Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story)

by FieryUnicorn42

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Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to reconcile with Princess Celestia, however, this meeting makes her know more about herself and her former teacher than she ever expected.

After many years away from Equestria, Sunset Shimmer decides it's time to go back and get things right with Princess Celestia. Even uncertain of how the princess would react to her, Sunset goes to meet her hoping Celestia has forgiven her as well as her friends, however, what she does not expect is that things are not so simple between her and her former teacher.

Will happen, happening, happened

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Was an exhaustive week, five days of meetings with yaks and griffons trying to adjust a mutual trade contract with almost none success. If there's something that never changes is that negotiate with them is pain on the flank. Celestia thought that after a few centuries and with her most faithful student helping this will be easier, but she was wrong. Five whole days until an agreement that allows Griffonstone and Yakyakstain to export their products to Equestria with low boundary taxes, which don't benefit so much Equestria but is good for diplomacy relations.

“There’s something in my schedule yet?” Asked Celestia to her secretary while stretches her legs and wings before set the Sun.

“No your highness, that was the last one.” Said Raven Inkwell.

“Well, I think we’re done today” spoke Celestia while the Sun lowers on the horizon.

“Yes, your highness” Said Raven.

Celestia began to walk in direction of her bed-chambers, but before left the room, she spoke to the other mare again.


“Yes, princess?”

“This week was long and exhaustive, take the weekend off. We see on Monday morning”

“Oh, thank you, princess.” Said Raven while Celestia walks through the hallway to her bedroom.

Is almost 01:00 AM and Celestia still working, even after finish her turn as a princess of the day, there’s a lot to do. She’s tired and looks to a pile of papers on her desk that demand her attention “Isn’t nothing so urgent that can’t wait until morning.” She thought while left the desk in direction of the bathroom. After a relaxing warm bath, the princess walks to her bed.

Laying in bed, she thinks "How could things change but stays the same?"

She lived long enough to see a pattern: Sooner or later, what happened once will happen again. She thinks about her life, how many ponies she meets in all those centuries, who were her friends when she was just a common mare. She remembers her early years when she was only a young pony with nothing to worry about when her only responsibility was her young sister Luna and not a kingdom with so many ponies that she can’t even count.

"Oh Luna," she thinks about all those centuries of solitude after banishing her sister to the Moon “I can’t even imagine how you felt, alone in that place for a millennium. How I could be so blind, how I could ignore you and makes you felt that you weren't loved? How I could banish you, the pony I loved more than myself?"

For a thousand years, she thought every night about it: "Does I did the right thing? Being the judge, jury, and executor for my sister? Banish Luna without offering her a chance to redemption?"

Through this pain, she remembers all the joyful moments that she had, all the ponies who helped her in more than a millennium of life, and thinks about that who one day was her most talented and loved student. Using her magic, she grabs a photo on her nightstand desk, is an image of her and a young unicorn, both are smiling. A lot of memories came to her mind, they soon transform into tears of pain and sadness in her eyes.

“I miss you so much my little sunshine," she said to herself gently touching the photography with her hoof, "and hope you come home soon and maybe someday you can forgive me for my mistakes”. She embraces the photo and sleeps.

In her dreams, Celestia was in a shade of a tree, seeing some young ponies playing ball together in one of Canterlot's gardens, her attention is caught by a yellow unicorn filly with a fiery mane who is running and laughing with the others. The little pony, like many of the other ponies here, is only three years old, and while is running, she falls, hurts her left foreleg, and cries.

"Don't cry my little sunshine" Saying this the princess lands and sat on the unicorn side, grabs the little filly's foreleg, and looks at the injury. "It's only a scratch, nothing serious", she said with a calm tone, while grabs a first aid kit with her aura and put a bandage on the injury.

"Thank you, princess."

"You're welcome. Be more careful next time." Said Celestia wiping the unicorn's tears with her wing and planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I'll be."

The unicorn starts running again and plays with the other ponies. The princess so walks back to her spot and when she sits, an old mare approaches and sits on her side.

"You're so gentle with those foals princess."

"I need to be, my dear Lavender. They can't have a family yet, but this not means they don't deserve love. Most of them came from broken homes or were undesired. Equestria can look like a paradise, but I know from the first hoof that isn't. There are a lot of problems and unfortunately, many of my subjects prefer don't see it, but as a princess, is my duty to assure that these kids can grow safe, healthy, and most important, happy."

The image changes, the young unicorn is now a teenager, her pupil, the princess sees a shadow cross the unicorn’s eyes but she ignores it.

Now she and the young unicorn is in the castle library, the girl fight against the princess and shouts with her, there’s no sound, but this is unnecessary, Celestia had those words carved deep in her heart.

The unicorn has gone and now there's only darkness, the only light in the room comes from Celestia's horn. She's sat in front of a mirror, the same that years ago the young unicorn crossed, the last words they talk echoing through the empty room.

“She will never come back, why I expect she will? Maybe she is better in that place than here, at least she's happy now. There’s nothing that I can do to make her wish to come back to Equestria. I've messed all up, and she is better without me in her life” The princess looks to the ground and close her eyes when feels a touch on her shoulder. She turns her head and sees the princess of the night at her side.

Luna sees a deep sadness in her sister's eyes, unfortunately, this is not the first time she found Celestia this way, she has this same nightmare once or twice a week. See her sister living this, again and again, hurts deep Luna's heart. She sits and places a wing over Celestia.

“This dream again sister?” Said Luna dissolving the image with her free wing. “Tia, to this nightmare, have an end, you both need to talk and move on with your lives, even if apart” Luna's voice is firm, but kind at the same time, she knows Celestia still blaming herself, but for her own experience, she also knows that forgive herself is one of the most important steps to left the past in the past.

Celestia said nothing, she looks to the ground and let a long sigh escapes.

“You’re right Luna, if I don't talk to her, I'll regret it for the rest of my life," Celestia spoke with a bit of sadness in her voice.

"Now sister is time to have a good dream since you have to rise the sun in a few hours." Said Luna leaving Celestia with a kiss on the cheek and a dream full of cakes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mirror, is Saturday, 01:30 AM

Sunset Shimmer is awake in her apartment while the girls are sleeping after the sleepover. She grabs her journal and writes to Twilight.

Dear princess Twilight,
Hope I won't wake up you with this message. How are things back in Equestria? A lot of friendship problems to solve? Here in Canterlot High is everything ok, no one was affected by equestrian magic. Our new magics become better day after day, I think at this point here and in Equestria magic works the same way, more practice, more control.

Changing the topic, I want your opinion about a thing. I was thinking a lot about going back to Equestria, I mean, I've been there twice before, but this time is different. I want to apologize to princess Celestia, when I leave Equestria, said awful things to her. There are so many things I need to spoke to her about, and I'm not sure if I had enough courage to face her after all I did, but every time I see principal Celestia, I feel so bad and small not knowing what the princess thinks of me. I need to talk to her to move on, turn this page of my life, I know this sounds (looks?) selfish and maybe are, but I can't still living without saying to her that I'm so sorry for all things have done before.

Some minutes later, Sunset's journal starts to glow, she's received an answer.

Sunset, I already said you don't need to call me princess, we're friends, there's no need for all this formalism.

I'm happy with your progress with the geode's magic, even not knowing how they arrived on the crystal cave near the Everfree camp. I presume they work like the elements of harmony here from Equestria, so there are elements in other worlds? I don't know but can be, right? Unfortunately only Starswirl knows how the mirror works and I don't think he is happy with us jumping through the worlds. Sometime ago Equestria and another mirror world almost were destroyed by this, but this is a story for another moment.

Anyway, I will be more than happy if you come here, after all on your last visit we can't talk. I'm sure Princess Celestia will be happier than me meeting you, every time we meet she asks about you, she misses you badly, Sunset. If you want, I can arrange a meeting for you two.

Say to the girls they will be welcome if they wanna come, I guess Rarity is dying of curiosity to see the castle, and I want to talk with your world Twilight Sparkle, I think we have a lot in common.

Before Sunset could answer, she receives another message.

Why you don't spend the weekend here in Equestria? So we can see princess Celestia tomorrow afternoon.

Sunset looks to the text in her journal for some seconds before answer.

I'm not sure if I'm ready Twilight. You know what? I'm going to Equestria to face the princess! I would have to do it sooner or later. Just don't forget, if she burns me until ashes, I'll blame and spook you every night for the rest of your immortal alicorn life ;-)
Jokes apart, I'll ask the girls if they wanna go with me. G night Twilight, see you later

When Sunset dropped the pen, Pinkie touched her back and said: "I'm in". In another situation, this could be weird, but is Pinkie, thought Sunset, so she just tilt her head.

In the morning, after the girls awake, Sunset talks about princess Twilight invite, while she talks, Pinkie sat on the floor, holding her backpack waiting for the talk to end. The girls agree this is so sudden, but would be impolite if they don't accept.

"I don't know if is a good idea to change our weekend plans this sudden. What I would say to my parents? I can't tell I going to the magical land of talking ponies, this sounds crazy, well my life was been quite uncommon for the last months" Said Twilight.

"Just say that you are going to visit a friend who lives outside the city, darling." Pointed Rarity.

"But it's a lie" Said Applejack

"Not really, my dear Applejack. It's just a half-truth. Princess Twilight lives in Equestria, which's technically outside of our city, so if Twilight here says we are visiting a friend who lives out of Canterlot city, is true."

"You must admit she has a good point here". Said Pinkie to Applejack

"I won't agree but is fine for me." Said Applejack.

Sunset sees that Twilight isn't saying anything. She touches her friend's shoulder.

"What's the problem Twilly, something worries you?"

"I'm don't know if I must go. Princess Twilight and I barely know each other, we just talk for a minute or two the last time we see, not to mention is quite strange to talk to her, since we look very similar and we are alternate versions of one of the other. She's a magical and powerful pony princess for another dimension and I'm just a girl who looks like her".

Sunset gives a sweet smile to the purple girl.

"Twilly, she asks you to goes to Equestria just to talk to you, she wanna be your friend, like us."

Twilight sighs and looks into Sunset's eyes.

"Fine, I go. This could be fun right? And maybe I can write an essay about that place"

"I'm pretty sure princess Twilight did the same when she came back to Equestria after the two times she came here"

"You and the princess have a lot in common Twilight. You both are egg heads"

“When you say something like that, I wanna so bad punch your teeth Dash. Luckily to you, I'm not a girl so bad anymore" Said Sunset with a mischievous smile.

"Gee Sunset, I was just kidding"

"So as I. Anyway, I guess you girls should go back home and pack your things. I'll be waiting for you in front of the portal in one hour"

A strange, but still familiar, new world

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The girls go to their homes, pack their things before meeting with Sunset in front of CHS. A few minutes before 11:00 AM, they arrive and find Sunset waiting beside the portal. The fiery-haired girl began to spoke.

"Ok, before we go, there are some things I need to advise you: When you cross the portal, you'll feel your body a quite strange, like a tingling, is completely normal. Oh, and before I forget, your clothes will disappear".

"WHAT?!" the girls asked together.

"It means we will be... naked?" Fluttershy asked with a huge blush on her face.

"It's not a problem to me" Said Pinkie giving a wink to Sunset.

"This is really necessary Sunset?" Asked Applejack.

"We will be so exposed. Are you sure that we need to stay naked there?" Said Rarity clearly uncomfortable.

"Well, ponies normally don't wear clothes, unless we're in a formal situation like The Great Galloping Gala. And don't worry, being naked is so common in Equestria that no one cares if you are dressed or not, and we all have tails to cover our genitals. Any other question?" Sunset spoke to her friends.

"Many, but I think we don't want to make princess Twilight wait so long for us" Said Sci-Twi.

"So here we go! The last one pays milkshakes for the others" Said Rainbow Dash enthusiastically. "There's milkshakes on there, right Sunset?"

"Yes Dash, we have milkshakes in Equestria" Replies Sunset with a chuckle.

After crossing the portal, the girls feel a bit dizzy, her eyes adjusting to the light in the castle and they see a purple pony surrounded by other five.

"Welcome to Equestria. Let me introduce you to Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie, they show you Ponyville after lunch." Said princess Twilight.

Sunset tries to walk and almost falls.

"All right, ponies don't walk on two hooves, I always forget it." Sunset says to herself.

She walks and hugs Twilight.

"Last time I was here, the mirror is in the library, good to know you moved it." Said her to the princess.

"Yeah, Starlight told me you fall on a pile of books last time, sorry, so I decided to move the mirror to an empty room, I don't want you hurt when came here." Explain the princess.

"It's ok, thanks princess, I mean Twilight"

The mane six watches curious his others "me", sure they already seem duplicated before, when fighting the Changelings, but is different, they're not clones or shapeshifters, but themselves, or something like that. While the others think, the Pinkies jumped together out of the castle.

Twilight so starts to show the Friendship Castle to her CHS friends. During lunch, they talk about how different and similar their worlds are.

"Well, after this joyful meal, I believe you are nuts to explore Equestria, or at least Ponyville, and there's something I would like to do. Twilight can you come with me?" Said the princess.

"Me? I think so. Where we go?" Asked Sci-Twi

"Soon you'll know" replied the princess.

The two purple ponies walk through a corridor and less than a minute after, stop in front of a large double door, using her magic, princess Twilight open it and the Sci-Twi's jaw almost falls on the floor.

"I never saw so many books in one place, it's wonderful. This is your library princess?" Asked the former girl to the other her.

"Is one of them. Here you can find a book about almost every subject but is not like the royal library in Canterlot, that are a really big library. Anyway, you don't have to call me princess, we are friends, call me just Twilight." Said the princess.

"I feel weird calling you Twilight, I'm Twilight, is like having a twin sister who has the same name as me." spoke Sci-Twi.

"Well, I believe it couldn't be more strange than that time when I back in time to speak to myself. Funny story, I'll tell you later."

Sci-Twi blinked a few times before return to talk.

"So, can I read these books, I mean, I will understand them?" She asked.

"The modern ponish is quite similar to the language that you speak in your world, when I first came there, I could read your books, so I think you can do the same." Answered the princess.

"Makes sense. So you will stay here with me princess, I mean Twilight?"

"No, Sunset and I are going to see princess Celestia, they need to talk and Sunset said she feels more confident with me on her side." Said princess Twilight.

"Well, see you later I guess. I hope everything goes well there."

Facing old fears

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Sunset and Twilight enter the throne room and sees Celestia. The fiery-haired unicorn walks closer to the throne and begins to talk.

"Princess Celestia, last time we see each other I was a bad pony who disappointed and betrayed you, nothing that I could say is enough to justify all I did, but now I'm here, a different pony, better than I was before, humbly begging for your forgiveness."

Celestia said nothing, she leaves the throne and stops in front of Sunset, before the unicorn could say anything, the princess hugged her with their forehooves and wings.

"I've missed you, was not your fault Sunset, all you did, was not your fault but mine." Said the princess.

Sunset broke the embrace and looked into Celestia's eyes.

"What do you mean? I betrayed you, stole Twilight's crown, throw off all you taught me, is all my fault, I had nothing and you gave me everything, a purpose, your guidance, care, love, and ..."

Celestia touches gently the unicorn's face and says:

"I'm the true culprit here Sunset. Allow me to tell you a story that I should tell you a long time ago. Everything began almost thirty-one years ago when I dated a young stallion named Night Light..."

"WHAT??? Do you date my father? How in name of Equestria this is possible?" Screamed Twilight before the princess could speak more.

"I'm just speaking about this Twilight, if I could finish the story you will understand." Said, Celestia.

"Sorry princess is that I'm never thought of you in this way." Said Twilight apologizing.

"Anyway, almost thirty-one years ago I meet your father in one of my escapes of the castle. Was an ordinary Monday, the Sun already was in the sky, and I was bored, nothing important to do all day and I decided to take a break and simply walk around. I go to my room and said to not interrupt me unless Equestria's fate is in danger, so I used a simple illusion spell to look like a normal unicorn and teleported myself to the Canterlot streets."

"I was trotting distractedly when I hit somepony and we both fall. I look at him and my heart skip a beat, he's so handsome. I apologized, and he asks what a so beautiful place like me is making in a girl like this, I laughed and my muzzle makes a snort, I love him since then. We spend all day together, talking, laughing, I felt so free like I don't feel since I was a filly."

"Near the sunset, we were in the Canterlot gardens when we first kiss, I felt so alive, a heat in my chest, butterflies in my belly, I don't feel this in almost a millennium. We said goodbye and from this day we were dating. Every free time that I had, we spend together, so two months after we first meet, I tell him who I really was. At first, he has upset, I lied to him but he felt that all we had lived couldn't be a lie, and he forgives me. We stay together for eleven joyful months, but this couldn't be forever, I was the ruler of Equestria and my subjects come first then my happiness. One day, after we, er, 'spent the night together, I broke up with him, if he stays at my side, someday he could be a target of the enemies of the kingdom. They could use Night Light to hit me, force me to give up the throne."

"He understood and forgiven me, I broke his heart, but he smiled at me and promised not to tell nopony about us. About a year after, I heard that he was married to a young mare named Twilight Velvet."

"I still don't see the link between your story and me princess"

"I agree with Sunset princess." Said Twilight.

