. All the students were getting ready for the mile long run, which was four times around the track. They were all lined up, stretching before the Coach Armor blew his whistle.
Silver was still somewhat depressed at how he couldn't lift 45 pounds, but he didn't let it bother him so much for at least he could try and make up for it with his running. Sonic, unlike the others, wasn't stretching. He didn't feel like he needed to warm up like the others, because he thought he would naturally be fast like the others. Silver looked over at Sonic and noticed that he wasn't stretching like he was.

"Uh....aren't you gonna warm up a little Sonic?" Silver asked him. He knew that Sonic was fast, but he didn't have his powers like before, and the fact that Sonic was acting like he could run as fast as he could back home, which he couldn't.

"Ehh....don't need to, I'm feeling good as is already!" Sonic's confidence in his new body's abilities were high. "Yeah, this should be a piece of cake."

"Pfft! Keep telling yourself that blue boy." He heard Rainbow Dash snarkily comment as she stretched her arms. He noticed that Dash had taken the spot next to him. "You remember our challenge right?" Rainbow Dash reminded him of the challenge he proposed to her.

"Huh? Oh! Right!......uh......what was it again?" Sonic asked, confused as to what the challenge was exactly. Rainbow Dash put on an irritated face.

"Uh...Duh...whoever finishes the mile run first wins......idiot" Dash explained, as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Sonic was silent for a few seconds, as he realized how stupid his question sounded.
"Uh....yeah! I knew that." He said, rubbing his head embarrassed.

"Pfft Oh sure you did." Dash snarked under her breath. Like Silver she also noticed that Sonic wasn't stretching, which made her even more confused and suspicious towards him.
"Your joking right? Even the most fit athletes stretch before running. Is he actually serious about that whole title thing?" Dash thought to herself, while still thinking his title was insane.

"Okay everyone take your positions!" Coach Armor called out to all the students.

"Oh, looks like were starting." Silver pointed out to Sonic.

"Yeah, yeah, I see that." Sonic replied nonchalantly.

All the students got into position, waiting for coach armor to blow his whistle. Sonic and Rainbow Dash exchanged a glance, ready to out do each other in this exercise.

"Hmph! Hope you're eat my dust!" Dash mocked him. Sonic only chuckled a little in response, her mocking not affecting him at all.

"Seriously kid, you don't know what true speed is." Sonic mocked back, his cockiness growing even more.
At this point Dash was so astounded at Sonic's confidence it actually almost intimidated her. She had never met someone with as much confidence in their abilities other than herself. But that notion only drove her to push herself even hard so she could beat him. So she only smirked in response and looked back at the track ahead of her.

Sonic looked forward at the track ahead of him. He knew that he didn't have his speed, but he knew that he's got to be faster than most of the students here. A smirk grew on his face as he prepared to blow all of their minds.

"Ok guys! Everyone on your marks!" Coach Armor signaled all of them to get ready. Everyone assumed the runner's start position, ready to take off at the sound of the whistle.
"Get set!" Everyone prepared to start running. Sonic readied to burst out from the start.

"GO!!!" Coach Armor blew his whistle loudly.
The second Sonic heard the whistle, he broke out into a full sprint leaving everyone behind him.

"Ooh yeah!! That's right baby! I'm outa here!!! Wohooo!!!" Sonic cheered as he sprinted, everything around him appearing blurry. This is what he was waiting for, the chance to let loose and run. And even better, Dash was far behind as well.

However from Dash, Silver, and the other student's perspective, Sonic was just sprinting really hard. Dash looked at Sonic with an utterly confused face as she maintained an even yet aggressive pace.
"Uhh.....does he know that this exercise is about stamina, not speed? Is he that stupid?" Dash thought. Sonic's obliviousness utterly baffled her. However she then knew at the speed he was going at, he would tire out. Silver on the other hand, worried that Sonic had overestimated himself.

As Sonic sprinted out of the first turn, he looked back and saw that everyone else were only halfway through the first turn, and he was already about to go into the next turn and finish the lap. This served to boost his confidence even more.
"He he...What can I say I am the fast thing ali-" Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed that he was feeling a sensation that he hadn't felt in a long time. He was breathing heavier than usual, his heart was racing, and to his dismay, his legs and arms were getting heavier!

"Pant Pant Pant What....Pant..What's going on!? Pant!" Sonic said in between breaths as his sprint gradually slowed down to a stagger. Sonic tried to maintain his sprint, but the feeling in his body just prevented him from going any faster. Eventually Sonic realized what he was feeling. He has ran out of breath!
Eventually, Sonic's stamina was so low that his pace was now a slow walk by the time he exited the turn. He kept taking repeated gulps for breath to satiate his lungs.
"Pant Pant Pant Okay......this is something I haven't felt in a long time." Sonic admitted to himself. After years and year sof being able to run at supersonic speeds with no physical limitations, it has made him complacent in his own abilities. He saw that he was walking up to the finish line to clear the first lap. Then he also noticed that Coach Armor was looking at him with the same confused expression from before.

".......what?" Sonic asked as he continued to catch his breath.

" do know this is a stamina based exercise right kid?" Coach Armor said, wondering if was legitimately something wrong with Sonic's head. Sonic stopped to say something to him.

"Pant Pant Pant least I'm done with one lap okay?" Sonic said, taking some pride in that he almost sprinted around the entire track.

"See ya slowpoke!" Sonic heard Dash taunt him as she darted past him, crossing the finish line.

"What the- Hey!" Sonic said as he forgotten that there were other's behind him. Then he saw other students running past him, which only made him more frustrated.

"Why you!!" Sonic broke into another full sprint again to catch up with the other runners.

"Tch! Hey what did I just say!?" Coach Armor yelled at Sonic for blatantly ignoring what he just said to him. Sonic was able to briefly catch his breath and start sprinting again. Sonic sprinted his way past the other students as he tried to reclaim first place.

"Doh! Hey watch it!" Applejack said as Sonic nearly elbowed her in the ribs.
"Just what do you think your doing?" Another female student said as he moved past her.
"Sonic, slow down already!" Silver retorted at Sonic as he shoved his way past him.

"Not in a million years!!" Sonic eventually made his way to the front where Rainbow Dash was leading the crowd, and then sprinted right past her.

"Later Skittlehair!" Sonic mocked her back as he rushed past her.

"Wha?" Dash double taked at Sonic's persistence to keep sprinting. She just couldn't understand what was going through his head for him to think that he could sprint an entire mile. On top of that, him straight up passing her two times in a row started to irritate her.
"Okay....." Dash gritted her teeth in annoyance as she began to pick up her pace. "......fastest thing alive my ASS!!"
Dash then pulsed her leg muscles as she dashed ahead of the crowd, rapidly catching up with Sonic.

Sonic looked back to see Dash rapidly catching up with him.
"Oh shoot!!" Sonic increased his pace to try and match Dash's speed. At this point, the two were way ahead of the other students, and had already finished the second lap.

Sonic panted hard as he desparately tried to out run Rainbow Dash. However he felt the fatigue and tiredness gradually envelop his body each time his feet hit the ground.
Dash gradually caught up to Sonic as she showed that she could sprint as fast as he could. She could hear Sonic panting from how hard he was sprinting.

"I don't know what kind of track you ran on where you came from.....but I think you're about at your limit!" Dash said to Sonic as the exited the last turn and were about to go into the last lap.

"Pant Pant Pant! Oh yeah! Says who!?" Sonic retorted.

"Says me!" Dash pushed herself even harder and managed to overtake Sonic.

"Why you littl- Pant Pant"Sonic's fatigue caused him to stumble forward and lose his forward momentum. He slowed to a stop, bent over taking deep gulps for breath. He was sweating all over his body, his legs and arms were shaking, and his lungs felt like a vacuum sucked all the air out of them.
Sonic spent a good fifteen seconds catching his breath, before he started walking towards the finish line.

"Hey kid come on! Everyone's finished already!" He heard Coach Armor shout at him.

"Yeah yeah I'll be- wait?" Sonic doubletaked, he then looked up to see that everyone else had passed him while he was catching his breath. He saw some students, Silver included, catching their breath. However a lot of the other students were huddled around Rainbow Dash, cheering for her. Dash herself was jumping with with joy at her victory.

"Oh yeah! That's right! I'm the best!" Dash boasted to all the other students who continued cheering her on. Sonic stood dumbfounded at what just happened. He just lost a race. The thought of it utterly infuriated him, and the more he looked at Dash's smug face just made even angrier.
Unable to contain his anger, Sonic didn't bother finishing and just angrily walked off the track. He proceeded to angrily kick a soccer ball that was laying on the ground as he walked off.

Dash happened to notice Sonic walk off. She didn't know why, but she wanted to know more about why he ran the way he did. While she did feel tempted to rub her victory in his face a little, she thought that she would interrogate him instead.

"Hey hold up you guys I'll be back." Dash told the other students who were cheering her on, and went over to talk to Sonic. Applejack noticed that Dash had stopped soaking in the attention earlier than usual.

"Hey Dash! Wher' ya goin?" Applejack asked her as she continued to catch her breath.

"Oh uh....I'm gonna talk to Blue boy. He didn't look too good." Dash explained, then continued to go find Sonic. Applejack was confused, it wasn't like Dash to go talk to a newcomer.

"Pfft for all I know she's probably gonna rub her victory in his face." Applejack rolled her eyes as she thought of what Dash was going to do.

Sonic had walked back into the halls of CHS with angry, yet defeated face. He felt humiliated. All his life he was the fastest thing in the world(his world at least), and now he got tired just from running a mile. The humiliation hit his stomach like an actual punch to the gut.

"For the love of...God damn son of A....!" Sonic bitterly cursed as he pounded a nearby locker with his fist, the sound reverberating through the hall. He kept cursing the notion that he lost in his head, but the more he denied it, the more the loss sunk in.
"This.....this can't be....." Sonic looked down at his hand as he leaned his head against the lockers, devastated that he wasn't as fast as he was back home. Just the thought of that shook him deep down to his core. His mind flashed back to the scene of a young version of him, standing in front of a burning orphanage. Then a sentence formed in his head.

"You weren't fast enough

"Shut up!" Sonic pounded the lockers again as he shouted at the voice in his head.

Rainbow Dash, who heard the pounding from outside, peeked in from outside, where she saw Sonic with his arm against the lockers. After hearing the loud banging from outside, she figured he wasn't feeling too good.

"Dang, he looks pissed" Dash thought. As tempting as it was to boast about her victory to him, she figure that would only piss him off even more. With that in mind, she slowly entered, and closed the door behind her.

"Uhhh......hey there." Dash said. Sonic flinched at the sound of her voice. He slowly looked over and saw Rainbow Dash standing by the doors. Surprisingly her face wasn't completely smug, as it also had a little hint of empathy. But it didn't help improve his mood at all.

"Grrr......what do you want? You here to gloat?" Sonic said bitterly. Dash was surprised that Sonic knew about her temptation to gloat at him. But she maintained her prideful stance.

"Eh...not exactly." Dash replied, walking closer to him. "Look, I know you're new here and everything. But I'm gonna be honest with made yourself look like an idiot out there."
Sonic wanted to react angrily, but he knew it was true in a way. Granted, he didn't say anything in response.
"....and I not saying that to be a jerk or anything. Its just....uh....I mean......who runs all out at the start of a mile run anyways?" Dash continued, still bewildered that Sonic went all out sprinting at the start.

Sonic was both angry and confused. He didn't know if Dash was trying to help him, or to put him down.
He let out a defeated sigh. He tried to think of something to say back to her.

"Whatever.....just....." Sonic hesitated before continuing.

