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My Little Nightmare - Humanarian

Everypony believes that Nightmare Moon only wants the eternal night. But is that what her heart really desires?

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Chapter 1: Nightmare comes to life

Chapter 1:

Nightmare comes to life.

~~~ • ~~~

Thank stars, it was Friday! Which meant I could stay up late as much as I wanted, not caring about getting up early the next day. I sure was going to sleep in... Ah, I suppose, that's another thing I've forgotten to mention. I'm a night owl type, I love staying up at night and sleep until, like... 3 PM the next day, if not later. I'm not sure about the other countries, but here in Russia the weekend means two days off for over 90% of jobs. And which day can be better than the day off? Ehm... yeah, I know, I'm lazy.

So, as you can imagine, I had been enjoying my free time in my apartment, browsing the Internet. But something felt a bit off that night. You see, usually I enjoy spending time playing games like Dota 2, Mortal Kombat and a lot of others, but that night I didn't feel like doing anything of that sort. Even browsing the Internet didn't entertain me for some reason. I sighed and looked out of window. Maybe I really should start going outside... It was a beautiful night. Not a single cloud had appeared on the sky since I last checked during the day. Only at the moment it was a good thing: the stars were shining especially bright that night.

I looked at the clock in the corner of my computer screen. It was almost a midnight. See if I care... I sure was not going to waste the opportunity to stay up during my favourite time of day, but there was one problem: as I mentioned before, I didn't feel like doing anything. So, I looked out the window again. Might as well start going outside today. Indeed, since I didn't feel like playing games, watching movies, drawing or doing any other things I usually liked to do, I might as well go enjoy the night in a more... literal way. And with that, I turned my PC off, put some clothes on and stepped outside.

No matter what city you live in, I'm sure you could notice the fact it always looks better at night. It was true for my city as well, especially since it was split in two by the river and green fields near it, so being in one half of the city always meant being able to get a good look at the half over the river. But to do so, one would have to go to the part where buildings ended and the green fields began. And that's exactly where I decided to go in my attempt to enjoy the night outside my appartment.

Since I didn't reach that part of the city yet, the buildings were still blocking the view, so instead of trying to catch the sight of the night city on the other side of the river, I looked up at the sky. So many stars... That night was, indeed, something. Or maybe I just never noticed the beauty of the night due to staying inside my apartment. However, I was wrong when I said before that the stars were especially bright that night. Then why is it so bright? My eyes fixed on the answer almost immediately: it was a full Moon. The light spreading from it was trully magical and even if there was any doubt about going outside being a good idea in my heart, it faded away immediately.

Gotta love those green fields. I didn't even notice how I got there as I focused on the beauty of the night sky. Though the city was not even a mile away, stepping onto those fields felt like going camping, spending time with nature somewhere far away from the city's noise and dust. And I can't even begin to describe how magnificent they were under the bright moonlight. Combined with the view of the night city, it was a breathtaking picture.

I stepped forward and took a deep breath of a cool night air. No more heat, no more blinding light. It was perfect: cool, but not too cold, dark, but not too much, thanks to the moonlight. Since that moment, I didn't really care where I was going as I just took step after step, enjoying the weather, enjoying the stillness... Enjoying the night. I didn't care that I was all alone out there. I only knew that was exactly something I felt like doing that night. At the moment, it felt so much better than doing any of the things I usually enjoyed doing at home.

However, the track of those thoughts was quickly lost as soon as my eyes noticed something... unusual, to say the least. I'm not sure how to say it, but what I saw was a fragment of the night sky. What? Not unusual enough for you? Well, I could agree with that, if it wasn't for just. One. Problem.

The piece of the night sky was on the ground.

You can call me a fool, but the idea of running away wasn't anywhere near my mind at that moment. You see, during my entire life I was bored of reality. I always wanted something to step in and blow the everyday's bustle away. I always hoped that one day something supernatural will happen and it'll change my life into something completely new and exciting. Childish dreams, you say? Can't say I disagree. But what can I do if something childish is the only thing that gives me enough hope to meet a new day?

But, I digress. So, instead of running away or thinking about the possible ways to defend myself from whatever it was, I stepped closer to investiage. As I took my steps, I had noticed that the fragment was not still: it's silhouette was moving, it looked like the small tides of water. Wait a moment, this looks oddly familiar... Another step closer - and I had noticed another silhouette. It was completely black and was not moving at all. It looked like it was attached to the fragment somehow. Soon I could see it was a silhouette of a muzzle. Wait a second... it's not the fragment! It's the mane. Luna?! N... no, it's not her. Wait, no... It can't be!