"Well, when Night Light and I broke up, we don't know, but I was pregnant with your half-sister Twilight. When the baby was born, your parents were already married and your mother was pregnant with Shining Armor and I choose don't tell Night Light about our child, which could be dangerous to him and your family, and until today he does not know. I take care of the little filly for some months before leaving her on the Canterlot Orphanage, where I could visit her every time I wish without attracting suspicion. A few years after, I took that little girl as one of my most loved students. This girl is you Sunset, you're my daughter."

The room was set in silence for a few seconds.

"I'm your daughter?" Asked Sunset.

"She's my sister?" Asked Twilight

"I'm your daughter?" Spoke Sunset, her voice was a mix of anger and sadness and so she upper her tone.


Sunset's horn began to glow, sparks flying while she walks side to side, staring at Celestia.

"They don't love me? I wasn't planed? Did they want a foal? All ponies there were adopted, except me, all they found a family but not me. All my childhood I was alone, suffering until I decided that if my parents don't want me, I don't need them. The only thing that makes me happy in that place was your visits princess, showing that you cared for us, that you cared about me. Some years after I entered your School of Gifted Unicorns, I saw you like a mother I never had. For the first time in my life, I think I could be happy, so you continuously denied to explain what I saw in the mirror, what is my destiny. You expelled me from your company, the company of the only pony I ever think loved me and I truly loved. I loved you and you abandoned me, I run to the other side of the mirror and you did not even care if I was fine if I was alive"

Celestia remains in silence while Twilight just watches motionless. With tears in her eyes, Sunset continues to speak.

"I was alone for years and years in a strange world, without family, without friends, without nopony to support me. When the portal opened again, I stole Twilight's crown, and I will use it to take over Equestria, to show you I wasn't anymore the pony who admires you, who wanted to be like you. I will show that I was stronger than before, that you don't have any domain over me. If you don't give me my place at your side, I would take yours."

"Twilight and the others defeated me, and even after all the bad things I did, they forgive me, accepted me, be friends with me, and helped me be a better person. Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, became my family, something I always dreamed of but never had when I was here in Equestria. They received me in their homes, their families. After so much suffering I find my place, my peace and now you tell me that is all your fault? You know everything and did nothing, you let me think that nopony loved me, that I was alone in the world. I came here to beg your pardon for all my mistakes, to try to be friends again with you, but I don't know if I want this anymore."

Sunset sits with her back turned to Celestia. Twilight placed a hoof on the fiery unicorn's shoulder.

"I never imagined that you had passed for all this Sunset. After all, you lived, you become a better person, a better pony, can't you forgive her? We all make mistakes, but we need to be able to forget..."

Sunset quickly stands up and turns to her friend.

"SHE LIED TO ME TWILIGHT!!! ALL MY LIFE WAS A BIG LIE!!! I NEVER WAS ANYTHING MORE THAN A BIG JOKE TO YOUR BELOVED PRINCESS, HOW DO YOU EXPECT I COULD FORGIVE HER FOR THIS? If I am a better person today is because you showed me there's another way, that my past could be left behind, that I could exist beyond my errors, but all that happened to me was her fault!"

"She knew that we were sisters and send you to stop me without telling that. All could be different if I at least know there was somepony in the world who cares about me, I didn't would turn into a demon full of hate and thirst for power, I would never try to kill you, or even meet my friends and hurt them. I could be happy Twilight and she, your beloved princess denied me this."

"Sunset, the princess..." Twilight is unsure if she can say anything to defend Celestia, but happily, she doesn't need to, the princess place a hoof on her shoulder and began to talk

"She's right." Celestia leaves Twilight and sits on Sunset's side.

"Sunset, I know that after all what I did to you I don't deserve pardon, I will never forgive myself for all the pain I caused to you. All this time we were apart I missed you so much, abandon you was my biggest mistake, you don't have any guilty and I make you pay for my errors."

Celestia walks and sits in front of Sunset, looking at the unicorn in her eyes she takes off her crown.

"I'm here not as Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, but as a mare deeply sorry for her acts, begging you pardon, even knowing that I don't deserve any. Please give me a chance to restart and finally be your mother and stay at your side. Let me be part of your life even if not as your mother, but if in your heart you can't forgive me, I'll understand, and will not more interfere in your life."

Sunset stays silent for a few seconds before talking to Celestia again.

"Princess, I need to think very well in all this before I can talk to you again. Now I'm really upset with you and don't want to say anything that I could be sorry about later. Goodbye, princess."

Sunset stands up and slowly walks lower headed through the path until the throne room doors, and teleports herself out of the castle. The princess remains on the floor, watching her daughter disappear, Twilight walks and touches her back.

"You will be fine, princess?" Asked Twilight.

Celestia closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before answer.

"Immortality is a huge burden Twilight, the kind of I don't wish to no pony. They say that with the years the wisdom comes, that you grow up and learn from your mistakes, but look at me, alive for more than a millennium and even so, I make the same mistakes. I banished my sister to the moon, and in my fear, my cowardliness, abandoned my daughter, a defenseless little filly for who I was her world, all the bad choices he made, all that happened to her was my fault, I destroyed her life. I was a fool thinking that she could forgive me" Said Celestia with a deep sadness in her voice.

"Princess, I know Sunset, I may not know how was your relationship before, but one thing I know is that today she's a better pony, a deeply changed pony, not more that young mare who run away from you years ago. She learned the value of friendship and how important is to forgive those who fail because she already was in that place. I'm sure she will forgive you one day, just give her some space and a little time to process all this" Said Twilight cleaning the tears off her former teacher's face.

"When you became so much wiser than me, Twilight Sparkle?" Spoke the princess with a little smile on her lips.

"What can I say, I had a great teacher. Princess you and Sunset are my friends and if I know both of you, you will be fine soon, I'm pretty sure. Now, I have to find Sunset and see if she's fine, you will be ok?" Asked the young alicorn.

"I'll be fine Twilight, don't worry. Now go find your friend, she needs you" Said the Sun princess.

We're not flawless

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Twilight is flying around the castle seeking Sunset when she finds the fiery-haired unicorn a few meters from the main entrance, sitting in the shade of a group of trees. The princess lands walk in Sunset's direction and see the unicorn is sobbing and crying.

"Sunset?" Spoke Twilight softly.

"Twilight?" said the unicorn turning to the princess.

"I shouldn't have yelled at you, I'm sorry." Said Sunset wiping her eyes with the back of her front hooves.

"Don't worry, It's ok, guess there's a lot of things in your mind now." Said Twilight sitting on Sunset's side and putting a wing over her.

"I would like to hear if you want to tell, but if you don't feel ready, we can just stay here or came back to my home"

Sunset let a long sigh escape from her nostrils.

"No, I think it's time to tell you." looking to the sky, Sunset closes her eyes, recalling her life until now.

"After all these years living out of Equestria, Canterlot, the School for Gifted Unicorns, all this seems so distant now, like it was just a dream or a memory of other life. I remember the joy I felt when was accepted as a Celestia personal student. Even if all the sadness I felt when I was a little girl, I mean a filly, her visits make my days happy, I felt I was loved. Now when I think about those days, I see that I was so trapped in the pain for knowing nothing about my parents that I didn't care about make any friends."

"When I start studying with Celestia, she always tells me the importance of having friends, to not be alone in the world, but I ignored her every time, wasn't friendship who made me her best student, was my effort, my skills, my dedication. When I came to that world, I was alone again and worse, without my magic to help. Took a long time to discover how that place works and I did a lot of awful things that I'm not proud of, but I'm not like this anymore today"

"Now I see that I wasn't a good friend to you Sunset, never came to my mind that so many things have happened to you before our first meet, I don't even care about why you left Equestria or how many years have you spent in that world. I'm sorry" Said Twilight with a bit of sadness in her voice.

"It's ok Twi, you aren't the first one who doesn't know almost anything about my life, but I think that like our friends, you don't ask me because was waiting I was ready to speak about my past. I'm not ready to tell you all, not yet, and just for you know, I'm living in this city for almost seven years"

"Seven years? When Princess Celestia told me you were her pupil before me, I thought that was a year or two, but you're older than Shining Armor, what makes you our older sister, wow."

"I'm not sure how I feel about this, we're friends and sisters, I sort of like this, at least one good thing in all this. I think I could deal with the fact that I have a little sister now." Said Sunset smiling at her sister.

"Me too." Said Twilight smiling back. "And about Celestia, what you will do? You'll forgive her?" she asked.

Sunset turns away her eyes from Twilight, looking to the ground before answer.

"Still hurts inside when I think on this, in all that I had passed until here. I stayed a long time without anyone at my side. Before you and the girls are friends with me, I was alone, most for my guilt, I hurt all people around me because I was jealous and angry, I felt angry because all they had someone who loves him, they loved and was loved back, something that I never felt. Now I know you care about me, and I'm not alone anymore, you and the girls accepted me even after all I did and I'm very happy about this."

Sunset stops and looks at her sister before continue.

"Now, after all that she told me, I can't stop thinking about how my life could be different that is today, who I could be if was raised by my parents if I have lived with my family. Who knows if you and I could be friends at my mother's school? Without has necessary you save the world from the demon I once became." Tears fall from Sunset's eyes.

"Sunset, I know you're mad with Celestia now, but I truly believe she's sorry for her mistakes, for all the pain she caused to you."

"I know she's sorry, I could see in her eyes, but me, at least one part of me don't want to forgive her for all she did, at least not now. Does it mean that at the bottom I'm still evil? That I'm the same bad pony I was before? I thought I had changed, that now I was a better person, but seems like I was wrong" Said Sunset looking sadly at her sister.

"You really changed Sunset, if you still were the same pony that one day stole my crown, you'll hadn't felt any remorse for what you did and weren't ready to forgive like are now. We all make mistakes."

"Not you. You're perfect Twilight. All that I never will be you are. You have friends who love you because of who you are and not for pity, you deserve all of you have conquered, I'll never be good as you." Sunset rubs the back of her hooves in her eyes, wiping the tears. Twilight placed a hoof on her sister's chin, lifting the unicorn face and look into Sunset's eyes.

"I'm not perfect Sunset, we're not so different, our friends love you for who you proved to be and not for pity. When I was studying with princess Celestia, I don't even cared about have friends. I had my parents, my brother, and Spike, so I don't need any friends, at least that as I thought at that time. I was so many ponies around me who wanted to be friends with me, and I ignored them. When I moved to Ponyville, I left all my friends behind like they were nothing, and there's one that I hurt more than all, Moondancer."

"She always saw me as her best friend. One day she throws a party, her first party, her first attempt to out of her shell because she was so introverted and I, the pony who few years after became the princess of friendship, the pony she thought was her best friend simply left her behind and never came back at least to say that I was sorry. After I start living in Ponyville, I just forgot all they for years. I faced so many things, monsters, the end of Equestria on so many occasions that I can't even count, but nothing hurt me more than seeing how she suffered because of me, and this is only one of my many errors. Even the princess of Friendship can be a jerk sometimes. Don't let your past or the errors that other ponies made define who you are today. We can't change the past, but can change how we react to him."

"None of us have to be perfect I guess, we are only persons, I mean ponies, we all make mistakes after all. You forgive me and I'll be a big hypocrite if don't do the same to the princess, but I need some time to process this, to accept she's my long-lost mother. Can we go to the castle now? I wanna rest a little and if I know Twilight, she lost herself easily in the books and I have to remember that exists a whole world out they." Said Sunset smiling a little.

"You really like her, isn't it? Every time you talk about her, your tone is so kind and sweet that I almost feel jealous."

"Yeah, she's my best friend. Please don't tell to the girls"

"Don't worry sis, your secret is safe with me." Answered Twilight with a wink.

"I was in her place not long ago. The last thing I want is her having to live all that I lived. Even after all I did to all in Canterlot High the girls did their best to make me feel well, to help me let my past in the past, but they don't live what I lived, so even with all the support they give me, I still had to accept that I wasn't that monster anymore, not only that one who I turned when put the crown, but that one I was since arrived there and even before. Twilly was no guilty for all she did when turning in Midnight Sparkle, she was only another victim of my acts, if I never had stolen your crown, the magic will never come to my world and she would never be corrupted by power. Is all my fault Twilight, and I have to do all I can for her stays safe, I would never forgive myself if she gets hurt by my fault, it will not be fair."

The princess stands up and extends a hoof to her sister

"Well, let's go home. The day is almost over and I guess the girls are starting to worry about us."

Sunset grabs her sister's hoof and stands on her hooves.

"You're right, thanks Twi"

"You're welcome, this is what are sisters for. Come on, you need a mug of hot cocoa and a good night of sleep. Tomorrow we can discuss what to do next"

We are working in progress

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Luna raises the moon and left the east balcony of the castle. Walking through the halls she finds a quite strange situation: no pony is walking or even talking on the castle, even after all the reunions of the day, always is a pony or two doing anything until later, and this pony almost always is her sister. The night princess inquires a guard pony and he says that princess Celestia canceled all her compromises after the visit of princess Twilight and another unicorn.

After a brief walk, Luna stops in front of her sister's room and knocks on the door.

"Sister, are you feeling well?"

There's no response. Worried, she pushes the door and sees that is not locked. So she enters and sees Celestia near a window, looking to the sky.

"This is a really lovely night that you give us Luna." Said the sun princess without turning to her visitor. Luna realizes that her sister's voice is carried by sadness, and she slowly approaches Celestia.

"What happened sister? The guards said you canceled all your duties after the visit of Twilight Sparkle. The only occasion I remember you canceling your duties was when our parents died. What could be so serious to you do such a thing?" Asks Luna with genuine concern.

"She came to see me"

Luna stops. Few seconds passed until she talks again.

"By 'she', you mean Sunset Shimmer, I presume." Said Luna, with a bit of sadness in her voice. Not long after she returned from her exile on the Moon, Celestia told her all about Sunset Shimmer, and she knows how talk about it hurts her sister.

Celestia only nods. Luna walks and sits on her sister's side.

"So is this. And by your state, I think you told all to her." Said the night princess. She only knows Sunset for what her sister's told and she wasn't sure how the girl could react to the fact that Celestia is her true mother. Base upon what Celestia told, their relationship was... complicated, to say the minimum. Sure they appreciate the company of each other, but Sunset was a challenge to Celestia. She was one of the few ponies who ignored Celestia's advice and argue with her sometimes.

"Yes, and now she hates me more than ever" Celestia who was looking to the stars, lower her head, and look at her sister. Luna finally could see her sister's eyes, they are red and her face is wet with all tears she cried. Luna embraces her older sister and for a moment they remain in silence until Celestia broke the embrace and talks again.

"I'm so tired Luna, tired of being wrong, tired of being strong for all the ponies of Equestria, tired of hurt the ponies I love to protect Equestria." The sun princess's voice is not more than a whisper full of regret and sadness.

"I know how you feel sister. Everypony see you like you're flawless, as a benevolent goddess who never fails, but you and I know the truth: We're just mares, so much powerful than others, but in the end, we and our subjects want the same: be loved and live a happy life with ours family and friends" Replied Luna with a little smile, wiping the tears of her sister's eyes with a wing before continue to speak.

"We both do things that we regret. Not long ago you and I were enemies, I put Equestria in danger and you had to banish me to the Moon to protect our loved ponies. For a thousand years I hated you, and when I returned all I wanted was revenge, but when I fought against you, you don't fight back. At first, I thought that you were weak, but after Twilight and her friends defeated me, I realized you're sorry and don't want to hurt me. Sister, I know how much you love all the ponies and how difficult was for you to choose between me and them. You loved me and loved the ponies of Equestria, and because of this love for them, you choose to be the princess they need and not my sister. With Sunset you faced the same hard choice: Keep a loved one with you and risks put Equestria in danger, or give up on her and again break your heart to keep this land and your daughter safe."

Celestia remains in silence, Luna kisses her sister's forehead and stands up, she knows Celestia has a lot to think about and decides to give her sister some time, maybe a few hours of sleep could help.

"Good night Tia, I'll bring you a good dream" The night princess walks in direction of the door when Celestia calls her name.


"Yes, sister." Luna stops and turns to her sister.

"You don't miss that time when we were just normal ponies, living with our parents near the ocean?"

Luna notices a bit of sadness in Celestia's voice.

"Sometimes, why? Are you planning to leave the throne?" Spoke the night princess after few seconds.

"No, is just even a princess can dream, right?" Said the older alicorn with a tiny smile on her lips.

Luna walks and sits on her sister's side, and looks through the window.

"Tia, when we became princesses, we left that old and normal life in the past, you know better than me that we can't live like commons ponies anymore, we have our duties, they come first than our desires, we are the leaders of Equestria and until the day when other ponies come to take our places, Equestria needs us."

The room sat in silence until Luna spoke again.

"You and Sunset need to sit and talk properly, so if you want, you can take a break from your princess duties, I can make our jobs so you and my niece can calm down, listen to each other and finally be a family.

Celestia stood up and face her sister.

"I'll never ask you to do it, Luna, it wouldn't be fair..."

Before she can continue, Luna gently put a hoof on Celestia's lips.

"Tia, I love you and I know that now you aren't in your best, so as Equestria's ruler, for your emotional health I command you to leave the throne for a few days. In the morning I'll send a message to Twilight Sparkle and she can come here and help me for a few days, I know she will be more than happy to help. Everything will be ok."

Celestia hugs her sister.

"Thank you, Luna, you're the best sister that I could ask for."

How can I be home, and still feel of off place?