"Just what? Come on.....say anything you want to me. I can take it." Dash said to him, prepared for whatever insult came her way. Sonic looked back at her. While she still had her smug smile, he could see in her eyes that she did feel a little empathy for him. But regardless, he wanted to get her back eventually.

".....I was a lot faster back home. I......honestly don't know what's going on with me today." Sonic said, turning and leaning against the lockers on his back. It was technically true that he was faster back home, but he knew that she wouldn't understand how fast he really was.

"Hmm.....well maybe the long trip here made your legs rusty or something." Dash said, instinctively giving her own legs a little stretch. While she was still skeptical about how fast he claimed to be, she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although it didn't appear to make Sonic feel any better.
"Look, if you want a little advice from me, take it slow at the beginning. You'll just burn yourself out sprinting at the beginning." Dash offered some advice to him. Even she made that mistake at one point in her life, so in a way she understood why he was frustrated.

"Hmph!" Sonic scoffed at her advice. The thought of going slow sickened him. However he stopped leaning against the lockers and turned to face her.
" owe me a rematch....." Sonic pointed at her, regaining a little of his confidence. "Mark my words, you haven't seen me at my best!"

Dash smiled at his statement. She respected that he was willing to stick up for himself. However it didn't mean she was going easy on him.
"Well then......How about next time on P.E, we race again, once you're at your best? How about it?" Dash proposed offering a fist bump to him.

Sonic was somewhat surprised at her offer. While he was still upset at his loss, he still took solace in the fact that Dash was willing to give him a second chance.
"Grrr......fine...." Sonic said with some bitterness still in his voice, and proceeded to return Dash's fist bump.

Of course, Dash was satisfied at him returning the fist bump.
"Well then.....I'll be boy" She said half mockingly. With that she flipped her hair and then went to exit the door.
"You think you're the fastest huh? Well then, catch me if you can then....'Sonic Genesis'!" Dash knew Sonic was determined to beat her, so she knew that she couldn't let up, for she was determined to keep her place as the best athlete in the school.

Sonic watched as Dash exited the door. He tapped his foot irritably as he thought to himself. He now had incredibly mixed opinions about Rainbow Dash. Her arrogant and cocky demeanor irritated him, but her capacity to show empathy lessened that feeling. However the fact that he lost a race did not fly with him.

"Just you wait.....Rainbow Dash." Sonic said, knowing that he now had a new rival to beat.

To be continued

Episode 2 - Chaos Stranding (Part 5)

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Silver was still catching his breath outside with the other students. He realized that he himself wasn't exactly in the best shape either. In fact he came in second to last in front of Sonic. However aside from that, he was wondering what Sonic was doing.

"Oi you!" He heard someone next to him. He looked to see that it was Applejack speaking to him. "Are you friends with that Blue whipper-snapper?" She asked. While Silver didn't know the Applejack's name, he decided to make conversation with her anyways.

"Uh....yeah. Were brother's in fact." Silver replied, as he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

"Brothers?" Applejack tried comparing Silver to Sonic, and she didn't really see anything in common between the two, other than their absurd hairstyles.
"No offense but, I fail to see the resemblance." She commented.

"I...guess she has a point" Silver admitted that he was very different from Sonic in many ways, but he needed to keep up the facade if they were to blend in.

"Oh uh well.....let's say.....I take after our mother.....and he takes after our father." Silver made up a quick explanation for their difference.

"Oh." Applejack nodded in understanding. She then thought that maybe she shouldn't judge, as she had a ton of family members who were very different from her.
"It's just that.....well....he seems like a handful. Like someone else I know" Applejack further elaborated, her last comment alluding to Rainbow Dash. "But seem alright ta me."

Silver chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head at her compliment.
"Oh please! You're too kind!" Silver replied.

Applejack then saw Rainbow Dash exit out of the building. She remembered her saying that she was going to talk to Sonic.
"Looks like Dash is done talkin' to yer brother." Applejack pointed over at Rainbow Dash. Silver looked over and remembered that Sonic had angrily stomped off after coming in last.

"Oh right!" Silver ran over to go talk to Rainbow Dash. He wanted to know what Dash said to him. If she said anything to put him down he would be mad.
"Hey!" Silver called over to Rainbow Dash.
Dash looked over to see Silver running up to her, wondering what he wanted with her.

"Hey, you're Blue boy's friend right?" Dash asked pointed her thumb back towards the door.

"Eh yeah. I just wanted to ask. What were you talking to Sonic about?" Silver asked her. Dash raised an eyebrow, confused at his question.

"Uhhh....what? You think I went to rub my victory in his face?" Dash replied, slightly making fun of herself. While she admitted that she loved to relish in her victories, she wouldn't go so far to personally rub her victory in one person's face.

"Uhhhh....I don't know? Just wondering"Silver was silent for a minute, unable to think of anything to say.
Dash sighed as she was getting impatient.

"Look, I just told him to cool off and we'll race again the day after tomorrow okay." Dash smiled, hoping that her explanation would suffice. Silver gave out a sigh of relief, glad that Dash didn't say anything bad to him.

"Yeah well uh.....thanks. Just wondering." Silver thanked her.

"Don't mention it" She replied back. Then she walked past Silver to go talk to Applejack. Silver then went inside the school to go find Sonic. Dash looked back briefly at Silver, wondering why he was worried about Sonic so much. But she pushed the thought out of her mind as she continued to walk over to Applejack, who was with the other students.

The other students were done cooling off. Applejack straightened out her shirt and skirt, adjusted her hat, and tapped her boots to make sure they were on tight.
"Whew, I'm beat." Applejack wiped some sweat off her forehead, noting at how out of breath she was after the run.

"...and I'm still 110% today!" Applejack heard Dash boast. She saw Dash to her right, with her confident smirk on his face.

" usual." Applejack continued the sentence for her. Dash chuckled at the faux praise Applejack gave her.
"I take it everything's fine with him right?" Applejack asked her about her talk with Sonic. Dash groaned in annoyance as she was irritated that everyone was asking her about it.

"Yeah yeah's fine. Don't worry about it." Dash waved the question off. Applejack couldn't help but be a little irritated at Dash's response. But before she could prod her about it, they both heard Coach Armor blow their whistle.

"Okay everyone, that's it for today. We'll gather again the day after tomorrow." Coach Armor called out the end of class. The rest of the students went to retrieve their backpacks from behind the bleachers. Applejack and Rainbow Dash both figured they should do the same.

Meanwhile inside the school. Sonic was still wallowing in his defeat. While Dash giving him a second chance made him feel better, his pride made him harbor some resentment towards her. He leaned against the lockers, hanging his head. On top of his loss, the feeling of being without his powers began to sink in.

Silver entered the building, where he saw Sonic leaning against the lockers. He knew that Sonic was prideful about his speed, but he never saw what would happen when he lost.

" okay man?" Silver asked, closing the door behind him. Sonic looked over at him, somewhat relieved to see someone familiar.

"Sigh I'm fine." Sonic said, his tone becoming more like his usual cocky self. He wanted to maintain his prideful image to Silver as his self proclaimed big brother.
Of course Silver could sense that his loss hit him hard, despite him trying to hide it.

"Well.....I'm glad you're alright. Besides we got a mission to do, so how about we try looking for Shadow?" Silver proposed. "Class is over now, so we should be more free to look for the chaos emeralds."

"Speaking of which, do you still have the one we have." Sonic asked, he wanted to make sure that they still had the emerald with them.

"Huh? Oh!" Silver searched through his pockets for the Cyan Chaos emerald. At first he panicked slightly when he didn't find it in his pants pockets. But then he felt it in the pocket of his sweat shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief.
"It's still in here, thankfully." Silver said to Sonic. Sonic breathed a sigh of relief as well. With that Sonic started walking down the hallway.

"Let's go little bro. Let's go find Shadow." Sonic called to Silver as he started walking. Silver paused for a moment when Sonic called him 'little bro'. A smile formed on his face. It was rather heartwarming to him to be regarded as a brother. He then proceeded to follow Sonic down the hallway.


Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle were walking down the halls of CHS, discussing how to uncover the mystery of the mysterious emerald in their possession. They had already notified the other's to meet in their band room where they usually practice music.
Twilight had managed to calm her nerves after her encounter with the sinister figure in the library. While she was still terribly worried, she didn't let it bother her. She knew she had her friends to back her up.
Sunset on the other hand, while she was just as concerned about the situation, she was also equally concerned about Twilight's well being. While she didn't have any exact proof, she couldn't help but be suspicious of Shadow, considering he matched the description that Twilight gave her. But that didn't matter now, all that mattered was the Twilight was safe and that they were going to show the emerald to everyone.

"Okay, so as usual, we don't speak about this to anyone else." Twilight explained to Sunset, knowing full well what could happen if people knew about the emerald.

"Right. We should also have a plan in case our cover is blown." Sunset added. "No offense to Pinkie and Dash, but I feel like they might accidentally blow our cover." Sunset knew Pinkie and Dash's capacity to run their mouths, so she felt that they needed to be prepared for that. Twilight giggled a little at Sunset comment.

"Oh, don't worry about them, I trust they'll know how to handle themselves." Twilight replied, still believing in their trust. "But you're right, we should come up with a contingency plan in case things go wrong."

They both walked towards their band room when they saw a familiar face.
"Twilight! Sunset!" Rarity ran up to them.

"Rarity! So glad you're here!" Twilight greeted her.

"As am I darling!" Rarity stroked her hair in a flamboyant fashion. Twilight and Sunset giggled slightly at her entrance. "Now can I see the emerald!? Can I see it again please!?" Rarity began pestering them, jumping up and down eagerly almost like Pinkie Pie.

"Now hold on Rarity, let's wait until everyone shows up first okay?" Sunset told her.

"Aww." Rarity pouted.

"Speaking of which, do you know where the other's are?" Twilight asked her.

"Actually, I do remember Pinkie following me, but...." Rarity looked behind her to see if she was anywhere but she didn't see her anywhere in the halls.

"HEY GUYS!" Pinkie suddenly popped out from a locker behind them, causing the three to jump in surprise.

"Pinkie!? H-How you get in there?" Sunset asked, utterly confused at how she got into the locker behind them, Twilight and Rarity also sharing her confusion.

Pinkie thought for two seconds before replying. "Oh idunno. I just appear where ever the author of this fanfic tells me to!"(Que Pinkie winking at us) Twilight, Rarity, and Sunset just looked at Pinkie with utter confusion, as they tried to comprehend her logic.

"Um.......You know what never mind!" Twilight decided to not question her logic and move onto the most important matter at hand. "At least Pinkie's here with us. All that's left is Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy."

"Hey guys!" The four girls turned to see Rainbow Dash and Applejack running down the hallway to join them. Rainbow Dash skidded to halt as she reached them.

"Well speak of the devil!" Rarity commented on their convenient timing.

"Ha! I win!" Rainbow Dash boasted, skidding to a halt as she reached while triumphantly pumping her fist into the air. Applejack on the other hand took a few more seconds to reach them. She staggered to a halt as she reached them, catching her breath.

"Pant Why does...pant everythin'....pant...have to be a race with you?" Applejack complained to Dash in between breaths.

"Heh, don't blame're the one said that I had to maintain my title right?" Dash countered smugly. While Applejack was irritated at her smug statement, she let it go, noting that it was just how Dash was. The two turned their attention to Twilight.

"Sorry about the urgent notice everyone, but this is important and we need to discuss this." Twilight explained to them, her voice conveying the urgency of the situation at hand.

"Yeah, but let's make it clear to all of us, that we are not to talk about this to anyone else other then ourselves. Are we clear?" Sunset Shimmer said sternly, looking at Dash with prying eyes. Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie all nodded their heads in agreement, but Dash sensed that Sunset was accusing her of something.