But it was pretty much true. Under one of the trees that grew near the river was lying nopony else but Nightmare Moon herself.

Only she was of an age of a filly. And her armor could not be seen anywhere near. I stepped closer, only to discover that she was sound asleep. Or maybe she's unconscious for a different reason? I tried to gently nudge her. She didn't even flinch. I could feel my heart racing as I quckly ducked to listen if she breathed at all. To my relief she did. Yet it didn't look like I could possibly wake her up at the moment, no matter what I would do. So, my decision was pretty obvious: I carefully took her in my hands and carried her to my place.

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Nightmare Moon! THE Nightmare Moon was sleeping on my bed! I honestly felt like I could squee better than the craziest fangirl in the world, who just bought the newest book of her favourite series. At the same time, I simply could not believe what I had found. Maybe... maybe it's just a dream? I could feel a shiver running down my spine. For just a second I became really afraid of it all suddenly ending with me waking up in my bed only to find out it wasn't real. Comparing to this, the reality is a nightmare. I chuckled a bit at that thought, but froze almost instantly as I saw Nightmare's ears twitching a bit. A few moments later, her eyes slowly opened and she raised her head.

I didn't move. I didn't know what could happen next, but decided to let her speak first. She is the royalty, after all.

"W... where am I?" - she had spoken her first words. Her voice was exactly how I remembered it, only a bit higher. And, unlike Luna, she never bothered with royal "we" and the ancient speaking manner. I couldn't help but smile.

"I hope you slept well, princess," - I tried to sound solemn and formal, but surprisingly found my tone warm and friendly instead. She shivered, if only so slightly: "Who.... what are you?" Nah, can't blame her. I bet that would be my first question as well if I was in her situation.

"Oh... I'm a human," - well, that went swimmingly. Can't you sound any more dumb? She probably doesn't even know what human is.

"A... a human? I've never heard of anything called human before..." Yep, just as I thought. "What are you doing here anyway?"

And that's where I realized I could let my questions out. "Me? I'm sorry, princess, but I do believe it would make more sense to ask what you are doing here." She raised a brow.

I knew I owed her some explanation, so I started to tell everything about how I found her and how I brought her here to make sure she had a comfortable bed to rest upon and a safe place to stay if she desired. Surprisingly, she didn't cut me off at all during my speech. Instead, she sat on my bed silently and seemed to be focusing on every word I said. That's right... I almost forgot she was the least sassy villain of them all.

"Everything you said, human..." - she began, letting her voice bear more confidence that time, - "...makes perfect sense. Except for just one thing. How exactly do you know I'm a princess?"

Wow, that was fast. I instantly felt paralyzed by her question. Just a few minutes were enough for her to make me spill the beans. But it was okay, if she really wanted to know, I'd tell her.

"Do you really want to know it now, Nightmare Moon?" - I asked, trying to see if saying her name would surprise her any further. It didn't.

"Well, well, well..." - I swear I would recognize that voice anywhere anytime, - "It seems you know my name. Though I'm honestly not surprised. One must know the name of their princess!" Now that's more like it! I could feel her attitude coming back. That meant she started to feel comforatble and I was happy to see that. She must had noticed my warm smile: "What's so funny, human?" But totally misunderstood it...

"It's a pleasure for me to see that you're alright and not feeling uncomfortable at my home," - I simply stated. The look on her face changed to one of confusion.

"Why would you worry about my well-being? Your princess can take care of herself-"

"My little princess couldn't even keep me from bringing her here," - it wasn't polite to cut off the princess and I knew that, but couldn't help it - "What if it was someone with some less... noble thoughts about you in their mind?" I looked at Nightmare and watched as she opened her mouth to respond, yet realised that she couldn't really argue with my statement. She slowly let her eyes focus on her hooves. Is she feeling... ashamed? How cute.

"But still..." - she said after a few moments of silence, - "Why do you care about what happens to me?" Good question, Nightmare. Nothing less is expected from you. It took me quite a few seconds to think my answer over.

"Say, Nightmare..." - I began as a brave yet silly idea formed in my head, - "Have you ever desired for a caring older sibling? The one who would be there for you and guide you through anything you couldn't handle alone..."