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Sunset is on Twilight's castle east balcony, watching the sun rises, the same sun she watched her mentor rise so many times before when she was the princess's pupil. Visually was the same sun from her world, her homeworld. "It’s funny" - she thinks "I was born here in Equestria, but this is not my world anymore, Isn't it?"

"I guess Equestria was never my home." She said to herself sadly.


She hears a familiar voice, turns around, and sees Starlight walking in her direction.

"Hey Starlight, what's up?" Said Sunset trotting happily in direction of the other mare and hugging her.

"Twilight told me you're in town, but I never imagined you'll wake up so early" Said Starlight hugging her friend back.

"Yeah, I had so much to think that I barely sleep." Said Sunset

Starlight notes a bit of sadness in her friend's voice, she places a hoof on Sunset's shoulder and asks with concern "So, what's up? Something wrong in your reunion with princess Celestia?"

"Kind of. Look, the girls will wake up in no time, what about we go to the kitchen and I tell all after breakfast?"

"Sounds good for me" replied Starlight.

Less than an hour passed, the breakfast now was finished and all the girls are sat in the kitchen, anxious to hear what Sunset had to tell. She takes a deep breath and lets a long sigh escapes from her mouth before tell all that happened on the previous day. After she finishes, the room stays silent for a moment.

"Wow, this is serious? You're the daughter of princess Celestia?" Ask Starlight.

"Yes Starlight, Sunset is the daughter of princess Celestia and my father" Replied Princess Twilight.

"She said that she hid me because she was afraid. If any nation knows that she had a kid, they could use me or my father's family to force her to give up and abandon the throne. So she sort of abandoned me to protect both Equestria and me." Said Sunset.

The room sat in silence again, the girls of Canterlot high does not know what exactly to say, for what Sunset and princess Twilight told, Celestia was a benevolent princess who cares about all her subjects, she never did anything bad, sure, she banished her sister to the moon, but was only because Luna turned in to Nightmare Moon and was putting all the ponies of Equestria in danger, so she needed to be stopped, but this? Abandon her daughter? Let Sunset grow up without know she had a mother, a family? This is far beyond wrong.

"What in tarnation this princess Celestia was thinking? Don't get me wrong Sunset, I'm really happy that you finally found your family, but how she could simply do something like this? Good people never, ever abandon their children. Is a parent's duty to raise their kids, make them happy. I don't care if she is a princess, she have no right to abandon you just because be a mother could be hard, is not right" Said Applejack, she knows how hard is to grow up without parents, and understand how Sunset feel, they're both orphans, but at least she could be with her parents for a few years while Sunset no.

Rarity puts a hoof on AJ's shoulder, they already were friends when the farm girl's parents passed away so she knows what her friend is feeling. Applejack just looks at the unicorn and place a hoof over hers.

Sci-Twi clears her throat and broke the uncomfortable silence.

"So, I guess our trip has come to end, I believe that you don't want to stay here now. I mean, all this place could bring you memories of moments that you maybe prefer don't think about right now." Said the purple unicorn, all the girls looks to Sunset and nods in agreement.

Sunset closes her eyes and takes a few breaths before answer. Sure she isn't exactly in the mood for a trip with the girls now, but they have the finals exams in a few weeks, so maybe a little vacation couldn't be so bad.¹

"I guess we can stay here for the rest of the day, is your first time in Equestria after all, and I won't let a fight between me and the princess ruin your experience in a whole new world"

"Are you sure Sunset? We can come back home if you don't feel comfortable staying here" Spoke Fluttershy.

"She's right, we can go to my home and have a sleepover, maybe cook some cookies or cupcakes" Suggested Pinkie.

"Thank you girls, I know you all care about me, but I'll be fine, I swear. We can explore Ponyville and the surroundings and who knows, maybe show you a little part of this world can help me process all that happened yesterday and is not like the princess will simply pop here and I have to deal with it now" Said her smiling to her friends.

A knock is heard on the front door of the castle, soon Spike enters the kitchen.

"Hum girls, princess Celestia is on the main hall"

"What are you saying Sunset?" Said Rainbow Dash with a smirk.

"F... buck! I and my big mouth" Said Sunset kicking the floor.

"So, she can come in, or I have to send her gone?"

"I will talk with her Spike."

The purple alicorn turns to the kitchen door, but before she leaves Sunset touches her back.

"I do this. We have to talk sooner or later, I just expected will be a lot later. Twi, can you..."

"I get it. I and the girls will go to the Sweet Apple Acres"

"Granny Smith invited us to spend the day there, and I confess I got a bit curious about how they grow their apple trees." Completed Applejack a little calmer.

"Thanks, girls, I know you all wanna stay and help, but I have to do it myself." Said Sunset hugging her friends.

"I'll be back sooner as I can Sunset, so you and I can talk with the princess"

"This won't be necessary Twi. Go on, enjoy the Sunday on the farm. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"No, but I and her have to talk and I guess we can do this." She then turns to Spike, who stays all this time on the kitchen door.

"Spike, could you please carry the princess to one of your rooms, maybe serve us a cup of tea, if you don't mind of course"

"Sure Sunset"

Spike left the kitchen, soon the girls do the same. Sunset sits on a bench and ate a bowl of fruits while waits for Spike.

"She is in library number 2." Said the dragon entering the kitchen a couple of minutes later. "3rd door on the left" completed the dragon.

"Thanks, Spike."

Sunset stop and touched the library door with her hoof, then breathes slowly, trying to put her thoughts in order. She pushes the door and enters, Celestia was sat in one chair with her front hooves over the table, Sunset notices the princess isn't wearing her regalia, not even the crown. She looks to her former mentor, now she doesn't look like a powerful and immortal demigoddess, but just a mare, a pony very tired and sad.

The unicorn walks through the room and sits in front of her former teacher. They both stay in silence for some time until the alicorn began to speak.

"Sunset you have all the right to hate me and all I can say is I'm so sorry. I should never abandon you, I was weak, I was afraid that somepony could hurt you but in the end, I, your mother, the princess that all ponies think is flawless, was the one who hurt you, an innocent filly, my daughter. A mother never should hurt or abandon her children but I did. I ruined your foalhood, made you suffer years and years for never know your parents, and I'm truly sorry for all the pain I caused you. Nothing that I can say will be more than a poor excuse for my vile acts, but I'm here not as a princess, but as a simple mare begging for a chance to be with you again."

Almost a minute passes before the unicorn began to talk.

"I did not have a bad childhood, I mean, foalhood, but wasn't very happy either. When I was a filly, see you always lighted my days, and even if only for a few hours, I felt loved. I always saw you like the mother I never had. I loved you since the first time we meet, princess, and I felt that you loved me back like my parents never did. I was just a baby, what can I have done that made them hate me so much? Why do they throw me off like trash?"

"Sunset, I..." Celestia tries to speak, but the unicorn raises her hoof.

"When we fought years ago, I hated you and for a long time all I wanted was revenge, but I was being childish. I had to be hit by a magical rainbow laser in another world to realize this. When I was your pupil, I don't deserve to be a princess, I was selfish, envious. You always tried to make me a better pony, and who knows maybe even worthy to be a princess, but I don't listen. I always thought that I was better than all the other ponies, just because I was your pupil, because all I conquered was with my own enforces, my talent."

"When I cross the portal and finally understood how that world works, I acted in the same way, maybe worst. I made those that are now my closest friends and the entire school fight one with the other. I broke bonds, friendships, made all theirs lives miserable just to feel superior. In a couple of days, Twilight united all the school again just being herself. She and her friends showed me that I wasn't a lost cause, that even me, an awful person, can be redeemed."

"If they do this for me, I'll do the same for you. Princess, I'm still upset with you and I don't know when I could call you mother, but I know you're truly sorry and I think we can turn this page and try to be friends again."

"This means you forgive me?" Said Celestia with a shy smile on her lips.

"Yeah, I can't be mad with you forever, forgiveness is an important part of friendship, as so, honesty, loyalty, kindness and you know the rest. I will be a big moron if don't do to you the same thing the girls did for me when I turned into a demon. Guess you could say that I finally learned the lesson you tried to teach me"

"I just don't wanted you had to suffer this way"

"Me too, but let's just left the past behind and began again"

Celestia left her seat and walks to Sunset.

"Can we have a friendly hug? Or is it too soon yet?"

Sunset jumps and hugs one of the princess's forelegs. Celestia sits, pulls the unicorn closer, and warmly hugs each other.

"I've missed you princess"

"I've missed you too, my little sunshine"

Few moments pass and they apart.

"Now this makes a lot more sense." Said Sunset wiping her eyes.


"Well, back when I was your pupil, you used to call me 'my little sunshine' when we were alone. I never really understood, and to be honest, it sounded a little weird, but now I know why. You are the Sun and I'm your daughter, so I guess 'little sunshine' is appropriate even if not much original"

"This annoys you? We can choose another one if you wish"

"Nah, it's fine. So, I guess you have to back to Canterlot now, after all, you're Equestria's regent and I guess they need you there."

"Well, I have a free day, so we can do anything"

"Wait, since when you have a free day? I remember you working every day of the week. You work all day and watch Equestria all night long."

"Luna and I share the royal responsibilities since she comes back from the moon, and she offered to make my work for a few days, so you and I could sit and talk properly."

"Okay, you have a free day. So princess, what you have in mind?"

"I dunno. What you and your friends do to have fun?"

"Well, I and the girls generally go to the mall, watch a movie, or if is Twilight's turn to choose, we go to the museum or planetary."

"Where are the girls anyway?"

"Oh, they go to the Sweet Apple acres. Granny Smith invited us to spend the day there and I said the girls that I'll meet they there when you and I finish our talk"

"Hum, I don't remember the last time I pay a visit to Apple's family farm, I guess was on granny Smith's wedding, no wait, I was on a harvest celebration when Applejack was five years old, so seventeen years ago I guess"

"So, princess, you wanna go to Applejack's farm?"

"Why not? Certainly will be more fun there than stay all day here at the castle."

Coming home

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Sunset and Celestia are almost at the castle's front door when suddenly a purple pony appears in the middle of the main hall.

"You were not kidding when said that would be back as sooner as possible."

"Well, I was worried that you two can't archive an agreement so..."

"You thought that I would try to kill the princess, and we would fight until she reduces me to a pile of ashes, is that what are you saying Twilight?"

"WHAT??? No! I never thought that princess Celestia could incinerate you!"

Sunset laughs a little, she approaches and touches Twilight's muzzle.

"Just kidding. The princess and I are fine."

"Sunset is right, we turned a new page on our lives and decide to try to be friends again."

"So what you two have in mind for today?" Twilight said, still worried, but a little relieved.

"Sunset and I thought that would be nice to spend some time on Sweet Apple Acres."

"Yeah, we don't plan anything, so we will start with this."

"well, what are we waiting for?" said Celestia walking through the door, "the Sun waits for no pony"

"Seriously, will take me some time to get used to that Celestia has a sense of humor." commented Sunset while she and Twilight follow the princess".

After spending a joyful afternoon, Celestia leaves Sunset and her friends enjoying the rest of the day on the farm, and goes back to Canterlot. She and Sunset agreed that maybe will be better if they take baby steps with her new relationship.

When the sun was setting on the horizon, the girls came back to Twilight's castle and after their goodbyes, crossed the portal back to Canterlot city.

A bit before 07 pm, the girls are in front of CHS, they say their goodbyes and notice Sunset walking and sitting on the stairs of the school's entrance.

"Want a ride, Sunset? Your apartment is on my way home."

"Thanks, Twi, but I already sent a message to principal Celestia and she will pick me in a few minutes."

The girls make Sunset company on the school entrance, and ten minutes later, a gray sedan parks on the faculty lot.

Picking her backpack, Sunset walks and waves to her friends before entering the principal's car.

After some minutes in silence, Celestia spoke.

"So, wanna tell me about your trip back home? How was your reunion with the princess Twilight?"

"Everything occurred pretty well with Twilight, surprisingly no monster attacked us and no magical shenanigans happened"

"But I can see in your face that is something bothering you"

"Yeah, you can say that"

Close to 05:00 pm, Luna sees Celestia arriving in one of the castle balconies.

"You come earlier than I expected. Is everything ok between you and Sunset?"

"Don't worry Lulu, we are fine, she forgave-me and said we can try to be friends again."

"But she wasn't ready to call you mother yet, I presume."

Celestia looks to the ground before reply.

"Yeah, she said that she doesn't know when she could call me mother, but we are together again, so it is a win, right?"

Luna walks and stands in front of her sister, embracing her.

"Yes, I see this as a victory, to both of you. I'm very proud of you, sister and I can wait to meet my niece."

"Thanks, Luna. Say, the princess of the night has some time to have an afternoon tea with an old mare like me?"

"I think I have some time to kill before rising the moon."

The sisters walk to Luna's bedroom to chat and had a snack before the day ends.

Around 07:15 pm, Celestia parks her car, she and Sunset walks through the front door. The principal sits on the couch and taps signaling to Sunset sit at her side.


Sunset close her eyes, breathe slowly, and began to talk.

"I found my mother"

"And she wasn't what you expected?" Said Celestia holding Sunset's hands.

"Sort of" Sunset oper her eyes and looks to her friend "Truth is: princess Celestia is my mother."

Celestia stays in silence for a few seconds, sure, she wanted to know all about this story, but what really matters now is Sunset, so she decides that these questions can wait, she lifts her right hand and began stroke Sunset's hair.

"Well, now I understand that look on your face. How do you feel right now?"

Sunset still holding Celestia's hand, looks to the ground.

"Confused, happy, betrayed. All at the same time."

"I think is a completely normal reaction"

While Celestia continues to stroke her hair, Sunset resumes her story.

"On Saturday, after she told me the entire story behind why I was abandoned, I left the castle and go to a grove nearby to think about my life. Twilight, the princess one, my sister, found me and we go back to the castle. I spent all night thinking and this morning, the princess came to see me. She apologizes again, and I could see that she was really sorry for making me suffer. I decided to give her a second chance, you, the girls, and everyone in the school gave one when I don't deserve and I would be a big jerk not doing this for her."

Celestia pulls Sunset closer, hugging her. She knows how hard that revelation hit Sunset, but even so, the girl chooses forgiveness above hate.

"It was a really mature decision, Sunset. I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks, but I don't know if you can be proud of me"

"And why you think that?"

"Even after I decided to give the princess a second chance, part of me is still pissed with her and thinks that she doesn't deserve my love as a daughter. And I'm not sure if I can call her mother anytime soon."

"Well, I think that doesn't make you unworthy of my pride. You could hate her, but instead, you choose to forgive the princess, and for me, it only shows that you're a good girl, with your flaws, of course, but you are always trying to be a better person, and if you ask me, it was what really matters."

Sunset stays in silence for a while thinking. How two people be could be so equal but so different at the same time? Even knowing everything she did, principal Celestia stays on her side, even risking lose her job as principal for covering a girl who was not only an illegal immigrant but technically a real alien, who bullied every student of CHS, even so, Celestia charged several favors to make sure Sunset could stay on CHS, she even let Sunset stay in her home until finding an apartment for her own.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Thank you, for everything you did for me."

"You're welcome, my dear Sunshine"

Sunset opens her eyes and finds herself in a bed, she falls asleep and not even notice, she and Celestia were on the couch in the evening, and now is Monday morning. "wait, how did I get here, on the bed?" she thought, but before she can think any further, a knock is heard on the door.

"Sunset, are you awake?"

"Yeah, come in."

Celestia enters and sits on the edge of the bed.

"Did you sleep well?"

"I guess so. How did I get here?"

"Well, we were on the couch, and before I notice you were sleeping. You don't get proper rest on the night before, I suppose. So I let you on the couch while preparing your bed. When I came back and tried to wake you, you said 'don't worry, princess, I know where are my room' stood up, and began walking upstairs still half sleeping. I just had to follow you to make sure you won't fall. You found your way to the room and crawled up the bed before resume sleep."

"Thank you and sorry, I don't want to be a burden."

"Non-sense, you never will be a burden to me, Sunset. I really miss the time you were living here, with Luna and me, but understand that you wanna your own space."

"What time is it? I'll be late to school"

"07:15 am. I came here to say that you don't have to go to school today if you don't want to.

"I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm ok enough to go to school."

"If you say so. Breakfast is ready, I'll wait for you in the kitchen."

Celestia left the bedroom and Sunset did her morning routine. 20 minutes later, she enters the kitchen sees a plate of pancakes along with a mug of coffee, the principal is checking some emails on her phone while drinks her coffee.

Close to 08:00, Celestia parks her car on the faculty lot and they cross the school entrance together.

"Have a good day studying, Sunset."


Sunset sees her friends and starts to walk in direction of them, but quickly turns back."


"Yes, Sunset?"

"Earlier you said I can skip school today."

"Yes, and you declined."

"I know, but..."


"Can I save that offer for another day? Like an exam day?"

Celestia laughs a little.

"I'll think about it. Now, you have classes to attend, miss Shimmer, go before I have to suspend you for skipping classes."

"Looks like a win-win to me. See you later" Said Sunset with a wink. She then runs and meets her friends on their way to the music room.

An unexpected visitor

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The week passed without anything extraordinary, just boring classes and the girls hanging out between the school and their jobs. On Friday evening they are in Sunset's apartment for a movie night when she heard a buzz.

"I think is my journal", said Sunset leaving the couch, "where I put that thing?"

"Over here, Sunny!"

She looks back and sees Pinkie pointing to her computer desk

"Thanks, Pinkie."