"What? What're you looking at me for?" Dash said defensively. Sunset knew fully that Dash knew what she was alluding to, but she chose not to be confrontational as there was a more important matter at hand.

"All Sunset is saying is that if this gets out, there will be serious consequences. That's why we need to be careful when talking about this." Twilight further explained to them.

"Hmph....fine by me. Besides, nothing exciting has happened ever since our thing with the Dazzlings, so this is our problem and our's alone am I right!" Dash pridefully stated, excited to learn what this was all about.

"Yep yep yep yep yep!! Let's have another adventure!" Pinkie energetically added. Dash snickered a little at how Pinkie shared her excitement.

"Well what're we waitin' for? Spill the beans already." Applejack pitched in her interest at the topic at hand.

"Yes! I want to see that gorgeous glow again!" Rarity finally said, jumping with excitement. Twilight and Sunset smiled at each other as they saw that from the group's responses that they were all on board with this, which was more than enough confirmation for them.

"Alright then! In that case let's go in!" Twilight opened the door to their band room.

"Woah! Hold up a sec!" Applejack said, looking around the hallways. The group stopped to hear what she had to say.

"What is it AJ?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah! What's the hold up?" Dash said, tapping her foot impatiently. Applejack looked back at the group and counted how many of them were present, including herself. She counted six, when there should be seven girls.

"Were one person short....." Applejack finally said.

".....wait......where's Fluttershy?" Twilight said, concern growing in her voice.


Sonic and Silver were walking to the entrance of the school down the halls of CHS. Sonic was still miffed about his loss to Rainbow Dash, which caused him to be less energetic as he used to be, as the loss dealt a severe blow to his confidence.

Silver on the other hand, found himself day dreaming about Rarity and how beautiful she was. Her curled purple hair, her pure white skin, and her sapphire blue eyes, it made him swoon so much that there were literal hearts in his eyes.
"Oh kind, and so lovely....with an adult charm... Silver swooned internally. However his daydreaming was cut short when he felt a fiery and furious female presence looking down on him during his daydreaming.

"Wha!" Silver popped out of his daydream. He assumed that the presence he felt during his daydreaming was Blaze furious with him for falling for another girl. He immediately felt ashamed of this. He slapped his head a few times to keep himself grounded in reality.
"Dang it! Dang it! I'm sorry Blaze!" Silver said internally, not wanting to know how Blaze would feel if she could read his thoughts right now.

"Hey...what's up with you?" Sonic asked, noticing Silver hitting his head a few times.

"Eh..." Silver studdered, worried that Sonic knew what he was daydreaming about. "Uh....nothing..nothing, just, clearing my head, that's all."

"Yeah well, let's go meet Shadow. He's probably waiting for us at the entrance of the school." Sonic pointed down the hallway.

"Right." Silver agreed. They both continued walking through CHS's hallways. However as they walked,for some reason, they both couldn't get the question of 'why are they here?' out of their heads.

"Hey Sonic. I know we asked this before but, I can't help but ask why are we here in the first place." Silver asked Sonic, the question permeating his mind. Sonic wasn't really in the mood to think that hard about it, but he figured that he should answer anyways.

"Sigh Well I don't know....Shadow said that wormhole work in weird ways or something like that?" Sonic speculated, going back to what Shadow had said. The two stopped walking to talk some more. "I mean, we could've just been thrown into this world by pure chance. Idunno?" Sonic shrugged his shoulders as he didn't really have much to say on the matter.

"Yeah but....." Silver tapped his foot as he tried to think of a way to articulate his thoughts. "....what if we were sent here for a reason. I mean like.....we were sent to this specific world for a reason." Silver speculated that maybe they weren't sent here by mere chance. Sonic on the other hand wasn't that interested in Silver's hypothesis.

"Sigh Look Silver. It doesn't matter what world were in. All we gotta do is lay low, find the chaos emeralds, and stay out of tro-"


Sonic was interrupted when they both heard someone slam a locker followed by a scared yelp from around the corner nearby.

"The heck was that?" Silver said, a feeling of caution growing in his body.

"Let's go check it out." Sonic said walking over to the where he heard the sound. Silver followed close behind him.

"How 'bout ya say that again!?" They heard a bitter and angry voice interrogate someone. "You got somethin' to say about me huh!?"

Sonic and Silver peek and around the corner. The both gasped at what they saw. They saw a green haired boy with yellow skin, wearing a black biker jacket, white T shirt and ripped black jeans. He was looking down at someone with his fist against the locker where he supposedly punched it. And the person that he was looking down on was, to their horror, Fluttershy, who was cowering under this person's leering eyes with her back against the lockers.

"I-I-I I'm s-sorry. I j-j..just w-wanted-d t-to-" Fluttershy voice and body shuddered with her knees and feet apart as she tried to say something, but to no avail as she was too scared to get it out.

"Don't give your damn excuses!" The boy snapped at her angrily, causing her to let out a scared squeal. "I bet you think you're better than me, don't you, you little coward!?" Fluttershy now looked like she was on the verge of crying as tears began forming in her eyes. She would try and run away, but he had trapped her against the lockers.

Silver looked around and noticed that the other students were just ignoring what was going on, which made no sense to him.
"Why isn't anyone doing anything!?" Silver whispered to Sonic, frustrated that people were ignoring this.

"Grr it's because they are too afraid to get involved." Sonic replied, his anger rising by the second at what was going on.

"P-.......Please.........I didn't...." Fluttershy begged him to listen, her fear permeating through her voice as she sunk down lower to the ground.

"Don't give me that damn crybaby act!" The boy continued berating her. Unable to handle the combination of terror and blows to her self esteem, she began crying.
As Sonic saw her cry, his instincts to do something about this kicked in, and he started moving towards Fluttershy and the bully without saying anything.

"Sonic wait!" Silver grabbed Sonic's shoulder stopping him. "We can't rush into this blindly!"

"Grr Do what ever you want." Sonic shrugged off Silver's hand. "I'm putting this guy in his place!" He continued walking towards the bully.

"Tch! Sonic!" Silver tried to reason with him. Sonic didn't listen as he cracked his knuckles ready for the inevitable confrontation ahead. He just couldn't

"Ha! Look at you! I bet you have no backbone whatsoever! You know what you look like right now? A weakling! That's what." The bully continued to berate Fluttershy, who still was crying in fear. All of Fluttershy's insecurities were in full force right now as she cried. She just wanted him to stop and go away at this point. But there was nothing she could do.

"Hmph! Well if you're gonna be that way, then maybe I should get a little-"

"Hey!" Scrooge was interrupted by a voice to his right. He looked over to see a person he hadn't seen before in school. "Why don't you back off!" Sonic said forcefully, trying to intimidate him.
Fluttershy looked over, and a wave of relief flew over her body when she saw that it was Sonic.
Unfortunately Scrooge wasn't intimidated by his words.

"Pfft! And who the hell are you? Buzz off you scrub!" Scrooge insulted him. Sonic ignored his insults and then walked closer, preparing to get a little physical.

"I said..." Sonic then forcefully pushed Scrooge back, causing him to stagger a little. "...back off!" Sonic's voice was even more forceful and to the point this time.
While he was caught off guard by Sonic's move, Scrooge chuckled a little as he knew that he was going to give Sonic one hell of a pounding.

"Heh heh heh. You.....should not have done that." Scrooge said maliciously, making his hostility very apparent. Sonic held his ground, not showing any signs of intimidation whatsoever.

"I don't know who you are....but you don't have the right to berate people like that! You got that!?" Sonic said forcefully, holding his ground.
Fluttershy, while relieved to see Sonic, was still too scared to move as she didn't know what was going to happen.
The tension in the air rose to the point where other students were noticing. It appeared that a fight was inevitable.

"Hmph! You got some balls I'll give ya that." Scrooge crassly complimented Sonic. "But I don't give a rat's ass about what you say! So why don't you get off your high horse and screw off!! You blue rat!"

The second Scrooge said 'blue rat', something snapped inside Sonic that caused him to briefly lose control of himself. Then, in an instant, Sonic delivered a devastating punch to Scrooge's gut.

"AGH!!" Scrooge reeled back, clutching his stomach, which felt like a bowling ball had been dropped on it. This made all the other students gasp in surprise.
Silver's body tensed up as he knew what was about to go down as gonna get messy.
After punching him, Sonic looked at his fist, noting at how he made Scrooge reel back in pain. While he was surprised at his strength, at the same time he was dreading what was about to come next.

"You.......ARE DEAD!!!!!" Scrooge suddenly lunged at Sonic and grabbed him by the neck, catching Sonic off guard. Then he proceeds to slam him into the lockers towards Fluttershy.

"AH!" Fluttershy screamed in fear as she ducked under Sonic body as he slammed into the lockers behind her. She frantically scrambled from underneath to get away from their fighting.
Scrooge held Sonic against the lockers, with his grip getting tighter and tighter. Sonic tried pulling Scrooge's hand off his neck, but Scrooge's grip was strong, which prevented him from getting Scrooge off him. Sonic knew that there was no turning back now. It was time to fight!

"Alright! Bring it!" Sonic managed to kick Scrooge off him with a front kick, causing him to stagger backwards. Then Sonic threw a series of wild punches at Scrooge's face. The first two managed to hit him, but then Scrooge dodged the next two by leaning his body boxer style. Then he caught the next punch thrown by Sonic, pulled him towards him and then kneed him in the stomach.

"GAH!!" Sonic's felt Scrooge's knee dig into his stomach. Scrooge then threw Sonic back against the lockers, then walked towards him winding up a devastating punch. Sonic managed to recover from the last strike he gave him and saw Scrooge about to throw his haymaker.
"Oh geez!!" Sonic cried out as Scrooge's fist blasted by his head and into the locker behind him, making a large dent in the metal.
"Hey! You need to cool off!!" Sonic grabbed Scrooge's head and head butted him, causing him to stagger backwards again. While he was staggered Sonic ran up and then kicked him into the lockers on the other side of the hall. Then Sonic ran towards him, readying a hay maker of his own.
"Alright take this!" Sonic then threw his strike at Scrooge. But Scrooge read Sonic's move and moved his head to the left, causing's Sonic's attack to miss. Then he grabbed Sonic by the shoulders and then threw him to the side.
"Whoa!" Sonic yelled as he tumbled to the ground, landing on his back.

"Ha! Come on! Is that all you've got!?" Scrooge taunted Sonic, a smirk forming on his face as he seemed to be enjoying his fight. Then he marched over and then attempted to kick Sonic in the face. Sonic rolled to the side, avoiding Scrooge stomping on his face, managing to get back on his feet.

"Pant Pant I'm just getting started!" Sonic taunted back, he too was starting to enjoy the fight. It was about time that he saw some action.

"GRRRRRYAAAA!!!" The two wound up their fists as they advanced on each other and threw their strikes, which resulted in both their fists clashing in a devastating punch parry, creating a small shockwave. Their fight managed to draw a small crowd of on lookers as they observed the fight from a safe distance.

Fluttershy still sat on the ground as she watch the fight in horror. While she was relieved that she was saved by Sonic, she knew that this fight would not end well for both Sonic and Scrooge. If she didn't do something, one of them will be seriously hurt. With Scrooge preoccupied with his fight , she decided to slip away from the fight, and go find Principal Celestia.

Silver clutched his hair as he watched Sonic fight Scrooge, realizing that everything was going wrong.
"Oh god! What do I do!? What do I do!? What do I do!?" Silver frantically paced, trying to figure out what to do. Then he finally got an idea.
"I know, I'll get Shadow!" Silver than ran off from the fight, as he went off to find Shadow.