I couldn't help but smile as I watched the look on Nightmare's face. It was clear that my question had caught her completely off-guard. Hm... It takes a lot to catch somepony like her off-guard. Well done. What could she possibly be thinking about at that moment? I'd pay for her thoughts, really. But decided to just let her think it over. Finally, she opened her mouth again.

"I... think so?..." - her voice was the same, but sounded differently that time. It was stripped of it's confidence and majesty. It was shaky, uncertain and even... scared? I stood up, only to watch her eyes widening as she realised the full size difference between us, especially since she was just a filly at the moment. I slowly took a sit near her on the bed and looked her in the eyes.

"If you'd like me to, I'd be your older brother," - I simply stated. A look of disbelief was now clear in her eyes.

"B... brother?" - she asked, more herself than me. We sat there and kept staring at each other for a few more moments before she quickly turned her head away and tried to cover it with her foreleg. Yep, she was blushing, blushing... deep purple. For a moment I thought that it was too cute even for me. I took a deep breath: the speech was in order.

"Listen, Nightmar- Nighty..." - I smiled to myself, enjoying the cute nickname I came up with, - "There are a lot of things you need to learn about this place before your questions can be answered. For now I can only tell you that you're not from this world. You're not supposed to be here." She turned her head to me and was about to protest when I raised my hand in the air, the motion for her to pay attention as I continued: "I swear to you here and now that I'll tell you everything about how I know you're a princess and any other question you'll ask. For now I just offer myself to you, so to speak. I want to be your guide in this world and..." - I took another breath, - "...I want you to feel loved and cared for."

She simply started at me. She stared with the eyes full of awe and amazement, as if I was the princess there, not her. Another few moments were shared in utter silence. I decided to wait for her to break that silence. I didn't expect what happened next. No, she didn't answer. Instead, she jumped at me and tackled me to the bed. Before I realised what she was going to do I could feel myself wrapped in a tight hug. Who would ever think Nightmare Moon is so... warm? It looked like she no longer cared for the reasons behind my words and actions. She seemed just... happy? Yeah, I'd say she was happy at that moment. Her title and power forgotten, she was just a happy little filly snuggling wih her... brother?

"Should I take that as a 'yes', Nighty?" - I asked and could feel her head rubbing against my neck as she noded. That's when I noticed she was crying. Poor little filly... I snuggled her closer to my chest and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. I sensed she felt safe in my loving embrace. And that's what I was going to do: to keep her safe. No matter what.

A hell of a way to spend your Friday night, if you ask me. I can't even describe how much excitement and happiness I felt every time I looked at that little princess my little sister to make sure she was there and she was real. But seeing her was one thing, holding her in my arms was another. And it felt like... I don't know, like the most sacred wish coming to life! It looked like my hopes and prays were finally answered, and Nightmare Moon was exactly that one supernatural thing that was meant to change my life forever.

"But do you have a name, hu... I mean, brother?" - she said as she finally took a hold of herself and lifted her head from my neck. I could feel my heart melting as she called me her brother for the first time. I could not be happier. After all, that was a responsibility I desired. Look upon me, Celestia... And die of envy! But then something else came to my mind. My name... what should I tell her? Ponies are not familiar with human names. And my isn't even an English one. I was afraid of confusing her. I had to think fast.

"Hm, I guess now, since I am the brother of the most amazing princess..." - I smiled as she blushed once again, - "...I suppose, I need a name worthy of her glory. How about you call me..." I took a moment to think about it. Which name should I choose? I almost started to panic as I realised nothing came to my mind. I sure couldn't just take a name of a canon character. And even if I did, what would it be? Rainbow Dash? Golden Harvest?... Big Macintosh, for crying out loud?! No, I sure was not going to pick any of those. I needed something closer to the night... closer to Nightmare's nature. And then it hit me. "...Eclipse?" - I finished and looked at the filly with a sheepish smile on my face. She practically gasped.

"WHAT A GLORIOUS NAME WORTHY OF THE BEAUTY OF THE NIGHT ITSELF!!!" Yeah... gotta love Royal Canterlot Voice. Nightmare quickly realised her outburst and cringed on my chest, looking at me. That was her turn to give a sheepish smile. "Sorry..." - she mumbled weakly. She was so cute when confused. I couldn't help but put my hand on her head and pet her softly and lovingly.