"You're welcome Sunnybun."

Opening her journal, Sunset sees princess Twilight's message.

"Hey girls, Twilight asked if we have any plans for tomorrow, she wanna come here and do something."

"I guess I know what she wanna do. He plays guitar and has blue hair."

"Oh please, Rainbow Dash."

"What? I know you thought the same, Rares."

"Anyway." Sunset grabs a pen and writes her answer.

"We haven't planned anything yet, but it would be amazing to spend the day with you, 'princess' 😉. Hey, what about you bring Starlight with you? She still owes me a rematch on that stupid squirrel game."

A minute later, she had a response.

"She probably will love the idea, I'll ask as soon as she backs home. See you soon, big sis."
"P.s: Sunset, you are my sister, so don't call me princess, or I will call you 'princess Sunbutt'."

"I can't be 'princess Sunbutt', Celestia already own this title 😜 See you tomorrow, bye."

The next morning, the girls arrive at the CHS statue pedestal and see princess Twilight talking with vice-principal Luna.

"Good morning Twi, good morning to you too vice-principal Luna. I hope we aren't interrupting your talk."

"Good morning Sunset is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"What are you talking about? Wait, you aren't vice-principal Luna, aren't you?"

"No my little pony, we aren't your vice-principal Luna." She walks and hugs Sunset.

"Twilight, guess you have some explaining to do."

"Oh, well, you see" said Twilight rubbing the back of her neck, "Princess Luna and I was talking yesterday night, and I accidentally let slip that I was making a little trip through the mirror, and she decides come with me, hehe"

"Don't blame her, Sunset, I was just excited to finally meet my niece" said Luna releasing Sunset from the hug.

"Twi, princess Luna, I'm not mad, really, but you could at least have warned me. What if the vice-principal was passing by?"

"Hum, Sunset?"

"Yes, Twilly?"

"I'm pretty sure that our principals already accepted the idea that exists two of them."

The other girls just nod with their heads, agreeing with twilight.

"I guess, you are right." She looks to Luna.

"Sorry princess is not like I don't want to see you, I guess we will see each other a lot since I'm part of your family now."

"You don't have to be sorry. Well, why don't you show me this city of yours?"

"Sure. Hey Twi."

"Yes?" replied both Twilights.

"The princess one."

"Yes, Sunset?"

"I guess Starlight won't come."

"Yeah, she said that she would love to be here, but Trixie suffered an accident yesterday and she will stay with her in the castle."

"Oh my, I hope is nothing serious."

"Don't worry Fluttershy, she just hurt her back while trying to improve her chain scape trick. She rolled out the stage and unfortunately fall in the padlock."

"Thank goodness, she's ok."

They start walking, and Sunset shows princess Luna the city, starting for the school but decide don't go inside, instead shows the city mall, where they ended spend some time on the bookstore by request from both Twilights and Luna, and after offered some snacks to Luna try.

After lunch, they are talking on her way out to the mall, when Luna bump into someone.

"Oh, please forgive us, we were a little distracted."

"Luna? What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at your dentist by now."

"Sister? What are you doing here?"

Celestia soon looks to Luna's companions and sees familiar faces.

"Wait, two Twilights? So I guess you aren't my sister Luna."

The principal them look to Sunset.

"Care to explain it, miss Shimmer? What your aunt is doing here?"

Sunset takes a breath but before she could answer, princess Twilight starts to talk.

"Principal Celestia, please don't be mad with her, was my idea to bring princess Luna with me. Sunset was so surprised as you when she notices that Luna had come here."

"Yes, sis... I mean, Celestia, Sunset wasn't knowing about my visit."

"Princesses, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad with Sunset in fact, I am just curious, after all, based upon what Sunset told me, Princess Luna is one of Equestria's rulers, I've never imagined that she was curious about our ordinary world."

"I came here to see my niece and know a little about her world."

"And what do you think? This world is worthy enough to be a princess home? Or you think is better if our little Sunset moves to her mother's castle?"

"You guys know that I'm still here, right?"

"We still here" completed Rainbow Dash.

"I think this world is wonderful, now I know why my niece chooses to live here, I mean, apart from her friends, of course."

"Is nice to hear it. I know Sunset's life here doesn't start that good, but her friends and I were trying to make this world home to her."

"And you and the girls did a great job, I feel like I finally found my place in the world, or multiverse to be more precise."

"I'm happy hearing you say that Sunset. Now I have to go back home, please go visit us in Equestria sometimes, Celestia and I miss you."

"You can stay in the castle with me, we have a lot of sisterly things to do."

"Yeah, I promise to visit more often."

Celestia takes Sunset and the princesses to the school while the rest of the gang splits on Applejack and Fluttershy cars to go home.

Some minutes after, they are in front of CHS ready to go when Luna approaches the principal.

"Was really nice to meet you Celestia, hope we will see you again."

"I hope that too."

"Before I go, I have a request to you, Celestia."

"And what could be?"

"Please, keep an eye on Sunset for my sister and me."

"I will."

Twilight and Luna then cross the portal, leaving Sunset alone with Celestia.

"Well, everything turned well in the end."

"I guess so. Your aunt is a lovely person, Sunset, like my Luna, but still different."

"I didn't meet her before, but I guess you are right, she's different from vice-principal Luna."

"Come on. I'll take you home."

Luna reaches the Canterlot castle a little before her watch starts and was welcomed by her sister.

"So, how are Sunset?"

"Evening, sister. My niece was pretty well and her friends are really fun to hang out with."

"She said something about me? No pressure, just asking."

"No, and personally I take that as a good signal, which means that she forgave you, but will take time to her be used to be with you again. Baby steps, Celestia, remember?"

"Yeah, I think you're right, I have to give her space, maybe we can spend some time together on spring break."

"Probably yes. I think will be good if you had some way to keep in contact with her."

"I think I could ask Twilight to bring me my old journal, but is completely full. This is it, I'll make another one."

"Seriously sister, just now you realize that is a good idea to make a journal to talk to her?"

"Shush you Luna, it's completely normal to a mare in her thirties like me forget one thing or another."

"You are 1130 years older, Celestia. Normal for a mare of your age is to be dead."

"Like you are so much younger than me!"

Luna rolls her eyes. "Anyway. I meet that world's Celestia, she's really close to Sunset, and I think that the feeling is reciprocal."

"I've heard by Twilight that Sunset is under Principal Celestia's tutelage."

"Indeed, but seems to me that their relationship is more like a bond between friends, or a kid and her mother."

Celestia stays silent for some seconds.

"I... I'm happy that she found someone that loves her, I really am."

Luna notes sadness in her sister's voice.


"When she came through the mirror and stole Twilight's crown, I should have gone after her and told everything, no I shouldn't have abandoned her..."

Luna gently touches Celestia's lips and embraces her.

"You feel guilty, I know, but we can't change the past. Your daughter, even with your mistakes, is a good girl now and she's ready for a fresh start with you, but if you can't let the past on the past you will be unable to go ahead and build a new life with her."

"I always act dumb when comes to deal with Sunset."

"You always act dumb, so I can't tell the difference."

Celestia pushes her sister.

"You are supposed to support me, not point that I'm stupid!"

"First: I called you 'dumb', not 'stupid', there's a huge difference. Second, I'm helping. See? you're arguing with me and not on the verge of crying for guilt."

A smirk appears on Celestia's face "I hate you"

"Awn, I love you too, sister. Now, if you excuse me my shift is beginning, see you later."

Luna disappears and Celestia felt her heart a little less heavy.

One and half hours later, she finished some pending documents for her meeting with the economic council the next morning, then grabs a blank journal, and put the enchantment to communicate with Sunset.

"Well, maybe I should write something."

She grabs the feather but hesitates.

"Maybe she's already sleeping, what time is there, 10 pm? No, She's probably awake."

"But she could be studying with her friends, and I don't want to interrupt."

Ten minutes later, she made her final decision.

Dear Sunset, I'm writing to inform you that now we can talk through your journal.

"Not, too formal."

She is about to cross her text when receives a response.

Hi, princess, nice to hear you. Sure we can talk through the journal, I was about to talk with Twi just about it when your message arrived. Well, if you don't mind, I'm a bit sleepy, so we talk later, ok?

Oh, don't let me keep you awake. See you soon, bye.

I wonder, what is next for me?

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It is 03:23 AM on Saturday and Sunset is sat on the floor, with her back on the bed, writing on her journal.

My mentor. That is what she was to me once, but now I know she is my mother and I can't stop thinking: It makes me a princess too? Does she expect that I take part in her life as a princess? This is the reason why she was so hard with me when I was her pupil?

"You know that only one pony can answer these questions, why don't ask her?"

I guess I fear that she wants to make me a princess. I'm not worthy to be a princess, Twilight, not after all I did here and in Equestria. I wasn't worthy when was her prize student and I am still not worthy now.

Sunset, I'm sorry but I think that you are wrong. You are worthy to be a princess, and not only because you're Celestia's daughter, your actions more than proved to me and to her that you are a changed pony/person.

Proof of this is that when you absorbed our friends magic, you were able to become Daydream Shimmer, if your mind and heart weren't good or pure, you could be corrupted but no, you transformed in a shimmer of hope and was capable of turn Midnight Sparkle in Twilight again without hurting her.

I dare to say that the way you used the elements of harmony of your world was something that I was never able to do. I'm or even your mother was never capable of purifying somepony without hurt them, but you? You purified Twilight with care and kindness, which means that you are a better element bearer than me or Celestia. So if it doesn't make you worthy to be a princess, well, Celestia can take my wings away because I am not worthy either!

Thanks, Twi, sorry to bother you so late in the night.

Nah, you are my sister, you never bother me, what are sisters for, apart from hearing each other problems?

Seriously, what sisters do? I'm being a good little sister?

Don't worry Twi, you're the best sister I can ask for.

Thank Celestia. So you mentioned a nightmare earlier, wanna talk about it?

I guess so. I was back in Equestria to my coronation and you and our friends were there. Suddenly everything goes dark, I call your names but have no response and then I felt something sticky under my hoof, I light my horn and see that sticky thing was blood. Looking around I see all of you are dead, slaughtered. I heard a voice, 'Sunny', I turn around and was Pinkie, With a whisper, she asks: 'Why you did it to us, Sunny? I thought you loved us.' I hug her and with a final breath, she said: 'Don't cry Sunny, see? I still love you, even after you killed me.' I woke after that and can't sleep again.

... wow, that was intense. If you want, we can talk with princess Luna and she can help with your nightmares

Thanks, Twi, but I think I'll be fine, probably was something that I ate that caused the nightmare. I just needed to talk to someone or somepony in your case, and I don't wanna wake Pinkie, she's so cute sleeping.

If you say so, but I'll be here if you need me, don't forget. And give Pinkie a hug for me.

I will. Thanks again, Twi, now I'll try to have some sleep, the animal shelter will host an adoption event in the morning and I don't wanna miss this and disappoint Fluttershy just because I haven't enough sleep. Bye

Is almost 08 am when Sunset smells something tasty, immediately her stomach starts growling and she knows that is time to get out of bed.

"Fine, fine, I heard you. See? I'm already awake!"

She came down the stairs and sees Pinkie in the kitchen.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. I made breakfast for us."

"Good morning Pinkie. Yeah, I felt the smell of food and 'Thomy the tummy' pulled me out of bed."

Pinkie pinched gently Sunset's tummy.

"You're a good boy, Thomy. We can't let our Sunny start her day without a proper breakfast."

Sunset sat at the table and Pinkie served the breakfast: scrambled eggs, waffles, a mug of coffee, and toasts. They eat and nearly at 09 AM come on the animal shelter.

"Hey girls!"

"Howdy, Sunset. So, ready for a hard workday?"

"Ready and full of energy."

"So Pinkie, I see that you slept on Sunset's again." Said Rarity with a mischievous smile.

"Absolutely, Rares. She would need a ride to here, and I needed help with math, so we did a sleepover, with just two of us."

"That was what? third time this week? If I don't know you I would start to think that you two are more than friends." completed Rarity

"What? We are just friends." Said Sunset.

"With benefits, obviously."

"Pinkie, you are not helping."

"What do you mean by friends with benefits?"

"Seriously, Twi, for an egghead, you have a lot of knowledge missing. Friends with benefits mean that they are friends who bang casually."

"Hum, I didn't know that you and Pinkie are a thing, Sunset. Since when you are girlfriends?"

"We are not a couple."

"But we sleep together and cuddle on the couch. And sometimes I make breakfast to us."

"You know that you described a couple's behavior, don't you?" Asked Twilight

"Celestia, please kill me. Since when did you guys notice that?"

"Starswirl Festival" the girls answered in unison.

"But we aren't a couple. Sure I love you Pinkie, and spend time with you is always a pleasure. You make me laugh, I really like that your hair smells like strawberry, your smile is contagious, and when you hug me I feel my chest warming, and I'm really happy to be with you."

The girls stay in silence for a while.

"Why are you so quiet girls? Did I say something weird?"

"Sugarcube, you just declared to Pinkie right now, and was so lovely."

Sunset then realizes what she said, she looks at Pinkie and sees tears in her eyes.

"Pinkie, I..."

Before she could talk, Pinkie put her index finger on Sunset's lips.

"I love you too, Sunny. I know that you may feel that you aren't ready for a relationship, but I guess is worth a shot. So, Sunset Shimmer, would you be my valentine?"

"I don't want to hurt you."

Pinkie could see hope and a hint of pain on Sunset's eyes

"We don' have to do anything more than we usually do together if you aren't ready. We can take it slow and see if we like each other as lovers or is just a very special friendship. So, what you say?"

"I'd love to be your girlfriend, Pinkie."

They hug and Pinkie kisses Sunset's forehead. The animal shelter's event was successful and at nearly 15 PM they go to their homes.


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After leaving the animal shelter, Sunset is in front of the school's statue (or what remained after the friendship games) taking some breaths before crossing the portal. She received a message from princess Celestia days ago inviting her to spend the weekend at Canterlot castle. After some hesitation, she stepped on the portal and was on Twilight's castle seconds later.

"You're early." Said Twilight walking and hugging her sister.

"Nice to see you too, Twilly."

"So, how are the girls?"

"They are fine, is movie night and they all go to Fluttershy's house."

"Cool. You could invite your little sister to one of these, you know?"

"Don't worry, I will. Well, I'm better to go to the train station, there's a long way from here to Canterlot."

"If you wish, I can go with you."

"Thanks, but I'll be fine. I have to walk with my own feet, not counting that is a little weird depend on my little sister to solve my problems."

"If you say so. At least let me escort you to the train station."

Sunset shimmer approaches the Canterlot castle gates, and looking at the guards, she recognizes two of them, they are the ones she knocked out before jump into the mirror for the first time, and for the expression on their faces, they recognized her too, after all, is not every day that you are attacked while escorting the princess prized pupil outside the castle.

"Identify yourself."

"Hi, I'm Sunset Shimmer, princess Celestia is waiting for me."

"Seems that is true." said the guard on the left after looked to a planchet that he grabbed with his magic.

"Proceed, another guard will meet and escort you to the princess's presence." commanded the other.

She spotted a guard walking in her direction and stops waiting for him. Them resume to walk and Sunset thought about the last time she was in the castle with Twilight, the guards not even once stoped them, just bowed theirs heads in Twilight's presence without a single question.

"I remember when all the castle doors were open to me..."

A voice woke her from her memories.

"Your highness."

She looks and saw that the guard stopped with his head down.


In front of her stood princess Luna and Sunset bowed her head in reflex.

"What's your name, guard?"

"My name is Northwind, your highness."

"Well, you did a good job bringing my sister's former student to the throne room, Northwind, now leave Sunset with me."

"As you wish, princess."

Northwind leaves the hall of the throne room and Sunset fell a touch on her shoulder.

"Sunset, you don't need to bow to me."

"Sorry, was a reflex. Where she is?"

"Considering that the afternoon is almost over, she's probably in the kitchen eating something."

Luna and Sunset walk for some minutes and reach the castle's main kitchen.

"Sister, are you here?"

"Yes, Luna? Oh Sunset, you came earlier than I expected."

"I hope I wasn't interrupting."

"Nonsense, I was just baking some cookies for when you arrive."

"You don't need to."

"Is the first time you enter this castle as my daughter, so I think that would be good to cook something to show that I care. You still like cookies with chocolate chips?"

"Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? Especially when is homemade. Mind if I help?"

"Okay, but don't dare to eat all the chocolate chips, Luna stays in a terrible mood if she doesn't eat some chocolate."

"Hey, that was a one-time thing! You ate the seven-layer chocolate cake that Pinkie send to us."

"I thought you don't want, you leave on the fridge for a whole day."

"I was saving for my midnight snack! Watching over the dream realm makes me really hungry!"

They continue to chat with Celestia and Luna telling Sunset some of her childhood memories until the sunset.

"I really enjoyed our time together, but the duty calls me. See you in your dreams Sunset."

"Yeah, was fun baking cookies and chatting with both of you. See you later, auntie Luna."

Luna leaves the kitchen leaving Sunset and Celestia alone.

"Well, the evening is only beginning, what do you want to do, Sunset?"

"I dunno, usually that time I was home, doing homework, or hanging with the girls."

"What about you tell me more about your life? I wanna know everything I can about you, I mean if you wanna tell me, of course."

"Nah, we already passed the worst part so, I don't have any reason to not talk about my life, you are my mother after all."