Sonic and Scrooge pushed against each other with their finger's locked with each other. While Sonic was strong, Scrooge appeared to be stronger in terms of physical strength, as he started to push Sonic back little by little.
Knowing that he was about to be overpowered, he managed to break free of Scrooge's grip, and the punched Scrooge in the nose, which stunned him briefly.
Then Sonic attempted to tackle Scrooge to the ground, charging into his stomach. However Scrooge managed to keep his footing, and then proceeded to elbow Sonic in the back two times, causing Sonic to let go of his stomach. Scrooge then grabbed Sonic's hair and brought him up to eye level and then gave him a head butt to the face.

Sonic stumbled backwards, his face and nose aching with pain from Scrooge's most recent attack. He managed to regain his footing, but he didn't have time to react as Scrooge threw a round house kick at him. Sonic managed to put up his guard and block the attack, but the force was so great that it tore through his guard and hit him in the face anyways.

"WAH!!" Sonic fell to the side from Scrooge's attack. Scrooge advanced on him while he was down, ready to step on Sonic's leg, or worse. However Sonic acted quickly and kicked Scrooge in the shin, preventing him from attacking while he was down. He then quickly got back up on his feet and threw a side kick at Scrooge's stomach.

"Oof!" Scrooge stumbled back. Sonic then charged at Scrooge full force, with his fist clenched. Scrooge saw Sonic advance and blindly threw a random punch. Sonic dodged to the side, Scrooge's fist grazing his face as it flew by then drove his fist into Scrooge's stomach.

"GAH!!!" Sonic's attack had enough force to lift Scrooge off his feet and throw him back. Scrooge flew back a few feet before landing on his back, sliding across the school floor a little.
Sonic rubbed his fist, which was a little sore from punching Scrooge so hard. He was getting tired at this point due to no having his usual athleticism.

"Pant Pant Pant Are we done here?" Sonic said to Scrooge who was still clutching his stomach on the ground. He looked around at the small crowd who was watching them with eyes fill with worry and anticipation.
"This isn't going to go anywhere good?" Sonic knew that this wouldn't end well.

Scrooge was furious at this point. He hadn't met someone who actually fought back against him. But that only gave him more incentive to get even more violent.
"Ha! That's rich! Coming from the guy who started this fight!" Scrooge spat back at him, his voice full of spite. He slowly got up, the pain in his stomach subsiding.

"You expect me to do nothing while you were picking on her? Give me a break!" Sonic retorted. He started advancing, ready to knock Scrooge out if he continued fighting. Scrooge stood up, panting heavily as he prepared to slug Sonic face as soon as he got close.

"And you should learn to mind your own damn business!" Scrooge continued to berate Sonic.
Sonic could tell that Scrooge did not intend to stop fighting. So he clenched his fist tightly as he prepared to cut this fight short. Sonic remained silent as he approached Scrooge slowly.

"If that's how you're gonna be, then you can bet your ass it's my business!" Sonic retorted, not backing down. Sonic then prepared to end this fight quickly by knocking Scrooge out.

"I'm sorry...." Sonic pulled his fist back. ".....but you wouldn't listen!" Sonic then let his fist fly toward Scrooge's head. The small crowd that gathered gasped as Sonic's fist impacted Scrooge.
However Sonic gasped in surprise as he saw that Scrooge had caught his fist just as he landed the blow.
Scrooge tightly gripped Sonic's fist as his anger rose by the second. He hadn't encountered anybody who had actually stood up against him, but that only made him want to get even more violent.

"Listen?.......Ha! Don't give me that shit!" Scrooge said, his voice full of spite and anger as he slowly rose while gripping Sonic's fist.Sonic, knowing that he was in a bad spot, tried to pull away. But Scrooge's grip was strong which prevented him from letting go.
"Just who do you think you are? Tellin' me what to do." Scrooge continued to rise, his grip on Sonic getting tighter and tighter. Sonic continued to try pulling away, but Scrooge just kept holding onto him.
"I don't care what anybody says. I DECIDE WHAT I DO, NOBODY ELSE!!" Scrooge yelled at Sonic in the face. "And if you got a problem with that.....!" Scrooge suddenly grabbed Sonic by his collar. "....THEN YOU CAN GO TO HELL!!!"

"WhooOOOAAAA!!!" Sonic exclaimed as Scrooge suddenly lifted him off the ground over his head and then slammed him into the ground behind him.
"GAHHHH!!!" Sonic's back surged with pain as he impacted the ground below. The crowd also was shocked at Scrooge's pile driver.
Sonic struggled to get his bearings as he tried to get back up. The blow had left him dazed, with his vision fading in and out. However, he managed to see Scrooge about to stomp on his face through his blurred vision.

"Oh geez! Sonic managed to roll to the side, barely avoiding Scrooge's foot, but Scrooge didn't let up as he continuously tried to stomp on Sonic. Sonic could feel the ground shake a little from Scrooge's feet pounding on the ground. He kept rolling to the side until he bumped into the lockers. Sonic re positioned himself to see Scrooge above him, about to kick him in the face.

"No where to run now punk!!" Scrooge then attempted to drive his foot into Sonic's head. But Sonic again managed to avoid his foot, as it slammed into the lockers once more. Then Sonic scrambled to his feet and then lunged into Scrooge's stomach catching him off guard.

"Ack! Why you!!" Scrooge fell backwards as Sonic tackled him to the ground. Sonic then keeled over him, with Scrooge clawing at his shirt and face.

"Fine! If you're gonna be that way!...." Sonic decided to not hold back anymore, and proceeded to start punching Scrooge in the face. He managed to get in one punch before Scrooge put his guard up. Scrooge then managed to grab Sonic's collar and then threw him to the side.
"Ack! Hey!" Sonic tumbled to the side as Scrooge threw him off of his stomach. He tried to get back up but before he could, Scrooge had already thrust his knee onto his chest, preventing him from getting up.
"Oh crap!" Sonic knew he was in a bad situation.

"Heh Heh! That's right! You scared now rat!?" Scrooge taunted him as he prepared to wail on Sonic. Sonic attempted to put his guard up, but before he could do so, Scrooge pinned his arm's down with his other leg and hand. Scrooge then proceeded to repeatedly slug Sonic in the face.

"ACK! GAH!! DAAH!!!" Sonic exclaimed in pain as Scrooge went to town on his face. Sonic struggled to maintain consciousness, as his vision and senses blinked on and off.
Finally Scrooge stopped hitting his face, but not before kicking him in the side, causing him to slide on the floor towards the lockers.

"Owwwww." Sonic groaned in pain as he struggled to get up. His face ached, his nose was bleeding, and multiple area's of his body were aching. He hadn't experienced being almost defeated in a long time. But his pride wouldn't let him back down.

"Pant Pant You done already!? Come on! I was just starting to get interested. Don't tell me you're gonna chicken out and run away. Are ya?" Scrooge continued to taunt him, also feeling tired as he hadn't had to exert himself in a while.
With that Sonic slowly stood up, blood dripping from his nose, his stomach and body aching, and a little dizzy. He wasn't about to lose this guy.

"Pant pant Pant I can do this all day." Sonic put his fists up, ready to continue fighting


Shadow was waiting outside the front of the school waiting for Sonic and Silver. However he was increasingly getting irritated as he expected them to be here 10 minutes ago.

"Grrr! Those two are late. What are they doing?" Shadow said, his irritation growing. He would give them both a talking to once they got here.

"Shadow! Shadow!! Shadow!!!" Shadow heard Silver's voice from inside the School. He looked to left see Silver burst out of the school doors with an increasingly worried look on his face.
"Shadow! We got a problem! A huge problem!!" Silver ran up to him.

"Calm down. What's going on?" Shadow maintain his calm demeanor.

"S-Sonic...he's fighting with someone!" Silver explained quickly.

"What!!?" Shadow's calm tone instantly broke. "What the hell is he doing!?" Shadow asked for more details.

"T-t-there was this guy, he was picking on another student, so Sonic butted in and he started fighting him." Silver explained further.

"Oh, for tHE LOVE OF-!!" Shadow was seriously pissed with Sonic, especially after explicitly telling him to not cause any trouble. However he decided to waste no time getting angry and take action.
"Come on! Let's clean up this mess!" Shadow told Silver to follow him. They both went inside to go and find Sonic.
"Damn that faker! When I find him, he's going to get it! Shadow was burning on the inside with rage.


Principal Celestia had just walked out of a meeting with one of the school faculty and was on her way back to her office to finish some more paperwork (as usual). She sighed, tired from today's work. She had been doing paperwork all day, aside from attending three boring meetings. She wanted to do something different with her life aside from the boring grind.

"Sigh I swear I don't get enough sleep these days." Celestia said to herself, holding her head tiredly.

"Principal Celestia!!" She heard a young female student's voice. She turned behind her to see Fluttershy running towards her. Celestia wondered what she had to say.

"Oh Fluttershy. What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost." Celestia asked her, noting her extremely worried expression. Fluttershy caught her breath for a few seconds, clutching her chest as her lungs felt empty.

"T-Th-There's a fight going on!" Fluttershy told her, her voice stuttering as she spoke.

"What!? Who's fighting!?" Celestia asked, worry growing in her voice.

"It's Scrooge and- an- and this new student. H-His name is Sonic!" Fluttershy explained quickly. Celestia gasped at those two names.

"Oh my goodness! Again!?" Celestia has had to deal with Scrooge getting into fights before, and this was the third time this month. "And Sonic....he just came into CHS today." Celestia now questioned Sonic's integrity as a student.
"Fluttershy, take me to them quick!" Celestia told Fluttershy.

"Right!" Fluttershy told her. Celestia then followed Fluttershy as they hurried over to where the fight was taking place.

"Scrooge. Just what have you gotten into this time?! And Sonic you better have a good excuse for this!" Celestia thought, as she had enough on her plate to deal with already.

"TAKE THIS!!!" Scrooge's fist struck Sonic in the face once again, causing Sonic to stagger a little. But Sonic recovered and wound up a punch of his own.
"GRRRYAAAA!!" Sonic let out a battle cry as he let his fist fly and struck Scrooge square in the jaw. Their fighting had grown more intense. They were throwing and punching each other all over the hallway, causing the crowd watching them to stay back even further.
Sonic had taken several strikes to his face and body now, causing it to ache considerably. But the adrenaline kept him from breaking down and allowed him to keep fighting. On top of that, deep down, he was actually kind of enjoying himself.
Scrooge was in a similar condition to Sonic, breathing heavily and his body was aching. He wanted to cave in Sonic's head for daring to stand in his way, but at the same time

HYAAAAA!!!" Sonic and Scrooge clashed fist's once again, the force of their punches canceling each other out. They then both clashed fists with their other arms, causing them to push against each other for a few seconds before finally butting heads and pushing each other back.

Pant Pant Pant How long is this gonna go on?" Sonic said to himself. He had been fighting Scrooge for about fifteen minutes now, and he still showed no sign of backing down. Fortunately for him, he still had adrenaline going through his system, and he intended to make the most of it.

"Pant I've have just about had it with you!" Scrooge charged toward's Sonic, his fist ready to fly. Sonic widened his stance, ready to counter attack. Scrooge let his fist fly at Sonic's head. Sonic read his move and dodged to the side, and then proceeded to throw a blow of his own. But Scrooge also read Sonic's attack and dodged it as well. He then grabbed Sonic's arm as it flew past him and pulled Sonic towards him.

"WHA!!" Sonic exclaimed as he was jerked forward. Scrooge then proceeded to put him in a headlock. "Ack! Hey what are you-?"

"What do you think of this?!" Scrooge then proceeded to give Sonic an atomic noogie!

"GAH!!!! WHAT THE- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!?" Sonic exclaimed as Scrooge wedged his fist into the top of his skull. To Sonic, this wasn't one of the playful noogies that he gave Tails on occasion, he was literally trying to noogie him to death.

