• Published 5th Apr 2018
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Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story) - FieryUnicorn42

Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to reconcile with Princess Celestia, however, this meeting makes her know more about herself and her former teacher than she ever expected.

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An unexpected visitor

The week passed without anything extraordinary, just boring classes and the girls hanging out between the school and their jobs. On Friday evening they are in Sunset's apartment for a movie night when she heard a buzz.

"I think is my journal", said Sunset leaving the couch, "where I put that thing?"

"Over here, Sunny!"

She looks back and sees Pinkie pointing to her computer desk

"Thanks, Pinkie."

"You're welcome Sunnybun."

Opening her journal, Sunset sees princess Twilight's message.

"Hey girls, Twilight asked if we have any plans for tomorrow, she wanna come here and do something."

"I guess I know what she wanna do. He plays guitar and has blue hair."

"Oh please, Rainbow Dash."

"What? I know you thought the same, Rares."

"Anyway." Sunset grabs a pen and writes her answer.

"We haven't planned anything yet, but it would be amazing to spend the day with you, 'princess' 😉. Hey, what about you bring Starlight with you? She still owes me a rematch on that stupid squirrel game."

A minute later, she had a response.

"She probably will love the idea, I'll ask as soon as she backs home. See you soon, big sis."
"P.s: Sunset, you are my sister, so don't call me princess, or I will call you 'princess Sunbutt'."

"I can't be 'princess Sunbutt', Celestia already own this title 😜 See you tomorrow, bye."

The next morning, the girls arrive at the CHS statue pedestal and see princess Twilight talking with vice-principal Luna.

"Good morning Twi, good morning to you too vice-principal Luna. I hope we aren't interrupting your talk."

"Good morning Sunset is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"What are you talking about? Wait, you aren't vice-principal Luna, aren't you?"

"No my little pony, we aren't your vice-principal Luna." She walks and hugs Sunset.

"Twilight, guess you have some explaining to do."

"Oh, well, you see" said Twilight rubbing the back of her neck, "Princess Luna and I was talking yesterday night, and I accidentally let slip that I was making a little trip through the mirror, and she decides come with me, hehe"

"Don't blame her, Sunset, I was just excited to finally meet my niece" said Luna releasing Sunset from the hug.

"Twi, princess Luna, I'm not mad, really, but you could at least have warned me. What if the vice-principal was passing by?"

"Hum, Sunset?"

"Yes, Twilly?"

"I'm pretty sure that our principals already accepted the idea that exists two of them."

The other girls just nod with their heads, agreeing with twilight.

"I guess, you are right." She looks to Luna.

"Sorry princess is not like I don't want to see you, I guess we will see each other a lot since I'm part of your family now."

"You don't have to be sorry. Well, why don't you show me this city of yours?"

"Sure. Hey Twi."

"Yes?" replied both Twilights.

"The princess one."

"Yes, Sunset?"

"I guess Starlight won't come."

"Yeah, she said that she would love to be here, but Trixie suffered an accident yesterday and she will stay with her in the castle."

"Oh my, I hope is nothing serious."

"Don't worry Fluttershy, she just hurt her back while trying to improve her chain scape trick. She rolled out the stage and unfortunately fall in the padlock."

"Thank goodness, she's ok."

They start walking, and Sunset shows princess Luna the city, starting for the school but decide don't go inside, instead shows the city mall, where they ended spend some time on the bookstore by request from both Twilights and Luna, and after offered some snacks to Luna try.

After lunch, they are talking on her way out to the mall, when Luna bump into someone.

"Oh, please forgive us, we were a little distracted."

"Luna? What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at your dentist by now."

"Sister? What are you doing here?"

Celestia soon looks to Luna's companions and sees familiar faces.

"Wait, two Twilights? So I guess you aren't my sister Luna."

The principal them look to Sunset.

"Care to explain it, miss Shimmer? What your aunt is doing here?"

Sunset takes a breath but before she could answer, princess Twilight starts to talk.

"Principal Celestia, please don't be mad with her, was my idea to bring princess Luna with me. Sunset was so surprised as you when she notices that Luna had come here."

"Yes, sis... I mean, Celestia, Sunset wasn't knowing about my visit."

"Princesses, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad with Sunset in fact, I am just curious, after all, based upon what Sunset told me, Princess Luna is one of Equestria's rulers, I've never imagined that she was curious about our ordinary world."

"I came here to see my niece and know a little about her world."

"And what do you think? This world is worthy enough to be a princess home? Or you think is better if our little Sunset moves to her mother's castle?"

"You guys know that I'm still here, right?"