"How is the school on your side of the mirror?"

"Normal, I guess, Canterlot high isn't so different from the CSGU, a part of the magic, of course, but now we have that there too. Schools are pretty similar no matter what part of the multiverse you are, I guess."

"Twilight told me about all the problems equestrian magic caused to your world."

"Yeah, I and the girls passed some risky moments, but is not something that we can't deal with."

"She said that you are the leader for your friends."

"I'm not a leader, we are all equals. I mean, sure, sometimes I take the lead, but is almost always when comes to deal with magic, but just because I have more experience with that."

"Your friends trust in you, they know that you are a better person than before, a person who will stand with them."

"I try my best to be worthy of that confidence."

"And this makes me think that you are a good leader. A true leader in any world leads not by forcing others to bow before her, but by inspiring others to stand with her."

"Principal Celestia said the same to Twilight after my defeat at the fall formal."

"She appears to be a clever mare, I mean, woman."

"I guess so."

"Luna said that you and principal Celestia are pretty close."

"We are good friends. She even let me stay with her and Luna for a while, and helped me find an apartment."

"I'm glad that you found someone like her."

"Me too."

My past is not today

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Canterlot High, after the fall formal.

Sunset saw Twilight crossing the portal while she was busy repairing the school's entrance.

"You will never rule in Equestria. Any power you may have had in this world is gone. Tonight, you've shown everyone who you really are. You've shown them what is in your heart." Twilight's voice echoed in Sunset's head along with the memories of all the times that she makes the Canterlot high student's lives miserable.

"All I have in my heart is pain, sadness, and remorse, princess."

She felt... empty, all the students look at her with rage in their eyes and she can't blame them, after all, she spent two and half years making everyone's life hell. She was about to pick more bricks when felt a touch on her shoulder and heard a voice.

"This enough for today. You can go home."

Turning her head she saw principal Celestia with an expression that showed care and disappointment at the same time. Sunset nod her head and began to walk in the faculty's lot direction.

Some minutes later, Celestia and Luna are walking in the principal's car direction when they heard something.

"You heard that?"

"Yes, Luna. Looks like someone is crying."

They walk in the sound's direction and find a girl sat on the grass hiding her face with her hands.

"Sunset Shimmer? What are you doing here?"

Hearing Luna's voice, she tried to run, but her legs were weak and she falls sat on the grass. Luna and Celestia look at each other and sat on Sunset's side.

"You are supposed to be in your home, Sunset."

"I guess she has no home to go back, Luna."

"Is that true?"

Sunset nods.

"I used to sleep in the lockers room, or the library, but looks like the janitor fixed the window."

"You slept in the lockers room all the time that you are here?"

"You don't have to pretend that care about me, principal, I know no one ever cared about me."

She stood up, turn her back to the principal, and continued to talk.

"And don't worry about the school, I'll run away like I always do, and you will never have to see me again. Is not like anyone would mind if a piece of trash disappeared."

"You aren't a piece of trash, and if you disappear I'll miss you."

"Bullshit, no one cared about me before, no one cares now."

"I care."

"My sister is right, we care about you, Sunset, we really do."

"So, how about you stay with us for a while?"

Sunset looks to Celestia and sees care and compassion in the principal's eyes.

"I lied to you since the first time we saw and made everyone's lives hell, why are you so willing to help me?"

"Sunset, what I see in front of me is a lost child, sure you did awful things to CHS students but no one borns evil, you probably came through a lot of things before heading here and I wanna help you to be a better version of yourself if I can."

"But being mean is all I know."

"It's not true, you are a brilliant student, one of the best Canterlot High already had."

Luna put a hand on Sunset's shoulder.

"Sunset, we don't know about your past, and for now you don't have to give us any answer. Believe me, I know a thing or two about doing something that you regret."

Celestia opens her purse and offers Sunset some paper tissue.

"Please, let us help you."

Twelve minutes later, they are at the sisters' house and Celestia leads Sunset to their guest room.

"This will be your room, for now, there's a bathroom on the end of the corridor if you wanna take a shower, and Luna will bring one of her pajamas to you."

"Thank you principal Celestia."

"We aren't on the school Sunset, you don't need to call me principal, just Celestia, ok?"


"Luna and I will be in the kitchen, come when you are ready for dinner."

Luna entered the room soon after her sister left.

"I guess it's a bit big to you, but is just for tonight. In the morning you and I will get some clothes."

"But I don't have..."

"Money to pay us? You will live with us for a while, consider this a welcome gift. Don't get late for dinner."

Luna leaves the room and Sunset sits at the bed border.

"Even after I turned into a demon, they are nice to me," she thought, "why? If was the princess instead of the principal, I would probably be sent to Tartarus for all eternity."

She grabs a towel and goes to the bathroom. Taking her jacket off, she felt some pain and something viscous on her back, and looking in the mirror, she saw two wounds where her demon wings were hours ago. Unzipping her skirt, she saw another wound where her tail grew. The wounds are small, but certainly will leave scars, as a reminder of her defeat.

Once in the shower, she let the warm water flow through her hair and down her back, washing the remaining blood off her wounds, among with her errors, she hoped. Alone in the bathroom, she felt... safe like she hadn't felt in a long time.

Twenty minutes later, she reaches the kitchen and finds Celestia cooking.

"Do you like pasta, Sunset?"

"Yeah, I guess."


"Where's Luna?"

"We are out of meatballs, so she went to the convenience store to buy some."


"What, something wrong?"

"No, nothing wrong at all."

"By the tone of your voice, there is something wrong for sure."

"Is nothing, really, is just that I don't eat meat."

"Oh. Sorry, we should have asked you before."

"You don't have to apologize, pasta and Tomato sauce is fine to me."

"I'm home." said Luna putting some store bags on the table.

"Luna, we have a problem, Sunset is vegetarian."

"And why this is a problem?"


Luna rolled her eyes "Sister, I already know she is vegetarian, have you forget that I revise all the student's records?"

"You know?"

"Yes, Sunset, why do you think that your free lunch at school's cafeteria is always meat-free? This is why I buy soy meatballs to you and regular meatballs to Celestia and me."

Grabbing two pots Luna prepares the meatballs and soon they are sat at the table having dinner.

Is almost 01:00 am when Sunset returns to the guest room, she lays in the bed, hugs a pillow, and falls asleep.

Hearing a knock on the door, she wakes, opens the door, and sees Celestia standing.

"Sorry to wake you"

"It's ok."

"Breakfast is ready, Luna and I need to go out for a while, so feel free to do something in the meantime."

"Are you sure that you want me to be alone in your house? What if I rob you?"

"I trust you, Sunset. And I'm pretty sure you won't do something like robbery."

A horn sounded outside the house.

"Is Luna, I have to go. We will be back for lunch. Bye Sunset."

And then, she left, leaving Sunset alone in the house.

"I'm still sleeping?", she said pinching her left arm, "ouch! No, I'm definitely awake."

Sunset goes downstairs, and looking around the kitchen she finds that is really alone. After having breakfast, she leads to the TV room to watch something when saw a game console on the rack.

"The principals play videogames?"

She then looks the titles and one caught her attention.

"They have Rise of Tirek Collector's Edition?"

Turning on the console, the Gamertag of the profile logged surprised her.

"Wait, so Nightmar3_Empre55 is vice-principal Luna? She's one of the most awesome game streamers on haytube! Now I know why she never showed her face on her videos."

Logging with her account, Sunset starts to play and some hours later, the sisters returned.

"Sunset, we are home."

Sunset run and hugs Luna.

"You are Nightmar3_Empre55! I'm your fan, you are awesome!"

"Thanks, Sunset." replied Luna with a smile. "And you said our students will not recognize me as a superior gamer, hum, sister?"

"Fine", Celestia pulls a 20 bucks bill from her wallet and handed to Luna, "you win."

"So, I suppose you had fun, Sunset."

"Are you kidding? I only played on the computer lab computers before, play games on a real console is an entirely new level!"

"So was you." Asked Celestia crossing her arms and giving Sunset a look of disapproval

"Oh fuck."

"Language, young lady." warned Luna


Celestia put a hand on the girl shoulder's "As long you promise that won't use the school's computers to play videogames again."

"I promise."


"I hope you don't mind," said Luna handing a large paper bag to Sunset, "but I took the liberty to open your locker and bring you some clothes."

"Thank you."

"I suggest you change your clothes, Sunset, we are going to the mall to have lunch and buy some new ones."

Familiar, but this time I have some practice.

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"I stayed with them for five months, and felt that I finally found my place in the world."

The silence lingers for some moments while Celestia thinks about Sunset's story.

"I have to thanks your principal," said the princess seconds later, "for caring so much about you."

"You better do, Sister."

Luna walked and sat on Sunset's side.

"I dare to say that Sunset couldn't have found a better person, is that the right word?" Sunset nods and Luna continued, "to take care of her."

"I guess I could ask her to come here someday, she'd probably want to meet you too."

"I think that is a great idea."

"You thought about crossing the mirror, I'm right, sister?"

Celestia didn't respond, choosing to talk with Sunset instead.

"I don't know about you and Luna, but I'm starving."

Sunset tried to look at her watch just to remember two things: first, she doesn't have a watch. And second, even if she had one, it probably would disappear when she crossed the portal.

"I guess is family dinner time." she said shrugging.

After dinner, they spent some time just chatting, with Sunset telling more about her world.

"I guess now I know why you won't consider Equestria as your world, Sunset."

Sunset caught a bit of sadness in her mother's voice.

"I always felt out of place here, mom, seems like the other side of the mirror was supposed to be my world after all." Sunset yawned "I'm a bit sleepy, so if you don't mind, I'm going to bed."

"See ya tomorrow, Sunset." Said Luna hugging her niece.

Celestia walked and bumped softly on Sunset. "Come on, let me show you your room."

Walking through the halls, memories came to Sunset's mind, some of them happy, but most of all she remembered how she treated the castle staff, the other students on the school, and how she betrayed Celestia's trust in her.

They past Celestia's room and soon stop in front of a room next to the princess one and Sunset recognizes the door.

"My old room?!"

"Yes, I hope you don't mind."

Celestia opens the door and Sunset sees that all her things still there, as like she never have left Equestria.

"I always hoped that you would come back someday, and maybe we could be together again."

Looking around the room, more memories come to Sunset's mind, classes, her walks with the princess, her departure ... on the dresser she found a photograph of her and Celestia in the castle gardens, shortly after she was accepted as the princess's personal student. Sunset sees his mischievous smile in the photo and thinks about how completely different his life would have been if she had accepted the princess's guidelines, She wouldn't have known his Canterlot high friends, of course, but she could have done others here in Equestria if he had given friendship a chance.

"Even after all I said, how I treated you, you still maintained my old room as I never have left."

"As I said, I was hoping that you would come back someday. I know this sounds silly, you don't hadn't any motivation to come back, not after I was so stupid with you. I expelled you, which would be bad even if you were only my alumnae, but was even worst because you are my daughter and I never really treated you like one. So this room was where I used to came to think about my mistakes and..."

Sunset put a hoof on Celestia's shoulder (she wanted to put on her mother lips, but she is shorter than her mother so she can't reach them)

"Mom, how many times I need to say that I already forgave you? We are fine now, let's move on. I, for example, are moving to my bed to take some sleep"

Sunset ran and jumped on the bed. "See? I'm already sleeping" she said faking a nap.

A little chuckle escaped from Celestia's mouth.

"I don't remember you being that silly."

"I blame Pinkie for this. I guess her silliness is contagious."

Celestia sat at the bedside and using her magic, pulled the covers over Sunset.

"Pinkie's silliness is a multidimensional constant, I suppose."

"I guess so."

"Well, I'll try to catch some sleep too. Good night Sunset."

"Good night, mom."

Sunset closes her eyes and Celestia leaves the room, closing the door behind her, going to her room to review her notes for next morning meetings.

One and half hours after left Sunset's room, Celestia walks back and enters carefully trying to not wake her daughter. She saw Sunset sleeping with a peaceful face and remembers that times, years ago, when Sunset sometimes slept in the library and she could put her on the bed as a mother would do.

She sits at the bed's side and touches gently Sunset's face, a face she thought that would never see again, the girl moves lightly on the bed and Celestia stays some minutes more watching her daughter sleep, while remembers all that she lived until that moment.

Canterlot Castle, almost thirty years ago.

Celestia woke and felt a bit indisposed, she was felt like this for more than a month. She raises the sun and calls her assistant.

"Yes, your highness?"

"I'm feeling a little sick, please call Dr. Flatline to me."

"Yes, princess."

Ten minutes later, the royal MD entered the room and not even five minutes passed before she have a diagnose.

"Well, princess, based on your symptoms and my own experience, I can say that you are pregnant."

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty much."

"This couldn't be possible."

"Well, you are a healthy mare, so if you had sex unprotected, pregnancy is a possible result."

"But I..." she then remembers her break-up with Night Light and the amazing sex they had that night, and that they were so involved in the moment that she won't remember putting a contraceptive spell.

"Oh, boy. I and he..."

"I guess is better give you some time to think. Congratulations on your foal, princess."

The months pass by and on the third week of September, Celestia is in her room with Flatline and at the sunset, she gives birth to a beautiful filly, with a light orange coat and mane and tail red and yellow.

With tears of joy in her eyes, she breastfeeds her daughter for the first time, and smiling says.

"Oh, my little sunshine, you have no idea but made me the happiest mare in the world."

Celestia was happy like she never thought she could be, the simple thought of having her daughter calls her 'mommy' for the first time used to make her eyes tear, but as her daughter grows, fear also grows in Celestia's heart. What if some enemy discovers her existence? What if somepony foalnaps her? Night after night those thoughts torment her until one night when the filly was only eight months old, she finds herself in front of Canterlot orphanage.

She slides a magical suppressor ring on her daughter's horn and puts her on a basket along with a note with her daughter's name written. Gently, Celestia lifts Sunset and starts to rock her slowly.

"I'm sorry Sunset, my precious sunshine. This probably is the stupidest decision that I take in my life, and I'll regret that for the rest of my days, but I hope someday we could be together again, and who knows, you will forgive me."

She puts Sunset back in the basket, which, as if feeling what was about to happen, began to cry. Even more, tears flow from Celestia's eyes, she takes two steps back, lowers her head, and ran back to the castle, hearing the loud crying of her daughter and feeling like her heart was being sliced. Looking back she saw the door opening and a pony pulling Sunset inside.

On that night she doesn't go back to the castle, instead, walked directionless on the streets until was time to rise the sun again. She looks to the moon and thinks about Luna, who she imprisoned there almost a hundred years ago.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry, I'm not that good pony you expected me to become. I abandoned my little sister and now I did the same to my daughter. I know you aren't proud of me, I'm not proud either. I try to convince myself that all that I did was for the good of Equestria, that I make the right choice, but if this was really the right thing to do, why do I feel so dirty, so guilty, so stupid?"

She raises the sun with tears in her eyes and flies back to the castle, Equestria needs her princess so Celestia wipes her tears and puts that fake smile on her face, the same she is using since she defeated Luna, a thousand years ago.

Celestia looks to Sunset, wishing that she could undo all her errors. She touches her daughter's face one more time before planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you so much, Sunset, forgive me for not have said that before, for abandon you so many times, for choosing another ponies instead of you. I promise that I will stay at your side until the end."

She leaves the room, letting Sunset with what she expects is a good dream.


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A knock on the door wakes Sunset, she sits and tries to rub her eyes and the hardness of her hoof makes her remember that she was a pony again.

"Ouch, I have to remember to not do this again."

"Miss Sunset?"

"I'm awake."

"Sorry to interrupt your sleep, but princess Celestia is waiting for you for breakfast."

"Say the princess that I'll be there in a few minutes, thanks."

After her morning routine, she reaches the kitchen and finds her mother and aunt sat at the table.

"Sorry to make you wait, aunt Luna, I guess you are pretty sleepy."

"It's ok, Sunset" replied Luna yawling, "it's not every day that I can have breakfast with my niece."

She sits and Celestia slides a plate of pancakes in front of her, along with a bowl of sliced fruits. Sunset notice that her pancakes were decorated to resemble her face.

"Thanks, mom, they look delicious."

"You're welcome, my sunshine."

"So, auntie, how was your night watch?"

Rubbing her eyes, Luna swallows her food before answer.

"A bit out of ordinary, more ponies having nightmares than the normal, but is nothing to worry about."

"You look more tired than yesterday."

"I'm fine sister, but I appreciate your worries."

They had a small talk during breakfast, and some minutes later, Sunset grabs a napkin to clean her mouth.

"Thanks, mom, the food was really delicious, but if you both don't mind, I'm going to spend the morning exploring Canterlot, I wanna know what changed since I left."

"Want some company? I'd love to visit the city with you."

"I don't think this is a good idea, mom, you are Princess Celestia, everypony knows you and I was planning to be as much incognito as possible."

"Well, I have a trick on my sleeve."

"And here we go again," said Luna annoyed, "you know what? I don't care, I'll be in my room, sleeping. Good Luck, Sunset." she then left the kitchen.

"Why she is so annoyed? Was something that I said?"

"Your aunt is just grumpy because she's sleepy, that's all. As I was saying, I have a trick on my sleeve."

Celestia then lights her horn and in a flash, a pegasus with an orange mane and a cream coat appeared in her place, looking closely, Sunset saw that her cutie mark was a sun disguised with a mask.