"HAHAHAHA!! How do ya like that!?" Scrooge said as he continued to furiously rub his fist on Sonic's head.

"GRRRR!!! Knock it off!!!" Sonic proceeded to elbow Scrooge in the belly, not having anymore of this.

"DAH!! Why you!!!" Scrooge threw Sonic down to the ground in response.

"GAH!! Ow..." Sonic groaned as he hit the floor below, his head stinging. He swore that Scrooge managed to take some hair off his head from that. But before he could do anything else, Scrooge thrust his foot on his throat.

"ACK!!! *cough* Hey!!" Sonic couldn't breath as Scrooge stepped on his throat.

"HA! Come on! Sure that can't be all you've got!?" Scrooge taunted him some more, which only served to annoy Sonic even more.

"!! Get...OFF!!" Sonic, fed up with this elongated fight, grabbed Scrooge's foot and managed to pry it off his throat.

"Huh!?...What the-?" Scrooge lost his balance for a second.

"How do you like this!!" Sonic then sunk his teeth into Scrooge's leg.

"GAAH!!! Hey what are you doing!!?" Scrooge tried to shake Sonic off his leg, but Sonic held on tight with his teeth. Sonic growled as he continued biting into Scrooges leg even as his body flapped on the ground. He didn't care if he looked ridiculous, if Scrooge had the audacity to humiliate him with that atomic noogie, he was going to do the same.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was leading Celestia to where the fight was taking place.
"Oh please please please don't be hurt!" She worried if Sonic or Scrooge were already hurt during their fight. She wouldn't forgive herself if they got hurt because of her. Fluttershy and Celestia rounded a corner and they immediately saw the fight. The two gasped as they looked at the damaged lockers and the small crowd that was watching them. Right now Sonic and Scrooge were rolling on the ground as they fought.

"OH MY GOODNESS!! THIS STOPS NOW!!" Celestia cried out as she ran towards the fight to stop them. The small crowd of students cleared out of the way as she made her way towards them. Sonic and Scrooge did not stop fighting even at the sound of her voice.
"Both of you! Stop this instance!!" Celestia tried to pry the two apart, but they still didn't pay attention to her.

"Grrr! Come here! You wanna piece a me!!?" Scrooge snarled at Sonic as he clawed at his face.

"Ha!! I have plenty for ya so bring it!!" Sonic spat back at Scrooge while he comically pounded on Scrooge's head. Celestia continued to try and pry them apart, and the fact that they were not listening to her was starting to annoy her.

"Alright! THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Celestia, using a small fraction of her former power, used it to pry the two apart with considerable force.

"Woah!" The two of them said as they were pulled away from each other. They were both surprised at Celestia's surprising strength.

"NOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!?" Celestia yelled at them both as she held them back, as they still tried to take potshots at each other.

"GRRR!!! He started it!" Scrooge snapped at Sonic, pointing at him.

"HE CALLED ME RAT!!" Sonic snapped back. The two continued to try and fight each other while trying to break free of Celestia's surprisingly strong grip. Of course this only served to anger Celestia even more, and she wasn't having any more of it.

"I said...THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Celestia shouted even louder, causing the two of them to stop their fighting and fall silent. The crowd also fell silent.

Sonic and Scrooge were both too scared to say anything back to Celestia. They exchanged a brief look with each other, expecting the other to say something.

"I don't care what the reason is. Fighting is not tolerated in my school! UNDERSTAND!!?" Celestia was seriously angry with the two of them, especially considering they have smashed several lockers during their fight.

Sonic had now realized that he had seriously screwed up.
"Damn! I knew I should've taken Shadow's advice!" Sonic thought to himself. He didn't expect Celestia to be so scary when she was mad.

"Grrr..Screw off Celestia! I don't have time for this" Scrooge thought to himself. He seriously didn't want to be punished by her again.

"And as far as I'm concerned, you both are responsible for this mess you've made!" Celestia gestured at the smashed lockers. Sonic looked at the smashed lockers, and looking at the damage, he and Scrooge were in for some serious trouble.
"..and that only means one thing! YOU BOTH ARE HEADED TO DETENTION!" Celestia finally announced their punishment.


During the events of Sonic and Scrouge's fight, Twilight, Sunset, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack, were searching around the school for Fluttershy. They were worried if something had happened to her. Twilight and Spike quickly searched the library. Twilight checked each aisle in the library while Spike checked the smaller areas of the library.
"Spike did you find her!?" Twilight called down from the upper floor of the library.
Spike accidentally bumped his head on a monitor at the sound of her voice as he was checking behind the computers.
"Ow! nothing here!" Spike reported.

Meanwhile, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were out in the field searching for her. Applejack was looking near the bleachers while Dash was making rounds out in the field looking for her. Applejack didn't find Fluttershy near the bleachers, so she decided to check in with Dash and see if she found anything.

"Hey Dash! Ya find er'? Or are ya just showin' off again!?" Applejack yelled out to Dash from atop the bleachers, figuring that Dash was just making laps around the track just for fun. Dash skidded to a halt at AJ's call.

"What's the big idea!? I was not!" Dash retorted. "Besides I see no trace of Fluttershy over here." Dash called back to AJ. Applejack sighed disappointingly. This only put more worry in AJ's stomach as she wondered where Fluttershy was. Dash on the other hand grew even more impatient.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer was searching the other classrooms for Fluttershy. She repeatedly opened every classroom door that wasn't locked and scanned each classroom in search of her. She figured that if Fluttershy was scared, she would hide in the most obscure place possible. Unfortunately no matter how many classroom's she checked, Sunset couldn't find her.

"Sigh Damn! Fluttershy, where are you!" Sunset swore under her breath as she ran through the hallways, her yellow and red hair flowing behind her. She now was convinced that something had happened to Fluttershy. Her magic senses told her that she was still in the school, but it didn't give an exact location. "Could've it have been that person who attacked Twilight in the library!?" Sunset thought to her horror.

Ten minutes later, the four girls met back at the band room, where Rarity and Pinkie were waiting.

"I didn't find her in the library. What about you girls?" Twilight reported her findings, and asked if the others had found her.

"We didn't find her out in the field." Applejack reported. "Considering that Dash actually checked thoroughly "

"I heard that!" Dash retorted, hearing AJ's snide comment.

"I couldn't find her in any of the classrooms! This is bad!" Sunset reported as she arrived, skidding to a halt. "Hey Twilight, you can still sense her right?" Sunset wanted to confirm with Twilight, since she also
had magic senses like her.

"I do, but I can't pin point where she is." Twilight replied, even when she tried to focus her magic senses, she couldn't find where she was, which seriously worried her.

"Oh dear...what if something happened to her?" Rarity was shaking with worry, she couldn't even sense where Fluttershy was. Pinkie on the other hand, still had her same carefree smile on her face.

"Maybe she went to find the Dragonballs!" Pinkie blurted out. The group gave Pinkie an extremely confused look.

"The what?" Sunset said, just as confused as the others.
But then, Twilight felt a familiar magic with her magic sense nearby, and it felt like Fluttershy's!

"Gasp Girls wait!" Twilight focused on her magic sense. "Fluttershy she's..." Twilight and the others looked down the hallway to Twilight's left, and they saw Fluttershy slowly running up to them.

"Pant Pant H-Hey everybody!" Fluttershy waved to them. She was tired from everything that has happened. She felt like her legs could give out at any second.

"FLUTTERSHY!!" The group were all relieved to see her. They all ran up to her to see if she was alright. Fluttershy tripped as she ran towards them.

"W-whoa ow!" Fluttershy whimpered as she collapsed on the ground exhausted. The other's rushed over to help her.

"Fluttershy! Are you okay!?" Twilight asked, kneeling down to help her. It didn't look like she was hurt, just exhausted.

"What happened? Where were you?" Sunset asked Fluttershy about what happened to her, as she got down next to Twilight

"Yeah? What's the deal. You made us all worry!" Dash followed up, wanting know what happened as much as Sunset did.

"Please, tell us everything darling." Rarity asked as well. Fluttershy wanted to answer all their questions, but she was overwhelmed at the moment.

"Girls! Slow down! Can't you see she's overwhelmed?!" Twilight said to them. She wanted to give Fluttershy a chance to calm down considering how exhausted she looked. The other's kept quiet as they let Fluttershy explain what happened to her.

"Pant I-I....It was Scrooge." Fluttershy finally caught her breath. The others gasped in horror.

"Why that pompus, stuck up, bastard!!" Rainbow Dash angrily pounded one of the lockers near her, furious at Scrooge.

"Oh that brute has another thing comin'!" Applejack cracked her knuckles, wanting to give Scrooge a piece of her mind.

"Tsk! Calm down you two! Violence will only make this worse!" Sunset tried to calm the two down.

"My goodness! Just what did that brute want with sweet darling Fluttershy?" Rarity said, shaking in her boots with fear.

"Ooh! I wonder if he wanted some of those cookies that Fluttershy made!" Pinkie speculated, still retaining her upbeat and cheerful tone.

"Oh please, I doubt that was what he wanted Pinkie." Rarity scoffed at her explanation.

"A....A-Actually....that's...actually close to what happened." Fluttershy replied to Rarity, still somewhat tired.

"Huh!?" The other's were surprised at Fluttershy's comment.

"Tell us more Fluttershy." Twilight said in a calm voice. Fluttershy continued to catch her breath as she prepared to explain.

"I-I...wanted to....try and reach out to him." Fluttershy explained. "So...I-I offered him....some cookies I made earlier." The rest of the mane 7 listened intently to her explanation.
"B-but....I must have said something to make him angry." Tears began forming in her eyes.
"A-all I want was to find out....sniff..why he's so angry....sniff" Fluttershy tried to keep herself from sobbing, but she couldn't hold it back. She eventually started crying, feeling horrible for how she wasn't able to reach out to him.
The rest of the mane 7 were also sad alongside Fluttershy.

"How horrible." Twilight said, frustrated at how Fluttershy's kindness was only met with cruelty.
"Why is he like this....all she was trying to do was help!"Twilight thought, holding her frustrations back. Rarity went over to comfort Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, you poor thing. I'm just glad you managed to get out of there unscathed." Rarity said. Fluttershy managed to stop sobbing.

"Sniff A-Actually....I d-did have" Fluttershy further explained, wiping away some tears.

"Huh? Are you saying you were rescued?" Sunset asked her. The other's listened intently, wondering who it was who rescued her.

"Y-yes...I...I...forgot him name....b-but....he was brave...and he had blue hair...." Flutttershy gave a brief description of Sonic.

"Hmm...Blue hair.....Blue hair....." Rainbow Dash could have sworn she remembered someone with Blue hair from earlier.
"Hey wait! This guy's name didn't happen to be Sonic!? Was it!?" Rainbow Dash blurted out. Fluttershy gasped as she finally remembered his name.

"YES! Sonic! Sonic was his name!" Fluttershy yelled.

"WHA!!?" Rainbow Dash and Applejack exclaimed. The other's were more confused as they didn't know who Sonic was at the moment.
"Y-You're serious?! It was blue boy who saved you!?" Dash couldn't believe that Sonic was the one who saved Fluttershy. She nodded in confirmation, smiling at the teams reactions.

"Yes...b-but...they began fighting....and I was afraid that they would get hurt.....s-so.....I find principal Celestia." Fluttershy explained further. The group continued to listen intently.
"After that.....I went to....go find you....."

The group were relieved and surprised at Fluttershy's story. Dash and AJ were more surprised that it was Sonic who saved her, while the others were relieved that Fluttershy was okay.

