• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in Equestria - Probably Minion

Dr. Evil has teamed up with Discord to attempt to steal the magic from Equestria's princesses. Can Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, the Mane 6, and Austin Powers stop him in time and save Equestria?

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Chapter 14

A few months after returning from Equestria, Austin and his Rarity who just recently got married were enjoying life in their new home in Miami Beach.
"I knew we were meant to be together ever since we met baby!" said Austin with a grin on his face.
"I don't I would've wanted to be in a relationship with another man. You're the man of my dreams!" said Rarity with a smile on her face.
Not long after she said that, Austin got a video message from Basil.
"Hello Austin. First of all congrats on you and Rarity getting married. I told you your dream girl was in Equestria." said Basil.
"Thank you Basil. What are you calling about?" asked Austin.
"I really hate to burst you bubble but I heard rumors that Dr. Evil has ended up in what apparently is the other end of a portal in Equestria in which the citizens of this universe are exactly like the citizens in Equestria except they're human. Apparently he along with a girl by the name of Sunset Shimmer are currently plotting to build a doomsday device to try to take over Canterlot High which is the local high school. I will let you know once I know for sure but stay alert in case I need you to stop Dr. Evil." said Basil.
"Thank you Basil. Just don't make too soon because Rarity and I haven't real settled in yet. We need a little time before going back into action!" said Austin with a grin on his face.
"Thank you Austin and enjoy you Rarity's lay off period." said Basil and he hung up.

TO BE CONTINUED.............