"You have to be kidding." Sunset facehooved "Now I understand why aunt Luna was so pissed."

"Come on, this time I have no amulet to be stolen, everything will be fine."


"Funny story, I tell you later."

"You don't have royal duties or something like it to do?"

"Your sister will be in my place today as part of her training to be the next Equestria's ruler, so I have a free day."

"You won't leave me alone, will you?"

"Nope. Now that I have you back, I'll stay with you forever, and ever, and ever." Said Celestia with a silly smile on her face.

"I really miss the time that you don't have a sense of humor. So, do you have a name for this character or not?"

"You could call me Solaria. I was born in a pegasus village near Neighagra Falls, but dad got a job in Cloudsdale and we move on when I was eight. My mom sold bottled clouds shaped like animals. I dreamed to become a wonderbolt but during the tryouts, I hurt my wing and I'm not able to fly full speed since then."

"You are doing this for a while, isn't it?"

"Some years, in fact."

"I guess, you have everything covered with your backstory."

"And your sister thought that I'm a bad actress."

"She what?"

"I tell you later."

Sunset and Solaria walk through Canterlot commercial district when she sees a familiar face.

"Rarity, is good to see you"

"Sunset? what a surprise! Twilight doesn't tell me that you were in Equestria."

"Yeah, I came to visit my mom."

"And who is this lady with you?"

"Hi miss Rarity, my name is Solaria. I work as one of the castle's maids."

"Oh, nice to meet you Solaria. So you are escorting Sunset today?"

"Yes. The princess said that she couldn't leave the castle so, she sends me to escort miss Sunset."

"So, Rares, can I call you Rares?"

"Sure thing, darling, we are friends, aren't we?"

"Okay, what brings you to Canterlot, Rares?"

"Bussiness. I came to visit my boutique here."

"I didn't know that you have a boutique here."

"Miss Rarity is a very successful mare, miss Sunset. She has boutiques here, in Ponyville and in Manehattan."

"Wow, I guess this makes you the fashion empress of Equestria."

"May Celestia hear you! but I'm not quite there yet."

"I don't think that you are that far from this, you're one of the best fashionistas that I know."

Sunset sits and rubs her chin with a hoof.

"I mean, I only know two fashionistas personally, and both are you, but I guess you know what I trying to say."

"I guess so. Twilight said that she is pretty good."

"As good as you, I guess. Well, I won't take more of your time, I guess you are busy this morning."

"A little bit, yes. Here, take my card, so you can visit me whenever you want."

"Thanks. See you later"

After waving their goodbyes, Solaria and Sunset began to walk again.

"You are pretty good acting too, Sunset. You not even blinked before following my cue."

"Is part of my old skills. I'm not proud of the way that I used this before, but is pretty useful."

"So..." said Sunset breaking the silence that started to linger "how much time you can keep this form? I guess that now that you are a pegasus, won't able to change back whenever you want."

"I have nearly five hours in this form, after this, I'll become Celestia again."

"Nice. So, what you wanna do, Solaria?"

"I think visiting Ponyville would be nice. Canterlot is great, sure, but I'm not willing to bump in any noble, even if they can't recognize me."

"I never thought that you hated those meetings that much."

"When you live long enough like me and have to deal with the same chit-chat for a millennium, you get used to it, but it doesn't make their requests less annoying. You have no idea how many times ponies requested an audience begging me to extinguish the sun, or send their neighbors to prison because a dog pooped on the grass, or even ordering me to leave the throne and make Equestria free from my tyranny or they will put my head on a spear."

"You know what? I'm glad that you decided to not make me a princess, I will never be able to deal with these stupidness levels."

"Well, your old you certainly aren't suited to be a princess, now the present you, is another story."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on your horse, princess."

"Hold on my what?" asked Solaria lifting an eyebrow

"Horse." Sunset then understands her mother's confusion. "Hold on your horse is an expression of my world, it means to slow down or hang in there. I know what are you implying, but, no, I'm suited to be a princess."

"You are a truly changed pony, why you say that you're not suited to be a princess?"

"I'm not a good person, I'm a reformed ex villain. I tried to kill my sister and the girls that later became my best friends. Sometimes I have not-so-nice thoughts about people around me, especially when they piss me. I try my best to be good, and I know that they all forgave me, but I'm not worthy to be a princess and to be honest, and I'm happy being just a normal girl, with life so normal as possible."

"I guess, we aren't so different. We both try to be as good as possible, but I really think that now you are a better pony, even worthy to be a princess, but I'll respect your choice to not be one if you don't want to."

"Thanks, 'Solaria'," Said Sunset with a little smile "you are a really good friend."

"Thanks, 'miss Sunset'." replied Solaria bowing her head ironically "So... since you are princess Celestia's daughter, how about talking to her about an increase in my salary? You have no idea how the life cost in Canterlot rises up in the last months."

"Yeah, I'll talk with her about reviewing the castle staff salaries." said Sunset laughing.

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Arriving at the Ponyville train station, Solaria takes a deep breath and exhales.

"I love how the air smells here. Reminds me of my youth, when Luna and I lived with our parents in a village half of Ponyville's size."

"You miss them?"

"Yes, but I fear that I'm beginning to forget. Sometimes is difficult to remember their faces."

While Solaria's first sentence carried joy, Sunset noticed a tone of sadness in the last one."

"But we aren't here to talk about my past, or what I left behind, we are here to conquer Ponyville."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

Both mares looked back and saw Starlight.

Sunset walked and hugged her.

"Starlight is nice to see you"

"I could say the same."

"So you wanna help Solaria and me take over Equestria?"

"The law requires that I answer no."

"But I thought we are friends. Come on, Starlight will be so fun!"

"Sure you are one of my best friends, Sunset, but even if I had any world domination plans, which I don't, I won't discuss it in front of the princess."

"What princess?" Asked Sunset doing her best to not laugh.

"Princess Celestia." replied Starlight pointing to Solaria. "I know that disguise."

"I see you have more attention to details than Twilight."

"Yeah, sort of. So what brings you to Ponyville?"

"I'm just wanted to spend a day away from Canterlot. Ponyville reminds me of my old town."

"Really? where is your town?"

"Used to be where today is Vanhoover."


"Please call me, Solaria for today, Starlight. Let's not reveal my disguise"

"Hum, okay."

"I'm sorry, you are asking me..."

"Oh, right. So 'solaria' have you and Sunset any plans for today?"

"I was thinking about have some goodies at Sugarcube corner. Have you any suggestion, Sunset?"

"Actually no. I barely know Ponyville. Any idea, Starlight?"

"Well, I was going to help Trixie with her show. Wanna come?"

Solaria rubbed her chin with a hoof.

"It's a long time since I saw miss Lulamoon."

"You know Trixie?"

"Oh, Twilight doesn't tell you? Trixie is an Equestrian hero. She, Discord, Thorax, and your friend Starlight defeated queen Chrysalis and helped the changelings change, and became a new kingdom ally of Equestria."

"No, neither she nor Starlight told me that."

"In my defense, that happened after I visited your world."

"Well, I guess Twilight was right when she said that Equestria would find a way to survive without her element of harmony."

Solaria and Starlight looked to Sunset having no idea what she was talking about.

"Nevermind. So, lead the way, Starlight, we don't wanna be late for Trixie's show."

"Well, Starlight, seems miss Lulamoon will have two more ponies in her audience. How much for the tickets for the show?"

"Oh, I can't charge you Solaria, you are, you know, 'you'."

"Nonsense. Today I'm just an ordinary mare, and would be a pleasure watching the Great and Powerful Trixie's show."

"Mom is right. I know for my own experience that every bit counts at the end of the day."

"Well, if you insist, will be five bits for each ticket."

After the show, Trixie is on backstage, giving some autographs, while Solaria and Sunset wait. About thirty minutes later, they finally can talk with her.

"Trixie, this is Solaria and her daughter, Sunset."

"Oh, Trixie is always happy to meet her fans."

"Miss Lulamoon, your show was amazing."

"Mom is right, I'm glad that we stopped to see it."

"Well, thank you."

"You mind taking a photo with us? My friends won't believe that I meet you." asked Sunset

"Trixie, I mean, I would love to take a photo with you."

Sunset grabbed her phone and handed it to Starlight. Solaria and Sunset sit on the ground, with Trixie between them.

"And, here we go."

After taking some photos, Starlight gave back Sunset's phone.

"This camera is strange. Why is too tiny?"

"It's a new model from... Manehattan. Yeah, I work as a tester to a camera industry." replied Sunset nervously.

"So, miss Lulamoon, are you interest in improve your magical skills? I mean, you are awesome, but what about learning advanced spells?"

"What are you doing?" whispered Sunset in her mother's ear.

"I know what I'm doing." whispered Solaria back.

"This doesn't even make sense!" replied Sunset.

"Um, there's a trick or two that may need some improvement. I'm listening."

"I work as a maid on Canterlot's castle and some days ago, I've heard that princess Celestia is planning to open a class of advanced magic for young adult unicorns. Maybe I can suggest your name as one of her students."

"Sounds interesting. Why you will do this?"

"Well, it's not every day that I have a chance to lend a hoof of an Equestria hero, not to count that I'm a big fan of yours."

"Um, you know how many ponies the princess is planning to have in these classes?"

"I dunno, maybe four or five. Raven said that she wants a small group, just to know if it would work."

"It sounds good. Thanks, Solaria."

"You're welcome, miss Lulamoon."

"Oh, please," said Trixie with a dismissive hoof, "you can call me just Trixie."

"So, Trixie, are you planning to accept?"

"This would be an amazing opportunity, Starlight. Sure, I won't be the only student, but still, I will be Celestia's personal student and Twilight Sparkle will have to admit that we are equal."

Starlight rolled her eyes.

"This again? Twilight already said that you are a great magician, she even admitted that she learned a spell from you."

"I know, but mocking her stills funny."



"Well," said Solaria breaking the tension, "if you don't mind, Sunset and I have some places to go."

"Oh, sure. And thanks again for your offer, Solaria. You have no idea how much this means to me."

"You don't have to thank me, Trixie. Is a pleasure being useful for an equestrian hero like you."

"Say, Starlight, do you think that the friendship castle is open for visitation?" Asked Sunset

"Yes, I mean, the castle is technically the Ponyville library too, since Tirek blew up the Golden Oak Library. Also, is my house, so I guess Twilight won't mind if I show it for you after I help Trixie pack her show stuff, of course."

"Nah, you don't have to, Starlight, go on, be their guide, I can handle everything here."

"Thanks, Trix, I'll bring something from Sugarcube Corner to you."

The three mares stop at the sugar cube corner and sit to have a snack.

"So, ´Solaria', why are you so interest in Trixie? You think she's pretty?" asked Starlight

"I could ask the same." said Sunset.

"Well, I can't deny that she's gorgeous." said Solaria with a lustful smile

"Be careful with your next words, Solaria. Trixie is mine." replied Starlight with a sly smile

"Oh, and what makes you think that I want only her?" replied Solaria with a wink

"You can't be serious."

"What, aren't you in old mares? Don't you think I'm hot?"

Starlight stays silent, with a shocked expression on her face.

"Celestia please kill me." said Sunset hitting the table with her head.

"Nah, I'm not in the mood for that, but thanks for the offer." replied Solaria.

"MOM! Can you please be serious?"

"Fine, but you two aren't fun. Maybe you already know that Trixie took the admission test to CSGU."

"Yeah, she said me this. Prin... I mean, Solaria, can I ask why you didn't accept her?"

Solaria and Sunset noticed the sadness in Statlight's voice.

"I saw potential in her, but she failed on the test. She was so nervous about appearing in front of the evaluators that ended up failing."

"I can't imagine Trixie having stagefright, none of them. I guess I need to know Trixie better."

"A couple of years later, I've heard that she became a traveling magician, I always wanted to attend one of her shows, but never could due to my royal duties."

"So, do you think she could be great?"

Solaria catch a hint of hope in Starlight's voice.

"In one word? Yes. Maybe she won't be so versed as both of you or Twilight in magic, but I really see great potential on her."

"And you really thought on opening a class of magic for young adults?"

"You know how I love to teach the young ones, Sunset, and with my retirement, I will have a lot of spare time, so why not retribute all the love of my little ponies teaching some of them that couldn't have a proper magic education?"

"And you are planning to help only unicorns?" Asked Sunset raising an eyebrow.

"Of course not! While CSGU, as the name says, is dedicated to gifted unicorns, I'll try to reach pegasi and earth ponies too."

"But wouldn't be simpler adapting the CSGU to include non-unicorns than opening a new school?"

"Unfortunately not, Starlight. Thanks to Equestrian Educational Association, is easier to open a new school than change the structure of an existent one."

"And I thought that my world has stupid laws." said Sunset with a little chuckle.

Before they could discuss any further, Pinkie appeared with her orders.

"A blueberry muffin with hot chocolate, to Starlight. Strawberry milkshake and coconut cream pie to Sunset. And two slices of our seven-layered cake and an ice tea with a slice of lemon to the princess."

"Ok," said Sunset surprised "thanks Pinkie, you read my mind."

"And how do you know, I'm the princess, miss Pie?"

"Was just logical deduction. Sunset doesn't have a lot of friends here in Equestria, besides Twilight, Starlight, the girls, and I. So when she comes here with Starlight and you, a mare that looks old enough to be her mother, I conclude that you only could be princess Celestia."

"You really are such a mystery, Pinkie. Could it be our little secret?"

"As you wish, ma'am." said Pinkie making a zipping move on her lips

Starlight looked to Sunset, who was calmly slurping her milkshake.

"Why are you so calm?"

Sunset put the glass on the table.

"It's just Pinkie being Pinkie. I have one in my world, so I'm used to her shenanigans."

"So, miss Pie, can I borrow you for a while?"

"Sure, things are pretty quiet here, and is time for my break."

Pinkie waved to Mrs. Cake before sit on Starlight's side and pull a cupcake from her mane.

"What do you wanna know, princess?"

"Sunset's birthday is near, and I was thinking..."

"Say no more. I'm in."

"Oh, thanks Pinkie. I would love to do it all by myself, but I'm still Equestria's ruler, which let me with almost no time to spare."

"Mom, my birthday isn't that near."

"I know, but will be your first as my daughter, so..."

Sunset raised a hoof and Solaria stop talking.

"Mom I know you want to shout to the world that I'm your daughter and that you love me, I love you too, but I don't want a big party, maybe something more personal, with you, aunt Luna and my friends."

"I guess you are right. It's just that I'm so happy that you're back to me that I want all the world to know."

"It's ok." she replied touching Solaria's arm.

"But it doesn't mean that I would reject a party by the greatest party planner in Equestria. I know you will do something intimate but still memorable, Pinkie."

"You can count on me, Sunset."

They chat for a while until Pinkie's break ended and waved their goodbyes to her not long before Solaria's spell ended and she became Celestia again.

"Well, it was fun not being the princess for some hours. I hope that with my retirement the ponies start to see me as an equal."

"It will not happen. Even if you aren't a princess anymore, princess, the ponies will eventually bow to you in reflex, I mean, you are their princess since forever, so will take some years, maybe, to see you as a regular pony."

"Starlight has a point. From my own experience, people don't change the way they see you from day to night, it takes some time."

"Well, I would love to stay with you, but Trixie and I have a reservation for lunch."

"Oh, don't let us stop you, Starlight."

"Yeah, go get her, tiger!"


And then, Starlight vanished, appeared again to grab Trixie's present, and disappeared again.

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"You mentioned a retirement earlier, is that serious?" Asked Sunset while they are walking to Twilight's castle.

"Oh, I haven't told you? Luna and I are planning to retire in a near future."

"And you told Twilight already that she will be the queen of Equestria in a near future?"

"Yeah, she was worried, but I assured her that with her friends at her side, she could do this. And I'll stay close while she adapts to her new responsibilities."

"And this is the reason why you said that I would be a good princess, right? You want me to be at her side."

"Don't get me wrong, I have total faith that your sister will be a good leader for Equestria, but I think that having someone close to share this burden, would be better."

"You know that by saying this, you are making me feel guilty for not accepting your offer, right?"

"You don't need to. Past week your sister and I talked about it, and she said that you probably won't accept and that she will not press you to rule with her if you really don't want to."

They reach the friendship castle and some minutes later are in front of the mirror portal.

"I know that you will be back soon, but still hurts to say goodbye to you."

"It's not a goodbye, it's just a see you soon. I promise to spend more time with you when school is over."

Celestia sits and hugs Sunset tightly.

"Mom, I need to breathe."

She releases Sunset and messes with her mane.

"Write to me when you're home, I wanna know if you head home safely."

"If you want, princess, I can go with her."

"You just want an excuse to see Flash, Twi." said Sunset rolling her eyes "You could at least try to hide it."

"Hey, it's not that! I'm just worried about my sister."

"Yeah, and I'm an alicorn princess."

Celestia was about to say something but Sunset raised a hoof.

"Don't even think, mom. I already said that I'm not going to be a princess."

"Well, you can't blame me for trying." replied Celestia shrugging. She then walks and kissed Sunset's forehead.

"Bye, my sunshine."

"Bye, mom."

Sunset hugs Twilight and crosses the portal.

When she arrives in Canterlot City, is almost 7 pm, she was about to pull her phone to call a cab when heard a familiar voice calling her name.