"Sigh Well in any case, at least you're safe Fluttershy." Twilight smiled, happy that Fluttershy was safe. The other's also were happy to see Fluttershy unharmed. Twilight helped Fluttershy to her feet. While her legs were still shaky, she managed to keep her balance and stand.

"Sigh Thank you." Fluttershy thanked Twilight.

Now that they had all finally gathered, they all knew what was next.
"Okay everyone, let's get back on track. We all what were here to discuss right?" Twilight cheerfully said to the rest of the Mane 7.

"Yeah!!!" They all cheered.

"......uhh.....what exactly are we talking about?" Rainbow Dash forgot what was it exactly they were supposed to talk about. Now that the others though about it, they too had forgotten what they were supposed to talk about.

"Spike!" Twilight said to Spike from within her backpack.

"Yep?" Spike popped out from inside her backpack.

"Show everyone what we found yesterday!" Twilight told him. With no hesitation, Spike searched through Twilight's backpack. In a few seconds, Spike came out with the glowing yellow emerald in his mouth.
The girls gazed at the emerald's beauty.

"Whoa! What is that!?" Dash shielded her eyes, curious and amazed about what she was looking at.

"Holy Guacamole!" Applejack shared Dash's curiosity. Fluttershy's eyes gleamed in the light of the emerald as she gazed at it in wonderment. Pinkie's curiosity also rose as she looked at the emerald.

"Hey who turned on the lights?" Pinkie commented on the emerald's glow illuminating the halls. Sunset and Rarity had already laid their eyes on the emerald, but it still amazed them, especially Rarity.

"Oh my word! It's still so gorgeous!" Rarity's excitement made her jump with joy. Twilight giggled at their reactions. She couldn't wait to tell them the whole story.

"I'm sure you all have a lot of questions, but they will be all answered in time!" Twilight reassured them. The group were all excited to learn more about this mysterious emerald. With that, they all filed into the band room.


"You sure this was the place?" Shadow said through gritted teeth, trying to hold back his anger. Shadow and Silver were at the place where Sonic and Scrooge fought. Silver had hoped that they would get Sonic in time, but apparently they were too late as all they saw were the remains of their fight.

"Uhhh....." Silver was really nervous as Shadow looked like he could punch someone right now. "I'm sure this was the place." Silver was sure that this was where they were fighting, but all that was left was the smashed lockers.

Shadow let out a frustrated sigh.
"Well if anything, at least it's obvious that he was here." Shadow said, he judged from the damage done to the lockers, he knew that Sonic and some other person was fighting. But there was still no sign of Sonic or any other familiar faces "Next question is, where did he go?" Shadow and Silver looked around for any traces of Sonic.

Nearby Celestia was looking for Sonic's two brothers. She had already place Sonic and Scrooge in detention, and she wanted to inform them of what Sonic has been up to in the past half hour. She looked down one of the hallways and to her relief, she saw Shadow and Silver.
"Oh thank goodness! There you are!" Celestia ran up to them.

"Huh? Oh man!" Silver jumped a little at Celestia's appearance, while Shadow remained calm.

"Great, she's probably here to question us about Sonic" Shadow thought, knowing that Celestia was coming to talk to them about Sonic.

"I'm sorry, but I had to talk to you as soon as possible." Celestia explained.

"So...what's going on?" Shadow remained calm.

"It's your brother. He is in detention for fighting with Scrouge." Celestia broke the news to them.

"Oh no!" Silver exclaimed, afraid that they were going to get in trouble as well. Shadow too was shocked, but he wasn't that surprised. He held back his anger and calmed down.

"Sigh I thought that's what happened." Shadow replied, he knew this would happen eventually.

" two aren't in any trouble, but I would like to hear what you would have to say for your brother." Celestia wanted to hear what Sonic's brother's had to say in his defense.

"Uhh....I would like to say something..." Silver volunteered to speak in Sonic's defense.

"Hmm?" Shadow raised an eyebrow at what Silver had to say.

"Uh...Sonic wasn't fighting because he wanted to, he was helping somebody who was being bullied! You can't fault him for that right? He he he..." Silver explained. He was afraid of getting in trouble, but he also wanted to help Sonic as well.

"Sigh He has already used that excuse with me, and I'm afraid that's not going to fly." Celestia found Silver's explanation to be unsatisfactory.

"Uhh...but....can't you-"

"Silver that's enough." Shadow interrupted Silver. " his older brother, I'll take full responsibility for his actions. I should've kept a closer eye on him."
Celestia continued listening to Shadow, now somewhat sympathetic towards them.
"But....can you, just this once...let him go. I'll be sure to give him a talking to afterwards." Shadow asked Celestia as sincerely as possible, something he never thought he'd do in a long time.

"Hmmmmmm......." Celestia tapped her foot as she thought about Shadow's proposition. While she knew that Sonic was a new student, he still needed to learn the rules around here. Silver tensed up, wondering what Celestia was going to say.
She thought for a good minute or two before answering.

"Sigh Okay then. But if I catch him doing something like this again, the consequences will be more severe, got it?" Celestia finally said. Silver breathed a sigh of relief. Shadow too was relieved yet he still had many harsh words for Sonic.

"Thank you." Shadow politely said to her.

"Right then, follow me." Celestia gestured for them to follow. With that, Shadow and Silver followed her to where Sonic and Scrooge were in detention.


Sonic and Scrooge were sitting in a classroom, going through their detention, while Miss Cheriliee was making sure they didn't get out of control. They were sitting on opposite sides of the class from each other, taking turns giving each other mean looks.

Sonic for one, was angry that he had to spend two hours in detention. But he was even more angry at Scrooge, both for picking on Fluttershy, and having the nerve to call him 'rat'. He wanted to give him a piece of his mind, but Miss Cheriliee would get on his case if he did.

Scrooge was equally angry at Sonic as he was at him. He had never encountered anybody who got in his way. But he wasn't going to have any of it. He wasn't going to let anyone, not even Sonic tell him what do do.

"Grrr. Just wait until I get my hands on you. Ya blue rat." Scrooge said under his breath.

"WHADYOU SAY!!?" Sonic spat at Scrooge from across the classroom. He apparently heard Scrooge call him a blue rat again.


"HEY!!" Miss Cherilee intervened and proceeded to smack them both on the forehead with her ruler. "One more peep out of you two and you will be in for double detention!"

Sonic and Scrooge fell silent, while their forehead's steamed red from where Miss Cherilee struck them with her ruler. They both decided to play it safe a shut up for now. They both waited for a good ten minutes for something to happen.

However, instinctively, they both decided to look at each other. They didn't know why, but they both guessed that they were too bored at the this point.

"...........what're you looking at?" Sonic said to Scrooge. Scrooge hesitated a little before speaking.

"Tch! That's my line punk!" Scrooge retorted. The two fell silent for a few seconds, while still staring each other down. They didn't know why, but they both got the feeling that they would fight again someday.

"Hmph!" Scrooge finally looked away from Sonic, through with looking at his face. Sonic proceeded to do the same. A few more minutes passed by until Sonic heard voices outside the room. The classroom door opened, and Principal Celestia came in.

"Celestia? Their detention isn't over yet." Miss Cherilee commented.

"I know, but at his brother's request, I've decided to let Sonic go early." Celestia explained. Sonic gasped with hope as he heard Celestia speak.

"You sure? What if he does something like this again?" Miss Cherilee asked.

"His brother assured me that he will straighten him out. For now he goes." Celestia further elaborated.

"Sigh Yes!" Sonic said, relieved that he was getting off the hook. He saw Celestia open the door for him, where he saw Shadow and Silver outside.

"Okay Sonic, you can go now." Celestia opened the door for him, where he saw Silver and Shadow waiting for him.

"Yes! Freedom!" Sonic eagerly got out of his seat and headed for the door.

"Wha-!? GRRR!!!" Scrooge let out a frustrated grunt when he saw Sonic head for the door. "Just you wait punk. I won't forget this!!" Scrooge muttered under his breath.

Sonic felt Celestia look at him with prying eyes as he exited the classroom, he could tell that she was still made at him. However he felt relieved when he saw that Shadow and Silver waiting for him outside.

"Sigh Hey guys.." Sonic breathed a sigh of relief. Silver only waved to him while Shadow said nothing, still clearly angry with Sonic. Sonic was about to walk but he felt Celestia grab him by the shoulder.

"Let me make this clear. If I catch you fighting with Scrouge again, it could mean suspension for you. Okay?" Celestia said, still sounding firm but much calmer the last time she spoke to him.

"Sigh Ok..." Sonic said insincerely, just wanting to get out of that room as soon as possible.

"Let's go you two." Shadow began walking down the hall, wanting to give Sonic a good talking two. Sonic and Silver began following Shadow.

"Uh...thanks!" Silver said to Celestia ran to catch up with Sonic and Shadow. Celestia smiled and waved back.

Shadow led Sonic and Silver a considerable distance from where they picked up Sonic. For Sonic it felt good to finally get out of detention and stretch his legs. He didn't know if he could last more than an hour in that room, especially with Scrouge.

"Sigh Well now that that's over, thanks alot for - BAMM! OWW!!!!" Sonic was about to thank Shadow when he was suddenly met with the back of Shadow's fist slamming into his nose. He reeled back clutching his nose which felt like it was hit with a sledgehammer. Silver flinched at Shadow hitting Sonic in the face. He knew Shadow was angry, but not this angry. He wanted to say something, but was too afraid of Shadow's anger.

"Oohhh.....god!! What did you do that for!?" Sonic said, still clutching his nose. Suddenly Shadow's armed moved at blinding speed, grabbed Sonic by the collar and pulled him right up in his face.

"Do you have a death wish faker!? Do you want to get us caught!?" Shadow interrogated Sonic, his rage permeating through his voice. "At this rate, we'll never find the chaos emeralds!"
Sonic knew that Shadow told him to stay out of trouble, but he wasn't going to let Shadow berate him like this.

"Will you cut it out!?" Sonic pushed Shadow off him, causing him to let go of his collar. "I can take care of myself!"

"Pfft! Yeah right! And look at where you ended up!" Shadow countered, getting seriously irritated with Sonic.

"I agree! Sonic, your recklessness not only got you in trouble, it could have gotten us in trouble!" Silver added.

"Hmph! Like you were any help." Shadow now directed his anger at Silver, annoyed that Silver could have done more to stop Sonic from getting into this situation.

"Wha-? Hey! I tried to stop him you know!" Silver objected to Shadow trying to bring him into this drama.

"Well you obviously didn't do enough...Kid!" Shadow crushed Silver's argument. Silver wanted to object more, but Sonic spoke before he could.

"Hey! Leave Silver out of this!" Sonic clearly didn't like how Shadow tried to throw some of the blame on Silver.

"Fine! Let's hear your excuses then!" Shadow turned his attention back to Sonic.

"Is helping someone who's crying an excuse!?" Sonic angrily retorted, angry that Shadow considered his reason's for helping Fluttershy an 'excuse'.

"I don't care who was crying! The fact is that your rash actions have potentially put us in danger!" Shadow put down Sonic's argument.

"Oh yeah!!? Well I felt it was the right thing to do! So I don't give a damn!!!" Sonic angrily argued against Shadow, breathing heavily from yelling so loud. For as long as he remembered, helping someone who was crying was a must in his code of conduct. And he wasn't going to let Shadow crush that notion.

There was a brief period of silence as the three stood in the hallway. Silver didn't know what he should say to follow up, while Sonic and Shadow stood face to face, both their will's in direct conflict with each other.
While Shadow was mad at Sonic for acting rashly, he at least had good intent behind it. But regardless, he couldn't let Sonic do this again in the future.