"No need to worry, little sis. I'm honored my choice of name was met with such an approval," - I chuckled a bit, - "But not nearly as much as I'm honoured to be your big brother." Her big brother... Of course, even the idea of it was so ridiculous. I mean, she was at least a thousand years older than me! How can I be her big brother? But I must confess, I could care less about logic at that moment. I was her big brother, she had accepted me as one, that was a fact. And a fact is the most stubborn thing in world. However, I still had one thing I needed to be certain about.

"So, Nighty... Do you remember anything about what happened before you woke up here?" - that was a simple question and the look on Nightmare's face was telling me that the answer she was about to give was going to be just as simple. She opened her mouth to reply, only nothing came out. I noticed her face expression starting to change to one of confusion again as her eyes started to look around the room, like if she desperately tried to remember something, like if it was there, but she couldn't put her finger hoof on it. I decided not to wait any further and let out a sigh: "I thought so..."

"I... I can't remember. I thought I did, but now... I remember nothing about my past! I don't even remember my own birthday!" Well, that's a shame.

"I'll tell you everything I know about your past, but, as I said before, you need to learn a few things about this world first," - I stated a bit colder than I wanted, but continued regardless - "So, are you ready to learn, Nighty?" I gave her a friendly smile and took her in my hands to move and sit her on my head. She couldn't suppress a giggle.

"Okay, I think I'm ready."

"Then let the learning begin!" - I said solemnly, - "So, let's start with simple things..."

"And this is a refrigerator, or 'fridge'. That's where humans store their food," - I said and watched as Nightmare extended her hoof to touch one of the shelves inside the fridge.

"Oh... it's quite cold in there," - she stated the obvious, retreating her hoof back to my head, seeking for my warmth. More and more cute every minute...

"Well, it has to be cold in there. The food will last longer if it's kept in cold, " - I explained, enjoying how my little sis was surprised with everything I brought in her attention.

"Oh... The technology of humans are quite impressive!" - she clapped clopped her hooves together in excitement. She is a little filly now, after all... We was already done with electricity, lamps, calculator... Vacuum cleaner had scared her quite a bit. I didn't really have a TV at my place, because I never cared to watch it. Everything I'm interested in is available in the Internet. And why would I bother having TV when I can watch a lot of TV-channels online? Finally, it was my PC's turn.

"Now, Nighty, pay attention, for this is one of the most impressive pieces of our technology," - I didn't need to look up to realise that she was burning with excitement, - "This is a personal computer. It's a complicated machine, which can be applied for a lot of things. Let me give you a demonstration." I turned it on. Indeed, after bringing Nightmare to my apartment my mind was too preoccupied with thoughts about her, so I didn't even get a chance to turn my PC on and start browsing Internet again. The loading screen has appeared: "Right now, it's checking every part or device it consists of and making sure they all are ok and ready to do their job. Oh, and now it's loading an operating system. Operating System is something like a mind for this machine. It allows you to use each of the devices and keeps everything organized." Nightmare was so lost in my words and what she was witnessing that she almost forgot to breath. Now, that's the level of excitement. Finally, the login screen appeared. "And now it's asking me to enter the password so it would understand it's really me and noone else using it right now."

"Oh, how stunning! Can you tell me your password? Can you? Can you? Please?" - that filly was more than just excited. I giggled a bit.

"Sure, Nighty. It's EskY2cp5rec," - I stated, making sure my voice sounded like it was nothing unusual. The effect didn't take long to appear.

"W... what? I... is that even a word?!" - she was confused again. And back to her adorableness beyond measure.

"Of course not. The words proved themselves useless as the passwords. So, humans started to use different combinations of capital and small letters, and also digits as the passwords."

"F... FF... FASCINATING!!!" Great, now my ears are going to ring.

"Aaaaanyway, " - I said, rolling my eyes, - "Now it's ready for work. Let me show you some things it can do." I could feel her entire focus returning to the screen as I decided to open a 'Start' menu and launch a calculator program. "Looks familiar?"

"I-It does! Is... is that a calculator too?" Yep, she's learning fast. That's a good thing.

"Indeed, it is. But it's a bit more functional version of it, which can handle some advanced mathematics the previous one couldn't. However, it's only one thing of many this machine is capable of. Here, let me show you something completely different from any calculating business," - I smiled and closed the calculator, then clicking on a shortcut with a title 'Zuma' on it, - "Now, wait for it... Here it goes!"

"Wow, the picture has changed all of sudden! What did you do? Tell me!" - she didn't bother to hide even a bit of her excitement.