"Sunset! Over here"

Looking to her right, she saw Pinkie waving and walked in Maud's car direction.

"Want a ride, miss Shimmer?"

Sunset laughed at the pun.

"Maybe, but you could at least pay me a dinner, first."

"Noted." said Pinkie winking.

They two get in the car, with Pinkie in the driver's seat.

"So, how is Equestria?"

"Peaceful. Maybe we can spend a day or two there sometime"

Pinkie stays in silence for some seconds, paying attention to the street.

"By 'we' you mean us two and the girls or, just us two?"

"Just you and me, miss Pie. I had time to think and, I'm excited about the idea of being your girlfriend."

Pinkie gently holds Sunset's hand before returning her right hand to the steering wheel.

"I'm a little nervous, Sunny."

"I'm too, but I think we can do this, and even if we eventually find that we aren't meant to be lovers, I would love to be friends with you."

The silence lingers for some seconds before Pinkie resumes the conversation.

"I know it's sudden, but would you like to have dinner at my house?"

"Wow, you don't waste time. I wouldn't imagine that you wanted to take off my pants so badly."

Pinkie gives a light punch on Sunset's left shoulder.

"It's not that, silly! I just thought that you maybe were hungry."

"Okay, okay. I'd love to have dinner with you."

Five minutes later they arrive at Pinkie's house, and after having dinner, were laying on the couch cuddling under a blanket watching a movie.

"Mind if I stay?" whispered Sunset on Pinkie's ear.

"I was about to ask you to."

About 12 pm, they go upstairs and after taking her baths, lies on Pinkie's bed, with her being the big spoon.

Sunset felt something itching her nose and heard someone almost singing lightly

"Rise and shine, sunshine."

Opening her eyes, a pink blur is close to her face, smiling. She stretches her arms and hugs the pink blur.

"Morning Pinkie. This is one of the best ways to start a day" she said nosing Pinkie's neck.

"Stop. I mean, not. I mean stop. We will be late for school!"

She releases Pinkie and sits on the bed.

"It's not my fault that you are so cozy and warm to sleep with."

"Awn, you are such a warm kitty too, Sunny. Breakfast is ready, Maud will give us a ride to school."

"I'll go downstairs in ten minutes."

Pinkie leaves the room and Sunset does her morning routine.

They arrive at CHS and saw the girls waiting at the statue pedestal.

"Yo, Pinkie, I guess you and Sunset had some 'action' last night."

"Dash, could you stop being so childish?"

"And what's the fun in that, 'Sunny'?"

"Hey, only I can call her Sunny!"

"Okay, okay, I get it. So what the news, Sunset?"

"Well, mom and I are getting along easier than I expected."

"It's wonderful to hear that, Sunset."

"I agree with Rares, is good to 'now that ya and the princess let your past errors in the past."

"Thanks, Rares, AJ."

"I'm very happy for you too, Sunset, but if we don't run, we will be late for the first class."

The day goes by with nothing but ordinary happenings, as so the rest of the week. On Friday evening, Sunset and Pinkie, along with the girls, are at Sunset's house for their movie night.

"So... are you nervous about tomorrow?"

"Yeah, Twi. I have no idea how they will react."

"Oh my! are you sure you don't want us to go with you?"

"Yes, Fluttershy, but thanks for your support."

"And is not like you will be completely alone when you meet them."

"You're right, Pinkie. I know that everything will be right in the end, after all, Sunset will take principal Celestia and you with her." completed Twilight

"Yeah, yeah, wherever. Could we please watch the movie? I'm almost puking with all that emotional chit-chat."

"Rainbow, you don't have a minimum of tact? Sunset here is nervous about meeting her dad for the first time."

"Come on, Rares, we all know that Sunset is strong, we don't need to worry, she will be fine."

"This actually is almost... sweet of your part, Dash." replied Rarity a little surprised.

"Yeah, can we just start this movie?"

"I didn't know that you are so excited to watch 'pretty pony princess - the movie'." Said Sunset with a smirk.

"Hey, that's not it! It's just that the sooner we finish this stupid movie, the sooner we can watch the new Daring Do movie!"

"If you say so."

On 10 AM on Saturday, Sunset is on the friendship castle kitchen, having her second breakfast (it's not her fault that Spike's pancakes are so delicious)

"Are you nervous?"

Sunset turned her head from the pile of pancakes to the mare at her side.

"I'm on a verge of a heart attack, so yes."

"We are here for you" said principal Celestia putting a hoof on Sunset's shoulder.

"Yeah, Sunny, the principal and I will stay here, cheering for you."

"Thanks, Pinkie. I don't know if I could do this without you at my side," she then looks to the principal, "both of you."

"I can not be your real mother, Sunset, but I love and support you as are my daughter."

The room stays in silence for some seconds, with Twilight looking at Pinkie.


"You know, I was expecting that you would say something like: but you are her mother or at least some parallel version of you."

"This is a serious moment, Twilight, it's not time to make jokes." said Pinkie rising an eyebrow

Twilight blinks several times.

"Oh, I'm sorry Pinkie. You're right."

"How do you think they will react?" asked Twilight to avoid the silence.

"I don't know, they are your parents, you know they better, what do you think?"

"Probably dad will sleep on the couch for a while after that."

"Wow, Twilight Velvet is that jealous?"

"Mom can look all bubbles and laughter, but she is a serious mare when comes to family. I mean, even if our dad isn't married to her when he and princess Celestia is dating, she would feel cheated, so yes, mom is a bit jealous."

There's a knock at the door and Starlight enters the kitchen.

"Your parents arrived."

"Thanks, Starlight. I'll be there in a minute."

Sunset looks to starlight with puppy eyes.

"Sunset, you are my friend and I love you, but no, I won't travel back in time to stop you to arrange this meeting."

"Well, don't hurt to ask."

"I know this is a family thing, but I could stay here if you want."

"Thanks, Starlight, but I think is better if you stay here with Pinkie and principal Celestia."

"Well, ok. I'll be cheering for you."

"Thanks, Starlight."

She began to walk and suddenly stops and looks at Twilight.

"Is it too late to fake my death?"

"I think so. Breathe Sunset, don't forget I'll be at your all the time."

"Thanks, Twi."

She hugs Celestia and Pinkie.

"I'll be back soon."

They enter the cutie map's room and find Spike chatting with Twilight's parents.

"Twilight Sparkle, why did you not tell us that our little Spike has wings now?"

Twilight walks and hugs them.

"Hi mom, hi dad, is nice to see you."

"So, if you need me, I'll be in my room." said Spike leaving the room.

"Your dad and I know that you are a full-grown mare and a princess, but you could visit us more often."

"Your mom is right. Shinning has the excuse that he lives far, on the Crystal Empire, but Ponyville is not that far away from Canterlot."

"Fine, I go to Canterlot at least once or twice a month."

"I can work with it." Said Twilight Velvet.

"So, I suppose you are one of our Twilly's friends" asked Night Light to Sunset,

"Yeah, something like that."

"Let me guess, you are Twilly's special somepony?" asked Twilight Velvet pressing Twilight's cheeks between her front hooves.

"NO!" both Twilight and Sunset screamed.

"Okay, but somepony have to explain why your dad and I are here."

"I guess this somepony is me." said Celestia entering the room.

"Princess? Why are you here?"

"It's nice to see you again, Velvet my friend."

"The princess and I have something to tell you and Night Light, miss Velvet." said Sunset pointing to the chairs to they sit.

"And what could be to you ask us to came from Canterlot to here?" Asked Night Light confused.

"Night Light, is time to talk about our past."

"What kind of past you could have with him, princess?"

"Velvet, Night Light and I dated for almost one year before you two get married."

Twilight Velvet turned her head in her husband's direction.

"It's that true? You and the princess were a couple?"

"Yes. We break up around six months before I meet you."

"And why you didn't tell me that?"

"Honey, when the princess and I break up, I promised to not tell anypony about us."

"But, I'm your wife, how could you hide this from me?"

"Velvet, please don't be mad with him."

"And how can I not be mad, princess? Who knows what more he could be hiding for me?"

"Velvet, my love, apart of this, I never ever hide nothing from you."

"There's one thing more, Night Light, but not even you know what is."

"What are you saying, Celestia?"

"Yeah, princess, what more he is hiding for me and how he couldn't know?"

"You see Velvet. Some weeks after I broke up with Night Light, I discovered that I was pregnant. When the kid was born, you were already married, so I never told him that we had a child."

"We had a foal? Why you never told me this, Celestia?"

"I was afraid that some enemy of Equestria would hurt you or our child, or even try to make me abandon the throne."

"And I'm that child." said Sunset stepping forward.

"But we never saw you in the castle, young lady."

"About that, miss Velvet, I wasn't raised by the princess."

"I left Sunset on Canterlot's orphanage, and she lived there until I took her as my personal student."

Night Light and Twilight Velvet stay in silence, with shocked expressions on their faces.

"You" Night Light began to talk clearly angry, "I once loved you and you let my daughter, our daughter, grow thinking that she was an orphan? I never thought that you were this kind of pony, Celestia."

Twilight Velvet put a hoof on Night Light's shoulder.

"If you did this with your own daughter, I fear to even ask what Twilight suffered on your hooves. If I know the kind of mare that you were, I never would let my daughter with you."

"You two are right. There's nothing that I can say in my defense. I was stupid and because of this, my daughter left Equestria years ago."

Sunset touches Celestia's chest and walks closer to Twilight Velvet and Night Light.

"My mom, the princess, she did wrong, I won't deny this, but I see that she's truly sorry for all the pain that she caused to me. Of course, I would have loved to have grown up with my parents by my side, and if that had happened, I probably would never have made the mistakes that I did, and that ended up drifting me away from Equestria and my mother, but I forgave her, and I ask you two to give her a second chance."

The couple looks from Sunset to Celestia and then to Twilight who remained silent all this time.


"Yes, mom?"

"You don't seem not a bit surprised by this. Since when you know?"

"Almost a month, mom" Twilight replied looking to the ground, "sorry to not told you earlier. I was giving time to Sunset think and decide when was the time to tell you and dad."

She felt a touch on her back and lifting her head, saw Night Light at her side.

"We are not angry with you, twilly. I know you would never betray your friend's, your sister's trust in you."


"Yes, Velvet?"

"In name of our friendship, I will be totally honest with you."

"I wouldn't expect less."

"I'm mad with you, how could you abandon your daughter? I would lecture you about how many ways this is wrong, but I think that it would hurt this girl's feelings."

She then looks to Sunset

"Young lady, if you can forgive that old mare, then I will give her a second chance."

She looks back to Celestia.

"But I think would be better if we take time, princess, so I'm sorry to say that I'm revoking your invite to our wedding votes renovation."

"Mom, you can't..."

Celestia raised a hoof and Twilight stop speaking.

"Twilight, your mom has the right to not want me on her votes renovation. I humbling accept your decision, Velvet."


"Yes, Mr. Light?"

"Come here."

She walks and stops two feet away from him, who pulls her on a hug.

"I'm not saying that things won't be weird between us, after all, you are a full-grown mare and only now I know that I'm your father, but I would love to be part of your life, if you want, of course."

She reciprocates de hug.

"I'd love to. Thanks, Mr. NightLight."

"Just call me dad, ok?"

"Thanks, dad"

Twilight and Twilight Velvet join the hug while Celestia just watches the family. She stands up and leaves the room, once in the hall, she walks slowly with her head low when sees Pinkie walking in her direction.

"Something wrong, princess?"

"Nothing at all, Pinkie."

"But you look sad."

"I'm just a bit tired. Is better to call the day and going home."

Pinkie then hugs the princess's right front leg.

"I know when someone needs a hug, and you really need one now."

Celestia sits and warps her other foreleg around Pinkie.

"Thanks, Pinkie." said Celestia closing her eyes

"Pinkie, where are you?"

Celestia recognized that voice, and opening her eyes, she saw herself walking.

"Oh, here you are."

"I'm sorry principal Celestia, but I felt that someone needed a hug."

A Celestial meeting

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Princess Celestia looks to her doppelganger and to Pinkie who she's hugging.

"You are princess Celestia, I suppose." said the principal getting closer.

The princess releases Pinkie and stands up.

"And you are principal Celestia."

"Quite right, princess." replied the principal bowing her head.

"Oh, please, you don't need to bow to me, I'm not your princess."

She then looks to Pinkie.

"So, I guess you aren't 'my Pinkie', right?"

"Sorry, but no."

"I was about to ask what brings you to Equestria, but I suppose was Sunset's idea."


"And talking on her..."

Sunset turns a corner and saw both Celestias and Pinkie.

"Why you left the room?"

"I felt that isn't right to me stay there at that moment."

Sunset put a hoof on her mother's left foreleg.

"I know things will be weird for some time, but we will make this work, give them some time to process this."

"You're right. So wanna explain why your principal and your Pinkie are here?"

"I brought them to support me. Also, I want you to know them."

"I see. So what do you have in mind?"

"What about we go to sugar cube corner, so Celestia could see a bit of Ponyville."

"Wouldn't be weird, Sunset, if suddenly there are two of us walking around?" asked the principal.

"Oh, right, Equestria never had two Celestias."

"And what about two Pinkies?"

"Nah, it isn't that abnormal. Twilight told me that Ponyville faced a 'pinkie invasion' once."

"Okay" said Pinkie unsure what it means.

"I can change your appearance with a spell, principal. That way we won't call much attention."

"Hit me with your best shot, princess."

Princess Celestia lits her horn and with a flash, principal Celestia was turned into a unicorn with a cream coat and light blue mane and tail.

They sit on a table at the sugar cube corner, with principal Celestia trying to figure out where Pinkie gets that fedora and fake mustache since they aren't wearing any clothes.

"I have to thank you, Celestia, for caring so much about my Sunset."

"Was a pleasure, princess. Sunset could be a difficult girl to deal with sometimes..."

"Hey! I'm here"

"But I can't see my life without her."

"You feel, silly, isn't it?"

"Yeah, Pinkie. What about we leave my mothers to talk?."

"Lead the way, Sunny."

After they left the Sugarcube corner Princess Celestia lowers her head and looks to her forehooves.

"I guess she told everything to you."


"And I think you hate me after knowing how I hurt her."

"Not all." principal Celestia extends her hoofs and touch the princess's, "I won't lie that know how you made her suffer pisses me, and to be honest, when she told me, my first thought was to cross the portal and punch your face, but this will not change the past. I do not approve of what you did but, blame you won't make all the pain Sunset felt disappear. She forgave you, and if my little Sunset says that you are sorry, it is enough to me."

"Thanks, Celestia."

Pinkie (the pony one) reaches the table with various goodies.

"Hello and welcome to sugar cube corner, princess Celestia and Celestia from another franchise with a disguise"

Principal Celestia blinks a few times.

"You know what? I won't even ask. Nice to meet you, Pinkie. What you brought to us?"

"A four-layered dark forest cake to you, and a pineapple pie to the princess."

"Thanks, Pinkie."

"You're welcome, princess. I'd love to stay and talk, but Mrs. Cake is calling me."


Pinkie then walks away and began to take other consumers' orders.

"So, Celestia, you said that Sunset is a little difficult to deal with sometimes."

"Yeah, sometimes she has a tantrum, like when she wanted to buy a motorcycle and I said no because she hadn't her driver's license yet, so some shouting, tears, and hugs happened, nothing far from a usual relationship with a teenager. She's a precious girl."

"I see that you really love her."

"Yeah, we hadn't the best of starts, but after the fall formal I realized that Sunset wasn't evil just because of evil. She was just a lost child, afraid to be alone and even more afraid to make a friend, so I took her home and opened my heart to her and soon she ended opening hers too."

"I guess you are her mother more than me. You never made her suffer like me."

"Sunset doesn't told me everything about her life before she came to Canterlot City, but sometimes she talked about how she admires you. Believe me, she never stopped seeing you as her mother figure."

"Maybe I am just being silly, I know Sunset is a full-grown mare, but I'm afraid that I may not be a good mother to her."

"And this feeling is what makes me know that you, even with your flaws, will be a good mother to her."

Both mares stay in silence for a while, just enjoying their food, until princess Celestia spoke.

"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"I guess so. Go on."

"What happened?"


"What is your story, Celestia."

"Oh. Well, as you know, I'm not an immortal princess, so maybe my life will be a bit boring to you. Luna and I were born in Vanhoover, our mother worked as a math teacher and dad was a columnist on Vanhoover Dialy, until Canterlot Press offered him a way better job, so when I was 15 and Luna was 12, we moved to Canterlot City, where we live since then. Luna and I had some troubles with each other, mostly because I don't want to spend my time with her because I saw her as a child, so when she was 15, she had some bad friends and they stole a car and caused an accident where a woman was seriously injured, but fortunately alive."

"And I suppose that she and her friends were caught."

"Not really. I was passing by and saw them running away, I ran and caught Luna, she was so afraid, she thought that they killed the poor woman. I hugged her, look into her eyes, and said: 'Go home and not tell anything to mom and dad, I will fix everything.' After I saw her running home, I got into the car and started to run from the crime scene. Few blocks later, the Police caught me and I was accused of car theft and running over without a fatal victim. I spent a year and a half in jail"

"You go to jail to protect her?"

"Yes. Was my fault that she ended with so bad company, if I was a better sister and gave her the care she deserved, she never would do something so stupid."

"Your parents didn't do anything about it?"