"Just because you feel it's the right thing to do, doesn't mean it's always the right thing to do." Shadow said in a more calm but still intimidating voice. He walked closer to Sonic, so that he was up in his face.
"Brians and smarts kid......and you're short on both." Shadow harshly criticized Sonic. He then proceeded to walk past him and continued down the hallway. Sonic didn't even bat an eye as Shadow passed him. He stood with a perpetual frown as he tried to contain himself. Deep down he knew that what he did was wrong, but at the same time, he pride kept him from admitting it.

"Uhh...Sonic...." Silver finally worked up the courage to say something. Sonic didn't say anything, continuing to fester. Eventually, Sonic finally let out a frustrated, yet defeated sigh.

"You know......he's........probably right....." Sonic admitted to himself. He knew that he probably should have gone to get help instead. Now, Celestia is probably going to keep a closer eye on them because of him. Because of that, he couldn't help but feel........ashamed. Silver was rather taken aback at Sonic's words. He didn't think that Sonic would agree with Shadow's harsh words.
"But that doesn't mean I have to like it!" Sonic added, his pride causing him be at odds with Shadow. Silver put on a disdained face, realizing that he had spoken too soon.

Sonic decided to move on and follow Shadow, remembering their mission.
"Hey! Let's go little bro!" Sonic waved Silver to follow him.

"Huh? Oh right!" Silver was so busy thinking about everything that transpired in the last hour that he forgot what was going on now. He ran over to walk beside Sonic. He could see Sonic was still incredibly conflicted about his argument with Shadow, but he decided to bother him about it anymore.

Sonic looked at Shadow as he walked ahead of them. While he had a lot of respect for Shadow, at the same time, he felt immense jealousy. He hated how he talked down to him earlier. He also remembered his beef with Rainbow Dash, and how his defeat at P.E. seriously did a number to his pride.

But regardless, they had a mission to do, so Sonic, and his two brothers, Shadow and Silver, walked ahead towards whatever challenge that this world threw at them next.


Nearby, Celestia had observed the three argue with each other from a safe distance. She couldn't make out what they were saying exactly, but she at least confirmed that Shadow took giving Sonic a talking to seriously.

"I wouldn't exactly go so far to punch him in the face.....but...I'm glad he tried to settle things with him." Celestia was glad that Shadow tried to be the adult of the three brothers, so she felt she made the right decision in letting Sonic go early (she hoped). However she then remembered that Scrouge was still in detention. While she knew Scrouge was also involved in the fight, she did feel slightly sorry for him. She walked back to the classroom where Scrouge was in.

She saw Scrouge still sitting in the classroom waiting out his detention. She recalled that this was the third fight he had gotten into in his time at CHS. She let out a defeated sigh, not knowing if what she was going to say next was the right thing to say.

"Scourge...." Celestia entered the classroom. Scrouge glanced at Celestia. ".....sigh you can go now to." Celestia finally said. Miss Cherilee, who was still watching him, doubletaked in confusion.
"Your mother is probably worried sick about you......" Celestia continued, making her empathy towards Scrouge apparent.

Scrouge didn't say anything at first. But he let out an exasperated sigh, then he got up and walked towards the door. Celestia held the door open for him as he walked by. Scrouge stopped as he walked past Celestia, sensing that she wanted to say something.

"Scrouge, I know it's hard ....but......please, try to control yourself." Celestia pleaded with Scrouge. She anticipated that Scrouge probably wouldn't listen like each of the times that she had tried to help him. But she had hoped that her words would at least get him to try and improve his attitude.
Scrouge was silent for a few seconds.

"Sigh Whatever..." Scrooge begrudgingly replied, then he proceeded to walk off.

Celestia sighed, knowing that dealing with Scrooge was a difficult task.

"You're letting him go to?" Miss Cherilee questioned Celestia's decision to let Scrouge go. "Sigh I hope you know what you're doing."

".........I hope so to." Celestia replied.

Over in the Mane 7's band room, the girls were all huddled around the mysterious new emerald that Twilight had placed on the middle of the table. Twilight and Sunset's magic senses were still trembling just from being near it. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both equally curious about this mysterious object. Fluttershy to also shared the groups enthusiasm while Pinkie was literally cartoonishly teleporting all around the emerald, getting a good look at it from all angles. Rarity on the otherhand still could not contain her excitement upon gazing at the emerald.

"Wow! It''s beautiful!" Fluttershy said, entranced by the emerald's glow.

"Heh. Yeah. That's what Rarity said when she saw it." Sunset chuckled at Fluttershy's almost identical response compared to Rarity's.

"Whoooaa nelly! This is some find Twilight!" Applejack expressed her amazement at the emerald.

"Heh, you bet!" Rainbow Dash added her two bits. "....can I touch it?" Dash reached her hand out to touch it.

"No!" Sunset slapped Dash's hand away before she could touch it.

"Ow! Hey why not!?" Dash objected, rubbing the spot where Sunset slapped her hand.

"Sorry Dash, but this emerald doesn't seem to be compatible with our magic." Twilight explained. "Because of that, whenever we touch it, it causes a caustic reaction to our magic. But I just don't know why." Twilight rubbed her chin as she continued to ponder a reason for it shocking her.

"I don't have the same magic senses like you two..." Applejack said to Twilight and Sunset. "But I still get the feelin' that somethin's off about this thing." Applejack explained how even she could feel it's immense energy despite not having developed Magic senses like Twilight and Sunset.

"I agree Applejack, why is an object like this emanating so much power?" Fluttershy added, being able to sense the incredible amount of energy from the emerald.

"Sigh I wish we knew the answer to that Fluttershy." Twilight replied, unable to think of a reason off the top of her head. The girls (except pinkie), were silent for a moment, as they tried to think of any reason's for this emerald's power, let alone it's reason for being here in the first place.
As Spike was thinking along with the Mane 7, he looked and saw Fluttershy's geode around her neck glowing faintly.

"Hey! Fluttershy! Your geode is glowing!" Spike pointed his paw at her neck. Fluttershy looked down, and gasped when she saw that her geode was indeed emanating a faint glow from the center.

"You're right Spike!" Fluttershy replied, lifting her geode a little to see it better. The glow wasn't too bright, but it was bright enough to be noticable. The other's took notice and checked their geode's and to their surprise, their geode's were glowing as well.

"Heh would ya look at that!" Applejack exclaimed at her geode's glow.

" you think it has something to do with emerald?" Rarity speculated. Twilight thought for a few seconds, perplexed by their geode's strange reaction. .

"I don't know. How did we not notice earlier?" Twilight said. She knew that the emerald's energy wasn't compatible with their magic, yet it was making their geode's react this way.

"Sigh This thing just continues to raise more question the longer I think about it." Twilight sighed as she slouched in her chair, tired from all the question's the emerald was raising. The girls were once again stumped on what the emerald was, let alone where it came from.

"Oh wait!" Spike popped out of Twilight's backpack, the other's directing their attention to him. "You wouldn't believe how we found it!" Spike brought up how they found the emerald in the first place. This caused an idea to pop up in Twilight's head.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, this emerald fell from space when we found it!" Twilight explained again. This information caused the rest of the group to gasp in shock.

"Yeah, and it nearly killed us." Sunset added, causing the group to gasp again.

"T-th-th..that thing......nearly killed you!?" Fluttershy trembled in fear at the notion, while Dash and AJ's jaw hung in disbelief.

"Yes. But, miraculously we were unhurt in the collision." Twilight recalled how the emerald enveloped her, Spike, Sunset, and Rarity in a sphere of yellow energy that prevented them from getting hurt.

"Oh ho ho man! I've totally gotta check this thing out!" Rainbow Dash couldn't contain her curiosity and went to touch it again.

"For the last time No!" Sunset blocked Dash's hand from touching it again, annoyed at how Dash seemed to blatantly ignore her warnings.

"Oh come on! I was only going to put a finger on it." Dash retorted, annoyed at how bossy Sunset was being to her.

"Just touching it will hurt you dummy!" Sunset countered, getting even more annoyed with Dash.

"Sunset's right darling. The slightest touch hurts us. I'm surprised Pinkie hasn't touched it" Rarity commented, noting at how Pinkie was still popping all over the emerald looking at it.

"Yeah! I swear some of my fur was burnt off in that backpack!" Spike complained, showing some of the fur on his side.

"Heh. Long story short, this thing could be potentially dangerous." Sunset added.

"That begs the question, what do we even do with this thing?" Applejack asked, wondering just how they would use it when it isn't compatible with their magic.

"Me and Twilight have been thinking about that AJ." Sunset replied.

"Right. So listen carefully girls, this is what were going to do about this." Twilight said to the rest of them. This prompted the rest of the main 7 to listen intently.

"So, what we do is-"

"Were going to promise that we won't speak about this to anyone else but us, and hide the emerald over at Twilight's place so that nobody can find it! Meanwhile we will continue investigating where this emerald came from, and in the off chance that people find out about the emerald, Sunset and Twilight will cast a spell to erase their memories! squee!" Pinkie quickly rattled off in less than ten seconds.

The rest of the main 7 all hung their jaws in disbelief and confusion. Twilight and Sunset were especially surprised at how Pinkie was able to rattle off their plan before they even explained it.

" did you know our plan Pinkie?!" Twilight said, baffled at Pinkie's explanation.

"Just a hunch." Pinkie shrugged off her question with her typical cheerful nonchalant demeanor. The rest of the Mane 7 were still utterly confused.

"Well.....that's Pinkie for ya." Applejack commented, scratching her head, deciding not to question Pinkie's logic.

"Well uh......did everybody get that?" Sunset asked if everyone managed to hear Pinkie's quick explanation. Most of the mane 7 nodded in confirmation.

"Okay then, since were all on the same boat. I think it's about time I got a better look at this thing!" Rainbow Dash once again, reached for the emerald, only to be stopped by Sunset again.

"Tch! Did you not listen what we've said the past two minutes?!" Sunset chastised her. Dash put on a disdained face, being through with Sunset telling her what to do.

"You know what? Screw it! I'm touching it!" Dash threw Sunset's warnings to the wind and moved in to touch it.

"Wh-! Dash! DON'T!!" Sunset yelled at her to stop. But it was too late because Dash had already placed her entire palm on top of the emerald. The second Dash's hand touched the emerald, her pupil's dilated as she felt a sharp, shocking pain travel through her entire body.

"WhoawoawoawoawoawoaWOAWOAWOAWOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Dash yelled as she was enveloped in an aura of yellow energy. The other mane 7 backed away in fear. The energy current shocked Dash for five seconds before it finally launched Dash across the room and crashing into Pinkie's drumset. The other mane 7 winced at Dash's blunder.

"Aw geez! That's gotta hurt!" Applejack noted.

Dash lay on the ground, her body smoking a little from the emerald shocking her, with one of her legs piercing into one of Pinkie's drums. Now Dash new what Sunset was talking about.

"Okay....................lets.....not touch that thing." Dash finally admitted.
Sunset facepalmed at Dash's stupidity. Twilight gave out a sigh, knowing that keeping this emerald a secret was going to be a challenge. She held her head tiredly, still uncertain about the secrets of this emerald.

"You okay Twilight darling?" Rarity noticed Twilight looking tired.

"I'm okay Rarity. Just worried that all." Twilight reassured Rarity. She already knew that Sunset was worried about her, so she didn't want the others to worry. Meanwhile Fluttershy was helping Dash pull the drum on her leg off.

"Oh yeah! There was another thing that we wanted to discuss guys!" Sunset announced.

"Uh yeah that's great, but can you give us a few seconds?" Dash replied as Fluttershy tried pulling at the drum on her leg.

A minute later, Dash had recovered from her blunder with the emerald and the rest of the mane 7 were ready to talk about the next point of concern.

"So long story short, Twilight was attacked by someone in the library." Sunset explained. The rest of the Mane 7 gasped in response.

