• Published 3rd Mar 2014
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The Rise of a Nation - TwilightTheAlicorn

Equestria has always had Celestia and Luna, but did you know the real story behind them?

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Chapter 1: Rise of Equestria

The Rise of a Nation: Chapter 1

My dear Twilight,

I realize that you have had much to deal with, but I wish to tell you matters of great importance. I wish to tell you of whence you came. Forgive me, dearest Twilight, if I cannot be there to tell you myself. There are many matters of state I must attend to, and this is only one of them. I do not count you as a mere matter of state, but rather, as a kindred spirit. You, my dear Twilight, are very important, not only as a Princess of Equestria, but as a pony, for you, Twilight, come from the same place my sister and I do. You come from- well, it will be better to show you. Enclosed are a series of diaries from my sister and I. Read well, Twilight, as I have no doubt you will. Have no qualms about our privacy, as I have debated at length with my sister as to whether or not I should give these to you, but my knowledge of your personality, and my knowledge of myself, won out in the end.

Good luck, Princess. I trust you completely.

It feels strange to have a substance. Before, all those millennia ago, all we had was minds, to look out across Equestria, and see what was good. Now, while we still have that sight, we are bound to our bodies almost as ponies are bound to theirs. We can still leave ours at will, however. The ponies do not trust us. They do not know from whence we came. Commander Lightning is mistrustful of those he dost not know. Grass Seed has welcomed us with open hooves, but Diamond Shard dost not even talk to us. Equestria, over the past millennia whilst we were not here, has bred hate and mistrust among those ponies foolish enough to embrace the things which inspire greed and disharmony.

Today we asked the leaders of the three tribes to meet us. They did not know of our existence before, and that was our mistake. We asked to meet in the woods surrounding their town. Surprisingly, they said yes. We met in a glade near a lake. They had brought several of their guards, which was not surprising. How are they to trust two alicorns they had never met before, let alone seen?

"Hello, Commander. Miss Shard, Sir Seed." I said as they hurried into the glade. I was sitting to where I could not see them. I hoped to impress them with our magic, as even the most immortal pony is prone to some type of show-offiness.

"Hello, Miss Celeste, Miss Lune." This was what they see fit to call us, and so this is what we shall be called. From this day forth, our names shall be such, unless the pony generation after us warp our names, in which case, it will not be catastrophic. We are only the spirits of the sun and moon, and they can glow without us.

"Hello. We wish to speak with you of a matter of great importance. We wish to explain who we are." Lune replied.

"Well, then, go ahead."

"It all started when…" I took over.

This seems like it was an insignificant day in our lives, but it was not. It was the first day of our lives. We were born out of magic, and we came to Equestria through magic. It is the way of the universe, the way of Harmony. Harmony is all the spirits of the world and the universe combining together into one. Harmony. For you see, Luna and I are the sun and moon. We are the spirits of the sun and moon. You, dear Twilight, will have to read on to see what you are. You are very important, know that much.

Author's Note:

This is the first part in an on-going series of mine that is meant to show the most important events in Equestrian history from Celestia's point of view. The italics are Celestia's letters to Twilight, and the parts not in italics are her diaries.
I hope you like it!