• Published 19th Oct 2017
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TwiDash Begins - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Will Rainbow Dash express her feelings to Twilight?

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Rainbow Dash Tries To Ask Twilight Out

Rainbow Dash flew down to Twilight’s Castle because she wanted to spend time with her. She nervously, knocked on the door, “H-hey, Twilight. Umm-uh umm-uh,” Rainbow Dash had a huge crush on Twilight so she forgot what she was saying.

Twilight looked around, “Umm... hi, Rainbow Dash, why are you saying that?” The purple, beautiful, mare asked.

Rainbow Dash just kept on looking at Twilight she just can’t stop looking at her beautiful, gorgeous, sparkling, purple, eyes and her eyes were saying, um-uh um-uh she thought inside her head, why does Twilight has to look so beautiful I can’t stand it I admit it I’m too shy to ask her out I just know, how would she react? Will she say no? Rainbow Dash was acting strangely today.

Twilight waved her hoof, close up to Rainbow Dash’s face, “Rainbow!” She said, she was getting annoyed and couldn’t stand it anymore so she slammed the door in front of Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, “Phew! That could have been a disaster,” Rainbow Dash thought again who knows all of these romance stuff I just need some advice. “I know, Fluttershy!”