"Well, I gave my computer a command to start this game for me. And so it did! Now, let's see if you're going to like this game..."

Explaining the rules went swimmingly, because Nightmare Moon had been paying her full attention to me. It didn't take long for her to ask me if she could try the game. Teaching her to use the mouse was piece of cake as well, and I'm glad she still had her telekinetic powers. But I could not possibly imagine how much she was going to love playing Zuma...


"Nighty, Nighty... Please, don't be that loud," - I hated to ruin her fun, but I couldn't risk waking the entire house up. As soon as my little sister had realised her behaviour, she quickly silenced herself and gave me a sheepish smile. As cute as ever. "Nighty, you see... Just like ponies, the most humans sleep at night. And that includes my neighbours. I'm sure they would not appreciate being woken up in the middle of their sleep." I couldn't help but feel how my speech was depressing Nightmare, and I knew why, so I had to be really gentle on that subject. "They deserve their rest, Nighty... But we still can have our fun. We just need to be quiet. Quiet as... night." That's implication had made her smile, and before she knew it, she had returned to the game, reaching the next level. That time it was a level with two roads of balls.

"There... there are TWO tracks now?" - she asked me in disbelief. But I new just the way to encourage her.

"What's wrong, Nighty? You're not up for a real challenge?" - I said, giving her a sly smile and arching an eyebrow. That had made her gasp audibly.

"Wha~?! Oh, it is SO on!" And with that, she focused her attention on the game again.

"Well, that was a lot of fun, wasn't it?" - I asked, closing the game and returning to the desktop again.

"F-fun? What's fun?" I mentally facepalmed. Of course... She's never had any fun before! Well, I sure owed her a bit of speech then.

"Ok, Nighty. Let's see if you can figure out the answer to your own question. Tell me, what did you feel while playing the game?" - a simple question, yet I couldn't wait to see how much answering it would make Nightmare learn about herself.

"What I... felt? Uh..." - she took a pause and soon obviously became lost in her thoughts. I smiled, seeing it as a good sign. After all, it was showing that she tried to figure out the emotions which were so rare to her. Maybe she had never felt anything quite like that before! Seriously, how could I possibly know?

"I'm not sure..." - she finally returned from wherever her mind had taken her to, - "But... it did feel good. I just... I can't really put my hoof on it!"

"Let me help you with that. Do the words 'joy', 'happiness', 'excitement' and 'glee' ring any bells?" - I carefully chose my words, hoping not to touch anything too personal for her.

"Well... I don't know. Maybe? I never really experienced the most of those feelings... Or maybe it's my memory failing me again. But I did feel excited."

"Well, then maybe you've just experienced them for the first time. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you did have fun playing that game!" - I stated with a smile on my face to encourage her. And it helped.

"Are there any other ways to experience this... fun?" Now, that's more like it! I'm sure she had no idea how much spot on she was with that phrase. But all in good time...

"Well, aside from games, there are a lot of other ways you can entertain yourself while using a PC. For example, you can watch movies! You see, movies are something like the animated pictures. Watching an interesting movie is almost like watching an interesting scene from somewhere noone can see you. Except what happens in the movies is not actually real. Hm... how do I explain it? Well, imagine that you read an interesting story. Only instead of reading you actually watch the events of that story happening right in front of your eyes!"

"That sounds.... AMAZING!" Urgh... She's just a little filly now, remember?

"Nighty, what did I tell you about talking loud at night?" - I said. That's when I had noticed a visible shiver running down her fur.

"I... I'm sorry, b-brother..." Something was wrong. All of sudden she looked really shaken and stressed. Did I just bring back some... unpleasant memories? I almost gasped at that thought. I had to comfort her.

"Sh... It's okay, little sister, it can happen to any of us," - I embraced her gently, pulling you into the comforting warmth once again. I'm not sure how, but it did a great job calming her down, repelling whatever fears she had. It also gave me a wonderful opportunity to feel that she was real and not just a dream. After holding her close for a few more moments, I whispered: "Would you like to watch a movie?" She immediately jumped.

"Would I?!" - she gasped in joy, then tried to cease her excitement and act like a princess should - "I.. mean... I would like that very much, brother." That only earned her a chuckle from me.

"Alright then, let's pick up a movie and enjoy it together," - I said, starting to browse my movies folder. There was a lot of different movies there: the films, the shows, the cartoons... I wanted to find something, ehm... bright for her to watch. Something that would make her forget about any fears and even the fact that she's all alone in this world. Something nice enough to make her watch it over and over again. And then it hit me...