"I made Luna promise don't tell nothing, and when they asked me, I swear that I indeed robbed the car because I was bored. In my trial, I pledged guilty and said that I was sorry for running over the woman, so I was sentenced to a year for running over and six months for car theft."

Princess Celestia takes a deep breath before saying something.

"I'm not sure if I admire or hate you. Seriously, how in Equestria you could be so better than me? Seems that for every wrong decision I made, you did the right choice. It's not a surprise that Sunset likes you so much."

"Don't push yourself so hard, princess. I'm sure that if I had to deal with all your responsibilities, I would probably make the same mistakes. Thankfully, I'm just a principal, not a princess."

"Speaking on it, how did you get this job?"

"Well, I started as a simple geology teacher, but after twelve years of lecturing, I was promoted when the old principal retired. And about you, Sunset said that you run a school for unicorns"

"Yeah. After Starswril disappeared, I thought that Equestria would need a place to teach the next generation of unicorns, so all our knowledge wouldn't be lost, and decided to open the school. Initially, it was named 'Starswril's institute for magical knowledge preservation' but the ponies always called it 'Celestia's school for gifted unicorns' so I changed the name."

"I guess we aren't so different, after all, we both care about the young ones." pondered the principal

"I blame the multiverse."

"I blame the cows."

"What? why?"

Celestia saw a confused look on the princess' face.

"Sorry, it's a line from a cartoon that Sunset and I used to watch when she was living with me. So..." said the principal resuming their chat, "did you ever get married? I guess a woman, pardon, a mare beautiful as you certainly called a bit of attention over the years."

"Unfortunately, no. I had some lovers over the years and was proposed by some mares and stallions, but I never married."

"So, work before fun, right? Believe me, I know how do you feel."

"And about you?" asked the princess

"I had some valentines, but nothing too serious so marriage was not an option."

"And what about kids? I do not know how this works in your world, but in Equestria, isn't that abnormal if a mare decides to be a single mother."

The princess saw a sad look on Celestia's face.

"Yeah, some years ago, when I was around my 30's, I thought about artificial insemination, but while realizing the exams, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, so even if I did it, would be a high-risk pregnancy."

"But you tried anyway." said the princess sadly.

"Yes, but I suffered two spontaneous abortions. After that, I realized that I would never be able to carry a child."

"I'm sorry." Said the princess holding Celestia's hooves between hers with a caring look on her face.

"When Sunset came into my life I thought that the universe was giving me, giving us a chance to be complete, to be happy. The day I signed her guard papers was one of the happiest of my life."

"We're back."

Both mares turn their heads and saw Sunset and Pinkie coming closer to the table.

"So, 'mommies', how was the talk?"

"Your mother and I had a good time, Sunset."

"Yeah, Celestia and I aren't so different after all."

"It's good to hear that, I guess."

"Don't worry, Pinkie, it's a good thing. The princess and I, we both love Sunset and all we want is that she could be happy."

"Indeed. I know that with Celestia, Sunset is into the best hands I could ask for."

"And I know that even if she made some mistakes on the way, the princess really loves you, Sunset. And I not even want to punch her face anymore."

"Wait, you haven't given up this idea before agreed with this meeting?" asked the princess surprised

"Nah, you can't blame me for dreaming." replied the principal with a smirk.

"I have three words for you, Celestia. TO THE MOON!"

Both Celestias share laugher before the princess began to talk again.

"We should do this again."

"Yeah, my house, next time? I mean, if you have some time to spare."

"I'd love to, Celestia. We can keep in touch through Sunset's journal."

Sunset breathed relaxed.

"To be honest, this day was way better than I was expecting."

"Me too, Sunny. I guess is time to go home."

"You're right, miss Pie." said the principal leaving the table.

Once in Twilight's castle, the princess turns back the principal in Celestia and they cross the portal back to Canterlot city. After exiting in front of CHS, Celestia stretches her limbs, happy to be in her old body again.

"This was... interesting."

"It takes some time to get used to this tingling, but in a few minutes, you will be totally ok."

"Thanks, Sunset. Well, I'll take you home. Pinkie, want a ride, too?"

"Sure. Hey, we can stop at the Pizza Palace on our way."

"Sounds great, I'm a little hungry too" replied Sunset.

The finals countdown (also, a gift for miss Shimmer)

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"Yes, finally!" said Dash jumping outside the school doors, "school is finally over!"

"It's just the end of the high school, you still have the college to attend if you wanna be someone on life."

"Come on, Twi, could you simply let me enjoy this? We survived high school, I don't wanna worry about college right now."

Sunset puts a hand on Twilight's shoulder.

"I hate to admit, but Dash is right. We still have some weeks before heading to college, so I guess wouldn't hurt to take a break of a week or two."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Sunset."

"Hey, why when Sunset says that we have to take a break you agree, but when am I saying that you start to lecturing me?"

"It's because Sunset had some sense in her brains."

"Hey, I have a sense too, AJ!"

"Jump with your bike over the park's lake isn't a sign of sense."

"Come on, Rarity, you too?"

"Dash, how many times I said that you can't pony up anytime you want just because you are awesome?"

"How I could now, Sunset? Do you think that I count every time someone says that I can't do something?

"Hundred and twenty-seven times on the last two months."

Rainbow blinks a few times before speak again.

"Fine, maybe you are right and I should, maybe be a little more careful. But I keep my point, we can think about college later, now we have to do something fun."

"What about we spent the weekend on Everfree Camp?"

"What a wonderful idea, Fluttershy!"

"Thanks, Sunset. I thought that would be nice spend some time closer to the nature."

"So, girls, who agree with Shy's idea?"

"I'm in, as long I could bring Applebloom with me. She needs to learn some surviving skills."

"This is a great idea, AJ. Maybe I should ask Scoots' aunts if she could go too."

Rarity let out a long breath. "And I guess I should bring Sweetie Belle with me, since she wouldn't wanna miss this opportunity to have some adventure with her friends. And she probably will annoy me until I agree with that, so you can count on me, Darling."

"You know me Sunny, I'm always up for some fun, specially with you babe." said Pinkie with a wink.

"And you, twi?" asked Sunset blushing.

"Oh, I'm in, sure."

"Ok, tomorrow we have the prom, so Twi, would you call Timber and say that on the Friday morning we go to Everfree Camp?"

"I already sent the message while you was talking."

"Wow, you don't waste time."

"I'm always three steps forward you, miss Shimmer."

"One step, if much."

"Two and we have a deal."

"Sure, why not?" said Sunset smiling and punching lightly Twilight's shoulder.

Later that afternoon, on Pinkie's room

"I still think that you should have signed up to be the queen of the prom, Sunset."

"Yeah, but if I had signed up, that would be unfair to the other competitors, you know that I would win for sure, after all, I'm the hottest girl of Canterlot High."

Pinkie throws a pillow on Sunset, who laughs.

"Ok, ok, I'll be serious. I know our colleagues forgive me, but I made them elect me three times before with threats and blackmail, so it wouldn't be fair to compete with any of the girls, not after all what I did in the past."

"I think that this time you would have a fair victory."

"Maybe, or maybe not, but just to you know, I voted on you to prom queen."

"And for your information, I really think that you are the hottest girl of CHS."

"Thanks, Pinkie. So what do you have in mind for today?"

"Hum, I have no idea about what you are talking about."

"Come on, Pinkie is our two-month anniversary, I know that you have something planned."

"What? It's today? I totally forget."


Pinkie saw a pout forming on Sunset's lips and can't hold her laughter anymore.

"Sorry, sorry, it was mean of me."

"I should know that you are just pranking me." said Sunset throwing back the pillow on Pinkie.

"You know that I will never forget something so important, silly."

"Yeah, I know."

"We have a reservation for dinner in that new restaurant, The Tasty Treat, isn't fancy but it's really cozy."

"So I guess I'm better to go, I don't want to be late for our date."

Sunset walks and kisses softly Pinkie's lips.

"I already said today that I love you?"

"Yes, but you can say it again." Said Sunset smiling

Pinkie put her index finger on Sunset's lips.

"After dinner, we can go to your house, and maybe I could have a surprise for you."

"Or..." said Sunset sliding her hand over Pinkie's left thigh, "we can stay here and..."

Before Sunset could say something else, Pinkie slapped lightly her hand

"No, no, bad Sunset. Dinner first, surprise later."

"Awn, but I want my present."

"Bad girls don't get presents, just spankings."

"Well, it's a win-win for me." replied Sunset winking before letting the room.

About 7 pm, Pinkie rings Sunset's apartment doorbell.


Less than a minute later, Sunset opens the door and Pinkie sees that she's wearing an aqua-green dress and her hair in a ponytail. Looking closer, she sees that Sunset is using the earrings that she gave to her last week.

"Too much?"

"Not at all. You look stunning."

Pinkie is wearing a light-blue dress that let her left shoulder naked, her hair combed free, showing all her puffiness and Sunset thought that that hairstyle is the one that she likes more than any other Pinkie could wear, is the only one who could really make justice to her girlfriend beauty and personality.

"Thanks. You look even more beautiful than earlier today."

"Awn, thanks, Sunny." Said Pinkie stepping forward and kissing Sunset's right cheek. "So, are you ready?"


Twenty minutes later, Pinkie parks the car and they enter at The Tasty Treaty. During dinner, they laugh, share passionate looks, and around 11 pm, are back at Sunset's apartment.

They go upstairs and Pinkie sits Sunset on the bed.

"Now, for your special gift..."

She turns her back, and using her right hand reaches her dress' zipper, and slowly unzips, pulls the only strapple of the dress, and holding the dress against her chest, turns back to Sunset.

"I think is time for our relationship reach a new level."

She let the dress slide, showing Sunset the lingerie she was wearing: a frilly pair of light-red panties and bra that barely covers her girlfriend's intimate parts. She can see Pinkie's nipples through the fabric and looking a little lower, saw that the panties were equally translucent.

Sunset's heart was beating really faster. She dreamed about this moment since she and Pinkie became girlfriends, and if she was being totally honest with herself, she dreamed about this even when they are just friends. Sure, they had foreplay many times before, with plenty of kissing and touching here and there, but never real sex, and now that the moment finally arrived, she is nervous.

She thought about saying that she wasn't ready, and she knows that Pinkie would understand and they would sleep together, but as most as she feels nervous, she also feels a huge desire and the urge of making Pinkie hers.

When Pinkie was beginning to be afraid that she may be pushed Sunset a little too hard, Sunset lifted and grabbed gently her hand, guiding her left cheek and giving a little kiss on her palm.

Sunset pulls her closer and they kiss. After breaking the kiss, Sunset turns her back to Pinkie and pulls her hair over her left shoulder.

"Could you help me with the zipper?"

Pinkie unzips the dress and Sunset lets it go to the floor, showing Pinkie her black lingerie. When she turns back to be face to face with Pinkie, the party girl saw that Sunset's lingerie wasn't elaborate like hers, just a simple pair of black panties and bra, but she thought that it looks wonderfully beautiful in Sunset, contrasting with the light-orange tone of her skin.

Sunset grabs her hand again, pulling her for the bed, and once she were laying there, they kissed again and Sunset whispered to her hear

"Let's get this party started."

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Sunset opened slightly her eyes and aside from the shimmering sun of her apartment's window, all she could see was a cloud of pinkiness. She pulled Pinkie closer, feeling her girlfriend's skin against her naked body. Noseling pinkie's hair, she inhaled the sweet fragrance of strawberry and stay quiet like that for a while, just enjoying the moment and remembering the night she had with Pinkie. If she had to describe their first time in only one word, certainly would be 'magical'.

Pinkie surely was nervous as her, but they let their hearts guide theirs movements and everything feel so right and flow so naturally like she and Pinkie were meant to be together.

"I guess we really are meant to be more than just friends." she thought before kissing Pinkie's overhead and leaving the bed with all care to not wake her.

Grabbing a t-shirt and her panties, she goes downstairs to make breakfast, not that she was as talented as Pinkie, but she knows a thing or two about cooking.

About forty minutes later, she is upstairs again, carrying a tray to serve breakfast for Pinkie. Putting the tray in her nightstand, she gently shakes the girl.

"Good morning, sleepyhead."

Pinkie sits and rubs her eyes before stretching her arms.

"I guess I never slept that well ever."

"Me too." said Sunset sitting and kissing Pinkie's left cheek. "Wanna eat something?"

"I'd love. All that fun left me hungry."

Around 11 PM, after the prom ended the girls are in the CHS parking lot.

"I still don't believe that the school chooses Wallflower to be the prom queen."

"Are you envious that they don't choose you, Rainbow?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Rarity. It's just that she was invisible for almost the entire high school and now she is our queen? It's doesn't make sense!"

"Well, for someone trying to not sound envious, you are failing miserably, sugar cube."

"I think that she deserved, with all her effort on the gardening club, the animals have a nice place to live in."

"I agree with you, Flutters. Wallflower is a nice girl, it's a shame that she is so shy, I sure would love if she would tag along with us more."

Before Sunset or any of the girls could say something more, they heard someone calling.

"Hey, wait."

The rainbooms look back and saw Wallflower running in their direction.

"Yo, Wallflower. Congrats again for winning the crown."


The girls noticed Wallflower's nervousness, and AJ walked and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Something wrong, sugar cube?"

"I... I have something to tell you." replied Wallflower looking to Sunset.

"I'm listening."

"Since we began to work together at the yearbook committee, and you helped me with the gardening club, and you know, to not be invisible, and I saw that you really are nice, I was thinking in tell you about something that I found some time ago."

She opened her purse, grab a stone carved in a way that resembled a stylized eye, and handed it to Sunset. When the stone touched her skin, Sunset immediately felt equestrian magic on that thing.

"I found it on my first visit to the school's garden, there's some kind of magic that can erase memories."

"Don't say that you used it already." said Twilight concerned.

Wallflower rubbed her left arm and look to the ground.

"I've used it a couple of times. A little awkward talk here, a bad presentation in front of the class there, you know. I'm so ashamed."

Sunset looked to the stone in her hand and to Wallflower. She takes off her choker, where her geode was, and handed it to Pinkie, along with the stone before coming closer to Wallflower and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok. I did a lot of things that I regret, too. I'm not saying that it's ok erasing someone's memories, but you recognized your errors, and I guess you don't wanna do this again."

"Yeah, this is why I'm giving you the memory stone. You are the only person that I know that is smart enough to know how to deal with magic."

"Hey, I'm smarter than her. No offense, Sunset."

"Eh, no offense Twilight, but I trust Sunset more. Your mad scientist vibe kind of scares me"


"Thanks, Wallflower, for trusting me. I'll take care of the memory stone. So, you wanna hang out tomorrow after the graduation ceremony?"

"Yeah, we will have a movie night and on the weekend we will go to camp everfree." said Pinkie handing an invitation to Wallflower.

Wallflower hugs Pinkie, who hugs her back.

"Thanks, I'd love to."

On the next day, around 3 pm, Sunset is walking nervously in front of the CHS statue pedestal.

"What if she can't come? She still Equestria's regent after all."

"No, no, she promised. We still have about ten minutes before the ceremony begins."

The portal starts to glow and Sunset sees Celestia walking out.

"You came!" she said hugging her mother.

"Of course I came. It's not every day that you graduate from high school. Also, it's a good excuse to visit your world, Celestia still owes me a tea."

"Come on, the ceremony is happening on the football field. Oh, and if anyone asks, you are principal Celestia's twin sister, Eos"


"Is the name of an ancient dawn goddess"

"I guess I'm not the only one with a bad taste for nicknames." said Celestia with a little chuckle.

"What can I say, I got it from you." replied Sunset shrugging

After the ceremony, Sunset and her mother are talking when the principal approaches.

"Welcome to Canterlot High, Celestia. I dare to say that you look really stunning today."

"Oh, please, we look stunning today."

"Awn, you will make this old woman blush."

"Eh, mom, Celestia, do you wanna some time alone? Please say no, if I had to tell my therapist that my biological mother and my foster mother, who are doppelgangers from each other are banging, she probably will need a therapist."

"Don't worry, sunshine, I'm not so narcissist to want to get laid with my own doppelganger, even she being so buking hot."

"Seriously, mom, I guess I preferred when you don't have a sense of humor."

"Awn man, I was really hoping that you and I, could have some fun later, princess."

"Come on, you too, Celestia?"

"Hey, it's not my fault that your mother is so damn hot."

Both Celestias start to laugh and Sunset joins them.

"So," said 'Eos' after a few seconds, "I guess now that school is over, we can spend some time together."

"Yeah, the girls and I will spend the weekend on camp everfree, but I can go to Equestria Tuesday morning."

"Well, I guess I can wait some more days."

'Eos' walked and hugged Sunset.

"Stay safe, sunshine. I love you"

"Awn, I love you too, mom."

"Celestia," said 'Eos' looking to the principal

"Say no more, I'll take care of her." said principal Celestia putting her left hand on her chest.

Sunset and 'Eos' broke the hug and the princess crosses the portal after waving her goodbye.

"So, miss Shimmer, are you excited about your future?"

"Yeah. I may not know what the future holds, but now that mom and I are finally together and I can turn a new page on my life, the future looks brighter than when you adopted me."

"Well, if you want a position that can keep you close to your old home, I can offer you a job here on CHS after you graduate. Who knows, maybe you could be my substitute in some years?"

"Principal Shimmer." said Sunset raising her hands and picturing her name at the principal's door office. "Um. You know what? doesn't sound that bad."