"We still here" completed Rainbow Dash.

"I think this world is wonderful, now I know why my niece chooses to live here, I mean, apart from her friends, of course."

"Is nice to hear it. I know Sunset's life here doesn't start that good, but her friends and I were trying to make this world home to her."

"And you and the girls did a great job, I feel like I finally found my place in the world, or multiverse to be more precise."

"I'm happy hearing you say that Sunset. Now I have to go back home, please go visit us in Equestria sometimes, Celestia and I miss you."

"You can stay in the castle with me, we have a lot of sisterly things to do."

"Yeah, I promise to visit more often."

Celestia takes Sunset and the princesses to the school while the rest of the gang splits on Applejack and Fluttershy cars to go home.

Some minutes after, they are in front of CHS ready to go when Luna approaches the principal.

"Was really nice to meet you Celestia, hope we will see you again."

"I hope that too."

"Before I go, I have a request to you, Celestia."

"And what could be?"

"Please, keep an eye on Sunset for my sister and me."

"I will."

Twilight and Luna then cross the portal, leaving Sunset alone with Celestia.

"Well, everything turned well in the end."

"I guess so. Your aunt is a lovely person, Sunset, like my Luna, but still different."

"I didn't meet her before, but I guess you are right, she's different from vice-principal Luna."

"Come on. I'll take you home."

Luna reaches the Canterlot castle a little before her watch starts and was welcomed by her sister.

"So, how are Sunset?"

"Evening, sister. My niece was pretty well and her friends are really fun to hang out with."

"She said something about me? No pressure, just asking."

"No, and personally I take that as a good signal, which means that she forgave you, but will take time to her be used to be with you again. Baby steps, Celestia, remember?"

"Yeah, I think you're right, I have to give her space, maybe we can spend some time together on spring break."

"Probably yes. I think will be good if you had some way to keep in contact with her."

"I think I could ask Twilight to bring me my old journal, but is completely full. This is it, I'll make another one."

"Seriously sister, just now you realize that is a good idea to make a journal to talk to her?"

"Shush you Luna, it's completely normal to a mare in her thirties like me forget one thing or another."

"You are 1130 years older, Celestia. Normal for a mare of your age is to be dead."

"Like you are so much younger than me!"

Luna rolls her eyes. "Anyway. I meet that world's Celestia, she's really close to Sunset, and I think that the feeling is reciprocal."

"I've heard by Twilight that Sunset is under Principal Celestia's tutelage."

"Indeed, but seems to me that their relationship is more like a bond between friends, or a kid and her mother."

Celestia stays silent for some seconds.

"I... I'm happy that she found someone that loves her, I really am."

Luna notes sadness in her sister's voice.


"When she came through the mirror and stole Twilight's crown, I should have gone after her and told everything, no I shouldn't have abandoned her..."

Luna gently touches Celestia's lips and embraces her.

"You feel guilty, I know, but we can't change the past. Your daughter, even with your mistakes, is a good girl now and she's ready for a fresh start with you, but if you can't let the past on the past you will be unable to go ahead and build a new life with her."

"I always act dumb when comes to deal with Sunset."

"You always act dumb, so I can't tell the difference."

Celestia pushes her sister.

"You are supposed to support me, not point that I'm stupid!"

"First: I called you 'dumb', not 'stupid', there's a huge difference. Second, I'm helping. See? you're arguing with me and not on the verge of crying for guilt."

A smirk appears on Celestia's face "I hate you"

"Awn, I love you too, sister. Now, if you excuse me my shift is beginning, see you later."

Luna disappears and Celestia felt her heart a little less heavy.

One and half hours later, she finished some pending documents for her meeting with the economic council the next morning, then grabs a blank journal, and put the enchantment to communicate with Sunset.

"Well, maybe I should write something."

She grabs the feather but hesitates.

"Maybe she's already sleeping, what time is there, 10 pm? No, She's probably awake."

"But she could be studying with her friends, and I don't want to interrupt."

Ten minutes later, she made her final decision.

Dear Sunset, I'm writing to inform you that now we can talk through your journal.

"Not, too formal."

She is about to cross her text when receives a response.

Hi, princess, nice to hear you. Sure we can talk through the journal, I was about to talk with Twi just about it when your message arrived. Well, if you don't mind, I'm a bit sleepy, so we talk later, ok?

Oh, don't let me keep you awake. See you soon, bye.

Author's Note:

I wasn't sure what to write after the last chapter and this chapter ended not being that good (not that those who preceded were exceptional) but I guess is worthy of a shot, so here we go.