• Published 11th Nov 2017
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Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds 2 - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

This time it’s at Sketchy Clouds’s house the second sleepover.

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The Sleepover

“So what do you want to do?” Rainbow Light asked.

“I don’t know,” Sketchy Clouds replied they both sat on the bed.

“Well this is your sleepover,” Rainbow Light said.

“I will show you some of my stuff.” Sketchy Clouds said, and she started showing Rainbow Light her stuff. “Should we play with these dolls?” The blue pegasus asked.

“Sure,” Rainbow Light answered, they started playing with the dolls they were enjoying it so much time flew by.

“Hey, Sketchy Clouds do you and Rainbow Light want to go to the park and ride on your bikes,” Mrs. Clouds asked.

“Sure!” Sketchy Clouds replied.

“But I don’t have a bike,” Rainbow Light said.

“That’s ok you can use one of mine,” Sketchy Clouds replied.

“Thanks!” Rainbow Light said, they both got their helmets and went on their bikes then went outside. They were having fun riding together then they got off and started playing on the playground with the other fillies and colts. They were having so much time together time just flew by very fast and it was almost dinner time.

“Ok you two fillies, it’s time to get going it’s getting late now and we haven’t had our dinner yet!” Mrs. Clouds said.

The two fillies said goodbye to the other fillies and colts they were playing with then, they got back onto their bikes and rode home. “What’s for dinner mummy?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

They sat at the table to eat. “We are going to have pizza for dinner,” Mrs. Clouds answered.

“That sounds delicous! Say, Sketchy Clouds how’s your sleepover going with your friend?” Mr. Clouds said.

“We are loving it but she’s not just a friend my BFF,” Sketchy Clouds replied, as she gave Rainbow Light a hug. “So how was work?”

“You know Sketchy Clouds just stressful as usual,” Mr. Clouds replied.

“I wish you were home all the time,” Sketchy Clouds said.

“Yeah but I need to work for money and keep us alive,” Mr. Clouds replied.

“Pizza’s ready!” Mrs. Clouds said, everypony started to eat Mr. Clouds was eating like a pig. “Don’t be that messy show your table manners for our special guest, Rainbow Light.”

“Sorry I’ll try to be more respectful,” Mr. Clouds said.

“Is your father always like this, Sketchy?” Rainbow Light whispered.

“Yes,” Sketchy Clouds replied.

Rainbow Light didn’t say a word then. She kept on eating she really enjoyed the pizza. When they were all finished it was getting late and it was almost bedtime so the two fillies got ready for bed and went to sleep. “Goodnight, Sketchy,” Rainbow Light said.

“Goodnight my friend,” Sketchy Clouds replied.

The next morning. “Rise and shine, girls! Do you, girls want to go swimming?” Mrs. Clouds asked, opening up the curtains.

“Go where?” Sketchy Clouds asked, rubbing her eyes.

“Swimming!” Mrs. Clouds said again.

“Swimming yeah we want to go swimming!” Rainbow Light said, jumping out of her bed.

“Then let’s go we have no time to lose your mum, Twilight said that she’s picking you up around lunch time,” Mrs. Clouds replied.

The two fillies got into their swim suits and went to the pool at the shops. Rainbow Light done a dive bomb and Sketchy Clouds dived they were having fun together and got to play with other fillies and colts. Time still just flew by.

“Ok you two time to have some lunch,” Mrs. Clouds said.

Sketchy Clouds dried herself off with a towel while, Rainbow Light shaked herself off and wet Sketchy Clouds again. “Sorry, Sketchy my mum, Rainbow Dash taught me it this way,” Rainbow Light laughed.

“It’s ok getting wet again doesn’t even hurt, right?” Sketchy Clouds said.

“Yep sure doesn’t!” Rainbow Light replied, and they looked at all the food they had the two fillies just had sundae, ice-cream and chips they were having a fun time together it was finally time for them to go home so Twilight can pick Rainbow Light up.

“So did you fillies have a great time together?” Mrs. Clouds asked.

“We sure did!” The two fillies said together.

Finally they got home Rainbow Light packed everything. “You got everything?” Sketchy Clouds asked.

“Let me check,” Rainbow Light replied, she checked everything. “Yep I got everything.”

“Good,” Sketchy Clouds replied.