"Oh goodness!" Rarity exclaimed. "How long ago was this?"

"It happened today." Twilight confirmed, remembering the hallucinations she saw

"Well that's great! First Scrouge shows up and now this guy!" Dash commented angrily, slouching in her chair.

"What did this guy look like?" Applejack asked, wanting to know who he looked like.

"You girls haven't met him, but I believe he looked like a new student from our Algebra 2 class." Twilight explained, recalling the dark figure's similar appearance to Shadow. "I believe his name was....Shadow"

"Yeah. He had Orange Skin, Red and Black spiky hair, and red eyes." Sunset gave a brief description of Shadow's appearance. The other's thought for a few seconds if they have seen anyone like that.

"Well....anyone could look like that." Rainbow Dash commented. "What made this guy special?" Dash asked further. Sunset and Twilight rattled their heads together to think of anything that made Shadow special aside from his appearance.

"Oh wait! He had a peculiar energy coming from him." Twilight finally remembered how she sensed energy coming from Shadow.

"Yeah. It was faint, but certainly didn't feel like equestrian magic." Sunset added. "...and I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind." Sunset cracked her knuckles, her rage growing slightly

"Sunset, we don't know if it was him who attacked me." Twilight put her hand on Sunset's shoulder to calm her down..

"Sigh I know, but, we can't be too sure." Sunset replied, calming down a little, just as unsure of the situation as Twilight was.

"Oh! Speaking of strange characters. There was another new student in me and Pinkie's art class." Rarity mentioned. "It's probably just me, but he had a hairstyle very similar to what you described."

"Did you feel any strange energy coming from him?" Sunset asked her.

"Yes. But If I may, this energy didn't feel hostile in the slightest." Rarity explained as she adjusted her hair slightly. "But I agree, he is someone we should keep an eye on." She added half truthfully as she somewhat wanted to see him more, keeping herself from blushing.

"Okay, so we have these two new guys to keep track of." Twilight reconfirmed. "Did anyone else see anybody suspicious today?" Twilight asked the rest of the group. Rarity and Fluttershy shook their heads, Dash and Applejack shrugged their shoulders, while Pinkie was preoccupied blowing a big bubble gum balloon the size of her face, which proceeded to pop in her face, with the gum stretched across her face.

"Okay then, I say we can call this meeting adjourned?" Twilight asked.

"Yes paleeezz!" Dash said impatiently, quickly standing up from her chair and stretching.

"Yea, I need to get back home anyways. Big Maci'll probably get on ma case." Applejack added. The other girls nodded in agreement to end the meeting. Twilight and Sunset exchanged a glance and nodded.

"Okay then meeting adjourned then." Sunset called the meeting over. With that, the Mane 7 got up from the seats to leave. Twilight put the emerald in the front most pocket of her backpack, using a napkin to grab it without getting hurt. She looked at the time, seeing that it was almost an hour after school ended.
The Mane 7 filed out of the band room, with them chatting to each other about the emerald and the other aspects of their day.

Twilight was the last to leave the room. She already had a lot of questions lined up in her head about what was going on. First this emerald, then that mysterious figure in the library. She sighed tiredly as she walked down the hallway.

"You gonna be okay Twilight?" Spike asked, noticing she was walking a bit slower than usual.

"Oh, I'm okay Spike. Maybe some free time would calm my nerves." Twilight replied, not wanting to worry him. She figured that relaxing a little would ease her mind before tackling this problem. She then thought Rarity would want to do something before they went home. She then ran up to ask Rarity if she wanted to go out tonight.


Sonic, Shadow, and Silver were outside the entrance to Canterlot High, discussing their next move. Sonic and Silver were sitting on the steps while Shadow was sitting down. The three were still not adjusted to their situation, and they haven't gotten a bead on any of the chaos emeralds yet.

"Okay guys what's our next move?" Sonic asked. He still was on edge towards Shadow because of their argument earlier.

"Well, considering that we nearly blew our cover multiple times today, I suggest that we lay low and just act like normal students here." Shadow explained, his arms crossed.
Sonic looked over at the horizon to see that the sun was going down behind the hills.

"Uh, there's also another problem." Sonic raised a finger. Shadow and Silver turned to listen. "We need a place to crash.". The other two looked over the horizon to see the sun setting.

"Well, you have a point." Shadow agreed with him. They would look even more suspicious if they were just sleeping on the streets.

"Well what should we do? Sleep out in the woods?" Sonic pointed towards the place they woke up in this world. Although, he wasn't particularly excited about the idea.

"Heck no! We'll have to deal with all sorts of creatures in there." Silver objected to sleeping in the woods. "On top of that, we would probably start to stink after a few days."

"Yeah....good point." Sonic replied.

" We don't have any money, so it's not like we can afford a house here." Shadow added. "We might not have any other choice." Shadow implied that, sleeping in the woods may be their only option.

"Sigh Is that really what were gonna do?" Sonic complained. "And besides, we have no idea how long were gonna be here, so it's not like were getting a permanent house here." Sonic was not excited about staying here.

"We'll stay here as long as we need to. Understand" Shadow replied, his tone getting more firm.
Meanwhile, Silver was thinking about possible places to stay in their current situation. After a few seconds of thinking, he finally got an idea.

"Hey guys!" Silver said to them. "I might have an idea! Follow me!" Silver then led the two back into the school.

Silver lead them into the library. Sonic and Shadow were confused as to why he brought them back into the school.

"Uh....Silver, why'd you take us to the library of all places?" Sonic asked him, not particularly pleased with being in the school again. Shadow thought the same thing, but didn't say anything as he wanted to see what Silver was on to.

"I took a few minutes to explore the library before P.E. I gotta say it's pretty impressive." Silver complimented the library's vast collection.

"Yes, but how does that relate to us staying here?" Shadow questioned, unsure of where Silver was taking his idea.

"Well, I happened to stumble upon this little place over here." Silver lead them upstairs and through a few aisles of books. They eventually got to a small corner of the library, where there were books stacked almost like a makeshift bed.

"Uh....what's up with this place?" Sonic asked Silver.

"Well, for one, it looks like nobody ever comes here." Silver noted at how the books here were dusty. "And on top of that, it looks like somebody has already used this place to stay." Silver noted the makeshift bed made out of books along with a crumpled sheet that looks like it was used as a blanket.

"Really! Wow!" Sonic was impressed with his little brother's resourcefulness.

"Hmph. Not bad kid." Shadow expressed his approval of Silver's ingenuity. Silver blushed and scratched the back of his head embarrassingly.

"Oh please! I had to find new places to sleep everyday back in my timeline." Silver recounted how he had to find new places to hide from Iblis and his monsters.

"Well, it works for me! I call dibs on the bed!" Sonic quickly threw himself onto the makeshift bed.

"Ow!" Sonic exclaimed as his bottom hit the hard books. "Dang! It's harder than it want the bed?" Sonic offered the bed to Silver now that he knew it wasn't as comfortable as he thought

"Heh, nah. You keep it." Silver chuckled, he was fine with sleeping on the ground anyways.

"Alright. You two stay here. I'm gonna have a look around." Shadow told them.

"Huh? What for?" Silver asked before Shadow took off.

"The schools almost closing, I can more easily explore this place without any people around." Shadow explained. "Besides, there could be something here that were not aware of."

"You sure you won't get caught." Silver worried.

"Hmph. Don't worry 'little bro'. They won't catch me that easily." Shadow smirked at Silver, reassuring him that he will be okay he then proceeded to go off an explore the outside of the school some more. Silver was caught off guard when Shadow called him 'little bro'. He didn't recall Shadow hearing Sonic call him little bro before, so why would he call him that?

"Hey Silver, you alright?" Sonic asked as he lay on the makeshift bed, noticing Silver spacing out. Silver didn't respond for a few seconds.

"Silver?" Sonic wondered what was on Silver's mind. Silver then shook his head, getting back to reality. He walked over at sat beside the makeshift bed.

"I'm fine." Silver replied. Sonic shrugged his shoulders, knowing that it was nothing to worry about. The two brother's sat silently, wondering what was in store for them the next day. They had managed to get through one day, but they didn't know how long they would be here in total.

"Hey Sonic." Silver said to Sonic. Sonic lifted his head to listen.
"I want to ask......what did you mean when you called me.....'little bro'?" Silver wanted to know why Sonic and Shadow have begun referring to him as their little brother. Sonic laid his head back, thinking about why.

"I dunno.....It just felt natural." Sonic replied off the top of his head.

"Natural?" Silver wasn't satisfied with Sonic's response.

"Well, it's just that, after all we've been through, I feel like I've known you forever." Sonic reminisced about first meeting Silver, and how they both became friends.
Silver then realized that the more he thought about it, the more he felt the same way.

"You're right." Silver admitted to feeling the same way as Sonic. While he wasn't proud of his actions in the past, he was grateful that Sonic still considered him a friend, let alone a brother.

"Of course, if you don't want us to call you that, then you can just say." Sonic wanted to know if Silver had any problems with being called that.

"Oh no. It's fine." Silver replied quickly, glad that Sonic was taking him into consideration. "Besides, I.......kinda always wanted a brother." Silver smiled, the feeling of having a brother warming his heart.
Sonic smiled, glad that Silver was happy. He then sat up in the bed and then put his hand on top of Silver's head.
"Wha-?" Silver said, confused by Sonic's gesture. Sonic smiled back at him, indicating that he was just giving him a brotherly gesture.
Silver eventually realized that Sonic was just playing with him. They both shared a laugh, as they both wondered what kind of adventures they will share in this mysterious world.
Silver then yawned and stretched a little, becoming sleepy.

"Well, why don't we go to sleep, we gotta get up early tomorrow." Silver noted, remembering that they need to blend in.

"Ugh. Man." Sonic groaned disappointingly. "Ah whatever. You sleep well okay?" Sonic laid back on the makeshift bed.

"You too!" Silver replied, making himself comfortable on the ground next to Sonic.

Sonic looked up at the ceiling. While outwardly he was fine, inside he was frustrated. He didn't have his powers, he has no idea where in the universe he was, and he is stuck in school. But, he knew that if they just sat on their laurels, their world and this one would be in danger.
His mind flashed back to when he fought that hooded warrior back home.

"I'm everything you'll never be!!" He remembered the warrior saying, recalling how the warrior fought very similar to him. But before he could question it, he found himself drifting to sleep.

Location: Canterlot City Suburbs

Shadow looked down from atop Canterlot High as the sun set in the distance. He had already gotten a good feel for the layout of the school, so getting lost wouldn't be an issue. But the next goal would be to explore the town outside the school.
He looked down at the students leaving the school, seeing if there was any sign of that yellow and red and haired girl from earlier.
After looking for a few seconds, he found her walking home with a Rainbow haired girl he didn't recognize.

"She's the only one I've made contact with in this world apart from the principal" Shadow thought. "She's probably already suspicious of us. I can't take any chances."

As Sunset walked home with Rainbow Dash, she paused as she felt her magic sense go off.

"Huh?" She turned to see what it was. She didn't see anything behind her. She focused on her magic sense more, and found that the source was coming from above. She looked up on top of CHS and she saw Shadow, looking directly at her.

"What the-!?" Sunset said outloud.

"Sunset? What's up?" Rainbow Dash asked. Sunset turned briefly to speak to her.

"It's- huh?...." She turned back to where she saw Shadow, to see that he was gone. "Nothing. It's nothing." Sunset then continued walking along with Dash.

Shadow emerged from the cover of the shadows. He knew that Sunset was a sharp one, so he will need to be careful around her, especially considering that he didn't have his powers. He knew that despite how peaceful this world looked, it was hiding a secret that they were bound to uncover.