"Are you sure they can't hear us?" - Nightmare whispered in my ear, and I couldn't help but smile and press pause.

"I'm absolutely positive about that, little sis. See? It's just a movie. I can stop it whenever I want, or even make it go back to the beginning or any other part you'd like to watch again. As many times as needed."

"That is most impressive!" - she commented, not afraid of being heard by the movie characters any longer, - "I just wanted to say... That dog's voice sounds oddly familiar to me." I smiled. I knew exactly why that would be true.

"It should. But, Nighty, as I promised, I'll explain everything to you a bit later, along with where exactly you heard that voice before."

"O-okay..." - she sounded confused, though I felt she did trust me.

"So, shall we continue with the movie?" - as soon as I said that, her excitement came back.

"Of course we shall! I can't wait to see how this turns out, " - she almost squeed as she said that. I only smiled and pressed 'play'.

Maybe you've already figured that out, but just in case you haven't, I'll say it: we was watching 'Littlest Pet Shop'. No wonder Nightmare Moon recognized the voice of Zoe Trent. After all, that dog and Princess Celestia possess the voice of the very same actress! Yeah, I wonder how I'm going to explaing THAT to her... But anyway, my little sister seemed to be completely mesmerized by the first episode again as soon as I let it continue. I have to say, just like in case with 'My Little Pony' episodes, you don't really notice the time when you watch 'Littlest Pet Shop' ones. They have quite a similar... atmosphere? I'm not sure how to describe it, but you watch them at ease, it's like you just absorb them, gobble them up like a food. And after you do that, you just want more. And it looked like Nightmare could feel that effect to it's full extend. Her eyes were tied to the screen. She was worrying about the characters, feeling their joy, having fun with them like if she was there, in the movie. Well, she IS from the movie herself, after all, isn't she? I couldn't help but wonder what her reaction was going to be like when I show it to her...

"Oh, that was... ehm, how do you call it, Eclipse?" - she said that and I felt my heart skip a beat as she called me by that name for the first time.

"You mean 'fun', Nighty?"

"Oh, yes! Yes, it was fun!" - she exclaimed joyfully. You know, I used the think that I would give anything to see Luna that joyful... Well, I was a bit wrong. Seeing Nightmare Moon experiencing such a sheer joy and happiness felt so much better for some reason.

The time passed by unnoticed. Wow, and I thought I didn't know how to spend this night... But, unfortunately, the night couldn't last forever, even with Nightmare Moon being in this world and sitting on my knees as we both watched yet another episode. I've noticed the first rays of the Sun entering my room.

"Well, Nighty, I think it's time for us to get some rest. After all, I didn't sleep tonight at all, and, as you can see, it's already a dawn..." - I said and stood up, taking her in my hands and tenderly sitting her on the chair.

"Awww... Why did the night have to end so soon?" - her voice sounded so adorable with that 'aww' sound, - "I want to spend more time with my brother!" Oh, how delightful it was to hear her speaking so highly of me...

"And so you shall, Nighty. I'll just have my sleep, and you should get yours too! Then I promise I'll cook something tasty for us to eat and we'll return to spending time together," - I said the truth. We sure were going to spend a lot of time together.

"Aww...kay. But can you..." - she took a pause and I saw the fur on her face going a bit purple again, - "Ehm... can I... uh... Can you... cuddle me? Please?" That I did not expect. But how could I say 'no' to such a cute little filly? Moreover, how can I say 'no' to my little sister?

"Of course, Nighty, come here," - I said, moving a bit to give her enough space to settle in, - "Mind telling me what's scaring you?"

"I'm not scared. It... it just feels nice to be in your arms. It feels... safe," - her voice sounded sincere and I had a really hard time trying to hold back the tears of happiness and pride, - "Brother? I... I think some of my memory is starting to return." Wow, that was fast, even too fast... "I think... I think I remember something about humans. They are believed to be just a myth." She giggled and poked my nose. "You are a myth!"

"Actually... I'm a mythter." A moment of silence. And then we both were holding our stomachs, laughing out loud.

I really have to thank 'Littlest Pet Shop' script writers for that joke someday...

Author's Note:

Well, I really can't say much here. I just hope you were looking forward to this chapter and enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Also, I wonder how many idiots tried to login as me, using the password from this chapter. :facehoof:

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